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The Life of Sulani (PalmArrow's gameplay thread)

This is not really a story, just chronicles and snapshots of my rotational gameplay in my favourite world, Sulani. I'm still making a thread for it because snapshots and descriptions of gameplay is what I most like to read from other players, too.

I normally play just one household, often just one single Sim. This is my first rotational save. Against all good advice from more experienced rotational players, I'm mostly playing each household just one day at a time. If there is an important milestone for one of them to reach, I stay with them a day or two longer. I'm sort of observing the world rather than playing it, giving the sims just a little nudge in the right direction while they're active.

I started taking screenshots and notes during the fourth rotation.



The Windrose household lives on the Admiral's Wreckage lot. They are a retired sea captain, his mermaid wife, and their teenage daughter Marina who is also a mermaid. Marina's friend Duane Talla moved in with them when he aged up to adult. I'm planning for Marina and Duane to become a couple when she ages up too.


Marina looks so sulky in this picture, but still being a teen and living with your crush who is now a young adult is an awkward situation!


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    In the Ngata household, Tane spent his last day of childhood playing on the beach with his friend Pacifica Sargasso. (The Sargassos are another mermaid family I added into town).


    He aged up that evening. (His other mum is not in the picture because she urgently needed the bathroom! :smiley: )


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    Mele and Alika Kahananui have a cute toddler called Ruru.


    Even though they live so luxuriously, they both want to be even more wealthy. They (and I) will have to work on that!

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    The Kealoha family celebrated Winterfest outdoors. Decorating the tree made them happy, but all three were disappointed with their presents. I don't know why - Liliana, for one, got a good quality coffee maker, which I thought was very nice!


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    Loario Kuresa is a randomly generated townie. I had edited him a little and moved him into Caldera Camp, the off-the-grid hut underneath the volcano.

    During the night when I switched to his household, the volcano erupted.


    Loario woke up scared, but he had three chunks of lava to open. He found some minerals and fossils inside and sold them , which was very useful. Loario is a self-employed gardener, but there is not much for him to do in the winter and money is scarce.


    He sent a message to his friend and crush Nalani and she responded, inviting him to meet her on the other side of the world, in Magnolia Blossom Park. He accepted. They both saw snow for the first time, and had fun building a snowman.


    When the two of them returned to Sulani, they went to Ohan'ali beach. The Sulani Mermaid Club was having a club meeting.


    Nalani is, of course, a member so she joined her fellow mermaids in the water.

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    David and Gavin are a household created by @thuggishsplicer . David is a tech guru, and his partner Gavin a freelance writer. They live on the Laguna Look lot in Ohan'ali Town.


    After David left for work, Gavin worked on a freelance article and on his novel.


    Since the two of them are not earning that much yet, and I spent some of their money to buy a chess table because David wants to level up in logic, Gavin picked up and sold some shells to help pay the bills.


    When Gavin came back from work they spent a relaxing evening playing chess, while townies made a bonfire on the beach in the background.

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    The household living in the Chieftain's Villa is still called Hoapili, but nobody with that surname lives there anymore. Keala Hoapili has died of old age, and Lia's friend Hawea Elikapika has moved in.

    Lia communes with the spirits now. She doesn't have her grandmother's ability to summon elementals, though.


    It's New Year's Eve. So far Lia and Hawea have been only friends. Unknown to one another, they've both made New Year's resolutions to enter a romantic relationship.


    They spend most of the day working on skills.


    Hawea takes part in the fishing festival in the afternoon.


    Lia starts painting a flowering tree from life.


    In the evening, after dinner, they are both eager to fulfill that romantic resolution.


    Keala's ghost decides to visit just as Lia and Hawea are woohooing in what used to be Keala's bed. She doesn't mind. She is happy her granddaughter is going to continue her bloodline!

  • AstroAstro Posts: 6,222 Member
    Wow, that world is actually beautiful. And nice screenshots!
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,964 Member
    Thank you very much, @Astro ! I love playing in Sulani because then I can imagine myself living there.
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    It is a rainy first day of spring in Sulani. I moved to the Sargasso family, a mermaid family I made. They live in the Tangled Flat lot in Ohan'ali Town.


    The family wakes up in a gloomy mood. But they are going to become more cheerful soon, because it's time for the daughter, Pacifica, to age up to teen. Her mother prepares a chocolate cake for her.


    The guests are here! Pacifica's best friend Tane Ngata, who only became a teen himself a few days ago, couldn't be invited because Pacifica's father doesn't know him.
    Pacifica blows out the candles...


    ... and ages up.


    After the party, Pacifica's parents are feeling dehydrated so they invite the other mermaids present for a swim. They run across the street to the beach.


    Pacifica invites Tane to meet her at the Sand Bar. This is the first time they have met as teens, and for both of them their first time in a bar. They seem to like it!

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    On the Admiral's Wreckage lot in Mua Pel'am, Marina Windrose aged up from teen to YA. Marina is not a mermaid like her mother, but I decided to give her this mermaid-like hair to show she has something unearthly in her genes.


    Now Marina is free to flirt with her friend Duane, who had aged up before her! But the first attempts at flirting from both of them just result in awkwardness. It's the gloomy surroundings of the old shipwreck playing tricks on their mood.


    When they go outside into the beautiful spring sunshine and light a fire, the conversation flows much more easily.


    Meanwhile, Marina's parents spend the day swimming with dolphins. I noticed that they are both near the end of their lives, so there would be no point in working on aspirations now. They should just enjoy themselves!


    The household is reunited in the evening, and Liliana Kealoha drops by for a visit.


    After Marina's parents have gone to sleep, she has her first kiss with Duane.

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    While her wife is at work and her son in school, Oliana Ngata manages to complete an aspiration milestone by pushing herself to the limit on her treadmill.


    Tane returns from school and finishes his homework. When he's finished Oliana mentors him in the fitness skill - this is good both for Tane's school record and for Oliana's work.



    Leila returns from work in a bad mood, but by the time she joins her wife and stepson outside she is already happier. That's what living on the beach does to you!


    Tane gets a message from his friend Pacifica inviting him over, so he goes to her house and helps her spray-paint a picture on her lawn.


    He buys some food from a street vendor before going home.


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