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Misunderstood (A Jared Frio story...Sims 3)



  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,221 Member
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    FANTASTIC new update B! :star: I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. @Charlottesmom

    Before my other comments, this picture here made me chuckle!
    Jamie be like, "WOW! He's SMOKIN'!" :smirk: :lol:
    The "I'm Batman!" comment cracked me up! :joy:

    I had the feeling that Jamie was planning to get some woohoo with Jared for her birthday. :smirk: Turns out I was right! :mrgreen:
    So, I take back what I said about being surprised you would pair Jamie up with your favorite sim. It's because she's going to break Jared's heart, proving to be the horrible woman that she is. ;) Sorry I wasn't fully thinking about that earlier. :kissing_heart:
    Pearl is so pretty in this story. :)
    And I've said it before, Connor and Belle are an adorable couple! <3
    The little changes you made to Thornton make him look good! :love:
    I didn't know that bats fly around Vampires while aging up. :) I guess I just haven't played with Vampires enough to notice. :p
    The captions for this picture were on point! :joy:
    "NO more cake please!!" Paulo screamed...

    Jared put in his no more cake vote by almost throwing up...

    Jamie looked like she could deal with one more slice.
    I see Thornton's happy, cheering face looking forward to Jamie aging up. :smirk: :p
    Feeding the fish before heading to the room for a romp! :lol:
    Uh oh...Jealous Thornton. :neutral: "Hey Jealously!"
    Ok WHERE do I find that cool pattern that's on the bedspread?? Is that yours or an EA one?
    "Happy Birthday to me!" Jamie giggled..Jared silently agreed that was the best Birthday gift ever...he had a hard time keeping the grin off his face.
    ^Hee hee hee! :smirk: Nice! :mrgreen:
    Oh goodness Connor why are you feeling weird around Belle? :worried: I echo what @bekkasan said, Does he feel like she's too pretty for him now? Or his shyness is really beginning to kick in? I must find out soon! ;)
    And yeah if I were her, I would've called him on it. Perhaps they aren't as close as they thought... ?
    Cute little wave from Ginger. :blush:

  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 1,047 Member
    @Charlottesmom A story update! :smiley:
    Adorable pictures of Jared and Jamie... Jared's got interesting expressions...
    Happy birthday to Jamie, Connor, Belle and Thornton - enjoyed the party pictures and so many cakes :D.
    Belle is just gorgeous and everyone else looks great aged up too!
    Looks like Jamie and Jared enjoyed Jamie's birthday present :p .
    ...But Thornton is jealous... I think he'll be trouble in the future. Jamie, who's feeling the bad girl streak in herself, might not be as much in love as Jared is...
    Belle looks quite unappy with Connor's behaviour... :/ Who wouldn't - he's acting strange... I wonder what's bothering him.
    He looks very cute with the dog though :) .
    Poor girl - Connor hardly said goodbye when she left :o .
  • cocococo Posts: 2,153 Member
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    @Charlottesmom I'll hopefully never be in the same position as Jared but what a relief he must feel that Jamie is not his sister. Sounds like Jamie has got some wild things planned for her special day. Pearl and Paulo would make the prettiest babies just sayin' :wink: Thornton went from cute to devilishly handsome. I love that sweater on him too. Haha how could you do this to Paulo :lol: Connor's confidence went up by 150% after his age up. Look at that arched brow :love: Cute I didn't know the age up sparkles were different for vampires. That's not a face I would expect to see from Connor with his gf grown up. That cake looks too sweet to be eating slice after slice, they needed something lighter :smile: Connor's about to barf at the thought of more cake I think. Jared must be looking forward to his grown up girlfriend. She is quite pretty without all that makeup on. I wonder what the looks from Connor and Jamie mean. Thornton can't keep thinking about Jamie that way, she's clearly moved on although there was that look she was giving him at the table... At least someone's having a good birthday. Aw Belle and Connor look a bit awkward together. Poor Belle, maybe now that they're both older Connor is nervous about being in a grown up relationship. Ginger's cute and all but surely your girlfriend deserves more than a "see ya". Awww that little paw saying bye-bye is friggen cute! :love:
  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 998 Member
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    I just adore Jared's expression here! He's obviously looking forward to whatever it is Jamie has planned. Perhaps he's even making a guess as to what she has in store? I can picture him raising an eyebrow :tongue:
    Oh yes, I certainly hope Pearl and Jared have laid their issues to rest! Good on Jared for not disrupting anything between Pearl and Paulo!
    Whoa daaaang... I keep forgetting how handsome Thornton is as a YA! :open_mouth: :love:
    Nananananananananananananananana CONNOR!!! You'd think if anyone is going to be Bat-whatever, it would be Belle :tongue:
    I had no idea the age-up sparkles for vampires were different! :open_mouth: Gotta admit, Belle looks more intimidating as a full-grown vampire!
    I hear you boys, that cake looks so sickeningly sweet, I'm getting toothache just by looking at it :tongue:
    Jared is notorious for pointing and laughing during Birthdays but he clapped and behaved himself for Jamie's aging up. (Xander did the pointing and laughing).

