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The Bluejay Legacy


I'm a latecomer to the Sims 3 and to the legacy challenge. I've decided to try a legacy almost completely according to Pinstar's rules -- the only one I will ignore is the one about randomising the children's traits.

Before starting the game I slightly modified Sunset Valley, trying to make it more international. I built a Sim Fu Academy in town, and a Chinese restaurant (actually, a community hangout with a food register and juice bar) on stilts above the sea:

I moved into town two Sims I made after fictional characters, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice", and sent them to test the restaurant. Christopher Steel is working at the food register.

I turned the empty lots at Pinochle Point into a Little France, with a nectary, a cafe and French-styled homes.

I also made Sim versions of "Poirot" characters Hercule Poirot, Arthur Hastings and Felicity Lemon and moved them into town. I also moved in some edited versions of Sims from Al Simhara, Champs Les Sims and Shang Simla. I love creating characters and releasing them into the game, and then seeing what story progression will do with them. It would be fun if, a few generations later, a Sim from my legacy marries a descendant of the Darcys or of Poirot, or a Sim who inherited the Chinese, French or Egyptian hidden trait.

(First chapter to follow soon)


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    Meet my founder, George Bluejay. He is brave, athletic, handy, charismatic and a bookworm, and his lifetime wish is Firefighter Super Hero.

    Upon moving into town, George bought the empty lot at 15 Summer Hill Court, and then immediately went to the cemetery to search the catacombs. He was lucky - he found a gem worth 440 simoleons, which he sold at once, to add to his meager funds.

    It was late in the afternoon when he finished. He headed straight for the fire station to apply for a job. They hired him, although he was still covered in soot and in a state of shock from visiting the catacombs. Maybe that is exactly why he looked as if he would make a good fireman!

    He had supper, showered and went to sleep in the fire station, and started work the next day. These are two of his coworkers, Madison VanWatson and Cornelia Goth.

    Each morning he would exercise on the equipment at the fire station, and after work he would read skill books at the library.

    His fourth coworker is Agnes Crumplebottom. I think he is enjoying being surrounded by ladies. Although, George, do you think it's a good idea to boast about being a firefighter? They are all firefighters!

    He went to deal with a few emergencies, and progressed in his work rather quickly.

    At the end of the week he had earned a bit of money, but not enough to start building on his lot. Here he is swimming in the pool. At the edge of the pool is little Mortimer Goth, having an angry fit because he can't take his hot dog into the swimming pool.

    Mortimer finally decided to discard the hot dog and enter the pool.

    Being short of money, George wasn't going to let a perfectly good hot dog go to waste.

    He also visited the beach that weekend, and then decided to spend his first 10 simoleons on a pineapple juice in the Chinese restaurant. The trouble was, he forgot to change out of his swimming suit so he was met with booing:

    I felt sorry for George, but glad that townies were using the community lot I gave them.

    New work week, new emergencies to deal with.

    This was a shock! George was putting out a fire near the entrance to a building, and all the time I could hear a baby crying (and so could he). While he was extinguishing the fire I checked all the floors of the building, but couldn't see a baby anywhere. When he finally put out he fire... GAAH! The baby was right there, in the fire, all along!

    Luckily, the baby's father, Jean Pierre (one of the French townies I moved in) came home at that moment and picked up the baby. I don't think he noticed there had been a fire.

    Soon after that NRAAS Story Progression informed me that Jean Pierre was having a second child. "I hope he'll take better care of this one", I thought.
    Story Progression also informed me that the Poirot characters were all getting married: Hastings to someone called Sally England, Poirot to Zelda Mae and Miss Lemon to Gobias Koffi. They would soon all have children.

    More hanging out with coworkers Agnes and Cornelia.

    Townies sometimes visit the fire station. These two teenagers came in around 2 AM to do their homework.

    Hanging out with Madison and Agnes. Unlike the townies at the restaurant, they don't seem to mind him being in his underwear. At this point George is friends with all three coworkers, but Agnes is his best friend.

    Poirot and Zelda Mae also dropped by at the fire station.

    The only time George visited the lot he bought was when he had a skill opportunity t repair a stereo, because he had to be on his home lot to open the family inventory. Such a strange sight, a fireman fixing a stereo in the middle of a lawn.

    When he visited the beach one evening, he bumped into a woman he knew from the library: Blair Wainwright. Thinking it might be some kind of sign, he asked if she was single. She was.

    To celebrate another promotion, he treated Agnes and Madison to supper at the diner after work (Cornelia had retired in the meantime). See that employee leaving the diner? That's Jean Pierre, the guy whose baby was on fire.

    That weekend, George went to the abandoned mine to gather gems and metals.

    Since Little France was nearby, he decided to visit the nectary afterwards... and bumped into Blair again! This had to mean something.

    The next day was Sunday, and he invited Blair to meet him at the Chinese restaurant. She accepted, and happily chatted to him about firefighting.

    However, when they came inside, they had a misunderstanding and she angrily rushed away. That was the second time George got into an embarrassing situation at this restaurant.
    Still, the day wasn't entirely bad: when he received his paycheck he had enough money to build a tiny house with cheap furniture.

    He spent his first night comfortable in his own bed, but there was more bad luck in the morning: George tried to prepare waffles and set the stove on fire. Being a firefighter he knew how to put it out, but he didn't have enough money for a new stove.

    Back to work.

