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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    jonny522 wrote: »
    @GraceyManor Sorry I'm a bit out of it Gracey, is the package file a mod file? And when did the issue start?

    all package files are CC files.
    Tonight.And I haven't added anything new...its fine I will just get rid of the entire file.
    (I merge my package files together as it makes my game run faster)

    Ah ok. Sorry about that. I'm afraid with package files that are stuck together I'm somewhat useless. Good luck.
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    Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 79 is now available to watch on YouTube.

    There will be only 1 more episode of this series after this one. I'll start work on it soon and hope to have the series complete by this time next week.

    This episode is about 50 minutes. It does the complete adventure of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux, the final big tomb under the Nectary in Champs Les Sims.

    When I started the videos for the second playlist of the Isla Paradiso Bunch I said I wanted to have my sims find all of the tomb objects from each of the World Adventure Worlds. This challenge is successfully completed in this episode with the addition of the French Signet of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux to their collection.

    Craig and Judy are the adventures for this episode. We do, very briefly, see the entire household at home in Dragon Valley at the end of this video.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    Time for part 2,and like Pandora this will be by request only so message me if you want her.

    My Early Halloween Present To You All


    Oyon Sharav was a little girl born in a small town near Darkhan in northern Mongolia.Even as a child she was always taking apart her toys trying to figure out how they work and put them together again.When she was a teen her parents moved to a quiet farming town in Ireland called Dragon Valley.There she began honing her handiness skills in shop class becoming an impressive tinker.

    After graduating high school Oyon grew into a stunning young adult and she opened a small repair business in Dragon Valley and quickly gained a reliable reputation in a town where there was never a shortage of broken things.

    October 31st/1993

    It was late Halloween afternoon Oyon was finishing her last call for the day and heading home to get ready for a costume party with friends.As she was starting up her truck her phone rang and no number showed on her screen

    She answered it and a voice of a little girl said please help me there is a broken sink flooding the basement,and after giving the address the caller hung up.It was strange because she knew that address but no one had lived there her entire time in Dragon Valley and she went to make sure she was not imagining it.

    As she pulled up to the massive estate she could see the door was ajar and the home in general looked different she could have sworn locals mentioned it was damaged in a fire.


    After walking up to the door she heard the little girls voice again saying to come in so she entered the house and it was quiet but nothing looked out of place it was like someone was living there.Was I losing my mind she asked herself ....


    "I'm up here"

    Oyon said "Hello" and nobody answered as she slowly climbed the stairs then she heard footsteps on the floor above.


    No one answered so she headed up the stairs to what seemed like an attic.There amidst the putrid musty smell she seen charred floor and in a corner items that had belonged to a young girl.There was a aged crib and a rotted dollhouse and a creepy looking doll that almost seemed to smile at her.


    Help Me!!!!

    She heard again in a little girls voice come from the floor below as she headed down the stairs to find the source...

    "Come on follow me come down to the basement "

    As she entered the basement she seen water running down over the sides of an old rusty wash basin and nobody was there.She turned off the water grabbed her wrench and began fixing the busted pipe.


    Afterwards while finishing mopping up the water a faint "Help Me" was heard and she noticed a strange stone sarcophagus in a corner where the sound seemed to come from.

    "Are you in there little girl" she replied

    And in a faint voice again

    "Help me I am stuck in here"

    Oyon grabbed the heavy stone door pulling with all her might

    "I will get you out hang on"


    Straining with one last pull of all the strength she could muster the door was opened


    But it was empty just a hollow void

    "I am going insane" she thought to herself this house is strange I need to leave

    But as she was about to turn around she heard quick little footsteps behind her and a something pushed her inside the stone sarcophagus and the door shut.

    "Let me out,please this is not funny,little girl help me"

    All she could hear from inside the dark cold stone was a evil giggle and the little girls voice spoke again one last time

    "You will stay with me always,I was so lonely we can be best friends forever"


    Oyon had died and now ten years later her mummified corpse rose from the dead and exited her stone coffin filled with a will to live again a desire to walk among the living

    Help Me!!!! in a low echoing voice




    Many years have passed

    You come across an old abandoned estate and curiously explore it there in the basement you come face to face with fear the terror you only witnessed in horror movies.The rotting stench fills the air as the gruesome mummified remains reach out to you.......... Hel... Please....... Hel......Me


    You must decide,do you wish to save this creature that stands before you or are you afraid.Your sims job is to find and create a cure you must research alchemy and learn the ancient ways and create a powerful elixir strong enough to bring back the original body of the dead.This potion is known as a potent cure elixir and you have must make it you have to try.

