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The Rose Masquerade, Chapter 19 (5-27-19) {A Bachellorette Challenge}


  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member

    Chapter 17
    It’s Electric, baby!

    Since Claire had little Timothy, Rose had to make her own food. She tried to get by eating mouthfuls of popcorn, but it wasn’t very filling, so Rose made the world’s saddest single serving of pancakes for breakfast.

    Rose was looking forward to this date. She was making up for lost time with Boyd, having forgotten about his date last week. They were going to an arcade, which was a nice change from parks and fancy dinners.


    She met Boyd outside the arcade, finding him with a drink. “Hey, Miss Rose. It’s pretty cold out here, bu’ the drinks still don’t freeze.” he took a swig form his beverage. “Now, I want to warn you, some of the appliances in there are rated to go a bit haywirey, so you ought to be careful while we’re in there. For everyone's sake, eh?”

    “Boyd,” Rose reassured, “I’m sure that it will be fine. I’ve been here before, and they keep everything clean and working well. Let’s go have some fun!”


    Rose walked over to a large standing machine and plunked in some tokens. “Bug!” cried Boyd. “My tokens don’t work. They must have changed their tokens. Hold on, I’ll go and get new ones.”


    Rose and Boyd played together, beating the levels but failing at the final boss. The death screen was funny though: “You failed. Zorg took over the world, making everyone wear neon and tacky headbands with beehive hairstyles.”


    Rose and Boyd stepped away from the machine, still laughing.

    “I bet I can beat you at darts, the original game of hand- eye coordination.” Rose said.

    “Eh, I wouldn’t dare an electrician on coordination. But then, I try and not turn down fun dares. Let’s do this.” he said passively.



    Rose stood at the line, lining up her shot, and she threw. It stuck pretty well, close to the middle. Rose was smug with herself, Too bad it didn’t last long.


    Boyd went, but he didn’t get too over excited about getting a good throw in. He did ok, not too good, not too bad. In the end, Boyd did win, and Rose gave props where they were due.



    The two of them sat down at the bubble blower station, and they both coughed at the sensation. “This stuff is like breathing in soda. Like the air is bubbly. I don’t know if I like it.” Boyd confessed.


    “It’s ok, But I don’t see why everyone loves them. You can get something better with a good cup of tea, though this sure does clear the sinuses…” Rose commented, giggling.

    Boyd felt their date drawing to a close, and they had been there for a few hours, so he invited Rose to the deck outside. “Rose, yah know I like you about as much as electricity, I just want you to know that.” he bent his head to kiss her hands, but she pulled them away.



    “Boyd, my gloves are really quite dirty, and I don’t want you to get sick, or have those germs near your mouth.” she fabricated.

    “I- it’s hard to get close to you, you know. Everyone else has an easy time, but you won’t let me close. What am I supposed to do?” Boyd asked, frustrated.


    “I know what we can do.” Rose smiled a sweet smile.

    The humor and hi-jinks festival had set up unexpectedly while they were on their date, so they went down to have some fun.


    “I haven’t had a drink like this in a while, I’m feeling the effects already. I used to always get so red in the face when I drank, good thing this is a virgin drink…”

    “Well, I can honestly say you’re glowing…” Boyd joked.

    “Eh, good joke!” Rose commented. “We should go and- oh my gosh! It’s a celebrity! Hold my drink, I’m going to go and get an autograph!” Rose pounced off and went up to the woman and gushed over her for a few minutes.



    Once she was done, she and Boyd sat at a table and talked together, finishing their date on a friendly tone. Oh, and Josh, Rose’s ex showed up. Smooth, Josh. Smooth.


    A bit of a short one this time around. I feel like I'm running out of steam?

    Up next, we'll have some one on one time with some of the bachelors who had dates near the beginning who didn't have a chance to get romantic, try and get them on equal footing.

    I'm going to start up the casting for the medieval story, so I gotta work on that too, and I'm honestly looking forward to it!

