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The Rose Masquerade, Chapter 19 (5-27-19) {A Bachellorette Challenge}


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    Expect a chapter tomorrow some time.
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    Jeez, Chapter 10? This is getting long, now, isn’t it?

    Chapter 10
    A Glitch but Without Hitch

    “I know that having a baby can be very hard on the mother-to-be, so I took us somewhere that we could relax. Are you ready?” Justin asked. “You look very nice today, by the way.”

    “I’m quite ready to relax, and thank you for the compliment. Claire let slip that we were going to be changing out of clothes a lot, so I wore something easy to get in and out of. So, where are we?” Rose inquired.

    “We’re at a spa!” Justin said, motioning towards the door.


    They booked in, and went into their locker rooms, but as Justin looked at his options to wear, he couldn’t change into the robe provided for him. There was a strict no face-paint rule, and he couldn’t wear his helmet if he took off his armour because the helmet would chaff his neck. So he closed the door to the locker again and met Rose over by the bar.



    She was changed and in a big fluffy robe, looking kindly at Justin. “So, Justin, I have heard so little about you. What do you like doing? What interests do you have?”

    “Well, I like books; libraries are my favorite place to be… I’m rather ordinary, I suppose.” he said, but the lines of his body looked stressed.

    “Everyone has a sparkle, you just have to look for it.” Rose encouraged. “Take me for instance. I work in a flower shop, but sometimes I hate it to bits. I hate the nosey customers trying to look in on my apartment, the incessant questions, having to make deals with suppliers, it can be a big headache. But other days it makes me smile when a man comes in and needs our help picking out flowers to propose to his girlfriend with. Or a child counts out their piggy bank to get their mom a rose for mother’s day. You may not think of anything interesting about yourself, but there’s something to everyone, and that’s beautiful.”

    Justin sat for a while, looking forward, then he answered. “I hate it when books end with a cliffhanger. Even if it’s in a series, I feel there should wrap up. Anyway, we’re here to have fun, right? To be honest,” he looked away, a bit embarrassed, “I don’t know what to do here. I heard this may be nice idea for a date, but I’ve never done it myself.”


    “Well, I haven’t either, but I think there’s meditation, yoga, a sauna, massages, that sort of thing. Relax, Justin, were’ here to relax.” she smiled.

    “Let’s do that then.”








    Eventually the time came to get body massages, but Justin was bashful. “Rose, I’m not sure I can do this. I would have to take all of my armor off, and I’m not wearing anything else to disguise my face. That’s against the rules.” he said.

    “Ok, you go ahead of me, lay your face down, and I’ll come in after. I won’t look at your face.” Rose concocted.



    The massage went well, and they came out refreshed. Hand and foot massages were a bit of a different thing though. Rose got a foot massage and enjoyed it thoroughly, but the massage therapist had a hard time working on Justin’s hands…






    I should charge you extra for this…



    “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.” Rose replied. “That foot massage was divine.”

    They exited that room and looked in on the sauna. “Do we go in?” Rose asked.

    “... I can’t. I’d have to take off my armor, and if I didn’t there’s a chance of rust. I don’t want to be the tin man from The Wizard of Oz, do I?” he laughed nervously.

    “I suppose not. Besides, I don’t want to spend a lot of time with more strangers right now. Let’s take a walk.” she smiled.

    Rose went and changed back into her clothes and joined Justin in the lobby.


    “Hey there, sweetycakes.” Justin said robotically, leaning in for a hug.


    Rose backed off. “What are you doing? Why are you acting strange? Come on, there isn’t much time left for out date, it’s getting late, let’s look at the stars.”


    “Yes, let’s” Justin said slowly, happy he didn’t have to explain his behavior. They went and laid outside on the concrete slabs, illuminated by the signs and fountains. They didn’t say much, and eventually Rose got up, a bit frustrated.

    “Justin, stand up. We have to talk.” she said.

    “Oh, ok.” he responded, obeying.



    Rose tried her best to smile and act friendly, but something was eating at her. “Justin, the day was going great, besides the fact that you couldn’t get wet. Why the change in character all of the sudden? It’s like you’re suddenly trying to be something you’re not.”

