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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge (Complete!)


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    @Skeilah - Jan 7th - Kiyoshi! I wonder how many stories he will be in! He is very prominent in mine :)
    Oh my gosh! I had to laugh about some lady with pink hair destroying your snowpal! It wasn't Sakura, believe me, because she has turquoise hair. Funny!
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    It was L. Faba :smirk:
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    Day 7
    Roxi got a new project when she came home from school so she decided to spend the night at the Ito's house (it's big enough to do a project indoors). She's getting to be pretty good friends with the family because she always asks for help with projects or homework when visiting. The next day at school she came home with an A grade. I think it's pretty good for a little over 2 weeks in with a rough start.
    Since she had an A now, I had a bright idea. I'd send my sim on vacation and make a money making painting club! After setting up the rental lot to be both cheap and productive I found out you can't have club gatherings in rentals! Fail!
    She did end up getting a lot of painting done on her own though. Harvestfest happened and the gnomes showed up and showered her with good will in the form of seed packets. Of course she had friends over when she needed social and to have a grand meal. She ended up taking 3 days of vacation and came home at the start of the weekend.
    I really want to get her into her own little home, mostly because greening up on a large community lot isn't easy. It's all spaced out and it doesn't fast forward when your sim sleeps. She's up to 6K so shouldn't be long now. She's also got mucho seeds in storage for when she starts a garden.
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    I'm gonna casually try to do this. I don't own all the packs so I'm gonna have to make a lot of my own rules, but basically I'm intrigued by playing a rag to riches style more slowly and deliberately than I have in the past and having people to share the journey with. I might not post every day, but I definitely want to consistently play this sim over time.

    Update 1 - Meet Jules Warner


    Life stage: Teen
    Traits: Active and Hot-headed
    Starting Aspiration: Angling Ace (figured I'd pick one that doesn't have to be world specific and would be helpful and easy for a homeless sim)

    Starting world: Willow Creek, since it's the only world I currently have an empty lot LOL
    Starting simoleons: 0
    Season: 8th out of 28th day of Spring

    Background info
    So I decided to incorporate this challenge into my main save since I already play with aging off, and I'm much more likely to commit if this sim is tied to my overall universe. In fact, I didn't even make a completely new sim. I plucked a teen from one of my families and integrated her story into this challenge.

    The Warner Family has a complicated past. Both parents, David and Louise, worked as secret agents, along with David's brother and his wife. They all perished in a yachting accident (or was it MURDER....?) when Jules was a child and her sister, Dell, and cousin, Bex, were teens. They all inherited the family estate, a giant modern mansion equipped with her parent's secret lab, and a swanky apartment in San Myshuno. Bex lives at the mansion, since she has followed in her parents footsteps in the secret agent career, determined to avenge their deaths. Dell and Jules chose to live a quieter life in the city apartment.

    Jules has just graduated from high school (cheated using MCCC to make her "quit") and her sister's girlfriend, Sofia, has just moved in with them. Jules feels like she's intruding on their new life together, and coupled with the fact that she is at a place in her life where she's suddenly desperate to find out who she is and what she was meant to do, so she has made the radical decision to head out on her own, refusing to take any of the family money. So that is where our story begins, with Jules on a journey of self discovery, out on her own for the first time in her life, with only the clothes on her back to call her own.

    I only played her very briefly so far. I forgot that I last used this lot to play an alien who I later killed so his urn was just chilling on the sidewalk, so Jules made friends with an angry alien ghost, and also decided to put his urn in her inventory. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy...

    She also sold her high school homework book making a whopping profit of 1 simoleon.


    A summary of Jules' journey (will be updated each month!):
    Jules started out in Willow Creek, where her best friend Emmett lived as well. Jules and Emmett have been friends since they were toddlers. She ended up going to his house a lot to fill her needs and get on her feet. She started dating Mario Harrison at this time. At the end of the month, Mario's grandmother got sick, so he moved from his dad's house to his mom and grandma's house to help out with his grandma and two younger sisters. 

