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Random happenings


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    Just had to share this. Jorge built his first plumbot yesterday. Meet Rosie. She has only one chip so far and that is the cleaner one. I want one of those in RL please! hmmm, maybe I would rather have the cook one? I dunno...both sounds great to me! Jorge is supposed to build and sell them for his LTW and job, but he plans to keep Rosie as it is his first plumbot. Jorge needs to start tuning her to get her upgraded. So ok....lets do a tune up.

    Rosie apparently did not appreciate being poked and prodded with that tuner. She snatched it right out of his hands. I did not take a picture of Jorge tuning her as I didn't realize it would be picture worthy! lol Needless to say, I started poking that c button.

    "Dude, that hurt big time! You need to learn how to use that thing. A gentle touch is all it takes for crying out loud."

    "Take that you incompetent creator! See how you like being poked."

    Seems like it hurt Jorge a bit more than it did Rosie!

    Kind of a rough start for them. Perhaps he will sell her and create Rosie V 2? :smiley:
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    Jorge continued to work on things related to bot building, learning about chips and nanites and reverse engineering and how to build them. He apparently had an issue building his last nanite and it got away from him and now he has the creepy crawlies and keeps scratching himself.

    The moodlet lasts several hours and he was still scratching when he went to Susan Castle's party. Susan gave the first town party and she was home. Great hostess! He turned the stereo on when he got to the party. I thought he was playing air guitar in this picture. Nope, scratching. :grin:

    Judy showed up and introduced herself to a couple of the town sims. Jorge came back outside and met them as well.

    He finally went upstairs and introduced himself to Susan. Hearts! Down girl, you are too old for him. She's an elder. I guess that really big smiley face in his bubble meant he really liked her? Down are taken whether you realize it or not!

    Judy introduced herself to Susan as well and when Richard arrived home she walked straight over and introduced herself. Not sure if he stank (no green fumes) but she got the trash bubble and hearts. I'm confused. :confused:

    Judy got up early to hunt for butterfly's as the next part of becoming a fairy.

    Meet Ashley, @Puddinroy's simself. She moved in with Emily ( @emorrill's ) and Maria ( @Silverofdreams30's ) yesterday evening. She is a fan of purple, but not pink and likes neon green and orange. I gave her an office area so she could have a place to work...not sure if they will actually use it or not, but, it is there. I think the combo of colors turned out pretty cool.

    The sprite that was in this house just happens to be neon green. :)

    Ashley is excited to meet Maria! Emily was not at home. She was at a party which I will show later.

    They are both bookworms and had that in common.

    When I checked on them later they had gone off the home lot, they must have eaten as they had a good food moodlet and were visiting the hospital. It is a pretty lot, but dag, why not go to the pretty garden I made y'all! :smiley:
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    I was scanning the skies of Sanctuary to check on the sims and lo and behold Mikezumi is having a party! Judy and Jorge's invitation must have been lost in the mail. :open_mouth: I sent Jorge to crash enjoy the party. Judy is working on her quest for becoming a fairy and will go later. Jorge even wore his fancy dud's, but, I think the party was casual based on others dress. The Dunes boys were rushing to get to the party and Jorge cut in front of Auden to greet Mikezumi. Sam is already inside getting ready to play guitar.

    Jorge told Mikezumi a funny joke. She's got a great laugh!

    Sam sets up and is making background music for the party.

    Emily arrives at the party and is greeted by Mikezumi. They spend a few minutes chatting while I go check on Judy.

    Judy is now a fairy. She completed the last of the opportunity and was rewarded with wings. Judy's favorite color is aqua and the fairy's picked the perfect color wings and I didn't have to go and change them. :) It was fun doing the opportunity as it was something that had not come my way even after 6 years of playing the game.

    Judy arrives at the party and gets to know Mikezumi.

    Emily watches Sam play for a few. When Sam stops playing they introduce themselves. Hearts!

    Judy fixed autumn salad as she was quite hungry after all the hunting for butterfly's.

    Sam and Emily get a chance to chat. Alpha apparently is really enjoying the party. He keeps interrupting Sam and Emily while they chat. I was so tempted to switch to Mikezumi's household and shut him down! I gotta let what happens happen though. :tongue:

    Not sure what was going on here. Asher had gone upstairs and Mikezumi followed him. I followed just after taking a couple pics of Emily and Sam. Whatever it was couldn't have been bad, they have a good relationship. He is a teenager so perhaps she was telling him to not snoop in her house. :lol:

    Sam got out his drums and started playing. Dag gum that interrupting Alpha! I didn't bust the conversation. When Asher came downstairs he walked between them and it stopped the conversation. Yeah for Asher! They watched him play for a bit.

