Post the last screenshot you took in The Sims 4


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    Body is 4 characters too short.
    My Sims 4 vampire stories:
    Nothing but Plasma... & Bare your Fangs! (German)
    My Sims 4 challenge:
    I'm surrounded by Idio.ts! (German)

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    Since one of y'all been wanted Generations for The Sims 4, this is the picture that shows the billboard picture in the right. There are four colorful giggling alien sims with plumbob antennas and TV screens. A lot of toddler sims and child sims are gonna love it!!

    Awww, my kids used to love the Teletubbies. Where did that picture come from?
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    Dinnertime in my current household with 4 toddlers. They eat on the couch because I don't have the patience to use a high chair. I was happy all 4 of them actually sat down around the same time to eat.
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    Since the Avant Gardes no longer exist - Tiger, my orange NSB sim, has taken over the club room as his criminal headquarters. He and his team are e-crime experts and spend their time hacking, making viruses and cackling evilly. No one believes they are criminals and thinks they are just runnng a gamer club.

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    Grim is a helpful guy :lol:

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    Come look to the stars honey :love:

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    My game is getting a few more strays latelly, but it's a mod effect

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    Yesterday i've started the 1 dad 7 kids gone off the rail challenge. I've chosen my character, Dirty Harry (i've downloaded a sim from the gallery and made very subtil changes...).


    He has spent his first day bubble blowing and drinking kava to forget his ex-wife fire accident that led to her death.


    The goal of the challenge is to raise 7 kids from birth to YA. So he ended taking some girls to his appartment with whom he spent the night.


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    texxx78 wrote: »
    Grim is a helpful guy :lol:


    Omg, that's hysterical :D
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    Imma reverse this and do my first one


    my first sim i ever made, and she look like she has WAY too much plastic surgery.
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    Body is 4 characters too short.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Since the Avant Gardes no longer exist - Tiger, my orange NSB sim, has taken over the club room as his criminal headquarters. He and his team are e-crime experts and spend their time hacking, making viruses and cackling evilly. No one believes they are criminals and thinks they are just runnng a gamer club.


    Love it! :D

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    Come look to the stars honey :love:


    "Just smell the fresh...uh...air?"

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    "Mom, dad, aren't you a little old for this?"
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    I haven't played the game in a few days, but here are a couple of outtakes from my last session.

    My sims hired a mixologist for a vampire/human get together in Forgotten Hollow. I didn't see her tending bar outside, so I looked around and found her sneaking drinks from the globe bar upstairs. Hiding a drinking problem? :/
    A happy vampire cleaning up after a successful party. :smiley:
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    Grim is a helpful guy :lol:


    Taking our souls to the afterlife and taking out the trash at the same time.

    That's our Grim. B)
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    Twins appear to run in Liberty Lee's family. She gave birth to her second set of twins this week, again a boy and a girl. She now has six kids with my Sim self. I present to you Beatrix and Carlin who just aged up.
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    Dirty Harry continues his search for love... or... whatever...



    Girls are allowed to stay in but just until they give birth. Of course, free love is enable in the neighbourhood.



    Some mums are evil. Who would want them around anyway? (and it has nothing to do with the red socks 😅)


    But Dirty Harry is doing his best! (despite some occasional mess)

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    It's a blizzard in Windenburg, but Betty Wu is comfy in her 2x16 home. I wouldn't want to pay her heating bill though, since that place is almost all glass....

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    I was feeling a little nostalgic today, so I decided to visit some people in my "immortal otherlife" save. Can't go into that save without visiting my favorite sim ever (and one I played with for a really long time), Kir Parviz. In this life he has another name, but I still call him Kir. For those who don't know, he was my favorite heir (third generation) in a legacy family from my main save, and he died of old age in late 2020. But I had a copy of him in my library, so I aged him down to young adult in a new save, gave him a bit of restyling, and made him immortal. I also decided to do some informal portraits of him today, something that I overlooked doing back when he was still living a normal life.


    And one more to show his full primary outfit for this new life of ease and happiness. This is his bedroom, though of course being god-like now, he doesn't really need to sleep, lol. I don't actually play this save in the normal sense of play; I'm afraid I'd fall asleep if I tried. But I do like to visit now and then. :)

    FYI: Just because you can see my signature, don't assume that I can see yours.
    Because I can't; I keep all sigs turned off. ;)
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    The Hicks household is having a chat in front of their small fountain....

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