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The People of Simbria


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    @AlexaKry @DivaDoodle Thank you for reading and commenting. So far, not all that busy, internet connection here also works better than I thought etc. Until I get back home, I plan to do one update every sunday with what I already have, and see how far I get.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
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    The people of Simbria

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    Nice that Deng’s neurotic tendencies have been cured for good.

    snooping around in my fridge

    Love the crying baby situation, freaking everyone out.
    She threw a pretty hard ball :D
    Loved that food/painting chat
    Good decition to change to Ylajali - øøø maybe not after all. Deng is not the best womanizer.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

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    Chapter 4.2 - Amena Alnuman

    Inside spoiler: A repeat of my first mention of Amena Alnuman and a little more about her backstory from the "What happened in your sims 3 game today?" thread. (Original post written on January 7th.)
    Meanwhile, Amena Alnuman, one of the insane traumatized refugees deemed to fit to be locked inside the mental hospital, had on her own accord started going to therapy twice a week, slowly seeing improvement. She was not yet sure which direction her new life should take, all she knew was that she wanted to get away from her bad friends in the criminal career. From earlier, she holds a university degree in art as both her parents (sadly both deceased in the war) were relatively famous painters and writers, and wanted nothing more but to see their only daughter succeed in the creative arts. However, she was never to sure if this was the right path for her, but as her parents were of the strict kind, she had little room to do anything but obey.


    During some of the finer autumn days she tried her best to enjoy the ongoing festival, but the sight of the decorative gravestones by the haunted house in the park just brought back to many painful memories and emotions. She just couldn't help herself from bursting into tears and cursing at the sky. It was all to overwhelming, so she found that the quietness of the nearby library was a better place for her while she was waiting for her therapy session with Psychiatrist Holm-Fredriksen. After every therapy session her mean personality trait would for the next 24 hours be changed into a random trait, before returning back to the mean trait (After 4 sessions her mean trait will be cured). After this weeks session, she got the trait no sense of humor. Not perfect, but atleast being dull is better than being mean, even if it's only for 24 hours.

    After this first session, her lifetime wish also changed. She literally did a 180 turn, and somehow joined the ranks of the police force! A vast improvement, but will it last?

    Later on, it was time for Spooky Day, where she spent the first half on the festival grounds collecting pumpkin pies and watching apple eating contests all the while doing her best to avoid going near the haunted house. The latter half of the day she attended a party over at Leighton Sekemoto's house dressed up in a tiger costume. Rawr. That costume must have done something to her, because all of a sudden she was randomly flirting and kissing with Jared Frio. After some making out they looked like they were headed for Woohoo land, but then the party ended and Jared turned on his heels and went home as if he had someone there waiting for him. Amena did the same, carving out an evil looking pumpkin pie before going to bed with a, for once, blissfull smile on her face.

    After returning from work the next day, her mean trait had returned and her aspirations to climb the ranks of the police force were gone. All she could think of now was to figure out the size of Jared Frios bank account, and some clever way to make his ghost appear. The doorbell rang as she was preparing dinner. A quick visit from Psychiatrist Holm-Fredriksen that afternoon put all thoughts about romance, money and murder on hold for a while, only to have them return shortly after she left along with an urgent need to brush her teeth three times in a row. Oh my.


    Amena Alnuman lives close to the edge of the road in the New Town area. Her career history says she had a job in the criminal career for a short time, but has since started working in the police force. That's an interesting change, and that is the job she has kept the longest since she came to Sunset Valley. She has already reached level three of the police career. Amena Alnuman has never been to the hospital, as in the beginning she appeared to not need it. However, she has gone to therapy with Psykiater Holm-Fredriksen. She also has a degree in art from university, solely to satisfy her strict parents. I will follow the same philosophy for Amena, as I did with Deng. I will only push her to do something if it is one of her wishes. I will not take control of her social interactions (atleast not to much). Alright, that being said...lets jump into it, and see what her life is like!

    Sunset Valley, Monday 19th July 2021.
    Picture: Amena outside her home, on the way to work on monday morning.

    Amenas notes:
    As a police woman it is important to stay fit, so after work I went to the downtown fitness centre to pump some iron.

    But she remembers everything.

    Tuesday, 20th July 2021.

    I was not in a good mood when I woke up this morning, and my muscles had begun to ache from yesterdays workout. It is probably for the better if I keep to myself at work today, so my mood does not spoil anyone elses day.


    I was feeling even worse after work, so I wanted to text Asgeir to invite him over. Maybe that will cheer me up.


    Asgeir is nice to talk to sometimes, because he is one of the few people in town that understands what it is like to wake up feeling grumpy in the morning, but when he starts to talk about him being an author and writing books.. well, thats when he begins to bore me.
    She does not want to remember.

    Wednesday, 21st July 2021.

    There is a small park just above the trailer park that I sometimes go to for a little peace and quiet. It is not the nicest park around. The ground is kind of soggy there, but it is an ok spot to get a decent view of the town.


    I wonder what they were thinking when they built that trailer park, though, because no roads lead there. The trailers have a nice location on the hillside, but it does look a little bit like they were just dumped there and no one bothered to relocate them. Surprisingly, maybe, there are also some people living there. I have seen them run up and down the slope, but I have never really met any of them.
    And she has not heard from her brother since then.

    Thursday, 22nd July 2021

    I woke up feeling grumpy again this morning. The cheap salad I had for breakfast wasn't really helping. I locked myself up in the office and spent the day doing paperwork. I didn't feel like talking to anyone at work today. Abdul Ghulam was friendly enough to send me an invitation to a party over at his place. When I got home I took on my nicest dress before making dinner, hoping it would set me in the mood for a party later.

    And so are both of her parents.

    At Abdul's party:

    Deng was at the party as well, and I told him excactly how stupid I think his idea to be a painter and writer really is. What nonsense, he is going to end up poor and starving, I am sure. He is such an idiot, he should try to get a real job like me.


    And then he had the guts to make fun of MY career choice, but that guy shouldn't be talking. Not only is he a good for nothing pretend-to-be-a-writer-and-painter, but he is also a criminal. I can't wait for the day when I can finally arrest him for something, and send his rear end to jail where he belongs!

    Amena: This is you Deng! This is what you're like!


    Amena: "Oooh, I am going to be a writer! And I am going to write the best books! And sell millions of copies! And make millions of simoleons! OooOoooOOh!"


    Amena: Ha! You will never sell a single book! You're going to jail! Ha!


    Amenas notes:

    Good thing I told him, maybe that will make him think and shape up a little. What a deadbeat. And boy can he be boring when he starts talking, because sometimes he just talks and talks without listening and keeps sharing all these facts about things I really couldn't care less about. Such as fishing.. apparently he thinks he knows about some secret fishing spot or something...I didn't know he cared so much about the outdoors...


    And of course, I couldn't leave without telling Abdul just excactly how boring I thought his party was!


    And that stupid grey shirt he is wearing! He has the fashion sense of a back alley chain link fence! Dress up a little, you moth eaten scobberlotcher!


    And then he got mad and told me harshly to go home, and that he would not consider inviting me over ever again! As if I care!


    I am greatly disappointed now, Amena. Since last time I played you... I had such hopes that you would be a good person... why are you behaving this way?

    Friday, 23rd July 2021

    Amenas notes:

    Even though I think Deng is an idiot, I woke up today with a desire to find out if he had any money, or atleast if there was anything behind his words and he actually has potential to get rich somewhere down the road. I thought I should pay him a visit later, but I also got an invitation to a party over at Leighton Sekemoto's house.


    I had been there at a party once before around Halloween last year. I dressed up in a tiger costume, and I remember it as a good time. The invitation made me pretty excited, I just hope Jared Frio won't be there this time, though. He was not a bad kisser and made me feel pretty special, but I later learned that it was typical of him to go around trying to kiss everyone and that there wasn't anything more to it then that. I do not like that man.
    Home is gone.


    Luckily, he wasn't there. I sat at the kitchen table playing computer games on my laptop for a while, before watching a film on tv with a woman I haven't met before. It was the first time I have seen someone be so excited about watching tv. I figured she must be a pretty special case, like so many others in this town.


