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Misunderstood (A Jared Frio story...Sims 3)

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This is a look into Jared's past, I wanted to make up a story to explain his traits and why he can be such a mean Sim, I've always loved playing him and fully believe the character is just misunderstood.

I finally set up the family for a story I've been wanting to do for a looooooong time, see that cute toddler with his invisible friend...he's a Mr. Cutie Pants (Connor)! ;)



...and this is really what the eldest (Paulo) looks like when he grows up.


..though I gave him a hair/eyebrow makeover.


..and aged him down to child, he is in the black shirt arguing with my main character (Jared) and the whole reason for this story.


That's all.... ;)
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    A little bit of back story before I officially start my story, There is another Frio running around the Sims world, his name is Paulo and he is a homeless Sim in Lunar Lakes, I thought he would be a great addition to my story. :)

    Misunderstood: Part 1:

    Joe Frio was a ambitious guy, he wanted to make it big in the business world like his father before him, his first day in Sunset Valley he went directly to Doo Peas Corporate Towers and got a wonderful job as Chief Financial Officer working beside the newly hired wiz kid Gunther Goth, despite Joe being 10 years his senior they became fast friends.


    Joe frequently went over to Gunther's house to discuss work...


    On his first day off Joe decided to sample the culinary delights of Sunset and dared the Diner...


    Not only did he have a fully satisfying meal he also met a beautiful woman, she worked in the kitchen but due to the open concept of the Diner he could see her the entire time he was there. He asked his waitress and found out the cook's name was Caroline.

    As luck would have it Caroline was getting off work right as Joe was leaving, he was not short on confidence so he immediately started chatting with her.


    He felt totally at ease with this girl and wanted to spend more time with her.


    Though chatting he found out he was 12 years older than her, though Caroline didn't seem to have any issues with that.


    The next day after work he presented her with flowers....


    Which she very much appreciated.


    Love bloomed rapidly and within a few months Joe presented Caroline with an engagement ring...




    A quickie wedding followed as Caroline found out she was pregnant...


    Joe presented his bride with a brand new huge house that was well beyond their means but Joe would be up for a promotion soon and that should make the payments that much easier.


    They were very very happy and full of hope for the future.






    Their first 6 months together was wonderful, they both had thoughts about what their baby would be like, they were both hoping for a boy..



    Both got their wish!


    Paulo Frio came into the world in the spring....



    Joe was a bit bewildered by the tiny being but took to fatherhood quickly...



    Two years later a surprise in the form of baby number two showed up. It was bad timing all around as Paulo was just entering the terrible twos and he was a terror! Joe had been passed over for his big promotion and the bills were piling up. Caroline couldn't work as she now had two small children at home...Joe was not happy about this new baby at all, and was not happy with life in general, he was used to things going his way and everything had spun out of control.

    Caroline was trying to be happy about the new addition but it seemed like everything was piling up on her, she was trying to keep her husband happy and it just was not working. Joe had not even been present at the new baby's birth, he had bee occupied elsewhere....

    Her name was Jenni....she worked at the hospital, Joe had met her when he threw a glass in his anger one day and stepped on a shard that had to be removed, Jenni had removed the glass and the two got to talking, then having lunches together, then spending time after work together....


    Joe didn't want to cheat on Caroline but with his world in disarray it seemed a nice distraction in his mind.


    Woohoo in the library bathroom...how romantic :s



    Meanwhile Caroline was trying to bond with her second son....


    Who she named...Jared.


    This is the story of how Jared became Jared.....



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    Misunderstood Part 2:

    These events take place 6 Months before Joe moves to SV, (6 months before he meets Caroline) he had been visiting Buster a friend of the family from years back. He really came to see Bessie, the two had been having an on/off affair for going on 5 years. Joe loved her completely but Bessie would not give up Buster so Joe was resigned to "sharing", it broke his heart to do this but it was the only way he could be with the only woman he ever truly loved.

    Buster suggest the three of them go out to eat together, Joe was not thrilled about this arrangement but didn't want to be rude by declining so he went along...


    Buster got some bad salad and was in the bathroom throwing up, he decided to go home to lay down, he told Bessie to entertain Joe...That she did!


    It had been months since they had seen each other....


    Bessie suggested they got to her friend Erin's house, Erin was visiting a friend in Riverview and Bessie was watching her house...




    Joe was completely happy...except for the fact that the love of his life was married to someone else...



    The met again the next day, Bessie made an excuse that she was going to supper with friends from her knitting group.



    Bessie needed to make sure she didn't spend the night or Buster would be very suspicious, he already gave Joe funny looks whenever he came to visit. She would have loved cuddling with Joe for the entire night...


    but dragged herself carefully out of bed and made her way home, the whole time wondering why she was cursed to be in love with two men at the same time, it pi*ss*ed her off to feel this way.


    Good, Buster was still awake...


    Bessie called Joe early the next morning while Buster was at work and told him to meet her up at the Cemetery...she had to end this, it would kill Joe, and Bessie was sure her heart would be broken too, it was already aching just thinking about what she had to do.