    Jorge finds Judy and is surprised about her new look. Judy tells him about becoming a fairy. She transforms to pixie form and playfully pesters Jorge. I don't think he minds a bit. He still has that first kiss wish. Just do it dude! He did give her a lovely hug though. Maybe I better check my rotation caste that I put them in and be sure I allowed romance. I don't usually because I generally don't want my sims romancing other sims without me, but, I thought I changed it for this story. They are the only ones in the rotation caste and that is mostly to protect them while I'm fixing the other houses and taking pics of the SS as I add them. I do switch households when I'm adding the SS to get the pictures.
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    Got all the simselves in Sanctuary this evening. Will show the rest tomorrow. Mostly built, decorated rooms and tested routing today. I finished these two rooms and Craven seemed happy with his. Got a good moodlet anyways. :)

    A beautiful sunset in Sanctuary.

    Mikezumi and Obi chatting outside the grocery store.

    Maria and the mixologist playing b ball.

    Sam and Craven getting to know each other.

    @CravenLestat's SS room

    Sam's room
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    Craven's office area I forgot to post with above pics.
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    @Charlottesmom Becky is causing trouble already or perhaps she is helping me fix a potential problem! :grin: I saw her coming home riding a broom! No brooms allowed in the future! I actually disallowed sims from buying them. I ok'd future cars, bikes, and hover things. LOL she must have had a hidden broom in her inventory. I've got to drag out and find my 'no hidden broom' mod. Look at her smile though. She was happy riding it. :smiley:

    Mark Woods ( @thuggishsplicer's SS ) moved into the Campus during the middle of the night. Sorry the pics are dark. Mark is an artist so he has some art stuff in that corner and easels on the balcony.

    Mark in the morning wearing his 'future' outfit. His fav color is yellow.

    Introducing himself to Sam.

    Eating pancakes that Craven cooked.

    Palm Arrow ( @PalmArrow's ) SS moved in during the night too. She is with Emily, Ashley and Maria. She likes purple too as well as Egyptian music, adventures and wants to travel so she got some world adventure stuff in her room.

    She was hungry so I had her change into her 'future' outfit and had a midnight snack before going to bed.
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    @mycami21's SS Cami Kat moved in with Becky. She likes pink and it is my second fav color so I have lots of pink stuff to choose from.

    Emma Fairfax ( @coco's ) SS is next to move in. She likes aqua. I put a bit of oriental in as @coco has done some traveling and thought it would be nice in her SS's room.

    Penelope Miller ( @OriginalMara's ) SS is final to move in. Her favorite color is purple too. I think mine is now after doing all the purple rooms and clothes. lol I've been wanting to use that future top on someone but it glitches badly with long haired sims, so was happy it looks pretty good on Penelope.

    Becky, quit playing games and go look at your room!

    Becky thought her simself would like a room with a bunny theme. :) I found bunny stuff.

    She likes her bunny music box. She danced to it and gave it the kiss of approval.

    I put in a few birds too...cause ya know she likes birds too and I don't have Pets installed to give her cool birds.

    Bunny hutch with fresh lettuce, bell peppers and sweet grass growing in it. No carrots because pets, but I read it was too sweet for bunny's to have often. Lastly, two sweet bunny's, Bonnie and Clyde.
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    Conner and Jared have arrived. I only changed skin, hair, facial hair and put them in a 'future' outfit. No plastic surgery was performed on either one. They are sharing a house. I have not worked on the house other than making sure there are two double beds and Jared already wished for a stove and fridge. I think I gave it to him. Most of the ITF homes have the synthesizers and no fridge or stove.They will have the same traits, skills, careers from SV.

    Someone fixed cheese steaks and the ladies all ate together. Everyone is still wearing their future outfits. :)

    Ty Conley (donated by @Silverofdreams30) moved in with Danielle Turner (my sim that I created with the color swatches that @emily4331 challenged us with) I was a little worried as they don't have much in common. They are both good and that is the only common that they have. They chatted on arrival to the lot and no hearts, but suddenly they must of looked at each other cause the hearts flew! lol....she told him "I don't care what anyone else says you are hot!" Yes....he is. :) I did find out later in their conversation that their signs are compatible. They got married via MC with a relationship bump and should be interesting. She wants a big family and he is a party animal. :) I did not change anything in their house except added stove (he is a natural cook) and they both wanted to learn logic so put in a chess table so they can play together. It is a small house so if they get preggers they will have to move or expand it.

