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The Straud Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 9/1/2022*


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    How cool is that :o Now I want to burn a sim to death :#

    Yay! There were 2 hotfixes for the new EP patch. Maybe it was fixed in one of those :)

    That makes me mean, too, because I always ignore them. The few times there are screenshots of visitors being talked to are mainly from free will actions :D

    Yes, both maxing the same skill still counts as 2 skills :)
    I had to check the aspiration one but yes, also counts as 2 ^^ You get these points super fast when you have many kids and let them complete them the aspirations. They're way too easy anyway :D

    Nah it's fine! I had many questions when I used the scoring the first time, too. I still don't know if the money sims can spend counts to the house worth threshold :D

    It helps to have money and more adult sims to take care of babies so not doing the 10 baby point in gen 1 is just the sane way to play the challenge lol A family aspiration would also be handy for it :)

    It's even more interesting this time as we get to see how long it takes to get rid of Vlad's genes!

    What's heavier: Vlad or a kilogramme of feathers? :joy:

    You always get twins or even triplets at the worst times! For my legacy I was lucky to have so many sims in the household so there couldn't twins or triplets lol Oh, and when you hope for twins - triplets are too unlikely - you don't get them... Like when you need 10 babies for a point :D

    New chapter:
    What do you call a trio of toddlers? A regret. I'm dying :joy:

    Scylla looks so cute! The freckles :love: Maybe the eyes and chin won't look too bad in the future lol Oops. there's more.

    Your house... marvelous! <3:joy:

    I think it's "normal" that you can't max skills with skill books. For whatever weird reason (there are exceptions tho).

    A dragonfruit! :love: Congratulations! 🎉🎊

    Maybe the skill learning for gardening isn't wasted if you give Vlad the gardening aspiration after he completes the Master Vampire one :)

    Circe is a bit scary imo lol

    How long are your seasons? :o

    It's the first time I see a sim fail an audition :o Poor girl. But daddy will solve this lol

    There should be an option to take contraception to not get pregnant from risky woohoo. :p
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    I missed seeing Caly in her mermaid nymph form!
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    It all seems pretty successful for Vlad at the moment :)
    He is only missing 20 days before completing his Vampire quest B)
    It's pretty handy when all the previous contestants from his Bachelor-Challenge come by and make themselves available for his bloodthirst ;)
    .... though it's been a long time since we've seen Turner? :/
    ..... mysteriously :worried::lol:

    Scylla still looks pretty cute :smiley:

    Caly is wonderful and she has finally got her swimming pool <3
    I can see it made her very happy and even more in love with Vlad... :smirk:

    Congratulations on the dragon fruit! :+1:
    I don't know if that's allowed... but here's a tip
    I got Keoni fishing at this spot in Newcrest
    He caught 4 dragon fruits and 3 cow berries
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    They can only start fires if you are playing them though. So a ghost who died by fire but isn't in your household won't do this :(

    Thank you so much for your help clarifying the skill/aspiration thing!
    Can't help you with the money thing, I'm clueless lol

    Maybe in a few generations I'll do the 10 babies thing... Next gen I want a nice small family to recover from the 5 kids though haha.

    Probably the kilo of feathers :D
    It really is a regret though :D

    Mayyybeeee or maybe not ;)

    Just wait, the house improves even more in a few chapters time (sarcasm)

    Think I'll give Vlad the painting aspiration next actually but maybe then gardening?

    Sorry my seasons are 14 days. I got confused and said that Vlad's 20 days would be up on the 18th day of spring, but I should have said the 4th day of summer :)

    I've found a different way to prevent any more pregnancies but I've played ahead so you won't find out for a few chapters!

    I've played ahead and I don't remember if there are any screenshots of her in nymph form in the upcoming chapters. I will try to take more pictures of her in mermaid form in future :)

    Less than 20 days because the counter was only recently fixed! On the 4th day of summer he will complete his aspiration - woop!

