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The Rose Masquerade, Chapter 19 (5-27-19) {A Bachellorette Challenge}


  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,714 Member

    Chapter 5
    He loves me not

    Rose arrived home at 2 in the morning, not feeling well enough to do much of anything she had left the hospital with some vitamins and a scheduled check up in the next month, but there were questions in her head that wouldn’t settle as easily as a doctor’s visit.

    Should she tell Josh about the baby? She felt like she should, since it was his, but what if he wanted to be a part of the baby’s life? He always got along well with children that weren’t his, and Rose could see him taking as little responsibility with the child as possible, like going to someone else’s house to play with their dog and not having to feed, keep healthy and clothe the dog.

    Would the contestants be upset? Most people wouldn’t want the woman they’re dating to be carrying another man’s child. Would the show be canceled? Rose was just starting to feel like she could get to know these people.

    Still, as she looked up the stairs to the third floor of the building, she wondered if she would be able to care for a child here. She didn’t want to move, but she also didn’t think that she could walk so many stairs everyday once she became more pregnant.

    Did Rose even want kids? Rose asked herself as she walked up the stairs. She didn’t want to give away the baby, and she didn’t want to abort. She liked the idea of having a little one to take care of, she just hoped that it wouldn’t throw her life’s goals off the rails.

    Rose climbed once more into bed, and she closed her eyes, one of her hands against her abdomen where she knew the baby was. It was her job to keep it there and safe, anything else was an accessory.



    The smell of pancakes confused Rose’s stomach in the morning and she hurled was it had into the wasted basket next to her bed, then settled and wanted to devour the food. Rose hoped that her hormones would be manageable and not get the better of her like the stack of pancakes before her.


    “I figured you could use a good meal before you started your day. I’ll run the shop, you just relax, maybe do some gardening. I already called the studio and told them you needed a sick day or two. I told them you had the flu, and you would be staying home in my care for a while.” Claire smiled as she flipped pancakes.


    “I can’t thank you enough for this. I’m starving,” Rose said as she crammed pancakes into her mouth, “I’m feeling like I’m on a boat and I’m tired. I feel like I have the flu.”


    Claire finished making pancakes and sat down to eat. “I think you should tell Josh. He has the right to know that he has a child on the way.”


    Rose’s temper switched at record timing. “That rat has no right to me or anything that happens to me anymore! He lost any rights when I found him with another woman, doing a bit more than playing around. I never want to see him again or tell him anything. He can’t take care of a child.” scoffed Rose, “He would leave at the first sign of trouble. If the baby cried, he would hand it back to me. If it woke up at night, he wouldn't even be there to help me put it back to sleep. I can’t handle someone who won’t help me with whatever the future holds, and Josh is one of those people. He has no right to me after he broke my heart…”


    Claire patted her arm. “I know, I know. But imagine if the roles were reversed. Would you not want to know that you had a child? You had your disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that the child shouldn’t know it’s father.”



    Rose was in some comfy clothes and in the green house on top of the building when she called Josh. He picked up on the last ring.

    “Rose.... I wasn’t expecting a call from you. What can I do for you?” he sounded sleepy, even though it was 3 in the afternoon.

    “I need to talk to you. When can you be here by?” Rose said, trying to be as urgent as possible without giving away what the reason was.

    “You’re talking to me now, why do I need to come and see you?” he asked skeptically. “We left on pretty bad terms, don’t think I’m dumb enough to go to a ex-girlfriend’s house by myself. You could go psycho…”

    “Oh my God- Josh! I just need to see you in person. Claire is here, she’s running the store, you aren’t going to be maimed or murdered!“ She said in a hiss. “Just come over, please! It’s important.”

    “Why don’t we compromise? There’s a club just down the way from you-”

    “I am not feeling well enough to go anywhere. Please be here as soon as you can, I want to get it over with.”

    Josh paused. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll be the within the hour, let me get some pants on and tell Samantha why I have to leave on my day off.” a rustling was heard in the background as he got off the bed.

    “Please, Josh, you’re a musician, you’re off everyday and you party every night.”


    Claire let Josh up into the apartment and he walked up the many stairs to the greenhouse on the roof. Rose sat on the comfy couch in the corner of the warm and humid room.


    “Josh, I need to tell you something. Do you want to sit down?” Rose offered, trying to keep her overwhelming emotions at bay. It was Josh. Josh was here to see her, and only her, even though he had just left the company of the woman he cheated with, Rose felt a confused swell of emotion when she saw him. His good looks and rock star style had made her flustered when she had first met him, but now she felt resentment for his lifestyle and knew that she could never love someone like him after what he’d done.



    “Rose, there’s only one reason that you would want me to sit down.” he took a deep breath and looked away, out the window. “You’re pregnant aren’t you? Are you sure it’s mine? I know that you’re on the stupid show where you’re supposed to find the love of your life, did you sleep with one of them and catch one of theirs?”



    “Josh! How could you insult me like that?! I’m carrying your child.” Rose said in indignation, standing up. “I knew telling you would be a bad idea. You come here, and ask me if I have been sleeping around? I only slept with you, and you and I regret that now too. I don’t need anything from you, but Claire wanted me to tell you anyway. The baby doesn’t need you.” she said, walking towards the door.

    “Wait, Rose, I wasn’t being fair. Please come back.” He said, and Rose stopped. “You know that I never was ready to have kids. We never even talked about having kids. I’m just scared, you know?”




    Rose turned around and looked at him. Josh went on: “I know that you want someone ready to settle down and help you with baby, and maybe you’ll find someone to be a good father to the baby, but I want to try and be a father to it, Rose, let me try.”


    “What, and have you screw it’s life up too? I don’t think so. Goodbye, Josh. I hope you have a great life with Samantha, or whatever her name is. Now, take your bs and get out.”

    “You’re going to regret this, Rose. I’ll see you around.” Josh said as Rose closed the door behind him.


