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Vlad the Dad (A 100 Baby Challenge, Vlad as ‘matriarch’) - *COMPLETED 3/29/20*

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,299 Member
This will be a 100 Baby Challenge, so I will be following the official rules except for the one which says your matriarch can’t be a vampire – and of course also the rule that you must have a matriarch at all! Vlad will be filling the role of matriarch as I have male pregnancy enabled and he will be birthing and raising all the kids himself (so we will see a lot of pregnant Vlad which is um interesting). I also won’t limit myself to a particular gender when choosing the other parent – both male and female sims are fair play.

We are going to end up with some very interesting kids!

Chapter 1: introduction
Chapter 2: One Down, 99 to go
Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers
Chapter 4: Full House
Chapter 5: Rocket Ruined
Chapter 6: Many Birthdays
Chapter 7: Flying Popcorn
Chapter 8: Ghostly Infidelities
Chapter 9: Alien Love
Chapter 10: A Special Gift From Daddy Winter
Chapter 11: Toddler... Care?
Chapter 12: 1/4 Done!
Chapter 13: Humping the Hermit
Chapter 14: An Alien Abduction
Chapter 15: Flirting With Death
Chapter 16: 1/3rd Done!
Chapter 17: Bonking Bats
Chapter 18: The Father Meets The Mother
Chapter 19: Getting Nasty With Nalani
Chapter 20: Makin' Magic With Morgyn
Chapter 21: The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything
Chapter 22: Beating The Kids
Chapter 23: Doing The Yucky With Yuki
Chapter 24: Don Lothario Gets Lothario'ed
Chapter 25: Popcorn Head
Chapter 26: We're Half Way There
Chapter 27: Wet Woohoo
Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?
Chapter 29: Vlad Joins The Fifty-Mile-High Club
Chapter 30: Cracking on in Coffins
Chapter 31: Triple Trouble
Chapter 32: Vlad The Homewrecker
Chapter 33: More Homewrecking
Chapter 34: 2/3rds Done and Leave the Cake Alone!
Chapter 35: A Celebrity Scandal
Chapter 36: Vlad The Social Media Star
Chapter 37: A Streaker At Straud Mansion
Chapter 38: (Over) 3/4 Done!
Chapter 39: An Attempted Jailbreak
Chapter 40: Let's Get Political
Chapter 41: Elemental, My Dear Vlad
Chapter 42: Vlad The National Leader
Chapter 43: Volcano Bombs, Robots, and a Royal Rendezvous
Chapter 44: The Final Countdown
Chapter 45: Finally Finished!
Chapter 46 (Epilogue): A Robotic Romance

Total children: 102
Girls: 53
Boys: 49

Singles: 12
Twins: 42 (identicals: 10)
Triplets: 2

Born a vampire: 83
Not born a vampire: 19
Turned into a vampire: 16
Mermaids: 2
Spellcasters: 1
Aliens: 2
Hybrids: 2 (1 vampire-alien, 1 vampire-merman)
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