    It is very convenient the way the ex contestants keep popping round to be drank from ;)

    She is cute, a lot cuter than many Straud children I have seen (and I have seen a lot!)

    Fishing! Wow I didn't know you could catch dragon fruit :o thank you so much! I will certainly bear that in mind for future reference :) also well done to Keoni!
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    So you mean if I killed Roger with fire, his ghost wouldn't cause fires but only if he was an active member of the household? Bummer...

    You're welcome :) It's normal to have a lot of questions about all this. I had them - and still have - them, too.

    I asked on the Legacy Challenge Mega Thread and EuphorialQueen wasn't sure either. She said she'd ask Pinstar and his wife but they haven't responded so far ^^

    I can feel you :joy: One generation you're like "Let's have tons of babies!" and the next you're like "Never again!". But in the following generation you want many kids again :joy:

    I think so, too :joy:

    Soon you'll have enough money for a huge house :p But I heard there's a bad bad gardening bug that pops down your plants to dirt clumps every once in a while :# It spared me so far but I know Kara has it :/

    Ah that makes sense :) My seasons only last 7 days :D 14 sounds more fun tho. No clue why ^^

    No more woohoo? :p You killed Vlad? Caly died? :o

    New chapter:
    Candy :love:

    You bought the pack? :o I'm still waiting for the sale... I kinda like some stuff from CAS and BB but everything else... meh.

    I've heard about the complaints because of "ugly" environment. This sounds soooo annoying! Like back in ts3...

    Another child birthday! So exciting! Oh gosh... Poor Circe... In the book she's a witch and Circe in your legacy will look like one :joy:

    It's hard to find nicknames for unique names. I like Tea and Theo tho ^^ For Atlas maybe Aty or Junior? :D

    Atlas doesn't look too bad so far. No pale skin for once ^^ But the mouth....

    FRECKLES :love:

    Poor Epimetheus... Atlas stole all the good genes :D

    It is so weird every time there's a German word in an English sentence :# "ersatz" lol
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    That is correct, Roger wouldn't set your house on fire since he would be an unplayed sim - although maybe that would be a good thing lol.

    I hope you get an answer on that!

    I still can't believe you did the 10 babies in a generation thing - I'm so done after 5 kids lol. How did I survive the 100 baby challenge again? Oh yeah the toddler dungeon... But I want Vlad to be a loving father in this save so I can't do that.

    I have played ahead and I just checked how much money they have now. There's 26,001 in household funds but if you bulldoze the lot they have 108,535. So, I guess that's the amount of money they have to spend on a house (wait, how is their existing house worth 83,534 simoleons?). Do you think that'd be enough for a nice house for them?

    I keep hearing about that bug and it's terrifying me! I don't want to lose out dragon fruit plants! But so far I haven't experienced it - maybe because I have all the plants in planters inside?

    I used to have my seasons at 7 days but I couldn't handle how frequent the holidays were! I suppose that's good for the challenge because you will get more gold medals but I think I'd find it too stressful.

    Haha the reason for no more babies isn't anything so dramatic as that! And it's not terribly exciting. You'll find out in chapter 1.11 :)
    I did. I don't know why, I knew I wouldn't like it from the moment it was announced. Very bad impulse buy, I must have given in to the hype I kept seeing on here about it.

    At least the ugly environment thing forced me to put down flooring and wall coverings lol. If it hadn't been for that I probably still wouldn't have put any down...

    To be honest as much as I love the idea of giving them nicknames I'm probably just going to keep calling the kids by their full names because that's how I think of them now! And none of their names are way too long anyway.

    I love that two of the kids got Caly's freckles!

    What? I thought Circe stole all the good genes ;)

    I forgot it was a German word! So I do know some German after all lol.
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    I hope so, too. I currently have 1.4 million and I guess I'd have 3 or more extra points by now ^^

    Thinking back to it, I have no idea how I managed it. Not to brag but all 10 also had the top notch toddler trait :joy: Where did all this motivation go now? :joy:

    100K is definitely enough for a nice house! Do you want me to build it for you soon? :)

    I played yesterday and my goldmine is unharmed. Maybe we're lucky and the bug avoids us?

