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Misunderstood (A Jared Frio story...Sims 3)


  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,221 Member
    @charlottesmom Another fantastic chapter! :star:
    I smell Buster and Yumi hooking it up! :p (If so, at this rate the whole town of SV is going to be related somehow! :lol: )
    I don't blame Buster for ending the marriage...and it was nice that Bessie could understand and they parted on good terms.
    Toddler Connor really was adorable! <3 But he's a super cutie as a kid too! Love the stares he gives you! :lol: He knows how you like to play his life out! :p
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,320 Member
    It's a great update!I can see how the EA bugfest works at mismanaging the sims and ruins their lives.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    @TadOlson , Thank you, glad you like the story. EA is not ruining their lives though, that is all me! ;)
  • mycami21mycami21 Posts: 751 Member
    @Charlottesmom Finally got a chance to read your update. :)
    I'm glad to see that Buster and Bessie were abe to come to an understanding and that he will still be able to see Xander.
    So is there a chance that Yumi and Buster are going to get together???? Or will they just be the emotional support each other needs to get through their trying times???
    Conner is still quite the cutie as a child. :)
    He's really starting to get that stare perfected at an early age. :)
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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 13:

    The aging up, prep yourself for a LOT of Birthday pictures!

    Xander first....


    Joe is practically living at Bessie's house now, he spends at least 5 nights per week with her and Xander.


    Next over to The Frio household for more Birthdays...

    Paulo first since he's the oldest:



    You'll note the absence of Joe....


    I'm a little in love with him and may incorporate him into all my Frio houses from now on, since he IS a Frio.


    Next my little Jared....




    Then sweet little Connor, who I still miss in toddler form.




    Joe did show up for Connor's Birthday...


    The big family....I can't say happy....


    Scowl practice....


    Joe thought it would be nice to wish Jared a late Happy Birthday, since he missed Jared and Paulo's Birthdays...


    Jared had been bottling up the anger he felt for his absent father for quite some time..

    "You haven't been around for months "DAD!!""


    Joe had no excuse, he knew he should be more of a father to Jared, Connor and Paulo but the lure of Bessie was too strong.

    Jared obviously didn't want to hear excuses anyways, so Joe just let him yell.


    Connor, ever the peacemaker tried his best to diffuse the situation...


    Connor explained to Joe that he and his brothers really need Joe around more, he needed to be a father to them too.


    Joe promised Connor and Jared he would make every effort.


    Of course 10 minutes later Joe was off to Bessie's house again...



    Across town another Birthday celebration was happening...little Jamie Jolina was not so little anymore....

    Wonder what she is wishing for.. ;)




    The boys decided they needed to get out of the house and headed down to the beach and into the hot tub.


    Someone had the same wonderful idea....


    Paulo is the least shy around the babes so he had first shot...


    Next was Jared....these were all just friendly introductions.....Oh My!! if they only knew.


    Then Connor....No hearts, which surprised me, I expected them.


    So....who did Jamie pick to do more talking to first, Connor of course.




    Connor doing what he does best....


    He called Jamie the next morning...


    Jamie thought Connor was a nice guy but couldn't get Jared out of her head, she called him and they met down at the festival.

    Waiting for Jared:



    There was something about him that Jamie was very attracted to, but she couldn't put her finger on it, she felt very comfortable with him, it was the same feeling she felt with Connor but stronger....there was something very familiar about those boys.





    Joe had come down to the park with Connor and Paulo and was about to get a snow cone when he spotted Jared with a girl who very much looked like Jamie, he knew what she looked like because every Birthday Jennie sent him a picture of her.

    The thought came to him the second their lips met...Good God he thought to himself...




