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The story of Tusnelda and Trix * Update April 13


Here, where we first meet Tusnelda, she has just moved into an abandoned mine in Forgotten Hallow.
This is after the great Vampire Extermination has taken place, so we will not meet the famous old vampire families….. But are all vampires obliterated? We may get an answer during this story.

I have decided to recreate this story because it was through this Challenge that I seriously lost my heart to Sims4 and learned to appreciate the possibilities rather than the shortcomings.

Preface A few facts
Chapter 1 Moving into the mine
Chapter 2 The library
Chapter 3 Everyday life begins
Chapter 4 In the woods
Chapter 5 Herbalism
Chapter 6 Bad mood
Chapter 7 Inconito
Chapter 8 At the beach
Chapter 9 The deep forest
Chapter 10 Flora
Chapter 11 Unexpected guests
Chapter 12 In search of a way out
Chapter 13 Opening day
Chapter 14 A strange pink glow
Chapter 15 Someone is watching you
Chapter 16 Sweet spices
Chapter 17 Out of reach of divination
Chapter 18 Lets dance
Chapter 19 Back to business
Chapter 20 Third time is a charm
Chapter 21 Ups and downs
Chapter 22 An enticing dark voice
Chapter 23 The power of divination
Chapter 24 Cupcakes and pink sparkling stars
Chapter 25 For sale
Chapter 26 Fruitcake
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