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Casting Thread for the Legacy-Bachelor Challenge II. *CLOSED*

QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,329 Member
Hey ho!

My first Legacy-Bachelor Challenge (let's call it LBC) is over and it's time to start from the beginning again!

This is only the CASTING thread. If you want to follow the the challenge (chapters, updates, and other nonsense), you need to go to the MAIN thread.


* 7 or more candidates woo for the bachelor/ette who is also the founder/heir/heiress of the legacy.
* I use a mod to determine the exact relationship ranking to make it fair play.
* You can't influence the challenge anymore after it has begun. (Unless there will be polls or games or who knows what.)
* The winner of the challenge will be the spouse for the legacy heir/ess. :)

application form

Please fill out the form below and post it here in the thread. A picture of the sim would be nice but it's just a little extra :)Please try to avoid saying the aspiration and traits.

Fresh out of CAS young adult sims only. No skills, extra traits or similar :)

Packs I DON'T have: any kit and who knows if I'll get the werewolf pack or high school pack

Forum name:
Gallery ID:
Hometown: What sims 4 world are you from?
Family Members: can include pets and doesn't mean you created these sims

Hobbies: in game only
What would you like in a partner?
What would you hate in a partner?
Dream career: one from in game
Stuff I love:
Stuff I hate:

Some extra info for an application: When I find out a contestant is NOT fresh out of CAS, the sim will be disqualified from the challenge.


Mozart "Mo" Ramone


aspiration: Musical Genius
traits: Erratic, Creative, Music Lover

And yes, Elvis is an alien :p


1) Noire Akujin by @VanPelt81
2) Azure Stardust for @TheYayToast
3) Valentina Goth for @RL
4) Vivian Corral by @MaggieMarley
5) Veronica Hampton by @Skeilah
6) Wolfgang Winchester for @pammiechick
7) Catalnia Barnes for @TwinkiesLA
8) Plumeria Dapple by @lilypadmeulin
9) Wren Aspen by @Irishsong
10) Eden Valentine by @afai1261

Looking for 7 to 14 WOMEN and MEN.

(If you submit a man, your sim will bear the kids. Alien style B) )
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