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Ryan's Lots & Rooms - p48 - New Lot - Springy Gardens (Finally Back)

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Hello my Simming friends! Welcome to my lot showcase thread. :smiley:

As the title stated, my name is Ryan and I am from the Philippines. Everyone called me Rye because this is the short for Ryan. Yeah, I know the real spelling is "RY", but with an 'E' at the end looks very cool for me, ha! B) Anyway, I became in love with The Sims series since the first game, but didn't got a chance to join the official community until The Sims 4, and this game really gave me some building skills.

In this thread, I am showcasing all my The Sims 4 residential lots, community lots, and rooms that I uploaded to the gallery. You can browse my creations by typing my Origin ID, RyeCris16, or use #RyeCris16 (Only exists on new builds after Creepy Creekside Manor. Past builds will be #RyeCris16 if editing a description is possible.) upon searching.

Comments, constructive criticisms, and revising suggestions are always welcome in this thread.
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Simming! :smiley:

Latest Announcement: None so far
* 4/11/15 - All picture of my builds (except my first three starters) now have shadows.
* 4/14/15 - Index list of lots now updated. If you see a :star: after a lot name, this means it has been faved by Maxis.
* 10/26/15 - From #RyeLots, #RyeRooms, and #RyeSims, Now I merged it as one #RyeCris16 so it won't be too hard to search individual tags per category. If an Edit Button on a description exists, past creations will be #RyeCris16 as well!
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