    Agnes seemed genuinely happy about his new house. Maybe this was what got him wondering if it was Agnes, not Blair, who was the right person for him.

    George decided it was time to set his confused feelings straight. He called Blair and asked if she would meet him, because he wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. She refused.
    Then he decided to ask Agnes out. He was too nervous to directly ask her for a date. He asked her to meet him in Central Park and decided that, if she's interested, he'll spend his last simoleons on a good dinner at the Bistro.
    Agnes seemed happy to meet him.

    She accepted his first romantic advance, but when he persisted, she suddenly turned and ran away without a word, leaving him alone and confused.


    Instead of the planned romantic dinner for two, George dined on leftovers from someones picnic basket, feeling miserable.

    The next morning, George felt too insecure to try and talk to Agnes. He went straight to work on the fire alarm instead. But Agnes came to him and just stood there silently, watching him.

    This gave him some hope. He stopped what he was doing and, once again, confessed his attraction to her. This time she was much more responsive.

    It was official: George and Agnes were now going steady.

    Immediately after that, Agnes got into an argument with Madison. I think she told her off for being nosy.

    Unmoved, Madison went upstairs to make silly faces in the bathroom mirror.


    Meanwhile, George was once again gathering strength. Now that he and Agnes had found each other, life was too short to wait. he decided to ask for her hand in marriage.

    Agnes is delighted, while their childish friend Madison is being nosy again.

    Just as Agnes was accepting his proposal, the fire alarm went off.


    George tried to respond to the alarm, but it was too late. Never mind!

    After work, George and Agnes went to Old Pier Beach. The townie in the picture is Elisabeth Darcy. She seems to have changed her hairstyle into something less Jane Austen-like.

    And this boy is her son, Doug Darcy. Doug is a terrible name for the Darcys' son, but I think he turned out cute. Why is the ground behind him thinking about a briefcase? I have no idea! Anyway, that's not why we are here.

    We are here for George and Agnes, who are about to have a private wedding on the beach.



    Immediately after the wedding, George got a wish to travel to France with Agnes, so France is where the story will continue...
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    cool story

  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,379 Member
    That's a great start to the legacy.
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    Thank you very much, @msbeckycat and @TadOlson ! I'm really enjoying playing this. Since I'm chronicling my gameplay, not writing a story, I don't know what will happen next.
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    Part Two

    So, immediately after they got married, George wished to "travel with Agnes" and "travel to Champs Les Sims, France". Agnes wished to buy new, better things for their home. She knew their new home was missing a stove even before she arrived in it.
    Since Agnes brought quite a bit of money into the household, they now had a little over 20,000 and could afford to fulfill these wishes.

    Agnes buys a new stove, fridge, TV and sink.

    The newlyweds are blissful, but also aware that life is not going to be easy. Agnes will age up to an elder in 12 days, so they must have a child as soon as possible. She also has the wrong job for her lifetime wish: she really wants to be an Illustrious Author. She decides to pursue this wish. She has already mastered painting, but she'll have to learn writing from scratch. But first they will go on their honeymoon and enjoy three days of happiness without getting older.

    They appear in each other's dreams that night.


    In the morning, Agnes buys a laptop so that she can practice writing on their honeymoon, and they travel to Champs Les Sims.

    They try for a baby at the base camp, and the music tells them it was successful.


    As a pleasant surprise, not only George has the "First Romance" moodlet -- Agnes has it too. Agnes had been mourning her first husband throughout her life, but now she realises he was not her true love. She decides it's time to stop mourning, and changes into brighter clothes and makeup.


    George's "First Romance" thought cloud is so strong it sticks out through the roof of the car. (The car was also brought into the household by Agnes).

    They don't explore any tombs. Instead, they just fulfill their wishes as they appear, visiting the museum...

    ... and the nectary ...

    ... and dining on ratatouille at the cafe.

    But they don't forget working on their skills: Agnes has her new laptop with her, and she starts to practice writing at the cafe.

    Meanwhile, George reads a book. Since they are both bookworms, their are enjoying themselves immensely. Their mood meters are completely full.

    More reading at the bookstore, because Agnes had the wish to learn a new recipe.

    "Hooray! Now I know how to prepare a cheese plate!"

    While Agnes continues to practice writing, George goes jogging. The athletic skill helps with his work performance.

    At the end of their honeymoon, Agnes has three skill points in writing, and they both have enough lifetime happiness points for one of those awards that make life easier: Agnes gets Steel Bladder, and George gets Dirt Defiant. Most importantly, they have enjoyed a relaxed time together. Who knows if they will have a chance for that again?



    Back to Sunset Valley, back to reality. Two new rooms need to be added to the little house: a nursery, and a study for Agnes to pursue her lifetime wish. Most of the money Agnes brought into the household is spent now; they are left with about 3,000 and have to be careful with money again.

    The first thing Agnes does is go to the City Hall to quit her firefighting job and register as a self-employed writer.


    The study has decorations to keep her mood up, and an incense burner, an expensive souvenir from France which also gives her a positive moodlet.

    Agnes wants to specialise in romance novels, but she doesn't have the option to write one yet. Instead, she starts writing a non-fiction book called "How To Break Up With a Ghost".

    Her first nausea comes at an embarrassing moment. Townie Arthur Hastings decides to drop by for a visit, and she starts feeling sick while talking to him. Poor Hastings must have thought it was his fault.

    She is sick then, and once again during the night.

    The next day is Saturday. While George works out, Agnes finishes her book and levels up in her self-employed writer career.