    Joe was eager to see her...


    She told him as directly as she could that she had to end it, she loved him and always would be it just wasn't fair to Buster.


    Deep down Joe knew this had to happen sooner or later, he was hoping for later or never...he didn't take it well regardless, and Joe Frio was not a crying man.



    Bessie knew leaving fast would be best, she was starting to tear up and she knew if she stayed much longer she would chicken out and the affair would continue. She wanted Joe to move on, he deserved someone of his own, it was a very selfless act because truth be told deep down Bessie wanted Joe for herself.




    A few months later Bessie had the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant, she and Buster had been trying to have a baby for almost a year with no luck, so this was a blessing.


    She and Buster were happier than ever....


    or so Bessie thought, what he hasn't told Bessie in the ten years they had been married was that he had had a vasectomy while he was married to his first wife, she hated kids and demanded he get one. He made sure they used protection for nine years to keep his secret safe, when Bessie said she wanted to try for a child he threw out the protection figuring Bessie was pushing 50 so she would most likely never get pregnant and his age and or her age could be the blame. When Bessie announced excitedly she was pregnant his heart sank because he knew exactly who the father was, he had know of the affair for 3 years, he decided to su*ck it up and shove his heartbreak down for Bessie's sake, she had chosen him over Joe after all.


    Bessie went into labor, Buster excitedly drove her to the hospital, he had in his mind accepted this child as his own and vowed to love him or her completely.

    Little Xander Clavell was born happy and healthy, Bessie took one look at the baby and freaked out a little as he looked very much like Joe, but she pushed that thought out of her mind, she was seeing things because she missed him.


    Back in their brand new larger house they eagerly started their life as a family.



    3 years into the future.......Joe had been having an affair with Jenni for almost 2 years. Joe did love Caroline but he just couldn't seem to end it with Jenni. Joe tried to figure out why ending it with Jenni was so difficult, one day it struck him, Jenni reminded him of Bessie, her personality, her spunky spirit, they way she wrinkled her nose when she laughed. Joe thought of Bessie frequently, he still loved her, it was worse now than ever as Bessie and Buster had a child, though they must have adopted the boy as Buster had told Joe ages ago that his ex wife had made him get a vasectomy. Math was obviously not Joe's strong suit. ;)

    So the affair with Jenni went on, it was a crutch for Joe.

    Jenni invited Joe over to her house one night, Caroline had been suspicious of these twice weekly "office emergencies" that had been going on for a few months so she decided to follow Joe one night. when she saw Joe go into this strange woman's house she decided to barge in...this was no "office emergency" after all.



    Caught red handed!!


    There was nothing Joe could say....


    Jenni was loving this for some reason..it was very amusing watching her!



    Joe acted on impulse....


    and for a few seconds it seemed to work...


    Jenni however was unimpressed....she was confident Joe would soon be hers.



    Leaving off here..... :smiley:

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    Misunderstood Part 3:


    Looks like things are not looking so hot right now...


    Luckily Joe is an opportunist...all he had to do was go find Jenni, who had gotten dressed when she saw Caroline storm out.




    Love how Jenni is thinking about laundry!




    A few days later....Joe is really good at populating the town!


    Getting big!






    AND..........Little baby Jamie Jolina was brought fourth into the Simmy world!! :mrgreen:


    Feeding baby Jamie...and cuddling.



    Jenni taking Jamie home.


    Joe wondering how he keeps getting all these kids!


    First day of school for Paulo and his unbeknownst to him his half brother Xander.




    Toddler Jared and baby Connor...both will be aged up today.


    Joe and his newest addition Connor...




    Connor aging up to toddler...


    Jared aging up....


    THERE is my gorgeous boy!! ;)


    Connor and Jared playing peek a boo!


    Connor and daddy....






    Jared and Joe, oil and water....



    Wondering why dad lost it with him...


    Paulo went over Xander's house...


    He came home late for his curfew and nobody said anything...he started in on his favorite punching bag...Jared. He told Jared he looke like a sissy playing in his stooped king outfit.


    Jared just clamped up, he idolized his older brother and though he disliked what he said he still though of him as a hero....little bit of hero worship going on.


    Jared tried his best to make nice. Paulo was nicer to him after that.


    Bedtime for the big boys...



    Parting Shot...Wook at Connor's wee widdle face, those chubby widdle cheeks!! Yeah, he's already practicing his accusing glare! :o


    Almost made it to 2AM!! TIRED...... :smile:

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    Misunderstood Part 4:

    Things in the Frio house were tense, Caroline and Joe had been sleeping in separate bedrooms for weeks now. Joe promised to never see Jenni again and he hadn't, but the fact that he had been cheating on Caroline weighed heavily in her thoughts....forgiveness was not coming easily.

    Caroline delved deeply into parenting her kids. She clung to Connor, she knew he would be her last baby. She took him on a stroller ride to who knows where just to get out of the house and get some sun, being in the sun always cheered Caroline up.