    Ranveig Motorsen: I heard this movie got pretty good ratings in the newspapers. Do you also like to watch movies?


    Amena: Yeah... sometimes when I am at home and have nothing better to do, but I would rather just sit and surf the web, honestly.


    Our conversation got interrupted by a phone call from Arlo Bunch. He called me only to complain about doing dishes by hand because his dishwasher was broken. What a boring guy. Like I care about broken dishwashers.


    There was this one guy there called Christoffer Steel. I only briefly talked to him before Leighton said the party was over. This Christoffer guy may be old, but that does not have to be a bad thing. I wonder if he has any money.

    Saturday, 24th July 2021

    Today I put on my finest dress and ran over to Dengs house. After I rang the doorbell, I could hear a female voice from inside. Another woman visiting that 🤔🤔🤔🤔, who can that be?


    When he let me inside, I saw a woman standing in his kitchen wearing a purple sweater. Though I am not interested in Deng as a person in any way, I must admit it saddened me to see her there.


    Anyway, I did not get the impression from his home that he has any more money then me.
    In fact, he probably has less, so a visit here is futile.


    So I mocked his desire to be a writer again and headed out of there. I'll probably be luckier in the park downtown.


    There was some guy there from the army or something that started talking to me. Now, I don't like people in uniforms, and there is a reason for that. They are the scum of the earth in my opinion. Complete garbage, so I quickly ended that conversation and walked away.
    Things can never return to what they used to be


    After that I went roller skating and a friendly old lady wanted to teach me how to a pirouette. It didn't go that well in the beginning.


    I lost balance and made us both fall almost immediately, but after a few rounds I started to get the hang of this roller skating thing. After I got a little better, I got some more help from a young woman that introduced herself as Olivia Ursine. She was really good, and I was almost envious of the way she did pirouettes. She eventually taught me how to do it as well.


    On the skating rink I met this guy called Magnus Tong. I wanted to find out if he was rich, so I asked him what his job was.


    It turns out he was one of those military guys as well, so I left him for a hot dog. In fact, I left him for many hot dogs, as many as I could eat, and to go with that I even won an entire weeks supply of hot dogs!


    Sunday, 25th July 2021


    Today I invited Fengselsdirektør Holm-Fredriksen over for a visit. I have heard some talk about him being well off. Also, he does run the prison locking bad people up, so he should be an interesting person to talk to.


    As soon as he sat down in that chair and we started talking, I knew immediately that I wanted to kiss him. Not because he is attractive, because I find him to be only so-so, but he does have money. I tried several times, but my attempts at flirting with him didn't lead anywhere, he just turned his face away and kept saying he was married.


    I guess I will have to look elsewhere, so I told him to leave and visited Christoffer Steels house instead. Christoffer Steel had a nice enough house (not counting the rotten fish in a fish bowl... disgusting...), but not a lot of money. So no luck there either, but since I was already at his house I had to stay and talk for a while before going home.


    An ending note on this chapter from the narrator. Amena is obviously troubled by past occurences, and I wonder if this is where here cynicism and greed come from. I find her to be a difficult person to understand, why she wants to insult people, and why her main objective is to marry someone rich. I must admit now that I don't really like the way she acts. I was hoping she would be a better person than this.

    I am hoping this is not who she actually is and that it will turn around, but I only see two ways this can happen (unless there is some truth to the saying "time heals all wounds"):

    1) She seeks out professional help on her own initiative. She might come to this idea, as she has done it once before.
    2) She gets arrested by the police for some wrongdoing and during the usual health examination they find her eligible for treatment and she gets an offer to stay at the hospital and acceps the offer. (Probably not likely as she IS the police....)

    The law is quite strict, and does not allow for involuntary treatment except in extremely rare cases. As it is now, she is going to have to find some motivation in herself to want to change, but at the moment that seems unlikely. Lets still hope for the best.

    Next up I will introduce the Reppe family and there will be another birthday party.

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    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
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    @Sprottenhan such a Fun Update! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing all your pictures!

    I love Amena's face as she works out LOL

    ahhh poor ol Deng bring talked to like that! hahaha

    ''I can't wait for the day when I can finally arrest him for something, and send his rear end to jail where he belongs!
    Amena: This is you Deng! This is what you're like!'' hahahaha

    OMG she is so Mean! belittling about the party! too funny!

    Well I don't know what to hope for! Her finding a rich man to marry or to go to the hospital for treatment of her crabbiness and meanness! ;)

    Wonderful update my friend!
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    @DivaDoodle Thank you for your comment. I am happy you enjoyed it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't find this part very enjoying, Amena is not the person I want her to be. :P Which, I suppose, is ironic, as I am responsible for her existence. ;)

    But.. then again, a perfect storyline with only perfect people would be boring as well. And besides, who knows what she really is like.. only time will tell if her true personality will be revealed and what it is like...

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    Chapter 5 – The Reppe Family and Inge Reppes Birthday

    Picture: Map of Lower Sunset Valley. The Reppe family's home is in the upper right corner.

    Reppe Family Tree: https://theplumtreeapp.com/public/600f358817be72000860565d

    In this chapter I will be introducing the family of Inge Reppe, the girl that showed interest in Oliver Freddy, Ranveig Motorsen's oldest son. Unlike the other sims/families presented, The Reppe family is a family of game generated sims. So lets check them out, and see what they are up to on a normal monday evening. As usual I will try to direct them as little as possible to see what they do. Any 'orders' I give them will be to fulfill wishes they already have.

    Monday 12th july 2021
    (Yeah, chronologically this is the same Monday Deng was released from hospital in chapter 4.1. My story will "never" finish...)

    The Reppe sisters, Inge and Kristina doing their homework for summer school.
    Such brilliant kids, going to summer school! Actually, when I played it, this is one "detail" that I forgot... their summer holiday...


    Dad, Jarle Reppe, in the kitchen making tofu hot dogs.


    And mom, Iselin Reppe, going for a drink.


    As Jarle Reppe was unemployed and wanted a job in the journalism career I sent him off to get one the next morning.


    Inge Reppe leaving for school, not very pleased about the now rotten left over tofu hot dogs on the kitchen counter.


    Jarle Reppe wanted to do some garden work, but his garden was void of plants nor did he have anything in his inventory. So he had to go to the store to where he bought a couple of tomatoes and salads. And there is our friend Ranveig Motorsen, also going shopping, and possibly going for a swim later.


    "I think I'll plant these by the garage wall..."

    After Inge had returned home from school and finished her homework, they apparently went for some kind of joke battle of who could tell the lamest joke...


    Jarle (doing his best to tell a joke): I’ve fallen in love with a pencil and we’re getting married. I can’t wait to introduce my parents to my bride 2B.


    Inge: Haha, dad..well, speaking of pencils and romance.. I have a friend that tries to impress girls by drawing realistic pictures of the Vorn P328.
    He's a pick-up artist!


    Jarle: Haha, good one. How about this? One time Lucy tried to paint the sky, but she blue it.


    Inge: Just as bad as this one! Why did Mona Lisa plead innocent in court?
    She was framed.


    Jarle and Inge (making faces to each other): Blabethi-blabethi-blabethi-blath!

    Oh my. Well, atleast they're getting along, which is good.


    Wednesday after school she had Davy Linnell over for a visit, but I guess the tv was more interesting.


    And on thursday she had some guy called Jesper Bergene (standing by the window reading a book) over for a visit, but again the tv proved to be more interesting. She also received a love letter from Otto Hillestad. Apparently quite popular with the boys, in spite of (or maybe because of?) not showing any interest in them. Can Oliver Freddy match this competition?


    On Friday Davy Linnell had joined her once more after school, but talking about gardening with dad was much more interesting.


    On Friday evening Iselin Reppe was invited to a party over at Fengselsdirektør Holm-Fredriksens house. She must have a problem with Ranveig about something, because every time she sees her, she keeps touching her head like that and making faces.. The narrator does not understand what the deal is with that, but it does look like Ranveig has some kind of reputation.