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  • OriginalMaraOriginalMara Posts: 1,669 Member
    I can't wait to see the look on her face when she finds out the truth! :lol:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @Charlottesmom I imagine Joe is happy to finally be with his true love :) Will he be moving in permanently?
    Paulo is a beautiful teen!
    Jared also makes a lovely teen!
    Connor looks so much like he will as a YA! Handsome :)
    Poor Jared! I don't blame him for feeling abandoned by his father :(
    So much for Joe's promise but we all know what men follow!
    Paulo wasted no time! :o LOL
    Jared too!? This is gonna be messy! LOL
    Awwww Connor has a new friend :)
    Of course there is something familiar about the boys! :p
    Joe's face! LOL He need to fess up about his past to all his kids!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,381 Member
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    @Charlottesmom Oh what a tangled web....... I'm like washing my eyeballs out now. The boys are adorable. Paulo turned out quite hunky! Jared is cute as usual. Conner looks like he is supposed to. Jamie was wishing for boo plum. She didn't get them :lol: Joe looks like he wants to punch something.
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  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,130 Member
    In the last picture, Joe must be thinking "Maybe woohooing the entire population of Sunset Valley wasn't such a good idea after all!" When Jamie met the three teens, I had to stop for a while and try to remember which one wasn't related to her. (I did remember!)
    I love little Connor's expression in the picture you're using as your signature.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
    edited February 2018
    Misunderstood Part 14:

    Joe approached the kids slowly, if he hadn't been such a coward he would have aired all his dirty laundry years ago, everything would be out in the open and a half brother and sister would not be kissing in front of his very eyes...


    ....he prayed that is all they had ever done!


    After a deep breath he looked from Jamie to Jared then announced..

    "Jared I really don't think you should be kissing Jamie..."

    "Dad, mind your own business!" Jared yelled to his father, he was trying to keep his composure in front of Jamie but he always had problems being calm in front of his father.


    "Jared I think we need to talk at home..."

    "Dad, leave me alone!!" Jared was getting very angry with his father.

    "Jared, just come home with me..." Joe begged

    "No!!" Jared yelled...

    Joe had no choice...."Jared....Jamie is your sister!...." Joe yelled to his son.


    "WHAT are you talking about??" Jared was confused and wasn't sure he heard his father correctly.

    "Jamie is your sister...your half sister"

    Jared was sure he heard correctly this time, and lit into his father...

    "What do you mean she's my sister? Why didn't you tell us this years many other brothers and sisters do I have running around town??"


    "Only Xander....." he mumbled under his breath...

    Jamie was listening with great interest to Jared and his...(and her) father's back and fourth, it was a lot for her to take in, on one hand she was happy she had finally found out who her father was, her mother had refused to tell her whenever she brought it up. But something was slowly bubbling up in her stomach, it was anger, she was sick of secrets! She decided to take it out on her brand new father, he was keeping secrets just as much as her mother was.


    "I'm sick of secrets, I'm sick of my mother trying to protect me! I was kissing my own Brother for cripes sakes!! Do you people have any idea how gross that is??"


    Joe slunk away, coward that he was, he didn't care for anymore of his kids screaming at him today.

    Jared and Jamie's relationship however suddenly was solidified, they were both victims of adult secrets, it made them closer than any hormonal driven relationship ever could. it's amazing how less romantically appealing a girl was when you find out she is your half sister!



    Jared and Jamie were deep in conversation when Paulo wandered over...

    He honed right in on Jamie and noticed she looked sad.


    Paulo was a very perceptive boy, very in tuned to those he liked, he could feel it in his bones that Jamie was a good soul.


    "If you want to talk about whatever is making you sad I'll listen" he whispered to Jamie. This cheered Jamie, she was happy to have someone to talk to...Jared was a good listener but a bit of a hot head, screaming seemed to be a second language to him.