    Which brings us to February, where Jules moved to Windenburg. Jules wanted to support Mario and didn't want to live so far away, so her cousin, Bex, who owned a cottage on the island, offered Jules her place. During this month, Jules was asked to join the Renegades, thus bringing the Villareal family into her circle. Emmett's girlfriend, Brittany, was part of the rival club, the Paragons, and things got pretty tense between those two. Jules also joined a club of girls who loved learning called the Curiosity Club, where she met Kaori Nishidake. During this month, her cousin, Bex, who is a secret agent, asked Jules to help her out with a mission. Bex suspected Jacques Villareal to be involved in the unexpected death of their parents, who were also secret agents, so Bex needed Jules to plant a bug on Jacques. Jules gained access to the Villareal mansion by seducing Hugo Villareal and gaining his trust. Mario and Jules began to fight a lot as well  - Mario always wanted to keep tabs on her (and the mission with Bex especially put a strain in their relationship), and Jules just wanted freedom. They decided they wanted different things in life, and eventually broke up. Jules moved back in with her cousin, Bex, who lived on the mainland, and Mario kept the house on the island since his mother's home was so cramped and he needed his own space. At the end of March, Jules discovered she was pregnant with Mario's child. 

    Instead of telling her family and Mario about the baby, Jules left a note that she needed some space to figure things out, and ended up going to stay with her friend Kaori in Mt. Komorebi. Kaori helped her find her own place to live as well. For a while, Jules kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone in her life, and ended up bonding with her neighbor, Lydia Greenwood. Jules and Lydia ended up falling in love, and Jules was content to hide from the rest of the world as her pregnancy progressed. But back in Windenburg, Hugo was intent on finding Jules, since he had been quite taken with her. He enlisted the help of Emmett and Mario, and together, the three of them tracked her down in Mt. Komorebi and discovered she was pregnant. Mario was upset at first that she hadn't told him, but he wanted to be part of the baby's life. Hugo and Jules ended up being quite good friends, and it really gave her a chance to reconnect with Emmett as well. Jules then gave birth to a baby girl who she named Ruby. Things were going well in Mt. Komorebi and she was still in a relationship with Lydia, but Lydia had a dark secret - she was a vampire and the daughter of Vlad (lol, I know, this story is getting wild :D). Long story short, Lydia ended up having to confront her past, and she and Jules parted least for now.

    In April, Jules moved in with her sister, Dell, and her sister's wife, Sofia, who lived in Britechester, so she could attend university. Jules chose to major in communications at Britechester. I decided to do the serial romantic aspiration with Jules this month, so she ended up kissing a bunch of people and even having a one night stand, before she felt like she was losing touch with herself. Emmett was a comfort to her at this time. Jules graduated and got a job as a journalist. Mario, her ex-boyfriend and father of Ruby, got married, and at the wedding, Jules and Emmett caught his girlfriend, Brittany, cheating on him. They broke up and Emmett joined the army. Things in life were going well, but one day, Jules got phone call from her sister, Dell, that their cousin Bex, was acting strange and seemed unwell. It turned out that Bex had gone to Strangerville and had come back possessed. There's a really strong chance that this is related to the mission that Jules helped Bex with in Windenburg, and that the Villareals are somehow involved. Hugo, always the good Villareal, has agreed to go to Strangerville with Jules to help her out as she tries to find the truth and help Bex. Jules has left her toddler daughter behind with her father, Mario, for the time being.

    Aspiration Checklist

    Links for each update:

