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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 123 Member
    > @metiorice Toddlers are very problematic

    :D How true

    (Sorry, you meant in-game?)

    (Yeah, the high chair and overlapping "check toddler" actions are annoying, but also I feel like that adds some necessary chaotic weirdness to the toddler stage; toddler care would otherwise be too straightforward and easy to be believable.)
    I'm a child and this is not even my house! Yes, I will handle that for you. You're welcome.
    Ragamuffin Jones, a freegan outdoor legacy -
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 270 Member
    edited December 2020
    Actually there is, it's called player, and it's the reward trait for completing the serial romantic aspiration. (I never get it legitimately, I always cheat it in.) Pop that sucker into all of your poly members and never have an issue with jealousy again.

    However, MY issue with it isn't that, it's that the conversation tone turns to 'awkward' when more than one Sim is involved in a conversation in which someone decided to flirt, regardless of their relationship with each other. With three I had decent luck balancing it, they were usually pretty good about not flirting when all three of them were in the conversation, but adding on a fourth ruined that equilibrium. Next thing I know one of the sides of the poly is taking relationship hits because the fourth one can't... not flirt.

    Sentiments actually make this worse because romantic sentiments cause the tone to automatically be flirty + it adds in the trouble of extra flirty moodlets out of basically nowhere. The automatic flirty tone means that it goes awkward the second a third Sim enters it, and it's really just causing massive grief. I love it when I run into something like "give us something for monogamy" because I'm like. This whole game was designed for you, the drama nodes just don't know how to do drama that isn't cheating, WHICH, btw, is not the same thing as poly so please stop mixing them up.

    Add in the whole one-spouse thing and it just grates me. There are mods to let you marry more than one but this game wasn't designed for that, so it gets glitchy. I can have my poly Sims just stay dating, nbd, it's just one more thing I don't like.

    Anyway, yeah, I'll get off my soap-box now. I have Feelings about it. Like, I'm fine with regular couples, and I can find those fun. I have a lot of them, even. But I also want to be able to do poly when I want to do poly. Also, welcome to the forums!
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  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 522 Member
    edited December 2020
    haneul wrote: »
    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    sunman502 wrote: »
    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    There has to be a place to discuss this, but I can't find it... My twins are braking the game... The parents AND the twins are slowly starving because they freeze for hours with their needs being drained. Like, it doesn't matter if I use a high chair or not... The kids are starving, have constant energy failures, and they can't meet their fun need because they literally spend hours frozen as the game struggles with picking a sim in the household to watch the toddler. Because it takes so long to meet one need, the motive failures are also resulting in greater delays created specifically from the delay in performing actions because multiple sims are trying to help a toddler being helped while ignoring the second one the parent can't get to because of the delay...

    I wish I could assign a toddler to a parent similar to how I assign a sim their bed. Like, it's pretty obvious that they are freezing up because the game can't figure out who's supposed to look after the toddlers... Calum, Dylan, Zeph... I know you are trying to be helpful, but your persistent attempts to check on the toddlers WHILE Arihi is taking care of things is actually making things critically worse. Someone is going to end up dead because too many sims are trying to be "helpful."

    I've been trying to keep them busy, but at this point, I'm going to have to lock doors to control access to the toddlers. Is it so hard to have families that can exist together in a single household... I hate having to force my sims to be separated because they can't simply be in the same space...

    My head is spinning.

    Aside from locked doors, I could use suggestions.
    Have you tried to reset them with the resetsim cheat yet?

    Yeah, I was resetting them and entering manage worlds before re-entering the game. Once I locked Dylan and Zeph outside the nursery and restricted access to everyone except Arihi, Calum, and Ember, the game started to figure things out. Now, the game started displaying an error message telling me I can't save over the old save. I was able to create a new save though.

    It's just weirdness, but it definitely has something to do with toddlers, a large household, and multiple sims that can "Check on Toddler."

    One last edit, the restrictions are exclusively for specific sims in the household. The doors are unlocked to service sims and visitors. Tara and Juniper are locked inside the nursery. The only other room the toddlers have access to is the master bedroom, but Dylan and Zeph are locked out of there while the toddlers are locked in.

    Sorry you're having those problems. I have some suggestions, but since I haven't experienced that issue, I'm not sure how well they'll work. It sounds to me like your game is having a hard time routing sims because maybe your lot is too big/too hard to navigate around. Some of my suggestions are what you're already trying, though. Good luck.
    • Delete any high chairs because they're probably making things worse.
    • Micromanage your sims. Direct everyone, especially the toddlers, to do things, so that the toddlers can't distract the others.
    • Lock the toddlers away and limit access to just one adult sim.
    • Cheat the toddlers' needs, so that they're always happy and will attract less attention.
    • Extreme: Downsize. Lot is too complicated.
    • Extreme: Kick toddlers off the lot until they grow up.

    The extreme scenarios made me laugh. :D I needed that.

    I have Calum and Arihi autonomously caring for the tots now... I feel so bad for them. They are routinely making de-stressing herbal remedies. It isn't just me. I wanted to focus on Dylan and Zeph, but this insanity won't end until they age up. I may have to extend the set up period for the save through the summer.

    At least my weather machine can change the seasons...

    Edit: I just realized. The toddlers are why Calum and Arihi gained the herbalism skill. :D
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,534 Member
    Finally introducing M4ry Vogt

    Just because you're a mermaid doesn't mean you can't be a techie! Lesley has the Techie lifestyle and love upgrading and fiddle with everything hitech, to the point of getting a happy boost from doing laundry...

    Lesley's getting better at dancing, too! She's... On Fire! :)

    ...There is always time for relaxing, tanning, playing...



    Speaking of relaxing...

    Finally Lesley's big project is done! A new family member: M4ry, named after Mary Shelley, the writer of Frankenstein.


    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 522 Member
    edited December 2020
    My new set up goals:

    Complete more upgrades around the house.

    Remove Volcanic Activity Lot trait: (Works fine for venue lots, and very helpful source of regular collectibles... However, the volcanic activity is braking unbreakable appliances and those appliances are glitching with repairs. I'm happy I enabled cheats so I can at least reset objects.)

    Add a new lot trait for the home lot.

    Build retail stores... This is a crazy I idea I got from everyone that wants a grocery store.

    I wrote out a list of ways sims can sell things from Get to Work, City Living, Eco Living, and Jungle Adventure, and I realized that players have the tools to create their own stores, farmer's markets, flea markets, open air markets, and etc. So, I had a thought, what if I created stores for my sims to buy stuff? What if, instead of adding stuff in build mode, I go to stores and buy what I need.

    I'm going to try to create an NPC run general store that sells furniture, appliances, other home stuff, and items used for skill building... I just need to identify where I can build these things. I may have to pick a new world for the store.

