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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Mandy0421Mandy0421 Posts: 11 New Member
    When I downloaded Cats & Dogs, I found that you cant control the either of the title animals and there aren't any horses or farm animals in any of the pks so far. Both my mom and I have decided that this expansion was a waste of money.
  • carpe_diemcarpe_diem Posts: 139 Member
    edited February 27
    1. The option to “stay” on a career level and just work for a salary increase (salary levels: 1-5, = become a "caterer" with salary level 5).

    2. Possibility to have more best friends (Higher maximum, At least with your kids, I always feel sorry for that “not chosen” kid… 😉 )

    3. Possibility to take loans (not unlimited but based on your bank account) to open a business/restaurant/hotel. Options: 1. low interest rate and smaller loan 2. high interest rate and bigger loan).

    1. Personality overhaul (new “basic personality”/temperament system = combine sims 1 & 2 + sims 3 & 4)
    See more:
    A system for a temperament / basic personality (point system) as an addition to the existing trait system. It could be a scale of 1-10 (sims 1 & 2) or just a scale of 1-6 (E.g: 1. Very Sensitive 2. Sensitive 3. A little sensitive => 4. A little Rational 5. Rational 6. Very rational).
    1 points of SENSITIVE (very Sensitive) = most affected by the SENSITIVE trait => most SENSITIVE moodlets & personality benefits/disadvantages.
    SENSITIVE (1-5)
    *Faster increasing skills: Creativity skills, Pet skills, Life skill
    *Increased performance in following careers: Therapist, Doctor, creative careers
    *Decreased performance in following careers: Detective, Law, Military, Secret agent
    *Easier to gain sentiments
    *Collects higher negative life points from negative experiences LIFE STRUGGLES PACK
    *Collects higher positive life points from positive experiences LIFE STRUGGLES PACK

    RATIONAL (6-10)
    *Faster increasing skills: Logic skills
    *Increased performance in following careers: Detective, Law, Military, Secret agent
    *Decreased performance in following careers: Therapist, creative careers
    *Harder to gain sentiments
    *Collects lower negative life points from negative experiences LIFE STRUGGLES PACK
    *Collects lower positive life points from positive experiences LIFE STRUGGLES PACK

    *If having a very “negative childhood” +high point in SENSITIVE = risk of developing Sensitive maniac trait (van Gogh)
    *If having a very “negative childhood” +high points in RATIONAL = risk of developing Rational maniac trait (mad scientist/John Nash)
    INTROVERT (1-5)
    *Decreased performance in following careers: Entertainer, Comedian, Actor
    *Faster decreasing energy bar around unknown/acquaint sims
    *Slower decreasing social bar
    *Can get the moodlet Overwhelmed introvert around (unknown) sims
    *Can get the moodlet Shy around (unknown) sims
    *Harder to socialize with new sims
    *Higher risk of getting the Social anxious moodlet (when low points in Self-Esteem)
    *More negative feelings/moodlets around new/unknown sims
    *Tend to get less/no whims about parties/social events/getting to know new sims/attention
    *Tend to get more fears (whims) about making a fool of themselves/social embaressment/to be in the centrum of attention

    CAS Traits only available for INTROVERT: Loner
    CAS Traits not available for INTROVERT: Outgoing

    *Increased performance in following careers: Entertainer, Comedian, Actor
    *Faster increasing skill: Charisma
    *Slower decreasing energy bar around unknown/acquaint sims.
    *Faster decreasing social bar
    *Can get the moodlet Exited extrovert around other sims.
    *Easier to socialize with new sims
    *More positive feelings/moodlets around new/unknown sims
    *Tend to get more whims about parties/social events/getting to know new sims

    CAS Traits only available for EXTROVERT: Outgoing
    CAS Traits not available for EXTROVERT: Loner
    *Faster increasing skills: Creativity skills, Comedy skills
    *Increased performance in following careers: Creative careers, Babysitter career (part time job)
    *More often playful and inspired emotion/moodlets
    *Faster Bored or Tensed when performing serious actions (e.g. studying)
    *More whims with playful actions, less whims with serious actions

    CAS Traits only available for PLAYFUL: Goofball

    *Slower increasing skills: Creativity skills, Comedy skill
    *Decreased performance in in following careers: Creative careers, Babysitter career (part time job)
    *Increased performance in following careers: Astronaut, Business, Detective, Law, Salary person, Politician
    *Easier to fail with jokes
    *Easier to get other sims gain the moodlet “bored” from a conversation with your sim
    *Easier for other sims to gain the sentiment “reliable” about your sim (=easier to convince someone)
    *Slower Bored or Tensed when performing serious actions (e.g. studying)
    *Increased fun bar from performing serious actions (e.g. studying)
    *More whims with serious actions, less whims with playful actions

