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The People of Simbria


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    @AlexaKry Thank you for the comment. Yeah the party thing not happening was super strange, it was a bonfire party too, so I was really looking forward to figuring out what that was about, but... no.

    Yeah, I'm not to good with showing kissing scenes. They are a couple, and romance is fine and all, but if it gets to many kissing scenes in a story, I can get bored. :P

    Yeah, they had a good time at the Grotto, but again it wasn't what I hoped for. I think they really deserved to enjoy themselves after all the hard work, so I tried to make sure they had the best time they could.

    Yes, I thought it was lovely too that they atleast came out to say goodbye. I was surprised at especially Nicole Lawrys enthusiasm at waving. I hadn't noticed her at all before now, really, even though she lived there.. and all of a sudden she shows up and is super friendly. I will see if her and Inge can be friends next semester, if she is still there...

    @Tamijo Thank you for the comment. Yeah, I made them work pretty hard, because I did not know how much work was required to get a good grade. I see it worked very well for them. I would have been ok with a little lower grades, but of course I do want them to do really good, so I was happy. B)

    Hahaha, diarrhea! Well, I don't know.. it could be!

    Oliver Freddy has a life time wish of being a scientist, but I didn't find any study related to that, so I had medicine as it seemed the "closest".

    Yep, that was the house they lived in. The de Anda house I think it was called, it really is quite big. That might also explain why they didn't see the others they lived with so much.

    Haha, yeah, Nicole Lawry is a little.. wow. Her dress looks like what elders sometimes use for a swimsuit. :P But I think she is friendly or something, so I hope that for next semester she and Inge can become friends.

    I haven't gotten around to play their christmas holiday yet, but I should get around to that shortly.

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    The people of Simbria

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    I decided to split this chapter into two parts, because all of a sudden there was a slight wave of nostalgia as they returned to Sunset Valley...
    And how they can go from snow to green grass. Well, the university is further north and up in the mountains with a colder climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb -e.g Northeastern US), whereas Sunset Valley has a subtropical coastal climate (Climate classificatin: Cfa - e.g southeastern US, southeastern Brazil/northern Argentina etc.. you get the point.. ;))

    Chapter 9.3: Part II - Coming home. Monday December 13th 2021.

    Song: Ozzy Osbourne - Mama, I'm coming home


    Oliver Freddys notes:

    The first sign of home as we came back to Sunset Valley was the maximum security prison alongside dads home. Well, the prison is not a very inviting sight to behold, but atleast we knew we were home...

    Actually, I never realized the prison was this depressive looking, as I have never seen it from this angle before. Makes me want to change how it looks...Sunset Valley isn't really that kind of a place...


    Ah, and there is the traditional old Fengseldirektøren pub. I remember mom's stories about that place from back when she was a young adult still living in the New Town Area...that was before I was born, of course..


    I'm going to have to ask mom about this, but I think her home back then was the first one on the right side of the road, right next to the library. And I think auntie Monica lived in the other red house on the left, just across the road from her.

    Yep, that's right, that's how it was. And his uncles Eivind and Knut lived in the two green houses there. Then Sofie Karlsen, Helene Kråkesen and Kathrine Kråkesen, as were their names back then before they married, lived further up the road.


    Sofie Motor-Karlsens old home on the left. Helene Kråke-Motorsens home to the right of hers, and across the road closest to our view and to the right is Kathrine Kråke-Karlsens old home. Just a little nostalgia for me about the times before I started posting the storyline to the forums... and didn't care to much about making unique looking homes. ;)
    Anyway, enough reminiscing, lets get the students home!

    Oliver Freddys notes:


    Oh, it feels good to be back! I have missed this view! Even the sight of the old mental hospital to the right! The town hall and the art institute (the pink building to the left of the town hall) up front! And the old Sunset Valley castle and the Alto familys home on top of the hill to the right!


    And finally I could see momma's home at Mosquite Cove at the end of the road. And her pink pick-up truck parked outside! Oh, mama, I'm coming home!


    Oliver Freddy: Mama! Robert! I'm home!!



    Ranveig's reaction is immediate. She is happy to see her son.

    Ranveig: My sweet son is back! Oh, how much I have missed him!


    I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...




    Robert Bråge is very curious and quickly starts to question Oliver Freddy about university, what he learned and if he did any interesting experiments.


    And then he wants to play tag. It seems like such a long time ago since I checked up on this family, I can't remember if this was something they used to do or not, but I suppose it could have been.


    And now I think I must jump to the Reppe family, to see if they are also as harmonious as this one! I switch to the family, and immediately freeze them to see where they are at.


    Mom, Iselin Reppe, is in the living room watching the gardening channel.


    Dad, Jarle Reppe, is being enthusiastic to Inge about a cartoon he just read.


    Little sister, Kristina (12 years old), is hungry and wants to go to the kitchen to eat a salad.


    Shoot, I just missed that Jarle and Inge gave each other a hug because I followed little sister around. Uh, and who is that other guy there? Looks like they have hired a baby sitter.


    Then Iselin and Inge goes out into the dining room to play with the trick ball. Look at mom's face, it's so adorable. She hasn't played with her daughter since summer!


    Photos of them up in the air doing tricks.



    Oh, you're so sensitive, Inge! What is this? I hear a crying sound, but see a smile on your face.


    Iselins notes:
    Ever since my daughter became a young adult, she has always been so sensitive about almost every little thing, especially if she would win or lose at something. But she is so sweet, and I am so happy to have her home. I feel so much more calm and relaxed now.


    Inges notes:
    Oh, I was so happy to be home, I almost shed a tear in front of mom! Sometimes I get alot of feelings in me, and I can't really stop it! After playing ball in the dining room, mom wanted to stay up and watch tv with me. I felt I was getting tired, but I thought I could stay up for a little longer.


    Iselin: Now I hope you remembered what I told you before you left about those parties at university!

    Haha, this is just too great! Mom, relax.. Inge is a good girl! :)


    Inge doesn't answer her mom there, just gets up to go to bed.


    Well, the rest of the family was also getting tired shortly thereafter and decided to go to bed as well.


    The sisters are asleep, Inge with her dreams of being a writer.


    Nighty night! :)

    Because Oliver Freddys looking back up there, I revisited some old videos I made from this save... and I thought I could share one of them for the viewers of this thread. Now, the videos I made was recorded before I started posting to this forum, and wasn't really intended to be shown to anyone.. so it's not top quality, and I had to re-edit to translate some text to english. Approximate time for this video in the story's time line would be around 2004-2005ish. It's also on vimeo, not youtube, so I can't embed it. The video begins with Helene Kråkesen in the New Town library working on a book.. and focuses mostly on the dating process of my second generation sims and Oliver Freddy when he was a toddler.

    Link to video: https://vimeo.com/546109292

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    Nice that you put the pic of the moving van! :) And the Prison!!!

    Oh Wow this is amazing you put all these pics!!! I Love it! It is great seeing all the different views of the town! You aren't able to pause during this time are you, it is the game just showing the driving of the van, right, like a movie sequence? I'm so happy you are able to get all these really great pictures! :)

    Oh Mama, I'm coming home! And he runs to the house with his suitcase! <3

    Ranveig is too cute being all excited to see him!

    I love all the nice expressions on their faces!

    Nice video! my favorite of course is Oliver Freddy learning to walk! he has come a long way! :) very sweet!
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    @Sprottenham : I love everything about this new update!

    Firstly Ozzy! Yeay, I loove this song and Ozzy really is the best weird guy out there! You need a Sharooon! in your game now! :p

    Secondly the drive through the town: I like all the explanations about who lived where in the past. Yes, the prison looks very depressing, but aren´t prisons depressing per se? The house of Fengselsdirektør (is the spelling right?) looks very different to the prison, so lightly and openly!
    (I forgot that Fengselsdirektør is Oliver Freddy´s dad, the video reminded me of that again!)