    You have plenty of time to get the gold medals. I completed this section of the scoring after generation 4 so you're totally fine with longer seasons.

    I can get why. I have to fight the urge to buy it, too :D I'll wait for a sale.

    It's a waste of money anyway. Luxury! Who needs wallpaper anyway?

    With nicknames you might even forget their full names. Happens to me sometimes :joy:

    I know 3 German words in English: kindergarten, doppelganger and now also ersatz :p

    New chapter :love:
    The mirror comment :joy:

    You can buy nightlights to avoid monsters under the bed. I see you already did ^^ These should work just fine.

    The painting always reminds me of Kelly Cuoco or however you write her name. Penny from The Big Bang Theory ^^

    I like the left painting more :)

    Look on the bright side: the house is not a shoebox ^^

    May Carl's sim guide isn't up to date with all the patches? Patches changed a lot in the gardening area :)

    This hug looks kinda awkward :joy:

    Yep, you have to memorialize both for the point. You only need to take a bit more than 300 big photos to max the skill tho :)
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    I only had 5 kids and even so none of them got the top notch toddler trait! 4 got the happy toddler trait though.

    It would be super amazing of you to build me a house! Hmm if 100K is enough for a good house then I wanna say go for it but part of me thinks it would be cool to wait until they have a bit more $ because then they could have a bigger house. Then again, I don't want to make you build a massive house as that'd waste so much of your time! What do you think would be the upper price limit of what you could build for them without getting in the way of your life?

    The bug seems to have hit in my game unfortunately. After the first dragon fruit that Vlad planted, none of the others have grown up and I think they've had more than enough time :(

    Yup wait for a sale. I got DU on sale and was so proud of myself for waiting :D

    Haha I always forget that Vlad isn't actually called Vlad lol

    Oh yeah kinder - so Kinder eggs have a German name! Man I used to love those things. Now I want one...
    The night lights are life savers!

    Omg you're totally right, she does look like Penny in the painting! I think I may end up keeping both paintings haha, Caly deserves it.

    It is the weirdest house ever though :D

    Maybe I'll have Vlad spend a fun night taking pictures to build the photography skill then. Poor guy haha.
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    5 kids this early in the challenge is hard tho. There's so much more you have to focus on then just skilling the toddlers.

    As far as I remember my first big legacy house was 80K. They lacked decoration and the outside was completely bare :D So if you don't mind that I can build one with 100K :)

    Oh no :/ I hope the bug gets fixed ASAP! It's pretty annoying... Luckily you don't use the aspiration.

    I think kinder eggs have a German name because the brand is from Germany ^^

    Nah, the house is fine :p It's unique ^^

    New chapter:
    You'll get the kids aspirations done anway. They're boring :D One is enough.

    I just love Circe. She's probably the ugliest offspring but I might vote her just for being a meanie :D

    Ugh, social butterfly IS the worst child aspiration! Hate it so much!

    Lucky Galatea :o Only the eyes and the skin color. And later probably the hair color, too.

    OOOH! Love the idea to adopt Mayor Whiskers :love:

    Pets are sick ALL THE TIME. So annoying!

    4 stars already :o
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    A nice chapter :)
    It's going really well for Caly ... four stars B)
    She is just as self-absorbed and crazy as ever :joy:
    I can understand that Vlad is a bit skeptical to be followed by a 24-hour drone ... I'm not sure that his nightly hunts helps his fame. :# ....
    Then it should just be in the Vampy news

    Circe looks a lot like her father :/ , but all the other kids are pretty nice.
    When I see the three little dirty toddlers, I remember Vlad as a dad in another universe ... :lol:
    I can understand that Galatea is longing for her birthday ;)
    ... and it came :smiley:
    She looks pretty nice. The social butterfly is not an easy aspiration. One of Keoni's daughters also got it.
    James Turner showed a tip in one of his videos. You need to get Galetea to photograph other Sims with her mobile camera ... hocus pocus then their friendship increases quickly. I assume that all Sims are self-absorbed when it comes to this :wink:
    Is it cheating? It works