    The narrator speculates if it could be because she has kids with two different fathers and never got married, but come on.. Sometimes relationships don't work out and I don't think its any of your business, so stop with those faces and be nice!
    Well, I did not ask specifically what it was about, or interfere with Iselins actions in any way, and she chose to stay up quite late at the party. She did not go home and go to bed until 4 in the morning.

    Date: Saturday 17.07.2021.


    Saturday was Inges birthday, and both her and Jarle was up early.

    Jarle: Happy birthday, Inge! Did you sleep well?
    Inge: Thanks dad! Yeah, I slept pretty good. Is mom getting up?
    Jarle: No, she is asleep, and will probably be sleeping for a while. She stumbled in quite late last night...


    Iselin didn't get up until 3 o'clock, only one hour before the guests would arrive. Just enough time for a late breakfast.


    First guests have arrived! Time to serve the food!


    Blowing out the candles, make a wish!


    Oh, here we go! Say hi to the new and (young) adult Inge Reppe! Hooray!


    Unfortunately, though (or because of her sloppy homework routines) she grew up to get the loser trait. This is the first time playing this family, and I'm only doing it because Inge involved herself with Oliver Freddy. If not, I would have made sure she did her homework and got better grades. Usually, I would be an additional strict parental figure for them, and not allow anything but the top grade.

    Now... where is Oliver Freddy? I know he was invited, but I haven't seen him all afternoon.


    Oh, there he is, standing out in the rain.


    She had wanted to talk to him all evening, and finally she could (when I couldn't see him, I was worried he hadn't showed up..).


    Inge: Well, aren't you hot like a burning match stick!


    After some more pick up lines back and forth and a little dancing, they went inside. The narrator was hoping they would flirt a little more, but Oliver Freddy had decided it was late and wanted to go home. Atleast she seemed happy he had been there. Woohoo, yibs!


    Ranveig was still there watching tv, and Iselin is making that face again. I think Iselin and Ranveig will need to sort this out at a later time.


    The next morning dad was out cleaning up after the party, and Inge was in the bathroom sending romantic texts to Oliver Freddy.



    They agreed to meet up at the park. Inge was still excited about her birthday.

    Inge: I am so happy you came to my party yesterday.


    Then she whispered sweet words into his ear, before going for a surprise kiss (another photo I forgot to upload so you're going to have to take my word for it..)


    ..well, I did capture the look on his face after the kiss, though.


    Don't look so shocked there, boy! She obviously likes you very much.


    Inge: I want you to be mine forever! I don't want us to ever be apart, nothing would break my heart more than that!

    Oh, you're still so young.. still so young.. or maybe the narrator is just being "old" and cynical.. of course, I do hope for the same.. but.. not without worry...


    ..as there are some signs this might just be a fling, because once the date seemed to be going great, she wanted to go roller skating. Silly, she didn't bring Oliver Freddy along, so he got bored and decided to leave.

    She decided to leave after a while as well, but as she got closer to the entrance she could hear a mans voice yelling in panic.

    Man yelling:
    Aaah! AAAH!! Yepididao! YEPIDIDAO!! AAHH!!

    Now what is this ruckus.. oh, wait. Isn't that...?


    Now how the blazes did that happen!? Don't just stand there woman, quick, get the fire extinguisher out of your back pocket!!


    Inge: How did you get yourself into this!? Look, when I said you were hot like a matchstick, I didn't mean for you to take it literally!!


    Oliver Freddy: Well, you know Christoffer Steele, that old fart, he challenged me to solve a math problem, and next thing I knew I was on fire! Thank you for saving me from being burned to death!

    Inge:Oh, yeah.. look, I'm sorry about abandoning you for the roller skating rink. Had I known you would end up catching fire, I wouldn't have been so absent minded. If you want you can come over to my place and use the shower to clean off that soot.

    Oliver Freddy: Yeah, I could probably need to get this off..


    Or just sit down to read a book instead...


    In spite of him being all zinged, Inge still thinks he is smoking hot. Or is that because of...?


    Now, this isn't how I pictured it, but if he doesn't want to shower, well.. I guess he just doesn't.


    Yeah, there are atleast two things in this world you don't play with, math equations and fire. I hope you have learned.


    And then he left the house to go home, before Inge got a chance to wake up. Hopefully to get a shower...


    Oh, sweet dreams.. huh?


    Once Inge woke up, her first wish for the day was to send him a love letter. Clearly, she is interested, so I had her invite him over again after practicing painting for a little.


    Hopefully not zinged this time. I want to get some good shots!


    Seriously, dude? I know you have a bathtub in your house... why don't you use it? Inge doesn't seem to mind... and, well, you're still cute together, though.

    See also: Motorsen family tree (https://theplumtreeapp.com/public/600d7a17f6542d0008498d08) for Oliver Freddy's family tree.

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    @Sprottenham I love the name Inge! Now did you 'do something' to have Inge and her family not "live'' or stay frozen in time? Since this is the same day as Deng got released?

    lol I love their lame jokes!
    (I think they touch their head making faces when they want to talk and find out information from the sim they are thinking about...but since we don't direct them unless it's a wish, they must suffer!)

    Inge looks so cute as a YA! Oh she loves him! I hope he loves her back!

    How strange Oliver caught on fire! LOL

    omg Oliver still singed as they cuddle on the bed!:D wonderful! LOL

    Wonderful Update! :smiley:

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    @DivaDoodle Thank you for the comment. I can't freeze them in time, only prolong the summer season by using Master Controller/Tempest (I think it was shift+right click ?).

    I have to jump back in time for the story line to get the birthdays right, otherwise I would have just progressed naturally.

    Aha, so that's what the head touching may mean..? I suppose it would make sense that Iselin (Inge's mother) would want more information about Ranveig (Oliver Freddy's mother) if he is going to "run off" with her daughter! If that's it, then it's not so bad. :smile:

    I agree that Inge looks really cute as a young adult.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    Chapter 6.1 - Oliver Freddy and Inge - what's next?

    July is now almost at it's end, and Ranveig and Oliver Freddy had been hanging out at Amundsen and Co. Cartoons. As the name implies, it is a cartoon store and also a nerd hangout with a small section on the second floor for arcade games. Oliver Freddy was not zinged, because prior to this I had made sure he got himself a bath...


    Oliver Freddy in the front right next to the arcade machine. Ranveig in the back staring out the window. Robert Bråge (Ranveigs youngest son, Oliver Freddys younger half-brother) was at home chatting with someone on the computer.


    In chapter 1.3 - Oliver Freddys birthday, the chapter ended with him wanting to go to university. When I turned to them now, he had not changed his opinion and it was now time to prepare to go, as the semester this fall starts with an introductory meeting for freshman students on august 16th. Hopefully Inge wants to go with him, as they are such a cute couple, but we will see...

    Oliver Freddy has a job at the Landgraab Research Centre because of his life time wish to be a scientist, whereas the young adult Inge occasionally works as a sales clerk at the festivals in town. The next day, Oliver Freddy went to the ongoing summer festival to talk to Inge.


    Oliver Freddy:
    So, how has your day been? Many customers?


    Inge: Oh, I'm doing good. Not that many customers, but the park is really nice and that helps my mood.

    Oliver Freddy:
    Lets be honest, I can tell you don't enjoy working here.


    Yes, you are right.. my long term dream has always been to be an illustious author, devoting all my time to painting and writing.


    Oliver Freddy: Then I think you should join me for university. You can study the art there, you know?


    Inge: Yeah, I don't know.. I have thought about it, but I don't want to leave Sunset Valley, you know? I really like it here, though.


    Oliver Freddy: I get that, I do too. But university is not forever you know. I plan to return here after university, and you can too. I am going because it will be good for my career at the research centre. I really think you should consider.


    Inge: Ok, you almost have me here. It does sound like a good idea, and..


    Oliver Freddy: And if anything, you may even do a minor in science, I think. Might be beneficial to have something else to fall back on as well.


    Inge: Ok, you got me. How do I sign up?

    Oliver Freddy: Haha, you don't sign up. You get immatriculated, and its very easy. You do it by phone or on the computer. In fact, I can do it for you. So, you want to major in art, I suppose?