    JANUARY - Willow Creek
    FEBRUARY - Windenburg
    MARCH - Mt. Komorebi
    APRIL - Britechester
    MAY - Strangerville
    JUNE - Oasis Springs/Selvadorada
    JULY - Magnolia Promenade
    AUGUST - Forgotten Hollow
    SEPTEMBER - Sulani
    OCTOBER - San Myshuno
    NOVEMBER - Brindleton Bay
    DECEMBER - Henford-on-Bagely
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    @permanentrose - Welcome! My gosh Jules Warner is stunning! I read the backstory and wow lots of drama llama there! lol
    I had to laugh that she sold her homework book and made $1 simoleon. I think you win a prize for that one! Hey, when you're desperate for simoleons, you'll do anything, right? And her first friend is an alien ghost? Angling Ace is one of my favorite Aspirations. I think we all fish to earn simoleons, and I love Willow Creek. Nice start :)
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    @Hermitgirl - Rox is working on the school projects! Way to go to get an A! Woot! Painting really rakes in the simoleons fast. Already at 6K, you are doing great! I think there are some gallery builds for small houses under $5K that are nice and a garden is so profitable, too. Also, for the Rock Climbing skill -- (not the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration) -- to get to level 10 in the Rock Climbing Skill (not required for the challenge), you have to craft energy bars (Level 7) and protein bars (Level 9). An energy bar needs 1 apple and 1 cherry to craft. And the protein bar needs 1 strawberry and 1 blackberry to craft.

    I was just doing a sheet on where I could find these without leaving Mt. Komorebi, and since you mentioned seed packs, the apple is in the starter fruits; Blackberry and cherry are in the Seasonal Summer plants pack and Uncommon plants, Strawberry is in the Seasonal Spring Plants and the Farmer Flowers and Fruits. The Seasonal packs are also unlocked for purchase at Gardening Level 4, and the Uncommon and Farmer Seed packs are unlocked at Gardening Level 7. On the computer under gifts, you can purchase an apple. Just some tidbits in case anyone wanted to know.
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    @SoulGal7 Thanks - I can't take full credit for her good looks. She is a product of some gallery beauty genetics so I did not sculpt her from scratch lol. Also I was very entertained as well to see that she could sell her homework

    @Karababy52 your screenshots really are so stunning!

    I'll add a bit of a proper update now since I had some time to actually play.

    Update 2 - First Experiences


    Jules experienced a lot of new things today! She started the day by catching her first frog, since selling a frog seemed like a quick way to make some money so she could eat.

    And she learned to cook! Hotdogs were the cheapest option and also a realistic simple meal to start off her cooking skill

    She looked quite pleased with herself as she sat down to eat the first home cooked meal she's made herself

    Jules lives on the stretch of Willow Creek where all the businesses are. I deleted the museum ages ago since I needed an empty lot for testing out some things in my saves. It's a nice area that I haven't really explored much since the community lots there are kind of bland. There was a pop up roller skating rink in the area today though, so Jules skated for the first time and it filled up her fun need. Also the gym is right there too, which is perfect for Jules' active trait, and also a great place to grab a shower, a toilet, and an indoor place to sleep since early spring can still be quite chilly.

    So Jules had a good workout and boosted her fitness skill, took a hot shower, and then settled on one of the couches for the night

    Next update, I'll work on her aspiration which will also help her start earning more money

    Simolean count: 23

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    @Kanindota , haha also curious how River looks from front :)
    @SoulGal7 , thank you for your comments :) Yeah the plants at wild always grow up at 5am, like in gardens at lot too, and if your sim does not live in that neighborhood, maybe only visits, those plants will take a long time untill can be harvested :)
    @Karababy52 , again awesome picture!!
    @Skeilah , aww.. poor Byron and snowpal :)
    @Hermitgirl , ah, good for Roxi to have those harvest fest seedpacks ready to plant when she needs to :)
    @permanentrose , lol at the 1 simoleon book sale :) And your second update, well living it that location, at leash she has showers very near when she needs to use those :)

    Melody Connors, day 2

    Start funds 207 simoleons.
    End of the day funds 247 simoleons.

    after school she needed fun.. well she had hoped to have company of her own age..
    Well at least there was the bbq.
    Naah, who cares about company, she needs money!
    She fished ans fished, daaaaammmiiit.. just upgrade parts, those wont sell well..
    Bed time! OH!! Hey there is a wild tomato plant over there!
    So lets harvest it. Just after 5am.
    Super fast trip to the Onsen, to have a shower.
    And while at it, breakfast time too.
    She was back at her home lot 40 mins before school, time to do the homework!
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Ellupelluellu Gotta get money even if the fun need decays haha. I love Melody's outfit!
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    January (Saturday) DAY 7: Romance at The Festival of Snow