    Finally, I forgot to add this, I'm aging up the toddler twins after maxing their skills.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 522 Member
    I'm almost done with toddlers for the Zalrian Household! They have a way of stealing the attention from other sims. Now, I'll be making an update later. A lot has happened with the Earth Elemental Twins. Also, I changed Tara's name to Jade. I think it fits better with Juniper and it's still close to a rocky object.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,977 Member
    mmkay you'll have to excuse the catch up response post, I sent out awesomes and such.

    @hanuel lol, well she's part of the problem so he's in the clear, always nice to see your family together they all look so pretty in your pics.
    @DarkAngel1994 no problem, wishing the best :). I love the second kitten's expression so sly all she needs is her own runway lol aww they are too cute, especially their kids I love pretty eyes. Darn cats always have to claim the cake if you aren't fast enough.
    @vancanuckfan86 that ladies face though she clearly has something to say... "I'll go away, you can even delete me honey but I'll come in another form even more annoying...so deal with it" lol. They have even more bumpy times ahead.

    Now I am still with Gemma but had to "randomize " her situation
    She started out rather cheery.
    Though getting her promotion back didn't keep her that way, working to support two kids she could do that but she couldn't help herself she had to call the orphanage and ask about Nanami. She was very displeased to hear that it just didn't have the money, if she wasn't adopted or sponsored then they would soon have to put her on the streets, people don't take in kids her age often and she was currently the last one. Not to mention it couldn't be easy they wouldn't send her out of Mt. Komorebi. After work all she could do was stare at her growing collection and the memories she made there, she couldn't just let her be on the streets and she didn't know if Kado or Haruto would be able to take her with new babies.
    So she made a decision, take her favorite rental and make it a home.

    Rest in here naturally.
    Nanami couldn't believe she was being sponsored she had had so many sleepless nights knowing she wouldn't have a bed forever she had to give Gemma a hug and let her know how grateful she was. Normally a sponsor would pay to keep a child there but Gemma decided where she ought to go, she already had two daughters what's a third?
    Gemma developed an adoring sentiment and Nanami felt close to her for the warm welcome into the family, which I thought was really sweet. She explained that she had family split up here...as the child didn't need more detail than that like really? They would meet later.
    Though as good as things got.
    It didn't erase the hard times a child recognizes them, many people were kind here but children were expensive those forgotten on the streets, stayed there she had dodged it just because she tried one more time. She almost didn't, she tried to be chipper and started to call for Gemma until she remembered she worked in the morning...good she didn't have to pretend. She was happy to be here it still hurt thinking of the bad times. She got ready and headed to school all the same.
    Another full tummy, another safe night under a roof...she really hoped Gemma wouldn't get tired of her, if she was entirely honest..it happened before. A sponsor could walk away if they chose to.

    "guilt free" since they helped a poor youth, what a joke Nanami thought.
    It wasn't all doom and gloom she liked playing her new violin and homework was easy so she had more time to play.
    This child is a doll.
    She was glad for 'mother' to get home to watch the premier with she didn't really understand the show but it was funny.
    She went to see Haruto first as he called her first, he was stunned by her situation but it only made him love her more, he didn't care if he had to "share" he wanted her in his life. Nanami now too he could tell she was a real special little girl.
    Baby one her nickname is Candi me thinks I can't remember their names lol.
    Baby two, we'll call her Lea

    Yep yep

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 270 Member
    edited December 2020
    For the next few days, I'm going to go back in time and catch everyone up on what's happened so far in the Corazon save. This started out a funsies save with me just playing Ezio as a spellcaster-vampire hybrid with no real goal in mind, and it spawned a story and a new ship. This is the original save that the one where Ezio's pregnant was created to replace, but of course it didn't go the same way and I think I'm going to just go back to the original save even though it's broken.

    (Basically it got the bad environment moodlets glitch, but that glitch wasn't fixed retroactively, so despite it being fixed now, that save still has it. It is annoying. I may move them somewhere else and see if I can get it to stop because it doesn't happen on their last lot. We'll see. Turning off build item gameplay effects did make it stop, and I can live without it, it just bothers my OCD.)

    This is a little edit I did right at the start of this save. It was for Of Frost and Fire (what MMB/TMA became), but it's still really cool. Anyway, on with the show.

    First thing we did was head to Magic Realm. This was back in those dark ages when your spellcaster Sim lost all their spells and potions upon being saved to the gallery, so Ezio was a virtuoso spellcaster with zip spellcastering ability. It was a tragesty.
    So we spent a bunch of time reading books at first. Ezio was not really amused by this but hey, nobody really asked him.
    Ezio: Yep, love you too, Watcher.
    I know.

    Sometimes, my vampires will just grab a random person off the street and bite them (did you know that counts for adrenaline seeker?), but that's rough when you're thirsty and the sun is out in full force and you're like, well fooey. So I had him go fish up a bunch of fish and turn them into plasma packs. They're a good emergency backup plan.

    Along the way, he caught Splinter. Or a bonefish. Listen, you can turn this thing into a plasma pack and I do not for the life of me understand how. Anyway, in his stories, he's usually a necromancer, so the story goes he accidentally raised a fish and now he has a bonefish. I imagine bonefish are easier to animate than anything else, but hey, this game's got skeletons as a thing.

    By chance, ran into Morgyn (with an apparently inexplicably broken finger) down there in San Myshuno. He and the other sages have a habit of being little sage bums and sleeping on the benches down there. I figure it's because they're homeless and the game likes to use them as walkbys.

    Lilith meandered by and Morgyn (whose finger was magically fixed) said hi. They talked for like five minutes and then walked off and that was that. I was interested in that, but uh, nothing seemed to have come of it.

    Unfortunately for me, I didn't turn Ezio and Morgyn related in this save right off, and it was just enough time for them to POP THE PINK BAR OPEN. -scream- I had a panic, undid it, and made them related in probably record time. I then decided, you know what this save is aimless as, let's grab Morgyn. And Lilith and Caleb too, why not.

    So now we have a little collection of vampires (and Morgyn). I moved them to Spire because the Vatores have the money for it, and Ezio makes a metric motherlode of money every day as a lawyer. (He started the game with his degree and his job already.) Pretty rad.

    Now we're living in Spire, and everyone's a bum.
    I know, your life is so hard, Ezio.

    (Around here, it occurred to me a vampire's enhanced senses would've nullified the need for glasses, and I removed Ezio's. It took some time to get used to.)

    Turned out, Lilith and Morgyn had also popped the pink bar with each other. I decided to give this a shot, because I'd never done it before and wasn't sure how it'd turn out. They got along pretty well, at least.

    Caleb and Lilith spend an inordinate amount of time talking to each other. I expect it, and with Lilith's domestic trait, their relationship goes up quite rapidly, too. Anyway, they capped their bar within the first day.

