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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


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    My latest Rags to Riches sim got abducted by aliens last night and when they returned him he was pregnant. Yes, "he" as in male. Before last night I honestly didn't see myself do anything with the family part of The Sims and now I'm playing around with ways to max out an alien baby and now toddler.
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    JustMeAlb wrote: »
    My latest Rags to Riches sim got abducted by aliens last night and when they returned him he was pregnant. Yes, "he" as in male. Before last night I honestly didn't see myself do anything with the family part of The Sims and now I'm playing around with ways to max out an alien baby and now toddler.

    Congratulations! And, generally speaking, it's always a male who gets preggars due to an abduction. I love the basinet. Have fun raising your little alien. Just as an aside, Toddlers are a blast in this game!
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    Made some sims inspired by different decades :)



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    My sims had a relaxing BBQ at a park in Brindleton Bay, bringing with them a bunch of friends from Evergreen Habor.

    Someone's cat took an interest in Cletus.

    Knox was in stitches the entire time. Must have felt good to get away from the dirty air of Port Promise.

    Fiona Wallace cheered on her boyfriend Jeb after he nailed a sweet dunk.

    Oops, but it looks like someone wasn't feeling too good. Thankfully Brody Wallace had spare medicine on him.

    It was a super fun afternoon with the friends. When the BBQ was over most left quickly.

    The Wallaces saw to a bit of fishing before heading back to Evergreen too.

    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
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    Erwin and Nelli's morning started with breakfast.

    Nelli gathered some honey.


    Erwin decided to propose. <3

    Nelli said yes and they eloped immediately. Their little witness Eppu (their cat) slept peacefully through the whole minuscule wedding ceremony.

    Nelli is very happy. :smiley:
    She's also possibly pregnant because they tried for a baby, but she didn't take a pregnancy test yet.
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    Hunter and Luna went on vacation to Selvadorada, where Hunter surprised Luna with a proposal.
    and Luna fell in love with a little stray kitty, who followed her around so couldn't resist adopting him.
    Now he's out of the dress and renamed to Taco, he's curious, mischievous and a prowler.
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    Rising From the Flame

    Shortly after the fire in the basement/Panic room, Erik was nominated again for Best Song. Happily, nothing on the main or second floors had been destroyed. They went to Church Services Sunday morning, hung around for Coffee Hour to chat with their 'Church Family', which included several members of their biological families. He enjoyed an invigorating conversation with Colonel Drake Golden, his father-in-law, who was quick to help shore Erik up. "Trust in Him," he pointed upward. "Your family is safe and now you know what you need to do."
    "Yes, I need to have the current house torn down, panic room and all and a new one built. And that's just what I'm going to do. It's far too creepy to stay in there, now. I wake at even the slightest sound. It's crazy. Even Kayleigh and the kids don't make it through the night."
    "Your fans took that from you. You need to take it back. Own it, it belongs to you, Erik." Erik nodded and took a sip of his coffee.

    Before the new place was completely finished, the Accolades rolled around. Erik went through what now had become a ritual for him. He came home from services and tinkered with his garden. They also decided having fresh honey would be nice, so the couple purchased a Bee Box. Erik decided to bond with the bees, since he had heard this would produce a higher quality honey in the long run. At first things went well, but before long, the bees decided to attack.

    Happily, he wasn't allergic or he would have been a mess and unable to attend the Show. Although he was sore, he showered and otherwise made himself ready to go out. Thorne Bailey took a place on the floor near Erik's seat. Seemed he wanted to chat and check up on his friend. "So, I hear fame decided to bite back a bit," He began.
    "Yeah, I was never worried about those guys, you know? Ayden and David. They showed up at the Dorm at Britechester-U almost on a daily basis. I even thought we were friends. I never once expected them to enter my home, leaving their calling cards all over the place. But most disturbing, is they left both a half-eaten cake and a plate of Ambrosia in my firstborn's bedroom. The child is only three."
    "Oh, I don't blame you at all for the steps you took. We have an obligation as fathers to protect our kids. Tell me, is your son unharmed?"
    "Thankfully, yes. He's still too young to understand the danger we all were in."
    "Man, I'm sorry that happened to you."
    "Thanks, Thorne. You're a good friend."
    "Tonight I have the honor to hand the Accolade for Best Song to Erik Cantrell. This makes his tenth Accolade! Come on over here, Erik, you deserve this."
    "I am humbled and honored for this recognition. I've had such a week, you just don't know."
    "Thankfully, the fire was contained and we all got out without harm. I do believe I lost my wits, however. As in scared out of … I don't believe the insurance covers that, though."
    "All I can tell you is take stock of what you have. Be grateful for what you have. And don't take anything for granted. Ever. It could all be over in a minute. Take care everybody, I love you All."