    Every morning, I try to have Sakura go for a jog. She's at Fitness-3. She travels to Senbamachi. I thought I had seen a medium rock climbing wall here, but couldn't find it. Did find a fishing spot. Seemed to waste a lot of time doing nothing except taking selfies Photography Skill-3. Traveled to Yukimatsu to the medium rock climbing wall at the top of the gondola lift and climbed that twice. Still no climbing gear. She then gets a notice that the Festival of Snow is starting (Yukimatsu neighborhood: Sat 3pm-midnight), and she decides to invite Kiyoshi to go with her. This is such a pretty festival and when night falls, everything is lit up. She makes a snowpal with Kiyoshi and several sims walk by clapping at their creations. She takes several photos. To complete "Level 1: Explorer" of the Mt Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration, you have to eat at one of the festivals. So, Sakura haggles with a vendor and gets 25% off food, and buys a Ikayaki (grilled squid), $16 simoleons discounted to $12 simoleons. Pretty steep, but it's a festival special. She completes that Level. In "Level 2: Backpacker" of the Mt Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration, you have to wear a festival costume from a vending machine. The festival vending machines are only available during festivals, so she heads over. Ugh! The festival outfit costs $300 simoleons! But under that same level, she can do something else - sled 3 times. She and Kiyoshi head over to the Bunny Slope, which is beautifully lit up, and they take a sled ride together. When they get up the hill again, they couldn't sled together. Maybe the game glitched, so Sakura heads down alone. The third time up the hill, Kiyoshi autonomously does a little flirt with her. They both have some pink in their relationship bar, and so...Sakura has the FIRST KISS with Kiyoshi! Yes! They both got "Deeply Connected" sentiments after their kiss. Ahhhh... Sakura still can't sled with Kiyoshi, so she does the third one alone and completes that! The festival is ending in an hour, they do one snowboard run together, and then both hobble off to the restroom. She has $57 simoleons to her name.
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    @SoulGal7 Sakura's colorful style is so cute! I love seeing everyone's Snowy Escape gameplay, definitely seems fun for this challenge. I'm too cheap to buy another expansion pack - I recently splurged and got Seasons and Island Living when they were on sale so that's all I'll be adding for a while lol
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    *Updated my Day 7 post! :) Wow, lots of posts since I was here this morning. Give me a few minutes to check them all out and then I'll reply to any questions and comment. So, SO happy y'all seem to like my little quickly made-up challenge! <3 I'm personally loving it! I'll modify this post after reading all your posts. Back in a few!
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    @Karababy52 , you want to make a new post, as if you are replying to people, tags do not work if added to edited post :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Ellupelluellu Ah, okay, glad I saw this before I did that, thanks so much for letting me know, very much appreciated! That must be why I sometimes don't see someone has replied to me. o.O Thanks for the comment on my mountain pics! This pack makes it very easy to make pretty screenshots. :) I see you've decided to try the challenge too! Yay! \o/ Melody is gorgeous! Glad you mentioned that tiny homes need to have a foundation at least or they don't count. I should've made Tessa's first little house a tiny home, the benefits are fantastic!

    Wonder what was up with Summer, she certainly had a sour look on her face. Sheesh! I don't understand why the game deems it necessary to load up Sims with accessories all the time. Usually it puts glasses on Sims for their sleepwear outfit too. Why? Looks like she's got a good start between singing, fishing and growing potatoes! :)

    Day 2 for Melody looked like she was able to get a lot accomplished! Bummer about only upgrade parts fishing though, but the tomato plant was a lucky find! Absolutely love the Onsen. Tessa took advantage of it at her beginning a couple times. I also noticed there's only a couple teens in that world for our's to interact with for social. Maybe she could try socializing at school. Whenever my Sims do that, the game generates teens and my Sims will usually get a pop up asking if they want to bring someone home after school. That might be one way to get more teens in your game. :)