    Got them switched to future outfits and the sunset matches her hair. How's that for coordination. :lol:

    Jorge was at Loels lounge getting to know Jamie Bannister. Mikezumi had been playing a game on her tablet and of course as I lined the shot up she got up to leave.

    Jorge went home and Rosie needed a tune up. Jorge remembering the previous attempt tried anyways. (I wouldn't let him chicken out) He smacked the tuner in his hand a couple of times and I think he told her to behave. She turned around and let him get on with it. Judy is reverse engineering a nanite.

    Rosie gave him a high 5 when he was finished. She increased to average in quality with the tuning. Go Jorge!

    Maria is out collecting in the wastelands. Everyone else is at home cause it is late now.
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    The girls are going to have lots of choices with all the fellows I've been putting in. Six more fellows have been added. Three of the StarDew Valley hotties are living in one house. Harvey Jansen, Sebastian Mallory and Shane Reaves are in one house.

    Alex Mullner, Sam Navarro and Elliott Swan are in the other house.

    @TinySpaceFox sent me a message one day letting me know she had seen my plans for a SS save. She did not have a simself, but, she awesomely and graciously offered two very special sims to add to the save. Would it be cheating if I added Alexandra and Bekkasan into this save and parked them across the street from these gorgeous guys? :grin:
    David's hair is not exact, but pretty close to what she uses. I didn't have his tats either, but added one on either arm. Martin's glasses are not the same, but fairly close.

    Ladies, we might have our work cut out for us....they got hearts! :lol:

    Yup, even these cuties got future outfits!

    They've got a great view from the roof and I had to show David where the treadmill was. No beach in Sanctuary as it dried up in the wastelands! Gonna have to give him a new job from lifeguard. Gosh I was so looking forward to watching him do mouth to mouth. There is a lifeguard career somewhere I read about for using at pools. There is a pool. Going on a career hunt!

    Judy finally made a bot. Named him Max. Max is a handibot. Rosie is powered down in case you are wondering what is wrong with her.

    Jorge flew out of the elevator. I don't think that is the way you are supposed to do it.

    He picked himself up and showed Judy his new tattoo.

    They flirted up a storm.

    Jorge made his move! Oh my. :# This does not look good. Rejected! :anguished: :heartbreak:

    That face says it all. "I'll never understand a woman."

    I sent her upstairs to her room to think about what she did. Silly sim got a wish to kiss Jorge!!

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    Judy apologized to Jorge about her reaction. She was surprised. Jorge lets her know he wants more then a friendship, but, he can wait for her. Judy agrees that she would like to know him better.

    What better way to get to know someone then play Frisbee! C'mon Judy! They play catch and then decide to go out for the evening. The Mine is the hotspot and that is where they go.

    There is a great big dance floor and y'all choose to go dance in the corner. Silly sims.

    Apparently pizza is still around in the future. Jorge and Judy invite Martin to share the pizza. Poor Martin had hunger bubbles, but was nursing a drink instead of eating bar food!

    Judy enjoys a drink after they eat. Jorge and Martin get to know each other. No hearts!

    Judy plays foosball with a bot.

    Jorge ordered drinks and handeds Judy one. They chatted about this and that while they sipped their drink.

    They made their way home after the bar closed for the night. Rosie apparently was worried they were so late. She is peeking out the windows.

    Jorge hugs Judy and thanks her for a wonderful evening. Judy smiles at Jorge and tells him how much she enjoyed the evening as well.

    Encouraged by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face Jorge decides what the hell and reaches out to give her a kiss.

    "You didn't stop me this time." Judy smiles encouragingly at him.

    He reaches out and embraces her kissing her with all his heart.
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    @cravenlesats twin sisters Yang and Yin Quan arrived in Sanctuary with the house he built.

    This is Yang Quan in her future outfit. She is the 'bad' twin. I put her in the criminal field.

    This is Yin Quan in hers. She is the good twin. Whatcha want to bet that I put her in law enforcement. :smirk:

    While I was looking around during the night I found Jared in a cab DRIVING home. @Charlottesmom I promise I did not demote him to cabbie! Sorry the pic is so dark, but, it was nighttime!

    Cutie Conner was walking along the embankment. Not sure if he had been fishing but he didn't catch any fish as I did peek in his inventory with MC.

    These lovely ladies are some of the ladies @CravenLestat has given me. I put them in a house together and lets see what kind of trouble they will add to the save. They don't have much money, but scraped enough to rent a place up in the mountains.
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    I sure hope they quit falling once they get their technology levels up, or, I need to put carpet down in the house.

    Sasha, Primrose and errr.....what's her name, oh yeah, Gracen (had to look it go shopping at the bot mart. They probably want a handy/cleaning one, but, they can't afford it til they get more money! Get jobs y'all.

