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Ashley Mercurio, The Highlander Crest Legacy // Update October 26

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Welcome! You have stumbled upon my new challenge, the Highlander Crest challenge. Where one Sim will have to live for ten generations straight. I have changed certain rules to fit my play style, but if you'd like to read the original rules click here.
If you'd like to read more of me, here's the link to my BuildNewcrest Legacy!

Also! In this story I will use an amazing mansion, created by the super sweet and talented @sashraf. My request was accepted by the D.N.A. request team and within a little more than a month this beauty was created.


I hope you enjoy reading!

Table of contents:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
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    Chapter 1


    My head is pounding! I mean I've been hammered before, but never before has my head been killing me like this! Softly I place my hand on each side of my head, pushing myself of the hard concrete. I didn't even make it home last night, what in the creators name did I do?! My vision's still a little blurry and my legs are weak. I push a strand of hair from my face when I notice the huge mansion in front of me. "This can't be true." The words have already escaped my mouth without my consent. It was like nothing I have ever seen before, a huge villa. Victorian styled with a fountain in front. And I just happened to wake up right in front of it.


    I looked to my left and right, I sure wasn't in Windenburg anymore! And I had no idea how to get home from here. My purse was missing too, so I couldn't even make a call. Softly I dusted off my clothes to look presentable. I had no idea whether my make-up was smudged and my hair probably looked more like a bird's nest, it always did after I slept, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I had slept on the streets and the only possibilities I had were either; wandering until I coincidentally ran into a payphone, that didn't require any money. Since I lost my purse and all. So that makes no sense at all.


    Or hope that this huge mansion was owned by a really friendly person, who didn't mind me making a call home. So confidently I walk to the front door, which is quite a walk since the property is so gigantic! The house didn't have a bell, so I make a fist and knock on the concrete wood of the door a couple times. Nothing. My hand went to the knob and to my surprise the door wasn't locked. Now if I were to own a villa like that my door would never be UNLOCKED. This house was a huge treasure for potential thieves and I would never take a risk like that. The door was slightly ajar and light from inside escaped into the darkness of this early morning. No one might have answered the door, but it was still dark outside and that meant the owners were probably asleep. Besides the lights were on, so it wasn't technically breaking and entering. Right?


    I pushed the door open further and a huge hallway stared back at me, a broad stair in the middle of the hallway complemented the tasteful interior. I didn't notice I was holding my breath until my consciousness started to fade. Quickly I opened my mouth and took a few deep breaths before entering the huge house. "Hello?" I called out, but just like my knocking it was in vain. No one would answer me. Closing the door behind me I pondered over what to do. Whoever lived in this house would probably be scared to death when a stranger entered their room. So upstairs wasn't an option for now. I considered finding the living room and spending the night on the couch, when a note on a dresser next to the stairs caught my attention. I wouldn't have picked up the envelope, if it hadn't had my name on top of it. 'Ashley Mercurio' was written in curly letters on top of the paper. I swallowed, maybe I had a really polite one night stand? The tip of my finger curled around the edge and tore the envelope. A fuchsia letter came out, written in the same curly handwriting.


    'Dear Ashley,

    I hereby congratulate you on being the chosen child of this century, hereby you receive the keys to the family mansion and fortune. This is a privilege given to you under certain conditions. Besides the keys of the house this envelope contains a vial, this vial is filled with a liquid that is life extending. You are allowed to live in this house, as long as you consume exactly one drop the day before your adult birthday. Your age will then be brought back to the age you are this exact day. Do not worry, you will be given a reminder on that very day. This will be repeated on every adult birthday you have, until the tenth generation of your offspring is born. You are generation one. Will you not obey to these orders, there will be consequences. These will not only affect you, but your family as well. For sharing this with anyone who is neither family nor your spouse there is a penalty too. Even less pleasant then the one for forgetting the potion. We hope you see this rather as a blessing than a curse and enjoy the coming years you'll live.

    Yours Sincerely.'


    Slowly the letter drifted to the floor. Was this a joke? My hand went through the bottom of the envelope. I pulled out a house key and a vial. This couldn't be true. I pocketed the items and let myself slide to the floor against the wall. Was I going nuts? I pulled the letter back and read it over and over again. No explanations, just some orders. I let my head lean on my hands as I pondered over what to do. Call the police? Was this even a crime? Whatever had me knocked out on the concrete in the first place effects had now worn of. Suddenly I realised I never went to party last night. I stayed at home and watched a corny movie with some popcorn and a drink. I don't remember ever going to bed after that. Had I been drugged? Slowly I stood up, I folded the letter again and put it back in the envelope with the vial. The key I clenched in my fist as I walked to the door to lock it. No more surprises for tonight.