    Inge: Yeah, art and literature, if possible.

    Oliver Freddy:
    Awesome, I'll contact them tomorrow and send an application for you. Semester doesn't start until august 16th, though, so we are not in a rush. We will arrive on sunday, and there will be an introductory meeting on that day for freshmen.


    Inge: Sounds great, I'm excited already!


    Oliver Freddy: Yeah, its going to be good. And I can't wait to have you get out of that clown costume you're wearing, 'cause I have seen how this "job" has been killing your mood, honestly.


    Inge: Oh you.. well, I might just get out of it already tonight! What do you say we head over to my place once my shift is over?


    Oliver Freddy:
    Why can't we just go right now.. who cares! You're going to quit this job anyway...


    You're probably right about that. I'm sure Møyfrid can deal with the few customers that will be left for the rest of the evening.. I quit! Off with this silly outfit!


    Inge: This is much better, lets get out of here!


    Oh, kids... I mean, young adults.. can't even wait to get out of the hallway before smooching on each other!


    Oliver Freddy:If you come with me for work tomorrow, I could probably give you a temporary position at the research centre before we go.


    Inge: Oh, I would like that. Can you do that?


    Oliver Freddy: Sure, no problem! My boss is my aunt Monica, so I'm sure she will hire you if I put in a good word.

    Inge: Oh, you're so sweet!


    After a good nights sleep, dreaming of.. homes, Inge woke up to her dad entering the bedroom. (The sim I played at this point was Oliver Freddy, meaning I had absolutely no control of what Inge and Jarle was doing.)

    Jarle: Oh, good morning Inge! I see you have a nightly visitor!


    Oh gee, no privacy around the Reppe house...

    Jarle: .. I think that makes it a little to crowded around here!

    Oh, come on...

    Inge: Aww, dad!


    Uhh, right. Sims, I will never fully understand them. :tongue:


    Well, anyway, Oliver Freddy keeps his word, and makes sure Inge gets a job at the research centre!

    Later in the day it was dinner time at the Motorsen family home (Robert Bråge is not there, because he is visiting his cousin Lise Veronica after school):


    Picture: Robert Bråge being served his favorite meal over at the Motor-Notesen family's home, while Lise Veronica does her homework. (I apologize for the confusion these intricate family relations and ssimilar sounding double names may cause.. You may find them all in the Motorsen family tree (at theplumtreeapp.com).)

    Don't mind Oliver Freddy having changed to his swim suit. That is perfectly normal in the Motorsen family line...


    Time goes by so fast. Just recently you had your birthday and became an adult, and now you are soon to move out and go to university.


    Oliver Freddy: Yes, I am pretty excited. Especially because Inge will join me. She is going to study art.


    Oh, I see. So this means you will be living together over there, then?

    Oliver Freddy:
    Oh yeah, the way I understand it is they have student dorms where you live with many others, so we will of course try to move into the same one.


    Ranveig (thinking): I remember how both of my boys used to sleep in that baby's crib, and now Oliver Freddy is ready to move out and go to university with his girl. I am so proud of him, but still so scared to let him go...

    She will often sit on this chair watching tv (yes, there is a tv in this room..), and sometimes maybe sit there staring blankly ahead (she has the insane trait, after all), but I don't think I have seen this before, specifically staring at the crib...


    The next morning she wakes up early.. to go and stand by the foot of Oliver Freddys bed.. wow... no visible action on her, she just ... stood there...this is almost creepy...


    Is that a little hint of sadness in her face or is it just me?

    When the brothers woke up:


    Robert Bråge:
    So are you really going to leave us for university?


    Oliver Freddy (probably the only one of them that looks happy): Yes, my brother! I am pretty excited! But it's not going to be forever, I will come back to Sunset Valley when I am done. And of course, I will visit both you and mom for the holidays, so don't worry!


    Later that evening Oliver Freddy and Inge go out to have dinner.

    It seems to end pretty well.

    Next day at the park:


    Oliver Freddy:
    Yeah, so me and Inge had already made plans to go to university just next month.


    VJ Alvi: University! Euch! That's not for me!


    Inge: Well, I can't wait!


    When Oliver Freddy gets home later in the day, he sends a love letter to Inge. Ranveig looks away as if it isn't happening or something.


    But immediately after he sent the letter, she turns and looks at him with a strict face. What's up, Ranveig? Oliver Freddy is an adult now, he can do what he wants... you have to let him go..

    The same day Inge came over for a visit. They really have to see each other all the time now..
    Ranveig is alone with Inge for a while, and starts to ask questions.


    Ranveig: So, when you go to university, will you be living together?


    Inge: Oh yeah, you can relax. We are going to live together.


    Ranveig: You don't say. And how are you going to pay for this then?


    Well, student dorms are free, and my parents have promised to help with the university fees. Oliver Freddy's dad has already promised to pay for his education, so no problem there.


    Ranveig: Well, that is music to my ears. My budget can be a little tight sometimes, but I will see if I can spare a simoleon here or there.

    Ranveig had decided to dance while talking to Inge, hence these some times strange looking poses..


    Oh, thank you very much, Miss Motorsen, but I don't think you need to worry. I am sure we can also find part time jobs if we need some extra cash.

    Well, time will show how it goes. I promised a twin birthday at the end of the previous chapter, but that won't be posted yet. My apologies, I lost track of the timeline a little bit there. First the Oliver Freddy and Inge has to start their semester at university, then the chapter about Knut and Eivind's birthday party happening later in august can be posted.

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    Chapter 7 – Oliver Freddy and Inge goes to university

    Inge is talking to Ranveig on the phone.

    Inge: Oh yeah, of course we will be living together! The university has promised us a spot in one of the dormitories there. There we will be living with other students, too!


    Inge: I am so excited to go and begin my studies!

    And after she hangs up, she does this...


    Inge: And after graduation I hope he will propose to me with a huge diamond ring!

    Oh my, well... you look cute together, but I don't think you're there just yet..

    The farewell scenes

    Later the same day, it was time for her to leave over to Oliver Freddy and Ranveigs house, where the university van would pick them up.


    Jarle: Bye, bye Inge! Daddy is going to miss you!

    Iselin: Make mommy proud and be a good student! Bye, bye Inge!
    Usually I do not plan out scenes and only take screenshots of things as they happen, but I made an exception for this one. And it was incredibly hard to get a picture with both parents waving at the same time with Inge holding the suitcase and not have one of them stand partly in the window right behind Inge there... it had me cursing at the screen a few times... Even though Jarle is looking away and not waving in this very moment, this is the best of all the screenshots...


    Jarle: I am not sad... I just ate a.. lemon..


    When Jarle and Kristina showed signs of going about their own business, Iselin walked up to the edge of the lot almost as if she wanted to follow her daughter.

    "Now it just happened. My oldest daughter is all grown up and moved out... I am so proud, yet I feel... I don't know.. a little scared... like a part of me just left..."

    A few minutes later at the Motorsen family house.


    Ranveig: Bye, bye Oliver Freddy! Take care and be a good student! Mommy is going to miss you lots! Bye bye! I am so proud of you! Bye bye!


    "Oh, my dear son is leaving... I am going to miss my little boy. I hope Inge will be good to him..."


    "Don't worry ma, I will take good care of your son..."


    "I hope so..."


    "Now he has left and there will only be me and Robert Bråge in the house. I hope he calls me as soon as he has arrived. I want to know if he made it there and everything is ok..."

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    Chapter 7.1 – Day of arrival and first impression
    This is my first time playing with the University Expansion pack, and sending sims to university, so even though I have been to university in real life, I am just as fresh to this experience as are my sims are! So bear with me... I also left them on autonomy as much as I could, to see how they would do it. As always, I don't want to be in charge of the story, I just want to watch it unfold and then tell it as it happens.

    As a full degree in the Sims game is only 48 credits and I want them to do a somewhat realistic amount of semesters, I sent them off to only do six credits per semester.

    Arriving at university! Sunday, august 15th 2021.