    Caught Palm and David flirting in the backyard. See how close they are! [email protected]

    This is one of the things I had to fix yesterday with lots. The builder of Sanctuary added lots of lots and several are tagged as parks but nothing is on them at this point. All the sims were congregating at these empty parks, so I've changed them all to no visitors allowed for now. I'd rather they be pushed to venues or parks that have stuff on them! Silly sims.

    Sebastian had come to the lot and stood kinda in the middle between Cami and Harvey and the girls. He kept sneaking peaks at the girls and I was snorting and yelling at him to go chat. He's a loner though so I was not sure he would do it. I was just thinking to myself, should I go nudge him, when he finally moved over and introduced himself to Becky. ( tagging @Charlottesmom ) They got hearts and I was so excited I hit the v button and then the shift button and almost missed the dang things!

    Cami and Harvey are flirting up a storm. I think they are gonna be a couple if they have the say so about it.....which they do. :) I've seen them together several times.

    I checked back on Jorge and Judy. Judy was behaving, learning all about bot making. Jorge is no longer doing his studies, but entertaining Rosie with ghost stories and it was cute so I couldn't be too mad at him. I guess Max didn't get invited to the story session.

    New guy! This is Steven Swift. He is a sim created by a friend of mine from my days hanging on the daily deal thread. David made awesome sims! @Lanlyn used some of his sims in her ladies ghost save so she may recognize him. I used the cc free version of him. I played a save with his gentleman's club sims and his fairy lady sims and was going to hook them up. The guys were in one house, the girls in the other next door to them. All the guys had other plans, they hooked up with each other. :open_mouth: :lol: I had to change my plans and find other guys for the girls. They girls wanted guys. Silly sims.
    Anyways....back to Mark and Steven, they didn't get hearts as they first started talking, but, they did very soon after and I cut most of them off in the picture. They both have commitment issues so it might be a challenge hooking them up. If so, I've got back ups in the wings for them.

    Judy made a couple of plumbots and got their value up a bit so she could sell them and go up in her career. The plumbot waves goodbye!! So cute and sad at that same time. Notice Judy is looking away from the bot. See next picture. Rosie came in and was screaming at Judy. I turned the camera to Rosie and she was doing this animation. Not sure if it means good job, sell that bot or if she is ticked that Judy sold him. Rosie didn't even meet the bot!

    She sold the second bot with no drama.

    Ashley is the only smart sim in this group that are visiting the consignment shop by not clogging up the doorway!

    A few sims hanging out at Loels Lounge.

    Got Jorge back to work and he made a bot to sell. This must be something that bots and creators do after tuning sessions.

    Waving good bye!

    I let Judy and Jorge go out to eat to test the bistro and it works! I do need to change the chef. Apparently the sim I picked for chef is also the pizza delivery sim! lol

    I had Judy cut and consign some gems she had in her inventory and while she did that Jorge chatted with the man in the mirror!
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    I let Jorge and Judy go to Loel's lounge to play as they were getting too stressed from all the bot making and selling. lol Apparently even if you love your job it is not fun!

    Several other sims showed up. Judy invited Becky for a bball hoops contest. Judy won 10-7.

    David and George played pool.

    Jared came in and he and Becky had a hoops contest. Becky won!

    He does think that she is attractive though!

    She is thinking about him, but, no hearts yet....or at all while I was watching.

    They chat and laugh.....

    .....and argue. Jared walks off to the snack bar area.

    Becky gets hearts for Jorge. I don't blame her...he is cute!

    The guys finished their game and were chatting about stars.

    Becky challenged David to a hoops contest.

    She beat him 9-3. Jared came back and I'm not sure if the romantic magnet of David's is for Jared or Becky! :confused: Becky does not look pleased with his conversation though. Uh, comes the finger. He's in trouble now.

    She tells him off and turns to chat with David as if nothing had happened. :grin: He gives her the stare. I should have turned camera but, the next picture is terrific so made up for it.

    Jared stalks off!

    Becky and David continue chatting and have bookworm in common. Jared actually came back to interrupt them several times. Once he wanted to make fun of Judy with Becky. (saw that in his tag) Becky yelled at him again. You rock Becky!

    I saw a lot of sims congregating at The Mine so sent Judy and Jorge over there. They were both pretty much starving so had Jorge get a platter of bar food for them. While they were eating Jared shows up. I guess Becky sent him packing!

    Becky and David were still chatting when I peeked on them.

    Everyone is congregating at the bar to order drinks. If it stays this busy, I may have to consider adding a second bar to it. Primrose and Craven got hearts, but missed the shot.