    Vlad has adopted Mayor Whiskers <3 ...
    They really dress each other up. There is something sophisticated about both of them.
    It is useful with pets to prevent unwanted child births.
    Although I do not have risky woohoo installed in my game, I am too easily tempted by ability :lol:
    I love cats. It is not uncommon for cats sits on top of the fridge ... either in the game or in reality

    I've had the gardening bugs in my game right after the update. I've reported the error, but after playing for many hours I haven't met it again.
    I hope this is a passing error in your game.
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    I'm terrible at decorating houses so I may end up ruining your beautiful work lol. Maybe I should wait until they have 150K or 200K?

    My second dragon fruit plant is full grown now so maybe dragon fruit is just slow growing? It's not all bad with the gardening bugs, all of my plants went from normal to perfect overnight lol

    Yep that's probably why. Can't believe Kinder eggs are banned in the USA!

    Haha it is certainly unique. Or maybe not since all my houses end up like that...
    Omg if Circe wins the heir poll I might crawl into a hole and die :D (kidding kidding). You're right she is fun, I picture her as evil so it's weird to me that she doesn't have that trait though lol. I have to admit my favourite is Galatea based purely off her looks lol.

    Yeah Galatea will get Vlad's hair. I could leave it brown but I'm mean and I'll change it to grey when she is a teen since the game meant to give her grey hair and she didn't inheritt much else of Vlad besides her eyes and skin colour so it seems only fair.

    The older pets are the more often they get sick. I love ghost pets because they never get sick!

    Caly is almost there now! It's so fun playing with celebrities, I love all the perks they can get :)

    Drinking from other sims without their permission doesn't seem to hurt his fame but it does affect his reputation which means he can't get the celerity perk which makes your sim able to gain fame from donating things - that's annoying.

    Yup Circe is a Vlad clone! The other kids may look ok now but you wait until they become teens ;)

    I read that taking pictures increases friendly relationship quickly on a 100 baby challenge Facebook group so that is exactly how Galatea made friends with other kids for her aspiration - it's so helpful! Annoyingly though, kids can't take selfies with adult sims so she couldn't use that for the 'make friends with 2 adults' task for the aspiration. Kids can cloud gaze with adults so I did that instead as it helps boost relationships a lot too.

    It's weird I've never seen a cat sit on a fridge in sims or irl... Probably because my sims' fridges haven't been right next to a counter and irl my fridge isn't against a counter so our cat can't climb on top of it.

    My game doesn't seem too badly affected by the gardening bug. I thought it was causing my dragon fruit plants not to grow but I think they are just slow growing. The main thing is that all my plants went from normal to perfect overnight - but I'm kind of pleased about that lol

    New chapter!
    Chapter 1.12
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    I'm terrible at decorating, too :D Decorations aren't expensive tho :) So 100K should be fine.

    From normal to perfect? :o Now I'm jealous lol

    Yeah, Kinder eggs are banned but other stuff is easy to get :# Really dangerous stuff...

    You have your own style then :p

    You already know what they'll look like later :p Fingers crossed Circe won't win the poll :joy:

    Grey hair is the least ugly thing you can get from Vlad. I think I would change it, too.

    Elder pets are sick 24/7. Monasolstraale recommended buying the pet lab thingy and skill up and then make he red treats. They cure your pet asap.

    New chapter:
    Mayor Whiskers as a kitten :love: Cute accident. Best accident :p

    Hey Scylla, haven't seen you in a while :D

    The little we can see from the coworker he looks kinda nice. Better than Vlad for sure.

    Funny yellow water :joy:

    Oh my gosh, I want to see Ramona and Bradley's kid soooo badly :love:

    Vlad loving Mayor Whiskers so much is the cutest thing he's ever done!