    Isn't that exciting? Again, I've only heard from a few of the contestants makers, Message me if your responses have changed. Until then, Be safe? I don't have a good sign off.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,721 Member
    Oh. Wow. She was right to dump that guy. What a butt.
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 9,731 Member
    Oh wow, what a *add any bad word here* ! :o But at least their baby will be super pretty :#
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,714 Member

    Chapter 6
    Little cabin in the woods
    Rose was feeling well enough and a bit cabin feverish after two days of being at home all, and thusly the studio was more than happy to resume once more, the evening of the second day she took off. They sent over another costume, but this one was deliberate. Rose pulled out a dress that looked like it was from many generations past, back to when history was barely kept in record. Rose raised an eyebrow at it, but it fit well once put on and once she did her hair she was ready to go.

    But where was she going? The car drove past the bachelor house, and it kept going until the buildings turned into trees. Rose was worried a bit as the shadows grew longer and the trees grew taller, but the chauffeur was the same older man who she had talked to many times, and she trusted her not to get her hurt. But where were they going?

    The car stopped at the check in for a camping grounds, a tiny little shack where everything looked 20 years out of date and a smell of campfire smoke lingerd everywhere. Rose was aware of her costume, and stayed in the car as the Elderly man took care of checking in, and then drove further into the grounds. They stopped when a small house came into view.

    “This is where you get out and have a lovely evening, my dear.” the driver said with a smile.

    “Thank you, Martin. I just wish I knew who I was meeting here. I assume this is a date, but I’m completely unprepared.” she said with a shaking smile. There were only a few contestants who would want to go to a place like this, which one was it?


    Walking away from the car, Rose took just a few steps before the door opened and out came the unmistakable Mordor Gates (except when he’s wearing the llama suit and his beard goes away.)


    “Rose!” he greeted as he jogged towards her in the fading twilight. “I’m happy to see you. I hope the journey wasn’t too hard, but this is the closest I could get to the date I envisioned for us. They forgot the guitar I requested, and the mead, and the roasted pig…”

    “I’m sure it will be fine, Mordor. What are we going to do first?” Rose assured. It was getting a bit chilly and the darkness in the woods made her unsettled. Being form the city, she was used to being able to see everything always, but having her view obstructed by shadows and trees made her heart flutter.


    “There’s a fire pit at the back of the house, I brought some hot dogs from the store to have us roast, so let’s eat, ok?” Mordor offered.

    “That sounds lovely. I’m hungry as it is.” Rose said, hoping the baby liked hot dogs. She wanted to keep the food she got down.

    The pair sat down and Mordor added another log to the fire. “So, Mordor, what do you do for a living?” Rose asked, starting conversation.


    “Oh, I play in a one man band. I make metal music, Which you may not have assumed from my cheery demeanor.” he said with an exaggerated, goofy smile. “That and I foster kittens, which I the studio also forgot to bring, but we can just enjoy our own company.”


    They got their food on their sticks to roast it, and Rose looked over at Mordor. “I think it’s wonderful that you help other beings. I once saw a sign that says ‘Saving one cat won’t change the world, but it changed the world of that one cat’. I find that uplifting.”

    “It’s really fulfilling too.” He said. “It’s hard to let them go once they get adopted, but it’s worth it to see kid’s faces, or old timers getting a cat to keep them going in life. It’s so fulfilling.”


    “It’s nice to have something that you look forward to everyday, something to mark the time by. My store is much the same thing everyday; people come in, they shop, maybe they buy something, they leave. We restock. It’s monotonous.”

    Mordor’s brow furrowed in concern. “If you don’t like it, why do you do it? Why put yourself through it?”


    Rose looked out into the woods, her hot dog now on her plate. “I do it because I enjoy it. The work isn’t monotonous as I make it sound, I just become complacent. There was a man in last week getting all roses and he was jittery as could be. He told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend, and it made me smile to see the world turning as it should. We made sure that he was prepared, he practiced his lines on us, and it was lovely. He perked up my whole day.”

    They sat in silence, eating their food, until Mordor picked up the conversation.

    “There’s another way that people used to see the world turning, the stars. I love the stars when I’m away from the city, you can see them so clearly.” he motioned for the two of them to lay on the ground, which wasn’t as cold as Rose thought it would be. She placed her hands conveniently on her abdomen, wondering if she should tell Mordor about what was coming.


    “I learned to read the stars when I was a young boy, my father taught me. At least, I could tell which way was north, not the future or any of that astrology stuff. Just the directions. It gave me a way to know position and in an odd way, myself. To look up at space, it makes you feel small, and I try to make myself not so small by doing good with my life.” he looked over at Rose, seeing how she was just looking up at the sky, not saying anything, a distant look on her face. “Heh, I talked enough about me. What about you?”


    Rose didn’t reply; it was as if she hadn’t heard him. “Rose?” he asked, sitting up.

    “Hmm? Oh, I was daydreaming!” she laughed in embarrassment. “Not to sound weird, but your voice is pretty hypnotic.” That and I was thinking of something else…

    “You’re a million miles away tonight, what’s up?” Mordor asked.



    Rose sat down, on the stool and Mordor did the same. “This is sudden, I know, but I’m not in the running for just a husband. I’m looking for a man that can be a good father to my child.” Rose said carefully.

    Mordor looked confused. “I don’t follow. What are you talking about?”


    “I’m expecting a baby. My ex left me with a bit more than a broken heart.” she said, and for the first time she felt almost excited. Rose realized that she was looking forward to taking care of a child.


    “Do you need me to defend your honor? Are you- what are-” he stumbled over his words.

    “Mordor, you don’t need to do anything. I already had a conversation with him and I told him I don’t want him in my life or the baby’s. He’s out of the picture.”

    “Rose, I don’t know if you want to hear this, and I’m not even sure what I’m saying, but I know it’s what my heart wants to say, but I would never turn my back and hurt you. I would be up to any challenge that comes my or our way.” he said with a smile and a pat on her hand. Rose smiled in response, but that smile turned into a yawn.