    Penelope and Martin were playing foosball and Jared joined in.

    I tested the lifeguard mod and it works at the pools, but, you have to play the sim for it to work. Need the lifeguard chair on the lot too. No one needed mouth to mouth while I was testing. Sigh. David is so cute, but, he's gonna have to get a different job. Will find him a sexy job for him that doesn't need managing by me. I do have the model career mod somewhere. Hmmmm. :lol:
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    @bekkasan Just saw that I was tagged here. Love what you did with Cami's room.
    It looks like you are (were?) having alot of fun with this save. Should be interesting to see who ends up with who. :)

    I'm really going to have to get caught up with the main What's Happening thread but being 1600+ posts behind is a little intimidating. I hope all is well. :)
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    Pictures and descriptions of the Clue characters and of Boddy mansion I created can be found here

    Stephen and Sakura's Werewolf/building challenge

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    @mycami21 Thanks for the comments. I'm playing several saves so intermittently posting on this one. I'm glad you like what I did with her room. :) I have a few pics of her from my recent play that I will be posting soon.
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    I had Jorge and Judy set up a little party at the lounge venue and invited most all of the simselves. A few didn't come, a few showed up and left early. It was very crowded as there were a few party crashers too. Most everyone seemed to have a good time and everyone surprisingly behaved even Jared. Jorge and Judy cannot seem to stop kissing as they were getting things set up for the party. I put a dressier top on Judy after they took this picture.

    Becky was one of the first that showed up and she got right up on the little stage and started playing the laser rhythm instrument. She was not too bad at it either so she must have been practicing at home!

    The room started getting crowded as more sims showed up. Several sims were watching Becky play. Mikezumi, PalmArrow, Penelope, Sam and Elliott. Emily came in and strolled right to Sam and started chatting with him. :) Maria has a panicked look on her face as she realizes there are too many people at the party.

    Penolope and Martin got hearts and chatted for a few.

    Palm Arrow and Elliott got hearts galore as they started chatting.

    Judy chats with Ashley about dragons and gardening!

    Some latecomers to the party. Harvey went right to Cami. :) Emma and Sam chatted, I didn't see hearts, but could have missed them. Craven is right there between them, just barely visible. Mark is chatting with Steven. I see Sebastian chatting with someone, but can't tell who. Shane and Alex came as well. Didn't see either interact much. Shane played one of the games and Alex went downstairs and played basketball (athletic trait)

    Sudden mass exodus from the party had the doorways jammed. Looks like everyone had a great time and Judy got a super moodlet from the party.

    Judy and Jorge were hungry as they chatted rather than ate during the party. They grabbed a bite to eat from one of the wandering waiters. They both picked their favorite meals which was very expensive, but, very good food from the moodlet they got.
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    Emily and Sam came to visit and played gnubb with Judy and Jorge. They had dinner at the bistro and Sam gave an impromptu performance outside of the bistro. Afterwards they went to the Mine, the local dive bar and I neglected to get pictures of their time there. They had a good time, the boys played pool, Emily played piano and Judy kept the bartender busy ordering drinks! She ordered several rounds of drinks as well as several individual drinks.

    I made Judy clear her head the next morning with an early morning workout using the high tech tv workout channel.

    Jorge made another bot and sold her. One or the other of the family bots come in to watch their fellow bot being sold. Kinda makes me feel guilty. I may have to start hauling them all the way to the bot store to sell them. This is Judy and Jorge's business for goodness sakes. They have to sell the dang things for promotions and more income!

    I sent Judy and Jorge to the pool as a few sims were showing up there. Jorge is talking with Alex and Judy with the town Governor, Bayerd Orey. Conner is headed into the pool area as well. He strolls past everyone and opens his computer up and starts typing away. Dag....rude, didn't even say hi. He is cute though so I forgive him. I had Judy and Jorge go bug him so he had to put away his computer. :lol:

    Janet Planeson and Natalie Primrose show up at the pool as well. Janet is wearing an atrocious outfit and I wanted to know why as I changed all her outfits before adding her family to the world. My suspicion is correct she is preggers! First pregnancy in the new town! Needless to say that outfit will not do. The new outfit is much better and yes, we all know Jorge is handsome and she needs to keep her grubby little romantic magnet away from him before creator puts her back in an outfit even tackier than the one she just fixed. :lol:

    After doing her exercise earlier in the morning Judy wanted to jog. I had made a jogging path using those cool path thingies from MTS underneath the gym so I sent her there to enjoy her jog.

    Judy and Jorge enjoying some romance under the stars that evening.