    Stressed from working, she starts working on a painting to unwind, and it is then the game officially announces her pregnancy and changes her into maternity clothes.

    Agnes and George head for the library together so that Agnes can read a pregnancy book. In the library they encounter another one of those mysterious quirks in the game: the library floor is thinking about having fun. The child, Tyron Langerak, apparently thinks it might be the Loch Ness monster. Interestingly, both times I've seen thought bubbles coming out of the ground there was a child nearby. Is there an underground monster stalking the children of Sunset Valley?
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    Great update!It looks like you need to reset a sim because there's one stuck underground.I had that happen and had to reset using NRaas Master Controller for a hard reset which is what your game needs.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    Thanks for reading and for the advice, @TadOlson ! I must admit I enjoyed the random mystery of having an underground entity appear near children in town, but I'm enjoying this particular save and I don't want to risk it becoming unplayable. I don't have Master Controller (yet), but I'll try resetting everyone in town using "resetSim *" when it's about 2 or 3 AM in their world.
  • AbearsmenAbearsmen Posts: 54 Member
    I love this story so far. So cute. Can't wait to see the next update :)
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,379 Member
    I wouldn't delay in getting the NRaas Mods though you need to back up the entire Sims 3 folder before installing Mods just to be safe.NRaas Mods are the safest and will stop games from glitching out to the point where they become unplayable and I've had that happen to me far too many times to keep count of how often it happened.The worst glitched games came from using EA's bug-fest for "story progression" and having it ruin the game with the bugs and glitches it caused.
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    Thank you for your suggestion, @TadOlson ! I'm already using NRaas Story Progression and I love how it has improved my game, so I don't doubt that their other mods are good too. I must admit, though, that I actually like it when little glitches like this happen because they are good for funny screenshots.
    I didn't consider EA story progression a bugfest (if it was, I never noticed it), but after a while I realised it didn't do enough. The inactive Sims would get jobs and promotions, gain some skills, start romantic relationships with one another and sometimes move in together, but they never got married or had children. NRaas Story Progression was, for me, what turned a very good game into a truly excellent game, one I feel I'll be able to play for years without getting bored.

    So, thanks again for the suggestion! I've read only the best about Master Controller and Error Trap, so I will probably get them.

    (I'm away from the computer my Sims 3 are installed on now, so I'm simming vicariously by looking at other people's screenshots. I'll continue with my legacy game on Monday.)
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    The story continues!

    Agnes wishes to have a boy, so after having read the pregnancy book she picks some apples in the park and eats them.

    Meanwhile, a clamour can be heard from the City Hall across the street. A group of townies, including Agnes' sister Cornelia Goth and Cornelia's son Mortimer, are protesting against The Abominable Snowman. Who knows why they feel so strongly about him? Interestingly, Cornelia is wearing her firefighter's uniform although she has retired a while ago.

    George celebrates his birthday that evening. It's a day or two early, but that means spending more days in the same life stage as Agnes.

    I love George's duckface in this picture.

    "I'm so excited about our baby, Agnes!"

    A peaceful Sunday morning comes. Agnes starts working on a new non-fiction book.

    It's called "The Nectar-Lover's Guide to Champs Les Sims".

    George works on his athletic skill by jogging and swimming.

    Afterwards they meet each other and Cornelia at the Sunset Institute of Modern Art, and Agnes announces her pregnancy to her sister.

    "Congratulations, Agnes!"
    (Cornelia is wearing her firefighter's uniform again. I think she misses her job.)

    At the end of the day, George and Agnes put on their evening clothes and go for a drink at the Chinese restaurant. It's their last evening alone together, and I want them to fully enjoy it. I also want George to visit that restaurant without making a fool of himself, for once.
    They have a good time.

    George gets his chance to make a fool of himself the next morning, when Agnes starts feeling contractions.

    While she calmly gets dressed and drives herself to the hospital, he is frozen to the spot, freaking out.
    "Aaaaaaaargh! She's having a baby! Heeeelp!"

    "Heeeeeeeeeelp? What should I dooooooo?"

    She gets to the hospital safely, and George finally follows her in a taxi.

    Here we go! Meet little Paul Bluejay. I've been playing completely in accordance with the Legacy Challenge rules up to now, but the rule about randomising the children's traits is one I had decided from the start not to follow. Having earned the possibility to choose two traits for Paul, I give him "Good" and "Genius".

    I like that I can see Paul on Agnes' lap during the ride home.

    And we are back at home.

    Sleep well, Paul.

    Since I'm not counting points, I wasn't going to do the portraits part of the challenge. But Agnes has mastered the painting skill, and it would be a waste not to have her paint a "still life" of George and herself.

    They take turns waking up to take care of Paul in the night.

    Because of the honeymoon, the weekend and Paul's birth, George hasn't been at work for six days now. I was curious if there would be any new firefighters at the station, now that Cornelia has retired and Agnes has quit.
    Christopher Steel was there. Was he just visiting the lot? Only two days ago he was working at the food register in the Chinese restaurant.

    George gets into conversation with him. Yes, Christopher is a new coworker.

    That day George puts out his first large house fire.

    He finally gets to save the lives of two Sims. His lifetime wish is to save 30 Sims from fire, and although he is leveling up in his job very quickly, there have been no lives to save until now.

    Both George and Agnes are wishing for a second child, so I have them try. They are braver than I am!

