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Hercule Poirot in Roaring Heights

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Instead of having a list of my story threads in my signature, I decided to make one here in the first post.

I enjoy writing the same kind of sim stories I enjoy reading - either completely or at least partly based on gameplay.

The Sims 3:

The Bluejay Legacy
Completely gameplay-based. A Legacy Challenge in Sunset Valley played by the rules. George Bluejay moved into Sunset Valley, got a job as a fireman, married coworker Agnes Crumplebottom and started a family. The story had to end when the save became corrupt during generation four.
(ETA: image links don't work anymore)

Love and Fame in Hidden Springs
Half gameplay-based, half-scripted. Molly Bluejay, the fourth generation heiress from the Bluejay Legacy, moved into a cozy cabin in Hidden Springs with a roommate who wanted to become a five-star celebrity. This is a short and completed story.
(ETA: image links don't work anymore)

Nectar making is SUCH FUN!
Half gameplay-based, half-scripted. Sim versions of characters from the British sitcom Miranda buy an old farmhouse and try to build a successful nectary starting from zero. This story is complete.
(ETA: image links don't work anymore)

A faily Magician's quest for success
Completely gameplay-based. Jonathan River is a hopeful magician working on his career, who eventually gets a little help from a genie. This story is on hiatus.

The Sunlit Tides Surfing Academy
Half gameplay-based, half-scripted. Teen William Bluejay (son of Molly Bluejay from Love and Fame in Hidden Springs) and three of his friends move from Isla Paradiso to Sunlit Tides to attend the Surfing Academy, a boarding school with a focus on surfing. This story is complete.

Hercule Poirot in Roaring Heights (in this thread)
Completely gameplay-based. Hercule Poirot, Arthur Hastings and Felicity Lemon live and fight crime in Roaring Heights.

The Sims 4:

Morgan, shipwrecked in paradise
Completely gameplay-based, a response to the Off-the-grid challenge Island Living. Morgan, a shipwrecked sailor, starts a new life from zero on an off-the-grid lot in Sulani. The challenge is completed, although the thread will occasionally be updated.

The Life of Sulani
Playing all the Sulani households. Completely gameplay-based.

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    I recently bought Roaring Heights as a birthday gift to myself. :) I've had this Poirot household in my library for a long time, and they seemed like the ideal sims to try out a twenties world with. So Arthur Hastings, Hercule Poirot and Felicity Lemon have moved into an Art Deco home and are starting to get to know their new town.





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    I'm letting the Poirot household them just explore the town for a few days, before getting jobs.

    No, Poirot, you can't have hearts for the university mascot! You deserve better!

    The three visited the Boardwalk venue.

    Hastings and Miss Lemon enjoyed the roller coaster. Poirot wasn't sorry there was only room for two.






    After the roller coaster the three introduced themselves to a townie, and then went to the beach.



    "Poirot is not interested in swimming!"

    "But you're already up to your knees in the ocean, Poirot! Might as well change into your swimwear."


    "Trés bien."


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    After their afternoon on the beach, I sent Poirot and his friends to dine at one of the cafes that I had turned into a restaurant.

    But I had forgot to check the opening hours, so just as the three were sitting down, the chef changed into his everyday clothes and left.


    I had them all take a quick meal from the fridge instead.



    It was starting to rain when they returned home to sleep.


    Roaring Heights is beautiful when it's pastel-coloured in the sunlight, but I love how it looks on a rainy night too!


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    The grey night over Roaring Heights gave way to a pink sunrise.



    Poirot, who has the highest cooking skill, prepared breakfast.


    Hastings is going to join the military career today. He bragged to Miss Lemon about his strength.


    Miss Lemon grabbed a pillow to test how good he is at fighting.


    He was too good!


    I made an office for Miss Lemon to fit her role as Poirot's secretary, but she is actually going to work as a self-employed writer.


    This is Poirot's office - he is going to be a private investigator (of course). I wish private investigators in the game actually received clients in an office!


    I spotted a deer running through the center of town:

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    The next day, all three friends left home to apply for jobs: Poirot for the private investigator profession, Hastings for the military career, and Miss Lemon for the self-employed writer career.



    When this was done, they met at the Summer Festival.


    Poirot noticed a criminal who had forgotten to change out of his work clothes, and had a short conversation with him. It would be useful for future cases to get to know Roaring Heights criminals!


    Hastings and Miss Lemon went roller skating.


    Poirot didn't want to try roller skating, but he wasn't above giggling at his friends' clumsiness!


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    After having fun at the festival, the three friends tried to dine at the open bistro for the second time.


    Just like the first time they tried this, they arrived just as the chef changed out of his chef outfit and was leaving the building!
    This time it was not because they missed the opening hours - it was because I had just added a consignment and elixir shop to the town, and the game decided to change the chef's job to consignment merchant.


    The game informed me a new chef was employed, though, and I could see her waiting outside.


    Poirot, Miss Lemon and Hastings took their seats and looked through the menu.



    The new chef took their orders and served them. Success! Everyone had a pleasant time.



    When they returned home, Hastings invited his friends into the garage, beaming with pride. He had something exciting to show them.

    "Isn't she a beauty? I paid next to nothing for her. A real steal!"