    As with my last present this sim is beautiful and that is your reward for your hard work,then you can marry her and live together and raise a family happily ever after.

    No cheating and buying it from the elixir store you lazy slackers :#

    She is by request only for a short time so let me know if you want her and she comes with the awesome cool handyman truck as seen in the picture.I used alien eye slider to make her so be sure you own seasons expansion along with Supernatural and World Adventures.


    Everybody but @coco and @Emily4331 that is cause we all know they are both to scared to do anything cool with pretty female sims.


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    Daryl is now becoming obsessed with Becki


    Natasha decides to invite Humara over to see if she could help cause conflict


    As Humara has a reputation Daryl does not want her near Becki


    Clearly she will encourage Becki to cheat


    He tells Humara that someone wants to see her inside to get her out of the way


    Only he is allowed to talk to Becki


    Later he catches Becki hanging out with Humara again


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    @CravenLestat :open_mouth: Oh my gosh!

    I was like...on the edge of my seat reading that! (Creepy doll! :grimace: ) Very well staged scenes for that mini horror story. :star: And your creative writing impresses me once again. :grin: 👍

    I've never liked mummies a whole lot, buuuuuut.......your lady sims really are gorgeous and I always enjoy having them in my game. And you worked so hard on her...

    Go ahead and provide me a link to her and I'll see what I can do. :blush: I need to get in some fun playtime and take a little break from writing.

    (I still owe you some pics of Pandora and I'll get to those as soon as I can. :kissing_heart: )

    @Silverofdreams30 Your edit of Barrington Diamond. :love: Woo! And cute snuggling in bed pic. <3 I love it when Sim couples do that.

    @bekkasan Kitty hunting! Great shot! :lol: I haven't done hunting with pets like...ever. :neutral: I should sometime.

    @king_of_simcity7 Great to see you posting and storytelling again. :)

    @GraceyManor I hope life is going better for you. <3 Amazing job you did simmifying Liam from "Love Link!" :open_mouth::star: Looks just like him!

    @alanmichael1 Welcome! :) I'm not sure if you've posted on this thread before...forgive my memory.
    This photo of yours cracked me up! :lol:

    @AnnaLoo91 Welcome to the thread as well. :)

    To the rest of y'all, I've enjoyed your updates (Welcome back @jonny522 ) and have given out Awesomes! :star:

    Have a great day and Happy Simming! :)
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    Um, hi? It's been... a while!

    And so much has happened :# I really hope everyone's been keeping well in these crazy times we live in. I'm happy to see this thread and this section of the forum still going strong. Also a warm welcome to the new folks joining us on the thread, I hope you enjoy your time here :>

    You might be wondering where I've been, and well, I'd like to answer that question with a picture:

    Though, that's admittedly not the full story. I'll elaborate, but first, I'd like to leave a little bit of feedback on the previous page (4031):

    @bekkasan Forget the pancakes, Damien looks tasty, even in that sweater! :love:
    Aw, what a sweet surprise for Mary! The boys did a lovely job of decorating indeed :> They even thought of the dominoes!
    This Rebecca sounds like just the one Damien needs, looking forward to seeing what she does!
    Good to see that everyone enjoyed their gifts, I know I would struggle to think of what to give to a ghost!
    And now the ghosts get to go outside and have some winter fun! I hope they didn't spook too many Sims :tongue:

    @AnnaLoo91 Josie and Tim broke up at the very place they went on their first date... yikes, that's gotta sting!
    I just wanna say I'm loving the shots you captured of their breakup, especially this one:
    That face Tim is making while he's riding away is just perfect. You can see he's upset, but it's not over-the-top, it's like there's just the right amount of upset in his face.
    Well, Josie sure got over that quick. Here's hoping her relationship with Asher goes better.
    Congrats on Josie's promotion! And lovely pics of her pets :>

    @king_of_simcity7 Oh Natasha, we all know nothing good will come of spreading rumours, especially out of jealousy!
    Poor Becky, she probably doesn't know what's coming!