    Thirdly: Oliver Freddy is RUNNING home to mummy! THAT IS SOOO SWEET!!! <3
    So he secretly missed his mom, his little brother and home very much being at university. So good to see them home for Christmas!
    Oh mey, such a smile at Ranveig´s face, she must have missed him sooo much, if Sims could cry I think she would have cried for joy that her big boy is back home! What a joy!
    :D little kids like to play with everyone who comes back home, so sweet that Oliver Freddy played tag with Robert!

    Fourthly: So good to see that Inge is welcomed back as happy as Oliver Freddy is! So good to see both her parents spending time with her and talking to her and such. (Her little sister seems a bit less happy, knowing that the love of her parents have to be divided now again between her and her big sister..)
    Aww, Iselin is relieved to have her baby back home, knowing how sensitive her daughter is. <3

    Fifthly: the video! It was great to see all this old stories and the younger Sims. It helped me to remind me that Fengselsdirektør actually is Oliver Freddy´s dad. (have you´ve written how Ranveig and Fengselsdirektør became a couple and why they broke up? If yes, sorry for not remembering! Can you tell me again or lead me to the right post where you´ve mentioned it please?)
    (How can all of you have such good videos? Mine look always awful like hell, you can´t even see anything clearly in them... Is there a trick?)

    Great update, I can´t wait for Christmas pictures!!!
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    @DivaDoodle Thank you for the comment! I am happy you enjoyed the pictures! I had to pause to get the shots to make sure they were good ones, because the car drives pretty fast.

    @AlexaKry Haha, I don't know about the Sharon.. maybe I will have to buy the pets expansion pack first! ;)

    Oh, thank you again for liking everything about the post, and even the explanations that I thought would only be meaningful to me. :P
    Yeah, you spelled Fengselsdirektør right, no problem. (Fengselsdirektør is norwegian for prison warden.)

    Funny you should mention Ranveig crying, because for one of the shots if you look closely, you might see a tear on her face. (I did add that, but I couldn't make it to visible without making it look bad. Finding custom content tears for the Sims 3 was very hard! These were the only tears I found, and I don't think they looked to great, but it was what I found. https://thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-makeup-eyeliner/title/eye-liner-crying-beauty/id/987943/)

    It was all good at the Reppe house too, so everything was fine. Should be a good christmas I hope. I don't know yet what plans everyone has to celebrate it yet, but I think they should do so together, as christmas is the time of togetherness and all. ;)

    I wish I could answer your question about how Ranveig and Fengselsdirektør met properly, but I can't. I have no video of that, and no screenshot, and I wasn't writing anything down back then. Its a shame I have no memory of how they met and became a couple. The video shows they were obviously dating.

    What I do know is that he is not from Sunset Valley, but moved there because he got the job as the prison warden after the old one had to retire. I think Ranveig had just recently moved out of the New Town Area to her current home in Mosquite Cove around that time, and if not, she moved shortly thereafter. She lived in Mosquito Cove when she gave birth to Oliver Freddy.

    I remember that their relationship was very brief, they just didn't match very well, but somehow it had lasted just long enough for Ranveig to get pregnant. I had hopes for them to be a couple*, because I wanted all my sims to be in couples and have children, but for them it just didn't work out. Sorry I can't give a better answer than that.. :/

    * That was one half of the reason why I made this sim and put him into town, so that Ranveig could get a partner.. back then I thought that I could just pair up any sim and have them flirt and so on, and they would be in a relationship and everything would be fine.. that was wrong! I later learned that sims can actually autonomously split up, grow to hate each other and even divorce, as was the case with Sofie and Jonathan's parents.. Asgeir and Lucie. :/ I had some struggles with that pair...

    ** edit: According to Chapter 3.1: The Holm-Fredriksen Family it seems they split up partly because Ranveig got tired of his political discussions. A somewhat superficial reason, but they just weren't compatible, I guess.
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    Coming home is one of the best ballads in Hard Rock ever, stunning vocal.

    Sunset Valley isn't really that kind of a place...
    Not an inspirational sight for the young people is it.

    Always like a good back story and some geographical insight

    Nice that Ranveig is happy to see her son, but she is so thin, hope the is ok.
    Good that he plays a bit with little brother, they must have missed each other.

    Inge plays a bit of ball with mommy :p, not the most natural reaction to being away for so long.

    Inge with her dreams of being a writer
    That might be quite good for her, writers can earn nicely, while still having time for kids and stuff.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

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    @Tamijo, thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply and lack of update this time. I have side tracked myself again..

    About Ranveig being thin, well, I think it was AlexaKry that also said the same about her brother (Eivind, I think it was). So, well, come to think of it, they have always been like that, and I think it must be something they inherited from their father, which, if I remember correctly, is also quite thin. So they're doing ok, they're just... on the thin end of the scale. :P

    I hope to be back with a christmas update for them soon enough. <_<

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    I had to muster up some motivation to play with Inge and Oliver Freddy again this time, so this update came a little slower then first intended, but here it is:

    Chapter 10 - Christmas Holiday in Sunset Valley (Christmas 2021)

    I am dividing this chapter into two parts, because it became a little long and picture heavy. Part two will be posted tomorrow.

    Map of lower Sunset Valley for context. This chapter will mostly play out in the Reppe family house in the upper right.

    Reppe family tree at plumtreeapp.com
    Motorsen family tree at plumtreeapp.com

    10.1 - The days leading up to christmas eve


    And the next morning, the first thing on Iselins mind is to go for a drink. She was a little like this last time I checked up on this family too, and I had to cancel this action a few times to make sure she ate instead.. And after finishing the first drink, she goes straight for the second. Dare I suggest Inges mom has a drinking problem?


    I wanted to send her off to get a job in the research career (her wish), because for some reason she was unemployed. Strange, I'm pretty sure she had a job before Inge left to university... So I make sure Inge gets the car keys (Jarle was already at work), and send her off in a taxi! You shouldn't be drinking for breakfast woman! Backseat for you!


    Now, no more drinking in the morning and don't lose this job, or I'll send you to rehab!


    Inges notes:


    After I got home, I wanted to go to town hall and register as a freelance writer, so I went to town hall and got it done!


    Narrators voice:


    The sink conveniently broke before Iselin had her first day at her new job. Atleast she hadn't been drinking, but she had a wish to drink..


    Well, you're going to be walking straight past that bar, you're not having any! Maybe you should sell it...

    Inges notes:


    Now that I had taken a writing class and registered as a writer, I had no time to waste. I had to start writing! I decided to go for "A miner's heart" as a working title. I was imagining this story around a copper mine in the far northern mountains, and a young hard headed miner falling in love with one of the entertainers working at one of the gambling houses downtown...

    Iselins notes:


    I want to advance in my new job quickly, so immediately after I got home, I sent a friendly text to my new boss, Monica Motor-Notesen. She is Oliver Freddys aunt, and we were already friends, but I think it is not going to hurt to become even better friends!

    Inges notes:

    I went to the Garage pub downtown and asked a few people if I could draw them.


    Inge: I am very interested in improving my skills of drawing people, and you are such a beatiful woman. Do you mind posing for me?
    Isn't it funny that Ylajali should display the hunger symbol... ;)

    Yeah, that was the third reference already in this post...


    Ylajali Halvorsen: Oh, you are so flattering! Sure, I would love to be drawn! But not today, maybe some other time!

    Inges notes:

    Later I wanted to learn street art! I knew they were selling street art kits at the Blitzkrieg House, so I went there next to buy me one and get some practice!
    The Blitzkrieg House is Sunset Valleys rebel hangout. The exterior look of the building is inspired by the Blitz House in Oslo, Norway. (#4).