    "And tonight it is our privilege to honor yet another Cantrell. Louise Cantrell! For Artiste of the Year. What this Sim does with paint on a canvas is amazing. Striking."

    "Congratulations, Mom."
    "Congratulations to you, too. Ten, I can't believe you. You are going to have to add on another room just to house all of your trophies!"

    After a few months of living with relatives Erik, Kayleigh and their four Toddlers were ready to go home. Finally, Erik got word the new house was done. The couple took a walk through and made sure everything was to their satisfaction. Both wanted very much to no longer be a burden on their families. They rotated every month so as not to wear out their welcome. From Aaron's home to Joey's home, to Bree's castle, to the Golden's, to the senior Cantrell's. Erik was certain his poor children were totally confused. Everyday, he took them to check on their chickens and to weed and water the garden. And the bees. Erik now suited up to treat them for the mites they had developed. He knew he had to get over the irrational fear of the bonding experience. It was what it was. He liked being able to see how the new house was coming along. "Where's our house, Daddy?" Jamison asked, looking around.
    "Don't worry, when the construction crew is done, we'll have a brand-new house to live in. All of our familiar things will be here, too."
    "Where day, now?" Melody asked.
    "In storage, except for your stuffed animals. Won't be too much longer, I promise."
    One of the first nights they were there, Joey came to call.
    "Come on in, Joe, let me give you what they used to call the nickel tour."
    "I suppose now, it's called the credit tour."
    "Hey, thanks for the tour. The place is nice," Joey said.
    After Joey left Erik decided to sit out in the Loggia for a bit.

    Shortly after they moved in, they knew they were home when Erik's friends showed up in all of their naked splendor, along with this own personal Stan. At least she had the good taste to remain clothed.
    The shock of it brought Kayleigh into labor and they also welcomed their fifth child, another son they named Peter.
    "Welcome to the world, Peter!"

    All for now, thanks for reading! :)

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    Morning! Today's forecast calls for blue skies as my simworld's background players proudly present "Mr. Blue Sky" as musical theater (lots of images ahead!)
    Sun is shinin' in the sky
    There ain't a cloud in sight
    It stopped rainin'
    Everybody's in the play
    And don't you know, it's a beautiful new day
    Runnin' down the avenue
    See how the sun shines brightly
    In the city, in the streets where once was pity
    Mr. Blue Sky is livin' here today
    Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why
    You had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?
    Hey you with the pretty face
    Welcome to the human race
    A celebration, Mr. Blue Sky's up there waitin'
    And today is the day we've waited for
    Hey there Mr. Blue
    We're so pleased to be with you
    Look around, see what you do
    Everybody smiles at you
    Mr. Blue, you did it right
    But soon comes Mr. Night
    Creepin' over, now his hand is on your shoulder
    Never mind, I'll remember you this
    I'll remember you this way
    Cast (in order of appearance):
    Steve Garamonde as the Jogger
    Danielle Lembeck in the Del Sol Valley scenes
    Katarina Garamonde as the Baby
    Bob Rogers, Felix Moulton, and Cassandra Goth as the couch guests at the house party
    Lucia Daugherty as Houseguest Wrapped in Towel
    Kristi Markov as Seated at the Dining Table Hostess
    Random Sixam Alien Townie as "Mr. Blue"

    Outdoor shots taken around Oasis Springs, Newcrest, Del Sol Valley, and San Myshuno
    Music and lyrics by Electric Light Orchestra
    Directed by Alan Smithee
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    Nelli was pregnant. She really likes the honey cake that she made. :)

    It was Halloween and Erwin played computer games dressed as Luke Skywalker.

    Nelli dressed as Princess Leia. Suddenly she went into labor and had to go to the hospital. She had no time to change clothes.

    Erwin's pre-parental panic. :o:D

    Nelli gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Milo. o:)
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    Jim Wheatley came storming into the house, angrily throwing his coat aside and mumbling forbidden words under his breath. He then made a beeline for the bathroom and drew a bath that could cook a lobster. When he came out of the bathroom, Ellie couldn't help but wonder what was wrong...

    "Whoa, kiddo, you look like someone just kicked your dog and insulted your girlfriend. What happened?"

    Jim, realizing his mother had a point about his visible anger, calmed down a bit.