    “You’re tired, go on inside and get ready for bed, I’ll put out the fire. There should be a nightgown on the bed, the studio picked it out, I’m not a creep.” he said with a half hearted giggle.


    Rose went inside and noticed that there was only one double bed in the small house, did he think they would be sleeping in the same bed?

    Rose slipped out of her clothes behind the screen and into her nightgown, and she felt her stomach flip. No, baby, we need that food, don’t push it back out. Keep it down.


    Mordor came in the back door and walked over to the room separator, and asked if he could join her. “I guess so,” she said, sitting on the bed.

    “I’ll be sleeping on the couch over there, making sure no animals get in or anything. No bear suits will be bothering you, I can promise that!” he chuckled. “Do you need anything? Water, more blankets?”

    “No, I think I’ll be fine. I’m just gonna light the candle and go to bed. I’m exhausted.” Rose said.

    “Very well, Good night my dear, I’ll see you in the morning.”


    “Good night.” she responded as he turned the corner and went to lay down on the couch. The bed was surprisingly deep and she fell asleep right away, not moving much, and dreaming of nurseries.



    Rose awoke in the morning to a turning stomach and the smell of bacon.


    Rose walked out of the room and over to Mordor, busy at the stove. “Good morning, Sunshine!” he greeted. “How did you sleep?”


    “It was weird, not hearing traffic going past outside, just listening to the noises of the woods. But I was too tired to care, so I slept really well!” she smiled.

    The two ate their food, chit chatting about this and that, and soon it was time to go home and get ready for another day of talking to contestants. How would they handle the news? Would they all take it as well and Mordor?
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 9,731 Member
    This was a wonderful date :) Mordor seems to be a great man!
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,975 Member
    Mordor seemed to do a great job at making Rose feel comfortable. She even let Mordor in on her pregnancy before letting everyone else know. I do wonder how the other men will take the news?
  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 9,172 Member
    edited January 2019
    oh no! I'm so far behind and I've been missing the's probably too late too, going to catch up though :)

    oh no I think i'm good phew! :blush:
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,721 Member
    "No bear suits will be bothering you" :joy:

    That date was very intimate. I think Mordor has a good shot at this. :)
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,714 Member

    Chapter 7
    To Whom it May Concern
    “You look like you haven’t seen the sun in a month. Let me do your makeup.” Claire offered, sitting Rose down in the makeup chair.


    “I didn’t know that you knew how to do makeup, Claire. When did this happen?” She said, getting comfortable.

    “Well, when I lived in Sunset Valley, I suppose. There were some real snobby people there, and super casual meetups in the backs of theaters, but that’s a tale for another time.”


    Claire finished the makeup, and Rose went on her way.

    Nathaniel was the first to see Rose come in, and greet Rose. “You were gone a while, are you ok? I heard you got sick…” he asked, worried.


    “I’m ok now. Nothing a bit of chicken soup couldn’t cure.” Rose smiled, already feeling deceptive.

    That’s when Rose heard bickering coming from the kitchen and dining area. Hezekiah and Tristan had started an argument.


    “You burnt the popcorn, you buffoon!” shouted Tristan. “Now we have to live with the smell in our noses for at least a week, and knowing you, you’ll leave pieces around the house to make it longer!”

    “I would never leave popcorn around the house, it’s unsanitary! Old socks, yes, but that’s just to keep the nargles away!”

    “Woah, woah, Tristan, take a walk and cool your jets. I’m sure he didn’t mean to burn the popcorn.” Rose stepped in.


    “Thank you, lady. Say, you weren't here for a while. You sick? Do you want a dirty sock to make it better?”

    “No thank you, Hezekiah.” Rose declined, walking over to the library to talk to the other contestants. They were on the computers, and mostly hadn’t noticed that Rose had returned. When Preston looked up and saw her, he nearly jumped out of his chair in surprise.


    “I- guys, Rose it back!” They all looked up from their screens and greeted her. Over the din of their welcomes, Rose looked at Preston.

    “Hey, Preston, Let’s go outside. The sun is shining for the first time in forever, and I want to enjoy it.” she invited.

    “Uh, sure. I’ll be right out.” he mumbled and blushed.

    He met Rose out in the large backyard. She was facing away, looking at the colorful swing set. “What’s up?” he asked.

    “I’ve never swung before…” Rose said in a quiet and nearly begrudging voice. “We never had one in the city, or we were in an apartment and didn’t have a yard or a playground with them. I’ve never played on one…”

    “Oh, it’s good fun! Have you seen anyone swing before? Do you know the mechanics?” Preston asked.

    “I’ve seen people do it on videos, but I haven’t seen in in real life. Could… Could you help me?” Rose asked with some embarrassment. “I can’t move very easy in this dress, and I don’t have much practice…”


    “Of course, fair lady. Sit in the swing, to start.” he led, stepping behind the seat.

    “Ok, and now I”m going to lead you, hold on to the chains.” he placed his hands just above her hips and gently pulled backwards to get her into position, “Ok, pick up your feet!” he called as he pushed her and she swung forward, and Rose let out a sweet squeal.




    “This is amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t done this before!” she yelled.

    “Yeah, just keep moving your legs, and don’t let them get caught on the ground!” he reminded.

    Eventually after a few minutes of swinging, Rose felt a bit dizzy and slowed down. After a few minutes of laughing, she had regained her balance. “Preston, I have something to tell everyone and I figure I might as well tell you now. You know how I was in a relationship before?”



    “Yeah, he was disgraceful and doesn’t deserve you. What about it?” Preston said with a small accent.


    “Well, it turned out to be a bit more than just a relationship. It left me expecting a child. I’m pregnant, Preston.”


    “Oh, that’s- that’s unexpected. What- how is that going to affect me?” Preston asked, blurting out the first thing that came to his mind.