    @alanmichael1 Mathieu's house is so perfect for him! It's so small and cute :> and imagine having a little island all to yourself!
    Your screenshots are so crisp and beautiful, they really show off the beauty of the world, especially the last two :)
    Lovely screenshot of the cauldron, and I love that it's at night too, really adds to the atmosphere!

    @jonny522 Aw, Ryan's such a sweetie with his wife! Good that he knows to be firm with his son too.
    Congrats on Lauri's promotion :)
    Their vacation ended on a high note indeed... a meteor strike, a fire, and a burglary all in the same night? This game sure does love throwing those curveballs. I think "ridiculous" is a bit of an understatement!
    All the best to Lawrence on his exams (and on finding love, maybe?)

    @RedDestiny92 Oh Belan, don't believe all the stories you hear, women aren't as complicated as you think! Certainly not Sim women :tongue:
    Sad that little Mr Pain-In-The-Backside has to go up for adoption, but I think Cornelia did the responsible thing. Hope he finds a loving home!
    Cassie is a cutie! I love Bella's little smile while she's holding her, too!
    Have you even lived if you've never played tag in the rain?
    Hah, Grandpa Gnome's convo with the stove really cracked me up! I wonder if he's seen his fair share of house fires and dead Sims?
    Happy birthday David! Poor guy, he looks 110% done! And like all teens, he makes a beeline for the computer! I swear the game is too realistic sometimes...

    @GraceyManor Awesome job on Liam :) The top you chose for him is perfect!

    @Karritz Your new Sim is a looker! Love that long flowy hair :)
    I'm glad to hear the game is running smoothly in Dragon Valley. It's a beautiful world too from what I've heard, so that's also a plus! I hope all goes well if you decide to build a dive lot.
    That's one big household, you certainly have your hands full with all those Sims (and pets). Wonder what they'll get up to in their new home?

    So, I've basically just taken probably the longest hiatus I've ever had from Sims. Vet school has only gotten more demanding since I was last active here. Our textbooks have gotten thicker, our lectures have gotten more content-heavy, and our schedule has gotten more packed. But I enjoy every minute of it. This does mean, however, that my feedback posts may be shorter and more sporadic than they have been in the past. Rest assured though, I'll be lurking this thread and handing out Awesomes.

    But like I said above, uni is only half of the story. I've recently become active in a community for another franchise (Vocaloid), and though I've met lots of nice people and had fun, I did miss this forum and this thread. I just hope I'll be able to juggle my activity between these two communities, without tying myself down to just one of them.

    I also got so caught up in other hobbies and other games (mostly Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and a bit of Breath of the Wild) that I just didn't... feel like opening my Sims game. Lately though, I've been wanting to start playing Sims again. I only played a bit over this past weekend, and don't have much to share (not even any new screenshots) other than that I had fun. Making a fresh start and working my way up has always been something I've enjoyed in Sims and in other games alike.

    I've also missed my boys a lot, and I look forward to seeing what we'll get up to next...


    Happy Simming all!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member

    *Hugs* you did a post!
    I and a few others here also play Animal Crossing, addictive game that one.
    Glad to hear uni is making you busy busy.
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    @TinySpaceFox and @emorrill Thank you for your kind words!

    I have always found Dragon Valley especially interesting. On the one hand it is one of the "Three Supernatural Sisters" - the perfect place for fairies while Moonlight Falls is made for witches and Midnight Hollow for vampires and werewolves.

    On the other side Dragon Valley is the lucky twin of Isla Paradiso. Released at the same time as Island Paradise, it offers almost all possibilities of this pack - multiple islands, a vast routable ocean deep enough for diving lots and even a water channel to the city centre. It would be a fascinating project to throw all those elves out and transform the world into a modern beach and resort paradise. I'm curious how these two aspects will come together in my story ...

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    @TinySpaceFox Thanks for the comment :smile: This will be one of several stories running along side others and I also plan to send some Sims to University soon :smile:
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    @emorrill @Emily4331 @meerkattime @bekkasan Sent Oyon enjoy,and Emorrill you don't have to like mummies that is a great sim,cure her and see. :*

    Sorry took long did not get on till now.