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  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,130 Member
    Awesome, telling the truth immediately was probably the best solution! I just realised that the next time I play in Sunset Valley, I'm probably going to think Jamie and Xander are actually related to Jared and Connor!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,221 Member
    @charlottesmom Awww, look at all the kids aging up and turning into those familiar faces we are all used to seeing. :grin: <3
    I think I might be beginning to see why Jared didn't want to be a dad to him and Claire's daughter...oh gosh, I can't WAIT to read what you have up your sleeve!!!! :mrgreen:
    Connor is so sweet. <3 He certainly approached Joe about being a dead-beat dad in a better way didn't seem to help since Joe immediately left... :confused:

    Oh no......
    The hearts! Oh boy.... :flushed:
    At first I was thinking Paulo and Jamie were gonna hook up but...Her and Jared!? (Kinda makes the most sense).
    *Gasp!* Did they agree to go steady!?
    Whaaaa, THEY KISSED!?!?! :astonished:
    OH GIRL.....the plot thickens!!! :worried:

    I MUST read on!!!! :mrgreen: (But I am kind of nervous to...)

    Good gosh if I were Jared I would be FURIOUS as well!!! :rage:
    Yep. Rip into him too Jamie! (Sorry hun, but Joe deserves it...)
    Jamie's stockings! :lol: (Sorry, I know this is a serious moment. :p )
    Oh no oh no...Paulo! Don't do what I think you might do!! :open_mouth:
    So...Jared and Jamie are ok?

    Can't wait for more!!! :smiley: Fantastic updates! :star:
  • mycami21mycami21 Posts: 751 Member
    @Charlottesmom Wow I have 2 updates to catch up on. :)
    Happy birthday Xander, Paulo, Jared, Conner, and Jamie
    I can see why you like Paulo. He is cute. :)
    Nice of Joe to show up before Jared's birthday was completely over.
    I don't blame the boys for being upset with Joe since he's been ignoring them. :angry:
    WOW what a plot twist. Joe should have come clean YEARS ago then Jared wouldn't have been kissing his half sister.
    Can't wait to see what happens next :)
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @Charlottesmom What a terrible way to learn that they are siblings! Joe will leave a legacy of scarred children :( I am glad that Jamie and Jared are now bonded because of it. Now, if I have this straight in my head, it is okay for Paulo and Jamie to get together, right?
    Great update :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,381 Member
    @Charlottesmom Oh my, what a way to find out. Looks like Jared and Jamie will be ok with each other. Paulo doesn't know he is not Joe's son does he?
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 15:

    Sorry this took so long... :( , I will try for at least 3 updates per week now, want to finish this up and get back to Dalia and Mortimer!!

    Right after Joe confessed to Jared that Jamie was in fact his half sister he decided to clear the air with Caroline, he had a few confessions to admit to.


    He told Caroline that his affair with Jenni produced a child, a girl named Jamie.


    Caroline's first instinct was to be furious, she thought about this piece of information for a second and decided that if Joe was brave enough to come clean she would do the same, it was time to tell Joe the truth.


    She proceeded to gather her courage and told Joe that Paulo was not his son....he was Nick Alto's son and that she was pregnant with Paulo before she and Joe got married.


    Joe was sad at this news, he had no right to be mad but he suddenly felt...older...

    He did the math in his head he had Connor, Jared, Xander and Jamie as his children, he was sad that Paulo was not his child but would continue to love him as his own.

    Paulo being the ever nosy child he was heard his parents talking about him and decided to see what he did wrong this time.


    Joe told Caroline to "Tell him!"

    Paulo of course want to know what his mother had to tell him. Caroline desperately wanted to avoid telling Paulo but she also knew kept secrets were very bad and had a way of exploding in your face when you least expected it.


    "Paulo, please know I love you more than anything, but I have to tell you the truth"....Caroline stuttered and tried to delay telling Paulo but eventually just took a deep breath and choked out "Joe isn't your father...."

    Paulo stood silently for a full minute, Caroline started sweating bullets, she expected the full wrath of Paulo, he was a bit of a ticking time bomb.


    To Caroline's shock all that came out of Paulo's mouth was "Well who is my father then?"


    Caroline was beyond relieved that Paulo didn't blow up...she then told him that his biological father was Nick Alto....Paulo found that piece of information highly amusing for some unknown reason.


