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Random happenings

bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

A few random pics from university.

Run, Skip run. Thought this was a cute one of Skip jogging around campus. I did not take him into CAS. He's not bad as is.

Love this window seat I found. After I placed it and got back in game, Alice, Joseph and Maggie made a beeline straight to it. Alice won, Joseph sat next to her, but, I made him move and go sit with Maggie across the room. It is from MTS if anyone is interested. :) It is a conversion from Sims 4 and the modder did a great job. You can actually put something in the open area in the base, but, I hadn't decided what to put there yet.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Adam? If he and Marshall did something funky, they are in big, bad trouble! :lol:
Just kidding, I forgot when they did the last pack hunt they found a tiberium and I forgot to take it out of his inventory.

Poor Dedric is getting kinda lonely with all of them paired up. I have special plans for him though, so he just has to wait for it. It will be worth his wait. I can't add a sim to uni world without borking it. Found that out with adding the parents and was good I had a save just prior to go back to.

Jeffrey Dean does not strike me as a science geek kinda guy!


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    This is Jennifer Doe, Marshall's girlfriend. I didn't really like her hair once she aged up, and found this hair in my stash that I though would work on her. I like it on her and just kept looking at her face and decided I had to redo her mouth. This is Jennifer with her new mouth and new hairs. Once I fixed her mouth, most of the hairs looked great on her. Her old mouth was way to wide and set kinda deep and just didn't look right. I gave her a couple of other hairs for a few of her outfits so here is a Jennifer hair show. :) This one is also her everyday look.

    This is the one I had picked for her formal before and still liked it as a straighter style for her.

    Athletic look

    Swim look.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Random things from the Bridgeport game.

    Jared and Alexandra's brownstone in Bridgeport. I added an extension the other day to it. See the crane is still there from adding the roof pieces. :lol: The original is an EA build. I extended it the first time two tiles from the porch and all the way back. This time added 5 more tiles and all the way back on the side.

    I made them a sunken room. They ran out of money, so they have to earn more before I can furnish it or extend the kitchen and dining area in the other section. :) I gave half of the income to Melee and Brian when they left so I could only do so much :) I think houses are pricey in Starlight Shores where Melee and Brian are moving and they probably won't have enough for a big house. Alexandra and Jared kept the investment income and will be able to reap that in a few days. :)
    @Karritz Your tips on cfe were very helpful in doing this and this was easy. I will try to do the stairs and foundation at some point in future, but, on an empty lot, not on something that EA had already used cfe on and I had stuffed full of furniture. :)
    When I go back in and play them I will need to add the free wall papers just so they don't get the moodlet for unfinished room.

    Alexandra's Mom Kiara Sims

    Alexandra's Dad Dimitri Sims
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Just a few random uni pictures from uni.

    Alice had a wish to learn the MA, and Adam had a wish to train someone. Both got their wishes. :)

    When she switched to her MA outfit, she got a creepy hair, so I wanted to try this new hair I had put in a few weeks ago. I think it looks good and keeps her hair out of her eyes for her MA. :lol:

    She quickly leveled and got the wish to break boards and Adam had a wish to meditate. Granted those. :)

    Mastered Athletics. Marshall is happy.

    Still kids at heart.

    Backyard fun. Dedric is very good at gnubb and always has a wish to play. If the others are occupied he will rope the roomie into a game and always beats him. :)

    Pretty good picture of Joseph and Maggie.

    Jennifer was a bit stressed from classes and wanted to sing karaoke. I may have to adjust the 'stage' since Alice and Maggie climbed right up on the stage to watch.

    The guys have a pool tournament. The roomie just gets juiced over at the bar.

    Bowling fun

    Maggie and Joseph find time for games.....