    'Till next time, Wear your seat belts!
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,988 Member
    Just wanted to come in and say that I am massively enjoying reading this, although I don't have a guy entered :D

    Also this is to express my interest in that medieval story. I love history, especially the medieval time period, and am looking forward to reading that :smiley:
    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    afai1261 wrote: »
    Just wanted to come in and say that I am massively enjoying reading this, although I don't have a guy entered :D

    Also this is to express my interest in that medieval story. I love history, especially the medieval time period, and am looking forward to reading that :smiley:

    That's very good to hear! I'm working on the starting page for that right now, so I'll be linking it here soon!
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    I've posted the for the Medieval Story, here's the link:

    Tell your friends. <3
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,672 Member
    A wild Brytani Cho appears :D

    I felt bad for the guy since Rose got easily distracted when a celebrity showed up to the festival
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  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member

    Chapter 18
    Another One Bites the Lust
    The baby was being grumpy on Monday, So Rose didn’t feel like dressing in fancy costumes. She was going on a date with Mordor, just a little coffee date, and she wanted to be comfy and warm against the cold and snow outside.


    “Hi, Mordor! Have you eaten yet? I need to grab some food, I’m starving.” Rose bantered off, greeting him.

    “I’ll get some too. I didn’t get any breakfast at the house.” The two of them ordered their food, and then went to sit down.



    “As much of a softee that you are in person, your jacket kinda gives the wrong message. Though I wouldn’t have you without it.” she flirted. Mordor accepted the flirt, and then they transitioned into their conversation.


    “So, tell me a bit more about yourself. I didn’t learn a lot about you last time.” Rose asked.


    “I’m a bit of a conundrum. I’m in a metal band, which is hard on the ears, but thrilling.” he smiles. “On the flip side, I foster kittens. It’s one of the most rewarding and hard work things I do. And it’s smelly at times too.”


    “Aw, kittens? That’s adorable. I love kittens, I should get a pet, to be honest. Without Claire, my roommate, at the shop, it gets a bit lonely.”


    Mordor stood up and gently pulled Rose up with him. “You should never have to be alone,” he said, leaning in for an embrace.


    “Whoa, that wasn’t an invitation, sorry.” Rose declined.

    “Oh, I’m sorry.” Mordor apologize.

    The two of them sat down. After a small silence, Mordor spoke up. “So, you’re doing pretty well with Ian, huh?”


    “Why are we talking about other contestants on our date?” Rose asked.


    “You guys sure are a weird couple…” commented the woman in red, who had been witnessing everything.

    “We may be weird, but we’re working on it. That’s what dates are about, getting to know the other person and spending time with them.” Rose said.

    “Let’s go outside, Rose. I want to make a snowman.” Mordor requested. (I turned off temperature affects for a little bit because I’m tired of having to put a thermostat in every lot.)

    Together they went outside and piled snow up into the shape of a very lumpy snowman, laughing as they did.




    “It looks just like you!” Rose said when they were finished.

    “Truly uncanny.” Mordor agreed. Rose’s fingers were getting a bit frosty and it was getting time to be lunch, so the pair walked back inside. Mordor Started to dance and Rose sat down with a coffee.


    “Do you like my dancing? I call this one the drunk giraffe!” he joked.


    Rose laughed. “Please, you got that from Doctor Who. Though I could teach you some lessons on dancing.” she said suggestively.

    “Well, how about you come over here and get close to me and show me?” Mordor implied.


    “Right now?” Rose asked. “No, I’m still drinking my coffee.” she blew him off.


    The date puttered to an end, and Mordor and Rose returned back to the contestant house. Blaze was waiting for her, pulling her into a private room where they wouldn’t be bothered.


    He kissed her on the cheek as a greeting.


    “Is this your room?” she asked.

    “Yeah, but my roommate was eliminated, so we’re all here by our selves.” he commented.


    “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” she asked, getting right to the point and sitting down on his bed.


    “Well, I saw how unhappy you were when you came home with Mordor, and I wanted to reassure you. I can only imagine what this is like for you, and not having the best time on a date can be discouraging.”


    Rose’s eyes grew wide. “Am I that transparent?” she asked.


    Blaze got closer to Rose. “Transparency can be a good thing. You’ve never hid anything from me, and that gives me hope that we can be a trusting couple.”

    Rose thought of all the times she had had hid things. She had hooked up with her ex at the romance festival, she had accepted Ian’s love without telling him that she had second thoughts to moving so fast. Thinking about all the things she had hidden made her feel like she was dirty, like she was unclean.


    Blaze put an arm around her. “You’re a kind person, you’re a mother to be, and I want you to be happy.” he said in a warm, quiet tone.

    “I want everyone to be happy too.” she said.