    Awwwwwww!!! Jared clapped for Jamie (yes, I'm saying that like it's a big important achievement)! Now it would really break my heart to see them separated :cry:
    Oh Thornton... at least he's not getting in the way of anything. Yet.
    Jamie's going away to uni, huh? Long-distance relationships are never easy (take it from someone who's in one!), it'll truly put the strength of their relationship to the test. Perhaps this is how they end up separating? :worried:
    At least Jared was happy with Jamie's birthday surprise :)
    Aw, Connor... does he suddenly think he's unworthy of his stunningly beautiful girlfriend? He owes her an explanation after this, that's for sure!
    Though, I honestly can't fault him for paying more attention to Ginger than to Belle :tongue:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @Charlottesmom Ewwww Jamie is a sick puppy! There's bad girl streak and there's sick - her thoughts crossed that line! Jared's look of understanding is adorable :)
    What a lot of birthdays!
    That's very grown up of Jared to keep out of Paulo and Pearl's relationship :)
    Thornton aged up well but we knew he would :)
    Connor looks very intense on aging up!
    Connor does look freaked at Belle aging up!
    Jared does approve of Jamie grown up! :D
    Poor Thornton :( But he gets her back in the end!
    Poor Belle :( Her misery is so obvious :(
    I wonder what's up with Connor.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    edited December 2018
    @Charlottesmom Ah ha! Back to the Misunderstood story. :)

    ...Good that Jared and Jamie are not half siblings! But LOL at Jamie's secret naughty desires! ...Jared has such an expressive face! ...It's for the best that Jared keeps out of Paulo's relationship with Pearl. Hope they can all work through that awkwardness. ...Great aging up shots! ...All that cake! ...Uh oh! A triangle still with Jamie, Jared, and Thornton? ...Connor and Belle. Romance moving a little slower than with Jared and Jamie! Maybe Connor is still just processing all the changes going on around him. Have I forgotten a relationship twist in the story from before? ...Ginger was cute though.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    Thank you all for the feedback on the last update! :kissing_heart:

    @bekkasan , I'd love to give Jamie a makeover but need to keep with her future look (yuck).
    **Jamie and Jared had a mighty nice Birthday celebration me thinks.. :wink:

    @emorrill , Yup, Connor and Belle...are were a great couple but Jamie and Belle are a permanent couple in my saves, have been since I created them almost 4 years ago...she was on loan to Connor for a few so the poor boy could have a girlfriend before he becomes a nose in book dorksicle.
    **Thornton is pretty great out of box but a few tiny tweaks are huge improvements, love the Sim!
    **all explained why Connor was being so strange around Belle.. :wink:

    @meerkattime , Thank you for the feedback! :smiley:
    **You'll see why Connor was acting strange to Belle.. :wink:

    @coco , No babies for Paulo and know what happens in his sad future, he has to get there. Pearl winds up in Sunlit Tides, Paulo-less.. :cry:
    **Thornton and Jamie cross paths a lot in the future, it's okay I hate Morgana so writing/playing those three will be fun!

    @TinySpaceFox , Jared has the best expressions...reason 2,568 why I adored him so much.
    **I couldn't believe Jared's good behavior at Jamie's aging up, all the townies have their proper traits so Jared is still a huge butt monkey but was so sweet to Jamie...
    **I didn't know you were in a long distance relationship, they are difficult! My husband and I had a long distance relationship for the 2nd and 3rd year of our marriage as he was going to college and hour away with no married housing. That wasn't fun!
    **Ginger is a cutie pie! :love:

    @Mikezumi , I really can't wait to dig into the Thornton/Jamie/Morgana triangle when she gets back from uni! That is gonna be some fun stuff to play.
    **Belle and Connor....the end is near. :heartbreak:

    @lanlyn , Jamie is always circling around Thornton so I thought it was best to keep them circling. I feel bad for Jared but it's what is supposed to happen.

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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,000 Member
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    Misunderstood Part 37: (re-number!!)


    2 days before the teens aged up...

    Jamie had noticed Belle at school, he thought she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, and now that his brother Dylan was hanging out with Belle's brother Simon Jamie had an excuse to tag along and get acquainted with Belle.