    @alanmichael1 I see on your graphics settings you checked the box that says "Real Life" love it,so crisp and pretty your screenshots are bootiful. :o

    @TinySpaceFox I see how you are don't even say hello :(

    Anway hi there been a long time and I literally found a tiny space Fox


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    Been spending all day trying to pinpoint which item is causing my game to crash.I found a program that lets you unmergefiles and I thought I found the culprit, but still crashing..which is weird because its all clothing items.
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    jonny522 wrote: »
    jonny522 wrote: »
    @GraceyManor Sorry I'm a bit out of it Gracey, is the package file a mod file? And when did the issue start?

    all package files are CC files.
    Tonight.And I haven't added anything new...its fine I will just get rid of the entire file.
    (I merge my package files together as it makes my game run faster)

    Ah ok. Sorry about that. I'm afraid with package files that are stuck together I'm somewhat useless. Good luck.

    They aren't stuck together anymore....I separated them. :| Its okay, I was able to determine there is nothing in that file that I need anyways, so I just got rid of it.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,302 Member
    "You will stay with me always,I was so lonely we can be best friends forever"


    Holy Schmokies, that's creepy. So tell me something, @CravenLestat where'd you find that creepy doll CC?
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    I really didn't pull up Sims 3 much yesterday. I decided to spend time with my wife (and her friend) playing SWTOR after downloading the game the night before. I get terrible "motion sickness" when I'm playing FPS MMOs. Something about the pivoting around and rapid movements. But anyways, had to play as a Sith Inquisitor (Sith Assassin): Keron Yun.
    Built like a tank...My wife's Sith Inquisitor looks tiny beside him. And when he stands beside Harkin's pet, Ffon Althe, he looks like he could break Althe in two with two fingers.

    and lately as a Sith Acolyte, Keron's been making "light-side" decisions but he'll go dark soon enough. :)

    ...and in Sims 3... I have the other two that will form part of the ten women group in the Casanova Story. :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: Yeah, I know, I'm gonna get serious flak for this. :D
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    @Nikkei_Simmer It is in your Showtime performer props,a lot of awesome stuff in there.That is part of a spooky themed set which also includes a cool candleabra a gargoyle statue and really sweet stained glass wall scupture and a actual giant backdrop which is a creepy forest with a full moon.

    This shows candleabra and scuplture you can hook em together to make a solid wall of it


    This is the backdrop


    Also @emorrill You dont remember my awesome Pirate :s how could you

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    @Jase Your ladies look lovely! Phyllis has my favorite EA hairstyles. :smiley:
    Oh my...Araush, tall dark, and yummy!

    @Silverofdreams30 I wish I could think of names but I am terrible with names of tv/movie stars
    Thanks for the comments. Yes, I love seeing my sims in the sweaters.

    @Puddinroy Thanks and hello to you as well! I've had those toddler beds for quite some time. I'm not really sure.

    @AnnaLoo91 Asher is adorable and hopefully, he will be a good match for your Josie.

    @alanmichael1 Your Mathieu is very handsome.
    I like his house on the island. Great move for him. I love Dragon Valley!
    hehe, choices are always fun. :grin:
    The new neighbor is sure dressed casually. I think I would be a little scared of a black-winged fairy in his tidy ❤️❤️❤️❤️'s.
    I'd love to see what you do with DV if you do turn it into a beach paradise. :smiley:

    @jonny522 Nice to see you again. Hope all is well with you. We already had a second wave in my area, and sure hope we are not due for another.
    It is nice to see your Baxter family again.
    Oh my, what a disastrous evening! I've still not had a single meteor strike since I've been playing 8 years now.

    @AlexaKry Thanks for the comments. :smiley: I love wearing Christmas sweaters so my sims have to as well. :grin:
    Even Mary had on one, you just couldn't really tell.

    @MamaSimTee Have fun simming!

    @king_of_simcity7 Oh no! Daryl believes the lies rather than trusts Becki! He's the worst kind of guy! And, trying to control who she can and cannot talk to. Creep!