    Shannon has Keoni's eyes :love: So cool!
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 1,074 Member
    Vlad and Caly are such a fun couple....
    Mayor Whiskers is a really cute kitten ...
    I love Vlad's disbelieving gaze while asking Caly what happened to his cat ....
    even Vlad has no doubt that Caly has a finger in its transformation :joy:
    Caly: Well, maybe he shrank in the wash :joy::joy:<3

    As far as I remember, Galathea doesn't have to take pictures with another sim ... she can just shoot the sim ...
    she can therefore also photograph adult sims

    I was so happy when I saw Shannon's yellow eyes :smiley:
    In a commentary on Queenarella's story, I described my frustration that Keoni's son lost his yellow eyes in my game as his siblings grew up.
    Why!? :s
    My solution is to force him to wear sunglasses
    I love the picture of the three kids in the snow <3

  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,029 Member
    I don't believe you :p your legacy house is decorated so well! If you think it would be possible to build a nice house for about 100-150K then I'd be so super grateful to you! I'd love it if you could build it with furnishings because otherwise I just won't know how to decorate it lol. I don't mind if it's small :) but yeah don't worry about it if you don't get time to do it, it's way too nice of you to offer in the first place <3

    Yup from normal to perfect! Literally the only glitch I am happy about lol.

    Too true. Makes no sense!

    I had to check what they were going to look like as YAs because I am so impatient :D it's agony waiting to see what the kids in your legacy will grow up to look like haha.

    At least I'm used to playing with ugly sims so if Circe wins I will deal with it lol.

    Great tip from Mona about the pet lab thingy! I will need to do that when Mayor becomes an elder. So annoying having to take them to the vet otherwise.
    I know! I thought about exiting without saving but then I was like nah he is so cute as a kitten so I let him stay young.

    Anyone is better looking than Vlad though ;) but Caly is super sweet sticking by him. I like that she is blind to his flaws!

    I don't think they have a kid yet but hopefully soon. It is sure to be just as gorgeous as them :#

    Keoni's eyes are super cool so I was really happy to see that Shannon got them.

    @MonaSolstraale they are! They are both such big personalities but they gel together really well.
    All sim kittens are adorable... But Mayor W is extra adorable!
    I don't think Vlad bought that excuse :D

    Ohhhh I had no idea you didn't have to take pictures with another sim to build friendship with them. Thank you for telling me! Galatea has finished her aspiration now (I am a bit ahead in playing) but I will have to bear that in mind for future.

    That is so annoying about Keoni's son in your game :( I think it may be because child sims aren't meant to be able to have vampire eyes so if you go into CAS with them to change their clothes etc their eyes change. The sunglasses are a good solution until he becomes a teen and you can change his eye colour back to glowing yellow though :)

    Aww such a cute picture, I love how they are all wearing knitted jumpers! I hope you will share what they grow up to look like when they are older? I'm curious to see!
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    Just the last comments before I shut down my computer
    Galatea is simply so sweet .... I love her immediate and naive understanding of the adults who surround her <3 ...
    I really hope she doesn't get cursed with too many of Vlad's genes ... but I fear the worst.
    Admittedly, she has inherited a great deal of Caly's madness :joy:
    Congratulations on her accomplishing her aspiration :+1:

    I love the Mayor Whiskers lying there looking longingly at the freezer :lol: .... it's good that he grows up and gets his dignity, bow tie and top hat back.

    Atlas and Epimetheus had birthday ... and they probably don't look the worst at this stage ... but I guess your experience with Vlad's offspring has trained your eye to see where it might end up ;)

    Note: I am pretty sure the trash works as it should in my game. Unfortunately, I do not have time to check it out :/
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    Yeah but that's the expection :joy: Just look at generation 1. That's how most my houses are "decorated" :joy:

    I can totally build one for you :) Just let me know what rooms you want, how many stories, etc :) With 100-150K I think there's even a bit of landscaping available :)

    I am so envious :D My dragonfruits are still only excellent. They take forever and 2 days to get to a new level :D

    As soon as I give the toddlers a outfit update I check their YA looks :D:D It's probably cheating but who cares.

