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Misunderstood (A Jared Frio story...Sims 3)


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    @king_of_simcity7 , LOL!! (Getting Claire mixed up with Rafael... ;) ), I’ll have to check when I go in game tomorrow, I am pretty sure it was from the store and was in a set.
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    @Charlottesmom I did think that it was an unusual name for a woman! :D I might have to browse the store and see if I can find it
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    Misunderstood Part 29:

    Jared had rushed home from Claire's house last night and tried to call Pearl, her phone went right to the message which most likely meant she was on the phone, a good sign he thought. He tried again after 10 minutes she answered...

    "Hello Jared"...
    "How did you know it was me..?" He asked surprised
    "Caller ID..." she answered then added "I want to talk to you, to tell you why you freaked me out so much can you meet me up by the fishing pond tomorrow after school?"
    Jared was shocked..."Um, sure..."
    "Good, I'll see you then.." and she hung up.

    They met the next day..

    He spied her across the pond fishing..


    "When did you take up fishing?" He asked as he got closer..

    "Fishing is one of my favorite things, dad taught me..."


    "Can you teach me some day?" Jared asked her

    "I don't think so..." she replied sadly.

    "Why not??"


    "Because dad got a job in a place called Sunlit Tides, we're moving next week..." she said as she put away her fishing pole and turned to Jared.


    " well..." was all Jared could thing to say for a few minutes.

    "It's okay Jared just let me talk, I owe you a huge apology, I know I acted like a crazy person when you told me you loved me, it's just I never expected you to say that and I was still getting over getting my heart stomped on by a two timing butt head.."


    "If I can ask, who was the butt head?"

    Pearl screwed her face up into a sour grimace and spat out "Thornton Wolff! He told me he loved, then cheated on me"

    "Can't say I know him all that well, I have seen him around school..want me to push him around for you?" Jared was thinking that he would love to bash Thornton's face in.


    "Nah, he's not worth it, he and the tramp can live happily ever after for all I care.."

    "Who's the tramp" Jared asked though he had a feeling he knew exactly who the tramp was.


    "Jamie Jolina..." Pearl said quietly..

    Jared cringed, he felt sick...he had seen Jamie and Thornton making out behind the school just last week..the anger was rising..he had to reel it in. "My sister..." he growled out..


    "She's your sister? But you have different last names.."

    "She's my half sister, my dad had a major problem with being faithful to my mom."

    "You're related to that plum??" Pearl asked dumbfounded..


    "Yes....and I hate it almost as much as you do, I guarantee it."


    They stood there for a few minutes each in their own thoughts. Pearl finally broke the silence.."I'll miss you Jared, I didn't know you that well but I really will miss you. But I really can't wait to get out of this town."


    Jared said nothing just gathered her in his arms, he would miss her too.




    Meanwhile another member of the Frio family was fairing much better in the teenage love department..

    Connor had also made the soccer team and was constantly practising down at the park.


    Much to his surprise Belle White had come over to talk to him, he couldn't believe it, one of the most popular girls in school talking to him!



    Belle confessed she had wanted to talk to him for a long time but had to gather up the courage..


    Connor was flattered, Belle was very much out of his league but as they talked he found they had more in common that he would have suspected.


    Connor was rapidly smitten, though he had had a crush on Belle since he first saw her the first day of high school. Belle was a gorgeous girl and she seemed to genuinely like him.


    Belle reached over and grabbed Connor into a tight hug, Connor was in heaven this was a wonderful feeling..


    "I've dreamed of doing this for so long..." Belle whispered to Connor, her flirty side coming out big time.




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    @OriginalMara , The pet shop is my build and if flickr was cooperating I'd post some pictures...but it's being a PITA again.

    Ah, okay! :) I had a feeling it was an original of yours. :)
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    Misunderstood Part 30:

    It was the day before Pearl's family would be moving from Sunset Valley to their new home in Sunlit Tides, she had said her goodbyes to her school friends, and was all packed and ready to go. She decided there were two people she would be more than happy to never say goodbye to...they were not worth her time, she would never forgive either of them, her mind was changed when she was playing at the beach for the last time and spotted one of the jerks. Jamie...


    She wanted to like her because she was Jared's half sister but she just couldn't bring herself to...

    "Hi Pearl.." Jamie said as she called her over..


    Pearl was steaming..."Don't "Hi Pearl" me you plum!"


    "Geeze Pearl calm down!" Jamie was a bit taken aback by Pearl's hostility..she then made the mistake of adding "Thornton mentioned you have quite an anger management issue.."