    Rose raised her eyebrows. “It doesn’t have to change your life, if you don’t want it to, but it will change mine and whoever I choose from the contestants. You can walk away and I won’t judge you at all.”

    “I’ll have to think about this, of course. I- these decisions aren’t made in a day.” Preston requested.

    “Of course. Now I have to tell everyone else. Wish me luck.” She said with a small smile as she straightened her spine and squared her jaw. Some of them may not want to marry a woman who was carrying and going to raise the child of another man, but that would make her decision easier in the end, wouldn’t it?


    Rose walked back into the house and after she requested half of the men to join her in the dining area.

    “Now,” she addressed the men at the table. “I have something to announce.”

    “Is is desert? Carmelo won’t let me eat his ice cream and I have a real hankering for ice cream.” Hezekiah jumped in.

    “No, Hezekiah, it’s not desert, it’s something much bigger than ice cream.”


    “Bigger than ice cream?” asked Blaze. “Why do I have a feeling we’re not talking about food?” he asked. Why he wasn’t wearing a shirt is anyone’s guess...


    “You’re right. As everyone knows, I was in a relationship that went badly and I left him, but he didn’t fully leave me. I’m expecting a bundle of joy in about 8 and a half months.” Rose said with a forced smile. The people at the table had a glazed over look to their faces and it was hard to tell what they were thinking. All except Hezekiah.




    “A baby!? But babies cry and are loud when you want them to be quiet-” he broke off, and then changed to another view point,


    “Yes, but all of those movie you see where they are in a post-apocalyptic world say that babies taste good, maybe better than ice cream!-


    "Yes, we will be able to finally see what babies taste like!”

    Rose was quite taken aback and alarmed, but knew that he was pretty scrawny, so she could fight him off if she had to. There was no way she would let her baby be tasted.


    The next half of men came in less on edge than the last group, and Ian asked Rose: “So, why did I hear Hezekiah get excited? He’s half baked, and I for one am kinda confused.“

    “Well,” Rose started.


    Tristan looked eager to hear what the news was. Nathaniel looked sceptical, and Justin was unreadable behind his helmet.


    “Things are going to change quite a bit around here. Something very big is coming, and I need you all to know that you do not have to be responsible for what it is or what happens to it.” Rose said cryptically, trying to feel out the room.


    “Well, jeez, what is it? What could be so disruptive?” Justin asked.

    “I’m going to have a baby.” Rose said simply, with a smile. The rest of the table took a breath, but Justin kept going, happy with the discovery.


    “A baby!? That’s wonderful news! You're going to make a great mom!” he exclaimed.

    “Why, thankyou, Justin.” she smiled, a bit more reassured.


    Everyone dispersed, and Rose was starting to feel the confinement of her costume a bit too much so she ducked into a bathroom to change into something a bit more comfortable.


    Preston was outside, and the night was warm, so Rose laid down next to him on the pavement, looking up at the stars.

    “I’m happy you told me before everyone else. I sometimes have a hard time processing things like everyone else, and this was quite the shock, if you don’t mind me saying.” he said sheepishly. “I just want you to know, that if you pick me at the end of all this, I’ll do the right thing, I’ll marry you and look after the child as if it were my own.”

    Rose rolled over and looked at him, a little disappointed. “Preston, I don’t want someone who will ‘do the right thing’. I need everyone to know that the baby is going to be a huge factor in my life, but I don’t want someone who wants me and takes the baby along with me, an afterthought. If you want to marry me, you need to want to have a baby too and love as much as you love me.”

    Preston didn’t know what to say, so and Rose got up and wandered around, wanting to be home and in bed but the car didn’t come for another hour to take her home.

    Carmelo was over by the grill, enjoying his hotdog. When he saw Rosee standing on her own, looking a bit lost, he tried to swallow what he had in his mouth and make sure he didn’t have food on his face, and walked over to her.


    “Hey, Rose. How are you doing?” he asked.

    “I’ve been better. I feel like, well I feel like I’ve shown all of my cards in a card game and don’t know if I’m going to win or lose. I feel, unnatural.” She said, realising that she didn’t know this person very well and she wanted to hold on to some of her power, so she was careful with her words.

    “If it makes you feel better, I think it happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.” he said.

    “How do you mean?” Rose asked.

    “Well, When you lose your phone, but you find 20 simoleons you didn’t know you’d lost in the process of finding your phone, then you lost your phone so you could find your money. I think that you are having a baby so that other things in the future will unfold.” he said, trying to reassure her.

    “If only we knew what those things were.” Rose said, and wished him good night.

    Going back into the house, Rose was looking for someone she knew better than most people here. Nathaniel ha been oddly absent from the group since the news, and rose was worried. She knew that he was a rich boy, and that his folks were very influential. What was he thinking? What was going on in his mind?

    She knocked on his door, and he said to enter. He was sitting on his couch, and Rose took a moment to look around at the room. It was very well decorated, but very dark. He had his own room, which must have been expensive. Most of the contestants had to share a room with at least one other person, but he had his own.

    Nathaniel looked up but didn’t seem surprised when he saw Rose. She sat down on the couch beside him, waiting for the silence to make him talk.


    “I don’t want it to have my name.” he said out of the blue.

    “And why is that?” Rose asked, ready to be offended but also trying to coax out an answer.

    “I hate my name. I want to reinvent myself, be someone else entirely if I could, but I know that isn’t possible. I’m too well known. I don’t want the child to have my name if I win this challenge because I don’t want it to become what I almost became. I womanizing, spoiled rich kid who doe what he wants and not what’s right.” he stood up, pulling Rose with him.

    “Rose, I want to do the right thing. I know that it is far too soon to tell if I’ll be your beloved at the end of this, but if you choose me, I’ll love that child-” the corners of his eyes wrinkled as if he had a smile on his face, “with all of my heart. Anything it needs, it will have, be that clothes for school or attention and help for a school project, I’ll be there.”