    .....and games of another sort.
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,001 Member
    @bekkasan , Awesome extra shots!! Marshall is totally gorgeous, Ikve liked him since his intro but he’s gotten better since his joining the werewolf club. <3
    **If photo booth woohoo was on Olympic sport I’m betting mikezumi’s Sims would be gold metalists...are your Sims in competition? ;)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member
    edited April 2018

    @Charlottesmom hehe, Thanks :) Marshall is definitely a keeper now. He and Jen will be moving with Adam and Alice to a new world so I can keep playing him.
    Maybe with Joseph and Maggie, they went in twice! The others stayed downstairs bowling the entire night. Three of them got the 10 strikes wish granted, and Dedric managed to get a turkey! I will have to make sure I have photo booths in the other worlds.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    @thuggishsplicer @ZeeGee Thanks for the invite to participate. :)

    Hope everyone enjoys. :)

    1. What is your name?
    I am Victor Ballan. Thank you for inquiring.

    2. Do you know why you were named that?
    Of course. It is a family name. I was named after my Grandfather. Victor Anton Ballan.

    3. Single or taken?
    Happily married to a marvelous woman. Just look at that beautiful face, my lovely Gardenia.

    4. Stop being a Mary Sue!
    Shouldn't that be a Marty Stu? If you are the best, should you not show it? Do you not think so?

    5. What’s your eye color?
    They are silver in color, occasionally red and usually glow in the dark.

    6. How about hair color?
    Black with streaks of blue, apparently a family thing also.

    7. Have you got any family members?
    Yes, I have a large family. My wife Gardenia and 6 delightful children, my sister and her husband and child. I also have many people who I consider family members who are not related to me by blood but I will defend to the death.

    8. Oh, how about pets?
    Yes, a cowplant named ClaraBelle, would you like to meet her? It is close to feeding time now.

    9. That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like.
    I do not like bullies, or people who take advantage of others.

    10. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
    I enjoy Martial arts and archery and have recently taken up writing novels.

    11. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Physically?
    Yes, of course. I worked for the Council of Supernaturals before I met Gardenia and retired to raise a family.

    12. Ever… killed anyone before?
    Yes, do you need me to elaborate? No? Ah, well c'est la vie. I have some very interesting stories I could relate to your readers.

    13. What kind of animal are you?
    Victor blinks, A bat of course.

    14. Name your worst weaknesses.
    I'm a bit of a snob and Gardenia is very good at pointing out when I am being too obnoxious. I just love that woman.

    15. Do you look up to anyone at all?
    My wife Gardenia, an amazing woman.

    16. Are you straight, gay or bisexual?
    Victor frowns, I thought that was obvious.

    17. Do you go to school?

    18. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
    That was a silly question. Are you sure you are all right? Am I making you nervous?

    19. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
    There is a certain element that aspires to be what I am.

    20. What are you most afraid of?
    Someone trying to harm my children.

    21. What do you usually wear?
    Clothing, another silly question my dear. We really must talk about proper journalistic endeavors. I do believe my young friend Jennifer could teach you a thing or two about journalism and interviews.

    22. What’s one food that tempts you?

    23. Am I annoying you?
    We would not be having this conversation if I was completely annoyed. I do feel I have much to share with your audience so please continue.

    24. Well, it’s not over!
    Is that a question? You are nervous! I have not harmed anyone that did not deserve to be harmed. Do not be afraid.

    25. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
    I am an aristocrat! My lineage is centuries old and my family has married into royalty in the past. It is something to be proud of. We do not use titles any longer. Gardenia tells me I am being pompous and that in this day and age there should be no class distinctions.

    26. How many friends do you have?
    I have many friends in many walks of life.

    27. What are your thoughts on pie?
    Victor's eyes light up. Plasma fruit pie? Love it!

    28. Favorite drink?
    A plasmacherrytini

    29. What’s your favorite place?
    Anywhere with my family.

    30. Are you interested in anyone?
    Do you listen? Gardenia!

    31. That was a stupid question.
    Yes, assuredly it was.

    32. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
    Either is fine.

    33. What’s your type?
    O positive, what is your type?

    34. Any fetishes?
    A bit of a blood fetish you could say.

    35. Camping or indoors?
    I enjoy camping at times and perhaps when the youngest are no longer toddlers we will go again.

