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My kid is freezing to death... IN THE DESERT!

My oldest son (and favorite child) is about to freeze to death in Oasis Springs on the home lot. It's a very hot fall night so the thermostat is set to cool and he is in one of his everyday outfits. His body is a very pale white and he's shivering on the toilet. I had to tell him to put a cork in it so he could change into a winter outfit IN THE DESERT! Now he's snuggled up in bed sleeping and still just as pale. I've never seen a Sim take this long to recover. I had his dad turn off the thermostat when I got the alert and everything.
Is he going to die when he wakes up?
My oldest child and daughter (tied for second favorite) already lost her mother three days after she was born. Her mom (a comedian) laughed herself to death by being in a hysterical mood and practicing her routine so I don't really feel like my dad Sim and my daughter Sim can handle another bizarre death.
By the way, for Shannitta's apiteph I wrote simply "Her death was hysterical."
I felt it was fitting.


  • BowtrucklerBowtruckler Posts: 16 Member
    I really feel for you, I hope your son makes it through the night and makes a full recovery. Let us know how it goes, good or bad....
  • PenguinFoopPenguinFoop Posts: 1,580 Member
    He made it through the night which is good because he will be the heir to the family estate. His older sister gets the awesome boyfriend so it's only fitting that he gets the house, right?
    Marina, Rylan and Haleigh will get some money to start their lives as well so it'll all work out. That is if Stetson doesn't find some other bizarre way to die before he's at least a teen!
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