    He gently grabbed Rose’s hands and kissed them through his mask, a kind and pure gesture.


    “Thankyou, Nathaniel. I’m very happy to hear you’re on board.” she said, beaming.


    I didn't know how to fit these pictures into the story, but every time Rose tralked to someone in the group chat, she had to get up and hug them, making it hard to get everyone in the right place, even with freewill off.


    Rose's pregnancy almost made a suprise reveal before she was ready when she felt nauseous when Justin sat down to talk.

  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,721 Member
    Rose: I can't move very easy in this dress
    Good thing Preston can :D

    Oh jeez, Hezekiah :grimace:
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II

    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
  • VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,975 Member
    However the rest of the bachelors react when finally given the chance (aside from the ones whose reactions were already shown), none will be as weird as good ole Hezekiah's totally insa.. I mean erratic reaction. >:) Hezkiah's super excited face in the picture last picture he's in had me laughing on the floor for an hour (especially with his very odd reaction to the news there).
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,714 Member
    There most likely won't be a chapter for February because I'm challenging myself to not use the internet for entertainment for a month. I spend so much time watching videos, playing games, that it is starting to make me feel like reality doesn't matter so much? I will be back in March, possibly letting myself pop in once or twice before then. Thankyou for sticking through with me, see you in March!
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,721 Member
    Irishsong wrote: »
    There most likely won't be a chapter for February because I'm challenging myself to not use the internet for entertainment for a month. I spend so much time watching videos, playing games, that it is starting to make me feel like reality doesn't matter so much? I will be back in March, possibly letting myself pop in once or twice before then. Thankyou for sticking through with me, see you in March!

    Good luck! :)
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    There most likely won't be a chapter for February because I'm challenging myself to not use the internet for entertainment for a month. I spend so much time watching videos, playing games, that it is starting to make me feel like reality doesn't matter so much? I will be back in March, possibly letting myself pop in once or twice before then. Thankyou for sticking through with me, see you in March!

    Will cheer on the sucess of this but also be okay with failure of this (and a new chapter that comes from this ;) )
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    Well, I gave myself a cheat day after a long week of knitting, quilting, and being frustrated over quilting. Have fun with a chapter!

    Chapter 8
    Home, Stinking Home
    Friday morning rolled around faster than expected and Rose had to decide who was going home and who was staying in the contest. The certainty that someone was not right for her was a bit shaking, but after Cobalt went home last week, she felt like she could handle this one. The choice was clear in her mind, but it didn’t dull the feeling.

    As with all eliminations, the gathering started at about 2 in the afternoon, which gave Claire a chance to get better at styling Rose.

    “So, what do you feel like wearing today? Flowing? Short?” she asked.


    “Uh, I guess I’d like to wear something that makes me feel like a goddess if possible. But it’s getting kinda cold outside so maybe something with sleeves?” Rose asked.

    “Say no more.” Claire reassured and she did a good job, picking out a lovely dress for Rose to wear and doing a good job on her makeup.


    Nathaniel is getting in those crunches before Rose arrives at the lot. Show off.

    Rose arrives and this time I turned off the stereo. Usually they all just stand around and dance, crowding by the stereo, so this time I wanted them to mingle a bit more. Eat food, so on.





    Everyone had a good time.


    I like to think that in this picture, Justin is noticing how many people dressed up in a knight’s helmet.


    When the time was 5 in the evening, and Rose had to announce the contestant going home. The gentlemen all gathered and the front row kept chatting for a few minutes, until it became obvious that Rose was waiting for them to be quiet.



    Eventually they were still, and Rose started.

    “This week has been odd for sure. We found out that I my life is going to change even more than I thought, and you all took it in your own way. That being said, while it was a shorter week than normal, it is still Friday and someone goes home. To be frank, it wasn’t hard to choose a person to go home this week as their reaction to the news of my pregnancy was far from acceptable and quite alarming. Hezekiah, please step forward.” she said with dignity.


    Hezekiah stepped forward. “Rosey, I’m sorry you feel this way, no hard feelings, right?” he asked, extending his hand.


    Rose instinctively took his hand but was shocked when he hid a buzzer in it. He laughed and took off the hidden device and stored it into his pocket. Rose unconsciously leaned away from him. I only have to be around him for a few more minutes, and then I never have to see him again. Hold it together. He’s just a sick man.



    “Sorry, sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that since I got here, and the look on your face was priceless.” he said, as if that made it acceptable. “But in all truth, I do have a gift for you prepared in case this ever were to happen. Here you go!” he said, pulling out a red and black wrapped present.



    Rose’s heart softened. Yes, he was just a misunderstood man, he wasn’t all bad.



    That is, until she opened the box to find what appeared to be poop in the box, with an extra scent of a stink bomb inside. Rose gagged, Hezekiah laughed once more, half heartedly, and left the building without being escorted. He just kept walking, too, not getting into the waiting car. A puzzling man, to say the least.


    The chairs were cleared away, and Nathaniel came over to Rose. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” he invited Rose looked at Mordor, unsure whether she should split away from the group, or if she should stay and talk and be civil. A part of her deeply wanted to go away and be in the chilly air, but she knew how this would look, too. Still, she didn’t want to be rude to Nathaniel, so she walked out the back door with him.


    They walked down the steps to the little fountain garden, under the lamp posts. Nathaniel had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Rose as they walked, but was careful not to trip.

    “Rose,” he started. “Since, jeez, was it only yesterday? I have wanted you to know how strongly I feel about the child. You are going to be a wonderful mother, and while I am scared to be a father, if you choose me,” he said to justify his point of view, “I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to protect you and your baby. Our baby-”


    “If I choose you/me.” They said in unison with smiles on their faces as Nathaniel grabbed Rose's hands.

    "Will always know that it is worth more than all of the money or riches in the world."