    "Seriously..Thornton said that, the only time I ever yelled at him was when he was dumping me for you! I think a bit of anger was justified...he slept with me then dumped me!!"


    "He told me you guys fought all the time, he said you refused to have sex with him and that I was his first!"


    "Well then it appears you have been lied to..." Pearl was a bit happy about this it made her realize Thornton was really not really worth it.

    Jared heard the yelling and came running...he knew Pearl was leaving the next day and this was another chance to say a proper goodbye.


    Jamie saw Jared and immediately asked him "Jared what do you think of Thornton?"

    "He's a total plum...the guy uses girls then throws them away, he was horrible to Pearl and I'll never forgive him...or you Jamie, you were part of the problem too!"


    Pearl saw that Jared was defending her and her heart skipped a beat, he was such a great guy, she didn't want to leave him.


    "I'm never going to forgive you or Thornton Jamie so I think you need to leave..."

    "I'm not leaving it's a public beach!"


    Jared made his move he knew what would get Jamie to leave...He gave Pearl a very affectionate hug...true to his prediction Jamie made a unflattering noise and vacated the beach.



    Jared thought about Pearl a lot in the past few days, just knowing she was leaving caused him great anguish, he really wanted her to stay, he wanted to try again with their relationship. She was special to him, he knew she was messed up due to how Thornton treated her and she wasn't very trusting right now but he didn't want to let her go...

    He reached for her and told her he wanted to give their relationship another try a nice fresh start.


    "I can come visit you on weekends, I have my dad's car and I know the ferry schedule..."


    All of a sudden Pearl attacked him with a big took Jared by surprise...but it was a very good surprise!




    "Can you visit me this weekend?" Pearl asked suddenly...


    "Of course I can show me your new house and if the weather is nice we can go to the beach.."


    "Do you think your mom will let you stay overnight?" Pearl asked with a blush dusting her cheeks...

    "My mother is so preoccupied with her boyfriend Bert I doubt she'll even realize I'm not home."


    "Do you think your parents will have any problems with me staying over?" Jared asked..


    "As long as you sleep on the couch I doubt they will have any issues..."

    "I will, as long as you tuck me in before you go to bed" he teased her..


    "I will and maybe you'll even get a goodnight kiss..." she flirted back.


    "Like this?" Jared gave her a peck on the lips...


    "Exactly...well maybe a bit more..." Pearl offered.

    "I adore you..."

    "I adore you too Jared..." Pear was blushing furiously now...


    Feeling brave Jared took Pearl's hand and asked if she would go steady with him..


    Pear answered with a happy "Yes, of course!"


    They both knew a long distance relationship wasn't going to be easy but were willing to try...Jared felt happier than he had for a long time.



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    Aww bless...teenage love <3

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    Removed the storyline... (Richie & Chelsea) it was giving me major writers block.
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    Misunderstood Part 32:

    As luck would have it All the teens had spring vacation the week after Pearl's family moved out to Sunlit Tides, Jared asked his mother if he could go out to see Pearl for the week, Caroline insisted she call Pearls mom and ask her opinion on the idea, it was decided that as long as Jared stayed in the guest bedroom it would be fine. Connor and Paulo caught wind of the vacation plans and decided they would be tagging along, they would get their own room in a hotel.

    They arrived on Saturday afternoon, Paulo and Connor checked into their room, well Paulo checked out the girl working at the hotel desk, he was going through a "flirty" phase..(anything female would do).



    "Paulo I can't be a slave to your hormones anymore...I'm tired!!" he begged his brother to hurry up and get the key to their room.


    "Nobody told you to stay up until 4 in the morning writing your dang book Connor!"

    Paulo threw Connor the keys "You should take a nap or something so you're not so whiny tomorrow!"

    'I'm not whiny...' Connor muttered under his breath as he opened the door and checked out the tastefully decorated room, simple but cozy.


    They both unpacked their belongings and zonked out for a nice long nap...the fresh sea air doing them in.


    They slept through the night...Jared kept texting them but neither one answered as they were obviously more tired that they first suspected.


    Early the next morning Jared called Connor and asked if they wanted to spend the day at the beach...Connor said they would love it and decided to meet at noon. It was a gorgeous clear day and the kids had a ball..








    Paulo was enjoying the "scenery"..being the most girl crazy of the three brothers.


    Later that night they decided on a night of fun at the local bowling fun spot.


    Pearl and Jared bowled a few frames...



