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What Is Your Favorite Edition of The Sims?


  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,902 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I don't actually have a favorite. I've played them all at some point. I play TS4 now. I've found ways that I really enjoy TS4 and can really get drawn in. I have no clue at this time what the future holds for me.

    I continue playing my game as I have the time. I wouldn't say that I'm a casual gamer, just that I really have a lot going on. Playing my mega rotation when I have the time is really fun.

    I've loved other games and series some of which have disappeared. I'm probably a bit of a wild card in terms of the future but I have no plans to abandon my current game. It also helps that I play it on the best computer that I've ever had. I'm not playing it on a toaster.
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  • Patch__2008Patch__2008 Posts: 498 Member
    The Sims 3
    The Sims 2 was quirky and fun, and the content was great, but... Color Wheel Forever. My biggest complaints about Sims 2 were addressed in 3, and even if the Sims were a little potato-faced, and even if things did glitch over time, there was still a lot I loved. And making everything exactly the color I wanted was something I loved.

    I agree the thing I miss having most in Sims 4 is the color wheel. By removing it it took a lot of the creativity out of the game in my opinion.
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  • Jasonschick80Jasonschick80 Posts: 623 Member
    The Sims 4
    This is the first and only edition that I own/play, so right now its my favorite. Should I buy more in the future my opinion may change.
  • DocPrivasDocPrivas Posts: 761 Member
    The Sims 4
    Sims 1 was a huge classic, still a lot of nostalgia when I think about it. I began playing in 2001 when I was 16 and I loved the cozy feeling you got while playing. It was very limited compared to now, but it had all the magic.

    Sims 2 was great from a gameplay point of view, loved most of the expansions but the graphics didn't age that well. Looking back I really don't like the ways sims looked, CaS was still a bit limited imho. It was a great experience back then but I don't think I would play it now.

    Sims 3 had a lot of potential but sadly it had a lot of issues. Open world was a great idea but it felt clunky and weird, expecially for me as a WoW player, which has an amazing open world you can fully explore. I wasn't a fan of all the rabbit holes either and I remember that I always played with a bit of anxiety because of the frequent corrupted saves. I always had to save the whole time creating multiple saves to avoid errors and losing all my gameplay... that was super annoying. Like TS2, the more realistic graphics didn't age so well.

    Sims 4 felt lackluster at the start, like a step back from TS3. I didn't like the more cartoony graphics at first but now I must admit that I love the way my sims look, and with a few mods to tweak some things here and there, it looks perfect. This kind of graphics don't have that "it didn't age well" that more realistic games have and it still looks fresh.
    Love the way you can use CaS and build mode now. I still miss some things like cars but it's not a huge deal. I'm having a blast playing, enjoying it a lot. The Sims 5 can wait.

    So... it's TS4 > TS1 > TS2 > TS3 for me.
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  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,481 Member
    Each game was unique in its time. Also, it's been 20 years, and I'm 20 years older. My expectations for the game are different. S4 really fits my lifestyle and needs right now - when The Sims came out, I had a lot more free time and less money, so I spent hours making cc and playing the game. These days, playing the game is a treat I get for finishing work I've brought home.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 285 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I still have 1 and 2, but I hardly play them. I'm really bored with 2 and I doubt I could go back to it now. I really enjoy 4 and I could have said it is my favourite, but I really like 1 too, even though playing it is hard and different to 4.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,940 Member
    The Sims 3
    I love TS3.
    I just wish they would perfect the issues that come with that type of game.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 3,726 Member
    The Sims 3
    Sims 1 will always have a place in my heart for obvious reasons but 3 is my favourite. Every expansion added a lot of content, sims were way more fleshed out, traits mattered, relationships meant (i mean, it was harder to have a friend but it meant more), there was an atraction system, lifetime wish had a main big goal instead of several small goals that lead the whole experience, it had more house chores but waaayy more quicker (my sims clean the whole house in the same amount of sim time as sims 4 just eat), there were consequences, humour and more mature content without being improper imo... and so on..
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 1,910 Member
    edited January 2020
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    Mixed between 3 and 4 for me, I've loved the Sims 3 for years but recently I've moved onto the Sims 4. To be honest now that I play ts4 I don't think I could bare the ugly UI, bad graphics, 30 minutes of loading and no gallery in the Sims 3 anymore. So although it has its faults my current favorite is ts4