    Belle was pulling away from Connor, she liked him but her feelings were stronger for Jamie, like she was meant to be with him. They went on a few informal dates, just out to eat at the diner, not terribly serious..


    They mostly just talked about school, and Connor... but Belle felt her feelings were serious enough that she should probably break up with Connor, it would be kinder than stringing him along. She would break up with him soon she vowed, and told Jamie her plans. Jamie being a very sensitive boy felt bad that Connor would most likely be hurt but agreed it was better than staying with him when Belle's feeling had changed.


    Belle having made up her mind to break up with Connor felt a weight lift off her chest and was having no problem expressing her growing feeling for Jamie...she even felt bold enough to ask him for a was closest they had gotten in public...


    Maybe they should have put the brakes on an public displays until the breakup with Connor...who know who could be watching them...seeing what they didn't want to see.


    Jared watched for a few minutes, Belle and Jamie didn't see him, they were too wrapped up in their own world, good thing because Jared was one cheats on his baby brother!



    He didn't quite know what to do with what he saw, he played it over in his head and decided to keep it to himself for a bit..but he was infact very peeved. He had watched for only a few minutes but could see that Belle was deeply engrossed in Jamie in way more than a friendly way.


    The next day Jamie met Belle at the library...


    Jamie had no problem expressing his feelings to Belle...


    Connor and Jared had also decided to visit the library that afternoon, Connor was shocked at the eyeful of Belle hugging some fairy he got when he went to the second floor to get a Biology book he needed for a report he was writing.


    He was frozen in place dumbfounded...he couldn't move.


    Finally his brain re-engaged and he silently put his book back and slunk down the stairs...


    He bumped into Jared at the bottom of the stairs...Jared noticed Connor looked distressed.


    "Connor what's wrong?"

    "I really don't want to talk about it, can we just go home please..." Connor quietly begged.


    The two walked home in silence...Jared knew Connor would open up when he felt like talking, he knew better than to bug it out of him.



    The next day, the day everyone aged up...

    Connor tried to plaster a smile on his face and put what he saw with Belle and that other dude out of his was only a hug for goodness sakes, he had no proof it was anything else. He found himself ignoring her throughout the night, it confused Belle, had Connor saw her and Jamie together she wondered feeling suddenly guilty.


    She figured she better leave quickly to gather her thoughts, she couldn't break up with Connor on his Birthday, that would be truely heartless.


    "Belle wait!!" Connor called after her..he knew he shouldn't jump to conclusions and felt bad about ignoring Belle for most of the night, he scooped her up into a big bear hug..


    and an ever bigger kiss...


    Something felt off, he knew there and then Belle was most likely involved with library boy, he felt a sob welling up but shoved it back down, he couldn't deal with this tonight...

    "Can you come over tomorrow, we have some things to talk about.."

    "Yes, I'll come over, I agree we need to talk."



  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,381 Member
    @Charlottesmom Well, better late than never. :( Poor Conner, no wonder he didn't want to talk to her at the party.That was very tacky and mean of Belle not to let him know right away about her feelings changing. I don't like Belle much anymore. Sigh :( Conner looks so sad.
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 1,047 Member
    @Charlottesmom Poor Connor is going to be heartbroken... :( I wish Belle had broken up with him before getting together with Jamie...
    Now that Jared saw Belle and Jamie together, Connor will hear about it the worst possible way... :( It's a small town - looks like Jared didn't even have to tell him.
    This explains why Connor looked so serious at the birthday party... All confused and not sure what he had seen... :(
    Yes, they do need to talk... Even if Connor must already guess what is going on.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,153 Member
    @Charlottesmom Oh no this update is going to break Connor's heart isn't it :frowning: But Jamie's so cute and sweet gahh I can't hate either of them. Belle should have broken up with Connor officially before starting to get more intimate with Jamie in public. I bet Jared's real mad! Poor Connor. Anyone can tell that's more than a simple friendly hug. So this is why Connor seemed distant from Belle. She's a sweet girl but I hope she feels guilty and knows that it's her fault. Ok less sweet now that she's willing to put on a farce and kiss Connor. I think that was their last kiss. Connor deserves a big explanation from Belle. She's a bit less likeable now for stringing Connor along without telling him her true feelings. But it's a lot like real life. Sometimes these things happen without meaning to. I hope they can still be friends afterwards although it may take a bit of time for Connor's heart to heal :heartbreak:
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,091 Member
    You are heartless you evil woman...... :#

    On that note a fun and my RL GF ended on my birthday too. :rage:

    Conner kill her,do not even give her a tombstone that is too dignified
    Hilda Bancroft

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,221 Member
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    @Charlottesmom Goodness lady! :flushed: I am SO sorry! I meant to read your new chapter MUCH sooner than this and comment. :pensive:
    I just got so caught up in my new story...