    @Kanindota Welcome to the challenge! So glad you decided to join in! I like River's 'funky' name! Very cool! Sulani should be a great place to start the challenge. I thought about doing that myself, I love that pack! But I wanted Tessa to retire there, so saved it for last. I'll update the first thread with a link to your Simblr after this post. Looks like River had an interesting interaction with the village matriarch at first. I don't think she trusted him. Which is probably very wise considering his klepto trait! :D Good luck with the challenge, I hope it's fun for you! :)

    @Skeilah I'll update the first thread with a link to your challenge try too. I like how you have it all set-up with the different world graphics, aspiration icons, etc. It's very organized and easy to read that way. No worries about not commenting, I know you're busy with other projects. ;) I won't always have time either, but I'm going to try as much as time allows. :) Oh my gosh, Bryon is having quite the time eh? Cool that he joined a club, but a bummer some pink-haired lady (GAH! Reading farther I see it was L. Faba!) destroyed his Snowpal! How dare she? o.O

    @SoulGal7 Thank you for your sweet comment on my screenshot! <3 It took a bit of time in tab view to get their hands just right in the middle of the Sun, but it was worth it! So glad I managed to pause at just the right time to get their hands together that way. :) Thanks also for the insight into where to find all the different harvestables in the world and elsewhere for anyone that might need that info!

    Sounds like Sakura and Kyoshi had a great time at the Festival of Snow! I wonder why Kyoshi couldn't go sledding with her after the first time though, weird. Great she got some goals completed otherwise and her first kiss! Go Sakura! I was wondering why she was green, but then figured out it was because of the festival lights. :D

    @Hermitgirl Ah man, bummer the vacation painting club didn't work out. Oh well, sounds like she's doing well despite that. I didn't know Harvestfest gnomes would drop seeds on rental lots, guessing Father Winter would show up too then or any of the holiday characters. Good to know! Can't wait to see what kind of house she builds. :)

    @permanentrose Welcome to the challenge! No worries about any changes you want to make, that's totally up to you. Whatever you need to do to make the challenge fun for you is all that matters. :) Jules is very pretty! Great backstory and fun start for her. I had to laugh how you said having an angry alien ghost in your inventory might come in handy some day. :D Can't imagine how, but I guess anything's possible, right? ;) I've had Sims living in that Willow Creek venue area on the exact same lot! I love it there, lots of collectibles, a food stall, grills, skating rinks, a rare fishing spot, etc., and like you said, the gym is right there for convenience as well. Thank you also for the lovely comment on my screenshot. :)

    Okay, gathering 1st post links and blog links now to put in the main challenge post. Should see them there in a little while. Have a great rest of your evening everyone! <3
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    Oof, what a lot of comments again! I had fun reading everything and I just can’t help myself but I just need to comment a little bit. I like how everyone is commenting on Bryon’s story so I feel like I have to do the same. It keeps everyone going, huh? :D

    @Hermitgirl Hhahaha I love how Roxi is holding that clay in the picture xD And I love how Kiyoshi is part of like almost every story in here. A money making painting club. No bad idea at all! My Sim sleeps in a tent, and with the tent it does fast forward. Maybe you should invest in a tent! :D

    @permanentrose Ohhhh Jules is beautiful! She has the same clothing style as me in real life hehe. I can totally see me wearing that. Hahahhahaah that alien urn chilling on the sidewalk made me laugh! In the next update, it’s just like she’s eating 6 hotdogs at once! Can’t wait to see more of her!

    @Ellupelluellu I like Melody’s hair style a lot. I don’t think I’ve commented about her already. She’s beautiful!! Ohhhh I see Brant Hecking! He and Brent are like my favorite premade Sims in the entire game. Okay, Brant is old, but he’s fun!! :D He would be a good older friend. What a… Healthy breakfast! xD

    @SoulGal7 Ohhhh love is in the air!! I never went to those festivals in game yet. I’m so curious to see it!

