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The Rose Masquerade, Chapter 19 (5-27-19) {A Bachellorette Challenge}


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    For story purposes, tell me in a message how your sim would react to a surprise that could affect their lives forever. Would they get cold feet, be hesitant, be all in, and so on. If this question is too vague, give me some scenarios and how they would act like, getting a job they have to move for, or (this isn't it) Rose is secretly a man. Big, surprise things.
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    Responded in a message.
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    Will send you a message tomorrow. Need to think about this one.
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    Skcaga6 wrote: »
    Will send you a message tomorrow. Need to think about this one.

    That's fine. It'll probably be a chapter or so away.
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    oh i caught up yesterday got and good thing to as we have something to think about :expressionless:
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    I've sent in my response :lol:
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    Me, too! :)
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    I've been receiving all of your responses, and I made gmail tell me when you guys message me, so I'm not missing anything!
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    I just saw the livestream, it looks amazing! I'm excited to use the feature. <3
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    It's not something I'd use a lot, but I might try it every now and then for fun. :D
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    Sorry about my absence, guys, but I work retail, and I am knitting all of my coworkers christmas presents. I'm still adjusting to the new pack, but I can't knit while I play sims, so It may be a while. I'm sorry, but have hope. And be nice to your retail workers this weekend!
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    Bit of a short one today, I forgot I had this one ready to roll before I took a little time off!

    Chapter 3

    Gents in this chapter

    Rose had to get an early start as it was Friday, and with Fridays brought and elimination. The call was close, and Rose wanted to give two of the contestants a second chance away from the pressures of the competition.

    Unfortunately, with the progressing fall and the early morning, the outing was rather dark, but the weather didn’t affect the spirits of the goers.

    “What’re you supposed to be?” Colin asked Rose.


    “I-” Rose started. She would have to explain this to every contestant when they went on a date, shouldn't she? “The studio says that I need to be in costume every time I go on an outing, so I’m a person on a safari.”

    “That’s silly.” giggled Hezekiah to the wall. “So silly…”

    The hostess came along and touched her screen with clean fingers. She looked at Rose and the two men with her as she saw people in disguises everyday. “Who is the reservation for?” she asked.


    “Rose Lahwen, I believe.” she answered.

    “Ah, I see. Come with me and I’ll show you to your seats.” she said with a smile.

    The trio followed her up to the roof where more seating was, and Rose was confused.

    “I’m sorry, but what if it rains? The clouds look like they could give out at any moment.” Rose worried.

    “I’m sorry, miss, but your reservation clearly states for three people, and the only seating we have for three is on the roof. All of the indoor tables are in sets of two.”


    “Well, let’s sit down, then, and order something nice and warm.” Rose resigned.

    They had a nice time, Hezekiah only insulted Rose once, and Collin was polite and made good conversation.









    They kinda wanted to spend time with each other over Rose, though…


    I’m using the same location for the eliminations that I used last time I had a selection challenge, just changed a few colors.



    Hezekiah got food poisoning from the restaurant, so he called them and yelled, and then was sick. Everyone mingled around, and everyone danced. I really hope they bring back slow dancing one day. Dancing feels very impersonal in the sims 4.


    At 5 o’clock, Rose called everyone to sit down for the announcement. Rose stood in front of everyone, trying to shake her jitters. After careful consideration, she knew felt that she knew of at least one person that wasn’t there wholly for her, and she had to let him go home.



    “Hello, gentlemen. The week sure has flown past, and now one of you has to go home. I hope no one has hard feelings, especially this early on, but I have made up my mind who will be going home and on to bigger and better things.”

    She surveyed the crowd. “Cobalt Stone, please step forward.” she said kindly, oddly wanting to smile. It was the jitters, surely. The adrenaline.



    “Cobalt,” She said once he got up to the front. “You seem to be a great, dedicated guy, but I… I don’t think that our energies are the same. I feel that you’re looking for something larger than life, but it’s not me. Good luck with comes next.”




    After Cobalt left in high spirits, Rose spent some more time with the contestants.



    Seems that everyone was super sleepy after the ceremony, and pretty much all of the benches were littered with sleepers. I decided to cut the after party short and send them all to bed.






    Also, I send Rose home every day and her roomate Claire was sad that she ate meat because she’s a vegetarian, so Rose had to give her a pep talk.