    “Well, I- I am different from other people. Other people don’t mind being romantic in public, heck that’s almost part of what a date is, parading out and showing people that you’re together. But I’m not like that. I want to have a relationship, but I can’t have a romance in public. I-” his voice was shaking, and Rose looked at him with taken aback.



    “I try and relax when I’m interested in someone, but it doesn't work the way I want it too. I hold people at arm's’ length, and I can’t get any nearer. Which is terrible because I really like you. I just can’t show it here, on our date.” he said, turning away from her.

    She gave him a moment to get through the issue he was facing. “I have somewhere we can go, if you want to be alone.” she said softly.

    Half an hour drive later, and the pair of them show up in front of a brownstone building. “Welcome to my home!” Rose said sarcastically.

    “Wait, we’re at your house? Isn’t that against the rules, not alone time at the home of a bachelorette?” Justin worried. He didn’t want to be kicked out due to something he didn’t choose to do.

    “Well, this isn’t really my home. It’s the apartment that all of the bills are sent to, but other than that there’s barely anything inside. Just a couch and a lonely lamp, really. Now, come up and talk to me.” Rose explained.


    Going up the elevator, Rose let Justin in first. “After you.” she said, flipping the switch next to the door to turn on the one lamp in the room it didn’t do much for lighting, but it was cheap, so that was all that mattered.


    Digging in her pockets, Rose pulled out a wrapped box and handed it to Justin. “Here, fresh this morning. I don’t know if you like daisies, but that’s what’s growing in my green house.”



    “I’m touched. Really, I’ve never received flowers before. It’s so kind of you. On the other hand,” he turned and pulled out a rose from behind his back. “It wasn’t so kind off me to grab a flower from your neighbor’s display while your back was turned, but I knew I would need something to talk about.” He laughed a bit nervously.


    “Justin, that’s kind of you too, but I’ll put this back later. She gets super angry if you even move her doormat.” Rose put the flower on the ground. “Justin,” she said, taking his hands in hers, and kissing the warm metal of his gloves, “You are kind, and I know that a relationship with you wouldn’t be an easy one, but I am willing to try it. You aren’t going to get thrown out because you won’t show affection; it would have to be something other than that.”




    Next day, and it was Harvest Fest. Rose looked through the decorations she and Claire had in the kitchen, and she found some nice decorations that could go in a little girl’s room, though she didn’t know what she was having yet (and neither do I! I’m not going to decide that, It’s going to be the game that does).

    At this point, rose was tired of wearing costumes to all of her dates, and the studio said that this one was going to be casual anyway, so she could wear whatever she wanted. She was happy, because she had a lot of cute clothes to wear before they wouldn’t fit anymore.

    The car to get her, and she was told to keep her eyes closed. When she got there, she heard Xavier’s voice. “Rose, do you have your eyes closed? You do? Good, now, step out of the car, the ground is even. There you go, ok, Still have them closed?”


    “Yes, Xavier, my eyes are closed. Now, where have you taken me?” She said, without opening her eyes.

    “I heard from the other contestants that it got a bit cold the other day on the group date, so I figured that while I still wanted to have an outdoor date, we didn’t want to be cold. So… you can open your eyes now.” he explained.

    Rose opened her eyes and blinked twice. “It’s an indoor park!” Xavier exclaimed.


    “Have you played Horseshoes before?”

    “No, not really… I don't’ get out much into open spaces.” Rose replied.



    They swung on the swing sets, and there was an easy connection between them. Within a bit of time, they were tired of swinging and mutually walked over to a bench along the wall.


    “Have anyone ever said that you have lovely eyes? They are such a rich color, it’s like you dyed them yourself. Or replaced them with violets.”

    “I don’t think I’ve heard that before, but thank you. I get them from my mother, my father’s eyes are brown.” Rose replied.


    “Well,” he said, smiling and reaching an arm around her, “I’m sure he gave you many things that are just as beautiful. Was he as hardworking as you? Was he as kind and caring?” he asked, smooth talking, and Rose settled into him. There was something about him that she felt comfortable with, even though he wore a disguise. She felt safe.


    “I got my business sense from him. He was always brokering deals with large corporations, bringing home work after a long day to work on more. We were proud of him, but he wasn’t there as much as we would have liked him to be. I’m never going to do that with my children.” she smiled, reminded of her cargo.