    She saw the name Frio on the mailbox she passed and decided to see who lived there. (Agnes visiting Connor cracked me up, wonder if they remember they were married in a previous save! ;) )


    The gentleman who lived there seemed normal looking enough so Caroline introduced herself and her son to Connor, they got quite a laugh out of the two Connors, himself and Caroline's son. (they did get hearts for each other which is not shocking since Caroline IS a Connor in female form, only 2 traits changed).


    They became very fast friends!


    Connor was starving so I had them go to the diner..I wanted some friendly interaction after but Caroline was very tired as was toddler Connor so they went right home.


    I just missed Joe reading to Jared, but did catch Jared playing with his feet on the bed, never saw that before...



    Joe must have been feeling lonely and tried some romantic moves on Caroline...the results were not promising.



    Caroline went to her bed, Paulo was already in bed, he must have had a bad dream.


    Joe climbed into his bed in the guest bedroom.


    It seems Caroline made a good impression on Connor as he kept calling her...


    Connor was hungry and Caroline was in the shower, I didn't know children could give toddlers bottles!! Sweet brothering Jared.


    Joe taught Connor how to talk the other day, Connor obviously remembered his profession from a past life... ;)


    Jared is a great older brother!


    Teaching Connor to walk while Jared the party animal dances..


    Even as a toddler he's so stinking cute!!


    Paulo being a meanie....


    Poor Jared....


    Jared decided to yell at him for being mean this time.


    The Joe "magic" still works occasionally...



    But after he suggested they retire to the bedroom Caroline saw through his "romance", he just wanted a roll in the hay....the boy was as deep as a puddle!


    Joe then called Caroline a choice name and she ran to her room hurt as usual.


    Joe was thinking about Bessie again, he couldn't get her out of his head lately, he missed her terribly.



    After a very restless night of no sleep Joe did probably the stoopedest thing even and dared going over to Bessie and Buster's house, he needed to talk to her. He prayed Buster would not answer the door.


    Bessie didn't seem surprised to see Joe even though it had been years. She yelled to Xander that she was going for a walk...she sensed Joe needed to talk. They went up to the secluded fishing spot they used to go to so many years ago.

    Joe mostly made small talk but then the subject of kids came up.


    He knew he was bating her and had figured out long ago that Xander was probably his son. He knew it was very wrong but he wanted to see Bessie's face when he told her about Buster's vasectomy....if Buster hadn't told her about it yet, but he doubted Buster had.

    "So, did you adopt your son?" Joe asked innocently as possible...


    Bessie looked shocked.."No, he's Buster's child, why would you ask that?" Bessie stated.


    "Because Buster told me years ago his first wife made him get a vasectomy because she hated kids!"

    Bessie was MAD...."That's not true Joe!"


    "He's my kid Bessie! You know he's mine...."


    "I can't deal with this right now...leave me alone Joe!" and with that Bessie ran off like all the women in Joe's life seem to do.


    More later........ :mrgreen:

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    Misunderstood Part 5:

    Joe listened to Bessie's footsteps get quieter as she ran away from him, he knew he had hurt her but he was hurt too, when Bessie dumped him all those years ago she ripped his heart to shreds, he doubted he would ever get over it. He wanted Bessie to feel that kind of pain, he wanted her to know how it felt. :heartbreak:


    What Joe didn't know was Paulo and Jared had picked the very same fishing spot to practice their casting, they had arrived a few minutes ago and had hid from their father and Mrs. Clavell because they heard yelling and had heard everything.

    "Did you hear that?" Jared whispered to Paulo


    "Of course I heard them dumbo they were yelling!" Paulo shot back

    "What do you think dad meant by the kid? What kid?" Jared was trying to put the pieces together in his 8 year old head.


    "...and don't call me dumbo!" Jared yelled to Paulo alerting their father to their presence


    "I called you dumbo about a million years ago stoopidhead!" Paulo shot back


    Joe thought the kids had just arrived and asked if they had come to practice their casting like they were talking about earlier that morning.

    "Hey guys want your dad to show you his casting moves!" he flung his arms around in grand casting gestures


    "DAD! We heard everything you and Mrs. Clavell were talking about!" Paulo yelled not even trying to calm his temper...


    Joe looked very embarrassed but shot back "That was not for your ears, that was grownup talk!"

    Paulo understood everything, being a very bright 10 year old. he didn't want to hear his father's excuses.


    "What Kid??" Jared yelled, poor boy was still very confused. Joe was taken aback by Jared's yelling.


    "Does mom know?" Paulo asked his father...

    "No" Joe answered back honestly,
    "and you are not to say a word this is a conversation for your mother and me to have you don't need to butt in!"

    "Don't worry!" Paulo sneered....


    With that the boys ran off with Jared muttering "what kid" quietly to himself.....


    "Come one Jared, we're not going home!" Paulo hopped on his bike and peddled like mad.