    Huh....that went way too smoothly Caroline thought, but she'd take it over Paulo's usual screaming fits...

    Paulo leaned in and embraced his mother, Caroline enjoyed hugging her usually not very huggy child.


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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @Charlottesmom Joe does have a lot to confess to! LOL
    At least Caroline couldn't hold a "red haired stepchild" against Joe with her own under his own nose :p
    Of course Paulo didn't take the news badly - it means that Jamie is fair game for him! LOL
    Great update :)
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,130 Member
    I'm glad Paolo took the news so well! His sudden smile at the end looks intriguing.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,221 Member
    @Charlottesmom Loved this update! I'm glad to see everyone is being truthful. That will certainly reduce heartache and anger later.
    I wonder why Paulo was amused to learn that Nick is his dad. ;) Makes me wonder what to got up your sleeve. :p
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 16: **FLICKR**

    One week after meeting and falling in love with Nick Alto....

    Caroline went back to Hidden Springs to check on her boyfriend who she had left behind when she moved to Sunset because he couldn't leave his job as a High School Business teacher until summer when he would join her in Sunset. He had a job lined up as the Principal of the High School in Sunset, an excellent step up for him as he was only 35 years old.

    She drove back early Saturday morning and gave him a big hug, she had missed him but also felt extremely guilty about what she had been up to with Nick....


    Not only was she guilty because she was messing around with another man but she was feeling double guilty because when she came home last weekend after meeting Nick she asked Bert if he was related to a Nick he said yes, Nick was his older brother....(Bert really is Nick's brother, I didn't check who is older when I kidnapped Bert from HS but Nick just seems like older brother material to me so...).


    Bert was acting a bit "off" like he was nervous or something...Caroline asked him what was wrong, he just laughed nervously...


    Caroline then though she heard coughing from Bert's bedroom...


    All she did was stand there not really shocked but mad nonetheless...seems Bert had a visitor.


    Caroline cleared her throat and the visitor woke up and got out of bed...


    Bert always did like the bigger busted gals Caroline thought to herself, she chuckled quietly...this was going to be perfect, Caroline needed a reason to break up with Bert and this little bimbo would do quite nicely as an excuse. She and Bert had been drifting apart for the better part of a year and Caroline's move to Sunset didn't help the relationship at all.


    Caroline was going to enjoy the little show she would be putting on...

    "What are you doing with my boyfriend!!" Caroline bellowed to the blonde tramp


    "He said he was single when he picked me up in the bar last night!" the bimbo bellowed back


    Bert was thoroughly enjoying this!! (look at the grin on his stooped face!)


    "You can have the little tramp, you won't see me ever again!" Caroline screamed as she stormed out of the house.


    Bert chased after her but he was too late she got into her car and didn't even look back. Bert shed a few tears for his lost love.





    Want to see how confusing extras are...These are the three different ages of Nick I am currently dealing with.


    All my extras in one house (that was fun!!), plus I have Bert aged up a tinge and Caroline and the bimbo (Caroline clone completely redone) in another house.


    I wanted to use this picture of Caroline walking away from Bert but realized she had older Caroline hair....I took about ten screenshots that are unusable because of that little detail...


    Oops! Wrong hair....


    **I should have another update hopefully tomorrow, I thank everyone who is still reading this! :kissing_heart:

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    I adore the pattern on Caroline's outfit! I love the outfit too! Where does it come from?
    Caroline wasn't the only one playing up! LOL
    What a dog Bert is! He shouldn't be enjoying the confrontation!
    Well what did Bert expect?
    Love the Nick line up! :D
    Your behind the scenes game must be a hoot :p
    Sorry you stuffed up some screenie :(
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,381 Member
    @Charlottesmom I enjoyed the update. :) Caroline certainly lucked up finding Bert cheating. :) lol at three Nick's sitting together. That is one of those timeline scenes that is supposed to cause the world to implode!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,124 Member
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    wonderful chapter interesting plot going on.
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