    Xavier pulled unwrapped himself from Rose. “As you may have heard, I was raised in the circus. The elephants were my only friends, teaching me the alphabet, and the tigers taught me my math skills. The goats weren’t very good company, but the dogs were the best.” he said, and Rose looked at him sceptically. “I jest, I feel like it was my turn to talk about myself, and I get nervous talking about myself.”


    Rose scooted closer to him again, whispering in his ear “At least that suits your costume. You would look ridiculous without a backstory. What else did you learn in the circus?” she asked suggestively.


    He laughed. “I learned from the 🐸🐸🐸🐸 how trick someone into telling you all of their secrets.” he claimed.

    “Really? How do you do that?” Rose asked.

    “It goes a something like this!” he jolted, tickling Rose’s middle.



    “Oh, oh woo!” Rose hooted with laughter.




    Xavier put Rose’s hand into his, but she pulled away, turning her back to him and hesitantly changing into her swim clothes. She jumped into the water and was enveloped in thought.


    “What is it? Xavier asked. “Did- did I do the wrong thing?” he asked with a somber tone, ready to apologize.

    “No, Xavier, it isn’t your fault. I’m just- Aren’t I doing exactly what Josh was doing, only on a larger scale? I’m seeing several men at once, having relationships with so many of you…” she trailed off, finding more similarities than she liked.

    “Not at all. Doing this competition, we all agreed on the terms. We all knew what we were getting ourselves into. You didn’t consent to an open relationship, or to him dating other women once it was clear that you were exclusive.” he changed into his swim clothes and sat at the edge of the pool. “You are doing something that we all agreed to, he broke your heart.”


    Rose pulled herself out of the pool and sat next to him. He pulled her in close, smelling the chlorine in her hair from the pool. Rose let the worry shed off of her like water on a duck, and then she smirked. “I bet we could add soap to the slip-and-slide and get all sudsy. Come on!” she said out of the blue, getting up and dashing for the flat plastic.

    “Are you sure that’s ok for the baby? It isn’t dangerous?” Xavier asked.

    “Any more dangerous than the yoga I did yesterday, or the the swings I swung on earlier?” Rose asked rhetorically.

    “I suppose not. Ok, Let’s go!”



    “See, nothing to worry about.” Rose said, after they had gotten tired of slipping on the hard ground. They sat and ate some hot dogs, hoping to let their tensed muscles relax. The food was refreshing, and the lights under the tree were kinda romantic. They shone in their flaming reds oranges and golds on the table and glinted off of anything reflective.

    The two of them changed into their normal clothes and stood under the tree. It was one of the few illuminated places left in the building, and it made them draw closer, away from the dark, standing in their island of light.


    “I didn’t know that it would get so dark at night. I hoped the moon would be out, so that it didn’t feel so… dark. But eh, that’s what you get when you bring the outside inside. You get the good with the bad.” Xavier explained.


    “I kinda feel like a zoo animal, with all of these windows. Now I know what the penguins feel like. Like our own, little zoo. A place, of our own…” She smiled.



    “Would you share something else with me?” Rose asked.

    “Of course. Anything-”


    Rose leaned in and kissed him, catching him off guard. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch.






    "You're taking your date to a spa? I did that once, my husband left me." I feel like this woman is warning Justin of something that happend to her.


    Beware the Siren song, Justin! I guess women like spas more than men?


    Of course Rose felt sick, but it didn't happen much.


    I have this great mod that lets me move the camera much easier and I can raise and lower it at will, and I don' t think EA was thinking about it when they implemented this animation.


    I was hoping more would happen this evening, but sleep come first? Thanks, Justin.


    What ever's going on down there, Xavier, please take care of it.
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    I don't mean to sound needy, but if you read my chapters, please let me know by leaving a comment. The past two chapters I've posted have gotten little feed back and I just like to know there are readers so I'm not doing this for nothing.
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    I've liked all your chapters so far. Your date ideas (or locations for dates) are wonderful! And I like that my sim has a bit of a favorite position :p

    How do you manage it that Rose is pregnant but still has a flat stomach? My sims look like 5 months pregnant as soon as the confetti hits the floor :joy:
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    I'm using a mod that allows me to set the stage of pregnancy. I think it's the pregnancy mega mod? It let's me set the number of babies, the gender, and the stage. So whenever Rose starts to show, I bump it back. Sometimes, and you might notice this if you look closely, when Rose announces her pregnancy I have to bump it to first trimester.
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    I'm reading when I find time but i'm not much of a commenter i'll to comment more in the future though :D

    The dates spots were interesting I love taking my sims on dates to spa's especially engaged sims as a sort of prep for the wedding.