    Paulo led Jared down to the beach to get away from everyone...the game in it's wisdom once again set me up for the perfect scene, I had no idea Xander and Bessie were at that beach!



    Paulo took one look at Xander and said loudly to Jared "We're leaving!"



    They reached the other beach and immediately found a turtle, they just watched the little guy, Paulo then played in the sand while Jared took a nap in the sun, then they took a quick dip in the ocean.




    Back at home Joe was trying to put Bessie out of his mind, he decided to make nice with Caroline...


    Caroline needed a stress reducer too so she agreed to a little woohoo...



    Unfortunately at the exact wrong moment to yell out your ex girlfriend's name Joe did it.....

    Caroline's ears were filled with "Bessie!!" :o


    Joe kept chanting to himself "maybe she didn't hear...maybe she didn't hear...."


    But of course she DID hear loud and clear!

    "Who the cr*ap is Bessie??" Caroline bellowed...



    And here is a great spot to leave it..... :mrgreen:

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    Misunderstood Part 6:

    Where did we leave off...oh yeah...

    "Who the Cr*ap is Bessie??" Caroline bellowed....

    Joe tried the old "Just a friend"

    Caroline countered with "She must be a he*ll of a friend!"...


    "What can I say my mind was elsewhere..." Joe yelled, "You aren't exactly the most loving of wives lately, you've been downright chilly!"


    "CHILLY!! Joe, I caught you red handed with another woman! Is that who Bessie is??"

    "No, her name is Jenni...." Joe stammered..

    "So there is TWO of them? Did you sleep with this Bessie girl too??" Caroline screamed..

    "That's none of your business!!"


    "It is totally MY business, you are my husband and I deserve to know!!"

    Joe slowly exhaled a breath he had been holding in trying to keep from saying something truly horrible....

    "Yes...I did sleep with her and we have a child together...I love her, I always have and always will..." Joe stated quietly...


    "Then why the He*ll are you with me???" Caroline yelled so loudly Jared and Paulo came into the room to see what was going on.


    "Because she's married, she decided to stay with her husband, Buster" Joe said quietly, his thoughts far away..

    "But if she had decided to hang on to you we would be divorced right now?" Caroline wondered..

    "No, we wouldn't be divorced, we would have never even gotten married, she dumped me right before we met"

    "So I'm a rebound?" Caroline was stunned....

    "Yes...." was all that Joe could say.


    Connor started crying, good thing too as it gave Caroline a chance to get away from her jack wagon of a husband. She scooped up Connor to calm him and a phone rang...it was Joe's phone that had been sitting on the changing table. Caroline had always answered it before if it was within reach so....

    "Hello" she said quietly...too quiet it seemed as the female voice on the end asked "Joe??"

    Caroline said nothing....the female voice said "Joe, are you there...we need to talk..."

    "Is this Bessie?" Caroline sneered into the phone..


    "Who is this..." the female voice asked..

    Joe desperately wanted to grab the phone but he was afraid Caroline would drop Connor so he didn't dare touch it.

    "This is Joe's WIFE!!" Caroline yelled into the phone...


    *Click* went the phone...

    "The Witch (with a capital B ) hung up!" Caroline chuckled and threw the phone at Joe..


    More in a bit.... :wink:

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    Misunderstood Part 7:

    Joe ignored or rather gave Caroline her space for a few days, the whole house was tense, it felt like someone could explode at any moment. Caroline finally decided to try and talk to Joe, she had calmed down considerably. Caroline was very curious about Bessie, she knew it would hurt to have Joe tell her about Bessie but she really needed her questions answered.

    Joe explained that he had known Bessie for 17 years, he was drawn to her right from the start but she was married to Buster who was a friend of Joe's mother and father so he stayed away. Joe decided friends was good enough for him and the two became the best of friends until Buster decided they should move to SV from Riverview.


    Joe told Caroline how it felt like a punch in the stomach when he watched the moving van pull away. He missed Bessie so much he couldn't function for a full week. With this confession he started sniffling, he had turned into such a crybaby these past few months he thought to himself as he pulled himself together.


    Caroline was getting stressed with Joe's confession, and show of emotion so she told him they would talk a bit more after she put Connor down for his nap.

    LOL!! Jared......blissfully ignorant.


    Caroline wound up falling asleep on the couch right after she put Connor down for his nap, she had understandably not been sleeping for the past few days.


    The boys were playing inside so Caroline thought it best to have the rest of their talk out of earshot.


    "So then what happened after they moved here?" Caroline quizzed.

    Joe went on to tell her how they would write all the time and she occasionally called him when Buster was away on one of his fishing trips. He said that Bessie was the one who first initiated the subject of romance by kissing him one day when they had taken a Buster-less trip to the park. After that first kiss every time they saw each other they couldn't keep their hands off each other, even though they only saw each other about 3 times per year. The affair went on for 5 years until Bessie broke it off and Joe met Caroline 6 months later.