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I've been working on renovating a house in Moonlight Falls for Alexandra's family. I did not want to build from scratch, but, I can't just let them move into an EA home unedited. :) I finished this afternoon and these are pics of the outside. You can just see Mom and Dad sitting on the front porch drinking their morning coffee. Inside pics will come whenever Alexandra and Jared visit. :) It may be awhile before they visit. I want them to get another level or two in their careers before getting hitched. :)


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    With being busy with work last week I didn't have as much time to play the game. When I did have a bit of time I decided to build.
    This is the original resort in Bridgeport that I decided to renovate into a home.
    I raised the original log cabin to three stories, darkened the logs and put the pool in a deck.
    I put a sauna and massage area on the bottom level of the original cabin. I'm probably going to redo the area as I don't like the rock wall enclosing the sauna as much as I thought I would.
    The new area on the bottom level will have kitchen, dining, living area. The upper floors will be bedrooms, gym and play areas. I haven't started those yet.
    Baby grand piano for someone to play.
    Finally got windows up at least on the front. They are subject to change as I start working on more of the interior.
    When I was getting ready to log out the fog was rolling in across Bridgeport so I had to share that picture too. I think this is my favorite lot in this world and the first time I've renovated it to a private home.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Here are a few random shots from my Jared and Alexandra Bridgeport save.

    Jared is still practicing his mixology skill and made a batch of party drinks.

    The party drinks led to dancing.

    Which eventually led to cuddling on a sofa and y'all know what that leads to so I didn't take a picture. :love:

    Jared had an nice wish to break a space rock for 1500 points.

    Jared broke his hand instead!

    Poor guy!

    Jared may not be the best space rock breaker but he got a Sims Choice Award acknowledging his talents as a script writer.

    Cuddles in the sunshine.

    Sailing in the sunshine.

    They sailed and checked out the pretty waterfall, but, couldn't get any closer. Somehow after landing at the beach the sailboat disappeared so Jared will have to buy another one when they go sailing again. Maybe he will buy a speedboat so they can ski.

    Jared's specialty! Hot dogs! Notice one in his hand? He dropped one when turning them, reached down to pick it up and put it back on the grill. I was too slow to get the picture of him picking it up off the ground. Was funny. He looked around to see who saw it!

    Good eating. Sand and all. :lol:

    Meeting a new couple.

    Water fun. You are never too old to enjoy a slide, especially a water slide.

    Just a few more levels to go to master the guitar.

    Wow....one handed pull ups!

    New work outfit, actress or something like that, level 7 anyways.

    I heard the fire trucks and zoomed over to the building. The fireman couldn't get upstairs to the fire though so I ended up resetting the building with debug mod. I've never noticed the smoke coming out of the building like that before.

    Jared mastered his Martial Arts and showing off his last belt. Such a fierce expression! He was in the attic where the MA stuff is and ran all the way down to the foyer to change outfits. Silly sim.

    Alexandra working on her yoga.

    lol at Jared turning down the old lady flirts! Good Jared, stay faithful.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I spun future on @Emily4331's game. I decided I would do a random sim spinning the die and use the first one that appealed to me, but, I had to pick before I got to 10 spins. Thank goodness she was number 5. Meet Judy Miller. I was gonna call her Jetson, but, that seemed to obvious. Do you young folks even know who Judy Jetson is? :wink: I lowered her lower eyelid to open her eyes a bit more, and got rid of the ugly brows the game gave her and that was all the changes other than I did her makeup. The outfits are all ITF stuff, the shoes on the Jetson dress are ITF too. The rest is random pretty things. The hair is cc and I love it. I put it on a townie not too long ago. I do believe I'm gonna have to play her and make her a boyfriend! Maybe I can talk @Emily4331 into making her a cute hunky boyfriend. :w But, he wont be a bot @Charlottesmom. I did make her a bot fan though.
    I thought she was quite pretty. Close up shot in CAS.
    I put her in the future and took a few screen shots. This is one of the ITF dresses and you can't change the dark grey/light grey sections which kinda irks me, but decided I kinda liked what I did with it anyway.
    I had to put the Jane Jetson style dress on her.
    She is athletic as well so caught her doing the pump arm idle.
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 9,825 Member
    De-de-deja vu! :lol:

    Hey, you're too good at renovating houses and I'm going to need to ask you to stop making me feel bad about my house creating, decorating, or renovation skills. Like oh my god. Why is everyone else so good at it! :lol:
    ทุกนาทีทีมีความหมาย :star:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member
    hehe, I forgot I hadn't posted my random stuff here. :)

    Lol....thanks, you do a great job at it too. I've seen your places. Besides, with all the pretty guys are girls you make, no one is looking at the houses. :)
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    WIP on Sanctuary

    I'm slowly adding some of the simselves into town. I started with @Mikezumi's as she will be in a household of her own. Some of the others will be in a group household. I added her to the house and switched to her household. I didn't realize it would still be evening as I'm used to the game restarting at Sunday at 8am, but, I used a different method to switch then normal. Poor Mikezumi is sleepy, but, she ran into the garage to see her new car.
    I think she is realizing that she is not in SV anymore! You can see the corner of the pool so when she hosts a pool party sims can play in the pool.
    I kicked out one of the families to put her in this house on the water. It is not a house boat, but water surrounds it on three sides. I thought it was perfect for her. I hope she does not get seasick!
    This is the living area on the first floor. I put Mikezumi in so I could check routing and add a few decor items and change things up a bit if needed. Her favorite color is green so that is present throughout. I changed some of the furniture textures to get rid of the glow as much as I could. So much white! I have to have some color in my world houses.
    After adding a few pictures and moving a piece of furniture or two.
    Kitchen area. She was thirsty and got a drink from the synthesizer and promptly spat it out. I was not fast enough to catch that! Apparently it was oily tasting! I added a stove later as she is a natural cook.
    She now has a tea table so she does not have to drink oily drinks from the synthesizer.
    Dining area, not very remarkable.
    Lets go up and check out the top floor.
    The landing was not pretty, but her dismount was awesome! Mikezumi now has a much higher level of advanced technology skills so hopefully this will not happen again! Thank you MC mod!
    This is the upper floor. Spare bedroom in case she has guests, and bathroom, exercise room and deck. Mikezumi was apparently not hurt by her dismount. She turned the stereo on and danced until I made her go out on the deck. :)
    View from her deck. :)
    The second floor has another large living space.
    Small area for fun stuff. The foosball table was already in the house, may swap it out for a domino table. Mikezumi seemed to enjoy playing though.
    Office area with bookshelves for the bookworm and a coffee cup on her desk for when she reads the forums. :wink:
    Bedroom, I left it futuristic. I notice she has a jet pack on the dresser. Hopefully the increase in technology will help her master that too.
    All the simselves will be getting one future outfit, but otherwise will keep them as I found them when I downloaded them. The exception will be if the sims was dressed in something from Pets or Seasons or a store item I don't have installed. I will change anything that looks like the game did the picking. The choices for elder is limited to an ugly dress or short dresses or a few tops and tight stretch type pants. I think the jacket doesn't look too bad done up with the glitzy pattern and dress pants. The ITF pants look horrible on young sims, but much worse on elders. I need to look in my store stash and see if I have some clothing I can add to flesh out the ITF stuff.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I didn't get as much game play time today as I thought I would. But, I did get a few pictures and add a few more fixed families to Sanctuary. I've only got a few more to add and will start adding the simselves after that. So far the changes I've put in SP seem to be working, but, probably need more folks in town to test them. Happy Simming y'all.