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    Surprised that Hezekiah wasn't the one sent home what between insulting Rose yet again and seemingly preferring the company of Collin Chen (possibly due to the Boba Fett mask). Maybe Rose is a glutton for punishment.
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    Awe...I'm so sad Cobalt is gone already. He needs to go in my game. Maybe he should be an actor. He might fit that really well. Hmmm...
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    Awe...I'm so sad Cobalt is gone already. He needs to go in my game. Maybe he should be an actor. He might fit that really well. Hmmm...

    I like that idea
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    Yay! A new one! :smiley:

    "Only insulted her once"

    That's a phrase I never thought I'd hear in these things :D.

    I was surprised it was Cobalt who went home.

    And I'm still waiting for a sale on GF, but I'm excited to try out the acting career. :)

    And yeah, we could use some slow dancing in the game. Lots of people are clamoring for a romance pack, and I wouldn't mind one.
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    Just wanted to stop in and update you guys. I do really want to get back to this, but I am busy with making Christmas presents, cookies, other Christmas stuff, and family stuff to do this. But I do want to come back after Christmas or the New Year and get moving with it. I miss it.

    Other than that, I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate at the end off this confusing and busy year. Love you.
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    @Irishsong said:

    I hope you continue it after the holidays! I just read up to your current chapter, and it's very entertaining!
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    Take your time :)

    Merry Christmas! <3
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    edited December 2018

    Chapter 4
    Plot Twist

    Rose woke up on Monday morning to a grey sky. She felt like she hadn’t seen the sun for days, but the contestants made up for it. It looked like they hadn't changed out of their formal clothes from the last Friday, which Rose found odd, but it cheered her up a bit.

    Right away, Rose and Boyd laid down in the chilly grass and looked up at the blanket of grey, hoping to see some sun, but it didn’t come out. They spent their time in with some nice chit chat, and then Rose moved on and had to talk to other people.


    Xavier was out in the front lawn, raking.


    “It’s as if the sky were full of leaves, with the frequency this yard is full of them.” Rose said with a half hearted smile.

    “Oh? Well, not that I really mind, I would rake leaves all day long. The smell nice and I know that I can only do it one season a year. Makes it worthwhile.” he explained. Rose was touched. Someone who seemed to like plants and liked the outdoors was nice to have around.


    At this point, Rose was quite cold. Why they hadn't sent her with something with sleeves, she had no idea, but it was quite nippy outside.

    Inside, rose came across Tristan O’Leary. “Xavier is raking outside, even in this cold weather. He’s brave!” Rose exclaimed. “Turns out he likes the outdoors, which I find to be a good thing.”


    “Well,” Tristan started. “Not to try and get on your good side, but I also like the outdoors. I’m a botanist.”

    “No way! I run a flower store! We’ll have to share stories sometime.” Rose said, as she got up and talked to another contestant.

    Meanwhile, outside it had started raining, and the two resident erratic sims took the opportunity to lather up in the rain. Seems Adam felt like if Hezekiah could get natural, so could he. They didn’t stand very near each other, but really guys? There’s a lady around! (Two dudes in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they aren’t gay.)



    When he was finished, Adam decided to join a few of the others at the table and have a chat with Rose. Justin (my submission) came over and decided to strike up some conversation as well, which was all good with the contestants and Rose, though Blaze doesn't look that happy.
    Carmelo got a nice hug from Rose, looks like lots of good, solid hugging going on. I love a solid hug.




    At this point, it was getting quite late. Rose still had so many contestants to talk to, how did the studio expect her to get this all done? Hezekiah was sitting outside eating a hot dog, and looking up at the hazy city scape. “Penny for your thoughts?” Rose asked.


    “What do we look like from those windows? Are we ants? Are they laughing at us? Are we some sort of joke? I swear, if they’re laughing at us, I’m going to call someone and have them evicted- or fined! Fining is a good punishment!”

    But Hezekiah, why would they be laughing at us?” Rose asked, confused.

    “Who said anything about laughing at you?” he replied with a slight snarl.

    “Ok then, I’ll leave you to your thoughts.”

    Rose got up and felt the urge to go for a swim in the pool. She quickly changed and jumped into the heated water. On the other side of the pool, she could see a private little area, and she swam over to it and hauled herself out of the water, now waterlogged. The frigid air hit her like a knife and she shivered, meeting Boyd on the other side.


    “Can’t say I’m mad to see you here. How are you?” Rose asked.

    “You- How do you know who I am? I’m in a ridiculous costume.”

    “Uhm, you’re shape and face paint. Boyd wears paint like that.”