    Oh God..he could feel himself tearing up again.....he looked at Caroline with tears in his eyes and asked for her forgiveness, begged for it really.


    A sudden burst of feelings overcame Caroline, Joe was a plum at times but he was just in love with the wrong person, just like she was, she couldn't fault him for that when she had the same exact problem...


    She very much wanted to put her arms around him and tell him everything would work out, but she knew that was probably not going to be the case. In her case she knew for a fact the situation was hopeless, she had been living a lie for far too long.


    She and Joe went in the house as they both knew there would be no more fighting, they had come to a silent understanding, yes there would be a divorce but it could be done without the fighting and accusations....she hoped.


    Caroline had come up with a plan that might work out well for both of them, since the house was not even close to being paid off and had just recently been remortgaged and she still had to stay home with Connor until his Birthday in a few weeks, after which she would get a job, she did have a degree in business after all.. She proposed that Joe stay in the house and they live as roommates, Joe thought that was a great idea, he didn't relish the idea of a tiny bachelor pad, and they could sell the house at their leisure.



    Things were working out great with Caroline and Joe acting as roommates, Joe was actually stepping up and taking care of Connor much more. Paulo was still very mad at him, he wondered where that boy got such a horrible temper! Jared was just floating along on his own cloud though he was still ignoring his father.


    He and Paulo were getting along great, they did everything together now, Jared loved his big brother.



    After a week of the roommate situation Caroline was still catching Joe blubbering over Bessie....


    She finally cracked and yelled at him..."Just call her and talk to her already!!" Joe found this startling, and a bit amusing, his soon to be ex wife telling him to call his ex girlfriend...



    Leaving it here........

    Parting shot titled: Adults are so confusing!


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    Misunderstood Part 8:

    Flashback to 1 year before Caroline met Joe:

    Caroline was new in town but did have one friend Victoria Andrews, Victoria was also friends with a woman named Vita Alto. Vita was throwing a housewarming party for her and her brand new husband Nick, the entire town was invited and Victoria wanted Caroline to go with her. Unfortunately Victoria was a bit of a ditz and got the dates wrong, the party was for then next Saturday. Vita and Nick met the girls at the gate, Vita headed right to Victoria's car, she got in and yelled from the open window of Victoria's car that she and Victoria were headed to Varg's to have some fun, and sped off leaving Caroline and Nick standing there. Caroline was stunned...but looked over to the very handsome man standing next to her...

    The attraction was immediate and intense...


    Within the span of three hours they had their first kiss..


    Nick did not feel bad about kissing Caroline while married as Vita had proved to be a truly evil woman who put him down and belittled him every chance she got....she was not exactly ideal wife material. Vita had hidden her evil streak very well before they were married, the moment after "I do" the evil Vita came out to play. Nick had taken to steering clear of Vita as her verbal abuse was taking a toll on his self esteem.

    Nick was very much enjoying the sweet kindness of Caroline, she listened to him and really seemed to care about what he was saying, he in turn loved listening to her, she was thoroughly interesting to him. In their dating days Vita would frequently only talk about herself and how everyone else was "horrible". Caroline was a breath of fresh air in his otherwise dreary life.

    The pair talked and kissed, kissed and talked for hours. Nick knew from past experience with Vita and Victoria's girls's nights that Vita would be gone for at least half the night.





    Since it was still very early in the evening the two found their way up to the bedroom...Caroline had no issues with moving so fast as she had never had such intense feelings for any other man before, she genuinely felt that Nick was feeling the same way.


    He was........ :heart:



    "If I wasn't already married I would ask you to be my wife right here and now..." he whispered to Caroline in the afterglow of their first time....


    Leaving it here......


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    Misunderstood Part 8 B:

    This is a continuation of Part 8 I had to get a few more pictures in game...

    The affair between Caroline and Nick was going wonderfully, Nick had never been happier.


    Caroline however was getting sick of being "the other woman" even though Nick insisted he and Vita barely had a marriage anymore.


    She loved Nick with all her heart but was thinking about her future, Nick obviously had no intention of leaving Vita.


    They made sure to never meet at Nick's house anymore, Nick had a feeling Vita knew something was up as she had been trying to be nicer to him lately. Caroline showed up his doorstep one day anyways...they talked out back by the pool.






    Vita was NOT happy.....



    Caroline was called every horrible word in the book and told she was NEVER to see Nick again or Vita would make her wish she was dead!


    Caroline was no dummy, she knew Vita was dangerous so she got out of there fast! Nick or no Nick she didn't need her life ruined...or ended...


    Nick was Pi*ss*ed!! He watched Caroline go......he would call her later and apologize.


    "And before you think about calling or seeing your sk*ank know that I have people watching you!!" Vita yelled..


    He was overcome...never seeing Caroline was going to kill him.


    Vita knew Nick wouldn't give her any guff, she had him completely under her control....he was afraid of her.


    About two months later Nick finally worked up the kahoonas to have a friend give Caroline a message to meet him.