    Picture of Jessi Bannister as teen in CAS for @CravenLestat. I did bump her up to YA to see how she looked and she looks good, but, she will stay a teen in game until her time to age. :)
    Mikezumi driving her new car.
    Mikezumi went to the Bot Emporium to pick out her bot. I forgot to take a picture of it. Will try to take picture tomorrow.
    Sharing recipes with Janet Planeson.
    All right!! two hunky guys...the Dunes brothers. <3 <3 I did change the older ones hair as I didn't like the one he was wearing. The teen is cute with his hair that matches his clothes. I didn't do that, he came that way. :)
    This is the Planeson family....Gregor, Janet, Judith, Roy and Daisy the robot. Yes.....the Jetsons renamed. :) They live in one of the dock houses, next door to Mikezumi.
    This is one of the local hangouts in the more rustic rural area. You can see two of the bots dancing in the background. I got a message a bit later that they are going steady!!?? Didn't know that could happen. paging @Charlottesmom
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,157 Member
    I did not follow you here,it is just your imagination.
    Hilda Bancroft

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I didn't get as much done yesterday in Sanctuary as I thought I would, but a few pics.

    This is Alpha, Mikezumi's bot. I decided on a random name since she uses random name generators and this name popped up first. Thought it was appropriate since he is the first bot I've attempted in 5 years. He got the competent cleaner and handibot chips. :)

    This is the Castle family. Did any of you watch the show Castle? I always enjoyed watching it when I did watch tv. This is based on them according to the wiki. They don't really favor much, but, better than I could have done. I did fix hairs and changed a few traits and LTW because they had really bizarro ones for them.

    This is Obi Bennett a recluse living in the wasteland. Based on Star Wars per the wiki.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I've worked on Sanctuary today and here are a few more of the families. I will be able to start working on SS houses and adding them to the game next time I play this world. :)

    This is the Orey family. The little girl is Leina, she was adopted by the couple under mysterious circumstances. According to the Wiki this is another reference to Star Wars. I made her adopted Dad the governor, since we don't have a Senator's and Queens in the game.

    The Beaker twins. Apparently, they are from Strangetown via Sims 2 and a strange experiment thrust them into the future. I didn't play Sims 2, but decided they would make interesting townies. If any of y'all that played Sims2 remember them tag me with any info that could help their story.

    This is the Archibilt family. He is a bot mogul, retired with a fortune. He is almost an elder and she is just barely a YA. They are romantic interests, not married, but, live together. He doesn't completely trust that she loves him for him, but, rather for his money. We shall see!

    The Russo's, Grandma and grand daughter live together. Not sure why I kept them in, but, they made the cut for townies. I did change granddaughter to being in the sports career.

    Judy and Jorge moved into town and got hearts when they started chatting with each other. Judy gets the upstairs bedroom and Jorge is in the bot build room in the basement for now. :wink:

    This bot had a scared of humans chip in, so when his owner wanted to tune his chips....he peed oil on the floor. Didn't know they could do that! I have a feeling that chip could be trouble. It took several minutes for him to stop running from the human so he could change out the chip. Any way.....the human is Neel Das, he is a bot fan, evil, mean spirited, slob and computer whiz. He wants to be the Emperor of evil and I expect he might make it. I gave all the bots sinister circuit and office drones chips so they could be in criminal career as well. Neel wants his own little criminal empire with his evil bots. So be it. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Found Mikezumi playing games on her tablet at the bar called The Mine that is up the mountain in the mining area of Sanctuary. I politely asked her to go play pool so I could switch out the juice bar for a dive bar. She complied. :grin:
    Nathan Castle came in and interrupted Mikezumi's game. They introduced themselves and chatted while I was deciding what else needed changing in the bar. You can see behind them I moved the wall back and added a dance floor in the alcove and an upright piano along the wall. I also put a different radio in the dance alcove. Looks a bit more rustic.
    Can't have a dive bar or local hangout without a bull to ride!
    I left the drink synthesizer and coffee maker in. If not used or used too much will take it out.

    This is an EA house called The Castle. It has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. I decided that some of the guys will be going in this place. It looks like a nice bachelor pad. No...@cravenlestat, you cannot have it for your harem.
    This is the back side of the house. You can see it is in the wasteland area. With the way the house sits on the lot it really won't work anywhere else. I had thought about putting a copy on another lot for some of the gals in game, but, it would look to wonky anywhere else. The rooms are surprisingly large for an EA build and I really only made a few changes. Added elevators to the upper garden level so they could play golf on the roof! I think I gave them a fridge and stove in case they want to cook rather than use the future stuff. I have not put any of the guys in yet. Gotta decide which ones are going where.