    He looked into her eyes. “They will all be happy, in the end. And you’ll have helped them there.”


    He stood up, and Rose followed suit. “Rose, you’ve made me a very happy man. I want you to know that I feel more than friendship for you, I love you, and I will fight for you if it comes to it. A few swings and no one will contest my seat at your side.” he confessed.


    “Well, Blaze, you don’t have to fight anyone. They’ll be eliminated from the challenge, end of story.” Rose said, a bit taken aback, bridging her fingers

    “That’s not the point.” Blaze urged. “I love you, Rose. And I know it’s sudden, but it’s real.”


    “I couldn’t be happier!” Rose cheered. “I like you a lot too. I’m excited to see where this may go.”

    Rose felt that she was neglecting the other contestants by not sharing her time with them, but she was still on a high from talking to Blaze and she dipped Xavier into a kiss as a greeting. He didn’t seem to like it much, and he felt that it was an awkward way to start a conversation. Rose talked to Preston and Tristan for the rest of the day, making for good times.




    The next day was Winterfest, and Rose stayed with Claire and Leon (Turns out I forgot his name was Leon and not Deon), and she helped set up decorations and take care of Timothy while they were sleeping.


    It all went well, and the day was a quiet one with many gifts. Claire and Leon were being young and in love, making Rose feel lonely. Babies don’t make great company, so Rose invited Tristan over to hang out.



    The pair went out to the curb and built a snowman, but this time it was obviously based off of Rose.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,672 Member
    I'm starting to feel really sorry for some of the guys she goes on dates with. It really shows when there isn't much chemistry. It could've happened to any of the contestants we sent :0
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    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    I don't know why Rose is so picky. I am astounded with who she chooses, I almost had it end once when she went on a date with a contestant and it went os well, they wanted to get married, but i held on and now there are several that she loves.

    I have no idea why she doesn't like some of them. case and point: Boyd can be talking up Rose, but then Nathaniel can just swoop in and kiss her out of nowhere and she's fine with it, but turns down a simple flirt. Boggles my brain.

    BTW: if my writing seems a bit dry, I'm kinda running out of things to say. Sim based stories tend to get that way for me, so if anyone is having second thoughts about reading my Medieval story, don't worry. I have WAY more content for that than this, and it really interests me. I won't have to follow the sims around, they'll have to follow me!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,972 Member
    With the way Rose blew off Mordor on that date, one would assume he acted like Hezakiah on said date.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    When do you guys think is a good time to decide who is going to win? I have people wanting to get married, and I have to keep telling them no, When do you think is a good time?
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,972 Member
    I'd say when it gets to final 3 sims.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,672 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    When do you guys think is a good time to decide who is going to win? I have people wanting to get married, and I have to keep telling them no, When do you think is a good time?

    When I did a Bachelor-style challenge, I eliminated sims until we got a final 2. Then the finalists each got a one-on-one date
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • Skcaga6Skcaga6 Posts: 3,399 Member
    All caught up. :)

    When YOU are ready to finish it and choose the final sim, then it is time.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    Sorry about the lack of chapters lately. After 4 years of not being sick I caught a cold and it's really tossed me. I'm working on getting better though, so maybe next week sometime I'll get a chapter up.
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,972 Member
    Hope you get well.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,672 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    Sorry about the lack of chapters lately. After 4 years of not being sick I caught a cold and it's really tossed me. I'm working on getting better though, so maybe next week sometime I'll get a chapter up.

    Sounds awful. Get well soon :)
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member

    Chapter 19
    The Brightest Bulbs
    Thursday came around and Rose didn’t have anyone in mind to go on a date with, so she had a classic day with the contestants where everyone just hung out. While Winterfest was the day before, Rose felt like dressing as a toy elf. She didn’t feel cold as she layed in the snow with Preston, and he seemed fine too.



    Rose hugged Ian a hello, at least I think that’s Ian? Next time I should specify the same disguise for all of the outfits, this sure is hard sometimes.


    A lot of people were in a bedroom, talking.


    Preston tried to get romantic with Rose, but she still shut him down. Come on Rose! Give him a chance!


    Tristan gave Rose a little kiss on the cheek outside.

    The day was brief, and the next day was Friday, so Rose had to be ready to make a decision.


    The next day it was blizzarding outside, so there weren’t many outdoor activities, and the few contestants who remained all chatted and made their rounds.