    I sat down on the couch next to the stairs, a living room was gawking back at me, a bigger, probably much more comfortable couch right in my sight. But I couldn't bring myself to drop down on it, I guess that would make it feel too real. Softly I pinched the skin of my arm. It hurt, so I'm definitely not dreaming. My eyes started to feel heavy. There was no way I would find a way home before dawn, so I pulled my feet up to the couch. And only closed my eyes for a second...
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    Love it <3

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    Marialein wrote: »
    Yay new story :) I never read such a legacy before so I am looking forward to more

    I find the challenge so intriguing! Thank you for sticking with me :blush:
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    Yay! Great beginnings, very mysterious.
  • RinellieRinellie Posts: 438 Member
    Ooo, a new story from you! Love this beginning. It's very eerie. I'm excited to see how Ashley responds to the letter.
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    kayt45 wrote: »
    Yay! Great beginnings, very mysterious.

    Thank you so very much!
    Rinellie wrote: »
    Ooo, a new story from you! Love this beginning. It's very eerie. I'm excited to see how Ashley responds to the letter.

    Thank you so much! I've been exited about posting this for quite some time now :blush:
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    Brilliant start <3
  • anaitapevaanaitapeva Posts: 917 Member
    And yet another one for my bookmarks! Yay! I like the idea behind this challenge, it makes for a very intriguing plot!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Brilliant start <3

    Thank you so much!
    Loving the intro and looking forward to the next installment.
    @Buttonsginger would be proud and happy you are playing this challenge.

    So glad to hear that <3
    anaitapeva wrote: »
    And yet another one for my bookmarks! Yay! I like the idea behind this challenge, it makes for a very intriguing plot!

    Yay indeed! Thank you so much :blush:

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    the only way i can describe what i feel is O.o
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    This is an awesome start to a really cool sounding challenge! I can't wait to read more. :)
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    the only way i can describe what i feel is O.o

    I hope that's a positive O.o :blush:
    This is an awesome start to a really cool sounding challenge! I can't wait to read more. :)

    Thank you so much!
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    Chapter 2


    "Five more minutes." I murmur as my mother knocks at my bedroom door. I felt like plum, and the pounding in my head didn't help. The knocking got more urgent and my eyes shot open. My parents died last year, I didn't live with them anymore. I get up from the couch I apparently fell asleep on, placing my feet on the ground. Confused I study my surroundings. Besides that, I wasn't in my own house anymore. Once again that awful knocking. Through the small windows of the door I make out a few faces, people I have never seen before.


    After fishing the keys out of my pocket I walk to the door, trying not to be obviously peeking through the window. Instead of asking the strangers in front of the door in, I step outside. Four people occupy the porch, I blankly blink a few times. Normally I was so confident, but right now I had no idea what to do. "It is so amazing to see this house lived in again!" The younger woman of the party starts, she reaches out her hand and in habit I take it. "Hi, my name is Alice. Welcome to our neighbourhood."


    I shook Alice her hand as I observed her company. "Ashley, nice to meet you." I say, my natural confidence taking over. She was joined by an elder man of Asian descent, probably her father, a coloured man who introduces himself as Eric, Alice's wife. But the person who stood out to me the most was likely his mother. The elder woman had a concerned expression on her face. She clenched herself to the plate she was holding, biting her lip slightly. "Vivian baked you a fruitcake." Alice said pulling the woman's jacket. I smile politely. "Thank you so much."


    "She's just the best cook ever! I've always been jealous of Lewis, I bet his mother never gave him grilled cheese for dinner." The spontaneous Alice was kind of working on my nerves right now, what exactly where they doing here. Did they know more? Before I know it Alice pushes open the door and enters the huge mansion, followed by her family. I clench my teeth, this was just plain rude. But the hope that they might know more stops me from ranting. Keeping my mouth shut I follow them into the house.


    After following them through the living room into a music room hidden behind, I take place behind the bar as they all take a stool. Vivian disappeared into another room and came back carrying plates, before I know it everyone's enjoying the fruitcake. "So, how do you like Willow Creek?" Eric asks, supposedly winking friendly. "Willow Creek?" I repeat, taking notes in my head. "I haven't really explored yet." A long boring conversation follows, Alice praises me on my courage. Eric compliments the house and it's design. "We've been here a lot, considered buying it." He tells, and I quite honestly don't care.


    After Alice proposes to do the dishes, I take place at her stool. Eric tells me about all the things to see and do in Willow Creek, telling me I really should consider exploring. In his enthusiasm he reveals several locations that would've triggered my interest, if I wasn't convinced that everything in Windenburg would be better anyway. In fact I would've left to Windenburg this particular morning, if it wouldn't have been for them showing up that early in the morning.