    @RedDestiny92 Thanks for the comments. Yes, I think she would have gotten meaner and meaner had she not met them and turned into a horrible poltergeist...which is a whole other story.
    Great pics from your stories. Poor Cornelia but that was nice of her to give up her room.

    @GraceyManor Liam is a cutie! Good Job.
    Good luck with finding your problem.

    @Karritz Congrats on getting done. The courtyard looks lovely and hopefully, the game will stay smooth.

    @CravenLestat Awesome backstory for her.
    Thank you so much!

    @emorrill The pets can help make your sims rich if they find the good stuff. :grin: It is cute to watch them though.

    @TinySpaceFox Well, hello stranger. You have been missed! Does your nose itch sometimes? That is when @emorrill and I chat wondering what you are up to in vet school. :grin:
    It's nice to know you've been playing some fun things and not always working hard, hitting those books.
    Do you have much longer in school? I know it is 4 years in the vet program here, after completing the 4-year undergrad program.
    Your boys are adorable. I peek in on them every so often in that future world of mine and they seem very happy. David is a doting father and husband to Maria who is Silverofdreams30 simself. Martin is still dating and had his eye on Ashley who is Puddinroy's simself. He was also out with one of Craven's gals that I had in the house full of girls.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my story. Much appreciated! Damien is certainly a looker. He was created by @emorrill and inspired by @silverofdreams30. I had to use him in a story and then @craven made Mary for me and the story was born. :grin:

    @Nikkei_Simmer hehe, of course, he will go to the dark side.

    I might actually like winter if they could look like this...and I didn't have to drive in it. Of course, living where I live it is not an issue. Just hurricanes! :open_mouth:
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    Hello everyone!! I am enjoying this thread!! I do post quite a bit on the Sims 4 WHIYGT thread! But lately, I have been extremely jaded by Sims 4 and just started playing Sims 3. OMG its awesome! The sims have pudding faces which has taken some getting used to but I adore the gameplay!
    I don't have any mods downloaded from Sims 3 but I will take recommendations. I do play with cheats on incase I need to reset anyone or
    change outfits/aspirations. Anyway here's what happened in my game today...
    I'm a major occult player so I am checking out the Supernatural pack, I have Ambitions, Seasons, Pets, and Generations installed (I saved up)
    My main family I created consists of Gideon Ravenhall, a vampire and his wife Francesca, a fairy. They are ridiculously adorable together 7gUTxtv.jpg
    They just moved to Moonlight Falls from somewhere out West. They live on the outskirts of town on a small homestead consisting of a small dairy and horse farm, the closest house to the town Cemetery. They kind of stick out like sore thumbs compared to the other residents. Both are really outdoorsy and love nature. They both love cowboy hats, boots, and country music. Gideon is a vehicle nut and just bought a clunker car he's renovating as well as a truck and motorcycle. Gideon inherited a small fortune from his deceased parents so they live comfortably. But they save that sum for emergencies. Gideon works part time for now at the mausoleum to stay busy. He's invested heavily in various businesses around town and they draw a sizeable income from that. Meanwhile, Francesca is building up a sizeable garden and sells the produce as well as the cheese and eggs at Sam's Market Diner in town. No worries, Gideon helps out a lot on the farm. Her real passion is horses. She has a gorgeous appaloosa stallion she is training. She may keep this one as a pet. Locals usually see her galloping on her horse down the road all the time.
    They have 2 kids: Cody and Cassidy z6Q2CKx.jpg
    Cody takes after his vampire dad and Cassidy is a fairy. The kids are close and quite the handful lol. Gideon loves to tell Ghost stories CWOpJpM.jpg
    Anyway I am a rotational player and I wanted to play all the households around town just for funsies so I left the Ravenhalls for a minute. I started out with town founder and vampire Aiden Van Gould. Sorry I don't have screenshots of this part. They have big house! To sum up he just taught his 2 teen kids how to drive and bought his daughter Emelie a big lemon car to drive. The kids are both quite brilliant and he seems to be proud of them. They mastered so many skills so quickly!! Stuffy snobby old Aiden is going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. He wants to find romance again so he started an online dating profile. He started talking to Marigold Moldano (she's based on Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood I believe?) They chatted for a bit but never did manage to go on a date. I played their family about a sim week.