    Pearl boofed it...


    Connor and Paulo decided on shooting some pool..


    Jared and Pearl had no free time by themselves today so they snuck upstairs to sit by the fire and do a bit of smooching..



    Little did they know they had been spied, Paulo thought it was sweet though jealousy seeped into his thoughts, he wanted a girlfriend too...


    He snuck downstairs so as to not disturb the lovebirds..


    Monday afternoon they met up and were waiting for the movie theater to open, Paulo and Pearl started chatting..


    It was a totally innocent conversation but Jared was on edge.


    Jared knew Paulo was slick with the ladies and didn't want him moving in on Pearl..


    "Pearl...don't talk to him!"


    "Jared, don't you dare yell at me and why can't I talk to your brother?" Pearl was genuinely confused as to why she couldn't chat with Paulo.


    "I just know how Paulo is..."

    "How is he should I be scared?" Pearl quizzed sarcastically..


    "Just drop it Pearl..." Jared muttered.


    Connor and Paulo went in to see the movie, Pearl and Jared were nowhere to be seen.



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    Charlottesmom Enjoyed the update. Gosh, Jared...think before you speak!
    I like the hotel you built!
    The colors in the beach pics are brilliant. Makes me want to take a walk on the beach.
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    @Charlottesmom How did I miss this?
    Paulo is definitely checking out that girl at reception! Teen boys ... gotta love 'em ;)
    I can totally see Connor staying up all night to write! I used to get a lot of popups about him writing!
    You did a great job on the hotel!
    Love the beach shots!
    Great bowling alley! Did you build it?
    Oops! Jared lost it a little!
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    @Charlottesmom New Chapter! Yay! :mrgreen:
    Very nice resort. :blush: I imagine you built it? The room looks SO much like a hotel room.
    Oh boy...a horny Paulo. :lol: That girl sure is rocking the Cleopatra hair! :p
    This dialogue:
    "Paulo I can't be a slave to your hormones anymore...I'm tired!!" he begged his brother to hurry up and get the key to their room."
    "Nobody told you to stay up until 4 in the morning writing your dang book Connor!"

    ^ :joy:
    Those sands look white! :astonished: <3
    Such crystal clear water. I showed hubby and he was in awe. <3 He misses the beaches of the Philippines that have clear water like that SO much! It's gorgeous! <3
    You totally built that bowling place! :) It's awesome!! :star: Very stylish!
    Pearl's angry face at Jared was a nice shot! Oh Jared...I fear his jealously might hurt his relationship with Pearl. :( Relationships have to be based on trust!
    I wonder where they went off to? :worried:
    I need to find out very soon! ;) :p
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    Removed the storyline (Richie and Chelsea)
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    @Charlottesmom Too much juice - I see something bad coming!
    Making out is not so bad!
    Well, I don't think THAT would have happened without the juice!
    Oh dear! What terrible news from home :'(
    It's good that Derek will be going to the funeral with her. She needs him now. I hope he doesn't let her down!
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    Misunderstood Part 34:

    Jared's temper was flaring, he was beyond jealous of Paulo, he looked up to his older brother and always felt that he was better at pretty much everything. He knew all the girls at school adored him and he felt it was only a matter of time before Pearl dumped him for Paulo, how could she not.



    Pearl insisted she was not interested in Paulo, and this calmed Jared for awhile...but he simply didn't trust her, for no reason whatsoever besides his self confidence issues. The fighting and making up cycle went on for a couple years, both were tiring of it..



    Meanwhile Connor and Belle were inseparable they had been together for two years and seemed to adore each other.



    Jared was jealous of their relationship...he only felt that close to one person, even though he barely talked to her, and that person wasn't Pearl..

    *Fast Forward 2 years* (otherwise I'll be working on this story till I'm 90...)... Paulo, Jared and Pearl are all aged up to YA now (even though Jared is technically 2 years younger than Paulo)

    Paulo's Birthday...




    Connor and Belle still velcroed together at the hip...


    Jared took advantage of the time he had with Jamie, they had tried to keep away from each other as much as possible after the mortifying half brother sister kiss they shared years ago..


    They each snuck some drinks and soon were feeling the effects and chatting with each other freely..


    Jared could speak his mind with Jamie they had similar temperments and really understood how the other was feeling.


    It was closing in on midnight and all the parents had left or gone up to bed, the kids decided a trip to the bar would be a fun idea so they snuck out...Xander was a friend of the bartender and got drinks for everyone no questions asked...