    Ezio and Morgyn were a little bit slower, but that was fine. In fairness, I had to delete their relationship with one another and then remake it, because they'd popped a bar they shouldn't have. (Bad. Bad bad.)

    Ezio wasn't so sure about Caleb and Lilith at first, but eventually he made friends with them both, and seemed to really like Caleb. It was... odd. But I'd said many times before this that I kind of wanted to pair him and Caleb together just to see what happened (it happened that on Simprovise, our first Caleb paired with Ezio, and it worked startlingly well, so I was curious if it held up in the game).

    At this point in time (this was back in September), Morgyn had been being paired off with Liberty Lee instead, because Caleb was consistently refusing to pair off with Morgyn. It seemed a lot like Morgyn was really into the idea, but Caleb was most definitely not. The closer Ezio got to Caleb, the more frequently Morgyn looked at one or the other of them like this. Which is pathetic because he had Lilith so idk why he was so jealous. Look Morgyn, things happen.

    Later in the save, Morgyn got into the habit of talking to Caleb every time Ezio did. That coupled with the shippy-looks Morgyn was giving him and the annoyed looks he was shooting Ezio really gave me vibes like Morgyn was fighting with Ezio for Caleb's attention and didn't inform Ezio they were fighting over a boy. It got to a point where I was actually so frustrated with Morgyn I almost quit playing the grating little-

    This screenshot is one of several taken specifically because Ezio dancing gives me freakin life. Look at my gorgeous happy lil son dancing. That's my son. (I don't have kids in reality. Between my Sims and my pets though, I'm good.)

    Ezio had to do more fishing. And this time, he needed a bunch, because there were three vampires now not one. Ended up standing here for like, three days just constantly fishing that whole time. It was the most boring part of this save I think lol

    Ezio caught the thirtieth fish soon after nightfall, and turned out his thirst bar was pretty low, so we lured a mortal over and knocked her out.

    He looks vaguely offended at the audacity of her passing out at his feet. Don't you know who he is?!

    Morgyn and Lilith autonomously decided to have a chat in their swimwear, on the side of the pool... pretty rad. I mean, if my girlfriend looked like her I'd probably do the same thing. Just wander over and sit on the side of the pool with her.

    But they separated sooner than I expected, and this screenshot honestly looks like,
    Ezio: Sooo... what'd you say...?
    Morgyn: Shut up...

    Next time, a lot of fluff. So much fluff.

    Post edited by Keidra on
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  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,100 Member
    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in a quick update about the rest of my ghost household's rotation.

    First of all, did you know that when a ghost wears a pumpkin on his head, he'll keep it there until it spoils?
    This offers lots of fun photo opportunities you can see under the spoiler.
    I took the three of them out to my Halloween themed fast food restaurant (I downloaded this from the gallery, and just tweaked the menu and uniforms).

    Gunther got startled by the candy bowl. He's a super scary ghost.

    For some reason I have a lot of Don, going about his day and evening with a green head.

    And snoozing on a bench while Diego fished.

    But this was my favorite part (Gunther in the cat pumpkin, Don in the classic jack-o-lantern):

    They even eat with the things on.

    And sleep.

    The ghosts sleep in a bunker under the greenhouse, like they did when there were still people living in the house. My story is that while they were off in outer space, the house decayed and got trashed. This is the kitchen now:

    And the master bedroom. In this shot Don is possessing the spiderweb.

    When not possessed, the cobwebs don't seem to bother his most recent romantic conquest. Nor does the pile of bones in the corner.

    She's married, but he's Don Lothario so he doesn't care.

    One of @haneul 's comments reminded me that I had planned to have Don and Diego complete the serial romantic aspirations. Don got a good start on that. Not sure what the woman above's name was, but he also had a date with someone named Paige. He developed no sentiments for either of them.

    Meantime, Diego fell hard for the guy he seduced in my last update. Random badly dressed townie named Tarsus.
    That's not his worst outfit. He actually wears the eyeball ring with one of them.

    Anyway, Diego got the smitten and closer from shared time and deep connection sentiments with him really fast. Then I learned that Tarsus was non-committal, so I thought I'd solve the problem, by having Diego propose too soon and get hurt, thus getting back to the serial romance plan.
    Yeah, no. He accepted.

    Despite the thwarting of my general plan, I kind of like the new sentiments and will see where this goes.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 522 Member
    Daephene wrote: »
    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in a quick update about the rest of my ghost household's rotation.

    The ghosts sleep in a bunker under the greenhouse, like they did when there were still people living in the house. My story is that while they were off in outer space, the house decayed and got trashed. This is the kitchen now:

    And the master bedroom. In this shot Don is possessing the spiderweb.

    When not possessed, the cobwebs don't seem to bother his most recent romantic conquest. Nor does the pile of bones in the corner.

    She's married, but he's Don Lothario so he doesn't care.

    One of @haneul 's comments reminded me that I had planned to have Don and Diego complete the serial romantic aspirations. Don got a good start on that. Not sure what the woman above's name was, but he also had a date with someone named Paige. He developed no sentiments for either of them.

    Meantime, Diego fell hard for the guy he seduced in my last update. Random badly dressed townie named Tarsus.
    That's not his worst outfit. He actually wears the eyeball ring with one of them.

    Anyway, Diego got the smitten and closer from shared time and deep connection sentiments with him really fast. Then I learned that Tarsus was non-committal, so I thought I'd solve the problem, by having Diego propose too soon and get hurt, thus getting back to the serial romance plan.
    Yeah, no. He accepted.

    Despite the thwarting of my general plan, I kind of like the new sentiments and will see where this goes.

    Tarsus reminds me of Tartarus from greek mythology. Tartarus is a place in the underworld that serves as a dungeon and place of torment for wicked souls. It's also the prison for the Titans.

    Anyways, maybe this means Tarsus is the one that will lock Diego into a committed relationship.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 17,619 Member
    Becka28 wrote: »
    @sunman502 fingers crossed - I hope things go well with your test

    @metiorice Toddlers are very problematic - especially twins (not sure how I finished 100 babies without smashing my laptop to be honest LOL)
    * I used locked doors a lot. Sorry but it works every time. Actually I had one big toddler dorm and only the matriarch was allowed access. 1 sim doing both toddlers works better than 2 sims/ 2 toddlers. I would not let anyone else in there (0r the nursery) as children seemed to be programmed to interfere with babies and toddlers beyond anything else you have asked them to do and it overrides any adult who is already caring for the toddler/baby. Also talking from the family stops toddlers using their ipads and learning any other skill.
    * Never let sleep get low - it causes freezing because then the toddler cycles between sleeping and eating and they cancel each other out.
    * With no locked doors: Put a plate on the floor and let toddlers feed themselves - they are happier and it doesn't freeze the family. Highchairs are a massive NO!
    * Sleep schedule - get the two off schedule to each other - one should always be awake when the other is asleep. Less freezing and cancelling plus with their needs filled the parent can grab sleep while the toddler is on the ipad thingy. (I know it isnt realistic play but it worked for me - there was some awake overlap as they learn skills somewhat faster together but they talk instead of using the ipad to skill so they need seperate time)
    *the lag in general is just terrible at the moment - it is interfering with all sorts of things in the game (weddings, parties, photography, pet care - anything that requires 2 or more sims doing something together can freeze and fail)- the last update was awful!