    "Well, for one thing, Kelly doesn't need me to kick a guy's butt when he insults her. Ever seen her on the punching bag at the gym? I'm surprised she's never knocked one through a wall. But anyway, you know how I had those two tests today?"

    "Yeah, you studied hard for both of them last night."

    "Well, the studying was great for the English test, got an A+ on it. But I got a C- on the science test. Lost my chance at a fast-track graduation. The teacher even gave me a project to take home as a 'refresher' for electrical principles."

    "Well, your dad will be home in an hour. Go out for a jog, clear your mind, when you get home we'll work on that project together, OK?"

    "Thanks, Mom. You're the best."

    Richard, who had been playing doctor with his playset in his bedroom, came over.

    "Can I help, bro? I don't know much about the whole science thing but I'm pretty good with a screwdriver..."

    "Yeah, totally! You go play until Dad gets home and I get back, we'll do this together. You might even learn something so when you get that same test in high school you'll get a better grade!"

    Richard practically bounced away. Ever since he'd spent that time stargazing with his brother over the weekend, they'd totally hashed out their sibling rivalry.

    When Adam got home, Ellie filled him in on the details he'd missed when he was away for his last hour of work. Adam cooked up a family-size plate of Monte Cristo sandwiches, and after everyone ate, they got to the project.


    Jim's almost ready to age up and move out on his own. He came within a sliver of getting the High School A Student mark he'll need for starting jobs at level 3 as an adult. Richard's on his way to heading off to college with a full ride once he's a little older and gets more chances to skill up. And as for Adam and Ellie, I've a feeling their nest won't stay empty for long once the kids are grown up...
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    Erik realized that giving them all a new start was just what was needed. The new place was larger, and they had a bit more space to expand. While the construction workers built the new place, he and the children were able to keep up their garden. Erik even grew bold enough to once again attempt to bond with his bees.
    Again, it went wrong.

    "Stop it, that really hurts. Ow, forbidden words!" he shouted. He had gotten so used to substituting this phrase for the real forbidden words, it came naturally to him now. Bree could be heard saying "Spaghetti and meatballs," whenever she was annoyed. Kayleigh was fond of saying, "Oh, cheese and crackers!" Sometimes he heard one of his four Toddlers mimicking their mother, which made him smile. If only he could keep them from ever hearing the real Forbidden words. Wouldn't that be nice? But Erik didn't live in fantasy land. He knew he could only shelter them for so long.

    "Erik, I'm glad to see you're back. How did the concert go? The photoshoot and the filming? What's the name of the movie again?"
    "Whoa, slow down. I'm on tactile overload," Erik laughed. "What's on your mind? I can always tell when you have something to tell me, you know." He winked.
    "I am so glad you asked. I took a test."

    "And … come on, don't keep me in suspense. Remember that tactile overload I mentioned?"
    "Brace yourself. We're having a baby!"

    "Again?" he barely kept from gulping. But you just had one. Eighteen months apart they'll be. Oi! "And baby makes … two parents, five kiddoes. Eight, we're about to become a family of eight, …what's the word I'm seeking. Staggering. Really, Kayleigh? You're on the nest again? You wouldn't be joshing me, would you?"

    "Yeah, you got me on that one. Come here, I love you so much."

    "So, are you as happy about it as I am?"
    "Of course." He held her tight. Maybe we should just go for an even dozen. They're said to be cheaper by the dozen, at least.

    Shortly after giving him her Big News, Kayleigh left to check on the kids. Erik walked into the kitchen. Calming Camomile tea. I need a cup.

    "Hurry up dratted machine. Why must you always take so long? Finally.

    Not only was his family expanding, but so were his chickens.

    So many things were happening, it was hard for Erik to keep up. He did manage to release another album, Hallelujah the title of his recent hit song. His children were growing and learning at a rate he could barely keep up with them. One really nice, sunny afternoon, he and Kayleigh packed them all up and went over to the Bramblewood. Of course, the Paparazzi and a few fans followed them. Erik was fine with that. He had slowly learned to trust them again. Many of them had posted on his Simstagram Account of how they felt about the break-in and for him to please not think all of his fans disrespected him like that. One, the president of the Erik Cantrell Fan Club even went so far as to write, "You give us your talent, your love and as much of yourself as any fan could desire. I happen to believe, and I know others who feel the same way, that you like any other Sim, deserve your private life, too. We are all so very glad you and your precious family are all okay. Take heart we will always love you. Thank you."

    HIs sister-in-law, Sandi showed up much to their surprise.

    Although it got to be a sizeable crowd, it felt normal to Erik. He had turned a corner, finally.