    Success! Agnes has morning sickness the next morning. At the same time, her phone is ringing because Cornelia wants to chat, and the toilet gets dirty and clogged. That's a bit too much to handle.

    But, on a brighter note, her copy of "How To Break Up With a Ghost" has arrived in the mail.

    George handles an emergency at the Little Corsican Bistro. While he's inside, everyone is standing outside and freaking out, except for the calm lady at the bottom of the picture. She is only interested in food.

    The time has come for Paul to age up.

    Agnes turns her back, as if scared how he's going to turn out.

    Aww, not so bad! He is like a smaller and cross-eyed version of George.

    Seconds later, the game changes Agnes into maternity clothes again.

    "You're going to get a sister soon, Paul!"

    "Go on, Paul, say stethoscope."

    "I'm sorry, that's probably too hard. Say pillow."

    George teaches Paul how to walk.

    "Well done, little one!"
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    That's another great update.
    @PalmArrow -I've had the most serious issues with the EA bug-fest when it was in control of my games.I could grow the towns or have new generations when it kept breaking up my couples and moving the families out I'd added to the town and moving new families in only to move them out every few days.It would also keep making romantic matches between strangers and push strangers to flirt with each other and to get badly matched up with the wrong partners.That's why I got NRaas story progression in there and running things in my town.It will make sims go to work and get raises or promotions and gain skills though they won't adopt any more pets or children or have babies on their own.Sims won't match up on their own or get married to the wrong sim and nobody moves into or out of town unless I do it myself.They won't move to other houses or get pregnant on their own without me using pollinate to fake them doing it behind my back.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    It seems we got NRAAS Story Progression for exactly opposite reasons then, @TadOlson ! You wanted the inactive Sims to do less things on their own, I wanted them to do more. I think I would even enjoy a game similar to the Sims where there would be no active household at all, where the player would only create a town and a bunch of households, and then sit back and watch what they will do when left to their own devices. :)
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    The past week of the Bluejay family has been hectic, with many birthdays and lots of sleep lost.

    Agnes has written a children's book, The Little Magic Fire Truck, and is now working on her first romance novel, Love Under The Fire Alarms. She's a Hopeless Romantic and this is the genre she wants to specialise in.

    At work, George saves townie Aldo Gavin from an angry gnome invasion.

    Don't worry, Mr Gavin! Fearless Fire Captain George Bluejay is here! Nothing in the world scares him, except for his wife going into labour.

    The angry gnomes are soon caught.

    After work George teaches his son to walk.

    Agnes gets out of the bathtub and proceeds to potty train Paul without putting any clothes on. In a parallel universe she is destined to become the prudish and angry old lady Mrs Crumplebottom.But in this universe she is Agnes Bluejay, nudist mum.

    "Say bug, Paul."

    "Now say camera."

    Another crib is added to the nursery while the family is sleeping.

    Saturday morning comes. Agnes finishes her picture of George and herself, a gift to the future generations of Bluejays.
    I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, because still lives and portraits often end up too dark.

    In the late afternoon they take a trip to Old Pier Beach. Their new baby is due soon, but I'm not worried because the hospital is not far.

    The scenery is as beautiful as ever.

    Still, Agnes can't stop thinking about the baby.

    They enjoy a few peaceful family moments in the fresh air by the sea.


    The baby is coming! I'm a little scared of George's reaction. Will he panic and forget Paul on the beach?

    But it seems that fatherhood has made George more mature. Townie Morgana Wolff is the only one panicking.

    Agnes takes their car to the hospital; George calmly picks up Paul, calls a taxi and follows her.


    Eleanor Bluejay is born! The game suggests Virtuoso and Neurotic for her first two traits, and this time I go along with it because I like the combination. She will be a temperamental artist.
    Paul has apparently enjoyed witnessing the birth of his baby sister, because he has the "having a blast" moodlet.

    "Good night, Eleanor!"

    Sunday morning. George is only a hair's breadth away from his next promotion, so I send him jogging hoping that working on his athletic skill will get him the promotion before his paycheck arrives at noon.
    Success! George is now a Backdraft Specialist, and his weekly stipend is about 350 simoleons higher.

    George wishes for a bookshelf, and I want the family to have a dresser so that I can change their outfits, so the house grows a little to the left of the bed. Someday, when the family is rich, they will have a large house with a sea view on the other end of the estate, and this might be turned into a gatehouse. But for now it's enough to extend it bit by bit when necessary.

    A cute moment between George and Eleanor.

    In the evening George takes care of the children, and Agnes calls Cornelia to meet her at the French cafe, because the game has informed me that Cornelia doesn't have a long time left to live.

    They have a nice chat about old times.

    Former coworker Madison also happens to be there. Madison is now married to Malcolm Landgraab and has also recently had a baby.

    Not long after Agnes has returned home, NRAAS Story Progression informs me that Cornelia has died.

    I also learn that Tabitha Poirot, daughter of Hercule Poirot and Zelda Mae, and Doug Darcy, son of Elisabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, are in love.

    The game also reminds me that Paul, Agnes and Eleanor are all having birthdays soon and that I might want to buy cakes and throw parties for them. Well... I might, for some of them. Agnes is in no hurry to become an elder.

    More walking lessons for Paul.

    George looks so happy in this picture.

    The same cannot be said for Agnes in this picture. it's as if she's saying: "I've had enough of babies! You're aging up right now, young lady!"

    Paul is curious to see what's happening.

    While Agnes feeds Paul, Eleanor grows...