    Yellow Gen Update

    The busy life for Yellow gen continued...
    I would cry too if I had all those goals to reach (she is just missing her Aunt Damask who died).
    Akito joined the critic career and got some fancy work clothes.
    Slate aged up into a cute toddler (as you can't have coloured toddler/child hair all my alien children have blonde)
    Two kitties, a toddler and a pregnant wife is exhausting ....
    Time to get a Nanny ..... introducing Cornelius Barber - he is a library sim of mine. Originally he appeared in a game as a random generated townie and married Siobhan Fyres. I loved him a lot so saved him - he has all the good looks of Salim with none of the annoying personality.
    I was very happy the game cast him as Nanny.

    Life with Cats
    Lyra aged up
    As did Fidget who has unique looks - I love this quirky cat. He spent 90% of his life running in circles after his own tail.
    Bonus Fidget pic.
    Neither of them bothered to learn any rules...
    Mainly because one sim spoiled them rotten (I suppose they don't have cats on Sixam - Akito adored these fuzzy menaces).

    Super Nanny
    Cornelius is an absolute super nanny. He cooks, he cleans, he reads toddler books and bathes toddlers and when the children aged he autonomously helped with homework and was a great companion and friend to Akito and Franni.
    It means Franni has time to upgrade all the things....(I never used this fridge before its so retro inside and modern on the outside.)
    And time is available for rocketship woohoo too - a very dirty and smelly enterprise apparently.
    Akito also finished more books including a nonfiction expose of the Pollinators. He decided to accept his award in his alien form and spoke about alien rights.
    Slate loves his Daddy.
    No disguises hug.
    Someone else loves Daddy too...

    And before I knew it Slate aged up to a child.
    He had an eventful birthday party - franni went into labour (notice Akito being helpful...)
    And gave birth to their second child - a hybrid girl Dove.
    This didn't stop Bradley giving Franni longing looks despite his wife Rosa being there.
    Dove was a cutie
    and everyone's favourite...
    Slate developed a lifelong passion...
    and was a nonstop exerciser...

    I think we're going to need a bigger house...
    we're having another baby, honey
    At least he is happy about it
    The expanded yellow home.
    And garden
    and new grey sport themed bedroom for Slate.
    Skill grinding continued
    Poor Akito - when he has a funny turn he can't control his ranting and raving
    I don't know how I achieved this but I wish jog together (and walk dog together were things)
    Time for a family night out...

    So do I! Thank you for caring Becka28! :)
  • SwanSong93SwanSong93 Posts: 166 Member
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    Reality Kings Season 3: Episode 8

    Candy Behr celebrated her birthday in Bathe de Rill. Among the invited guests were Manuel, Summer, and Dane. Of course, her "Global Superstar" mom Lisa was there. Manuel have grown out of his infatuation with her although he still has her autographed photo in his inventory. Candy Behr is now a young adult like her mom, and that's because Lisa once wished for youthful vigor in the wishing well in Newcrest Cemetery. But Lisa is still older than the Reality Kings boys even after being granted that wish.

    Now that the Reality Kings boys are at least 3-star celebrities, their autographed photos are now displayed in the Reality Kings Nightclub. Manuel mentored the other boys in acting after reaching Level 10 in that skill. He's now planning to write an acting skill book. Jordan did some scene on stage in preparation for his next gig which he didn't have to audition for (because he purchased the "Established Name" fame perk).

    On the day before the gig, he had lunch with Johnny in Villa Bovine. They now have the same career rank ("Sitcom Star") and celebrity status ("B-Lister"). Of course, there were fans everywhere upon their arrival. Jordan and Johnny were talking about the actresses they were at least acquainted with. Johnny told Jordan he has slept with Veronica and Lisa (aside from Judith and Cherie). Jordan told Johnny about his "mess around" experiences with Ava when they were teens and talked her up to him. Jordan got quite jealous and felt he wanted to sleep with Lisa too.

    Jordan spent the night at Johnny's house in Oasis Springs. He met Johnny's (and Judith Ward's) daughter who asked for his autograph. Jordan ate breakfast there with Johnny and his daughter the next morning.

    While he was at Johnny's place, he received this text message from a random fan:

    Jordan and Johnny went to the studio together. Cherie (wearing red; still Johnny's girlfriend; now a "Supporting Actress" and has "Rising Star" celebrity status, all thanks to her sister Octavia asking fans to hype her) and Judith Ward (wearing green; Johnny's ex-wife) were Jordan's co-stars this time. Jordan rehearsed with Cherie before going to the dressing room. For the first time, he didn't need to have his hairstyle changed. He didn't also have to be dressed, but it was his choice to wear the right costume for the gig.

    Show spoiler to see how Jordan's gig went and what happened after that :D
    It was the same TV show done by Erik in a previous episode, but separate episode most likely. Jordan's superb acting performance (he's now at Level 9 of his acting skill) helped him get promoted from "Sitcom Star" to "Rising Star."



    Jordan stayed in the studio after the gig, and Lisa was also there.

    The following day (day before Love Day), Jordan was invited by Lisa to her apartment where she lives with Yuki. Candy now lives in Windenburg after getting a job ("Clickbait Writer"). Jordan is still infatuated with Lisa who's been his celebrity crush since he was a teenager. To his surprise, Lisa is also attracted to him.

    Lisa invited him to her bedroom where they did you-know-what :D Jordan spent the rest of the night there.

    The next morning (Love Day), Jordan had breakfast with Lisa.

    They had a Love Day date at Villa Bovine (I am showing here where I placed Villa Bovine in Newcrest alongside the restaurant-inn, a yoga studio, the "Barbie & Ken's Wedding" restaurant, and the community library; credits to those who shared these to the gallery). Of course paparazzis are everywhere. Jordan left after the date while Lisa stayed there to have a nice chat with Deauxma and Thorne Bailey. Even after everything that happened in this episode, Lisa is still not Jordan's girlfriend.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
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    Episode 4
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    Since Ezio is a master at logic, he decided to mentor Lilith on her chess game. It was a very random interaction because he's never done it again. xD
    He and Caleb continued to get along startlingly well. They were, of course, two of the vampires in the apartment, with the third frequently being occupied with the gym equipment in the lower floor (if Lilith could legally marry a treadmill, I should think she would), so there were a lot of opportunities for them to talk.

