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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,010 Member

    Worked a bit on this house which will eventually be for Derek and Kendall and their family. I added a small pool at the side of the house and did some landscaping at the front.

    Front view. I like the fence, but not the big celebrity gate so will get rid of it. They are not celebrities so they really don't need the gate.

    Living room

    Master bedroom. I wanted to use the same stuff in their bedroom back at the brownstone so it may look a bit familiar.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,010 Member

    This is the original kitchen in Kendall and Derek's house. I changed it because the cabinets jutted out on the other side of the angled wall and the hallway was not really usable with them jutting out. They look great on the kitchen side, but not on the other side. I needed a staircase in the area and it made the routing too tight. So, I redid the kitchen as I did not want to attempt changing the dimensions of the hallway, which would have changed the size of the garage and I would have to change it.....etc. Too much trouble! I don't like the kitchen quite as much as I did before. I did get the circular staircase in the hall. :)
    Kendall is training to be a chef so I wanted her to have the different cooking appliances.

    Dining room.

    Outdoor sitting and grilling area. They will have a great view of the city!

    Nursery, I don't usually go for pastels, but wanted something a bit different from my usual.

    Master bath. Yes, that is a mirror on the back wall. :lol: Wouldn't have one that large in my house, but, works for my sims!

    Derek's study. I left room on the wall for family pictures. He has the one of Kendall already on the wall that he took on their honeymoon.
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    @bekkasan I wanted to make a few comments on this house. It is amazing! I love it. It's modern, but still warm and inviting. I really like the colors, inside and out. The wood and rock on the exterior keeps the home from appearing too austere. And your landscaping is beautiful, as usual. The covered patio area is lovely.

    The CC paintings really look good in the different rooms, adding touches of color, as do the other accent pieces. ...The green in the kitchen and dining room was a nice surprise! It harmonizes well with the orange/gold and grey/browns. ...Love the bathroom. Those tiles look awesome.

    And I liked how you put the desk in the study facing towards the room with the chair by the window. I too often put the desk and chair facing out the window, but after seeing your setup, I'm going to try it the other way around. I think I got into the habit of keeping computer screens out of direct sunlight, but of course that doesn't matter for sims, does it? Besides, your screen is angled away from the window, facing the corner, so no glare. :#

    Gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing your design ideas.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,010 Member

    @lanlyn Thanks so much for the comments. I've never built a modern style home from scratch so it was a bit out of my element. I do appreciate the comments very much. :) Hope you and your family had a good holiday.
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    Hey, y'all!! Check out this handsome cowboy! <3 I'm just so in love with Dwight. @emorrill I can't thank you enough for him and I've been working on a back story for him and you are gonna love it! Still needs a bit of work before I can post it. Maybe this weekend. I've got his house done, her house (yes, there will be a her!!) done and working on a dive lot. Y'all cross your fingers for me on that one! I'm following @Karritz tutorial and am reloading the game for the second time to start the next steps.

    This is his courting clothes. I'd go out with him in a heartbeat! <3 <3

    Dwight sleeps in his boxers! I couldn't resist the pattern.

    Swimming. Love those shades.


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,010 Member

    A few pictures of the dive lot that I placed in Sunlit Tides. I've never played with a mermaid sim before so this should be interesting. It was really nice watching her swim in the waters and not having to worry about her tanks going dry or decompressing. Caught the octopus quite easily. @karritz The videos were very helpful and the only thing I wish on the deco one that you had written out the codes for the fog emitters.

    I still haven't seen the underwater shark show up yet, but I also haven't had a human sim dive down and test it yet.

    I liked seeing her swim down to the cave that I set down in a trench. Both the caves I placed on the lot worked without resetting her to the nearest beach! The cave monsters left her alone also. Not sure if she is protected from the because of her mer status.
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