    At that moment, Blaze came down the stairs on his way over to the bathroom. The lot wasn't’ very big, and the toilets were installed outside, as the building didn’t have room for the plumbing. They casually stepped away from each other so that their conversation didn’t seem as intimate as it was.

    “Another thing I was thinking about yesterday was how your skin feels if I were to actually kiss it without a mask on.” he said in a hushed tone once Blaze was in the bathroom and out of the line of sight.


    Rose was taken aback by the bluntness of the comment. “Too bad with your disguise I don’t get that privilege.” she replied. “It’s pretty hard to kiss a mask.”

    “So, I went down to the shop earlier today and picked up what I needed. Hold on just a second.” he said, pulling a large mask out from his pocket and pulling off the mask that hid the lower half of his face, replacing it with a mask that hid the upper half of his face. In the gloom of the night, Rose didn’t see a thing, and to be honest, though part of her wanted to see what he looked like, she also wanted to wait until the end to see what he looked like.

    “I can hardly see you, now.” he said, grinning. “Are you still there?”


    “Yes, I’m here, you goof.” Rose slipped her arms under his, pulling him into an embrace.

    When they seperated, Nathaniel took a deep, shaky breath. “Well, I got this far, no use turning back now, is there?” he said, and-


    -he kissed her under the glowing street lights.




    Rose’s legs were shaking and she felt a wave of dizziness come over her. The two of them moved over to a bench.

    “Are you alright?” Nathaniel asked. “Is something wrong?”


    “No, I don’t think so. I just feel lightheaded. It will pass.” she checked herself internally to make sure she didn’t feel sick.

    “Ok, then, a kiss goodnight?” he asked.


    Blaze played in a pile of leaves in the background, only seeing that Rose was with someone, but not who. It didn’t seem to bother him, he kept playing in his rotting leaves.



    The first Bromance to appear is between Carmelo and Adam. They spend quite a bit of time together and have a healthy friendship.


    Rose and Preston like looking up at the sky together. It’s kinda sweet.


    Everyone piles around in this one corner if the radio is playing, so I like to keep it off.

    Also, I have the next chapter played already, but I don’t know who to choose for the next 1/1 date, so you guys get to vote! Here’s the link:
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    Oh I love it :)
    And Nathaniel got the first kiss :love:

    I'm not sure anymore but I think I gave him a beard. Maybe it disappeared with his mask. It's only stubbles tho ^^

    Voted :)
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    MissSassy wrote: »
    Oh I love it :)
    And Nathaniel got the first kiss :love:

    I'm not sure anymore but I think I gave him a beard. Maybe it disappeared with his mask. It's only stubbles tho ^^

    Voted :)

    Yeah, as shown previously with Mordor, the beards disappear with the llama mask. I didn't see *person in question* when I put it on, but I did scroll over the icon and it came up with an 'x' so there's something there. I actually put my hand over his face while changing him so I didn't see anything on accident .
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    I think someone is way ahead of the rest. :D I wonder if the others will catch up.

    No surprise that she chose to kick that guy out. :D
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    icmnfrsh wrote: »
    I think someone is way ahead of the rest. :D I wonder if the others will catch up.

    No surprise that she chose to kick that guy out. :D
    The more surprising part was how Hezakiah wasn't voted out first. He was very nutty to say the least. Maybe she likes crazy people but had to draw the line at those who want to consume the veal version of Soylent Green
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    No surprise that she chose to kick that guy out. :D[/quote]
    The more surprising part was how Hezakiah wasn't voted out first. He was very nutty to say the least. Maybe she likes crazy people but had to draw the line at those who want to consume the veal version of Soylent Green

    To be honest, I thought of 'Snow Piercer' for the line. I hated the movie, but it had Chris Evan's in it so I watched. They mentioned eating babies in it. Gross.
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    Lol at seeing it because of Chris Evans. He's one of the most handsome men I can think of off the top of my head, so yeah. I haven't seen Snowpiercer yet, but eating babies sounds iffy. And reminds me of that awful Sims mod that was remade across several installments :s

    I suppose Rose gave Hezekiah too much benefit of the doubt. But how much is too much? 🤔
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    Race Against the Clock: Can your elder sim turn back the clock before their time runs out?
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    No baby eating shown in the movie, but it's referenced to as a past event.
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    voted :)
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    Chapter 9

    Contestants still in the running:


    It was a Monday morning and the contestants were in a very high penthouse. Rose had an extra day off to take care of her shop, and a challenge was to be had. The first group date was due, and that meant that they had to decide who was going to go on the date. But how that was to happen was a bit unclear.

    In front of them stood a slight woman with the brightest red hair you’d ever seen, and a man who looked to be fit but middle age. They were both in athletic clothes, but there was no gym machines around anywhere.

    The woman and the man took center stage with distressed backgrounds, almost like they were on a movie set. Were they on a movie set?


    “You’re probably wondering what you’re doing here, huh? First, let me introduce myself and my husband. My name is Tessa, and this is Isaac, and we were the couple who found true love a few years ago. Best thing that ever happened to me, actually.” she smiled at her husband.


    “So, I know a bit about having to fight for love. At one point I was actually marooned on an island and had to marry another man so that the leader wouldn’t let aliens abduct my baby, but that’s another story entirely! What I’m trying to get at, is sometimes you have to fight for your love! Today’s challenge is sword fighting.”


    “Now, I’m sure that even though a few of you wear knight’s helmets, you’ve probably never held a sword, much less used one. Now, watch Tessa and I carefully. Ready, honey?” Isaac asked.



    “Yep.” she answered as they faced each other and picked up their swords.




    The fight was enthralling, fighting and twirling expertly. Isaac ended up winning, laying the point of his sword at his wife’s neck. Obviously, they were in no real danger, they were both trained.


    “You ok, honey?” Isaac asked.


    “Yeah, that was one of our best runs yet! I think I did great, and you won! Look at that! Your footwork was amazing, by the way.” she complimented.