    (I'm half convinced that Preston just likes photo bombing. It's hilarious.)



    Eventually it was time to declare who would be going home, a double elimination. Rose took the front of the room as she had for a while now. Her choices were pretty clear, having one of the choices already having been made for her. This week she would measure how much she liked and loved each contestant together, which would put some people at a large disadvantage, but it was time that she do that. It was drawing near the end of the challenge, it was time to get serious about who and what she wanted.


    First, she knew that she had inexplicably fallen out of love with someone.

    “Xavier, would you step forward please?” She said in her clearest, kindest voice. He met her at the front of the room.


    “Xavier, when we had our date a few weeks ago, it was wonderful. I felt a spark. But now, I don’t know why, but I feel no love towards you. I noticed it when I kissed you, and I thought maybe you were just not in the mood, but… I don’t know how to explain it.” Rose tried to reason.


    “I know, I don’t feel it either. But hey, don’t forget to invite me to your wedding, yeah? I can’t wait to see what everyone looks like without their disguise.”


    “Good bye, Xavier. Safe travels home.” Rose turned back to the six contestants that remained. The second choice was a certain one, the audience had chosen this contestant to send home. And Rose was… happy to see him leave?

    “Boyd, please come to the front.”


    His face fell and as he waled up to the front, Rose felt bad that she had found any pleasure in the idea of him going home. He had tried his best, just as much as any of the good relationships, Rose just never saw him that way. “It’s because I chased you so much, isn’ i’? I tried too hard.” he asked quietly.

    “No, that’s not it Boyd. It’s not your fault, I just couldn’t make myself love you the way that people in love do.” Rose assured.


    Boyd turned to her and picked up her hands. “I just want to look at these hands, the hands that could belong to an ‘lectrition. You’d make a fine election, nice and sparky. I’ll see- I’ll see you around?” he asked, a tear in his eye.

    “Yes, I’ll see you around, Boyd. And you’ll be at my wedding.” she pulled him in for a hug. “This isn’t the end for you. Just for us.”


    Boyd left and while everyone else was stretching their legs from sitting, Blaze came up and planted one on Rose, ever the jealous type.


    Everyone got some one on one time with Rose after the elimination, and then went home to wait for the new, high stakes week to start.






    These chapters are getting a bit short for my liking, I’ll try harder next time, I promise!

    I’m feeling better, probably about 85% at this point, and I’m off on Friday for once, so that’s great. I just had an exciting weekend of D&D with some friends, a once a year thing, so that was oodles of fun.

    I’m going to play the next chapter soon. We are getting so close to the end!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,972 Member
    My question is are all of the elimiated men going to be at this wedding or just ones that made it past a certain point? If all, how long before Hezakiah gets thrown out of said reception for being a weird dude?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    All of the contestants will be at the wedding.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,672 Member
    A once a year D&D campaign? Or did you go all out and finish everything in one go? :D

    And both of Lo's sims went home in one go. :( That's awful for her. I wonder if she's aware this is still going on, though.

    And wow, a wedding. I guess with one of the guys being a potential stepfather, nothing's too fast anymore. What a way to end the show. :D I'm sure it'll be interesting
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    So the deal with the D&D is this:
    I met a coworker at my job who turned into my best friend. She and her husband set aside memorial day weekend each year to play the game. They have friends from out of state come and we spend way too much time playing. I was new to it last year, and I was invited because two of the players couldn't come.

    It's fun arguing in character with the other players. I could go on and on.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    edited June 2019
    Chapter 19
    Let’s Sit for a Moment
    Rose decided that today she wanted to be more relaxed. With a swelling tummy she didn’t feel like wearing all sorts of for fitting dresses, or getting laced up into a dress. One of the rooms in the house looked out over the pool and had a sandy floor, and was newly renovated to have more beachy things in it. Fish in an aquarium were added, beach grass grew in tufts, and plants hung from the walls. It was balmy and warm, almost like a beach.

    Time was running short on who would be her husband. There were five contestants left, and about two weeks until she was going to choose a winner. He would have to be kind, be a good father to her son, be able to balance his own life with Rose’s as well, and a multitude of other things as well. To get to know them better as the deadline hurtled towards her, she had a conversation with each of the contestants. She would talk to each of them as long as they wanted to naturally talk, and wouldn’t stop them from walking away.


