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What Is Your Favorite Edition of The Sims?

Personally I'll always love Sims 3 the most but, I do also enjoy Sims 4 for the Get to Work ep.

What Is Your Favorite Edition of The Sims? 466 votes

The Sims
Cary1213Felicity1169Missmagoo2AnnLee87adele_katDeKayChazzzyNorthDakotaGamerLady_Ballorabella_gothJinkx 11 votes
The Sims 2
IngeJonesauroraael14vancanuckfan86icmnfrshwindweaverSara1010PIcewolfFeenkittySZ5061UnDutchabledimp10zorba2357TWSimGamer82AprilDawnlisamwittRosettasStonedCamkatMLadyAzzeraAlrynnasimbsim 137 votes
The Sims 3
CK213Stdlr9Jderrick094nickibitswardGRIMMYrudy8292pisceschick75IdontrcallJaline33Erja888jeepjeepcatjeLlyBeAn1573RavwyndAyradyssAllearsNianasam123Phloxyesme88SageRainWillow 143 votes
The Sims 4
alan650111danacnbrettThunderbat87Beardedgeeksimgirl1010friendlysimmersluthienrisingsekojranaLizzychicagoLee12321MissyHissysmurf45bluetaydevelelunicyiliekponiezBabykittyjadeRavager619orangehippogriffDocPrivasDevilNDisguise 82 votes
I Have Multiple Favorites
Akl500PBluegayleGoldmoldarLeGardePourpreKita5399LaBlue0314sunhair2008Cabelle1863BlkBarbiegalaelias24rudolphaWrenrySikoahGraceColorist40PlayerSinger2010SimsILikeSimsIsb917SimburianBloosmooPuddinroy 93 votes
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  • FlpAmaralFlpAmaral Posts: 226 Member
    edited January 2020
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    The Sims 2 and The Sims 4 are my favorites but tbh I love them all :blush:
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 6,427 Member
    edited January 2020
    The Sims
    To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember The Sims 2. Was that the game where you could get picked up by a helicopter as carpool?

    I do remember when The Sims 3 came out, I didn’t like how it looked and refused to buy it. I think I waited a year. I did pretty much the same thing for 4, waited about 6 months or so. I bought it, didn’t like how it looked, and got a refund. I tried it again some time later (basically when my computer couldn’t handle 3 anymore).

    I remember really liking Sims 1 though. I didn’t like that my child Sims were born with glasses lol.
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,183 Member
    edited January 2020
    I didn't vote because I've only played Sims 4 and I absolutely love it, but I've seen enough let's play videos of the other Sims games to have an opinion.
    I really love Sims 2. It makes me smile, it gives me similar feeliing than I get from Sims 4. I'd really love to be able to play it.
    The first Sims game looks very outdated nowadays, but I'm sure I would've loved it if I had been able to play it back when it was released.
    Sims 3 doesn't appeal to me as much as Sims 2 and 4, probably because I don't like the graphics and the way that the Sims look. I wouldn't mind trying the game, though. :)
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,132 Member
    The Sims 2
    Sims 2 by far! For more reasons than can be readily listed. Will simply say it is the version done with the most care and attention to detail, including the little things. This holds true for the sims themselves, game play, the options we have, tools to work with, and so much more. It took an already revolutionary game and pushed it to incredible heights. Not as frustratingly buggy/glitchy, either, and can easily hold the attention for hours at a time.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,652 Member
    The Sims 2
    Sims 2 all the way. Then 4. Then 1. Then 3.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,755 Member
    edited January 2020
    The Sims 4
    4, have played them all.

    (Playstyle live mode only, mostly vanilla but have a save for mods, always play large families)
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 3,649 Member
    edited January 2020
    The Sims 4
    I only liked the Sims 2 and 4. I prefer 4 though.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,193 Member
    edited January 2020
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I have multiple favorites and Sims 4 is not one of them even Sims 1 better than Sims 4. Sims 4 has too many limitations and restrictions to be one of my favorites.
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,414 Member
    edited January 2020
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    A coin toss between 2 and 4. I never wanted it to let come to this, in fact, I feel a bit like I'm "betraying" Sims 2. But the reality is that I play Sims 4 more.
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  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 1,251 Member
    The Sims 3
    The Sims 2 was quirky and fun, and the content was great, but... Color Wheel Forever. My biggest complaints about Sims 2 were addressed in 3, and even if the Sims were a little potato-faced, and even if things did glitch over time, there was still a lot I loved. And making everything exactly the color I wanted was something I loved.
  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,497 Member
    The Sims 2
    The Sims 2!