    Jamie and Jared found a quiet place to talk..


    They were both tipsy from the drinks they snuck at the party..they were feeling silly..


    Jamie's brain was full of Jared, she had been attracted to him since they first met but Joe telling them they were related put the brakes on those feelings..for awhile, the feelings never vanished though, no matter how wrong it was to have those feelings..


    She needed this...and she felt Jared did too.


    Jared's mind was blown when Jamie kissed him...his logical good guy part of his brain was saying STOP wrong...very very wrong! But the swimming in hormones male part of his brain was screaming YES...finally!!


    as the kiss ended Jared's logical brain clicked into gear and he found himself yelling at Jamie that they couldn't do that again, Jamie was taken aback by his harsh tone but agreed with to not make a habit out of making out with your half brother...chalk it up to the drinking and bad jugement.


    Jared's Birthday:




    Pearl's Birthday:



    Paulo was shocked at the new older Pearl, he HAD liked her when Jared told him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone, but was almost worth his little brother hating him. He was determined to get to know her.


    Jamie was doing her best to put Jared out of her mind with her favorite diversion...Thornton.



    But nothing would keep her away from Jared....she sat down across from him at the table and kept trying to make eye contact every time he looked up...he noticed, and it was killing him.



    He thought to himself 'doesn't she realize Pearl is right there!' he wondered if Pearl may have even caught on to Jamie's little game.

    Pearl however seemed to be busy oogling Paulo and laughing with Thornton, who she seemed to forgive for his dumping her and breaking her heart..


    "I want to talk to you...want to go somewhere quiet?" Paulo asked Pearl..


    They met up on a nice private porch up on the second floor...


    Pearl found herself very attracted to Paulo, she also found he was very easy to talk to, she and Jared seemed to argue with each other more than actually talk.


    Belle and Connor found their way up to the boys bedroom...


    They were too preoccupied to realize the bedroom was already occupied buy a couple despirately trying to keep away from each other but failing miserably...


    They were just talking...



    at first...


    "I can't help it...Jamie..I need you.." Jared sounded so defeated as the words left his mouth.

    "I want you Jared, I have for years.."

    Her announcement did nothing to pull him back from the brink. He seemed to have no will power aound his own half sister, he knew it was very much wrong and frowned upon, but he really didn't care.


    Jared could have swore he heard snoring...he told Jamie he thought there was someone else in the room, the mood was ruined so they got up to investigate..


    Belle and Connor were sound asleep on his bed, Jared chuckled at how adorable they looked and told Jamie they could go out on the porch as it's nice and quiet...

    Jamie followed him..


    Jared's eyes bugged out of his head at the sight....




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    Misunderstood Part 35:

    Jamie snickered...she could have predicted this happening, she saw the looks Pearl was giving Paulo, the girl was practically drooling! Jamie and Pearl hadn't had to set eyes on each other for years since Pearl's family moved away, fine by her, Jamie never liked that goody goody of a girl.


    Jamie knew this turn of events meant Jared would be heartbroken, she couldn't let that happen. Jamie despirately wanted to say something to Pearl to bit*ch her out for her behavior but realized she and Pearl were cut from the same cloth, she was just as guilty as Pearl..


    Jared however was beyond miffed with Pearl...

    "I knew you'd cheat on me with him eventually!!"


    Pearl was quick to counter..."Maybe if you hadn't been harping at me for the past two years that I would cheat on you I wouldn't have! It was pretty much going to happen sooner or later Jared, you're so insecure! I probably should have broken up with you years ago...this is never going to work out...." she trailed off sadly. "I really did like you at first Jared, you were such a sweet guy..."


    "Well then lets not waste any more time Pearl...I was about done with you anyway...."

    "Fine Jared, I'm sick of your mood swings, your jealousy and your secrets!"




    Later that day....

    Jared wasn't all that broken up about his breakup with Pearl..he had never truly loved the girl.

    Jamie and Jared discussed what would happen next, Jamie considered her relationship with Thornton pretty much done at this point, he only ever invited her over when he was up for some nocturnal fun, she was shocked she actually got a kiss out of him at the party. Thornton seemed much more excited about the relationship with her when Pearl was still in the picture, perhaps he was one of "those" guys who liked being in a relationship and having a chippy on the side...she signed...she would never be Thornton's "on the side chippy" ever again she thought to herself.


    The pair decided to watch some TV and just vege out..


    Jamie pondered the idea of the two having a real relationship...