    First in was Blaze. “Hi, Blaze. How are you today?” Rose asked with authentic concern.

    “I’m doing fine. This isn’t an impromptu elimination, is it…?” he asked, slightly worried.


    “Not at all.” assured Rose. “I just want to get to know people a bit better. Tell me, because I’m not sure we’ve had this conversation, how do you feel about kids?” she asked bluntly.


    “I- I think I like them? I don’t not-like them. I’ve always focused on animals and not on children, so I suppose that I rarely thought about it. When I thought of kids I thought that I would have a few years with my wife or girlfriend before we had to think about them, so it’s a bit sudden to have you carrying like this.

    “I want to be a good father, but I’ll be honest with my short temper I may not be the best person for small children. It would take a lot of practice for me to have the patience.” he answered.

    “I understand, and I value your honesty.” Rose reciprocated. “I think you’ll be fine. If you can handle animals, you can handle children. I promise.” she smiled at him, and then Blaze patted her hand and stood up to leave.


    Mordor took his place. “My lady, how are you this fine morning?” he asked.

    “I’m quite well, thank you. The baby isn’t making me as sick as I thought it would so I’m doing just fine. How are you?”

    “The same without the baby.” he smiled. “Is ‘Rose’s Blooms’ doing well? I don’t think I’ve been in there.”


    “It’s doing fine. I love the area, I can see the ocean from my living room, I have a lovely little green house on the roof, and my shop is on the ground floor. It’s everything I could want and more.” Rose listed. “Mordor, I want to know how you feel about our situation, and what could possibly come of it. It’s been over a month since I told everyone I was expecting, and I want to know what you’re thinking.”

    “I thought that my choice would be obvious. If I was chosen at the end of all of this, I would love the child as my own. I would love you as my wife, and I would protect you and the child with my life. I would have to get used to city life, but that can’t be so hard, can it?” he answered honestly.

    “It’s probably harder than you think it is. Nothing is the same. You have to think about your neighbors, you have to be polite but not intrusive to other people, you can’t be as personal as you are out in the forest where your neighbors are your family. It’s a different world.”

    “But one with plenty of kittens that need loving homes.” Mordor countered.

    “Yes, plenty of kittens.” smiled Rose.

    Mordor took his leave to go and eat something, and Preston took his place. “Hello there, Rose. How’s the day treating you?”

    “Quiet well, and you?” Rose asked as Preston seemed to squirm.

    “I- I think I ate something wrong and it’s not feeling well…” he said. Rose leaned away from him and looked skeptical.


    “Maybe you should go to the bathroom…” she suggested.

    “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea-” he got up and bolted to the bathroom.

    Ian replaced him, holding popcorn in his left hand. “Did you make this popcorn? It has a sweet flavor and is a perfect golden color.” he flirtatiously joked.


    “I wish, it smells amazing.” Rose answered. “Ian, I want to get to know everyone better before I make an more decisions, and thus I want to ask you some questions. This may be a personal question, but what’s your relationship with your mother like?”

    “It’s good, I couldn’t ask for better. She works hard, even now as she’s getting older. She’s a nurse, which made me want to be a nurse, and she made me learn things. Made me look to the source of things. She’s one of the best people I know. If you choose me, I’m sure she’d want to be in the delivery room, helping. She’s amazing like that.”

    “That’s really good to know. I’m happy for you. I know that if my parents were still here, they’d want to be there too, but I have no family. No one. I mean, I have Claire, who’s like a sister, but she’s not a blood relative. And she’s so happy with her little son and her husband. I hope I can be that happy.”

    “You will be, in just a few weeks all of the confusion will be over.” Ian said, standing up and walking through the door, giving Tristan his cue to enter.


    He got close to Rose and started tickling her tummy in a playful way. “How’s our little person doing? Are you behaving in there? I’m talking to you, you hear me?” he laughed. Rose laughed too, until the baby kicked her. She patted her stomach, trying to soothe the baby and get it to stop it’s gymnastics.

    “With pregnancy brain, I’m not sure if I’ve told anyone here that I know what the baby’s going to be. It’s-” Rose started.

    “I already know.” Tristan jumped in. “It’s going to be loved, it’s going to be protected, IT’s going to have a loving family and a wholesome life and never want for anything.”