    Loel's lounge, a bit fancier place then The Mine. Front and back views. Made a few changes inside also.
    New bar
    Small area for sims to perform or play
    Eating area
    Play games or blow bubbles
    Basement of the lounge was originally just the bathrooms. I extended the basement and made a fun room. Sims gotta have something to do other than make bots, babies and woohoo! :)
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    I had a bit of a problem with my connected towns in the Bridgeport saves when I traveled back from Moonlight Falls to Bridgeport. That is fixed now. So, when I got my uni kids back to Midnight Hollow from uni, I wanted to see how things were in the connected town with it....Barnacle Bay.
    I took a few pictures. Everything seemed ok. No one aged out of turn, no new babies, no one moved out. :) I traveled back to Moonlight Falls and everyone was still there, no one aged, left or got married or divorced while I was in BB. Cross my fingers settings will continue to work. I do like having sims in other worlds and keeping the relationships connected is awesome. Now, I want to go back and play with Rafe, Autumn and the rest of the family there. :) So many sims....so little simming time. :)

    Rafe singing to Christina ~~~You are a beautiful red rose~~~my one and only rose~~~while she swings.
    Autumn finishing a painting of Rafe and the baby. It is turning pinkish. I think she was too close to the subject when she memorized the scene, so will need to try again and figure out how far away for it to look normal.
    Seth playing with Will.
    Shea working in the garden.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Another venue built and another house started in Sanctuary.

    Community Garden Excuse the weird picture. I was taking it at an angle to get it all in the picture.

    This is one of the houses I picked for the girls. Three SS will share this house. @emorrill SS, Emily Simself is the first to move in. It will not be coed! Yet! :lol:

    Entryway and across from it is a reading nook and conversation area.

    Piano for the virtuoso sim.

    Kitchen and dining area.

    Emily Simself wants to be an illustrious author, so this is her office. All the SS will get one outfit that is from the future set. Some of them are really awful so y'all might see a lot of the same tops and dresses. I really dislike the pants for the gals and will be using anything else that looks good with the tops. Can y'all figure out what her favorite color is? I love the deep purple jeans with that psychedelic patterned top.

    Bedroom. Emily SS is a hopeless romantic and I got a couple more ideas last night to make the bedroom look more romantic so if it works will post another picture when I finish it tomorrow. I was tired and I've decided to not decorate when tired anymore as I end up changing it anyway.

    Rec room with a bar. Emily Simself woke up and wandered through the house, went in the rec room, turned the stereo on and started playing pool. Worked for me as I wanted to work on her room some more.

    She decided to check out the gym that is behind the garage and play foosball. I only added chin up bars, yoga rugs and the dance bar.

    Back of the house taken during the night.

    Early morning sunrise, view from rec room area, shows the area where I added the school and stadium and a few houses which the trees are hiding from view.

    Early morning view of the main town area.

    Bedroom changes, more romantic looking to me. I used a zodiac picture that @lanlyn shared the site, behind her bed and may do that for all the SS's. She is Pisces. Since it is morning hard to tell if I put too many lights in! It is brighter than it was last night. I also got rid of a few of the windows as you can't put pics on windows! Well, I could with MOO, but I expect it would look silly. Note to self, change the color of the palm tree it is invisible in the light of day!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    Done with venues? Maybe.

    This is the last venue I wanted to put in. I put a consignment store with some skill items in the Erutuf lounge. I didn't think Sanctuary needed 3 lounges. This one was small and dark and hard to see anything anyways. It is a beautiful building, unique so was glad I could use it for something.

    I put a glass blowing station and gem cutter in a little building at the back of the lot.

    I popped in on Jorge and Judy and lookie what Judy did. She is a bot fan and has a robot mode! You are not cute as a Unicorn Judy. Silly sim. Change or you cannot go shopping with Jorge! They are good friends already and I've really done nothing to them since I put them in their house. Jorge has a wish for a first kiss with Judy.