    "I want that more than anything Jamie but you're my half sister, don't you find that a, questionable"


    "It sure didn't stop you last night Jared!"

    "I know...I'm sorry..I don't know what I was thinking.."


    "I was thinking the same thing.." Jamie she snuggled into Jared.


    Jared had no fight when it came to Jamie...if she was into it he sure as he*ll wasn't going to push her away!


    Just as they were really getting into it Jenni came home...she was amused to find he daughter on the couch mauling some guy. Jamie was not normally known to her mother as that kind of girl, she was a strait A student and very very smart.


    Jenni cleared her throat and waited for the two to separate..she sat down on the couch and asked her daughter who her gentleman caller is.


    "Mom, you know Jared Frio..." Jamie stated, her face truning beet red as she was sure the 'What the he*ck are you doing making out with your half brother!!' speech was just seconds away..

    "Oh my Jared, you certainly have sprung up since I've seen you last, you're looking more like your father every day..." Jenni said quietly "I miss him every day..." she said directly to Jared, "Joe was a good man"

    "Mother, um...I don't think you heard me correctly, this is Jared half brother!! You catch us on the couch making out and that is all you have to say..." Jamie braced herself for the screaming fit that would escape her mothers lips...any second now...


    "Who told you Jared was your brother?"

    "Half brother and Jared's dad screwed around and I'm his half sister! Joe told us himself!"

    "No Jamie, Joe was misinformed, I never told him the truth.."

    "What are you talking about mother??"


    Jenni's eyes glazed over as if in a dream state, she started talking...telling the whole story.

    "Jamie, Joe is not your father, Ramone is..he was my very short term boyfriend at the time, I was so in love with him but he was a bit of a free agent, he never wanted to settle down, he was exciting, and wonderful, and great in the sack..." Jenni mused

    "Mother!!" Jamie screeched...”Just tell the story without the gory details.”

    "Fine honey...sorry..."

    "I met Ramone one fall day while I was minding my own business, I was at the bookstore and he walked in, not that he would even know what a book was the boy was dumb as a rock but oh so gorgeous, he was so pretty.... I was on a break from Joe, he wanted some time to himself so did I so I didn't feel bad about approaching Ramone. We got along so well, we were a couple within hours and he visited my boudoir that very night...”

    "Gross mother, I don't want to hear about your sex life!" Jamie scowled..."keep it G rated please!"

    "Fine Jamie"

    "So anyways, Ramone and I were a couple from the get go..."






    "He broke up with me 2 months later when he got a call from an ex girlfriend that he was still apparently hung up on..He told me he loved me but it was a lie...he broke my heart. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after he left, I tried to call him but got a message that the number was disconnected.." Jenni mumbled wiping away a tear.

    "I'm so sorry mom..." Jamie thought for a second.. "Wait why did Joe think I was his daughter?"

    "I may have run to him right after I found out I was pregnant and begged him to come back to me...Joe was always really easy to...'persuade' shall we say.."





    "Hey...that's my dad you're talking about!!" Jared piped in.

    "Sorry Jared...He really was a good man. I loved him even though I know he never really felt that way about me.."


    "So anyways I went to Joe and begged him to come back to me...then 7 1/2 months later you were born "early" you were a very small 5 lbs so it was easy to convince Joe you were early. The truth hurt me too much to ever fess up"



    " Why were you making out with someone you thought was your half brother Jamie?" Jenni mused..

    "Because I love him mom, I have since our very first kiss...."

    and with that Jared leaned in again...


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    @Charlottesmom An Awesome on the other thread and one here on the story thread are that Awesome! :star:

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    I love this story. It's so deep, twisty-turny, and enthralling! :mrgreen:

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    Misunderstood will be put on hiatus for a few weeks, I have a new story that is taking over. I WILL finish Misunderstood soon. :smiley:
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    Removing a storyline (two updates have been removed), Chelsea/Richie/Raphael was the cause of a great deal of writers block so they are gone. ;)
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    -- That screenshot of Jared and Jamie in the end is amazing.
    I love their angles and how they are about to kiss.

    -- Ramone is a hot guy, I can never create hot guys liek this without cc
    they al lend up terrible so you are the wueen of the hot guy no cc editions hehe.

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    @Silverofdreams30 , Ramone is actually just YA Jamie gender switched, and tweaked a very little, she makes a pretty nice male! :smiley:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 4,124 Member


    I could never have figured that out really cool.
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    @Charlottesmom Is it soon yet? :grin: :tongue: I wish there was a poke emoji, but, I used the tongue instead. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    Fingers are crossed since I see you've done some story editing. :wink:
    Misunderstood will be put on hiatus for a few weeks, I have a new story that is taking over. I WILL finish Misunderstood soon. :smiley:

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    Misunderstood Part 36 (remember to re-number!)