    Oliver Freddy's notes:

    As the moving van drove us there through the night, we had slept most of the way there. When we arrived, we got a spot at the De Anda House close to the shoreline and the Howard Library. I had applied for a degree in medicine, as that would be most beneficial for my science career, and Inge had luckily got a spot at the art studies.The map says the institute of technology and medicine where I think I will have to spend most of my time is just on the other side of campus from our dorm. I think I will get a bike or car to get around here faster.

    Inges notes:

    Oh, this is so exciting! This is my first time outside Sunset Valley. I can't wait to start.. to meet all the fellow students, to go to lectures, parties and just experience the university life! We will be sharing our dorm with six other students. I can't wait to get to know them!

    Oliver Freddys notes:
    Wow, the student dorm is much bigger then I expected. There are three floors, and it even has its own pool table and fitness room. I will have no trouble enjoying it here, I should think. I found myself a nice reading spot on the third floor, away from the noise of my room mates computer games downstairs.


    Inges notes:

    Even though both of our parents have promised to pay tuition fees, I was a little worried about finances. I had a look on the map that was sent out to all new students and located the 25 routes cinema. I went there and asked if they would hire for a part time job in the music career, but they said they didn't accept students. To get the job I had to quit university, which was a let down. Oh, anyway, I am going to have to get used to navigating through these traffic lights, there are so many new things here!


    Oliver Freddys notes:


    At 12:30 there was an information meeting at the student union, so I grabbed a bike to get there. Well, I didn't find any meeting, just a table handing out free stuff, which I guess is alright. Instead I found arcade machines, which is pretty sweet.


    They also had a ping pong table, where I played ping pong with this blonde girl. I didn't catch her name, though.

    Inges notes:

    They were handing out some free stuff at what they called an information meeting for new students, which is pretty neat I guess. Not sure where they kept the meeting, though, because I didn't find any! The coolest thing I got was this gigantic sketch book, perfect for practicing my drawing skills!


    Oliver Freddys notes:


    University life must be pretty great. This is my first day here, and I already got an invitation to a party. Before I went to the party I called mom to tell her we had arrived safely and everything was ok like I promised. She was so happy I called, and said she was already looking forward to me coming home for the holidays.
    The host of the party had already left when I got there, but there still seemed to be some kind of party going on, so I stayed and danced for a while.

    <Placeholder for image of Oliver Freddy and Walter Fulman to be uploaded once I get home.>

    After a while this guy who introduced himself as Walter Fulman came over and talked to me. I found out he was a loser, an angler and family oriented. He didn't seem like the most interesting person, but we got along alright.

    Inges notes:


    After I had finished my sketch I went into a nearby room where I found a lectern. There was nobody there, so I tried practicing holding a lecture about painting.

    Maybe I could be a professor one day! Afterwards I went back home to our dorm to get to know our room mates, but nobody was there, so I looked through the telescope for a while. When I went to bed for the night, I still hadn't gotten the opportunity to talk to any of my new room mates. Maybe tomorrow!


    Oliver Freddys notes:


    At the party place they had a nice couch outside I wanted to sit on, but suddenly Jefferey Dean, the host of the party showed up out of nowhere to boast about his gaming skills. At the same time I couldn't help but notice this naked guy entering the party. I didn't ask him about that to not make a fool of myself, but it makes me wonder what kind of place this really is. If you entered a party naked in Sunset Valley, you would get a reprimand and get told to leave pretty quickly, I am sure!


    I learned that Jefferey is a good kisser and a daredevil. He is also brave, just like me. Maybe I can like this guy. When I came home and went to bed in the bedroom we had selected, Inge was already asleep. Just to make sure, I locked the door to our room for anyone but us.


    Inge class schedual.

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00: VEG 102 - Vegetable theory.
    Tuesday at 12:00: ART 110 - Lecture in art.
    Thursday at 12:00: ART 112 - Activity in art.

    Oliver Freddy class schedual

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16:00: SCI 101 - A study in time/space.
    Tuesday at 08:00: MED 110 - Lectures in medicine.
    Thursday at 08:00: MED 112 - Activity in medicine.

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    Chapter 7.2 – August


    Inges notes:
    I woke up first on our first real day of university life, as expected because Oliver Freddy wasn't there when I went to bed. I let him sleep and went downstairs to make waffles for everyone. I was hoping this would please my room mates and help to give me some new friends.


    Oliver Freddys notes:

    Inge must have gotten up already, because she was not in bed when I woke up. First thing I needed was a shower, because I was a little smelly from yesterday. The bathroom at our dorm isn't bad, but it gives me a public bathroom kind of vibe. Not the most "homey" part, but it's alright.


    Inges notes:


    No one else appeared to be interested in my waffles, so I had to eat alone. I am sure I can make some friends later, when I go to my first class!


    I put the remaining waffles in the fridge and went upstairs for a shower.

    Oliver Freddys notes:


    I went downstairs and checked the fridge for some breakfast as I was getting hungry, and found that someone had already made waffles. How convenient! I guess no one will notice if I take one, right?

    Inges notes:


    After showering I was starting to feel lonely. I hadn't really talked to anyone new since I got here. I also want to be a good student, so I went to the bookstore* to buy the books I need. Maybe I can be lucky and meet someone new there.

    * Technically, they didn't go there by free will. I sent them there as I thought this was something they had to do to be good students.

    Oliver Freddys notes:


    After eating the waffles, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the bookstore to get the books I need. I want to start reading as soon as possible, so there is no reason to wait. However, when I asked the store clerk for the books on my curriculum, she just gave me a blank stare as if I came from a different universe. I asked again, and she only chuckled and explained to me that I didn't have to buy the books. They should already have been handed out to me upon arrival. I felt a little embarrassed walking out of there empty handed.

    Inges notes:


    When I got outside, I saw Oliver Freddy also on the way to the bookstore. I tried catching up to him, but he was already to far ahead. When I got close, I saw Oliver Freddy walking out of the bookstore again, empty handed. That had me a little confused, as I thought he went there to buy books.


    This is where it deviated from my real life experience. Here we have a university bookstore... and you can't buy university books. Bah! Humbug!

    Inge: Hi sweetie, what's up? I saw you running here, and I thought you went here to buy books?

    Oliver Freddy:
    Yeah, I did but.. apparently we won't have to buy our books. They have already been handed out to us.


    Inge: Oh.. that's completely different from how I thought it would be. Guess I won't have to buy books then. Hmm, anyway, my first lecture is in just a little less then two hours over at the Arts Institute.. well, I think I will have to head over there now, just to make sure. I don't want to be late for my lecture! See you tonight, Olli!


    Oliver Freddy: Yeah, you must not be late! My first lecture is almost six hours away, so I have plenty of time to kill. See you tonight!


    Oliver Freddys notes:
    After Inge ran off to her lecture, I went over to the Institute for technology and medicine, where I sat down to read my book on a bench outside. I thought it best to be a little prepared for my first lecture.


    Inges notes:


    After the lecture, I went back home and watched some tv and played computer games as I didn't find anyone else at home. I was excited when the door bell rang, finally I could meet someone new!


    Inge: Hi, I'm Inge!

    Lizzie Mund: Hi, I'm Lizzie. Nice to meet you.

    Inge: Come on in!

    Lizzie: I haven't seen you around here before, is this your first semester?


    Inge: Yes, it is. Me and my boyfriend arrived here just yesterday after traveling all night. I'm amazed at how big this place is, and how nice all the buildings are!


    Lizzie: Oh, it must have been exhausting traveling all the way during night time. Welcome to university! Oh yes, this university is quite big and also very rich in history.


    Lizzie: And I should mention, the arcade machines here are awesome, and guess who is the master of them all! Me, of course!

    Inges notes:
    Lizzie was nice to talk too. I learned that she is rich, and also very good at arcade games. We went outside and continued talking about our favorite tv-shows, favorite meals and some more about arcade machines, before she had to leave.