    Funny enough, when Morgyn was awake, they all tended to end up in a conversation together. Thankfully, I also never had issues with Lilith and Morgyn flirting with each other in a conversation with their respective siblings, but I've since learnt my Lilith is rather shy in romance.

    As soon as Caleb and Ezio went away, though, they usurped the lower floor and confirmed their relationship with each other.

    Morgyn... such an untamed flurry of emotions he gets to be. Wild.

    Eventually, Ezio decided to start nudging he and Caleb's relationship a very... different way. Caleb wasn't put off by it, but it was one of the most interesting ways I've ever had a romance go in this game. Caleb seemed perhaps guarded the entire way. Like he was expecting this beautiful creature to turn around and hurt him, and I was like, 'Morgyn what'd you DO.'

    (I still haven't a clue. It was almost like Morgyn and Caleb had hurt sentiments with each other, before there was a such thing as hurt sentiments.)

    Oh, I also managed to finally perfect Ezio's custom hairstyle. Well, sort of. The braid ended up behind his ear, but it was supposed to go in the front and hang on the side, like it did originally in this save. I couldn't get it to behave the way I wanted it to, though, and eventually I got frustrated and did it this way because it worked. And this is the style he's had ever since. This one's called Aesir, Morgyn's is called Vanir. I do intend to eventually release them. Eventually.

    In the meantime, Liligyn... Morlith? idk, were going decently well. Lilith eventually growled at him, and usually that means the pairing will work okay. Mind you, they did work, just... it was like a ship that could only float instead of sail. It was gettin' out the harbour. Slowly.

    Once again, back in the olden dinosaur days when we had to rely on mods to denote rental lots in other worlds... I sent Caleb and Ezio off on vacation for a week in Sulani, after renovating Tangled Flat. Turns out, Ezio *loves* the sea, and I wanna go on record as saying I had no bleeding idea until this.

    Conversely, Caleb's afraid of the ocean. Did you know there's a thalassophobia moodlet? Caleb got it.

    All the same, when Ezio was in the water, Caleb frequently followed him. Now, after they've spent so long bonding in the water, Caleb will autonomously run off and jump into pools and bodies of water with a startling frequency. They live in Wakaba now, and the first thing Caleb did was run off into the swimmable part of it. Ezio would've been right behind, but he had to feed the cat.

    They came back after a nice day of swimming, and Ezio seems to be having the time of his life. Caleb gave him a dopey little smile when he did this and tbh, I understand. I probably made a dopey little smile at the screen.

    With some time, Ezio and Caleb managed to get somewhere with their relationship finally. Caleb was still a little slow to return Ezio's advances, but...

    ... eventually...

    They gave me my favourite screenshot in the entire game.

    Then we went on a date. Since they're both vampires, I edited it to offer plasma Janes and that's what they had.

    If I remember rightly, they capped the pink bar while they were here the first time.

    Ezio has this interesting way of looking at him, I've only ever seen him look at Caleb like that. Cassandra said in their story once that Ezio has a different smile for everyone, and I think she was right. He looks at her differently than he does Caleb differently than he does Drake... I haven't tried pairing him with anyone else. Maybe I should someday.

    This started their tradition of not looking away from each other their entire date, even to order.

    All in all, it was a very nice date. Oh, this is also Koloa, by jenba/silrosse. I love jenba's builds, and I will use pretty much every one I can come up with an excuse to use. In the last save, Ezio's favourite restaurant was jenba's Nine East. In this one, apparently, it's Koloa.

    The date was a success, though they stayed talking until dawn. And then came back to their rental...

    And um... Caleb was not yet quite done with Ezio... -smirky-

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    Samael Reaper aged up. Don't smile too soon, Aislinn, your son is going to be a bit of a brat. (spoiler tagged as usual for those who don't want to see Grim out of his reaper mode):


    Adorable moment with his father, just before Samael decides to pitch a fit.

    Dad is not impressed

    Mum wants to read Samael a book, but he's too busy side eyeing his father & insisting noone can tell him what to do, especially not someone dressed like a beatnik who floats around in a cloud of black smoke. Well, okay, it was more like annoyed toddler babbling than actual insistence.

    Looks like story time wins out & we have a happy toddler, for now.


    "Okay, you're kinda weird, but you're still my Dad so I guess we can play."
    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 77 Member
    Keidra wrote: »
    For the next few days, I'm going to go back in time and catch everyone up on what's happened so far in the Corazon save. This started out a funsies save with me just playing Ezio as a spellcaster-vampire hybrid with no real goal in mind, and it spawned a story and a new ship. This is the original save that the one where Ezio's pregnant was created to replace, but of course it didn't go the same way and I think I'm going to just go back to the original save even though it's broken.

    I love your Sim, Ezio, and his reaper traits. Playing a spellcaster-vampire hybrid with a character with reaper traits is an awesome idea. How did you give Ezio his reaper traits, did you use cheats or mods? If you didn't use a mod there's one you might be interested in that not only eventually allows a Sim to have reaper traits but to also become a soul reaper (so they get the scythe, and soul reaper powers).


    I had one of my Sims marry the Grim Reaper & now they have a lot of kids.

  • KeidraKeidra Posts: 270 Member
    edited December 2020
    That's the one I'm using, yep. I had to tweak it and recreated the walk-style mod myself (with the motives frozen constantly, it kind of takes some of the challenge out of it so I unfroze them, and then also altered the walk-style so it does the smoke but not the floating).

    Oh, I also got the unlimited jobs mod, so he is actually both a reaper and a lawyer.
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    I reached fifth generation last night! Nichole and her fiancee Sven welcomed a daughter into their hearts named Rosemary Sheridan Halverson! She was born on New Year's Eve!

    I also replaced the house they all live in with a house a friend built and it's bigger, so all couples have a room and Rose has her own room. Ryan moved into a house across the street from them.
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
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    Luke and Leia are now teenagers!

    I randomized their second trait.

    Leia's traits are Genius and Bookworm, and her aspiration is Renaissance Sim.

    Luke's traits are Active and Romantic, and his aspiration...will be revealed at the end of the post.

    Also, I've already decided on who will be the next heir for Generation 9.

    Padme aged up as well. Her trait is Creative, and her aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. Maybe she wants to become an artist like her dad (Tristan).

    I noticed that all three of them have the Weak Bloodline trait. I checked on Tristan's trait, and he has the Strong Bloodline trait. Neither of them are spellcasters.
    Same thing with Autumn. She has the Strong Bloodline trait, although she was born a vampire. I know that having a spellcaster/vampire hybrid can cause problems, but it worked out just fine with Atlas and Dylan's children.
    The family was having breakfast, discussing on what Luke and Leia plan to do on their future.
    Leia decided to work in Politics and become the next President of Sim City.

    Luke hadn't decided what to do for his future.

    The kids went to school, and Tristan had to leave early to work when he got a call. Elliot was having a quick snack before he left to work.