    Jorge is behaving nicely. Eating nutritious......cookies......for breakfast! I can see I need to take charge of these two silly sims! Who talked me into allowing autonomy? Sigh......I'm trying y'all. :tongue:

    Inside the Erutuf. The big greenery area was there. I just plunked a fountain and moonstone in it, changed the lighting, added the forest in the background. I might go back in and take those back lights out though. They are bugging me when I look at the picture.

    Jorge made a beeline to the car. They do not have a car. They are lucky they got the house considering they had no money! I figured if all the SS got free real estate, Jorge and Judy could too. :lol: They have to earn money for a car with building bots. I'm not sure if I've seen any dumpsters around town. May need to put a few out in the wastelands.

    Judy found Tigger!

    I put a tablet on a table for sims to buy using the rugs from MH and Jorge stole it! LOL, he found the only chair on the lot and is playing games. He didn't steal it. He actually put it back down on another counter. But, no rug under that counter. Not sure how that will work...gotta think about that. Maybe I can put it on one of the buy shelves really high so the sims can't grab it! That might work. You can see a few of the skill items I put in that section of the store. I have one townie that I'm using as I'm testing the venues and rabbit holes, and he is an inventor, so I'm curious to see if he will use it without being directed to it. He has not gone to the junkyard to collect scrap so not sure if he will be able to keep that career.

    The elixer consignment worker showed up, but the regular consignment worker has not. I just realized it is too early in the day for that one to show up yet. It is just about 9:30 in game. I have not set the savvy seller to work yet. Still testing the consignment part of it. You never know when a potion will be needed to zombifi someone so I gotta have an elixer shop in my worlds. I've got the world set for no occults for now, that may change though.

    Judy strolled over and started flirting and admiring Jorge and that is when he got the wish to kiss her, but he didn't do it. He flirted back and then she walked off and went back to looking at kids stuff! I was hoping he would do it, but, I kept my fingers off the mouse clicker and didn't have him go do it. Hands off is gonna be tough! I am going to make them work though once I add all the SS in the game. They need money!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,561 Member

    I was saving builds to the library and Jorge and Judy both got wishes to come to the supernatural lot. I realized I had not show it so I took a few pictures. Judy went in the arboretum to hunt for fairies and actually got an opportunity to become a fairy from the visit! I've never had that happen before so I'm tempted to play it out just to see what it entails. The first part is collecting 4 gems and returning them to the arboretum.

    On the lot is the gypsy wagon, arboretum and the vault of antiquity.

    They both had wishes to fly and used their jet packs.

    Judy sure has gone up high!

    Well, not anymore! :cry: I hope she is ok.

    I heard Jorge make a strange sound, and an even stranger face.

    I think Jorge got a bit too high as well :cry:

    Judy is back!

    Here comes Jorge!

    I don't think Jorge is happy with himself. Excuse the graphics. I didn't wait for it to render completely before I snapped the shot.

    Both have the nauseated from flying moodlet. Great hug though! You can see I used @aricarai's trick with the rocks as a flower border. :::Hugs::: to @aricarai. I hope things are settling down for you. You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Guess who I found wandering around town today. @CravenLestat's simself. I put him in the big house which is called The Campus, not the Castle. My eyes are getting really bad especially to confuse those two names. :(
    I did not realize his SS was an adult, so I took him into CAS and made him a YA.
    I did check and put some divable dumpsters at the junkyard, but caught him salvaging in the wastelands. :)

    I caught these guys in front of their house. Neel got a sinister shock from the red bot, at the same time green bot goes behind red bot and 'scare' is in his queue. I thought at first he was going to scare Neel, but, he scared red bot. The third bot in the household came over and scared green bot. No pictures of that. I was laughing so hard I couldn't hit c at that point. Y'all might be seeing lots of pictures from this household. Neel does not look very evil or like a criminal lord in that yellow outfit! But, he is cute!