    While Judy and Jorge were busy I poked around town. I saw Maria visiting at David and Martin's home so I peeked in. She had 'go home' in her tag and David was standing at the other end of the walkway. I checked her status bar and David is her boyfriend! I have no idea when this happened. It is possible it just happened that evening, but they snuck that in on me! :love: I saw them together a few times after the party. I did finally get a message from SP during the night when the manager cycled that they were going steady now. :)

    A couple of days later I get an even more exciting message! I'm so excited! First SS baby! They will get moved into their own household when I play next. They gonna make babies together, they got to live together and raise it. :wink: So far no one else has partnered that I know of. I added partner to the sim tags so I will know if SP delays telling me or I don't see something on my own.

    Judy kept wanting to do fairy things like drink pollen punch or sleep in a fairy house, so she now has a little fairy house in the back along with some crystal plants that Rosie is taking care of with her robogardening chip. The bots can harvest, but can't charge them so Jorge and Judy have to do that part if they need charging.

    Jorge and Judy getting all lovey dovey after they watched the stars. :grin:

    I saw Cami, Becky and Penelope had come down to the gallery. The boys started showing up shortly after.

    Got Judy hunting for nanites. She just needs to find the rare ones now, but, they can always use the others in making the trait chips. Jorge explored and excavated some of the dig sites while Judy hunted for nanites.

    Back to the Bistro for supper. They are not crazy about synthetic food, neither want to learn to cook so they eat out a lot and so do a lot of the townies. Emily is there and is chatting with Judy. Jorge chats with Sam. Janet is getting a nice baby bump! Craven is there flirting with a service or role sim.

    Jorge has a few things to sell at the consignment store. He chats and high fives with Ashley after they get to the store. Craven has come to the store and he and Judy chat.
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    Judy and Jorge are hunting nanites again. Need lots of nanites for making chips! They only need two more of the rare ones and Judy can break those down and learn to make them so they will not have to hunt them all the time. Right now Judy is doing nanites and Jorge is doing the chips. They will switch once each learns all of their first assignments. Jorge is almost at level 9 so he only needs to learn three more that he will get after he levels 9 and 10. I think the sentience one is the last to be learned. I do realize it does not look like they are hunting nanites in the picture. I had set them collecting and went in to high view to see what everyone was up to and when I got back they had collected their 5 nanites each and started flirting. I was surprised Judy didn't have him playing catch with her. I think she loves her Frisbee more than she loves Jorge. :open_mouth:

    While Jorge and Judy were collecting nanites flirting, they had a visitor at home. She did not come to repair the faucet!

    Well, daggum it, there goes that painting.

    Or, is it the door you are gonna repossess!

    Nope, it was the painting. Oh well, it was not a favorite of Jorge. Took you bots long enough to wake up and didn't even try to stop her.

    oh carp...she is going downstairs. That is where the expensive stuff is kept.

    lol, serves you right

    I hope she is not taking the chest as it is filled with bot chips and crystal flowers! Nope, it was the file folder on the wall.

    She took one of the little test tubes out of the holder from this table!

    oopsie, she fell again going back upstairs. Luckily she was done

    After they finished the hunting for the morning they had breakfast at the newly opened bistro.

    I decided since sims were pairing up, I better make a wedding venue. I've seen sims use them when I put one in another game, so hopefully they will use this one.

    I wanted David and Maria in the same household, so I took over David for a few minutes. Moved him to a new home and had him visit Maria and ask her to move in with him. She accepted and they went to the new home. I took a few pictures and then moved back to Jorge and Judy's household. If they get married that will be up to them and SP.
    David feeling tummy in the nursery.
    Back view of the house where I added some toddler and kid stuff.

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    Janet and Gregor had their baby. A boy they named Daniel. I made sure there was a crib and a couple of toys in the house, otherwise they are on their own. Judith, their daughter in the pink is going steady with Asher Dunes. I just got the message in game this morning. They are both teens. The only other teen boys are homeless ones. I think there are two other teen girls in the town right now.

    Jorge mastered bot building. He was very happy about it! To celebrate Jorge challenged Judy to a pillow fight. They enjoyed the pillow fight and didn't get cranky afterwards.

    Another bistro meal. One of them should really break down and learn to cook or give one of the bots the steel chef chip!

    While they ate I checked around town. I saw Gracen, Palm and Elliott at his place and decided to see what they were up to. Looked like they were all chatting when suddenly things got a bit tense. Gracen said something to Palm that must not have been nice as they both got red negatives and angry looks on their faces. I didn't get that picture, but got this one below where Palm must have told her talk to the hand. Notice that Elliott is very quietly walking away from the confrontation. LOL He is a hopeless romantic as well as over emotional so I guess it was too tense for him. They got over the mad pretty fast and started chatting normally so I left them to it and went to check on what some of the others were up to.