    Xavier's date was interesting as well never thought to do a pool date :)
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    cmbaker16 wrote: »
    I'm reading when I find time but i'm not much of a commenter i'll to comment more in the future though :D

    The dates spots were interesting I love taking my sims on dates to spa's especially engaged sims as a sort of prep for the wedding.

    Xavier's date was interesting as well never thought to do a pool date :)

    I tried to do a park date, but there's only so much you can do at a park, and it seems that everyone wants a park date, so I'm trying to make them all unique. That, and winter is coming in my game, so I have to tweak alot of the date ideas.
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    cmbaker16 wrote: »
    I'm reading when I find time but i'm not much of a commenter i'll to comment more in the future though :D

    The dates spots were interesting I love taking my sims on dates to spa's especially engaged sims as a sort of prep for the wedding.

    Xavier's date was interesting as well never thought to do a pool date :)

    I tried to do a park date, but there's only so much you can do at a park, and it seems that everyone wants a park date, so I'm trying to make them all unique. That, and winter is coming in my game, so I have to tweak alot of the date ideas.

    Your sims will have to beware of White Walkers then...
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    Turns out I'm moving! My poo stick landlord is evicting us so he can renovate our apartment so he can sell the building. Chapters are going to be rare for a while.
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    Update: we found a place to live, in the same town, and I get my own room! Hopefully things will be back to normal sooner than later. Hopefully a new chapter in the next few weeks.
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    Due to recent events on another thread, Nathaniel is going home.
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    Chapter 11
    Spark and Dark
    Having it been Harvest Festival just the day before and it being Friday, The studio thought it would be nice to have a harvest themed party for the elimination. This left Claire, who had become Rose’s official stylist, a bit of a hard job.


    “Should I put you in red, orange, or yellow?” she asked Rose, a bit worried that she wouldn’t look her best.

    “Didn’t you go to school for this?” Rose asked.

    “Please, you know I did this all online in the matter of an hour. I think we’ll go with gold.”


    Arriving at the location, the studio hadn’t disappointed. The room looked completely different. The blue and grey tones were replaced with red, browns and golds. It was quite the sight to see (I had a lot of fun decoration the venue!)




    At one point, a contestant said that Rose was looking very good in her attire like a harvest Goddess. Nathaniel overheard the compliment and that Rose reciprocated. This did not make him happy.

    Rose noticed that he was a mixture of fuming and sulking, so she called him over, but not before Mordor had to get a hug from her. Once he had passed on to talk to someone else, Carmelo looked at the pair with worried eyes. Rose tried to smile and make everyone think they were having a normal, casual conversation.


    “Nathaniel, what’s going on? Why are you upset?” she asked bluntly.




    “I- for the first time in my life, I don’t feel like the only man in the room. I’m jealous that you’re talking to the other men and giving them hope that they’ll win. I don’t want to lose, so every time I see you flirting with other men, I feel worried I’ll lose you to them.” he confessed. He kind of deflated from depression.


    “Nathaniel, you are special to me. That is clear. You have a very good chance off this, but I need to be fair to the other men in the challenge. You understand? I have to give them a chance. Just like I gave you one. OK?” she tried to give him a pep talk. “I know how hard it can be. I’ve watched these kinds of shows and the competition is immense. You’ll be ok, I promise.”


    “Alright. I’ll try and enjoy the party.” he said, feeling a bit better.

    Soon after that, it was time to announce who would be going home. It wasn’t as easy to choose this week since no one was talking about eating her baby, so she had to think hard about who was going home.


    “I know that I haven’t been around much this week because I’ve been going on dates like crazy lately, so the decision is a hard one, but clear.” she turned to the person in question. “Adam, would you step forward?”



    Adam, still smiling, stood before Rose. “Adam, you’re sweet. You’re a bit odd, but for you that isn’t a bad thing. We just don’t have much off a connection, and I hope you know that I have high regard for you. I hope you find someone who makes you happy.”