    ... into an exact copy of Paul!

    I change her hair and clothes. That's better! I'm surprised to see her hair is brown. I thought it was dark blonde like her dad's.

    George and Agnes have two toddlers to take care of now.
    "Say atom, Paul."

    "Good. Now say milk."

    "Now say a bottle of Coke and two paper cups."

    Agnes manages to teach Paul to talk that evening. However, a glitch happens and they can't stop the "learning to talk" action for hours, until I finally put a stop to it by resetting Agnes. By then both toddlers are hungry and dirty, and George has unhelpfully gone to sleep. Agnes only gets to go to bed around 5 AM.
    So around 8 AM I break the Legacy Challenge rules for a second time, and use the mailbox cheat to max everyone's needs. I'm feeling pretty exhausted myself. If could click on my mailbox to max all my needs IRL, I would do that!

    George gets called to his second large house fire that day.

    He puts out the fire, breaks down the door and saves the Sim inside.

    In the evening, Agnes ages up to elder. She immediately dyes her hair and eyebrows. She is not ready to look like a granny yet.

    Two birthdays done, one more to go! George finally teaches Paul how to walk, and he's ready to age up to child the next morning. That way he will have a full day of childhood to enjoy before having to go to school.

    George's pose is hilarious in this picture.

    Paul turns out to have the same brown hair as Eleanor. I choose Bookworm as his third trait. George leaves for work, and Agnes and Paul start watching TV. The house is a mess -- the bed is unmade, toys and unwashed dishes everywhere -- but they don't care. They need some rest and so do I!
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    A day before Paul's first day of school, George was called to solve an emergency in the school building.

    By the time he was finished, quite a large panicking crowd had gathered outside.

    It gave me a chance to see what the children of both the original townies and the townies I created look like. For example, the young lady with the shaved head is Tabitha, daughter of Zelda Mae and Hercule Poirot.

    And the brown-haired boy in the black jacket is her boyfriend Doug Darcy.

    Of course, Paul can't sleep in the nursery anymore. So the little house gets a first-floor room above the nursery.

    It's reached by ladder, and has only objects Paul wished for, such as a chess table...

    ... and a telescope.

    The next day comes, and Paul is off to school.

    There is a toddler at the fire station! Madison Landgraab, formerly VanWatson, has brought her son Trever to work.

    George deals with another angry gnome invasion.

    This one is in the garden of his neighbours, the Altos. George hasn't met them yet, and this is the first time he's been on their lot. He is impressed.

    The weekend comes, and it's time for another family trip to the beach.


    Some of Paul's classmates are there too.

    Teaching Eleanor to talk.

    George and Paul play tag on the empty part of their lot, the part with the beautiful sea view where the future home of the Bluejays will be. Will Paul and Eleanor live to see it?

    A new work week comes. George has to rescue three Sims from a fire, but one of them, Gobias Koffi, dies of old age (not of fire!) before George can extinguish the flames. It doesn't count as a failure in his job: the number of Sims he needs to rescue just changes into 2.

    The household has about 16,000 simoleons now, so George can fulfill a wish he's had for some time: to be a partner in a business. He chooses the bookshop: his wife is a writer and they are both bookworms, so it's a natural choice. This is the start of the future Bluejay business empire!

    Madison's love life is very complicated. Her surname is still Landgraab, but NRAAS SP keeps informing me of new relationships she's in. The latest one was with Jack Bunch, and now he's dead and Madison is mourning.

    Eleanor ages up into a child!

    Here she is in the school bus with her brother the next day. They almost look like twins.

    Agnes finishes a brilliant painting and calls it "The House of Clouds".

    An earthquake hits Sunset Valley! George stays at work until late at night, fixing gas leaks and rescuing Sims trapped under rubble.

    It's so late when he's finished he doesn't even return home. He sleeps at the fire station, like in the old times, and hangs out with his coworkers in the morning.

    He gained a tremendous amount of work experience while dealing with the earthquake, so another house fire the next day is enough for him to reach the highest level of the profession. He is now Fire Chief.

    Amusingly, one of the Sims he has to rescue is his own coworker Christopher Steel. He is even wearing his uniform. You're a shame to all firefighters, Christopher!

    Almost unnoticed during all this, Paul ages up into a teen. He managed to get on the honor roll.

    It seems that sunglasses are a part of George's new uniform. I think George thinks they are very cool, but Paul thinks they're embarrassing.
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    That's another great update on your game.I love how story progression from NRaas is fully customizable to work with different styles of play.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    Thank you, @TadOlson ! The combination of The Sims 3 + NRaas story progression equals an ideal game for me.
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    The brown hair comes from Agnes' parents
    Also, press 'tab' on your keyboard and use the 'z' and '+' buttons to zoom in and the 'x' and '-' keys to zoom out, and the mouseoad to move the camera. It'll help take closer pictures.
    But good story! I pretty much ignore Agnes in my game, so its nice to see her. And your modified Sunset Valley. I like using story progression to flesh out the town, too.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    Thank you, @Makayla_MakaPaka !
    I only learned about the tab camera mode a few days ago and played a little with it; some of the pictures from the last post were taken with it, but most are still "regular" screenshots because my fingers are still getting used to controlling the mouse in camera mode.
    I must say I'm feeling pretty attached to Agnes now! She will probably soon die in my game, but I'm already planning to play her as the main character in the future, and have her break up with her first husband's ghost and have a fulfilling life.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    Before continuing my legacy game, I installed Late Night, but I opted for no vampires, and for no celebrities in the active household. The only Late Night feature I added to this town is a dance club on the beach, with all the instruments necessary for a band. Eleanor is a virtuoso, so this might be useful to her in the future.