    @Karababy52 I have to scroll back to your day 7 post… Gimme a second… There it is! That picture itself is just awesome. Whoa! Oh, finding things. I know the strugle. I alse never find things, ahahaha! Oof, climbing in a blizzard! It’s like in the movies! They went up while the storm was still going strong???? Ooooof! I never tried this myself, but when I read your notes I actually want to try it out myself with Bryon. It sounds amazing! I also loved this experience, whoa. This made me smile, haha! I think Josh and Tessa make a good pair. Do what you want! I don’t know anything about Josh anyways, just another Sim to me xD Oh wow, those pictures are great!!!
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    Thanks so much for the advise on what to plant for the energy bars @SoulGal7. I'll try to get what I don't have.. might be good for a mini challenge before I leave this world, but will try not to stress it, but now the idea is in my head!!
    I also love those sentiments... for me it really changes if my sims should be together or not. That first kiss was so sweet!
    @permanentrose I love your sims face shape. I like to make quirky sims and she's adorable.
    @Ellupelluellu I love your sims eyes.. did you make the pupils larger? She's pretty and has a commanding presence to me. Hope she gets some teen friends soon.
    @Karababy52 I didn't know that could happen on rental lots either (the gnomes and seeds).. another great reason to do a challenge like this, to learn new things about the game. Your story is so good and I agree so much with the sentiments. I'm not much of a romantic in this game.. usually.. but it really helps to see my sims in that light since we got them.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting too much in general everyone. I got drawn into the game and trying to play catch up to the days. Some days I will and some days not but I'm reading it all and enjoying!
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    I got a question. Can we make NPC Sims younger? Like to make the pool of teens bigger?😂
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    Day 8
    Roxi finally got to buy and wear a festival outfit. So that moved her on to the next part of the aspiration: Globetrotter!
    I decided to go try to make a wish on or collect a forest spirit while she was near one of the hiking areas. So she ordered up all of the sprays and salves that could protect her while hiking, and of course the dang bits and bobs vendor ate her money!
    She got so tense afterward I just sent her to sleep it off. In the middle of the night Roxanne was able to get her hiking supplies. I decided to play it safe this time with her money and buy them a couple at a time.. as there are 7 items you might need to help you out if your sim gets attacked or hurt, or at least 7 that I know of. She still had to give the machine what for for trying to steal her money once though. She got it back this time... stupid vendors!
    Then she went on a hike, got attacked but was prepared and got to make a wish on the forest spirits. Yahhh another aspiration ding!
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    @Skeilah You should use the cheat "CAS.fulleditmode" when in manage worlds, and then find some random townies in the manage sims section, and then you can just age down some of the random townies to teens in CAS mode


    I tried to catch up on everyone's stories and posts! Definitely fun to see how everyone is playing in their own style. I think I’ll be able to properly comment and follow everyone’s story now. I really enjoy seeing all the Snowy Escape features and am only a tiny bit jealous lol.

    Update 3 - Giving Back


    Jules is a straight up mooch (I'm missing that trait from TS3 right about now haha), but you kind of have to be when you have nothing. I made a personal rule for myself about traveling to other worlds - since Jules has some established relationships already, I decided she can go visit friends and family in other worlds ONLY if they invite her to their home. So no festivals or other lots, just home lots and even then, I'm going to limit her to just spending time in their actual houses (so no rummaging for snow globes in San Myshuno, for example, even if there's one on the lot she's visiting)

    So anyway, over the past several sims days, Jules has really been a mooch, so I had her do an act of kindness to show her thanks for each situation/person she took resources from.