    The doorbell rang, and Elliot was met with an unknown man named Han Osorio, who explained to Elliot that he's a teacher in Luke and Leia's school. They were planning to have a school trip and would be gone for two weeks to "Science Camp".

    Elliot soon left to work, leaving Han by himself in the house. A few hours later, the kids showed up, and Luke and Leia were greeted by Han.
    "Don't worry, I left a note for them about you two going on a school trip for a couple of weeks," Han explained.
    "I don't think our parents would appreciate for some stranger taking us somewhere," Leia said.
    "How do we know if you're alright?" Luke asked.

    "Trust me, kid. You're talking to a pro," Han said.

    Welcome to Batuu

    Han complimented how beautiful Leia looks without her glasses.

    "Oi! Back off, man!" Luke snapped.
    "It was just a compliment, Luke. Chill," Leia said.

    Han left to have a quick chat with an old friend of his, and Luke and Leia waited at the courtyard.
    "It feels like we're in a sci-fi movie, don't you think?" Leia said.
    "Now this would be a good story to tell the folks back home once we're done with whatever we're going to do here," Luke replied.

    Luke's aspiration is Hope VS Order. Which side will he join?
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    Reality Kings Season 3: Episode 9

    Lisa was seen in Orchid A Go Go with baby bump! Her fellow stars saw her and touched her baby bump. Jordan also saw her and felt the baby without knowing it's his first child. That's because Jordan is just one of the actors (plus directors) that she has slept with.

    Now, it's Summer's turn to celebrate her birthday (1st day of Summer), and of course Manuel had to be there! The birthday party took place in her residence, and only close friends and relatives were invited.

    Show spoiler to see what happened in the birthday party.
    Before the party even ended, Summer invited Manuel to her bedroom so that they could have their private moments together. Summer and Manuel just had their first real WooHoo (not just "messing around").

    Manuel was quite tired, so he went to sleep first. Summer wanted to sleep already too, but her pet cat was demanding some attention. Summer gave some affection to it before going to bed.

    Summer wanted to get married to Manuel already, but she wanted to make a name for herself first because she didn't want to be known merely as "Manuel's girlfriend." She decided to pursue career in Social Media (same as Candy Behr), and entered the career track as a "Clickbait Writer" (Level 3). She had a date with Manuel in Orchid A Go Go, and as expected, paparazzis and fans gathered.

    Summer's public display of affection with Manuel earned her "Notable Newcomer" celebrity status.

    However, it also earned her this fame quirk:

    Summer eventually got promoted to "Cat Video Creator" (Level 5). She had a Romance Festival date with Manuel, and she was able to make a shout out from the venue.

    She bought a drone to help her earn more followers. She used her drone to record her date with Manuel.

    She entitled the video as follows:

    Manuel went home with Summer after the date. They were still hungry, so they bought some food from the food stall near Manuel's house.

    Show spoiler to see what they did after that.
    Before they did the you-know-what, Manuel serenaded Summer first. Then they slept together.

    When Summer uploaded the video of her date with Manuel, she got nominated for Star Accolades, so she went to the event with Manuel.

    Jordan won an award that night.

    Summer didn't win, but it's okay. After the event, she and Manuel went to the balcony upstairs to have some private moment together.

    Manuel finally finished writing his first song.

    He entitled it "Sylvan Glade," and its lyrics tell what happened with him and Summer in the Sylvan Glade.

    He licensed the lyrics and earned more fame.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
    Current Season's Previous Episodes
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    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
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    Summer wanted to sleep already too, but her pet cat was demanding some attention. Summer gave some affection to it before going to bed.

    lol my first thought was "Um, didn't Manuel already do that?" But it's ok, Summer. It happens. :D

    That said, I like the extra character development she's gained so far.
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    E hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
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    Oh yeah, completely forgot that I haven't even finished posting the screenshots from Harvest day.....I present to you, the rest of Harvest Day.

    Young Anakin went to go tell his dad his big news.....But unfortunately, that clone of his father just didn't have the heart to tell him that he wasn't actually his father.
    Well it's Harvest Day, which means we need to have a dinner party. Clearly Grim is dressed for the soiree.
    Grim: "Sabrina, are you sure you can even wear that?"
    Sabrina: "Yeah sure, Zavala is probably an Indian surname or something."
    Google searched it after I saw her party clothes. It is not an Indian surname. Oh well, when in Rome I guess.
    Well good thing is thanks to Grim's clone he can clean the mess left by these demonic gnomes while the real Grim mingles with the family.
    Speaking of Mingling.
    Grim Sr just had to see his grandson.
    Grim Sr: "Ah Grim my boy, good to see you again."
    Grim Clone: "I'm not your son, I'm his clone and you're standing in Gnome urine and I would like to clean it up."
    Oh boy, Elderly Uncle Satan is here. NOW it's a party!
    Good thing is Grim is such a great cook. He got that from his old man.
    Oh boy, that's a lot of pepper in the air.
    And sneezed right into the food.
    Grim: "No one saw that right?"
    Raven: "I know what you just did, come on Grim, we're in the middle of a pandemic!"
    Raven: "So Grom, it's been a while since anyone has seen you. How's your life been?"
    Grom: "I live in a van down by the lake and I just can't seem to get married."
    Raven: "Wow, your life really went downhill. But at least you still dress to kill."
    Grom: "Only thing that brings me joy in life anymore."
    Oh boy, looks like Gil has Grom beat in that category as well. Man, life is not good for Grom.
    Seriously have no idea why Hunter is cleaning. Hunter please, that's what the clone is for.....It's ALL the clone is for!
    So Octavia used to be a one star celebrity, used to. Even then everyone, even her own daughters over here still cheer for her when she shows up.
    Oh wow, Sarai is pregnant. Not bad for someone who died.
    Though I imagine it helps that your dad's the Grim Reaper and can kind of pull the strings when it comes to these things....
    Correction.....sometimes he can pull the strings......sometimes......................sigh sometimes.
    Grim: "Alright, dinner is serv-Wait who took the drumstick?"
    Raven: "You snooze you lose."
    Octavia: "Oh Grim, how are the kids doing?"
    Grim: "I'm over here Mom, you're talking to the Clone. Don't talk to the Clone, it'll distract him from cleaning."
    Oh and finally Luna showed up how many hours later.
    Luna: "Hey Grim, how's it hanging?"
    Grim Clone: "Again, I'm the Clone. My existence is meaningless."
    Oh boy, Sonya is here.....and she's too late. The Turkey's already gone. This can only end in murder.
    Or just some trashcan kicking.......this is progress. By this point the body count would be rising.
    Anakin: "Uncle Satan, can you do something about these Gnomes?"
    Satan: "Oh you naive child. My power is nothing to the Gnomes....Nothing can stop the Gnomes."
    Grim Jr: "So Dad what do you think about my Turkey?"
    Grim Sr: "Well I mean....It's not as good as what I would've made. But it's a passable attempt."
    Grim Sr: "Oh shoot, I was talking to the clone again wasn't I?"
    Grim Clone: "At this point I just appreciate anyone validating my existence."
    Octavia: "So Gil, what have you been up to recently?"
    Grim: "Hey Sonya, sorry we couldn't save you any Turkey. Please don't kill us."
    Sonya: "Dude it's cool, I'm in a pretty chill mood today. Just as long as I don't see anything silly like demonic Gnomes teleporting around your house or anything I should be able to maintain this good mood."
    Sonya: "Urge to murder......RISING."
    So to wrap up this party, Sabrina decided to jazz up the place.
    Octavia: "Can you lay off the piano a bit? I want to hear about how Grom's my biggest failure of a child."
    Grom: "Hey come on, Gil's not married either."
    Grim Sr: "Yeah, but Gil has super powers. Do YOU have Super Powers?"
    Oh and we made some space in the house when Hunter moved out.
    Grim: "Okay seriously, the holiday is over. Can you guys stop haunting me now?"
    Gnome: "Never"
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    @Daephene I love the ghost pumpkin heads :smiley: Ghost Don...is still Don cause he's too stubborn to have it any other way, I like the sentiments too.
    @Keidra Caleb and Ezio are too cute together.
    @DarkAngel1994 ah such pretty need eyes lol aside from that looking forward to how their lives go now that they've gotten started so to speak.