    So I played Aiden for a sim week than switched to the fairy Marigold Moldano. Whoo boy that girl is a hot mess lol!! She's so obsessed with vampires. She ran into her friend Dante Morganthe and turns out they are started dating and he moved in!
    Get ready to bring the tea because soooo much happened:
    I changed a few of Dante's traits and he entered the Ghostbusting career. He really likes it! nveXUee.jpg
    One night he got a call and traveled out to the house owned by Dayvid Musgrave and Branch, zXHdFGj.jpg
    Apparently the house was haunted vSf2Yx9.jpg
    Supposedly they are just roommates and best friends but lets be honest, they are definitely more than that! I plan on playing their household next!! Dante was capturing a spirit when Dayvid and Branch were apparently tired and fell asleep in the same bed.
    Meanwhile his girlfriend Marigold got a call from a friend to attend a party. She went and ran into Aiden Van Gould! I have full autonomy on and was just watching, letting them do their own thing. I was switching between her and Dante so I was surprised to find that she had bumped into Aiden Van Gould! OMG the sparks started flying. They were making out like crazy. qszF49Q.jpg
    Aiden even fed off her after she offered her neck. I was surprised!! The host kicked everyone out after the party
    Meanwhile poor Dante was working hard lol.
    Cut to a short while later, and Marigold is quite taken with Aiden. All her whims/wishes and thought bubbles involve Aiden. She has constant dream thought bubbles of him when asleep too. She even wrote him a love letter d076Uv6.jpg
    Marigold works in the fortune-teller career. She had just come home when I caught her confessing to her cheating on Dante with Aiden!! OMG!!
    He was not happy ijdd2Rm.jpg
    Aiden left for work in a huff. He was called out to the Goodfellow house where a fairy party was happening
    He ran into his buddy Rainflower at the party rWXc5VF.jpg
    He quickly got to work X0Hlap3.jpg
    Where he was randomly attacked by Belinda Crumplebottom. Mind you this was completely unprovoked. He just did a friendly introduction and she attacked him (I think it was because of an angry spirit floating around). He lost the fight. Now they are enemies, BUT!! he finds her incredibly attractive XD!!! bK5Xmce.jpg
    He was then called out to Gladston Farmwell's trailer home. Apparently Gladston and Marigold are ex's. Dante found a new sudden friend in Gladston, and enjoyed swapping stories about their mutual former love interest in Marigold lol RJ3mdUN.jpg
    I think Dante is going to break up with Marigold next.
    I have to admit, I only played Marigold and Dante's household for 3 nights and 2 days!!! So much drama!!
    And I need Dayvid and Branch to finally admit they love each other. Maybe a spring wedding? :)

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    Just stopping by to say hello. Still looking at internet options to switch to and am still working on moving. Haven’t had much time for Sims but did play in the Langerak save over the weekend. Once things settle and everything, I may be back at least some.
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    @bekkasan thank you. I'm looking forward to playing the IP Bunch in their new home for a while. But I'm only intending to do one more video on them and then call that story finished.

    @TinySpaceFox I was thinking about you a couple of days ago and thought to myself I suspect the studies have taken over or you've returned home to work and have no more time for Sims. It's good to see you back.

    So - I'm having a tiny break from making videos.

    I started a new Sims 3 folder and made a new game in Midnight Hollow because I almost never play in that world. I don't have any lighting mods. And I couldn't stand the thought of the eye strain I would get playing in that dim dark world.

    I decided I would play my 4 new girls together in a house in Midnight Hollow.

    You may be aware there was an old TV series I vaguely remember. It may have been the Munsters or Addams Family or some other show. Anyhow, they live in a nice suburban neighbourhood and their house stands out for being dark and dismal and creepy. Well, Midnight Hollow is a dark and dismal and creepy world so I moved my girls into a big 4 bedroom house and repainted it. Just have to roof to do but will leave it alone for now. Not only did I repaint it inside and outside but I repainted their terrain and replaced all trees and other plants in their garden. No more dead trees or haunted hydrangeas or waterlilies in their yard. I repainted their fences and path ways too.