    "Excuse me?" The elder woman had just tried to talk to me, but I was too absorbed in thought to properly response. She gave me a friendly smile before repeating herself. "I said we're glad to hear your old house got sold so fast." I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped as I heard her say this. "Excuse me?" I said once again, my house hadn't been on sale. "Your real-estate agent said so, we ran into her this morning." The woman wasn't aware what damage she was doing with this information. My house may not have been big, but it was MY house. With MY stuff and MY annoying, noisy neighbours. I have always been materialistic, and I can't say it wasn't tempted by this mansion. Especially after seeing a little more of it. But it didn't feel like mine, not really.
    "I... I'd like to be alone right now."
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    Chapter 3


    It's almost creepy how well the family that visited me today, I forgot their family name, know this house. Before they left, all carrying a pitying smile on their face from my breakdown, Alice had mentioned where I could find the master bedroom. The room was huge, king-sized bed, private bathroom, walk-in closet. All included. It was still rather early, but I was exhausted. Hopefully the closet is filled.


    And it was, more than I could ever dream of. Because they were all MY clothes, hanging right there. They were taken from my closet and put in here. A heavy feeling crept upon my shoulders, they weren't in my closet anymore. Because that closet didn't stand in my house. Not if I had to believe Vivian. I pulled my favourite pyjamas from the shelf they were laying on, neatly folded. Then dropped my clothes to the floor, I would put them away later. Right now, I'm going to sleep.


    Whoever said you can't spend the entire day in your sleepwear, is wrong. I rolled out of bed around eleven, and went straight downstairs. At the moment I'm eating some freshly poured cereal, cooking never had been my favourite thing in the world. And these were my favourite cereal, crunchy and colourful. Like my sorority used to buy them. Today I missed those days more than ever. A sisterhood is an unique experience for everyone, but when being an only child, no cousins either, you really feel like you hit the jackpot. Especially when you're in your final years and your parents pass away.


    Even the television is programmed like mine, every channel at its familiar place. Only this screen in bigger, and flatter.... And probably worth a lot more. It's how I spend most of my afternoon. But after a while it just gets old, you know? Like I've seen it all before, only different. This house must have something interesting to do, right? It has a music room after all, that can't be the only thing.


    I knew it wasn't! I mean the bar from yesterday was okay, but this sweetheart has the most interesting... Liquids! Nothing wrong with a 5pm juice. Especially not one mixed by this former party girl. Sorority's aren't about sisterhood alone, after all. I remember them all coming to me, asking for drinks. I can do this!


    You know a drink is good, when it burns your throat. And this drink burns your throat. After three of these baby's you'll talk like a fifty-year-old chain smoker. Did I mention this is my third drink? Maybe I went a liiiiiittleee overboard. But someone just sold my house, so I guess I'm kind of allowed to fall back into old habits.


    How did that saying go about drinking alone? It's not true, it's not depressing at all. It's amazing, I haven't felt like this in the past 24 hours. The last time might have even been college! I feel like skinny-dipping in that big pool, like dancing while screaming at the top of my lungs, like kissing a stranger. And why wouldn't I? Didn't Eric mention some kind of bar yesterday?


    He did, I googled it. Willow Creek's local bar is a mere walk away. The mirror in one of the many bathrooms shows me how good I am at hiding the side-effects of the mess I'm in, it even started showing on my face. But there is nothing some primer can't fix, not matter how big the circles under my eyes. Softly I streak my hand through my hair, modelling it a little more. I take a deep breath, which is hard in this corset-like dress, and then head out. I'm going to show Willow Creek how it's done.
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    Just caught up again, love it <3 Can't wait for the next update :smile:
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    Just caught up again, love it <3 Can't wait for the next update :smile:

    Thank you so much! Been kind of behind on this story with writing, but a new chapter should be up this week ;)
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    Chapter 4


    Not bad, Willow Creek. Not bad at all. You're no Windenburg, but you'll do.
    The club I walk into, called the Blue Velvet I believe, is already crowded with people. It's a summer night, so the sun wont set for the next couple hours. Yet no one seemed to care, and I don't either to be honest.


    To my big surprise I spot some familiar faces, the two girls talking near the bar are residents of Windenburg. And it makes me wonder, did they come to this particular bar in Willow Creek voluntarily or did they wake up in this crazy little town like I did. For a minute the urge to ask grows, but the threatening letter stops me from doing so.


    I haven't even got hold of my first dri.. -Ahem- my first drink here when I am approached by yet another familiar face. What were all these Windenburgers doing here. "The name's Marcus." He introduces himself. And for a second my heart flutters. "Ashley." I answer at his gaze.