    “I suppose it’s just too bad it isn’t you.” he said, leaning in for a hug.

    He left without any arguing, fighting, or any other words, really.

    The party continued, and Rose couldn’t stop thinking about Nathaniel. She wanted to do things not allowed in the competition with him, but she knew she couldn’t so she did the next best thing. She kissed him under mistletoe.

    Rose could feel a divide happening already in the men, ones she spent more time with, and ones she spent less with. So she randomly picked Boyd to sit outside with her and have a conversation.


    “You look like the sun on a bad day.” Boyd said right out of the gate.

    “Excuse me?” Rose asked.

    “Well, If you were the sun on a good day, I wouldn’t be able to look at you.” he explained.


    “Boyd, you silly man… I’m not the sun. I’m just golden. I think you need to work on your compliments”

    “I’m tryn’ it’s just that I don’t have anyone t’ practice on. How am I supposed to get better if I don’t practice?”


    Rose took on a softer tone. “You could read a book on it. Or you could watch a video on it. I’m sure there are people who have made a video on it.”


    “I guess I could try.” and then he farted.


    Rose stood up, feeling that their short conversation was over, and Nathaniel was walking up quickly behind her. He stood in front of her and laid one on her quite passionately and abruptly.



    Of course kissing through a mask was quite awkward, but Boyd was oddly fascinated by the act. Nathaniel had walked right up and kissed her without prior conversation, and done it well. Something to learn from.


    “Well, I’d like to see the sun do that on a bad day!” Boyd said. “You did that gorgeously.” he complimented. Nathaniel laughed.

    Unfortunately, Rose’s activity in the cold had caught up with her. She developed red spirals on her skin, and knew she had to go home soon to get some medicine.


    “Dear lady, you look radiant if a bit tired. What is the issue?” Carmelo cooed, picking up her hands and leaning to kiss them.



    “What, No! Don’t kiss me, right now, can’t you see I’m sick? I don’t want you to catch this!” Rose urged.


    “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were so worried about it.” Carmelo said, watching Mordor watch him. He was in the background, being a protective force behind Rose, kind of a buzz kill. Mordor walked and sat down on a nearby bench.


    Rose didn’t seem to notice. “Carmelo, I don’t want anyone to get sick. If it got into the contestant house it could cause a chain reaction and make many people sick. We don’t want that to happen.” Rose said.


    “I know. I know. I’m sorry.” he said, feeling a bit ashamed now. Rose felt like she had pushed a bit to far, and now she felt bad about making him feel bad.

    After the many displays of affection between Rose and Nathaniel, Nathaniel was sent home. It’s not his fault, but after events on another thread, I have decided to remove him from my game. Consider it a double elimination. I Don’t want to slander anyone, or make anyone look bad, but this is a certain decision.


    As this is a shorter chapter, there aren’t many bloopers, so enjoy Boyd playing a heap of out-of sight garbage.


    New stuff soon, Hopefully!
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    I wonder if the heap of garbage was once a pumpkin before Boyd started playing?
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    Once this challenge is over, I'm thinking of getting into story telling. There is so much medieval cc out there, I'm tickled. Let me know what you think.
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    Chapter 12
    As Easy as a Walk in the Park
    Rose got up early in the morning, but this morning was a bit harder than the last few. The sky was grey, it was freezing outside, and her bed was cozy and warm.

    Another week of dates was on the schedule. At this point, she had dates with not even half of the contestants, so the game was still open to anyone. What would these men be like when they were alone with Rose?

    The date she had scheduled today was with Tristan O’Leary. She knew a bit about him, but she hadn’t had any meaningful conversations with him. Her time was usually occupied with Nathaniel and now that he was no longer in the contest she had a wide open board. Sure, she had been on dates with a few of the men, most she barely knew.

    It was a cloudy morning making everything feel like it was earlier than it really was. Her body seemed to be dragging everywhere, and she couldn’t get much energy going.



    She met Tristan outside of the contestant house.

    “Where are we going today? Somewhere sunny, I hope.”

    “I heard that the weather in that neighborhood is lovely today. I think you’ll enjoy it, let’s get in the car.” he ushered, holding the door.

    “Not even a guess?

    “No, I want to see the look on your face when we get there.” he smiled.