    I have so much on my mind from all the new impressions, I forgot to ask what her major is before she left, but I hope I will see her around somewhere later. Maybe she will be my friend. Oliver Freddy had already gone to sleep when I went to bed for the night.
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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Not the most "homey" part - Ya, sure looks very public
    Amazing how our sims always manage not to eat together, even when you made a “call” hard to get 5 people around the table at the same time
    Nice that Lizzie came over. For Inge to meet someone.
    Like how you give the impression they are both a bit confused about Uni-life, everyone would be on their first few days.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • CarbonCoffee14CarbonCoffee14 Posts: 18 Member
    I really like this story and the way you have a psychiatrist :smiley: I'm curious to see how the two lovebirds will do at university
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 783 Member
    @Tamijo Thank you for the comment. About them being confused, well it just happened naturally when I wrote, and that's what I would expect a new student to be. Inge hasn't even been outside her hometown, Sunset Valley, until now. :tongue:

    @AkwardnessIsAwesomeness Thank you very much for this comment, also digging the username. :wink:

    I am happy you enjoy the psychiatrist idea!

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  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : Amena has a very expressive face! And with her actions she has the opportunity to show many of such expressions to us! :D
    Gosh, this woman is so mean! She can´t even meet someone without insulting him/her! And she can´t even see how her viciousness determinesher life! That is so sad to see! She should visit her psychiatrist more often! (And don´t try to steel her husband because he could have had money! :D )

    Oliver Freddy (oh mey, such a long name!) and Inge seem to love each other very much! I just hope that this early love won´t get hurt too much while they are at university! Maybe their love is strong enough to lead them through all the temptations...
    :D It was funny to see that Oliver Freddy didn´t shower for so long! I would say "men" but I don´t want to get too much backlash from men so I won´t say it. ;)
    Gosh, Sims don´t know even the slightest bit what privacy means! Inge´s dad Jorge standing right next to the bed where his daughter´s lover is still sleeping in and talking calmly to his daughter: priceless!! My dad would have reacted muuuuch differently (if I would have been so brave like Inge and having brought a friend with me... :D )

    Poor Ranveig, she really loves her sons and she must have the feeling of loosing her oldest! So it isn´t creepy in my opinion when she just stands in Oliver Freddy´s room and watching him sleep, she just thought about her life together with him and how he grew up to be so independent to leave her for university. It must be hard for a mother or a father to let the children go....

    Wow, a party invitation for Oliver Freddy at the first day of university, what a great way of getting to know some students, why didn´t Inge go with him?

    Lol at them (or you) that they´ve tried to buy the books needed for their studies just to discover they´ve already had them in their inventory! That was exactly me in this action! The first Sim I´ve send to university had to go to the bookstore for exact the same reason and I was confused that I couldn´t buy the needed books for him! I had a hard time finding them, I´ve even googled that problem because I didn´t even thought of looking into his inventory!
    Good for Inge that Lizzie came by so she could get to know someone new, I hope she´ll get a party invitation at the evening!

    Great updates!
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    More Uni! I want to see them have a bon fire and crazy sims streaking! :open_mouth:🤣 Don't let them go home without a bon fire party! After all, that is the most important subject at Uni! 😎😜😁🤣
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 783 Member
    @AlexaKry Thank you for the extensive comment!

    About Amena.. well, I don't think she is mean to the core (I hope..), there is something really dark to her back story that I am reluctant to even mention. <_<... >_>

    About Oliver Freddy and Inge. Well, I too hope that their love will last, but however, if they decide to split up, I will let them. Sometimes things like that happens.. but of course, I am hoping for the best!

    And about Inge and her dad. One thing I haven't shown is that there actually was one incident where he went to sleep in her bed when she was also sleeping there! :o

    About Ranveig and Oliver Freddy.. I was really surprised she did that, standing by his bed and all. In a way I was happy it happened, though, because it makes easier when telling my story to show her feelings and fears of emptiness when her son leaves, which is excactly what I wanted to show!

    Haha, so I'm not the only one thinking Sim's university actually should work like a real university. :p


    Ah, thanks for the tip. Will see if I can figure out where to find one, if they get such an invitation..

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
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    There will be more university stuff to come, but first I must switch back to Sunset Valley to introduce the Kråke-Motorsen family because soon it is time for the twin brothers Knut and Eivind to have their 35th birthday where they will age up from young adult to adult life stage.

    8.1 The Kråke-Motorsen Family

    Map of upper Sunset Valley ("old town area") with labels of family names and some important buildings. Notice the location of the Kråke-Motorsen home near the centre of the image.

    Plum Tree Family Trees (for context):

    The Kråkesen Family tree: https://theplumtreeapp.com/public/600d7fec6e8dbe0009f875b0 - Helene and Knut have the right branch.
    The Kråkesen Family tree: https://theplumtreeapp.com/public/600d7a17f6542d0008498d08?p=600d7b4fd245bf00080e8243 - Helene and Knut has the rightmost branch also on this tree.

    The Kråke-Motorsen family is a pretty standard family of two parents and two children living in their home in the upper parts of the old town. When I turn to the family, it is late monday evening on the 16th of august 2021.


    This is the mother of the family, Helene Kråke-Motorsen and her youngest son, Anton. Helene thinks it is time for Anton to go to bed, and is in the process of putting him in his crib.

    This is the oldest son, Bjørn-Yngve, in the dining room about to do his homework. At 10 past 11, thats a little late, don't you think? It wasn't as bad though, as he only had a few percentage left, so I'll let it pass. Luckily, his grade at school is an A, so, good boy!


    And this is Knut, the father of the family. He has been hanging out at the Hermansen Lot, which is the towns arcade hall and nerd hangout. Good thing he had the sense to be on his way home, so I won't have to interfere and send him home.


    And everyone was fast asleep, except Anton the toddler. Of course.

    The next morning Bjørn-Yngve was the first to wake up. Does the young one have dreams of following in his fathers footsteps and being a politician?


    Bjørn-Yngve: "Hahaha, dad, are you going to hold speeches at the podium today?"

    Knut does not respond, he just eats his food until car horns from outside interrupt the silence and its time to go.


    After they had left for school and work, Helene woke up. The first thing she wanted to do, was to sit in her little writing den to read a book. Helene is a bookworm and a writer of children and science-fiction books. She also works as a receptionist at the day spa, but today is her day off.


    Helene: Uhhhh... dabbledoo? What was I doing here again?

    She is also an absent-minded snob. Funny I never noticed what a big nose she has until I started taking screenshots of her, and now I can't unsee it.. and you probably can't either. I'm sorry Helene.. don't mind that, you look great!


    But she has a great motherly instinct.


    Helene: So, so... nooboo. I'll let you eat.. on the floor.


    Later Anton was playing with boxes in his older brothers room.


    Motherly instinct at work again, her action says to clean all plates on the lot, but she goes to pick up Anton, as if she knew he needed to use the potty which I had placed downstairs for convenience. Or inconvenience depending on where they are at.


    Good mother!


    Knut: Daddy is home! Here comes the hungry dragon! Tickle, tickle!


    Helene (thinking): "Knut is home. I must look my best. How do I look? Do I have something inbetween my teeth?"

    No, you're fine...


    Bjørn-Yngve is also home, and the first thing on his mind is to do his homework. What a lovely family, I could just sit back and watch. :P


    But as Helene has a wish to teach Anton to walk, I'm gonna let her to that.


    Bjørn-Yngve and Knut eating pumpkin pie leftovers for dinner.

    Bjørn-Yngve: It's funny how mom went from writing science fiction books to childrens books as soon as Anton was born! But I think now she is back to writing science fiction again.

    Again, Knut doesn't answer his son. He really is not the talkative kind when eating.

    Oh yes! This is the moment Anton learned to walk! Mommy is so proud!


    Knut and Bjørn-Yngve have one thing in common though, and that is their love of playing chess. Knuts life time wish, which he has fulfilled, was to master logic and handiness. Bjørn-Yngves life time wish is to be a chess champion. And a game of chess seems to be what it took to have daddy talking.


    Knut: Good thing we have Helene to do the dishes! Gives us time to play chess instead!

    Well, now.. don't push your luck there, Knut! :)


    Helene writing on her last science fiction book about the Romletomle people. She had written a lot less on it then I thought. Luckily she hadn't planned that long of a manuscript and managed to complete it in one sitting.


