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  • My Sim's boyfriend is a Goofball, so my Sim has definitely fixed his toilet more than anything else. But love is love, and you have to accept your other half for all their faults, its all good roleplay.
  • I don't delete any of the premades, they are all part of our Sims Heritage, and I really enjoy just seeing them out and about. Plus when I recognise them, it makes me look them up and they've all got a lot of great history behind them. What I find fascinating is that some premades I see wandering around all the time, and…
  • I'm glad to hear your daughter got her boyfriend/roomie back! And I wonder if Pierce happens to be Pierce Delgato? From what I've seen of him, he's a pretty decent choice as your future son in law!
  • This is a Yes for me. I'll try to be strong and wait till this pack comes out on Special Offer, but I'm pretty sure I'll weaken and purchase it ASAP. Too many good things in this pack, especially the new World of Tartosa. Plus I want my Sim dressed up in that new dishevelled shirt and tie combo, lots of good Roleplay…
  • I'm really excited to learn more about the new World, Tartosa. Sounds like culturally it is going to be Italian, or maybe Croatian? Thrilled to read we're going to have new residential lots, and sounds like multiple neighbourhoods!
  • I really feel for you, I hope your son makes it through the night and makes a full recovery. Let us know how it goes, good or bad....
  • This is why I love my Sims being autonomous, it really brings out the roleplay in this sandbox game. If I was the husband and I found out about this, I'd go for option one, make a pass at the sister in law for payback, create maximum drama, and see how it all kicks off. I'm sure an epic tale of love, betrayal and revenge…
  • My controversial opinion is....I just enjoy actually playing the game. I've tried to build properties but I found it stressful and not fun at all and they all looked rubbish. Its probably just me, but I didn't find the game at all intuitive or user friendly when I tried to build, and I found it impossible to put a decent…
  • I find that my Sim will automatically clean up his latest plate after he finishes eating, but he'll ignore any earlier plates that need cleaning, even though they're polluting the property. Then he'll start throwing a wobbly over the dirty environment, very frustrating!
  • I think its just window dressing. I've played several run throughs where my Sim hasn't read it or interacted with it, and it makes no difference that I can see in achieving the Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait.
  • I'm really excited about this! I'm loving the whole vibe and feel of the Pack. I really like the new clothing, especially the open shirt and tie, and sounds like a new Greek-themed World? Any release date mentioned yet that anyone knows of?
  • I'm very happy and grateful to hear of all these bugs being worked on, but please can we also get the ability to build our Rocket Ships back?
  • I just bought Nifty Knitting today as it was on Special Offer 30% off and so far I am loving it. Its just really nice to have my Sim sitting at home listening to music, chillaxing and knitting. I've got a Llama so I can supply some of the materials needed but I will need to work out how to produce the other different…
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