    Becky and Sebastian whispering sweet nothings to each other. Becky must have been working out before visiting Sebastian as that is her athletic outfit. I checked their status, they are not RI's yet. Will just have to wait and see what happens. Especially since computers take precedence over visiting sweeties! Silly sims!

    Emma and Shane getting hearts outside the Bistro. Jared works at the bistro and is arriving for his shift. Look at that grumpy face. Would you want him fixing your meal? Gosh, I think Judy and Jorge will have to eat some where else this evening. Emma and Shane continue to chat, but I took the picture because Jared is suddenly not grumpy anymore. He is too busy admiring Janet Planeson's post baby tush. :wink:

    I don't think any of the simselves like synthetic food. They all go out to eat and I'm thinking of adding a diner so there will be a cheaper place to eat. The sanctuary bistro is expensive! It might be nice having a choice. Emily greets Sam and gosh he looks happy to see her! I sent my sims over to the bistro to watch the impromptu concert the bot is giving. It is going to be crowded. Sims just keep showing up. Conner is there now, looking cute and bopping to the music. That bot had to have made a good amount of tip money as everyone kept moving around and getting in the way of pictures to put money in the tip jar!

    I think Sam just decided Emily is the one for him. Romantic red flowers! Awesome. Emily looks very surprised and happy. I think several of the sims are watching Sam and Emily rather than the piano playing bot! So sweet. I couldn't stand it any longer and I checked their status. They are RI's. Yippee!

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    Jorge and Judy spending more time smooching!
    Smooching from Ty and Danielle.
    This is a scary sight at the mailbox early in the morning. Just another example of the glitchy bots. The mailperson was listed as a bot, had a bot type name, just a jumble of letters, but had strange human features, traits and favorites. I fixed the bot with MC by adding the occult status plumbot and that worked. The second picture is the bot after being fixed running off to the next job. Luckily I've only found a couple of these, one was a firefighter wandering around town and there is not a fire station in Sanctuary! I just TA'd that one.
    Got a notice that she is pregnant. She is Batul Larson one of the townies.
    Another townie pregnancy Cassandre who is a very young sim who is in a relationship with Edwin who is very close to Elder. He's rich. I guess she's in it for a bit longer with the baby on the way. :) They are still RI and have not got married.
    Rosie can charge the garden as Lanlyn explained. It is automatic. She is charging love and laughter in these pictures.
    Ok, still didn't put the steel chef chip in the bot yet, so breakfast at the bistro.
    Jorge went to sell a few things at the bot store. He chatted with Yin Quan and apparently they chose to disagree about something!
    Jorge had excavated several artifacts while exploring the wastelands. He was able to fit them together and they made a key. He decided to see if they fit the door on the wrecked spaceship. They key was huge, but Jorge had no problem lifting it and getting it into the opening. Jorge entered the spaceship and got a few reward points for doing so. Judy is thinking she needs to do more exercise to lift huge keys like that. The wrecked spaceship had been vandalized in the past and the only thing left was a silly drawing of some strange game concept art. Jorge left that behind, useless junk. :::snicker:::
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    They left the ship and went home to change for the party that Sam Navarro was hosting this evening. They arrive on time and one of his housemates, Elliott informs them Sam is running behind but would be there as soon as he could. Palm Arrow arrives and waves to Judy. Elliott and Jorge are hungry and thinking about food. Danielle arrives wearing something EA dreamed up for her pregnant outfit. Not the worst outfit, but still had to change it. I like mine better. :) I had some things to do and had to quit my game at this point and was afraid quitting during the party would glitch the party. Luckily it was still going on when I got back to it later that evening.
    Palm Arrow was gossiping with Jorge. She then went inside to watch Elliott play guitar. Such a romantic sunset behind them. Danielle tells Judy about her pregnancy and how tired she is. Alex arrives home accompanied by Yin Quan. Sam finally attends his own party and heads straight to the food. Danielle sat down on the lounge at the pool and fell asleep.
    Where are these two going? Awwww, so sweet and romantic watching the stars.
    Judy and Jorge are getting ready to leave and chat with Sam and Alex before leaving. Mikezumi had arrived at the party earlier and watched Yin play pool in another room. I didn't get a picture of that, but found her chatting with Danielle outside. Danielle woke up from her nap and I notice she has a bit more of a baby bump! :grin:
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    See what happens when you use a computer too much. It becomes quite attached to you. :lol: :smirk:

    Penelope and Sam get hearts. She hasn't paired up yet with anyone so will be interesting to see. She has got hearts with a few guys. SP seems to be pushing some together. Jared was apparently paired with Yang Quan and I didn't know it until I got a notice they had broke up! lol I'm trying to check tags on them at least once a day in case I'm not getting notified.