    I've already posted pics of 3 of my 4 new girls. The fourth came to me from an incredibly creative sim maker from 'across the water' and I've had her for a couple of weeks now, almost. Haven't looked at her so far as I've been totally busy with my most recent video. It's now done so I decided today is the day to add her to a game. She seems to have hit it off with my Penny. I spotted them doing some sort of joyful dance and then they just stood facing each other staring at each other deeply, happily and quietly with friendship icons floating above their heads.

    Unfortunately they couldn't afford to buy any furniture so I might have to cheat them some simoleans or they'll all die from exhaustion.

    Here are a few pics.




    I'll try to post more later. Just wanted to let @CravenLestat know I haven't forgotten her and say thank you.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,927 Member
    @CravenLestat I think I missed her but if she is still available you know...want..I do yes, Yoda said, no said Yoda lol I liked that story and that doll needs to meet with a fireplace :D Gotta a thing against creepy dolls dagnabbit. Oh also if no then that's okay too ha she could go in some unnatural world though.
    @TinySpaceFox Good to be busy I guess I know how that is but it's usually work I'll play sims and post updates to get my fix then days off I want to do everything. Speaking of I also like animal crossing I usually play it as normal but I just had to try time travel for a new villager, Raymond and Apollo are never allowed to leave so I have to trade out everyone I'm a slow Zelda player so breath of the wild has been unused for a while, moving back to sims. Your boys are cute.

    Heh well that's in the eye of the beholder I've made some nice difficult pain in the skirt ladies though her...she's a little ball of sunshine and he cannot understand she'll get him though. I love the goths it's weird I was away so long and now came back with a computer that can handle more so it's enjoyable I've been on the end of you're lucky if you can watch gen 2 age normally cause my saves were always a mess so crossing my fingers Alex and his sister get a spouse each and kids. Mmmh not sure actually I think I have tried that but it's been years now I'm afraid of slipping I'm good at that, falling on my face. They have had quite a few fires though it's slowed down since all their neighbors always have fires, grandpa is in his right being grouchy..this time. Even on a farm but it's okay he has a thing for a girl that lives very far away so he won't be too glued to it.
    @bekkasan interesting to think about though I think I prefer this version of her, Cornelia is preparing everything one just doesn't become a Goth without knowing them.
    @sarabeth2984 well hello *waves* the family is so cute I especially like the vampires cause I'm just like that, it amuses me too much seeing Dante as a ghosthunter.

    So didn't do much except finally moving away from the farm a bit and actually using the bistro stuff more.

    So Bonnie and Inda died..that is they were taken away but they were due for death soon so we'll say both, anyways life goes on. Flo is stir crazy from busy days on the farm and finally called Franny here to go hang out. I originally started the save with her family, she didn't get along with her daughter Julia and she asked her husband to send her to boarding school as he's a small time politician and has good connections which he did. They became friends after Flo liked the room she designed for her....she has low requirements for care Gia used to be a criminal before she changed him sooooo yep. I couldn't figure out how groups used this but eventually she sat down and joined her with a second serving of salad there.
    They were glad to see each other it has technically been some time, I switched to Franny's house and saw of course Julia was back probably has been for some time as she's a young adult now.
    Julia before she left some time ago, like really they abandoned her and forgot her.
    Here she is now and while she used to be something of a daddy's girl and Franny cared about her a bit she really couldn't care less about either of them and would run off with the first guy she could get. I saw she was with someone but he couldn't come he was at work....I found someone else.
    They really hit it off not that could tell by their relationship bar, I accidentally fired that guy there from being a chef and I guess he came back to be a creep as revenge.
    He is sort of cute though.
    As usual when I don't know sims I went to the wikia to see if he was some rando or not and found he lives here...with the guy she was originally seeing and I love it.
    That's a sad pup the game didn't give him anything, as usual, I set him up and gave Jay a makeover to suit his actions, as he did actually know her and would have known his roommate wanted her.
    They look good together I'll say that much.

    He's going to ask her to move in after his fairy house party he found his room is as empty as can be and he does not approve plus she looks good in her jeans so he wants her on his arm. No matter how much it aggravates his supposed friend.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • nilaniusnilanius Posts: 1,980 Member
    Well my sim family had 1 son and 3 daughters and the hubby's lifetime wish was to raise 5 kids... well the wife agreed to give him 1 more kid and delivery day came...
    (Note: first time I ever managed to get the husband to actually drive the wife to the hospital!)