    Ah, I was waiting for this moment... As Knut is from the Motorsen family (he is Ranveigs brother), he has inherited the insane trait as well, which has given them all a disposition to put on their swimwear at random times and talk to themselves....


    As Helene works at the spa, she goes to work in the afternoon. Knut has a job in the political career. After Helene goes to work and before Knut comes home, there is a short period where Anton needs a babysitter.


    Lise-Veronica Motor-Notesen is coming home with Bjørn-Yngve after school. (Lise-Veronica is the daughter of Monica Motor-Notesen, see Motorsen Family tree).


    Since Bjørn Yngve is a genius he can finish his homework quickly to sit down and watch tv with dad.


    Helene is super happy about... brushing teeth? Well, dental hygiene is important. Especially maybe if you're worried about having something inbetween your teeth.


    Helene:Ah, watching the kids play. Hmm, I wonder how Monica is doing. I want to invite her over.


    Monica: Oh, sure, I'll be over right away!

    Helene: Great, see you in a few.

    Monica: Actually... something important just came up here, so I can't. I'm sorry!


    Helene:These Motorsen people... always so ....random... (makes face to camera).


    Helene: "How do my teeth look? Are they fine?"

    Your teeth are just fine.. I promise... -_-


    Bjørn-Yngve has no interest in playing with Lise-Veronica. He would much rather just practice chess.


    Ok.. I know you're absent minded, but come on... that's not where you put the trash! Don't try to look like you don't know what you're doing.. pick that up, and take it out! Now!


    That's more like it...


    Your father is insane, he can't help it. Lets just hope you won't end up the same way, kid.


    Miss absent-minded, your son needs to use the potty, please take him out of there.


    Too late.. And you're daydreaming about money again. Well, it looks like you have some dishes to do.. and clothes to clean. No one else seems to be doing anything around the house...


    Helene:No time to clean up the dirty clothes, I must go to work. Knut can do that when he gets home.

    At the same time Bjørn-Yngvewas home from school and doing his home work, after which his grandfather, Egil Kråkesen, gave him a call. They had an interesting conversation which I had written out and all as it happened, but unfortunately because of that I forgot to take screenshots...

    Later, when Helene came home from work:

    Helene: I want to talk to Maria Rodriguez and hear how she is doing.

    That's easy, just give her a call and hope she is not busy.
    (Maria Rodriguez is one of the refugees living in the New Town area).


    Helene: Hi Maria.. how are you? ..

    Helene: Oh.. oh, you were in an eating contest?


    Helene: And you won? Congratulations, that's great!

    Helene: Haha, yeah, if you have the stomach for that kind of thing its a good way to get free food!


    Helene: I just finished my last science fiction book about the Romletomle people. It is already a hit and has sold for 260 simoleons!

    Helene: And then.. oh, you have to go? You're getting another call? Ok, then I won't distract you, bye then!


    Helene: Hmm, I wonder what could be so important she had to interrupt me.. maybe she has found a lover and was waiting for him to call?

    Those are only speculations, Helene, we don't know that...


    Helene: Men.. can't do anything right.. disgusting! Guess I will have to fix this and take them to the laundromat myself tomorrow...


    Helene: Just gotta check the mirror to make sure I look my best before going to bed.. Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like running water?

    Bjørn-Yngve: MOM!! Get out of here!! I'm taking a shower!!


    Helene: Oh my Narrator, son! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!!

    Bjørn-Yngve:Whatever mom, I'll go to bed...

    The next day when Knut was at work and Bjørn-Yngve at school, I sent her off to the laundromat to do what was necessary..


    Helene: Up we go little boy, we're going to the laundromat to do what your father couldn't do!

    At the Hausmannsen Laundromat:


    Asgeir Karlsen: Good morning Helene, doing laundry today?

    Helene:Yeah, you know how it is. I told Knut to fix the dirty clothes, but he just dropped them in two big stinking piles next to the laundry basket!

    Asgeir: Well, I'm not going to say anything about that...


    Asgeir: Oh, hi young man. Want to play with your reserve grandpa Asgeir? Oh, yes you do! Up we go, austronaut man!



    Asgeir: Oh, you're such a good boy! Yes you are!


    Wherever there's a mirror...


    Helene: Ok little man... lets go home and get out of here before somebody thinks we broke that laundry machine... we have to prepare for your dad and your uncles birthday party tomorrow!

    Updated 18.09.2021 to fix broken image links.
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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Always love maps and family trees
    Cute Anton
    He is a politician, she’s a writer, this family must be doing quite well financially.
    I like sims not to be to unrealistic perfect, that nose is fine :)
    Learning to walk, Anton already close
    This seems to be quite a nice harmonious family. Sure, Daddy is a bit weird, Helene got a teeth neurosis, but I’m sure it’s going to be fine. Can’t comment on every picture but was a great read, looking forward to your next update.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham I enjoyed the update! Anton is a beautiful baby with lovely eyes!

    Yes very good boy, Bjørn-Yngve to have an A in school! Now get to bed!

    I'm glad that Helene is so Motherly! I like how she will bring Anton to the area where she will be working! Yes very good Mother! I always worry about my absent minded sims, but Helene seems fine! Is she family oriented?

    Knut seems like an attentive Daddy! and I like his chin!

    It really is such a lovely family! I could just sit back and watch as well! BTW how is the last part of Bjørn's name pronounced? the ''Yngve'' part? can you attempt to spell it phonetically in english? :)

    Ah Knut is insane! how apropos that he is a politician! hahahaa 😁🤣

    That is so cute that Helene wants to look her best and goes to the mirror often! I think it's the snob trait! My snobs love for me to give them many many mirrors! lol

    omg LOL I love the expression you caught on Helene's face when she just decides to drop the trash on the floor! hahahaa

    Ah she actually went to the laundromat! what a good sim Helene is!

    Love the update!

    PS: On your Uni story, your actives should be able to throw a bonfire party, I think! I don't know for sure, since I don't have Uni, but I have seen some fun stories, and i thought you might like it!
  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : this family seems to be working very good, although I think that daddy Knut could improve his household skills and his conversations skills to his son. No wonder he is in the political branch, isn´t it premiss for politicians to be insane? He could be a great, great leader! (he just should avoid self-tanners...) ;)

    :D yes, unfortunately Helene has a little too big nose, just a little. But she is beautiful with it, she shouldn´t be so unsure of herself to look into the mirror so often. Furthermore she has nice teeth! :D

    hahaha, stomping into the bathroom where her son just showers is so Sims! Good that her son wasn´t a teen, that could cause so many traumas! :p

    Nice that she Helene went to the laundromat to wash the clothes again! So nice that granddady played with Anton, they seem to like each other, that´s great. :D better run out of the laundromat, Helene, I hope you haven´t left the clothes in the washing machine, so no insurance can find out it was you!

    You´ve promised a birthday party, where is it? o:);)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 783 Member
    @Tamijo Thank you for the comment. I always thought Helene looks good, though. And I never really wanted perfect sims either, neither in looks or personality wise. I think its more interesting if they can be like regular people, and have some flaws in them. ;)

    Hmm, I probably have to many pictures per update, I think I should try to sort out a little more in the future. Maybe I won't have to document and tell everything that happens. <_<

    @DivaDoodle Thanks for the comment.

    Helene does not have the family oriented trait, so I don't know why she is such a good mother, but I am happy that she is!

    How I would pronounce Bjørn-Yngve. For Bjørn, just try to say 'burn', but add in a short 'yeah' sound after the 'B'. (Don't actually say 'yeah', it's a very short sound.. don't pronounce the 'eah' part. :P )

    For Yngve, that's a little trickier to explain.. so I found this youtube video:
    . He starts reciting the alphabet (Norwegian pronounciation about one minute into the video. The letter 'y' is at the 2:30 mark.) Then there's the 'ng' sound. You have that already at the end of words like 'nothing'. And for the 've' part, just think 'vest', without the 'st' of course.