    I saw a few sims at twin fountains park so I sent Jorge and Judy to see what was happening. Emily is entertaining with her guitar. Nice audience. It looks like Martin is asking Ashley for a date! Looks like they are flirting too, they are so close together. I think that is Sebastian in his athletic outfit that just showed up.

    I checked on Penelope and Sam, still flirting! Lots of sims at the lounge. David and Maria playing games. She is heavily preggers now. Batul got David down to play basketball with her. Steven is eating a snack. You can see half of Jorge. I sent him and Judy to bowl. Missed getting a picture of them, but a few other sims showed up to bowl. Judy and Jorge played basketball with Batul and David.

    Later that night Eden Arellano was born. She is clumsy and athletic which I thought was an interesting combo of traits to start with. I had to force myself not to go peek on her in cas and it didn't work. I peeked! :lol: She is a great combo of both of them. I checked on them later in the night and their status was engaged!

    Loving going on at home and in the fairy house and the bot machine! There are enough babies being born in town that right now there is no risky in this household. :)

    I finally gave Rosie the steel chef so she is whipping up some French toast for breakfast or mac n cheese for Jorge as that is his favorite. I forget which she was doing when I took the pic. I also added a diner in town. They need a cheaper place to eat for a change.
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    Saw Steven at the garden and Mark was there chatting with him. When I checked back they were gone and I went into map view to see where they were. They were going for dinner.
    I found Neel Das and his three plumbots arriving at the garden when I went back to check on Mark and Steven. Looks like Neel is having an impromptu meeting of his criminal band. Perhaps they are going to harvest plants to brew noxious poisons! Hmmm, I'm wondering if he is trying to recruit more criminals. I see two more plumbots just outside the fence getting ready to come in.
    Jorge has been wanting to get another tattoo so I sent them over to the spa. There were several simmers hanging around as well. I sent Jorge in to get his tattoo and Judy sat on the bench to chat with Shane. Shane does not look like a happy sim! He does not like the outdoors so I was really surprised to find him sitting on a bench outside! I know Judy is clean and not stinky so I dunno why he has that look on his face. Shane and Judy did not have much in common, but surprisingly got along without arguing. Perhaps Shane is grumpy because Emma is on the lot and did not stop to speak to him since she was shopping with Becky and Penelope?
    Jorge got his tattoo but you can't see it as it is on his upper arm. Will try to catch him coming out of the shower and show y'all. :love: The girls all have 'going shopping' in their tags. The spa is a combo with the bookstore so I guess they are buying books.
    Jorge introduced himself to Shane and they got along fine too.
    Jorge chats with Sam for a few. Mikezumi arrives and comes over to join the chat. Please note Becky in the background. She is tired and looking for a bench. She really must have been tired because she walked right to this bench and laid down and went right off to sleep. Poor Penelope was a bit cranky as she had wanted to sit down. She didn't sleep very long. Judy and Penelope had a nice chat while she slept and Shane just hung out under the trees. Everyone was tired with yawning and bed bubbles, so I sent Judy and Jorge home hoping the others would follow suit.
    I got a pop up earlier that the first baby, Daniel Planeson had aged to toddler. Sigh....why oh why does the game do this. So many pretty cc hairs and they use that or pigtails! Its not a horrible hair, but not what I like for little boys. I love long hair, but the toddlers faces are just too round for it to look good. I couldn't leave him like that so I popped him into stylist and fixed his hair and his everyday outfit.
    I checked on Danielle and Ty and figured it would soon be time for their baby to be born. I checked back a couple of hours later and she is walking up to the hospital and no Ty nearby. I found him at one of the hover stations with meet up so he was on his way. Ty didn't make it. She walked in the door of the hospital and had the baby in about 5 seconds and walked back out. I was surprised as it takes several sim hours for hospital births for my played sims. Ty arrives back home and looks a bit shell shocked seeing the baby. The baby's name is Noah, he is brave and excitable.
    Back to Jorge and Judy, and they are out on the porch watching the stars in their jammies. :heart: When they finished watching the stars I sent Jorge to the shower so y'all could see his new tattoo. He got fairy wings on his shoulder to show his love for Judy. :love:
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    @bekkasan I missed your comment in the other thread where you directed me to this thread but I will read through it when I get the chance :smile:
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    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks :) It definitely will tell ya who is who. :)
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