    Hey, ho! Let's go!
    Shoot'em in the back now..

    Picture: The young aspiring artist and writer Inge Reppe entering the Blitzkrieg House, with the Sunset Valley Art Association in the background...

    Inge practicing her street art skills inside.


    Oops Inge.. Ranveig is also there, and she is watching you..

    Inges notes:

    51205488787_a3e946967c_b.jpg 51206964909_d61312d2ac_b.jpg

    When I was finished practicing I turned around and saw Ranveig there. She looked furious and let out a very discontent, almost animalistic, growl before staring me down, then turning on her heels and walking out of there without saying a word! Now I regret coming here... that was scary!

    I think I could use a drink now..


    Narrators voice:

    She went downstairs for a drink, and once she was back upstairs, Ranveig was there sitting in a sofa as if waiting. They spotted each other..


    But Inge is not talking to Ranveig. She turns around to go back downstairs for another drink. Ranveig follows Inge with her eyes. I don't know what's on her mind, because she has no thought bubble.


    Uh oh, this doesn't bode well for the upcoming christmas party..


    I don't know what's going on with Inge now, because she decided to pull an all nighter, brewing coffee to stay awake when she came home. Then making waffles for breakfast, ignoring the pancakes her dad made earlier before he headed off to work. Probably to tired to notice they were even there..



    Well, however you choose to get by with your day...


    Little sister Kristina wants to play tag. I'm surprised Inge has the energy to do that.


    Inge grabs another coffee and mom Iselin is home for work, immeidately heading for the bar.

    Iselin: After a hard day at work it's always good to unwind with a stiff one if you know what I mean..

    Uh, no, not really... and I don't think you should be doing that.. (if only she could hear me..)


    Inge: Whew, that coffee isn't working anymore, I'm gonna need to take a nap.

    Well, I'm not surprised.. I just hope you all can stay sober and awake for the upcoming christmas holiday.. no more silly shenanigans now!


    Inge: And now I will nap on this bed.
    How about just.. tucking yourself under the sheets and sleep through the whole night, hm?


    Inge: Aah, sometimes it's just good to stay up at night when everyone else is asleep..

    Huh? You were never a night owl before, why now?

    Inges personality traits: Couch potato, Handy, Family Oriented, Loser, Friendly..no sign of night owl!

    Inge: ... I want to be like all the great artists and writers throughout history! They were all night owls! Kranz Frafka, Parcel Moust, Edward Wolffe and Mob Villain.. they all did their best works at night!


    Ok, maybe so.. but they were probably writing, too.. all you do right now is watch tv... and besides, you're not really a night owl...and I'm sure good writing can be done at any hour of the day.. Don't try to copy someone else, find your own rhythm...


    Inge: Ok, fine.. I'll go to bed then..


    And here's another 'night owl'. Just after Inge went to sleep, Iselin woke up to go eat... well, as long as you're not drinking, I'm ok with it..


    You disappoint me.. -_-

    Iselin: Whoohoo, I want to get naked!

    Warning: Unsuited images inside...

    What the..!? Well, that was unexpected..


    I swear, this family is just getting weirder...

    Iselin: That was a good shower!

    Well, atleast you got your clothes on now.. and then morning comes, and the rest of the family (except Inge) wakes up.

    Ranveig Motorsen is calling. Would Jarle like to talk? Well, of course he would.. (Ranveig Motorsen is the mother of Inges boyfriend, Oliver Freddy)


    Jarle: Oh, haha, don't worry about the dishes! I am sure we will manage!

    That's an odd way to start a phone conversation, but I assume they must be talking about the upcoming christmas holiday party..


    Oh, haha, yes, we are very much looking forward to you coming over!

    They just talk about the upcoming christmas party for the rest of the conversation.


    Seriously, what kind of example do you think this sets for your youngest daughter? Did you drink like that when Inge was growing up too? There is no doubt, you do have a drinking problem!


    Kristina: Mom is drinking again. She makes me uncomfortable and she smells funny, I want to talk to dad.

    I don't blame you, little one.. now, where is dad?


    Oh.. accidentally sneaking up on Inge while she is bathing.. hmm, and I guess their toilet is broken.


    But neither him nor Inge got an embarrassed moodlet from it. He's just freaking out over the toilet. What a strange family..


    Well, since you interrupted your daughters bathing for no good reason, I'll give you the task of fixing it..


    Jarle: Ugh, that darn toilet.. I just went into the bathroom to fix it, I didn't know you were there..

    Yup, blame the toilet..

    Jarle: I think I could need a drink after this..


    What? Not you too. Well, it's friday evening, so I guess one drink can't hurt.. you haven't been drinking anything before now.

    After a while Kristina, Jarle and Iselin go to bed, Inge stays up watching tv, until she gets a weird idea.


    Inge: I'm going to the hospital!

    At 3 in the night.. why?

    Inge: I need inspiration.. for my book writing!
    I installed a mod that will autonomously push active sims to visit a lot every once in a while according to a value I set, hoping that my sims would do something more interesting, especially at university.. just not at 3 in the night. :P

    O.. kay, well, as you please..


    ...so what did you figure out?

    Inge: Of course the hospital doors are closed at night. I couldn't go inside. I'm going home.

    Well, gee.. that was a waste!

    Part two comes tomorrow. Then it is christmas eve, and they will have their gift giving party.

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    @Sprottenham I like your map! It's nice to see birds eye view :)

    Ah yes, I have seen this before, Inge's Mom just may have a drinking problem, (the only known cure I have found is to hide the Bar in the family's inventory! ;):D)

    lol yes, I am glad you made her sit in the back seat of a taxi! she should not drive!

    Poor Iselin, that does indeed look like a craving for drink, the longing look at the bar.

    Glad that Inge is starting the writing career! haha brilliant reference to the comic book! (I remember reading to my young one when he was around 6 yrs old!)

    No wonder that blonde girl is so skinny, she wants to be drawn by Inge even more than eating when Hungry!! ---haha I do love your spoiler! ''Hunger portrays the irrationality of the human mind in an intriguing and sometimes humorous manner.'' :)

    That is a very beautiful picture of Inge in front of the Sunset Valley Art Association. She looks so happy.

    Wow Ranveig sure was grumpy! Poor Inge! It is so hard to tell with no thought bubbles! Maybe Ranveig was mad Inge made art on the wall of a community building? who can tell?

    Oh NO! so is the family slowly becoming addicted to drinks?! coffee and alcohol! uppers and downers the gate way drugs, next is obviously hot chocolate! :o

    ohhh so Inge wants to be like the great night artists & writers! too bad and sooo amusing she doesn't have the trait! It is so funny she is all of a sudden choosing coffee and staying up and only napping!!

    (Does the literal translation of sofagria = sofa pig?)

    So many interesting and fun things going on in this family! I can't wait for the Christmas party! :)
    I really enjoyed this update! :):smiley:
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member
    edited May 2021

    Thanks for enjoying the update!

    Yeah, I had to send her in a taxi, because I just couldn't portray a sim that had been drinking and then driving.. I want to solve the drinking issue somehow, however, Inges parents are only secondary characters and not someone I plan to focus on for the storyline, so I don't know. If I go down that path, it will elevate Iselin to a more prominent character, because I wouldn't be able to treat it half-heartedly..

    I used to be, or still am, a big fan of Don Rosa and his Uncle Scrooge cartoons. :)

    Haha, hot chocolate... :P Well, I have no problem with the coffee drinking, as that is pretty harmless.. and I am a coffee addict myself..:P

    Yes, the literal translation of "sofagris" is "sofa pig". :P A pig is also used in Norwegian for someone that is a slob, or just filthy and dirty, making a mess etc.