    Nick wanted to hug her but she backed away, Caroline told Nick she had met someone nice who didn't have a psycho wife and she was dating him, she didn't love him like she still loved Nick but it was enough for Caroline.

    Nick was crushed....


    "What the he*ll did you want me to do Nick wait around for you to get divorced from Vita, she would never let that happen! I'll always love you Nick, with all my heart, you are the love of my life but I just can't deal with your situation"


    Without another word she left....


    Later that week Caroline became Caroline Frio...


    and months later little Paulo was born...


    Caroline worked up her courage and called Nick, she figured he might like to meet his son...



    Nick was stunned! He knew Caroline was pregnant as he did see her around town but he figured the baby was her new husband's...


    Caroline told Nick nobody could know Paulo was his, she wanted everyone especially Joe to think the baby was his.


    Nick reluctantly agreed, but he hated the idea of another man married to the woman he loved and caring for the son that was His!




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    Misunderstood Part 9:

    Since his soon to be ex wife was practically begging him to call his ex girlfriend, Joe felt compelled to do just that. He had been horrible to her last time they talked and had to apologize to her in person.



    When they were finally face to face Bessie told Joe exactly how upset her got her with his information about her husband last time they met.


    Joe expressed that he was very upset with Bessie for dumping him all those years ago, but understood that she had to do it, though he did wish she had chosen him over Buster.


    They both agreed that if they even wanted to be friends they were going to have to figure out how to talk to each other with more honesty and less anger. Joe also casually mentioned that he and Caroline were divorcing...

    Bessie was shocked at that news, it would take a while for it to sink in that Joe would be single..she put on a happy face for Joe, not really sure how she was feeling.


    Out of the blue Bessie received a text....a surprising text...(yes I know cell phones were not around 15 years or so ago but I just went with it....)


    It was Buster telling her they needed to have a very important talk and could she come home. it was shocking to Bessie because though Buster did have a cell phone (which he only used for emergencies) he did not know how to text, he hated technology Xander must have taught him.


    Bessie told Joe she had to go Buster wanted to talk...and Buster NEVER wanted to talk, he was one of the quietest men Bessie had ever met. Joe was very curious but told Bessie he understood and to call him afterwards.



    Bessie rushed home, to find Buster....not home...


    She sat and waited...Screenshot-2804_zps0nykshdx.jpg

    She stated thinking about the events of the past few weeks, it was taking a toll on her. She had become overly emotional as of late...



    Unbeknownst to Bessie Buster had been watching her from the hallway for the past few minutes, seeing his wife cry like that he didn't know if he could go through with the conversation he knew he had to have with her. She was going to be very mad at him.

    He worked up his courage and when Bessie stopped crying he walked into the room.


    He blurted "I had a vasectomy when I was married to my ex wife and I know Xander is Joe's child...." Nothing like cutting to the chase!


    "Buster, I already know...Joe told me last week..."


    "Why did you keep it a secret from me?" She asked.."that was nothing to be ashamed of, I would have loved you regardless."


    This annoyed Buster, if she loved him why on Earth was she fooling around with Joe for years on end??

    "I should have told you right away but I was afraid you wouldn't want me, it was bad enough you were having an affair with Joe for years!" it felt good to say that, felt good to let her know that he knew about her messing with Joe.


    "You knew about Joe?" for some reason this got Bessie mad....very very mad.


    Just then Xander who had been sleeping later since it was a Saturday, padded into his parents room and overheard everything, the poor kid was crushed.

    "Yes.....I knew about Joe and I know he is Xander's father...well unless you had a few more lovers on the side!!" Buster was so tired of keeping all the secrets deep inside that once the floodgates were open everything came spilling out...he said everything he was feeling without any sort of filter between his brain and his mouth...


    He and Bessie heard sobs behind them...they had been so engrossed in throwing around accusations that neither realized Xander was in the room with them.


    Buster yelled to Bessie "Now look what you did to him!! You deal with it, I want you out of the house until Monday!!" and stormed out of the room.

    Bessie calmed down Xander and explained that she and dad were having an argument about things that happened years ago, Xander shouldn't worry about what he hears, mom and dad loved him very much.

    That calmed Xander though he had a bunch of questions about what he had heard.


    Bessie told Xander they would talk soon but for now they were going to take a few days alone at their vacation house to let Buster have a few days by himself.


    Xander loved the vacation house so he got ready to leave with no issues..


    The vacation house...where Buster would take "guy weekends" for just him and Xander, it was rare that Bessie went with them. But Buster obviously didn't want Bessie around for a few days, they both needed to decompress so she and Xander headed out.



    Stopping here for now...


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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,994 Member
    Part 10 will be up tomorrow, it was a difficult one to write and took longer than expected. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,234 Member
    @Charlottesmom Found your story. Look forward to the update. Gotcha bookmarked. :)
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,994 Member
    edited June 2017
    Sooooooo pi*ss*ed right now I had 3/4ths of this update (Part 10) done and when I went beck to my screenshots the whole thing vanished! NOT happy right now...tears of frustration were shed... :angry:

    Hopefully I can remember almost everything I typed.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,994 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 10:

    As soon as Bessie and Xander got up to their vacation home Bessie called Joe and asked if he would like to come up for awhile and talk. He agreed that would be a good idea.