    "A beauty? Mon ami, I see nothing but an old pile of rubbish."


    "All right, I do admit she needs a little bit of work, but the engine is in good condition. Look here, I'll show you..."


    When Hastings revved the engine, a plume of black smoke appeared from it. Poirot and Miss Lemon quickly excused themselves and left the garage. Their friend was good with vehicles, but this car seemed far beyond anyone's help!

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    Hastings has started working on renovating the car he bought. It's going to take some time...



    ... but Hastings doesn't mind. He firmly believes it's valuable. There is a poster near their home advertising cars like those, and they are very expensive!


    Poirot goes to the little park across the street to practice stakeouts.



    Meanwhile, Miss Lemon works on her writing skill.


    I spotted May West in a sailboat. She is so cute, and resembles the real Mae West!

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    The Poirot household has settled into a routine of work and leisure. Hastings always has to be the first to wake up, because he starts work at 7 AM.




    Miss Lemon has started a novel called "Hercule Poirot and the Golden Llama", named after a rabbithole case that was Poirot's first job opportunity.


    Poirot's second case is a call he got from famous sportsman Gabe Ruth.


    Gabe is afraid a rival has hacked into his computer, and wants Poirot to hack the rival's computer to see if this is the case. The problem is that it's the 1920's and computers haven't been invented yet!


    But Poirot can use Miss Lemon's typewriter for hacking. :)


    He solves the case! The rival has indeed hacked Gabe Ruth.


    He tells his client what he had learned, and earns a handsome fee.

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    Poirot and Hastings get home around the same time. Hastings is close to a promotion, but he has been working hard and is very stressed.


    But I have a de-stressing activity planned for everyone! They cross the road and run down to the shore, where a water taxi is waiting for them.


    The taxi boat takes them to Roaring Heights' Chinatown, to the Martial Arts Academy.


    The "Chinatown" is just three lots I have added to an empty island: the Academy, a residential house next to it...


    ... and a consignment and elixir store.


    The three enter the Academy and take in their surroundings.


    Hastings changes into his Sim Fu outfit and starts training with a dummy. (The other sim training is Bonnie, one half of the Bonnie and Clyde criminal duo. It will be interesting if they cross paths with Poirot!)


    Poirot and Miss Lemon opt for exercising the mind by playing dominoes on the terrace.


    When Hastings is too tired to continue, the three have a quick drink in the upstairs bar, and then return home in a good mood.

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    A rainy Leisure Day dawns on Roaring Heights.


    Miss Lemon autonomously decides that, rain or no rain, Leisure Day is for lounging on a lounge chair on the balcony and that is what she will do!



    Hastings rolls the wish to watch the Cooking Channel, so I let him fulfill it. However, since TVs haven't been invented yet...


    ... he is watching the Cooking Channel on a potted African Violet! (It's an attention catcher from Aroundthesims, one of a series of objects that function like a TV but don't look like one.)


    Miss Lemon has wished to find a gem. I noticed there were some gems at a nearby fishing pond, so I sent her there.


    Poor Miss Lemon - she has only used this umbrella a few times, and it's already in a terrible condition!


    At least she is happy to have her wish fulfilled.

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    The Beachfront Café is the hotspot for the day, so Poirot and his friends decide to spend their Leisure Day there. If the rain stops, the beach is just a few steps away!



    Hastings is delighted to meet his coworker Hector Thebe there. Anyone working in the military is by definition a splendid fellow!


    Poirot and Miss Lemon get acquainted with Consort and Contessa Capp.


    "I can't wait to learn to fly an airplane!" Hastings is saying, to Hector's approval.


    Meanwhile, Poirot is telling Consort about the murders he solved.


    The rain slows down a little, but doesn't stop.


    Down by the pier, a singer is performing for tips.


    Bathing in the ocean seems out of question, so the three settle for a scenic stroll up and down the pier.




    Poirot's alert eye notices a suspicious-looking lady walking down the pier. The criminals of Roaring Heights don't seem to be making much effort to blend in! It's possible their paths will cross in the future.

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    This story is delightful ! Poirot, Hastings and Miss Lemon are a perfect fit for Roaring Heights, and they all look so good.
    Reading about their daily life in that setting is terribly charming and I can't get enough !
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    Thank you very much, @happyopi ! :) Roaring Heights is really a beautiful setting, and I have only explored a small part of it so far!
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    Your story is great. Roaring Heights is a wonderful place to put all sorts of fictional and real people of the era in.
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    Thank you very much, @Earcat !
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    Poirot is very happy to get a new case.


    His client is none other than the famous actress May West!


    Just like Gabe Ruth in his previous case, May needs him to hack into a rival's computer.


    Once again, Poirot borrows Miss Lemon's typewriter to do the job.


    Miss Lemon doesn't mind. She has been working all morning - now she can relax by the pool.


    Hastings leaves work tired and stressed, but happy because he's had his first promotion. He is also feeling attracted to someone.


    It must be his coworker Donna Morgan. She is married and has three children and Hastings is the very embodiment of honour, so nothing is going to happen!


    Poirot reports his successful hacking to Miss West.


    Miss Lemon helps Hastings work on his wreck of a car. It turns out to be unexpectedly fun!

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