    “Oh honey, you didn’t fall over during your spin and I could really feel your strength again my sword, an upward push is hard to do. Good for you!” he said picking up his wife and spinning her. They were wither sickeningly sweet, or really cute, most of the contenders couldn’t choose which one.



    Then they turned around and thanked the contestants for watching, and the men were very confused. Was it a performance or a fight that they just had? Um?

    Of course they seemed too happy to question and the first set of opponents were called up. “Carmelo, Adam, you guys are first. Pick your weapon.”


    They picked pirate swords (I’m going to call them by names other than what’s in game because I can’t remember what they’re called,), and took the positions that they had seen Tessa and Isaac take. Everyone stepped back, and the fight began.


    Of course, there were bound to be hiccups. Adam went to twirl his sword and let go half way through the swing, making it go straight up, and then straight down into his foot.





    Carmelo looked like he was going to be sick, seeing his friend’s foot become a dartboard, but it missed its target and did no damage. It was a close call, and Tessa stepped in.


    “Ok, so you guys are going a bit hard at this. I know that Isaac and I made it look easy, but these are dangerous weapons, and they need to be treated seriously. Go a bit easier this time.”


    She stepped away and the pair changed positions. They fought rhythmically and not very well, but it was better than losing a foot. Carmelo won the duel, and it was time for the next pair.



    Mordor and Blaze dueled under ashes coming down, and Blaze won the prize.


    Colin and Xavier fought while bubbles drifted down with lightsabers, but Colin was the victor of this duel. Maybe it was the Star Wars helmet.


    Boyd and Tristan fought next. “My name is Tristan O’Leary, you stand between me and the woman who may be my wife, prepare to die.” he recited.

    “Remember that this is a friendly duel, not to the death!” Tessa called out, still in mom mode. She has three children, who could blame her?

    However, it was Boyd who won the fair Buttercup, for he won the duel. (If you follow loosely.)


    Justin and Ian dueled next, under a fake downpour. “Nothing personal, mate. If you win, good for you.” Justin said.


    “Same.” Ian said simply, and they drew their pirate swords. Ian won, and the two took their seat once more, unfazed.


    “I don’t think I’ve ever been threatened by a fairy boy, so I don’t think I’ll start now. Besides, I’ve fenced before, so Id say I have the upper hand.” Nathaniel observed.

    “That’s good, because I love to defeat big-shot billionaires.” he jabbed back. His slippers were starting to pinch and he wasn’t in a happy mood.


    The fight was intense, and as it was the last one everyone was watching to see who would win. After a few key moves, Preston was the winner, and Nathaniel sat down in a quiet pile of contempt and disappointment. With all the Progress he and Rose were having, how could he stand aside and let other men try and win his woman?

    The contestants were let go to entertain themselves for the remainder of the day. The next day, Tuesday, Claire was back at it again, trying to make Rose look like a movie star.

    “It’s kinda chilly today, maybe sleeves would be a good idea. Wanna be a rebel in a dystopian thriller?” Claire asked casually.

    “Where do you get these things from?” Rose asked rhetorically.


    “Now, for your hair, what do you think of this?” Claire continued.

    “Uh, Long and orange isn’t really my thing. What else do you have in your bag of tricks?”


    “A headband and loose hair?” Claire tried.

    “Not very feminine. We’ll just go with the usual. It’s fine.” Rose said, looking at her watch. It was getting a bit later than she would have liked, group date or no.


    Her stomach gave a lurch once she stood up, reminding her of something she hadn’t forgotten. She had forgotten breakfast though. She grabbed a few granola bars and climbed into the waiting car. It took her into the countryside, a more rustic and simple area.


    When she arrived, she saw Preston attempting yoga, while the other men were talking around a table.

    “I’m just happy that Adam is ok. It hit really close to his foot, I almost lost my lunch. Tessa seems like a fair lady, Isaac is lucky to have her.” Carmelo said as Rose walked up.


    “What do you mean by that?” Rose asked, eyeing Boyd as she did so. Was Carmelo talking about how pretty another woman was while he was on a date?

    “Just that they seem like a really good fit. Tessa looks like she as an inner peace and their faith in one another is impenetrable. That’s the type of love most of us can only dream of.” Carmelo explained in his smooth voice.

    “I didn’t meet Tessa, but from that praise, I can only wish her the best. Now, What is there to do around here?” she asked.


    “Well, how about you sit down, Rose,” Boyd invited. “We’ll have a nice little chat.”

    “Oh, Thank you, Boyd.” Rose smiled. The sun was shining, and it felt like little fairies on her skin compared to the chill.


    While the four of them sat down together, Preston kept trying out the yoga with varying degrees of success. Blaze was somewhere, and Rose didn’t notice where he was.

    “We were supposed to be playing with dogs, but they haven’t shown up. So I guess we only have ourselves to entertain each other.” Boyd said.

    Under the table, Carmelo poked Collin, smiling that he couldn’t retaliated. Colin turned his head to him, his expression unreadable.

    “You know, I think I’d like one on one time with everyone. It’s just right, I think. You won time with me, time you will get.” Rose said, standing up after a short time.

    “Carmelo, would you like to come with me?” she invited.

    “It would be my pleasure, lady.” he said, elegantly.

    They walked down a short ways from the small park, and stood beside the water. The leaves had nearly all fallen off the trees by now, and they lay on the ground like confetti.

    “You know, this is almost my ideal date. Just without the other guys with us.” he commented.


    “What do you mean?” Rose asked. “We’re in a dog park without dogs, there are tons of people around.”

    “Well, I wanted to take you to a park while the sun set, to talk to you.” he shrugged, a casual gesture. “A date can be at can be anywhere at any time as long as you make it one.”

    “You’re a romantic, aren’t you? You have that gallant air about you.” Rose inquired.

    “Well, coming from a family of fortune tellers and match makers, it kinda runs in the family.” he winked.