    First, her friend Emmett Keyes, who lives in Willow Creek, invited her over. Jules was all too glad to make a microwave meal and drink some coffee (thankfully there was already a pot of fresh coffee so Jules did not need to pay to brew a pot)

    She hung out with Emmett too and filled up her social needs (Emmett already has a girlfriend so this will not be heading in a romantic direction)

    To show her thanks to the Keyes family for their hospitality, she walked their dog, Woody. (pictured above)

    She also visited the Willow Creek Vet Clinic (owned by another sims family I play) since it has an upstairs kitchen area, and she was quite desperate for some basic commodities at this point

    To show her thanks, she fixed the broken dollhouse the owners put upstairs for their kids to play with while they run the clinic

    Later on her sister, Dell, invited her over (she lives in San Myshuno), and though Jules is determined to make it on her own, that doesn't mean she can't go get a little TLC from her big sis every now and then

    Jules was so hungry at this point that she didn't even bother to sit down and just ate standing in the kitchen

    (On a side note, it is very annoying when family members tell you that you are being inappropriate in their home - I don't have the university pack, but I hear that it happens with that pack too when kids go home to visit their parents. Sofia, Dell's girlfriend, and Dell both got very upset when Jules slept over and used their shower and kitchen.  Jules literally lived there like 4 sims days ago. The bed ownership in Jules' old room is still even set to her lol)

    To show her thanks to her sister and Sofia, Jules decided to do their laundry for them.

    Jules has also completed the first part of the fishing aspiration and has started a small garden on her lot. She sells the fish she catches and anything collectable she digs up or finds around the world.

    Is there anyway to do that Millie Bobby Brown positivity aspiration anymore? I feel like that would be perfect for Jules right now. I like to think she is feeling a sense of purpose by finding ways to give back to those who show kindness to her

    Simoleon count: 339

    @Karababy52 I found a use for having a ghost in her inventory. Jules' social need was getting low, so I called forth the ghost, and bam, instant socialization :D

    I may not update as consistently over the next week since I need to limit my sim playing and be productive in other parts of my life lol
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    January - Day 8: "You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you can't close your heart to what you do not want to feel."


    While Tessa slept, Josh's brothers stopped by. They had a nice chat with him and left when Tessa woke up.

    'Survive 3 Wildlife Attacks Unscathed' is another goal for Tessa, so she & Josh hiked to the temple. It was raining and Tessa had no umbrella. I bought the Waterproof trait for both, but later discovered Josh had an umbrella already because he used to be an NPC. Opps!

    At the Temple they both made wishes on the Ema board and headed back home. Tessa stopped to take a picture of a tombstone and Josh got scared by something. I missed what it was though. Too bad it wasn't Tessa instead. She'll try again, perhaps on another hiking trail.

    In case you're wondering about their wishes and would they come true, Tessa's got the message 'Not all wishes come true' and got a sad moodlet. Josh got the message, 'Wishes can come true if you want them bad enough.' Not those exact words for either, but that was the gist of them.

    What do you think they wished for, can you tell? I think I know... :)


    Happy Simming! <3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,819 Member
    edited January 2021
    @Hermitgirl Lol that bug is truly large and frightening! Roxi is so cute!

    @Skeilah She only managed to eat about 3 of those hotdogs before they spoiled - next item on Jules' list to buy, a refrigerator. She's just gonna have an empty lot with some plants and a fridge lol
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,580 Member
    January 8th

    Bryon's Diary
    Living in a tent isn’t as bad as I thought it was. I actually like being outside now. Okay, it’s cold, but the air is so fresh! Other people should try it too - Camping in tents, I mean. They don’t need to live in them like I do now. I still want a house someday too, but I don't mind my lifestyle the way it is. I also want to say something about New Years Eve, which was today. No worries, I didn't spend it alone. I went to the Festival of Snow with Jade, Eva, Paolo and Marcus. We ate some dango, made a resolution and I learned Paolo something about technology. He sure has a lot to learn! These four people are so nice. Thanks to them, I had a nice New Year’s eve. I’m sure they will become good friends.
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,928 Member
    @Skeilah Aww, man, thank you so much for saying all of that! Yeah, maybe if I'd watched some Let's Plays or the stream or something I would already know these things, but I purposely didn't. I wanted to be surprised. I guess some surprises aren't a good thing eh? Yup, the higher they climbed the worse the weather got. I was sure Tessa was going fall and die, but thankfully the weather got better at the end and she was strong enough to make to the top! I absolutely loved this excursion and I love this pack even more now because of it! :)