    The weather brightened as they drove for a ways. They left the city, but didn’t go as far as she went for Mordor’s date. This wasn’t a little cabin in the woods, it was… a park? As they stepped out of the car, the first flakes of snow began to fall, making Rose and Tristan smile. It was the first snowfall of winter.


    Tristan tilted his head back and took a deep breath of clean air. Rose looked at him, waiting for him to finish. “This place looks lovely. Too bad we couldn’t be here in summer, I’m sure the flowers look wonderful then…”

    “They do, but in winter time there aren’t so many people around to be a spectacle. Come on, Let’s go sit down. You get the chair, I’ll get the cooler.”

    “You packed a cooler? But I already ate breakfast, and a large one. I’m not sure I’ll be hungry for a while…”

    “Not a problem. It’ll keep.” They walked through the small park to the back where there was an open space.


    “So, Rose, tell me a bit about yourself. What drives you in life?” Tristan started.


    Rose was half surprised. She was used to coaxing things out of the contestants, not the other way around. She liked not having to shoulder the conversation. “Well, I don’t like other people thinking they can tell me what to do. I can take care of myself, I don’t need other people telling me what I do or don’t need.” she slowed down. “Sorry I got caught up there. To be more positive, I live to prove people wrong. Everyone told me that striking out on my own would never work, but now I’m doing quite well. And now I have a child on the way, so I’ll be doubly busy.” Rose smiled.


    “I’m an only child, so I have overly attentive parents. They never had another distraction. They knew that I liked botany, so they told me to go into biology and science. To be honest, plant growing doesn’t pay the bills as much as I would have liked, so I’m more of a general scientist than anything else. I had so much attention and support, I felt like I had to impress everyone. It was… daunting? At times I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. It reality, I had a ton of help from my parents and it wasn’t all up to me. My parents would have loved me no matter what.

    “I guess it’s was the opposite of what you had to go through, but you’re doing great regardless. You act like you have the world at your fingertips, and you know your own mind. It’s really inspiring. If I was in your position, I’d be terrified and curled up in a ball, crying if it was me.” Tristan flattered. “You’ve got everyone in the palm of your hand.”


    Rose swooned placed her hands over her heart. There was something about the quiet confidence that she hadn’t associated with Tristan prior to this that really impressed her, and she felt herself falling for it. “That’s very flattering. I underestimated you. Are you always this smooth?”


    “I used to be the opposite of smooth,” he said, leaning forward on his arms and looking up at the sky, his facade of confidence shifting a bit. He was embarrassed a bit, but in a good way.


    “Hard to believe. You seem like a natural.” Rose commented.

    Maybe it was something in the surroundings, maybe it was the falling snow, or maybe it was the fact that her feet were starting to get too cold from resting them in the snow, but she got up and leaned close to Tristan.


    “Forgive me if this is a bit forward, but it feels right…” she whispered.










    They enjoyed their afternoon until the early sun started to set. Rose and Tristan were having such a fun time together that Rose didn’t want it to end, something she hadn’t even felt for Nathaniel. She realized that her heart was telling her something, and she had to listen. She had to admit.



    “Tristan, I- this is really sudden, but I think I love you. I don’t expect you reciprocate, but I have to be honest with myself. I love you, I think.” Rose sputtered.



    “Oh, Gosh, I’m so relieved! I thought I was crazy for feeling this way!” He dipped Rose into a long kiss and Rose smiled, a pleasant feeling to share while kissing.


    Before the date was over, the pair made a snowman. “It’s you!” Tristan joked.



    “Very funny,” Rose said dryly.


    Rose went back to the contestant house and since it was already quite late, she decided that she would stay the night.



    (Mordor looks like he just wants to go to bed, but they’re having a party in the living room with a conga line and they won’t stop partying.)


    The next evening, her date was with Carmelo at a fancy restaurant. “It’s amazing you got a reservation here.” admired Rose. “I’ve been on this list for 2 years, thinking I’d come here with Josh one day, and I never thought that I would actually get in.”

    “It helps when the date is going to be on the television and you have the power of the studio at your back.” he said humbly. “I have to use the restroom, so if you’d like to get the table, I’ll be right back.”

    “Oh, sure.” Rose said, a bit surprised. Hadn’t he prepared for the evening? Why didn’t he use the bathroom before they left for the restaurant?