    Jared breathed a sigh of relief to find out that he and Jamie were not half siblings, he couldn't find it in himself to stay away from Jamie but was mildly grossed out to be so attracted to his half sister. All was right with the world now and he could kiss Jamie without any nagging guilt in the back of his mind.


    Secretly Jamie had liked the thought of doing something naughty with her half brother, she was discovering she had a bit of a bad girls streak within her.

    "I can't wait for my Birthday..I'm going to give you a great Birthday gift..." Jamie teased..


    "But it's your Birthday, shouldn't I be giving you a gift?"


    "You'll love what I have planned..." she slyly grinned at him...Jared slowly caught on, a smile spreading on his lips as understand flooded his brain.



    The Birthday party was the next night, Jamie, Connor, Belle and Thornton were all aging up and decided to have a big group party to celebrate.

    Paulo invited Pearl who had been seeing since the night of their aging up, Jared wasn't thrilled about her being invited but the two had pretty much ignored each other since their break up, so everything was civil.

    Paulo and Jared bonded over drinks earlier in the day...


    Pearl seemed to make Paulo happy so Jared kept his yap shut and let his older brother have his happiness. Paulo had never said anything bad about Jared dating Jamie so he could return the favor.


    Jamie was one of the first guests to arrive, she was a bit early and Jared was still in the shower, Connor never really liked her but tried to make small talk until Jared came downstairs..


    He asked Jamie what she was planning for after High School. Jamie was more than happy to talk about how she had been accepted into medical school and would be leaving in a few months.


    Jamie was curious as to what Connor would be doing after graduation...


    He told her he had always wanted to be a writer and was looking into a job in Journalism, he hoped to get a job nearby as he loved the area and wanted to stay close by.


    Belle, Connor's girlfriend arrived shortly thereafter...


    By then Jared had come downstairs and the party was getting going...


    The other guests arrived and Thornton was the first to age up..



    There's the handsome devil!



    Don't judge me Paulo, I had nothing to do with the seating...(not sure he approves of Jamie sitting with Thornton).


    Connor's turn!



    "I'm Batman!!" LOL!!… *sorry* :D


    Belle was next...


    Wonder what she wished for...


    Vampire Birthdays are interesting...bats fly around them (I missed the picture)..


    Connor looks a bit freaked to see his newly aged up girlfriend..


    "Getting so sick of CAKE!!"



    "NO more cake please!!" Paulo screamed...

    Jared put in his no more cake vote by almost throwing up...

    Jamie looked like she could deal with one more slice.


    Jamie was the last to age up...

    "Ready for another slice Connor??" Jamie giggled...

    "Nooooooo!!!" was his response..


    Jared is notorious for pointing and laughing during Birthdays but he clapped and behaved himself for Jamie's aging up. (Xander did the pointing and laughing).





    Jared approves! :heart:


    More cake...


    Connor and Jared ate together..


    Jamie and Thornton...


    Jared invited Jamie up to his room as all the other guests were leaving, he was eager to see if his guess about what Jamie was going to do tonight was correct.


    on the way they fed Jared's fish..




    Thornton thought he was over Jamie but seeing her with Jared was making his blood boil with jealousy...


    They had a nice brief discussion about the future, Jared was happy Jamie was happy about going away to school but he knew he would miss her deeply. They still had three months until she left, they decided to make every moment count.





    "Happy Birthday to me!" Jamie giggled..Jared silently agreed that was the best Birthday gift ever...he had a hard time keeping the grin off his face.



    Connor was suddenly very shy around Belle...



    Connor was paying more attention to Ginger than to Belle.


    Belle couldn't understand what was going on..


    She told Connor she was tired and got up to leave...Connor replied with a curt "See ya.."


    Ginger was polite and waved goodbye to Belle... :wink:



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    @Charlottesmom Yaah!! Update and it was worth waiting for. Love the giant birthday party.
    I bet they were all sick of cake! Great expressions from them.
    Everyone including Jamie aged up quite nicely.
    I love Conner's YA look. Why is he so shy around Belle all of a sudden? Is she too beautiful for him?
    I'm kinda surprised she didn't call him on it.
    I guess Jamie had a very happy birthday. Sure looks like it. :love:
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