    Sunshine got sick every 4 days as an adul, too. It takes a high level to get the red treats. Maybe let Vlad work on it ^^

    That would also have been cheating :p And kitties are super cute anyway :p

    Sometimes you fall for a person because their character is so great/shiny that you can't see their ugliness anymore. I hope one day a man will see this in me :joy: Just kidding lol Hopefully. :|

    Maybe it's like - and - is +? :D I doubt it tho.

    New chapter B)
    "Careful, you two might grow up to look like me." Please don't :D Galatea growing up looking like Vlad would be a huge shock!

    The dig piles respawn every day. Seems like just another bug :#

    Mayor Whiskers and the fridge :D He really looks up on his favorite spot lol

    How much does 1 perfect dragonfruit sell for? 500? More?

    Donating stuff for fame is very expensive :sweat_smile: Poor kids...

    Cloudgaze FTW B) Always use it, too ^^


    Atlas is cute! And the hair. Ugh, I. Will. Not. Buy. The. Pack. Without. A. Sale. It's really tempting seeing all the CAS and BB stuff...

    Epimetheus :o What a cute face! Don't care for the nose... If it's just the nose :p

    I officially ship Mayor Whiskers and the fridge now :joy:
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    @MonaSolstraale I hope you have a great holiday! Thank you so much for reading the chapter before you went :)
    I won't give too much away but I can tell you that Galatea did get off lightest of all of the kids in the looks department!

    I hope I don't get the social butterfly aspiration again for a while, it's such a pain :D

    Pets in TS4 have obsessions and fears and one of Mayor Whiskers obsessions is with fridges. I've played with him in other saves where he couldn't climb up onto the fridge because there was no counter next to it or because I'd taught him not to climb on counters and even in those saves he would spend loads of time just sitting staring or meowing at the fridge. I don't want to teach Mayor not to jump on counters in this save because I love seeing him sitting on top of the fridge so much!

    Atlas and Epimetheus do look fine as kids but you can already tell that Atlas has Vlad's mouth and Epimetheus has Vlad's nose... Poor guys, it'll be more obvious when they are teens.

    The trash can seems to give you money if your sims throw things into it but not if you use the mouse to drag things into it yourself. I always drag plates and things in there myself because it's faster so I'm not getting paid for that right now.

    Still much better decorated than anything I do tbh!

    So I just checked and when I bulldozed the lot they had 173,253 simoleons. I guess that's about how much you would have to work with then. Not bad for gen 1 but Vlad's paintings make a lot of money since he is level 10 in painting and has the creative visionary and marketable reward traits (one of them makes it more likely for him to paint masterpieces and the other makes his paintings sell for more) on top of that he has the established name celebrity perk which makes his paintings sell for more. I'm thinking of keeping Vlad around rather than killing him off when Caly dies just so he can keep making money by painting :D I don't know if that would be allowed or not though.

    Oh I don't know about how many rooms, stories etc. I don't mind! I suppose at least 3 bedrooms since some of the kids can share a room, maybe 4. Really, whatever looks good to you! You have full creative license :) oh it would be nice to have a crypt and a pool for Caly. Omg thank you so much again for offering!

    It's kind of cheating that my dragonfruit are perfect even though I didn't actually do anything to make them that way. Maybe when they fix gardening the dragon fruit plants will go back to the quality they should be.

    That's so romantic - with Vlad it definitely has to be that way... But he doesn't have a good personality either :p well you do have a really good personality! Seriously, you're such a nice person :) and I bet you are pretty too. The right guy will come along <3 says I with no idea what I am talking about when it comes to romance :D
    Don't worry, I won't spoil it but Galatea is the best looking of the kids!