    Haha, I loved the expression too, when she just dropped the trash on the floor. Caught me by surprise there. :P

    She didn't go to the laundromat by herself though, that would have been pretty awesome. I had to send her there, because I can't stand watching dirty clothes pile up... I wonder when laundry machines will be on sale for regular home owners too in Sunset Valley. ;)

    @AlexaKry Thank you for the comment. Oh, I probably shouldn't commented on her nose. I do think Helene looks good, I think all my sims look good just as they are, big noses or not!

    Yes it is nice to see that the relationships with all the sims are mostly good, and that the elders can play around with the children. Asgeir Karlsen was Helene's neighbour when she grew up, he is the father of one of her best friends, Sofie.

    I am sorry for being so slow.. birthday party is coming up.. right.. now!

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  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 783 Member
    edited October 2021
    Chapter 8.2: Double Birthday Party

    Relevant family trees (www.theplumtreeapp.com):
    The Motorsen family
    The Kråkesen family

    Saturday 21st August 2021
    Today is the day for Knut and Eivinds 35th birthday and their passage onto the adult life stage. Their birthday falls on a saturday this year, perfect for a great party!

    This is perhaps a cruel trick on my part, but whenever my sims have kids I always put the baby/toddlers crib in the same room as the parents bed (if room). The wellbeing of the offspring has a higher priority than the wellbeing of the parents. If you choose to have kids, prepare to face the consequences... no mercy. :P

    Ah, what better way to start your birthday then waking up to a screaming toddler at 4:30 in the morning? But one can always feed him and change his diaper. And go back to sleep..



    After this Bjørn-Yngve woke up and had a quick breakfast downstairs before retreating to Helenes writing den to play chess. Admittedly its getting a bit boring with how many of my sims seem to be so interested in playing chess... but they like what they like...

    Knut woke up and decided to make peanut butter and jelly.


    Helene woke up with the phone ringing.
    Madison Van Watson had called her and wanted to talk about... fish.


    Helene: Morning Madison.. whats up?

    A mumbling voice is heard through the phone.

    Helene: Oh wow.. you've been up fishing all night? Did you get any?


    Helene: Awesome, thats good! I'm sure you could make a fine buck from selling that!


    Helene: Oh thanks for asking. Yeah, my books are doing alright. I'm making some money, but I'm not getting rich yet.


    Helene: "Guests will arrive in an hour, gotta make sure I look my best!"

    Yeah, if you're a snob its important to be keeping up appearances... but trust me, you're fine!


    Eivind: "My party is coming up soon, maybe I should be a good host and prepare some soup"

    Soup? No, you can do better than that...
    Sometimes I take the liberty and direct them to do something, because they do not always have the best ideas...


    Eivind: Ok, boss, I'll make burgers then.

    First guests have arrived. The party has begun. Helene talking to her older sister Kathrine:


    Helene: Hi sis, how is your medical career going? Did you get that pay raise you were hoping for? Knut is doing really well in his politcal career. He's making loads of cash!


    Kathrine: That's good to hear! I did get that pay raise, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped.


    Helene: Ah, I see. I'm still waiting for Knut to take a hint and buy me that expensive diamond ring I have been looking at.


    Kathrine: Oh sis, you're always so demanding! You would need to be almost a celebrity to make that kind of money!

    I agree!


    Helene: That could be, but I am sure Knut is going to be a top star in politics! He is on to really big things!

    Don't run off with your mouth now.. you know just as well as I do that Knut has no such ambition...


    Happy birthday Knut! Ah, one never gets used to aging up. I know, its always a little terrifying each time.. probably even more so when it happens in such leaps and bounds...


    Now that wasn't so bad, huh? Now it's your brothers turn!


    Happy birthday Eivind!


    His outfit didn't change after he aged up, he still looks just the same.


    So many people in there, this is actually incredibly noisy.. can't even hear the stereo.. :P


    Knut has the loner personality trait and agrees with me.


    Knut: The invitation said formal clothing, Ranveig. Formal clothing, not your fitness wear! Do I really need to spell it out for you, you're insane! You know that? Insane!

    Wow, pot calling the kettle black here.. this is not how you make your party guests feel welcomed.


    This one hurts, I can tell, coming from your own brother, no less...yet Ranveig finds the strength to be nice. Or maybe she's being sarcastic...


    Ranveig: Oh, Knut.. you were always the brains of the family. I have always admired you for being such a genius.


    Ranveig: What a doofus... why is that guy my brother?

    That question should go to your parents, not me...


    Eivind: I'm feeling much better over here watching tv, where there is not so many people.

    I'm not going to say anything about that. Atleast you're not being rude like your brother.


    Helene thinks to herself: I am so happy that mom (Frida Kråkesen) could come over and enjoy herself.


    Knut: Sorry folks, its time to feed the little man!


    Monica: Has any of you tried the new lunch coffee over at Hogan's Diner? It's really great stuff!

    Eivind: No I haven't tried that yet, but I have heard a lot of good things about it. I'm sure its great.


    Frida (talking to Sofie): Have you heard about Helenes latest book, Romletomle? Its getting a little mixed reviews. The Diraciff Writers Magazine gave it only a 52 % rating!


    Sofie: Well, I think you should clean out your own dirty dishes before doing someone elses.. the few books you wrote got pretty mixed reviews as well!

    Frida turns away and doesn't answer.


    Egil to Frida (Helenes parents): Who has the smoothest, fastest and most expensive cars in Sunset Valley, huh? Thats good old Egil, alright!


    Egil to Ingrid (his grandchild): Have you seen my wifes bike? It is the best of the best, a super expensive Yokoshimoto Wasp, the gold and aluminum model! And who bought that for her? Me, of course!


    Helene to Eivind: We have so much in common! I think we should get to know each other a little better!

    Oh no you don't.. you're married to one of the twin brothers, you can't have them both! Sofie is not going to like that if she hears it...
    Reminder: Knut is married to Helene. Eivind is married to Sofie.


    Eivind thinks: There seems to be an invisible magnet that just keeps pulling us together!
    (Eivind had the magnet thought bubble here, but I was to slow to catch it on screenshot.)

    What!? NO, you did NOT just think that! I object! However, as much as this annoyed me, I did not intervene, and luckily it sorted itself out, because...


    Helene: And I have the best most awesome car in town!
    ...of Helenes tendency to brag. (Just like her father..) Eivind yawns, and Monica in the background doesn't look to impressed either.... No one likes an excessive braggart!


    Haha, bad move, Helene! Bad move!


    And just so you know, Sofie has been standing there listening to you all along... and she is not looking very amused.


    Eirin just switched to her swimwear right in front of Ingmar. The way she looks at him makes me guess she might be hoping for something. Do you think the swimwear will help? Ah, you're so cute! :P
    Reminder: Eirin and Ingmar are the parents of Ranveig, Monica, Knut and Eivind.


    Helene, you must know that trick doesn't work.. No one finds your car impressive and nobody really cares... Eivind is still not impressed...


    Ingmar just insulted Eivinds house, and Ranveig feels its time to step in between. Monica wants to back off from her father and brother fighting. Well, its 2:30 in the night. Maybe its time to end this party before things start to get out of hand.


    Yeah, I think this party is over. Time to round up and send everyone home!


    Helene (to Monica and everyone): Thank you for coming and for making this such a great party! But I think its time to go home now everyone! Thank you so much for coming!

    Monica: The pleasure is on my side! Such a great party for my brothers! Thank you for hosting the party!

    And that was it for now for the Kråke-Motorsen family and the twin brothers birthday party! Next time its back to university life. ;)
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    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
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    The people of Simbria

  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member


    Hmm, I probably have to many pictures per update, I think I should try to sort out a little more in the future. Maybe I won't have to document and tell everything that happens. <_<

    NO NO I did not mean that - I love to read everything and see a lot of your pictures.
    The fact that i do not comment on every picture is just a mix of my laziness and the fact that I do not always have a comment pop-up in my mind, but that is definitely not the same as you should not post it.
    You could off course split in two to get more frequent updates, if that could fit your schedule - all up to you personal pref.

    I know you got a new update from this morning, but will have to get back to that later.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

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