    She already thinks and dreams of music a lot.

    She also wishes to learn the painting skill, and gains her first skill point.

    George is about to receive an award from the mayor, so he takes the whole family to the City Hall in his private fire engine, a perk of being Fire chief.

    The engine looks as if it could seat more people. That will be useful for a large family someday!

    The mayor presents George with the Key to the City.

    The crowd is celebrating, but George seems to be awkwardly brushing away the confetti and wishing he was in the gym. His kids are also exchanging a sort of sulky look.

    George treats his family and his co-worker Christopher to dinner at the Little Corsican Bistro. This is where he wanted to take Agnes for their first date some time ago, when he was almost penniless.

    Things have changed since then. The household is well-off and he can easily afford this.

    It's too early to go home, so George takes his family to see a beautiful site they haven't visited yet: Stoney Falls.

    The waterfalls are impressive. But Agnes, although a hopeless romantic, has a very practical reaction to them. She senses a business opportunity.

    "You know, the empty lot next to these falls is for sale, and the price is affordable. It would be a good idea to buy it!"

    (While I was taking these screenshots, Eleanor bicycled away by herself, stopped somewhere halfway between Stony Falls and home, and sat down on the grass to do her homework. It's fun to have such an unpredictable Sim.)

    George's award collection is pretty impressive now -- this is only a part of it:

    George ages up to an elder the next evening, while playing games at the new dance club. The policewoman next to him happens to be the woman with whom he had an unsuccessful date a long time ago: Blair Wainwright (her new surname is Hart).

    He becomes an elder wearing horribly mismatched athletic clothes. In the background, his son is ordering his first drink at the bar.

    The newly elder George goes on to watch the gardening channel with his wife and daughter. Not everybody's idea of a wild night at the dance club, but they are having fun and that's what matters.

    Another birthday! Eleanor ages up into a teen the next day.

    The two teens together in the school bus. I think they are both cute, although, once again, sulky-looking (but that's not an unusual look for teens.)

    I had George learn the gardening skill to have something to do when he retires. He hasn't retired yet, though. He still has to save 10 lives to complete his lifetime wish.

    George deals with an emergency in the criminal hideout.

    That evening, Agnes talks to him about her fears.
    "I don't have long left to live, George."

    "Don't think about death, Agnes! Go to sleep. You will feel happier in the morning."

    "It's not that I'm afraid of death, but I'm afraid I won't have time to master the writing skill."

    George's coworkers Madison and Christopher have also aged up and retired. He has two new coworkers, Joline...

    ... and Kristin.

    Paul and Eleanor come back from school with a friend, Samuel McIrish.


    After they've finished their homework and Samuel has gone home, Paul and Eleanor go to the theater. They both have the wish to see a movie.

    Eleanor also wishes to stay out after curfew, so they go from the theater to the dance club. Eleanor surprises me again: although they went to the theater by taxi, she has been hiding her dad's fire engine in her pocket! She uses it to drive them to the dance club.

    The plus side of only having one night club in your town is that it's always a hot spot.

    However, teenage rebellion doesn't turn out according to plan if you're too tired to dance. Paul and Eleanor give up and decide to go home and sleep.

    The next day is Saturday. It starts peacefully. Agnes gets up early to write her new romance novel, "The Adventurous Countess." The kids sleep almost until noon. George's little garden is ready for harvest.

    Eleanor manages to offend her dad with her views on athletics.

    It is late in the afternoon, and Paul and Eleanor are just getting ready to go to the library and learn the charisma skill... but the camera suddenly focuses on Agnes and the music becomes ominous.

    She was exactly 90 days old, and half a skill point from completing her lifetime wish. :(

    The family is heartbroken, and I'm feeling quite upset myself. I've never had a Sim die before. The shadow of the Reaper's scythe is already appearing on the left side of the screen.

    "Come with me, Agnes Bluejay!"

    She obeys, and disappears.

    I'm sorry, Agnes! I'll help you complete your LTW in a different game someday.
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    edited August 2015
    Not only is Death's scythe appearing in the picture, but Agnes is already looking toward him! Great shot of a sad moment.

    *Also, you're not the only one who isn't a fan of the vampires in Late Night. Apartments and venues are my favorite part of the expansion.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    AEventyr wrote: »
    Not only is Death's scythe appearing in the picture, but Agnes is already looking toward him!
    You're right, she is! I hadn't noticed that.
    Apartments were my main reason for getting Late Night! Vampires might be interesting in some stories, but completely out of place in others, including this one. Or in any game set in a tropical world.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    A major event such as a death would be a good moment for an inventory of how much my Sims have achieved so far.
    They household has 46,625 Simoleons.
    Paul has 1 skill point in cooking, 1 in handiness, 3 in logic and 1 in writing.
    Eleanor has 1 in handiness, 1 in logic and 1 in painting.

    The night after Agnes' death, she appears in her family's dreams. She doesn't choose to haunt them, though. I don't think she would want that - she herself spent too long being haunted by her first husband's ghost.



    The next day, the family takes her urn to the cemetery.

    While Eleanor is consoling her dad, Paul starts chatting to a French tourist who is visiting the cemetery. Her name is Amelie Bonnet.