    I care the most about gameplay, and The Sims 2 offers the best gameplay experience of all of the games. Despite the fact it's about 15 years old, it has such high replayability; there's always some new direction you can take your Sims in, discovering new things along the way.
    If I had to go further into why I prefer TS2, I'd end up writing an essay (many times I've done already). I just wish The Sims went back to the quality and very fun gameplay we've had back then.
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,179 Member
    The Sims 2
    I have so many memories with all of them but I really did enjoy SIms 2, the game was deep and the sims were the most alive in that game.
    Sims 4 is my second though. :)
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,833 Member
    Honorable mention for The Sims Medieval, an odd little hybrid spin-off game. There was a lot in there I found satisfying.
  • LustianiciaLustianicia Posts: 2,344 Member
    edited January 2020
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    It's a mix between Sims 3 and Sims 4... they both have pros and cons that make them great games! :smile:

    Sims 2, however, is most nostalgic for me and will always have a special place in my heart! :heart: But, I also can't ignore the fact that it's such a dated game... while it can be fun to go back to every once in awhile to relive my childhood, it's definitely not my go to. However, this doesn't take away all the great memories I had while playing it! Which is why it'll always remain in my heart, regardless... just because I can't bring myself to enjoy the game the same way I used to doesn't erase the memories I have playing it as a kid! :heart:

    And I hope many others feel the same way... sometimes people can be blinded by nostalgia (which I'm often guilty of) and will vote on these kinds of polls based on that alone. I'm not saying everyone who voted Sims 2 (or even Sims 1) did so for that reason, but I feel like many of us would agree nostalgia probably plays a big role in it.

    Ultimately, The Sims in general has played a major role in my life, so I can't really choose a specific favorite. As a kid, I was bullied a lot through middle and high school... and I didn't have a lot of friends (by the time high school came around, I had practically none)... The Sims was one of the things that helped me cope with it because it was something I always could look forward to playing after school. It was a game that allowed me to escape my nightmares of reality and immerse myself into a world of my own! This was specifically during the Sims 2 era, which is why it still holds a special place for me. I guess you can say The Sims kinda saved my life... because it's what helped me get through everything I was dealing with at the time.
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  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,722 Member
    The Sims 3
    The Sims 3 is the first PC game I have since 2011.
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  • MendotaMendota Posts: 746 Member
    The Sims 4
    I played them all and Sims 4 is my favorite. I love ease of building, the ease of changing families for my stories. I live the look, and most of all, I love the stability.
  • fallenangel66fallenangel66 Posts: 286 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    There are things I like and dislike about Sims 2, 3 & 4. No deal breakers for any of them yet though.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,796 Member
    The Sims 2
    The Sims 2, then the Sims 1, then Sims Castaway Stories, then the Sims 3, then the Sims 4, then MySims from the ones that I played.
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  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,324 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I love the gameplay of TS2, the open world of TS3, and the art style of TS4. If they could mash that all together for TS5, that would be great.
    Origin ID - Sillyangel0906

  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,516 Member
    The Sims 4
    Prior to Vampires, Cats & Dogs and Seasons it was The Sims 2. Since those packs, The Sims 4 has overtaken it. My rankings now are as follows --

    The Sims 4
    The Sims 2
    The Sims
    The Sims 3
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,403 Member
    The Sims 2
    Have some good memories of playing the sims 2 on ps2 with my brother so that will always be my favorite. The sims 3 comes in at a close second though, as it is the one I currently play.
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  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,785 Member
    The Sims 4
    For a long time it was TS2, although not played for 10 years. But now it's definitely TS4 :) . I love it! <3
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  • netney52netney52 Posts: 797 Member
    The Sims 4
    After playing 1,3 and 4 for some reason I love 4 the most. Yes it’s not as in-depth or adult themed as much as the earlier versions but I like that I can play it as an ideal world telling the stories I want and allowing happy endings to my sims lives without much challenge. I get that a lot of people don’t like this about sims 4 but this is the one thing I love about it the most. It gives me the true escapism and de-stress from real life I need.
  • faeriedustefaerieduste Posts: 41 Member
    I Have Multiple Favorites
    I love the Sims 2, Sims 4, and Sims Medieval!
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,755 Member
    The Sims 4
    netney52 wrote: »
    After playing 1,3 and 4 for some reason I love 4 the most. Yes it’s not as in-depth or adult themed as much as the earlier versions but I like that I can play it as an ideal world telling the stories I want and allowing happy endings to my sims lives without much challenge. I get that a lot of people don’t like this about sims 4 but this is the one thing I love about it the most. It gives me the true escapism and de-stress from real life I need.

    This is exactly why I love 4 as well.
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