    mmkay awesomes out and on to my nonsense, well first I was watching urbansims and she had a link to a very bare save and I was thinking I'd test that out then I remembered I got some pics before work so had to use those first.
    "You slimy little weasel! How dare you invite that woman into MY house!" he had asked Gemma to keep an eye on the kids as soon as his wife saw her visiting the newest member of the house.

    "I didn't know she was coming..." he said slowly.

    "You don't know a lot, do you? Tell me, do you feel like a big man with her around? Cause you know she'll get bored you devoted your life to me and when she throws you away just like everyone else I'm all you have. You're not good enough for anyone and my pity should have been enough." she practically growled.
    He wanted to argue but he was having a hard time not believing her, Gemma had Haruto to think of too after all she didn't really need Kado to see their daughter (who I saw is named Arlene....she's still getting the nickname Lea.)

    She chuckled cruelly.

    "Can't even stand up for yourself it won't last, deal with it."
    Upstairs it was surprisingly on the total opposite path.

    "So does this make you like my sister?" not that they understood the details, but with her mother's screaming she know knew where Lea came from.

    "Hmmmm maybe...sister by association?"

    She giggled.

    "You know, I like that."
    Miku went to talk to Gemma while I moved the camera about to find Taku hadn't been in any rush to get home he didn't like them fighting, Gemma tried to be friendly and only heard as Jenna's voice began to escalate as she ripped into Kado. She looked at Miku who only gave her a half hearted smile, used to it.
    "This must be strange for you.." Gemma said.

    She shrugged.

    "Not really, mom's mean most people that know her avoid us."
    Of course Taku came in just as Jenna shoved Kado, who barely moved but was already tired of fighting, one sided fighting, he only looked over his shoulder and nodded toward Miku's room to tell him he was fine just go be with his sister. Taku nodded glumly as she ignored the fact that he was even in the room.
    Taku startled slightly seeing her until Miku waved him over to sit with her.

    "Taku this is Miss Gemma she's Lea's mom."

    ".....Someone that isn't afraid of mom? Are you an apparition?" Gemma was a little amused but at the same time it was bitter, she wondered just how their home life was they spoke so calmly not even a single tear as if she was ripping up their family it was a little unsettling.
    Jenna silenced the room just walking in.

    "Children should be in bed shouldn't they?" she said lowly, Taku paused for a bit and Miku moved to leave her room and sleep in his instead he was much more afraid of her than she was.

    She politely bowed and scurried out before her mother could say anything.
    As she turned on her heel and stomped out Gemma moved to leave passing a glance at Taku.

    "Will you be alright?" she asked carefully.

    "Yeah she's going to bed...no more yelling, night Miss Gemma."

    She gave him a sad smiled.

    "Goodnight dear."

    She met Kado out in the hall who immediately handed her a key.
    "Is this...?"

    He nodded.

    "You should...be able to see Arlene when you like.."


    "You can send your friend home Kado!" Jenna called.

    He sighed and took Gemma's hand to lead her outside.
    "Is she really always like that?" Gemma asked.

    He shook his head.

    "Just when she's upset, they passed her up for a promotion today and she's been on a warpath."

    She sighed.

    "I guess showing up didn't help."

    He shook his head.

    "It's not your fault, I've come to terms that we aren't still together cause she loves me." she just likes to be in control and he doesn't want her taking his kids away from him.

    She huffed.

    "You know, we can make space at my home you don't have to be all jittery over here."

    "It's fine, the kids are okay here."

    "And you?"

    He shrugged.

    "She's harmless."

    "Emotional pain is still pain and she has you drowning in it, I can tell." she said softly he hugged her then, lingering for a moment.
    "I'm okay but you should go, it's getting late."

    She didn't feel comfortable leaving but whatever hold Jenna had she couldn't really challenge it when he looked so defeated, unlike the Kado she thought she knew.

    "Call me Kado, you know how to find me." he nodded and hurried inside where Jenna's screaming was muffled again.
    When they got back home Nanami gave her a look as she rubbed her temples.

    "That seems...like a sad house, we should invite them over here next time instead." she said simply.

    Gemma smiled.

    "We will have to just that hon."
    Meanwhile happier times were just a bit away....even if poor Candi is eating piping hot noodles with her hand....lol.

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    First | Previous
    Do you know what today is? It's Thursday. Aaahhhhhhh- I should really be doing my schoolwork.

    Where were we... ah yes... the best part.

    Being the artistic soul he is (and having fished up a drawing tablet fishing for plasma packs once, which has got to be the worst place to get a drawing tablet...), Ezio decided to paint Caleb. What else do you do on vacation with your S.O. I guess. Sadly, this painting and the frogs ended up with Morgyn.
    We visited Mua Pel'am, because reasons, and spent some time playing in the waterfall. Little goofs. Caleb managed to catch a few frogs.

    Well as these things do, it turned a little steamy...

    ^ My second favourite screenshot in the entire game.

    Some uh... other fun in the waterfall was had... (I have autonomous woohoo on...)

    These two sure are somethin.

    So let me tell you a story. I also have autonomous proposals turned on. I have pretty much my entire playing life (we got a stint where Caleb proposed too early to Morgyn and Morgyn refused out of this). It's one of the only chaotic things I can handle in this game, and everyone but Caleb handles it okay. You might remember me mentioning Ezio proposed in the waterfall.