    Sims 2 seems to be popular aswell but I've never played it, the sims 3 graphics are only just about tolerable so anything older would be too much :#
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,045 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    Sims 3 for the Color Wheel, Playable Babies, Shorter Teens, Heartshape Bed, Bunkbeds, World Adventures, Time Machine, Romantic Interactions & the Cars.
    Sims Medieval because it's literally your sim in the past.
    Sims 4 for the Graphics, better Build mode, Windenburg & Strangerville.
  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,566 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I've said sims 2 for the longest but now I'm just gonna say I've enjoyed something from every pack.
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  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 479 Member
    The Sims
    Sims 1 was my favorite of all time,and I wish EA would do a reboot of Sims 1 Complete Collection.
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  • FurSimsOfficialFurSimsOfficial Posts: 2,362 Member
    The Sims 2
    'The sims 4 is the best selling game'

    *Looks at poll result*

    Sure.. sure..
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 11,185 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    The Sims 4 and The Sims 2

  • AnnLee87AnnLee87 Posts: 2,474 Member
    The Sims

    I will always be loyal to The Sims. It was a great start on my journey with the franchise. I can't believe it's been 20 years!
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,435 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I have loved them all, but I was a little late to the original sims game and did not experience it greatly so that is probably my least favourite.

    At the time, I was hugely addicted to TS2. Played far too many hours on it. Less so with TS3, but i still loved it.

    I hated TS4 at the beginning but love it now that it has improved a lot. I can only play this version now, as i find the others too outdated for me these days.
  • PurrrmeowPurrrmeow Posts: 30 Member
    The Sims 3
    I played 3 much longer than I've played the others. I've moved onto 4 because that's where the party's at with new content and mods but I loved being able to control the pets.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    The Sims 4
    @Purrrmeow So you like mods, but you want to control the pets? Why not download the Playable Pets Mod? :)
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,806 Member
    The Sims 2
    Sims 2 was the best. It was such a huge jump forward from sims 1. The aspirations, combined with personality points and turn on and offs give sims real personality. I loved to see how sim children would run to the parent coming back home and give them a hug. Sims could actually get furious with other sims with a cooldown period before they could interact normally again. There was no emotion written next to their picture but as a player I just felt the sims emotions without it being explicitly slammed in my face. The attention to details was also very dedicated, drawers could be opened, sims actually got into cars without teleporting,...
    I really miss the cut scenes, they really highlighted certain events. The alien births had a separate cut scene from the normal ones.

    Sims 3 never appealed to me. The sims in that game look awful. The open world was very laggy with sims on different ends of the map. you also were stuck in one world, if you want to use the new world from a pack, your sim had to move worlds and leave everyone behind. I like to attach world/neighbourhoods to each other in one save game.

    I currently play sims 4 the most. There are a lot of things I miss from sims 2 but I don't think I could return to the CAS and build mode of the sims 2 or the completely closed off lots. You couldn't set a foot on the square next to your lot.

    Sims Medieval is also still one of my favourites. I liked the RPG-sandbox combination of that game and would like have more spin offs like that.
  • akaniki0akaniki0 Posts: 449 Member
    The Sims 3
    I have them all and still play them all but 3 will always be my favorite.
  • thesimmer14thesimmer14 Posts: 351 Member
    edited January 2020
    The Sims 4
    I think it's 4 for me, because I play that one the most. Then again, I don't actually "play" it -- I just use my imagination to play director.

    GAAAMEPLAAAYY wise, probably TS3. There is so much content for it, and while it isn't as detailed as TS2, the sheer amount of possibilities keeps me interested. Also, I really love the way the scenery looks. The only issue I have with TS3's graphics are the sims. Some animations don't look natural at all. Their bodies look like stuffed toys.
    In my opinion, their faces are fine... if you picture them nose-up. [Has anyone else found their mouths to be scary? I can't stand the teethy smile.. ]

    TS2 IS the best game in the series, if we're looking at it from a gameplay/creative standpoint. There were limitations in 2004, and The Sims Team still managed to make something emotional, engaging and hilarious -- something that still holds play value today. Compare it to TS4, which is seriously lacking in the detail department.
  • mikamika Posts: 1,672 Member
    The Sims 2
    I love TS2 only a little bit more than TS4.

    TS3 had cool packs and open world but I hated the aesthetics and lag and etc.

    TS4 beats TS3 for me. Especially due to the customization and gallery.
  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    The Sims 4
    I'm a bit biased since I haven't gotten to play the other games, but Sims 4 is my favourite for the design and diversity.

  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 4,043 Member
    The Sims 2
    The sims 2 was so advanced for it’s time, and it was addictive to play.....
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,385 Member
    The Sims 4
    I loved playing TS2 but I was so happy moving onto TS4 (just basegame) so based on that initial feeling, a couple of improved things and the fact that I only play TS4 these days, I had to vote for it over an old favourite. I think TS2 is better in some ways still.
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