    Rose looked at the camera thinking “Do you see this good guy? Isn’t he too good for words?” She stood up, going to the bathroom. “The baby’s a boy, Tristan. I’m having a son.”


    When Rose returned from the bathroom, Blaze was waiting for her, but Rose wanted to remind Preston that she could flirt with him. Good thing he didn’t try flirting with her though, we all know how that goes…



    We're one day closer to picking a victor, what are some challenges you can think of to pick in the case of a tie? Do you want me to go with my gut, let Rose pick, or vote among yourselves?

    Decisions have been made...
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  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,972 Member
    Getting closer to the end. Part of me wonders who rose will choose at this point. Also, in the event of a tie, perhaps a Karaoke duel or a dance off for the tiebreaker.
    Irishsong wrote: »
    All of the contestants will be at the wedding.

    That will be a funny chapter just for the train-wreck of some of the jilted males.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    Sorry for the delay on a new chapter, but it's going to be worth it. I promise.
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,707 Member
    edited June 2019
    Chapter 21
    Our Love is On Fire

    Play this song:


    Rose stayed the night at the bachelor house, deep in thought. A few contestants who were in the challenge were obviously not going to make it to where others were, should she keep their hopes up for no reason? There was no hope for them. And the others….

    Rose felt that she already had someone in her mind to choose. Try as she might to think about the other contestants evenly, she couldn’t help but think about this one person more than any of the others. She wanted to get engaged day after day, wondering why she kept at this game when she knew who the winner was. They were a good balance for each other, and he gave her life meaning.


    She sat up in bed, looking at nothing. “But there are five contestants left. And I’ve felt this way before, I early threw the contest with Tristan after our first date, am I sure this is how I feel?”


    She got up and paced the room in thought. It felt right, choosing this person to have by her side for the rest of her life. He was caring; would love her. Would love her son. Was driven in his own career. They could be equals.

    Rose looked up from her pacing, sure that she had made up her mind. This isn’t the time she almost threw it before. There was no one left to meet. This was the winner, and the thought of that certainty scared her.


    She had a very moving conversation with the winner first thing by the lake, explaining her love, then called a meeting in the beach room. It was a bit crowded with six people in it, but it worked out fine.

    “Why does everyone look at me? The first time you met me, sure, new outfit, but still?”

    {Chapter 1}


    Rose entered the room and stood at the front, just like in an elimination and it made some of the contestants wary of the purpose of this meeting.



    “Good morning. I realize that now that there are so few of you here, I’m beginning to know my own heart.” her legs shook. “You have all helped me along this path. Tristan, you were my first truly serious love in this contest. Ian, you were kind, ambitious, and brave. Preston, you became one of my very best friends and showed me that there is a life beyond finance and making a living, you showed me living. Mordor, you are fierce and gentle, two sides of an impossible coin that make perfect sense for you. Blaze, you are passionate and uncertain at times, but I can tell that there is deep kindness in you and a drive to do right.

    “I want to tell you all that I have chosen who I will marry. This challenge has given me my self esteem back, stopped me from dating a terrible rebound and messing up my life further. You all helped me when I needed it most, and I will truly miss all of you. I hope that you will all come to the wedding. And with that, I announce-”

    *Fast-forward *

    “Where is he? Why isn’t he here? Josh has been calling all day trying to talk to you but you don’t care that your fiance isn’t here? How can you be so calm about this?” Claire was running around with her head cut off, assembling the things for the hospital.


    “Claire, he’s working. It’s ok. He’ll be home tonight, and I have you. Your husband wasn’t there when your son was born, you had me. Now I have you, UGH!” a contraction pulled on her insides.


    “We need to go, forget the stuff, let’s get out of here. You know how hard it’s going to be to get down all of those stairs.” Rose finished.

    “Fine, but your beloved fiance isn’t going to hear the end of this one.” Claire said angrily.

    Rose had a beautiful little boy, named Simon.


    Claire had a little girl, Clara.



    Play this song:

    “You’re sure that everyone is here? All of the contestants? Is Josh behaving? I swear, if he tries to stop me from getting married, I’m going to ring his neck with my own hands.” Rose threatened.


    “Don’t worry, I’m sure the contestants would do that for you. Relax. This is a good day, you’re getting married. There’s nothing to be worried about. We have everything planned out.” Claire soothed while helping Rose get dressed. Their sons, now little toddlers, sat in the waiting area outside of the chapel. They would both be sitting in the front row with Claire, giving Rose something to focus on. There were so many little details to distract her that it was hard to remember that this was a happy day, and she had to remember it and not spend it all worrying.