    It's a little tricky sometimes to remember what all the personality traits are called in english.. so I always have to resort to using this (https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Trait_(The_Sims_3)) page whenever I want to post about them.

    I don't know about Ranveig, but I'm thinking she was mad, yes. I do get the impression that Ranveig is not all that fond of Inge, actually. She kept interrogating her before they went to university, and this episode probably didn't help.. but that reaction was a side to Ranveig I hadn't seen before. She literally growled. A sound I didn't know a sim could make, even! Even I found that a bit scary.. on behalf of Inge and for the future of my story line.. :O

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham Yes the growling! I have heard it not too long ago and it was also the first I had ever heard that sound in all my years playing sims! My growling sim was really mad that someone he hated was living in his house, is all that I can think it was about! So Strange to hear that sound! :o:#

    I totally understand about then having to elevate a sim to more prominent standing, when you didn't intend to from the start! ...but sometimes the story tries to write itself! hehehe :D

    hahahaha thank you for telling me about Gris! It means the color Grey in French so now I will not have a sim named Grisgris! :D;)
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    Chapter 10.2 – Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2021.


    A normal christmas morning in the Reppe house. The kitchen sink was broken from the night before, but Jarle just fixed it. Iselin (with a hangover..) is mopping the floor. Kristina is doing dishes after breakfast. Inge is still in bed. Now you must get the house ready and clean for christmas eve!


    And just to room for the gift giving.. and to make sure everything goes according to plan without anything weird happening, I'm going to temporarily get rid of this thing right here... (I'm not selling it, but I'm putting it in locked room upstairs so noone can access it..)




    I am happy to see that it worked. I have arranged witnessed a few of these parties without gifts, because "there was not enough room" or something to that effect.. now, let the peace descend on this magical night and let everyone be merry...


    Ranveig Motorsen is calling. Does Inge want to talk? Yes, but.. shouldn't she soon be arriving for the christmas party?


    Well, yes, here she is just outside with Oliver Freddy.. at the excact same time.. and she is not on the phone. As this does not make sense, lets pretend the phone call never happened...
    Now, Ranveig has another son, Robert Bråge, and he was also invited. Where is he?


    I don't know where he has been, but he is on his bike with his tuxedo on, so I guess he's on his way too.


    Yep, he made it, even though he's not looking very happy for some reason.


    And Jarle in his usual fashion complains to Inge about there being to many people on the lot.


    What's wrong Ranveig? You look troubled by something. Everything ok at home?


    Before opening the presents, Ranveig throws ball with Robert Bråge, and Jarle plays catch with Kristina.


    Inge: Hey everyone! Aren't we going to open these presents?


    Ok, you need even more space.. right... I'll get on it...

    Now I just removed a whole row of chairs.. is this better?


    Inge: Oh yes, this works, thank you!


    Well, not everyone is happy yet... dude, shut the.. up. I'm starting to get sick of sims complaining they can't walk anywhere...


    No, just no.. I'm not moving around any more chairs or furniture.. you find a way, or no presents for you!


    Inge: Haha, tow sow weeb!
    Inge: Haha, me and Oliver Freddy is going to get engaged!


    Jarle: Geets geets, bargossow!

    Jarle: Well, then I hope he knows how to use a garden tool!


    Inge: Turk, enbowdah hill!
    Inge: Oh yes, he knows how to play around with the toys quite a bit...

    Wait, wait, are you having an inappropriate conversation? There are kids present!


    "You have a very nice home, Jarle" says Ranveig with a brusque voice, wanting to change the topic.


    Jarle: Yeah, all it needs is a swimming pool, and it would be perfect. Oh, I really wish I had a swimming pool.

    Ranveig just stares blankly ahead..

    Meanwhile, everyone had missed that Kristina already opened her present.


    Kristina: Haha, a dollhouse! Perfect gift! Inge, your turn!


    Inge: Ooh, I wonder what I could be getting! Is it a toy?


    Ranveig: A toy, hmmmph...

    Clearly, this is not a good day for Ranveig.. she is making all kinds of disgruntled faces...


    Inge: Wow, a gaming console! Just what I wanted, thanks everyone!

    A perfect gift for the couch potato...


    Oliver Freddys turn. He's looking scared, as if the pile of gifts is hiding something dangerous.



    Dare not look.. but he was happy about the chessboard he got.


    Then it is Jarles turn, looking at the pile of gifts with excitement.



    Jarle: A scented candle! Perfect! Ooh, I'm gonna light that up in the bedroom tonight!



    Iselin: Close your ears, Kristina! This is not for you to hear!


    Then it was Ranveigs turn to open her present. Can we get a smile on your face, please?



    Oh yes, finally a sign of happiness! Now what did you get?


    Oh, a chess board. Well, she has one already.. she is already a chess champion, just like her father.


    And then it is Iselins turn. What could she be getting?



    A fishing picture! Perfect for her that loves fishing. Her lifetime wish is to have a perfect aquarium.


    Kristina: H.oohoo, haha! I get to open another one!

    Tell me, why does the forum censor h o o h o o ? Really? Is that offensive? How?

    Huh? Ok, but what about Robert? Where is he by the way?


    Oh, he has just located the toy box in the living room.. I was starting to get worried he had gone home..


    Kristina got a snow bear.. and then it's Inges turn again.. ok, I think I won't show it all from now on, but just summarize their gifts at the end. I thought they would only go for one round.


    Well, she got another gaming console.. so now she has two. And now the pile of gifts is gone. So.. Kristina and Inge got two gifts each, and Robert Bråge didn't get any! That's not.. fair, is it? Huh?


    Iselin: There is something about Ranveig that I just can't understand...


    Inge: Ooh, I hope Ranveig is not to mad at me for the graffiti I did at the Blitzkrieg House..


    Inge: But I am so happy that Oliver Freddy is here, though, that makes up for it!


    Iselin: Ooh, that Oliver Freddy is such a sweet boy! That was a good catch by my daughter, I could almost devour him myself!


    Iselin: Mmm, what a sweet looking boy...

    Oliver Freddy: I am worried about mom. She hasn't quite been herself since I came back..


    Then Oliver Freddy and Inge went upstairs to play ping pong. No juice, because there isn't any available on the lot.. christmas eve is, has always been, and shall always be a joyous family event!


    Then Ranveig thinks it has been enough partying for a while, and decides to go home. I think she enjoyed herself in spite of not looking to happy all the time.


    I think this is a smile. Lets just say it is a smile.


    Oliver Freddy thinks its enough too, and leaves shortly thereafter, consuming an imaginary fly on the way out. Everyone thought the party was superb, and Iselin now has a reputation around town of someone that knows how to throw a good party. Well, it couldn't have been better!


    Kristina plays around in her tree house for a while, before going to sleep in it.


    Inge spends the rest of the night watching the food channel on tv.


    Jarle has lit the scented candle and dampened the lights in the bedroom...


    ..and with that I think we shall say goodnight... ;) ....and return to the family a little later in January.. when it is time for Oliver Freddy and Inge to go back for their second semester at university!

    But before they're doing that, I plan to show a year passing by in the town of Sprottenham.. something which I think is long overdue now!

    Who do we know that lives in Sprottenham? Gaute Chitrakaar-Bråheim, Robert Bråges father. And his beatiful wife, Leya Chitrakaar-Bråheim... So far Gaute has only been an empty slot in the Motorsen family tree, but that slot shall soon be filled..

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  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : Great updates!
    Lol about Inge´s wish to stay up all night, drinking too much coffee to saty awake and visiting the hospital in the night. Must have been the coffe which made her crazy.
    The family has a little drinking (drug) problem, hm? Coffee, juice... what comes next? Sheesha smoking?
    Tststs! (making a stern face)

    :D Ranveig pulls great faces, they fit in the story perfectly! It seems as if she doesn´t like Inge to become her daughter-in-law, I think she wants her precious son to get a rich supermodel or such, hm?