    As for Tessa and Josh? Well, as you might have guessed from today's post, Josh told his brothers he's staying. I know they can't really be together, she's a teen, he's a young adult. But after seeing the way they look at each other and all the lovely sentiments they keep getting, I just couldn't send him away. At least not yet, maybe they'll end up as a couple, maybe they won't. The real test I think is what happens when I give him full autonomy. Will he still act the same way towards her? Or has this all been just a silly old woman's romantic heart trying to make it happen and seeing things that aren't really there? I think they really do like each other though as more than just BFFs. I guess we'll find out, eh? ;)

    About the NPCs, sure, go for it! I don't see anything wrong with that at all. :)

    @Hermitgirl Thank you so much too! I'm learning things about the game I never knew too! The sentiments are great! I see others that aren't having such good luck with them, but, so far, for me, they've enhanced my game so much! No more wondering, "Does he/she really like him/her or not? How do they REALLY feel about what happened?" etc. etc. No worries about not commenting, I'm sure there will be days I won't be able to either. And right now, there's so much, it's hard to keep up! I love it though, it makes me feel like y'all are enjoying yourselves and I love reading all your posts! Plus, I get to play with my favorite Sim again, and that makes me extremely happy! This is so much dang fun! \o/ :D

    Gah! Those bugs are HUMONGOUS! o.O I need Tessa to get attacked for her aspiration, but I'm certainly not looking forward to it. She has all the deterrents and stuff she needs though, so I'm not worried she'll actually be injured very badly. But just the sight of those ugly things... *shivers*

    @permanentrose I absolutely LOVE what you're doing, having Jules give back to the families she's 'mooching' from, as you say. What a fantastic idea! So sweet she got to see her sister too and I like the idea of only going to another world if you're invited, I put that in the rules. But you took it one further and said only to Sims homes and she can't take advantage of collectibles there. Bravo! Oh, BTW, there's a reward trait you can buy with Satisfaction points called Always Welcome. It's only 500 points. You should get that. That way Jules can visit anyone's home she likes and use anything they have and won't get yelled at and kicked out for it. :)

    lol You found a use for the alien ghost! Brilliant! :D

    Alrighty, once again I stayed up too late. But hey, I don't work outside the home anyway, so it's all good. I'll just sleep in today and Sunday. ;) We're going to visit my Son and Grandkids tomorrow, so probably won't be on much on Saturday until very, very late.

    Have a great weekend y'all! <3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,819 Member
    @Karababy52 Thanks for the tip on the always welcome trait! My main sims have that trait but I bought it so long ago that I didn’t even connect the fact that that’s why I have a easier time playing them when they visit others without the households getting angry lol. Totally forgot that was even a trait until you mentioned it. I’m definitely going to buy that for her so it won’t be awkward when she visits her sister

    I love Tessa’s relationship with Josh - having a big brother figure like that is so sweet and it gives her some guidance and companionship as she navigates this challenge too.

    I think I might cheat and add funds as the months go on so that Jules can do very long “vacations” in Selvadorada and Granite Falls since I am missing so many worlds (I don’t have Mt. Komorebi, Britechester, Del Sol Valley, Forgotten Hollow, Glimmerbrook, Evergreen Harbor, or Strangerville) and I’m loving the outdoor lifestyle and activities you all have going with Snowy Escape so I think it would be fun to have more worlds for Jules to explore. I also have heard of mods to make Granite Falls and Selvadorada residential worlds so I may look into those. Or else Jules might just have to live in Magnolia Promenade for a month LOL. Actually she definitely will, even with the vacation worlds. Including the vacation worlds, I only have ten worlds in my game, so if I stick this out for a year, I don’t even own enough worlds to get me a new one each month. I *may* end up buying some new packs at some point though...I did buy Parenthood and Seasons recently, so of course I chose the packs that DON’T include new worlds haha

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    @Skeilah I love Byron’s first person diary style updates, and it’s nice to see someone playing a male sim since it seems most of us have chosen females for this challenge haha
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