    Claire expertly finished Rose’s hair and makeup, and they walked down the stairs to the party room where they would have the reception after the wedding. It was nicely decorated in the theme colors of white and gold. Took ages to find all of the right stuff for it, but it turned out nicely.




    The three toddlers walked first, then went Claire, leaving Rose all alone at the aisle up to her wedding. Her husband to be was up there, she could see him facing away from her, out at the open ocean the chapel looked over. No one should leave a bride unattended at such a crucial point of the wedding… thought Rose.


    What was she afraid of? She loved this man. There was nothing to fear but fear itself.


    So she took her first step down the aisle, then another, until she was walking, passing the people she had turned down, but had made many friendships with.








    Arriving at the front of the room, she turned looked at the minister, the man who had won the first challenge. He had become ordained for this very occasion. His wife and children were sitting in the back of the chapel, a cute little family.



    “I’m a nervous…” whispered Rose to her fiance.


    “I would be insulted if you said otherwise.” smiled Blaze.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are here on this beautiful day to unify this man, and this woman, in the binding sanctity of love. You have prepared your own vows, yes?” Isaac asked.

    “Yes,” they both said, echoing one another.


    “Rose,” Blaze started, trying to gather muster. “I am a jealous man. I am hot headed, I make mistakes, and I work long hours. But you are the opposite of that. You are calm, collected. You see the whole picture of things, and you love me despite all of my flaws. I don’t know how you find the time and energy to love so many people in your life, but you don’t neglect anyone. Everyone who encounters you gets just what they need, and I have found exactly what I need in you. I love you forever and always.”


    “Blaze, where I am calm and collected, you are passionate. You do everything with an urgency I can’t match on my best days and it pulls me along to do better than I knew I could. It isn’t always easy, but I know that I will be happy with you and that we will have the rest of our lives to be happy beside one another. I love you.”


    They exchanged rings. “By the power vested in me by the Sims Franchise, I hereby announce you husband and wife!” Isaac declared.







    Adam, What are you doing?!


    Claire with little Clara:




    Got some of the boys dancing






    Hez- PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! (He did this at least twice)


    First dance:




    All tuckerd out


    And last but not least, a good credits roll!
    Thank You @VanPelt81 and @Brei714 for making some very entertaining sims for my challenge. Still working on keeping clothes on in front of children... but who can resist a a good rain to shower in?


    Thank You @cmbaker16 and @lovesstorms for making our beguiling and mysterious men in colorful outfits!


    Thank You @MINEZ for making a handsome man under a helmet. Gotta keep him under wraps!


    Thank You @MissSassy and @icmnfrsh . Both of you were very close to winning because I have no will power and buckle to the first sim who falls in love, even if there is a better love later. I was pulling for Tristan, I really was.


    Thank you @lovesstorms again for Xavier. He looks like an old-style clown and I wish I had gotten to know him better. And thank you @VanPelt81 for Mordor, Rose's guardian at times and a very unique person. He was a good friend of Rose's by the end.


    Thank you @Skcaga6 and @lovesstorms for your blonds. Boyd was the first person Rose wanted to spend a lot of time with, but that faded after a while. Preston had the highest friendship points out of all the contestant, even Blaze. I'm sorry Rose never gave any romantic thought to either of them, but they were very special to me.


    Thank you @KleineMuff for Colin, the contestant I forgt the most. I forgot to have him to the wedding until I counted how many there were (Before the wedding started), I forgot him when I took before and after pictures, and I literally forgot to put him in the credits and am doing this in editing. I'm sorry, he was a pleasure to have.


    And finally, Rose and Blaze, the Bride and Groom! Thank you and congratulations, @cmbaker16 ! No more costumes or hiding themselves is required, they've found the person they can be themselves around for the rest of their digital lives.


    I have another story I'm working on soon, so if you like medieval things, feel free to submit a sim to it, I've found myself figuring out how to accommodate the stories of the sims into the story, and it's still in the early stages, so it can bend to fit a few arcs into it.

    I thank you all again for this challenge, and I hope that you have a wonderful summer (or if you're in the southern hemisphere, winter?)

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