    I get the impression that Inge has had a strange and maybe intrusive childhood... First she sleeps in the same bed as her dad, now he comes into the bathroom wher she takes a bath....
    No wonder mum has a big drinking problem!!!!!
    I just could do without mummy running around naked completely...

    Great that the bar was parked in another room during the Christmas party, otherwise all the adults would have drunken too much! I am sorry for Robert that he didn´t get a Christmas present, poor boy, he had to wear the Tuxedo for nothing...

    So you get your presents at the evening of December 24th, like we do here in Germany? That´s cool, not many countries celebrate Christmas Eve as their main day!
    Can you tell me what mod you mean which sends active family members to town on their own, please?
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member

    Thanks for the comment here too. Well, the juice bar is now locked up and I see no reason of putting it back, so that should stop the drinking and random nudity, unless mom now decides to go to the bar instead..

    Oh yes, it has been fascinating, sometimes bordering on scary how Ranveig can pull of doing something that fits with what I already had been thinking out for the story line. o_X But I don't think she cares about riches or fortune. I think simply she is just scared about her son leaving the nest, so to speak.. Like Inge is taking her son away from her. I think she struggles to deal with that.

    And yes, there is something strange about Inges family. When I first played them, Inge didn't have very good relations with her mom. Could be because of mom's drinking. But Inge and her father were the best of friends. And they did share a bed once, and Inges father has no problem walking into her bedroom or apparently now, even the bathroom when she takes a bath. Weird. I don't want to speculate to much into that, but I am lucky she is going back to university again.. and I want her to move out of there for good as soon as she is finished with university.. just in case...

    Yup, christmas has always been mainly celebrated on the evening of the 24th for us, that is the tradition. :)

    As for the mod that pushes sims to lot, I think I used NRAAS StoryProgression Extra (requires StoryProgression first of course).


    And according to a thread I found on modthesims, the setting is like this:

    NRaas > Story Progression > General Options > Options: Sims > Push Actives to Visit Lots > Enter a percent chance (default is 0).

    I tried with 35 for this game, but they aren't pushed around to much still. It might be a bit random, though, apparently...

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  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member
    Chapter 11 - Sprottenham


    For this chapter I have used a mod that can offset the sunrise/sunset times to simulate that Sprottenham is on a more northerly latitude than Sunset Valley.

    Link to mod: https://modthesims.info/d/541811/sunrise-sunset-season-offset-more-realistic-sun-times.html

    Sprottenham sun up/down settings:

    Winter (DJF):: Sun up: 09:30. Sun down: 17:00.

    Spring (MAM):: Sun up: 07:25. Sun down: 19:00.

    Summerr (JJA) : Sun up: 05:45. Sun down: 22:40.

    Autumn (SON): Sun up: 08:40. Sun down: 19:00.

    Sprottenham has a coastal Northern European-esque climate, with relatively mild winters and cool summers.

    Before the year 2021 comes to an end, I think it is about time I visit another town of my universe...

    Picture: A perfectly normal winters day in the small coastal community of Sprottenham. View from the lighthouse.


    The quaint little coastal community of Sprottenham is located on the east coast of The Kingdom of Simbria. Sunset Valley far to the south west. Last time I played in this town was during Ranveig, Oliver Freddys and Robert Bråges visit to Robert Bråges father, Gaute Bråheim-Chitrakaar. Back then though, I was still a new member of the forums and not allowed to show pictures.. hence, you haven't seen this town before. :P

    A year has passed in Sunset Valley since then, and so a year must also pass in Sprottenham..
    News anchor says: Every 12 months in Sprottenham, a year passes...

    Picture: Gaute Chitrakaar-Bråheim in his home in Sprottenham.

    A little background info. Ranveig met Gaute for the first time when he was on summer holiday in Sunset Valley, june 2009. Ranveig had been single for the last 5 years after she broke up with Fengselsdirektør Fredriksen. So she met Gaute one day, on the beach actually, one thing led to another and approximately 9 months later, Robert Bråge was born... Gaute, however, was long gone, restless soul that he was, and they didn't really keep in touch much until after Robert Bråge had started school.

    Picture: Greenacre Road 28, "Gufo Triste".

    At the time Gaute lived in an old run down house known by the locals as "Gufo Triste" (The Sad Owl), and it wasn't until he married Leya Chitrakaar, a local singer and painter, that he moved to a better location. Since Gaute moved from "Gufo Triste", it has detoriated even further, and is now in a really sad state. The roof damage is from an unusually strong winter storm a couple of years ago. Why the town council is letting it stand like this and isn't just tearing it down is beyond me..

    Picture: Leya Chitrakaar-Bråheim.

    Leya had relatively recently split with her boyfriend Glenn Hoddelås, the goalkeeper of the local football team, the Sprottenham Totspurs. Leya and Glenn has a daughter, Bodil Chitrakaar.

    Picture: Bodil Chitrakaar.

    After splitting with Glenn, Leya and Bodil had moved into to the Rasmussen household. That was only meant to be temporarily until she could find a place of her own, but eventually became permanent. After Gaute married Leya, he moved in as well, making it a household of four adults and two children.

    Picture: Greenacre Road 15. Rasmussen household, "The Millground House".

    So I think it is most natural to follow the Bråheim-Chitrakaar family for this town, and leave everyone else to go about their lives without me prying into their daily doings.. so, here we go!

    Other members of the household:


    Solvej Rasmussen, singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Freetown Ciani Tharis, Wad Nahadau.


    Patrik C. Jensen, football player, Sprottenham Totspurs.

    Rune Rasmussen, Solvej and Patrik's son.

    Chapter 11.1: January and february 2021.

    January starts promptly with Solvej staying up all night jamming on her guitar outside. The cold never bothered me anyway...:P

    Gaute wakes up early to get some exercize.

    "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" says Solvej, before she puts on her formal wear.

    Solvej is a vegetarian, and she always makes sure to remind Rune that he must eat his vegetables.

    First day of school after christmas holiday for Bodil and Rune.


    The Rasmussen family home is located in the more rural part of Sprottenham, just across the road and sligthly to the left of "Gufo Triste". (It is near the centre of the picture here, promptly hidden behind a tree.)



    After the kids have gone to school, Leya is now up and ready for breakfast.


    Leya is an artistic soul that likes to draw and paint. Her last name is Chitrakaar after all...


    Patrik is acting inappropriate and flirts with Leya. Leya just shrugs at him. His flirting has no effect whatsoever.


    It would seem that both Gaute and Leya are very pertinent when it comes to keeping the house clean.


    Gaute surfing the web on his cellphone while waiting for the households latest investment to finish doing its thing.


    Patrik is reading Bodil a bedtime story, and Solvej is sleeping in after staying up all night, and consequently being late for her job as a stage worker at the community theatre.


    Solveig didn't make it to her shift until two hours before it ended...


    Leya on the other hand, that got to work in time, is now promoted to band manager. Congratulations to Leya!


    Solvej and Patrik is being romantic.


    Leya is telling Rune stories from the music industry. What to look out for and what to avoid..


    Leya: Me and our colleagues were very concerned when you almost didn't show up at work at all tonight. Is everything ok with you, Solvej?

    Solvej: Oh, don't you worry about me, everything is fine!


    Solvej:I slept really well..


    Leya: Hmm...

    Next morning:


    Gaute is usually the first that has to wake up in the morning to get ready for his job as a wingman at the military base.


    Picture: Sprottenham Military Base. Image classification: Unrestricted. Photo courtesy of RSAF (Royal Simbrian Air Force.)