    Joe asked Bessie what Buster had said...


    "Well, Buster apologized for not telling me about his vasectomy, he said he only hid the truth because he thought he would lose me if he told me he could never father any children we may want in the future, he also said that he knew Xander was your son."


    Joe could see that Bessie was rather upset about the whole thing and asked if she wanted to talk about it later. Bessie said she was fine they could talk now.


    Joe was an emotional wreck for some reason, he wished he could be with Bessie for the rest of his life but didn't even dare to think she would ever leave Buster.


    He had to ask even though his own father always told him "Joe, you should never ask a question you already know the answer to..." Joe knew the answer would be that Bessie wanted to stay with Buster, she had stated that very fact a few times in their relationship, it always put yet another crack in Joe's heart.

    He gathered his courage and asked...

    "Bessie, Do you ever think you could leave Buster and marry me? I've loved you for years and I will always love you, I want us to be together..."


    Bessie smiled, those words warmed her heart but she and Buster had unfinished business and Bessie told Joe she had to talk to Buster before anything could be decided for the future.

    Joe looked like he could start crying any minute so Bessie comforted him, she had a very good idea where things would end up but really needed to talk to Buster.



    Neither was sure who started what but soon they were kissing, it had been so long and felt so good neither wanted to let go...



    Joe couldn't get enough but willed himself to stop, he felt in his heart that soon Bessie would dump him yet again.


    Later that afternoon Xander was begging to go to the park so Joe and Bessie took him, all he had been doing at the vacation home was sitting in front of the computer playing "Shooty" games as Bessie dubbed them. Xander went over to the swings and Bessie and Joe were in their own world chatting about whatever struck them.


    They were so into their own bubble that neither saw Buster approaching...he didn't appear a happy camper.


    He cleared his throat a few times...


    Finally Joe noticed him, Buster jumped on him about Xander, yelling that he should stay away from his son...


    Joe countered that Xander was in fact HIS son!


    Bessie joined in telling Buster that nobody was going to take Xander away from him unless he kept acting like a crazy person.

    "This is not the place for this discussion Buster!"


    "But Bessie..........." Buster yelled...

    "We will discuss this at home!" Bessie said lowering her voice..


    Xander heard all the yelling and ran over (he really did ;) !) , the adults immediately shut up for the sake of the child. There would need to be a long talk with Xander tonight.



    ***I'm sure most of you are wondering what all this has to do with why Jared is the way Jared is in the base game....there is a method to my madness and it is all interconnected, I'm just taking a wavy route to the ending. The direct route is never much fun anyways.... :smiley: :wink:

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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,234 Member
    @Charlottesmom Great update. I feel for Xander the most, caught up in the middle of all the adult angst. I'm glad they hushed and didn't talk anymore in front of him.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,411 Member
    I knew a meeting would lead to kissing and cuddling! They are so obviously in love with each other :(
    I can see Buster's POV - he did raise Xander as his own after all :(
    I hope Xander understands - he is so young!
    I don't mind the wavy route - I am used to it in your stories and the diversions are as much fun as the main story line :)
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,994 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 11:

    Bessie was about to leave the park with Xander, she really needed to have a talk with the poor child about his fathers, she told Buster she would talk to him later, they needed to get some things straitened out.



    Back at the vacation house Bessie and Xander could have a nice long talk about how he came to be and Bessie would answer any questions the child had.

    Xander started first, he was a very curious child...

    "So are you my real mom?"


    Bessie was taken aback, and laughed a bit, "Yes, Xander I am your real mom" she said with a smile, it was a good ice breaker on Xander's part.


    "Your real father is Joe...incase you were wondering..."


    "Can I meet him mom?" Xander asked hopefully

    "You know him Xander, He is Paulo's father" (Bessie doesn't know that Nick is Paulo's real father)

    "So Mr. Frio is my dad too?" Xander asked getting excited

    "Yes, but Buster will always be your dad too, you can have two dads now..." Bessie stated trying to put a cheerful spin on the whole situation.


    "And another brother...!" Xander excitedly questioned.

    "Actually you get three new half brothers, Joe has three sons, Connor, Jared and Paulo"


    "When can I meet Connor and Jared mom?"

    "How about we invite them over tonight, would that be okay with you?" Bessie really wanted Xander to meet his half brothers and get to know them, Bessie wanted to meet then too as she had really only seen pictures.


    Bessie called Joe and invited him and the kids over to meet Xander, Joe was excited, he thought it was a great idea.


    As the time ticked on Xander started to get a bit nervous...


    That night Xander met his new brothers, they all appeared to get along....so far....

    Meeting Connor....




    Xander even gave Joe a hug, from the few minutes he spent with his real father he seemed to like him...