    "Shaka bra!"

    He does return to consoling his family afterwards.

    Amelie seems interested in them for a while, but then she leaves.

    After the funeral, Paul and Eleanor go to the library to learn charisma.

    George is invited to a pool party by his former coworker, Christopher Steel. But there is something else he wants to take care of first.
    He will be 90 in 8 days, and he wonders if he has done enough to make sure his children will never be as poor as he was when he started.

    He remembers the trip to Stoney Falls, and how Agnes noticed the empty lot overlooking the lake would be a good investment.

    He can afford to spend about 40,000 simoleons... and so, while the kids are at the library, the Norwegian Wood resort is born. At this point it has only the most basic amenities and hardly any decorations, but it's a start.

    After that he goes to Christopher's party.

    Madison is also there. Story progression recently informed me that her son Trever, the toddler she brought along to work a while ago, is getting married. Time certainly flies for Sims!

    The family is still inconsolable the next day, George at work and Paul and Eleanor at school.


    The Norwegian Wood resort brings only 18 simoleons in profit the first day, but I keep upgrading and decorating it as much as the household can afford, and the ratings and profits go steadily up.

    George deals with another large house fire. This house looked spectacular in flames against the evening sky.

    It was, however, very difficult to put out, because George had to leave the lot every time he wanted to move from the upper part to the lower, and leaving the lot cancels the job and it has to be accepted again.

    This job left me tired as well as George.
    His saved Sims tally is up to 22 now, but it's growing too slowly. Most jobs he gets are building emergencies, where there is no life-saving involved. By this rate he might never fulfill his LTW of saving 30 Sims, or he might fulfill it a day or two before his death, with no chance to enjoy the rewards. He already has around 25,000 unused lifetime happiness points anyway, and I'm not counting points in this game.

    So I decide to have George retire, work in his garden and enjoy his resort.

    The kids are happy for him.

    The next day is Paul's birthday. George decides to throw a party for both of them, inviting his former coworkers and Paul and Eleanor's friends from school. Although they don't have much cash now -- most of it has gone into Norwegian Wood -- they invest in a buffet table, dance floor, stereo, tables and chairs. George has the Legendary Host lifetime reward. What can possibly go wrong?

    No one showing up, that's what can go wrong! The family dances alone on their new dancefloor.

    Paul blows out the candles on the cake.

    All the party stuff is immediately sold back, except for the stereo: that is for Eleanor's room.

    This is Paul the next morning, after breakfast with his dad, thinking about the atom.

    He is starting his young adulthood with 1 skill point in charisma, 2 in cooking, 1 i handiness, 3 in logic and 1 in writing. His traits are genius, good, bookworm, charismatic and workaholic. He had already settled on a lifetime wish while a teen: to reach the top of the medical career.

    Paul immediately has the wish to join the medical career, but his dad asks him to wait. With a good start like that, there is no need to hurry. Norwegian Wood received a three-star rating that morning, and George would like his son to see it.



    "The view of the waterfalls is magnificent, isn't it?"

    "It is... Hey, this is Mum's painting! This is the perfect place for it."

    I wasn't aware of it at the moment, but the resort guest behind Paul in this picture is a Sim who has repeatedly crossed paths with George.

    George tells Paul that, as the owners of the resort, they can enjoy all the amenities as much as they want. He advises him to learn the athletic skill, relax, and have fun before starting his career. Eleanor will be joining them too, after school.

    Paul doesn't need to be told twice.

    It's fun to enjoy a pool waterfall with a view of a real waterfall.


    Gym equipment is, however, difficult to use when you're a beginner.

    The resort also has a wedding arch with a waterfall view. Paul and Eleanor might use it when they meet someone they want to marry. I'm planning to build VIP rooms and suites on the first floor once there is enough money, so they can also spend their honeymoons here if they don't roll the wishes to travel abroad.

    George and Paul are enjoying the hot tub...

    ... but Paul, being a workaholic, can't help looking forward to his job.

    The resort guest from an earlier picture is ordering a drink at the bar. It turns out he is Jean Pierre, the French Sim who used to work as a cook at the diner, whose baby George once found in the middle of a fire!

    Jean Pierre is satisfied with the cleanness of the resort.

    At home, Eleanor is angry at her homework.

    When she finishes, she first takes a cab into town to see if there's anyone at the dance club.

    But nothing is going on there. Eleanor wants to go home, but I make her go to the resort instead and sleep in the resort tower, as her dad and brother are already doing. Sleeping in the resort tower is awesome - it fills all their meters completely, except for fun.

    After she goes to sleep I spy someone walking around the resort and zoom in to see who it is. It's Adrian Dube, a paparazzo! This is the first paparazzo I've seen in my game. I wonder who he's after! Like Jean Pierre, Adrian thinks the resort is clean.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    It turns out the paparazzo is just there to enjoy the resort. He spends the whole night in the pool.

    (My Sims will later find he has the coward trait. That explains his face while diving into the pool.)

    The next day, Eleanor tries out the firewalking pit...

    ... and practices athletics.

    But she wishes to level up in painting, so she later takes a cab to the Sunset Institute of Modern Art.


    I have turned the windowless and almost empty room on the first floor of the museum into a crafts room.

    Meanwhile, her brother fulfills his wish for going jogging. He gets to level three in athletics that weekend.

    Eleanor has painted something that looks like a flag.

    The family meets again for supper at the resort.