    Solvej got an invitation to visit her long time friend and band member, Gabriela Vanderfjert. Gabriela Vanderfjert lives in one of the characteristic Sprottenham brickhouses along Dunstan View.


    Gabriela is married to Ramger Vanderfjert.. uh, former football player on the Sprottenham Totspurs. Now he apparently also works in the music industry..


    When three colleagues get together, they discuss work, of course.


    As winter was coming to an end, a period of mild temperatures and heavy rain had melted all the snow away.


    Gaute had expanded the household with a new room upstairs and a treadmill.


    When Gaute is at work, Patrik seizes the opportunity to run pick-up lines on Leya. It does not work...


    Or does it!? Because this is Leya complimenting Patrik's looks.. maybe you guys shouldn't be living under the same roof anymore...


    Uh, weirdos.


    Gaute is home from work and wants to use the television to do some strength training, but Patrik is already occupying it with watching the romance channel.


    So he goes for the treadmill to run off some steam.


    A tattoo shop, "The Burnt Hot Dog", just opened in town.

    Rune had joined the boy scouts as an after school activity.

    Solvej had bought a tree house for the kids.


    Patrik got a promotion at work and is now captain of the team.


    Patrik was invited to a party over at Leni Dahl-Blankblomst's house. There he yelled at Anne-Gerd Jørgensen for still being single and childless. This made Anne-Gerd very angry with Patrik.

    He continued to argue and accuse her of various things.


    This is Leni Dahl-Blankblomst. She is another local singer and a good friend of Leya and Solvej.


    Leni is married to Daniel Dahl-Blankblomst, another football player of the Sprottenham Totspurs.


    They have a son, Jonn Dahl-Blankblomst. Here is Patrik playing with Jonn.

    Solvej is looking forward to spring and summer when she can work in the garden again. Well, March is just around the corner, so it shouldn't be long now, eh?

    I am trying to keep this chapter in a "summarizing tone", to not dwell to long here, but still, a year doesn't pass in an instant so I find it necessary again to split this up into several sub chapters. I want to keep a limit of no more than 50 +/- images per update. So for the next update I will start with the spring month of March and see how far I get...

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  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : so in short everyone works either as a football player or as a worker in the music branch?!?!
    Seems as if the family should split and move to different houses, otherwise the ycouples won´t be couples anymore...
    The Sims in this town look very unique, they look a bit different than your Sunset Valley Sims!
    And of course I have problems to remember the names.
    Good beginning, I´m looking forward for more!
    Did you make the town?
    And great name for a football team!!! :D
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member

    Thanks for the comment. Well, yeah, there is a lot of singers and football players in this town. A lot of sims here were made before I made the town, because they were originally made as tourists that visited Sunset Valley.

    I made three groups of tourists with 8 people in each group. Two of those groups were an all female singing choir ("The Sirens") and the other were a football team ("The Sprottenham Totspurs"). The third group was just a random group of people. Gaute Bråheim was part of the last group, and that's how he met Ranveig and became the father of Robert Bråge. (That is the link between Sunset Valley and Sprottenham).

    It is interesting that you think they are very unique and different compared to the Sunset Valley ones. Thought was put into each and every one of these sims. They all have their own little backstory and personality, so to speak!

    It's ok if you don't remember all the names. Not every sim here is important for the story line here, atleast not right now. If these sims weren't my own, I would probably forget their names too!

    Yes, I made this town. I was making it, or had just finished making it when I registered on the forums. So I took the username after the town. I did not name the town after my username. :P Also the avatar I have used this whole time is a screenshot of the town.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
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    The people of Simbria

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member
    edited June 2021
    Sorry about the length of this one...

    Chapter 11.2 - Spring in Sprottenham (March, April and May 2021)
    After a period of strong winds and heavy rain at the end of february, snow made its return again in early March. Gardening season wasn't here yet.

    Since she couldn't do any garden work yet, Solvej had bought a music box to soothe herself with..

    And Gaute was eating dirt from the floor...

    Then Leya and Gaute decides to get romantic..

    Very romantic...

    Leya: Let's make babies...
    Gaute: Oh hell yeah!!

    Hmm, the ice cream truck must be out early this year..

    The crib in the background is Bodils old crib, and for some reason they haven't thrown it out yet..

    Rune: By Kraken... pirates on port side!! Man the cannons!!


    Gaute was invited to a party over at Karoline and Kabelo Gundersens house. Dresscode: Swimwear. And of course, Gaute wasn't the kind to say no to a party. Especially not a swimwear party. He used to host quite of few of those when he still lived in "Gufo Triste", and they used to get quite wild, too. I'm sure the only thing keeping complaints from neighbours at a low level back then was the lack of actual neighbours..

    Picture: Karoline Gundersen is an opinionated and temperamental woman.


    Gaute has a soft spot for temperamental women in bikinis (or maybe just women in bikinis..), so he tries to flirt with her, but to no success.


    Solvej Rasmussen dumpster diving after finishing her shift at the community theatre. Findings: A japanese beetle and a Zephyr butterfly.

    The dumpster diving made her sick and in need of a bath, and of course afterwards the bathtub broke.


    By mid-March the rain was back and the snow had melted again. Spring was beginning to make its arrival..


    By late March it was time for spring festival, but it was quite the rainy experience.. Probably why both Rune and Bodil decided to run towards the toilet even though none of them were particularly in need of going. Atleast the toilets would provide shelter from the rain..

    Bodil: (standing in front of a toilet stall) I'm not enjoying this spring festival.. it rains to much..

    Gaute and Solvej didn't let the rain stop them, though.

    Leya didn't mind them dancing, and decided to get her face painted.

    So did Bodil, but she still wasn't very happy about the rain and decided to go home afterwards.


    Patrik was the only one that wasn't at the spring festival grounds, because he had a match to play at the stadium. Atleast the Sprottenham Totspurs won that match, 7-4. Good going!

    Rune decided to go for face paint too. Hmm, yeah..uh, what can I say... looking good, your Royal Highness. :P

    After the match Patrik could join the spring festival too, and decides to flirt with Leya. It still doesn't lead anywhere.. you're so inappropriate. Both of you are married...

    Yup, there you go. Solvej finally saw what was going on and had a reaction.

    Then she runs over to talk to the food stand clerk. "I'm going to be a star one day", she says.

    Gaute is still over at Karoline Gundersens party talking about rain. Well, what else is there to talk about...

    Leya and Rune had gone home, and then the rain let up. Patrik was searching for eggs.

    The food stand clerk had started a water balloon fight with Solvej. Eventually, Solvej also went back home to play guitar outside again. Patrik stayed behind to continue his egg hunt..

    Leya was inside with Rune and Bodil, and both of them competed about making her read a bedtime story for them.

    At 6:30 in the morning, Gaute the party animal was still over at Karoline Gundersens house, and now she was mad at him for not having gone home yet..

    Gaute, you can't flirt your way out of everything.. and you have to be at work in.. well, 15 minutes!

    Straight from the party and off to work... The life of Gaute.

    Patrik bought a seesaw for the kids.

    Leya finished a painting called "April Forest" worth 375 simoleons and decided to sell it.

    Solvej could finally get her hands dirty and do some gardening work.

    Jorunn Vaddelmyr had joined Rune after school. I wonder.. is there any connection between her last name and Vaddelmyra Trailer Park in Sunset Valley? I don't know..

    Bodil didn't care about her homework, she was busy ruling her kingdom, of course.

    Jorunn: *farts* – Haha! Did you hear that?

    Bodil: Oh... my... god...

    Patrik: Did you just fart!? No farting in our kitchen! You're just like your mother Selma.. a complete nasty slob!

    Rockin'! Solvej made 802 simoleons from playing guitar on the street.