    Things seemed to be going well for the half brothers...


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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,234 Member
    @Charlottesmom Awesome update. I'm glad that part of it is out in the open and they are meeting. Xander was cute asking if Bessie was his real mom.
  • mycami21mycami21 Posts: 751 Member
    @Charlottesmom I just read your update. :) and I'm lovin it ...... (I just sounded like a Micky D's commercial LOL)
    Just like @bekkasan I'm glad to see everything is out in the open and for the moment everyone seems to be getting along.
    Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,411 Member
    @Charlottesmom It's good that Xander took the news so well and adorable him asking if Bessie was his mother! :)
    Great pics of the kids meeting and the pic of Bessie looking at Xander and Joe hugging was perfect :)
    Now I want to know what she wants to talk to Buster about!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,093 Member
    @charlottesmom Yay! I am all caught up now and of course I bookmarked the thread!!! ;) <3
    I had a feeling that at LEAST a kiss was going to happen when Joe and Bessie met up. :p
    Buster's face expression when he said, "But Bessie..." was perfect! :star:
    Poor poor Xander... I can't imagine how hard it's going to be for him to learn the truth. :( I agree with @Mikezumi, I feel bad for Buster as well because he's the one who raised Xander as his own so it's only natural that he would be worried about losing Xander to Joe...

    Wow...talk about cutting to the chase! :open_mouth:
    Don't Paulo and Xander not like each other? The fact they have the same dad now might be awkward. :p (Ohhhh yeah! NICK is Paulo's dad! AH! I love this drama! :lol: )
    Glad to see Xander is happy about the whole thing! Not sure I would be in the same situation...
    I used to worry as a kid that some of us were adopted because a couple of us girls, don't look like the other two!! :neutral: (But we are all for SURE blood sisters ;) <3 ).
    Oh no...you can't stop there! :p

    I guess I can't give you grief about cliffhangers can I? ;) :p :lol:

    LOVE it! Anxious to read more! :smiley:
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,098 Member
    I just caught up on the last two updates. I love them. I sympathise with Buster's feelings - of course he considers Xander his own child and doesn't want to lose him! It's so sweet that Xander is happy about having three new half-brothers, although I can see it not working out so well with one of them.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,994 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 12:

    Just a short one today. :)

    Buster knew exactly where his marriage was headed, he was the one who was going to tell Bessie he wanted to call it quits, she was obviously in love with Joe and had been for years. Buster was sick of playing second fiddle to his supposed friend, Joe could have Bessie if he wanted her. He hoped Bessie would grant him visitations with Xander even though Buster was genetically not the boy's father, Joe was.


    Buster stayed at the park just thinking and trying to decide where he would be living after the divorce as he knew Bessie would get the house, it was too much for him to contemplate and tears were shed. He was very happy to see one of his very best friends Yumi also at the park, they had not talked for a few weeks and Yumi wanted to know how Buster was doing. They chatted about their failed marriages, it seemed to bond them even more than they already were.



    Yumi told Buster her divorce From Ren would be final within a month.


    That news actually made Buster secretly happy because he knew Yumi would be safe if her husband was no longer around, he was a vile man. He constantly cheated on Yumi, and Buster knew about the beatings and had seen the black and blues on both her and Leighton, though he seemed to have eased up on Leighton since he turned 16.



    Leighton was fond of Buster, he had been a friend to his mom as far back as he could remember.



    When Buster finally got home he got ready for bed when he heard Bessie's car, they must be back from the vacation home. She started in on Buster, but he had decided that the marriage was over and he wanted out.


    "Bessie, don't even start, this marriage is over, I'm going to go live at the vacation home you can have this house...I would like to see Xander on weekends." He stated as emotionlessly as possible, which was easy as he felt numb.


    Bessie was shocked Buster was not putting up a fight, and she agreed it would be good for Xander to see his dad on weekends, Buster was a good man and a good father to the boy.


    They parted on good terms and Bessie went to sleep in the guest bedroom...



    A few extras....I totally forgot about adding in Connor's Birthday!



    I was very sad to see my gorgeous little toddler go....


    Aged up, still cute! With his new glasses and clothes...



    The "Connor stare"...being perfected....


    Then he did *This*.....Eeekkkkkkkk, he knows!! :D (I died laughing when he pulled that face!)


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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,234 Member
    @Charlottesmom When its over its over. Sad for Buster, but, I don't blame him one bit for wanting out. I sure hope he finds someone that will love him. I love his PJ's. I use those on Bekka and Patrick. :) They live in a log cabin so it seemed fitting. Toddler Conner was adorable, Child Conner is a cutie. Love the glasses. wow....the stare so young!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,411 Member
    @Charlottesmom I feel so sorry for Buster but am glad that they agreed to an amicable split and that Buster still gets time with Xander. He has been a good father to him and it would break my heart for him to lose that!
    Now I am wondering if you are going to pair Buster and Yumi!
    Happy Birthday Connor! That kid sees right through you! ;)
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