    The next day is Sunday. Workaholic Paul can't wait any longer: he wants to start work on Monday. So he takes a cab to the Sacred Spleen Hospital.

    The last time he was here, he was a toddler in his father's arms who got the "having a blast" moodlet during his sister's birth. Perhaps it was then he decided to become a doctor!


    Mission accomplished!

    Back at the Norwegian Wood resort, familiar visitors have arrived! George's former coworker Kristen is getting married to someone called Ashley. Their other coworker Joline and Adrian the paparazzo are wedding guests.



    In the afternoon the family returns home, rested and satisfied. Although most of the family funds go into upgrading the resort, there is enough to buy a guitar for Eleanor.
    She has been playing the xylophone so much as a toddler, she gains level three in guitar as soon as she picks it up.

    Meanwhile, Paul gets the wish to work from home although he hasn't even been to work yet! Working makes him happy.

    A lady Paul has met in town drops by to visit him. Her name is Regan Sekemoto.

    Paul hasn't shown any romantic interest in anyone yet, so I have him ask if she's single. No, she is the wife of Sam Sekemoto.
    I like this picture because the hot air baloon is visible through the tiny window.

    The family dines on ratatouille made from vegetables from George's garden.

    Monday. Paul finally gets to go to work.

    George goes jogging every morning. He is 90 today, and I want to try and prolong his life. I also have him collect seeds from around his lot.

    That's one impressive seed!

    Eleanor has the wish to start a jam session, so I send her to the dance club on the off chance that someone will be able to join her.

    No one is there even to listen, but she is at least having fun.

    During the night I start building a second floor for the resort, but I overestimate the available funds and have to leave it unfinished. Thankfully, this doesn't influence the resort reviews or profits in any way.

    The next day, George is 91. His jogging route often takes him near the criminal hideout, so I have him try something he should have tried long ago, while he was still poor and homeless: dumpster-diving.

    He actually finds nothing interesting in the dumpster, but some valuable pieces of metal were lying on the ground around it.

    He is stinking now, so he goes to the gym to take a shower. Christopher Steel is at the gym. That is perfect, because the game informed me recently that Christopher and George hadn't seen each other in a long time and were no longer friends. They start chatting and soon become friends again.
    It is almost as if the game was helping George tie up all loose ends before he has to go, bringing Kristen, Joline and now Christopher his way.

    In the meantime, Eleanor comes back from school with a classmate, Markus Sekemoto. There is mutual attraction between them! Markus is obviously Regan Sekemoto's son: he looks exactly like her. If Eleanor and Markus get together, they better not find out that Eleanor's brother once briefly flirted with Markus' mum!

    George comes back home on his own... and suddenly there is that ominous music again.

    There is nothing to be done.

    It's just the two of them now.

    The next two days, Paul and Eleanor keep breaking into tears.


    A few nights after his death, George's ghost decides to visit them. He floats straight into Agnes' former study and stands in front of one of her paintings.

    And then he decides to levitate the flower arrangement.

    George, I love you and I'm glad you're a ghost with a mischievous sense of humour, but I won't have you haunting the house.

    On Saturday morning, Paul and Eleanor take his urn to the cemetery.

    When I try to have them console one another, it ends up in a negative relationship point. Their relationship bar is surprisingly low. I get them chatting to improve their relationship.

    Paul takes George's urn into the mausoleum. This was where George's adventure started -- the first thing he did when he moved into Sunset Valley was to explore the catacombs -- and this is where it ends.

    While Paul is inside the mausoleum, Eleanor starts playing the guitar on her own.


    Paul and Eleanor spend some time together in town, but then Eleanor gets a phone call from Markus Sekemoto. He invites her on a date, and the location he chooses in her family's own resort, Norwegian Wood!
    They meet up and flirt for a while (and I fail to take screenshots), without noticing it's late. Eleanor is suddenly rounded up by police! I try to cancel the action and make her sleep in the resort tower (which is right next to her), but I can't.



    Eleanor is seething with injustice. She was at her own resort! Surely that's almost like being home!

    Paul is waiting for her in front of the house. He is furious.

    Oh, yeah? Well, Eleanor is furious too. "You're not Dad, have no right to order me around!"

    She goes to sleep in her parents' empty bed that night.

    Sunday. Paul is overworked, so he sleeps until late. That's fine by Eleanor: she doesn't want to see his plumming face anyway. She tends to George's garden. Some presents arrive in the mail, which makes her happy.

    She goes to Mirabella square to play for tips. It's a success: she has a great time, earns about 150 simoleons (that will show Paul she's capable of taking care of herself!) and gains enough acquaintances to complete the Celebrity Challenge.

    She goes to the Cerulean Pool afterwards. Her cousin Mortimer Goth happens to be there, so she introduces herself.

    When Mortimer was a little boy, George stole a plate of hot dogs from him at this pool. Thankfully, neither Mortimer nor Eleanor know that.

    In the meantime, Paul has been doing what he likes doing: reading at the library and playing chess in the park. Both he and Eleanor feel much calmer now. It's time to make peace.
    Paul catches up with Eleanor and invites her to dinner at the Jade Lion.

    There is one more customer at the restaurant: Madison, now called Madison Hollins. She has married, and then lost, another husband.

    Eleanor and Paul both feel awkward at first, but they start chatting about their day and gain a stronger relationship again.


    They may have different interests, but that doesn't matter. They are brother and sister, and they are going to be there for one another.

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