    Old King Frost returned on the first night in May.. oops, maybe Solvej was a little early with her garden work! Lets hope the crops will survive...

    Leya woke up feeling nauseous this morning for some unknown reason. Probably ate to much ice cream from the ice cream truck,

    Leya: "I love you so much..."
    Gaute: "Nasty! Her breath is like the smell of garbage! What has she been eating?"

    Gaute: "I guess she could need a massage, though.."

    Picture: Mitchell 12.

    Other news around town: Leni and Daniel Dahl-Blankblomst (and their son Jonn) had moved out of their home in Mitchell 12 and to a new home in Cliffon 9.
    Picture: Cliffon 9.
    Leni had also given birth to a new boy which they called Torgeir. This was probably the reason for their move. Congratulations on their new home and congratulations to the new parents!

    And Solvej is just being Solvej. :)

    Leya talks about rain, Solvej talks about music.

    Patrik is being grumpy about Solvejs job at the Theatre.
    This offends Solvej, of course.

    Then he flirts with Leya again, right in front of Solvej. What do you see in this man, Solvej, I wonder?

    Leya being just Leya.

    As May progresses and summer is getting closer, the weather is getting better. Solvej plays guitar, Leya and Gaute is dancing. Patrik wants to dance with Leya, but Leya is busy..

    And then.. Leya finally learns that, yes, she is in fact pregnant. New life in the making! Leya is very happy to be pregnant.

    I have Gaute finally do some laundry, because even though they bought a new washing machine and tumble dryer this household has been really terrible at that. And oops, looks like Rune was in the bath tub... sorry, my bad!

    Leya: Oh, mighty Queen Bodil! I bow down to thee, and will do anything you sayeth!

    As May is close to it's end, and June is almost here a hailstorm decides to drift slowly over Sprottenham.

    Leya decides to reveal the good news to Patrik..
    Leya: Hold on.... I'm pregnant!!

    Patrik: Oh.. really? Congratulations!

    And Patrik is being Patrik...
    Patrik: Hey, I just bought this new camera.. say, shall we go inside for a little.. photoshoot? If you know what I mean...

    No, no, Patrik.. what exactly are you asking? She is a pregnant married woman! Have you no limits!? Of course, Leya declines..

    *edit: Fixed Patrik's name in this post.
    Post edited by Sprottenham on

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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Impressed that you take time to make all those notes and links, must be quite time consuming.

    Chapter 10
    Sorry that Inge’s mom started to drink that heavily, not a good habit.
    Funny situation with Inge and Ranveig, meeting at the Blitz. Ranveig acting very strange.
    Remember those “stay up all night” from my distant past. Inspired artist won’t let go the moment.
    Seems this dysfunctional family is cracking up more and more, but lovely Inge does not notice really, to busy with her art projects.
    Chapter 10.2
    LOL you packed down the bar for Christmas Eve, not a bad idea, I guess.
    Ya the phone call’s is only “one way”, that is awful game play – but it is what it is.
    Robert Bråge looks so great in his formals
    Ranveig seems to be tormented, lets hope it is not that bad.
    Great that we had a (sort of) great Christmas Eve, with only Ranveig seemingly not at her best.
    “Jarle and Iselin having The Happy Ending.”
    Chapter 11
    Great map :)
    You story have so many great side lines, great for the story, hard for my old brain.
    Patrik quite hot on Leya, lets see if he will get anything out of it.
    Feel sorry for Anne-Gerd Jørgensen, so Rude that Patrik, quite a Pik-hoved :)
    Chapter 11.2
    (wont allow me to show the pictures – so had to make them clickable)

    Love that one:

    Gaute please
    Leya is a lovely girl

    Ohh poor child

    Solvej does well with her guitar
    Robert/Patrik either that look very much the same, or you mixed up the names at the first part of this chapter?


    Always enjoy that your characters are so realistic with no unnecessary glamour. Everyday people living everyday lives. (ya the job, but that is just how sim is)
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member

    Thank you so much for this comment!

    "Remember those “stay up all night” from my distant past. Inspired artist won’t let go the moment."

    Oh, I like that last sentence. Just to bad Inge didn't get much work done, though. :p

    Also, about dysfunctional families and Ranveig suffering from something. It's not really how I want it, my goal is to have happy families, but also, it makes for a more interesting story line, so.. I won't step in and change things unless it gets to out of hand... and some of it I can use as a basis to fuel my own creativity and perhaps come up with new things..

    "Feel sorry for Anne-Gerd Jørgensen, so Rude that Patrik, quite a Pik-hoved "

    Haha, yes, Patrik is really an unpleasant character. :P

    Also, sorry about the confusion with the names! There is no Robert here, there is only Patrik. That was well spotted, I didn't even notice myself! I will change the names in the orignal postings.

    It is nice to see that you think my characters are realistic. Thank you for that. :) I want them to be, of course. It makes it easier for me to relate to them and think of them as actual people. :P

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham I haven't a clue how I am so late here commenting!!!

    can anything be worse than mopping a floor while having a hangover?!

    Ah good plan with hiding the bar!!!

    Yay lots of presents!!! I love your wall sconce light, it is so pretty!

    hahaha yes let's pretend the phone call never happened! :D

    Robert Bråge looks so cute in his little tux! What a nice face he has!

    It looks as if Robert is mad with Ranveig? No I guess not if they ae playing catch together!

    Good for you Inge! Yes we want the presents to be opened to see who gets what!

    LOL oh me too! I got a mod called no route fail, because I don't like the complaining. It makes them figure out a way to route!
    ''No, just no.. I'm not moving around any more chairs or furniture.. you find a way, or no presents for you!'' LOL There ya go! You Tell them!!!😁

    Yes I like to hear the simlish!!! good job!!!

    Ranveig: A toy, hmmmph... OMG Ranveig's FACE!!! I love it!!!🤣

    Oh that is a nice gift! I never had a sim get a gaming console! Many adults get the mistletoe for some reason! I am so glad you are showing the gifts!!!👍👍👍

    ''Iselin: Close your ears, Kristina! This is not for you to hear!'' LOL

    Ranveig smiles for one minute! hurrah! But then discontented again, why?

    Cool! I love when kids get to open another gift! (I think it is an obscure slang for
    women's groin area, said in jest. they have said that on TV!!!)

    No that was not fair for Robert not to get gift! I hope he wasn't upset!

    That is a wonderful Christmas Eve Party!!! It really is a joyous family event!!

    LOL That Oliver Freddy consumed an imaginary fly!!! :D

    Beautiful loving with Jarle and his scented candle glowing! I love Love! <3


    WOW Beautiful Town!
    Nice to see Gaute, Robert's father and I like how you tell of the relationship with Ranveig!

    Lovely seeing Leya and Bodil! and all the others!

    Oh Solvej puts on formal wear, is she insane or going to her job? I love how she looks!

    LOL the kids are never looking happy on the school bus, that I have ever seen! :D btw I love the name Rune!

    Ha that inappropriate flirting is a laugh!

    I love the picture of reading Bodil the bedtime story!

    Congrats to Leya to get a promotion! I hope Solveig doesn't get in trouble for being so late!

    LOL @ Patrick running pickup lines on Leya! LOL She does Not like it! Oh but then she compliments him! yes weirdos!

    OMG Patrick is too much! LOL I have to say I love your inappropriate sims so much! I do Not so much in my game at all!


    hahaha Gaute is a daredevil eating dirt!

    ahhh babies to be made! Well that is very exciting! I'm happy they heard the ice cream truck chimes! ;)

    Oh the pirate adventures are my favorite of the different tree houses! Great pic!

    Spring is so nice! and the Spring Festival is my favorite! ah too bad for the kids so much rain!

    great pic of Leya's face painting! She looks so happy! LOL at the kids face painting!🤣

    Poor Solvej saw the flirt! so sad for her! hey that kissing booth guy looks Nice!