    Jorge spent the night hacking on the computer without getting caught. He could have got out from in front of the synthesizer though. Judy was hungry and couldn't get to the food. I directed her to go to the base camp to eat as the Utopian was not open yet.

    So, why would the game put the consignment shop worker in an acrobat outfit? I wonder if she is moonlighting as a consignment worker and acrobat is her real job? Sigh....I left it for now as I will be resetting all the homeless and workers at some point.

    Judy must have went to the gym after she ate breakfast as this is her athletic outfit. She is all shiny as she has the flight of felicity moodlet from turning in the gems to the fairy's at the arboretum. It lasts 24 hours apparently.

    I kept thinking Judy would go buy the Frisbee, but she didn't.

    Jorge came in, he is wearing his ITF outfit. I directed him to buy a tablet which was on a shelf. That didn't work so I put the table on a counter and that worked. I built a barrier around the tablet so sims can't steal it. If they want one, they will have to buy it! I forgot to take a picture of the new barrier though. I had Jorge buy something else as well.

    Dag, that girl is smart guessing what was in the package before he gave it to her!

    I think I will have to direct Jorge and Judy at times. :) They are cute playing together.
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    Meet Maria, @Silverofdreams30 simself. She has moved into the house with @emorrill's simself Emily. They immediately started chatting, getting to know each other. I left them chatting while I checked around town and started decorating Maria's area of the house. They were already friends when I got back to them. :)

    This little area is a tv sitting room on the second floor. There are two bedrooms on this floor and I've not picked the third roomie yet.

    Maria wants to be a professional author so she gets a little office area to work. I got her a desk computer so she does not have to stand to type her books. Her favorite color is lime green so that is the main color in her area.

    Reading area in her room. She is a loner so I imagine she will retreat to the room if too many people are around.

    Her room has a tiny closet over in the far corner which I may turn into a small bathroom so she doesn't have to share with the other roomie. She also has a private deck outside her room where she can sit and enjoy reading in the sun.

    I took her into stylist and made her future outfit and she decided to go play foosball after that. :)
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    Look who I found running around town tonight! Sam Beckett has landed in Sanctuary.

    Craven was out wandering in the wastelands. I wonder what he is looking for out there?

    Found Emily visiting at the Orey's and working out on the treadmill. She had been at it awhile as she got the fatigued motive after I found her. Looks like she lost weight too. Wish it was that easy in RL!

    The Orey's were upstairs flirting creepily with each other.

    Jorge woke up early and started messing with his bot station. Don't ya just love his jammies @Emily4331 picked for him. He is adorable in them.

    Judy is out collecting stuff to take back to the Arboretum so she can become a fairy. She had to get some honey so I put some honey trees on the garden lot. Yes, I decided I had to do that since I've never got that opportunity before.

    Jorge runs every where he goes. I get tired just watching him. I wondered what he was looking at and finally realized he was watching the zephyr go by.

    He collected a few nanites from the wild for a wish.

    Jorge played some basketball at Loel's lounge. The stout lady in the mini skirt is the mixologist. The bar is upstairs. She is downstairs. Gonna get fired if she doesn't get her big tush back upstairs! I dislike it very much if one of my sims wants a drink and the mixologist is playing games!

    I was hunting for Mikezumi and found her on Sam's Synth lot, but, from ground level couldn't locate her. Finally found her in this little room chit chatting with the two handsome Dunes boys! What is the point of this little room? Anyone know? Other than hiding from creator? This whole lot needs to be revamped so it is on the todo list to redo. :)

    Looks like they are getting along just fine. :)

    Craven and Sam hung out at the pool.

    Mikezumi headed to Loels and found Sam playing guitar. She stops and watches him for a few.

    Craven is playing ball with the mixologist. She is gonna lose her job for sure!

    I got a notice that Maria bought a new bike!

    Turning in stuff at the Arboretum. She has more stuff to collect for those silly fairy's. Butterflies this time.

    Judy was pulled to the grocery store while I was watching someone else. She found Emily at the grocery store too. They chatted and didn't quite get to friends before they both left.
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