    Softly I pull up my shoulder. "I'm new in town." Marcus melts at my gaze and takes a step closer. "I could show you some amazing places." He whispers, and I found myself conflicted for a minute. "How about a drink to start things off, though?" I ask, as my lashes involuntarily blink. "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!" He says, taking big steps to the bar. And I knew I wouldn't.


    The entire night we're preoccupied with each other. Talking, dancing, drinking. Yet tonight, even all the juice in the world can't get me drunk enough. Marcus is charming, handsome and funny. Yet I know exactly what this all will lead up to. And I can't say I blame him, in fact I know for a fact that he will use me as much as I use him. And that's what has been bothering me all along. Yet it didn't stop me.
    " Do you want to know where I live? I have a hot tub."







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    Maybe gen 2 is on the way already? :p
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    anaitapeva wrote: »
    Maybe gen 2 is on the way already? :p

    Maybe, maybe not :lol:
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    Chapter 5


    Like any good one-night stand, Marcus gathered his clothes, dressed and left as soon as the first lights of the sun appeared. I pretended not to hear him as he shuffled around the bedroom. I pretended to be sound asleep. Yet I heard every footstep.


    It's not like I had expected him to stay...


    It's not like I had expected us to eat breakfast together and exchange numbers, setting a date to get coffee together. I wanted this just as much as he did. I was aware of what the aftermath would be just as much as he did.

    Maybe I should get coffee anyway. Windenburg has this amazing place, I always got my coffee there. And I don't want to get it anywhere else.

    That it's close to my old home, that just coincidence. But now that I'll be there anyway...


    It's really sold. I can see the movements from behind the windows. A young woman lives in my cosy house now, all my furniture's gone. No trace left from what was once my home.

    I hear myself sighing in disappointment. Somewhere I had hoped that I could walk straight in like I always had, but within 3 days my house was now from another Windenburg citizen. And my home, was in Willow Creek now.


    "Well, well, well. Look at that!" I turned my head from the table I was sitting at. Joaquin Le Chien was one of the few people whom I regularly called for a night out. One might even call him my friend, yet I hadn't called anyone a friend since high school. In college you have sister from your sorority, and as an adult you don't have time.


    "Where have you been, Ashley?" He asked as soon as he sat down, coffee in his hand. "You completely vanished from earth, strangers living in your house. Phone number disconnected. What happened?" I took a deep breath. "Quite honestly, I don't know where to begin." He raised a worried eyebrow at me. "Are you okay?" I sipped from my coffee, avoiding the question. Then pulled a brand new phone from my pocket, which I found on the nightstand earlier. "Add me?" I ask, shoving it over to him. Followed by an:"I moved to Willow Creek." I had a lot to explain, and I didn't even know how.


    After handing me back my phone, Joaquin leaned back in his chair. "Spill." He commanded, with a mischievous grin. I took a deep sigh. "I... I freaked out. Okay?" This wasn't a lie entirely, I did freak out. Only after I moved. "I just needed to get out of town, out of sight. Stir things up a little." Joaquin 🎁🎁🎁🎁 his head at me. "Away from it all?" He asked, I gave a quick nod in response then sipped my coffee. "Away from me?" He then asked, which made me shake my head. "No, of course not. I'm back now, am I not?" I said, grinning at him slightly.


    "So what's the deal, where do you live now?" Joaquin asked, and finally my smile is sincere. "You wouldn't believe me." I answered mysteriously. The huge mansion had been the least unpleasant surprise of all. "Try me." He challenged me. Within a few seconds my smart phone had presented him a picture of the huge villa. "Ashley, tell me. Did you win the lottery?" Joaquin asked when he finally stops staring to give me back my phone. "Something like that. Family inheritance." I made it up on the spot. "You should definitely check it out sometimes. The place is amazing."


    "I'll definitely take you up on that offer, seeing is believing after all." Joaquin answered me cockily. "Now tell me.. Does that Willow Creek has any places that live up to our beautiful Windenburg?" I barely choke on my coffee at his question, violently shaking my head. "Oh hell no, they don't. I went to a nightclub there, and the only thing worth looking at were the Windenburg locals who visited." Joaquin burst out in laughter from my exaggerating answer, before shoving a note over the table.


    The first rules read Von Houten estate, and I turn serious."What is this?" Mysterious notes are on my avoid list lately. "An invite." He whispers, upon inspecting the paper I find a date and time. "Exclusives only, I can't go. My sister came to visit." He gave me a wink, before pressing it in my palms. "You go, have fun. Better than Willow Creek for sure." And with that he stood up and left.
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