    Anyway, I gotta admit I was kinda confused in your reply to me about Belle always being with Jamie in your game and was on loan to Connor because I instantly thought you were referring to Jamie Jolina! :open_mouth:
    But then I was like, "No...because she doesn't have girls together in her game..." :confused:
    So then I started reading the new chapter and I was like, "Ohhh yeah! THAT Jamie!" :lol:
    Goodness, my brain!

    Soooo Belle met Jamie only a few days before they aged up huh? ;) Based on what you just told me this really can't be good for Connor...
    I agree. It's best not to string someone along if you don't have true feelings for them. I respect Belle for that.
    (Edit: However I do feel, like the others said, that she should've broken things off with Connor before getting close with Jamie. )
    Oh boy, Jared saw them together. :worried: The feelings of anger tend to run hotter when someone has wronged your sibling...because part of me was like, "Chill out Jared, they are just dancing..." but if I were in his shoes I would've been furious and started assuming things too. And the fact that he was able to see the love in Belle's eyes for Jamie.......
    Oh no! I wasn't expecting Connor to find the two being all lovey with each other. :cry: Poor kid.
    Flash forward...
    Oh good! He ran after her! <3 (But too bad she plans on breaking up with him. *sigh* :disappointed: He's such a good guy. But yeah, it's sadly just not meant to be. )
    "Library boy" :lol:
    It's never a good sign when someone you're dating says "We need to talk..." :( But they both said it so it sounds like they are both on the same page and it will be an easier break up. (That happened between me and a guy I was dating - long distance - while at college. ) I know Connor will be ok, even though his heart will be a little broken for a while. <3

    Really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for the next one! :smiley:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 45,879 Member
    @Charlottesmom Poor Connor! :'( Belle should have held off a little longer with public displays of affection or broken up with Connor before it came to that! Of course young love is so full on with hormones running rampant and the animal need find a mate strongest, that she probably couldn't control herself.
    Jared is a good brother.
    That explains the birthday update! And I remember Jamie and Belle at the Library in your randoms so I wasn't terribly surprised.
    Great update! Can't wait to see how the talk goes.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
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    @Charlottesmom So Jamie and Belle were becoming closer. ...Oh no! Jared saw them dancing together. And then Connor caught them too! Yep, they should have cooled it until Belle talked with Connor. Poor guy. He's more confused than ever now! ...His birthday! At least Belle spared him a breakup on his special day. Connor seems to carry around enough emotional baggage without that added! ...I thought it was so sweet and touching that Connor wanted to trust Belle and give her the benefit of the doubt. But, of course, her response left him wondering again. ...I guess young love does flip around a lot. Everyone learning who they are and how they relate to each other. Tough times!
  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 998 Member
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    Sorry I'm late... please accept this picture of a friendly sheep as an apology.

    So you've got two Jamies in the story now! :tongue: Yes Jamie, Belle is beautiful (lives up to her name!) until she decides to drink from you! I hear fairy blood is sweet and gives you a buzz :yum:
    Jamie looks smitten indeed :> it's good that Belle wants to break things off with Connor before getting serious with Jamie... waaaaait... so that's why Connor was acting so weird!
    Okay, so Belle didn't actually break things off with Connor before getting serious with Jamie! I wonder why Jared didn't just decide to tell his little brother straight away. He must've not wanted to hurt Connor's feelings. Man, I don't know what would've been worse, Jared telling Connor about Belle cheating on him, or Connor seeing it with his own two eyes! He'd be totally devastated either way :(
    He was frozen in place dumbfounded...he couldn't move.

    I bet he's giving them the most intense Connor stare :tongue: I'm sorry...
    Jared knew Connor would open up when he felt like talking, he knew better than to bug it out of him.
    And in this chapter alone, we see two instances of Jared being so caring to his little brother. I've always viewed him as an as'sh'at in the past and now I feel bad for that. Geez :(
    "Belle wait!!" Connor called after her..he knew he shouldn't jump to conclusions and felt bad about ignoring Belle for most of the night, he scooped her up into a big bear hug..

    *shakes head* Connor, Connor, Connor... you poor sweet thing... some niggling feeling tells me this will all end in heartbreak for him! Heartbreak he doesn't deserve...
    That aside, Belle's in a pretty sticky situation now! Will it be Connor, or Jamie? Can't wait to see what she decides to do next! :smiley:
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    "There are a lot of things to be happy about!" :blush:
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