    LOL I love the life of Gaut from party to work ! LOL too funny!

    omg Joruun's fart face is amazing!!! and the others and wonderful Patrik's saying! hahaha you have me laughing!

    hehehe Yes I do think Leya ate too much ice cream from the ice cream truck!

    eeeeek then she goes to kiss him! nooooo! lol

    I just love Solvej and Patrik! Probably not good together, who am I to say? but each is soo fun and interesting looking and acting! I hope they work things out!!!

    Such amazing fun updates!!!🙌🙌🙌
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member

    Don't worry about beign late, I actually thought I had replied to you post already, but now I see that I haven't. @[email protected]

    Thanks for reading and commenting in my story thread, it is much appreciated anytime it happens. :P

    I am glad you enjoy the wall sconce light, but to be honest I'm not sure what that is. :P I didn't make the house that Inges parents live in, it is a house that was already in Sunset Valley (as well as Inge and her family was probably generated by Story Progression must have moved in to Sunset Valley from somewhere else.)


    "It looks as if Robert is mad with Ranveig?"

    Yeah, I saw that he looked mad, but I couldn't make sense of that, so I just ignored it... I don't know what happened in their household while I played the other..

    "Ranveig smiles for one minute! hurrah! But then discontented again, why?"

    I wish I knew! I think I must go back to their household again once I'm finished with the Sprottenham stuff..


    Thank you for the compliment about the town. I made it to be flat, to make it simple for me. The town is also in part layout wise inspired by a real town called Seahouses on the east coast of Great Britain.

    "ahhh babies to be made! Well that is very exciting! I'm happy they heard the ice cream truck chimes!" <-- I'm glad you caught that. I was wondering if that would confuse people or if they would get it, but yes, it wasn't the sound of the ice cream truck of course, it was baby chimes. ;)

    Thank you so much for enjoying the update!

    Maybe the next one has some news for Solvej and Patrik...

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  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 787 Member
    edited June 2021
    This update is going to be "short", because the next one looks like it's going to be a bit lengthy..

    Chapter 11.3
    A normal morning in June in the Rasmussen/Jensen household.

    The kids are off to their last day of school before summer holiday. Cheer up kids!

    Patrik is not a big fan of music. Here he is starting an argument with Leya about her music career..

    Leya is smart and talks fondly about what Patrik enjoys the most, exercise..

    And then Patrik does excactly what I thought he would do, he flirts with Leya. And gets rejected for the nth time. You just can't figure that one out, can you? You dunce...

    Solvej must have gotten so used to it, she doesn't care anymore.

    Solvejs little garden did survive the late frost of early May and is doing well.. as long as she remembers to water it. Sometimes I have to give her a little reminder. :)

    Solvej (hums): Hmm hmm hmm.. aahh.. hmmm..

    Sims watering their plants are pretty peaceful to watch..

    ..and maybe a little soothing guitar music makes the plants grow better? Who knows, really.. :)

    In the afternoon, I send Solvej to the library downtown to read a book about gardening (her wish). This is actually the librarys rear entrance..

    Solvej decides the rear entrance was to crowded, so she runs back out and decides to go for the front entrance instead.. clever girl...

    Once inside the library, she sees a familiar face.

    Solvej: Hi, Agathi!

    Solvej greets the local crime book writer and musician colleague at the Sprottemham theatre, Agathi Flansbarne.* Being a writer, the library is one of Agathis favorite hangout places.
    * Agathi Flansbarnes original name, Agathi Jiggens, is taken from a simlish phrase, and is also a reference to writer Agatha Christie. She took the last name Flansbarne after she married Baturney Flansbarne, another sim whose name is taken from a simlish phrase. They even have a child together. I didn't set up Agathi and Baturney to have babies and get married. Their personalities are kind of opposite, so I wasn't at all expecting that.

    Picture: Agathi Flansbarne and her son Ruben Jiggens (born out of wedlock). It would appear now that she is pregnant with her second child..

    Just this very moment, I get a message saying that Bodil wants to head over to Alexander Gundersen after school. Leya has no problem with her daughter meeting her friends of course, so I accept.

    Picture: Bodil and Alexander inside the school bus.

    At home Gaute has a confession to make. He enjoys watching Leya as she is sleeping.

    Oops, Leya was not to happy about that bit of information, it doesn't hurt their relationship though.

    Bodil is tired and asks Kabelo, Alexanders father, to read for her on the bed.. but that doesn't work, because she has no bed in that household..

    And the Sprottenham Totspurs aren't doing to well this season.. They lost 7-6 to the Pamtere Lynxes. The team better shape up, if they want to keep their rank in the Simpions League! Patrik seems to take it in stride, though.
    Solvej was finished reading at the library, and they actually return home at about the same time.

    Once inside, Solvej is quick to grab him with a certain thing in mind...


    Oh, what the brighness of spring and summer isn't doing to people... ;) And sweet music is heard playing from the bedroom...

    Thoughts only for each other...

    Bodil is finally being read for by Karoline Gundersen.. so it actually did work, but she should be heading home soon. Tomorrow is July, and mother Leya has plans...

    Bodil on the way home, just in time after sunset.. or maybe a little late.

    The month of june ended with the towns population increasing with one.. Agathi Flansbarne exiting the hospital with her new daughter, Iselin Flansbarne. Looks like she gave birth alone, Baturney wasn't there with her...

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member


    Chapter 11.3

    the kids are off to their last day of school before summer holiday. Cheer up kids!
    They do look a bit distressed considering it is the last day before summer. May just be a bit tired this early in the morning.

    Oh Patrik, you are so flirty. Leya plays him like a violin and he jump right into the trap every time.
    Solvej either love him enough to accept the way he is, or lost all her love, becoming completely numb.

    Some say talking to your plants help them grow, so why not a bit of music.

    Bodil and Alexander inside the school bus.
    Still does not look too happy, maybe they just don’t like bus rides.

    Once inside, Solvej is quick to grab him with a certain thing in mind...
    Right then that is clear: She loves him enough to accept the way he is.

    Congrats to Agathi, sure hope Baturney has that perfect excuse.

    I also like to see them in the garden, chose this as my favourite picture from this update

    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : Great update!
    Patrick is kind of hairy, hm? Does he have the mullet haircut (Vokuhila (VorneKurzHintenLang) in my language :D) because he is a football player? (the right football I mean!!) Like Pierre Litbarski or Rudi Völler wore? Then maybe consider to let him wear a mustache as well? >:)
    He behaves like a football player as well, don´t "all" of them have ceveral affairs during their carreer? :p
    It´s great that Leya always denies him!
    Solvej msut be very sure of his love for him that she isn´t mad about him. Maybe the garden cools her jealousy too much down, as it is very relaxing doing garden work! (except when the neighbours left and right next to you decide to mowe their lawn...)
    I think I have heard that plants love to listen to classic music and grow stronger and bigger when this music is played to them. If I can remember right they even have a favourite composer, could be Mozart or such.
    Hm, the kids look as if they are distressed to have their last day of school. Perhaps they know that they won´t see their friends for a long time now?? (How long are school holidays in Norway? Ours are only 6 weeks long, I think we have the some of the shortest summer holidays of all countries..But for me still too long, when I have to endure them while shopping.... :p;)>:)o:) )
    Ah, I dislike the reaction of the "confession to watch about someone in their sleep". The Sims always look so angry when someone telling them. Isn´t it meant as a nice offer to watch over someone? What is wrong with that? I always avoid doing that with the Sims which love each other dearly.
    Aha! So Solvej likes to have another baby with Gaute! Does she just want to have this baby or does she love him, too?
    Congrats on another Iselin!
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