    He sure did.

    I had my doubts about Calio's longevity. Realistically, Ezio's not much different from Morgyn, but Caleb adores him. Uh, literally now. (Well, in this save, Ezio adores Caleb, but Caleb doesn't adore him back. In every other save I have Calio in, it's the opposite. Sentiments are still somethin.)

    Caleb said yes. But I mean, if the person you love proposed in a waterfall, I think those two things just... cinch it.

    Anyways, so now they're engaged, yay!

    Honestly they spent this entire vacation swimming and flirting with each other.

    Caleb looks a little happier now.

    But wait... what's this?

    Could it be??

    Sure is. Don't ask me why. I think it was just because Ezio spent so much time in the ocean, it was like you're basically a mermaid. So... for funsies, I made him a mermaid too.

    Yep, once, for like, 3 game days, Ezio was a mermaid-spellcaster-vampire, and it was glorious. I'd do it again tbh. Nothing really changed anyway.

    (This was like partially because I was testing the hybrid stabiliser mod. Which exists, so if you want to play with hybrids, I'd go find it. Prevents a lot of the glitches with hybrids, and tbh is just all-around useful if you've got occults in general.)

    They sure like to kiss in the water. And the rain tbh...

    I suppose you can see why Caleb got over his fear of water eventually.

    He also met a dolphin. Didn't make friends with it, but he did this without me, so. Go him.

    Fiddling with Ezio's mermaid form is the time my father came into my room and was like "That Sim's kind of ugly isn't he?" and I've never been so offended in my life, before or since. I based it on his vampire form, tbh. Look ma, a real vampire fish!

    The little dorks just kind of sat down and practically snuggled. It was sort of really adorable.

    Ezio decided he needed to build sandcastles.

    Caleb was like, yep, why not.

    They only had another day or two in their vacation. And tbh, I was ready to go back to San My.

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    Reality Kings Season 3: Episode 10

    Manuel tried media production, and he now has a video station in his bedroom.

    Summer went to the Reality Kings Nightclub with old friend and co-worker Candy to watch the Reality Kings boys. Manuel went down the stage and kissed Summer after a number of performances.

    Show spoiler to see what they did.
    They climbed up the bar area and then went to the bedroom where they WooHooed in the closet.

    Not yet contented with what they did in the closet, they WooHooed again in the bed and then went to sleep together.

    Manuel had his first movie shoot. His co-stars were Cherie and Nina (Marcus Flex's ex-wife, not Caliente). Cherie's boyfriend Johnny was also in the studio when Manuel rehearsed with her.

    Manuel got into costume without having his hairstyle changed, and then he told the director he's ready to perform.

    Manuel's romantic scenes were with Nina who is much older than him. His scenes with Cherie were not romantic.

    Manuel got gold as usual.

    This promoted him from "Seasoned Thespian" to "Superstar."

    And this also raised his celebrity status to "Global Superstar!"

    Manuel also earned the trait "Unstoppable Fame" in the process.

    Manuel stayed in the studio to witness Cherie and Johnny's public display of affection and to give some autograph signs.

    That day, his phone number leaked to the public.

    After that long day, Manuel went to Summer's bedroom instead of going home so that he won't feel lonely. Summer's bedroom now has a video station as well.

    Uploading videos eventually raised Summer's celebrity status to "Rising Star." She decided she's ready to marry Manuel when she reaches the next fame level.

    The next morning, she had to eat Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes while watching comedy so that she could go to work with playful mood.

    -To be continued-

    Season 1 Episodes
    Season 2 Episodes
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    @CherryBerryCloud I also realized that my Cats & Dogs EP is underutilized :D None of my main characters has a pet dog yet.
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 661 Member

    Join the Resistance
    Han, Luke, and Leia went to the Catarina. There wasn't that much people here, but the DJ was playing some awesome songs that Leia just danced.
    Han met up with his good friend, Hondo Ohnaka, and explained that he found some help to defeat the First Order.

    Luke wasn't in the mood to drink and went out to meet some local Scoundrels. He asked this lady about Batuu and learned about the Scoundrel, Resistance, and First Order.

    The first place Luke went to was the First Order District and came across a huge spaceship called the TIE Echelon.
    He spotted people in bulky white suits, holding weapons. Maybe he should stay off away from these people.

    Luke got a call from Leia, who told him to meet up with her and Han at the forest, and was given a warning to never, EVER go out on his own in an unknown place.

    Luke wasn't happy to be around Han. The reason: Han and Luke got into a fight (I blame SOL mod). So, seeing Leia being with Han upsets him after what happened.

    Han introduced the Lothario siblings to the Resistance spy, Vi Moradi.
    Still in the bad mood, Luke insulted Vi.
    "Don't mind him. He's still a grumpy teen," Han pointed out.

    While Luke was talking to a Resistance member, Han made the first move on Leia by giving her a rose. She accepted the offer.

    Han tagged along and kept watch while Luke was analyzing the TIE Echelon. He distracted the officer before it was time to head back to base.

    Morning at the Resistance Encampment.

    Leia was worried about her brother and Han since they've been gone all night, and Vi told her to not to worry. The First Order won't see them as a threat...yet.

    Speak of the Devil, the boys are back.
    Leia embraced Han....

    ...unaware of Luke's disappointment.

    Luke's First Mission
    Luke was looking for the Scoundrel Contact to ask for the Dataspike he need for his first mission, while Han challenged Hondo on a game of Sabacc.

    Leia was nowhere to be seen in the bar, but she was sleeping on the sculpture.

    Luke got what he needed and brought Han along to help, despite how much they despise each other (or how much Luke hates Han).

    "It's going to be tough if the First Order finds out you're part of the Resistance," Han explained.
    "What about you?" Luke asked.
    "I don't associate with no one. I'm just a Scoundrel."

    Not only did Han won the Sabacc game and some money, he also got himself a Green Kyber Crystal. All Luke needed was the hilt of the lightsaber, which Luke found in the cave at the Resistance Encampment.

    Luke obtained the Lightsaber!

    Han distracted the Stormtroopers while Luke hacked into the control panels.

    "What have your sister told you about going out on your own?!" Han scolded.
    "I know what I'm doing," Luke complained. "Besides, none of these bucket heads caught me."

    Han and Luke went to the Droid shop for Luke to obtain his very first droid. A BB Droid he named Shade.

    The gang returned back to the Resistance Camp.

    Luke decided to go solo on his late night mission to help out Vi.

    Meanwhile, Han and Leia spend the night together stargazing near the waterfalls.

    Luke found them in each other's arms and left them alone to repair the X-Wing.

    Leia showed up and talked about how sweet Han is.
    Luke is still unsure if this is such a good idea, but seeing how happy Leia is then maybe he can just accept it.
    With that, Luke hopped in the X-Wing and took off to distract the First Order.
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