    Well... they got more than they bargained for


    Triplets! Needless to say the mom, the butler and the plumbot nanny got their work cut out for them as the family is now 2 sons, 5 daughters. 2 of the daughters inherited the witch gene and 1 daughter is an alien.
    My current feelings about The Sims 4. Here is hoping The Sims 5 can restore The Sims franchise.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,427 Member
    @TinySpaceFox Lovely to see you're alive and well *hugs* Glad you are enjoying your studies - I know you will do well :)
    My sister bought me a Switch Lite and Animal Crossing for my birthday last month and the game is seriously addictive! :D
    I will look out for posts from you when I lurk in this thread :)
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,302 Member
    edited October 14
    In the "Rebuild Sunset Valley" storyline:

    Considering that Bebe is technophobic and I keep her using the Science Machine which makes her miserable for three hours at a time (moodlet), I have to trade that off with "no computer" using a mod that uses the homework animation for "writing books". The mod is called Scribbling Pad by Buzzler.
    And her hubby, Tatsuo, is reading Book 3 of his Handiness skill.

    ...and River McIrish-Chikamori and her and Haruo's daughter Athena (who is just about skilled up in all her toddler skills so it'll be time for a birthday soon and then she'll go to school with her brother and her cousin).
    Yes, River drank the potion...and became were like the rest of them, with the exception of Haruo's brothers. :D Convenient, huh? :mrgreen:
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 556 Member
    @RedDestiny92 "Wavesback!!!" I am so glad to see you on this thread! Where did the bistro stuff come from? I love it! And yes I love Supernatural! Fairies are now one of my favorite occults now! I so wish we could get them in Sims 4. The vampires are awesome too!
    The ghosthunting career is so much fun!!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,060 Member
    Kristen: Let's see if there's anyone on lovelink tonight.
    Oh.He looks interesting...We matched!

    Liam: Hey, look we matched!
    Kristen: Can you believe your luck?
    Liam: No! You're too cute to be single. <3
    Kristen: Aww, Thx. o:)
    Liam: How's your day going?

    Kristen: It was going great....
    Kristen: until I realized half the streets are closed today.
    Kristen: And my bus was stuck in traffic.
    Liam: Oh, no! Sorry about that.
    Kristen: Its okay, its not your fault.I think there is a big
    concert in the city tonight.
    Liam: Its TODAY and TOMORROW and its my concert.
    Kristen: Yeah, right... :D
    Liam: I mean it.I'm the lead vocalist for my band. :#
    Liam: Wow! I'm impressed...If its true.

    Liam: Good first impression huh?
    Kristen: Great one!
    Liam: I'm glad.You're the first match I get that seems genuine.
    Liam: Most of my matches have been fans.
    Kristen: Really? Lots of crazy fans? :D
    Liam: Yeah...kind of intense.
    Kristen: It must be hard to find a real connection when all your matches
    are crazy fans.
    Liam: I was crossing my fingers saying "Please don't be a fan...please don't be
    a fan" lol


    Kristen: I'm not...yet!
    Liam: You're too cute! Def worth the risk of lovelink.
    Kristen: Risk?
    Liam: My contract has a no dating clause...because of the fans...harassments.
    Kristen: Oh...kind of makes sense.
    Liam: I have a crazy idea...
    Kristen: I love crazy ideas!
    Liam: Great! Want to come get a look at where I rehearse?
    Kristen: OMG!!! YES!!!! <3 Won't you get in trouble though?
    Liam: Its worth the risk...Meet me at my address.

    Kristen: I feel like I'm being catfished here...Let's go check this out.

    Kristen: Well...the home certainly shouts "celebrity.." but I see no signs of
    him...I hope I'm not trespassing on someone's property...

    Liam: There you are.

    Kristen: Omg, you're for real....I thought I was being pranked..
    Liam: And I thought you were paparazzi under cover...wait, if
    you thought this was a prank, why'd you show up?
    Kristen: Had hope that you were for real.

    Kristen: Can't blame me for being suspicious...people make up
    stuff all the time.
    Liam: Fair point...Oh manager's coming...Come follow me.
    Kristen: Well, this is a first.

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