    Rose went to the lobby of the place and waited for her turn to be seated. It took a moment, and she realised that she was the best dressed woman in the place, making her feel like she was standing out.


    “Hello, I have a reservation for two. Under the name either Rose Lawhen or Carmelo Barone?”


    The host looked through the computer for a second, then smiled. “Ah, yes, this way, madame.” he said, bowing a bit and becoming the way to the table. It was outside in the cold air, but the view of the city was very nice. Carmelo was gone for some time, and Rose had already decided on what to get and was waiting on her phone before he got back.



    “Sorry that took so long. What’s good to eat around here? What are you getting?” he asked, slightly smugly, the deep timber of his voice making Rose smile.

    “I’m getting the fish, I think. It looks very complex and I figured that if I was going to go to a fancy restaurant I may as well get something that I can’t make at home.” Rose answered.


    “That’s a good idea. Say, what do you think this is safe to eat?” he asked, pointing at a picture on in the menu. “It appears to be very colorful.”

    “I have a feeling that it’s fine.” Rose said, as she put her phone away. “You look awesome, by the way. I know you like your one suit a lot, but this is a good look for you too.”


    Carmelo didn’t smile. His face looked thinner than normal, and Rose thought about how little she knew this man. She didn’t like the eye contact he was giving her for some reason.


    “I don’t like to leave my family heirlooms in the hands of other people for any period of time. I can wear other things, I just don’t trust many people with my things.” he was oddly serious. This was supposed to be fun, why was he so serious? “But you look killer,” he admired, “I would be scared to wear something like that. When was the last time you ate carbs?”


    “I’ll be honest, I’ve been on a diet for a while just so I could wear this dress, but now that I have and I have a baby on the way, I can let myself eat some sweets again.” she laughed.


    They ordered and got their food, and the two of them tried to talk, but it didn’t work very well. Every time that Carmelo tried to flirt, Rose didn’t like his advances. He was open to her, but she just kept shutting him down.


    “Carmelo, I’m sorry this isn’t working. We’re just too different. I, I’m sorry. I have to ask you to go home. You’re a very kind person, but I don’t feel anything romantic between us.”


    Carmelo had too much wine. “If you felt that way, why are we on this date? Why would you lead me on like that, Rose? Forget this, I just need to walk away. I feel like I’ve lost a bunch of time, chasing after you. I, I just need to be alone for a few minutes. Hold on.” he abruptly got up from the table and roughly pushed in his chair. Rose was dumbstruck. She didn’t think that she was being unreasonable, or rude.


    She later found him on the roof, and she hugged him as he cried out all of his drunken emotions.

    Rose sent home Carmelo! I didn't see them not having chemistry happening, but The Sims throws you for a loop sometimes. Tune in next time for more dates.

    Also, I'm thinking about writing a medieval story, what do you guys think about that?
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    VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,990 Member
    Was Carmello ready to jump off the building prior to Rose talking him off the ledge? If so, that date went to a very dark place.
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    IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,754 Member
    No, I just wanted a sweet picture of the view is all. :)
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    IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,754 Member
    Hey guys, I haven't been getting many comments for the last few chapters, and that's fine, but if I don't have readers there are other projects I want to work on. If I could get some affirmation that I have readers that would be wonderful. Other wise, no biggie. I have a medieval idea in my brain, and maybe it's time for me to move on to that.

    Just let me know what you're thinking.
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    MINEZMINEZ Posts: 792 Member
    Please keep writing... :)
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    IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,754 Member
    MINEZ wrote: »
    Please keep writing... :)

    I assume you mean on this thread?

    I'd be writing either way, that's not goingot stop. I'd be writing the medieval story in sims 4 style but it would be story driven, not sim driven.
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    MINEZMINEZ Posts: 792 Member
    This too, please...
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    KleineMuffKleineMuff Posts: 12,578 Member
    I'm not a big commenter but I always read your chapters and I'm still interested to see who will win.

    I'd also like to see what the contestants look like without their disguise.
    Please call me Caro :)
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    VanPelt81VanPelt81 Posts: 2,990 Member
    Please continue. I want to see what else happens
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    IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,754 Member
    Alrighty then, I will continue.
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    icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,789 Member
    I missed the recent updates because I don't bookmark threads. Catching up now!
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