    “You think I’m Boyd!? I’m Mordor! That’s hilarious!” he commented, laughing to himself.


    “Oh, I’m sorry! I guess it’s hard to recognise you without your beard. Where did it go?”


    Rose got home and quickly changed into some warm, dry, and comfy clothes. She felt sick. A throbbing headache had started in her skull on her way home from the house, her stomach felt like is was going to jump ship and any moment if she sat up too quickly, and she felt prickly all over. She tried to lay in bed for a while, but it was no use. Her mouth was parched and she couldn’t get comfortable, so she walked out of her room and onto the landing where her roommate Claire had been cleaning up after a late night snack.


    Rose leaned against the wall as a headache rocked her balance.

    “You look paler than pancake dough. Are you alright? Here, sit down.” she urged.


    “I’ll be alright in a few moments…” Rose lied. She felt like she had been hit by a train, and it wasn’t getting any better. It came in waves of nausea, and the table looked like it was bobbing on the tide.

    “Nuh uh. I’m taking you to the hospital to get checked out. Come on.”

    Claire helped Rose get into everyday clothes and called a taxi to get them to the hospital. They had to wait in the waiting room of the emergency room with a child sobbing and screaming over a scraped knee, probably a biking accident or a tumble out of bed. Rose didn’t care that much, do long as it would be over soon and she could keep her eyes closed.

    The doctor eventually came and got Rose and Claire, taking them to an exam room. “Alright, what is the matter today?” she asked along the way. Rose kept her head down and held on to the wall railing to keep from falling over and to have something other than her insides to focus on.

    “She’s got a temperature, she’s highly nauseas, she’s weak, and I bet she had a headache based on the nausea and the way she’s holding onto the railing.” Claire filled in the doctor.

    “Right- why don’t we get you a gurney? You’ll be more comfortable that way.” she urged.

    “No, I can walk, I’ll walk until I can’t.” Rose said, stubbornly.

    “Very well. My office is right on the left here. Please get on the examination table. I need to get your vitals.”

    Rose sat down in the only other chair in the small room and Rose painfully climbed on to the table and closed her eyes.


    “Alright, looks like your blood pressure is a bit high, your oxygen is good, your heart rate is a bit high. Just some standard questions: are you sexually active?”

    “Not currently” Rose grunted out, a wave of a headache coming on again.

    “Are you on any medications?”


    “About how many drinks do you have a week?”

    “I don’t know, one? On a special week maybe two?” Rose touched her head to try and keep her head from splitting in two.

    “Is it possible that you’re pregnant?”

    Rose didn’t respond. “No, she’s not pregnant. She hasn’t-”

    “Don’t say that. I was with Josh just last month. It’s been two and a half weeks since we broke up, but we were together the night before that.” Rose confessed.

    The doctor looked at Rose. “I’ll get a pregnancy test then.”

    The doctor left the room and Claire and Rose were sitting there, not saying anything. Rose wished that they would turn off the lights and stop breathing, just to be silent, but in a hospital it is rarely silent. With her head by the door she could hear everyone bustling about out in the hall, She could hear someone in the room to her left running water, and she could still hear that child screaming their head off.


    The doctor came back a short time later, and went over to her desk and computer to pull up the test results. “Well, the test results are negative on any viruses, and there are no infections. Your organs are functioning in good capacity.” the doctor turned away from her monitor.


    “But Rose, you’re going to want to make some room in your apartment; You’re expecting a baby. It’s the reason you feel this way. I can give you some vitamins to help you feel better and help baby grow, but there's nothing wrong with you. Just try and take it easy”

    Rose closed her eyes again and hoped that whatever nightmare she had stumbled into would be gone in the morning.


    Well, the cat is out of the bag! The contestants don't know yet, so tell me honestly how your sim would handle this. See you all hopefully soon, the next chapter is going to be more story-ish stuff so you don't have to wory that you're holding me back right now.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!
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    Oh, very interesting ending :) I wouldn't have expected this at all.
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    Hezekiah cracks me up. What a weird dude. Great plot twist! I’m interested to see how all the contestants will react :#
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    Oh, I was honestly not expecting that. :0 The fact that she could be did occur to me when she got to the hospital, but I didn't think she and her boyfriend did.

    And those two erratic guys, just cleaning up in the rain like it ain't no thing. :D
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    Hezekiah bathing in the rain was funny. Also, Rose should know by now that Hezakiah's thoughts are strange to say the least. >:)
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    If you think your contestants reaction will be different than you messaged me properly, message me again.
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