    His kids loved the outdoors, and the way the eldest three walked together made him think they could possibly become a dance team. All in perfect time with each other, all in step, too. Amazing

    Little Andrew was still a way off, unable to quite keep with the three-year-old and two-year-old twins.

    Erik loved watching them. Jamison, Melody and Harmony stood together and chatted in their mumbo-jumbo baby gibberish. Odd, they seem to understand each other. Secret language?

    Whatever it was, it was cute, he decided. Too bad you don't like each other much.
    He felt blessed.

    Another nomination came his way. Erik Cantrell found himself excited and just as equally gobsmacked. He kept to his ritual as it was a way of calming his pre-show jitters. How long can this go on? When will they decide I'm nothing more than a hack? A lucky hack, to be sure, but a hack all the same. He always fretted. I just write what comes into my head. For some time, now, at least the latest three Accolades, he was nightmare free. Sunday rolled around and it was a ridiculously hot day. Erik quickly changed out of his Sunday Best and headed for the pool.
    Checking to get oriented once he stood on top of the diving platform.

    Erik then centered himself and concentrated on doing a backflip, which he hoped didn't backfire on him. A trip to the hospital would mean he would miss the Award Show. That wouldn't do at all, he was insatiably curious as to how long this winning streak might last. This would be his eleventh.

    Ready, he finally lifted himself off of the platform.

    Smacking the water with a certain amount of precision made him happy. Then he decided to float on his back for a time. Shortly after he found his "calm space" his phone went off. It was Astrid calling to see if he wanted to come over and hang out with Joey and her and the babies.
    "Sorry, I can't. But thank you for jolting me. It's four-thirty already. I have to get out of this pool and get ready for tonight. Oh, be sure to tune in. You can then jeer at me later when I don't win."

    Erik must have changed his clothes three times and still he wasn't satisfied.

    He changed them again and went to Del Sol Valley.
    "Okay, I'm outta here. See you when I get back. Kids, mind your mother and go to bed when she tells you to, do you hear me?"

    "And now for bringing such aural beauty to ears around the world, Erik Cantrell has won the Starlight Accolade for Best Song!"

    "To think I was nervous about tonight," he half-laughed, half sobbed.

    "Sometimes, it all seems like a dream. I really can't believe this. I am truly honored."

    "I want to thank my wonderful wife, who by the way is on the nest again, just wanted to get that out there ahead of the tabloids. Yes, this makes baby number six. I swear every time I look at her … But I digress. Thank you to the Academy for nominating me again, to those who voted and to my incredibly understanding fans who have stood beside me through thick and thin. Thank you."

    "Seriously, I hope to continue to write, record and play my music for those willing to listen for as long as I live. This kind of appreciation keeps me going."

    "Thank you, and goodnight! I love you all. Kids go to bed!"

    All for now! Thanks for reading! I will have to see if he gets nominated, yet again! :)

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    Jumping into OOC to tell this one, because it's a doozy, left me woozy:

    Richard Wheatley's phone rang...it was his brother Jim, who's now grown-up and moved out of the house. It was the "girlfriend is going to propose to me" Neighborhood Stories call.

    All pretty standard, so far...except the girlfriend in question, Kelly Sullivan, is still a teenager. I had Richard give Jim the go-ahead to accept the proposal (she's as good a candidate as any for aging up into a future story), but when I go to take control of Jim...that's going to be curious, to be sure. I can't rightly imagine the game will let me have them elope, much less engage in adult relationship stuff when she's married to him, will it?

    I've got awhile to think about it, because my next story arc will involve Richard going to college, but...congratulations, Jim?
    And remember this above all. Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure they are not ashamed!
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    Hey all. Just wanted to check in here a bit. I haven't been putting much up because I haven't had much time to play, with the holidays and related travel and a death in the family, also requiring travel. I've been able to play in short spurts, though.I did pick up Strangerville and have been working the 10th Doctor through that adventure.

    As far as Morgyn and The Myst, the larger story has ground to a bit of a halt due to the reduced play time. A while back, though, I built a pub to replace The Shrieking Llama in Windenburg. It's called The Blue Moon Pub and was meant to be a sort of crossroads where the supernatural intersects with the normal world. I created the mysterious pub owner, who lives in rooms above The Blue Moon, and sort of left him there until the story called for him. Well, recently I started a topic to give supernatural players a home, and immediately thought of The Blue Moon for its theme. So, last night I went back to the pub, gave it a bit of an update, and took some screenshots.

    Meet Oberon Lazuli, proprietor of The Blue Moon.


    Dream Wild Moon Child

    Tales From The Myst
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