    Rose looked at her watch. Knowing that the sun would go down earlier and earlier, she had to keep things moving. “I had a lovely chat, but could you send over Blaze? If you can find him.” she smiled a half guilty smile.

    “Of course, lady.” he nearly bowed.


    While Blaze was being hunted down and led over to Rose, she decided to lay down on the cold and damp ground. Her clothes already looked like they were dirty, so she didn’t have to worry about looking disheveled. Not only that, but laying down helped the world stop spinning. She pulled out a granola bar, hoping it made her less light headed.

    “How are you today, Rose?” Blaze asked, startling her from her daydreaming.

    “Oh, just a bit dizzy, that’s all. Wanna talk about anything?” Rose asked, getting up off the ground.

    “I was just thinking about your loser ex boyfriend. What a sleaze bag he must have been to leave such a beautiful woman like you for another woman. I can’t believe it. And then to leave you with a baby… unbelievable. Not that I’m surprised. I thought you were glowing.” he commented. Rose wasn’t sure whether she was supposed to take that as a compliment. Did she look pregnant? It was too soon, wasn’t it?"


    “Um, I actually left him. He wanted to join the contest, but I told him to leave. I don’t need someone who has hurt me so much be in my life, not when I removed him once already.”

    “Oh, you- you didn’t take him back?” Blaze seemed surprised for a moment. “I mean, of course you did! You don’t need him. Anyone who cheats deserves to have their bags to the curb! I wouldn’t cheat on you, no man ever should, you’re too good for that.” he said, and Rose could feel some of jealousy coming off of Blaze, but also some uncertainty. Did he think that he would get a second chance if he screwed up? Or did he think that he could replace Josh?

    “Right. Well, I’m not really looking for someone to hold my hand and guide me through life, and I’m not looking for someone to bow at my feet. I’m looking for a partner.” Rose said, casually but trying to make a point.

    “Of course, of course.” he repeated. “I’ll go and get Colin. Cya around.” blaze jogged off to get Colin.

    When he arrived, Rose noticed the sun was going down already. Unreadable as always, due to the helmet, Rose smiled as he approached.

    “Hi, Rose! Gotta say, it gets brisk at this time of night. Are you ok? Your shirt has holes it it…” he asked.

    “I’m fine, really. So, I feel like I haven’t heard about you much. What sort of things do you like to do?” Rose inquired.

    “Oh, I like to look after the family business. We’re known for high but affordable fashion, and it’s been really busy. We do a good business and I just want to make sure that when I take over the reins I’ll know what’s going on.”


    “Oh, well, that’s nice.” Rose smiled. “I run a business too, but not to the scale that your family does, surely! I just hope that it doesn’t change too much when I have the baby. I don’t need my money to fall out from beneath me, you know?” she said, laughing. “I can always move back in with my parents, don’t look so worried.” she assured. “Everyone loves flowers, and I have an amazing location. I’ll be fine.”

    “Well, I suppose flowers don’t go out of style quite as quickly as fashions do, do they? I suppose both of our businesses have their ups and downs, don’t they?” he added.

    “I supposed they do. Would you go and get Boyd? If I want to talk to everyone before the sun goes down, I need to see him, but I’ll see you again soon.” Rose patted him on the arm, and he was jogging off to get Boyd.

    When he arrived, Rose noticed that he was not dressed for the weather. “Boyd, you’re orange as a tiger! Why didn’t you bring a jacket?” Rose questioned.


    “I thought it’d be warmer, so I thought wearn’ a jacket would get in the way of meh arms movin’. And good thin’ too, I would have been garbage at yogi if I had worn a jacket!” Boyd laughed, and Rose did too.

    “You mean yoga?” she asked.

    “It’s not yogi? Well, that makes it not quite so fun, now does it?” he laughed again. “In all honesty, The cold’s worth i’ if I can spend time with ya out here. I just wish I wasn’t freezing tah to it.” he said, in a grand gesture.

    “Well, I’m touched,” Rose said, flattered. “But also concerned. If you get me sick, I don’t know how the baby would like that.”

    “In that case, I’ll look into getting some medicine and I’ll send Preston over to ya. Later.”


    Preston came over, and Rose could see the hairs on his arms and legs standing up in goosebumps. She was relieved to see him, knowing him a bit better than the other men she had been around today, and she pulled him in for a hug.

    “Oh, hello, Rose. That was a bit unexpected, but nice. You’re… you’re warm.” he commented.

    “That’s not weird, don’t worry. I’m happy to share my warmth. Goodness knows you must be cold. We really need to work on indoor dates. This is a bit ridiculous.” Rose laughed. They stood that way for a little while, sharing body heat, and then Preston pulled away, making a cold patch on both of them where the other had been.

    “I’ll get Ian and then maybe we can all go home and get warm again. See you soon.” he said, turning to leave.

    Ian was close by, waiting for his turn, and came quickly to her side. “‘I'll be honest, when I said a pier by the ocean, this wasn’t my ideal first date location. It’s a bit worn down. Why are we over here, anyway?” he asked, good naturedly.

    “In the sunlight, it was rustic and private, but not it looks spooky, especially with the light from the street lamps. Almost makes you think zombies are going to come out of the ground and chase us.”


    “Well, we seem dressed for the occasion, don’t we? You in your survivor uniform, me in a helmet. What a pair! In fact, we should take a picture to prove to everyone that we can survive an apocalypse if it were to happen.” he encouraged.

    “You’re so right!” Rose pulled out her phone and got into position to take the picture. “Say Zombies!”


    Well, that went well! Don’t forget to vote on who goes on the next (few) one on one date(s), link is here:

    I’m all caught up on what I’ve played so far now, so time to play some more! Cya next time!


    Rose, What are you weeding? Those are fake plants!


    Ian decided to come by the shop and lay himself down on the door step... or he was doing push-ups to impress Rose, take your pick!

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    OOh! Swordplay.
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