    Nah it wasn't a bug, I was just a 🐲🐲🐲🐲. I usually ignore the dig piles in my other games because I don't usually try to complete collections so I didn't know that sometimes when you dig up a rock pile it gets replaced with a clump of earth which you can also dig in and if you dig that lump of earth up it can get replaced with a rock pile the next day. So the dig piles were respawning, I just didn't realise it because I thought the rock piles would always get replaced with more rock piles. Oh well I've figured that one out now!

    One perfect dragon fruit sells for 695 simoleons :o . But I have been planting them all rather than selling them. I do think though that when they fix the gardening bugs all my dragon fruit plants will go back to normal... I hope not though even if it is cheating since I didn't earn their perfect quality.

    If I remember correctly Epimetheus should grow up to look alright except for having Vlad's nose. His cute red hair will have to become grey when he becomes a teen though :( I mean, I could keep it red but I'm mean like that >:)

    the fridge is Mayor's bff I swear!
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    Just plop some plants in corners and hang some pics. Voila :D

    Not bad? That's a lot of money for gen 1! And don't forget with 5 kids.

    Of course it's allowed to keep vampires around. Just look at how long I kept Sophie ^^

    Ok then I'll start building soon :) I'll let you know when it's done B) Btw, I still don't have eco lifestyle so no stuff from there. You can change in some things tho, like the toddler beds you like so much :)

    It's not your fault there's a bug :p Hm, I guess they'll stay perfect from now on.

    Romance is overrated lol Thanks for the lovely words <3 I'm sure the same goes for you :)

    I'm so excited to see them all as teens! And the poll :love: I love polls lol

    Oh you didn't know about clump of earth? ^^ Tbh, it took me a while to get that not only dogs can dig those up :D

    Hm, I thought the perfect dragonfruits would sell for more. But that's complaining on a very high level lol You should be thankful for the bug. I have 1 of 40 dragonfruit plants on excellent now. They've been there longer than the twins :D

    The grey hair ain't the worst thing about Vlad genetics :p I would change it, too.

    New chapter:
    I did the same with the pictures. It should be fine this way :)

    Oh that's how the feather collection works :o

    The clean joke :joy:

    Vlad smiling - not in an evil manor - is a super rare sight!

    Just imagine real life celebritites would cheer in public. They would all go to an asylum :D

    Poor Luna! I hope her baby won't look like Vlad, even if it's named after him :joy:

    Caly dancing looks like she needs to pee really badly :D:D And Vlad's dance... I'm speechless.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,029 Member
    This is why I love painting. You can make so much money if your sim has maxed the skill.

    That's true... I don't think there are any specific rules against it. It kind of feels like cheating to keep him around forever but I may do it anyway haha.

    Thank you so much again for building the house. As I said in my PM it is everything I could have hoped for and more! I've played up to chapter 1.17 and they have to make a bit of money to afford it so it won't be in a chapter until 1.18 or maybe a bit after that... But I'm so excited to play in it!

    Aww thank you :) I'm a bit of a loner though so I'm not really one for relationships irl!

    You're in luck because Scylla becomes a teen in chapter 1.15 ;) and Circe in chapter 1.17! I will probably do the poll when Atlas and Epimetheus become teens as then all the kids will be teens - because they were all born so close together lol

    Nope I didn't know! I always ignore dig piles in my other games so it was a surprise to me. Oh well now I know :)

    I wonder how much money per day you would get from 40 perfect dragon fruit plants? I would work it out but I'm too lazy :p

    Yeah I kind of like the grey hair and it'd be fun to see how long it takes to breed out.
    Good, glad I did it right!

    Your sims can also collect feathers themselves by chasing birds I think but I'm too lazy to do that.

    Then again, Caly belongs in an asylum (just kidding, love her so much!)

    Luna is pretty so I doubt it will... Unless Vlad has been cheating ;) but he would never do that, he loves Caly too much. And he is too ugly for Luna to accept him

    When Vlad hit himself I actually laughed out loud which I don't do all that often playing sims :D
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