    CAS Traits not available for SERIOUS: Goofball
    *Tend to change their whims (positive & negative) more often
    *More impulsive whims
    *Can become tensed when sedentary for a longer period of time
    *Tends to get more smaller whims with smaller rewards
    *Faster Bored with repetitive conversations
    *Faster Boredwhen performing repetitive actions / from repetative interaction
    *Faster Bored with long-spun actions (e.g. short attention span, bored when doing a homework that take a long time to do).
    *Will autonomously do more impulsive actions and jump through different action (doing some homework ->now playing a game on the phone -> now start learning this new skill /etc)
    *Harder to get and remain Focused from actions (e.g. playing chess)
    *Can get the moodlet: Excited!
    * Easier to get the moodlet Life feels meh (+1 Bored and Decreasing Meaningfulness points).
    *Rapidly changing temperament: Tend to more easily become agitated/excited/scared/etc, and more mood swings

    REFLECTIVE (6-10)
    *Tend to change (refresh) their whims (positive & negative) less often (will stick with their whims for a longer period of time)
    * Will be able to see one/several of the tasks from the Quest want before accepting the quest
    *Less/no impulsive whims
    *Tend to get more “bigger” whims with bigger rewards
    *Easier to get Focused from actions (e.g. playing chess)
    *Will autonomously stick with their routines (no new impulsive actions), will stick with their actions for longer periods of time
    *Smooth/even temperament: less mood swings and "freak outs"
    *A persistent sim that failing with a Quest want or a whim that you have locked (=by removing it or by completing the opposite fear) will get a bigger decrease in Self Esteem points and Meaningsfulness points and tend to get the same whim instant afterwards
    *Bigger increased Meaningsfulness points when completing a Quest want or a whim that you have locked
    *Decreased Meaningsfulness points when failing with a new years resolution (SEASONS EP).

    CAS Traits only available for PERSISTENT: Ambitious
    CAS Traits not available for PERSISTENT: Lazy

    UNMOTIVATED(6-10) (Example: Bob Panncake!)
    *Smaller loss in Meaningsfulness points when failing with a Quest want or a whim that you have locked
    *If you have a Quest want or a whim that you have locked for a longer period of time without completing it => the sim will get the negative moodlet LET ME GO! and tend to get whims with: UNLOCK THE WANT! / LET ME GO! (=> urging to the player, because of low motivation)

    CAS Traits only available for UNMOTIVATED: Lazy
    CAS Traits not available for UNMOTIVATED: Ambitious
    2. Memory system (Positive/negative/redefined memories)
    Similar to sims 2 memory system with symbols (for slower computers), and the possibility to add photos and text to the memory (to create a scrapbook). Memories are highlighted with 1 of 5 different colours depending how the memory effected the sim at the given moment:
    *Green X = Positive memory from: positive sentiments/events (positive life/childhood points).
    *Red X = Negative memory from: negative sentiments/events (negative life/childhood points
    *Yellow X = Redefined memory (earlier positive memory that has changed temporarily after gaining a negative sentiment)
    *Orange with a “!”-symbol!X = a Struggle LIFE STRUGGLES PACK
    *Golden with a “!”-symbol!X = a treated Struggle LIFE STRUGGLES PACK

    *Sims are now going to remember their memories and will at random get a moodlet with the memory
    (eg. ”Simsis was born”)
    that have the same moodlet as back then (e.g. “+1 happy”). This moodlet will give them the interaction to "share memory" with other sims that are included in the memory (e.g. parents can share a memory of a child birth). This will make the other sim “remember” and get the same moodlet.

    *No met mystery sim or visited the park/library/shop -kind of memories (looking at you sims 3 ;) )
    *Focus on bigger events instead: had a baby(name of the baby), got married, divorced, become best friend with(sim_name), got scholarship (and which), got a job/retired (which career), had a negative / positive / neutral childhood LIFE STRUGGLES PACK, had a million simoleans, become boyfriend/girlfriend, etc...
    3. Updated wants & fears / whims system
    (Completing wants/quest want = gain "Meaningfulness points" and "Self-esteem points").
    You can have up to 3 different directions (aspirations) ongoing at the same time. The directions will give your sim negative & positive whims (want & fears), complete and gain / lose Satisfaction points + Meaningfullness points + Self-esteem points. You will also get an button for a Quest want. Click on this button to get assigned to a quest (the quest is based upon your chosen directions, is time limited and include several tasks). At the end of your sims lifetime, their tombstone will show what direction your sims found as most important (what directions their mostly picked) and what direction your sim was mostly successful in. You can change your sims directions at any time.

    Pick 3 directions from following categories:
    (They can all be from the same category or from different categories):
    1. Family 2. Romantic 3. Pleasure 4. Career 5. Money 6. Popularity 7. Knowledge
    8. Power 9. Hedonism 10. Goodness 11. Spiritual development 12. Personal growth
    13. Health & Wellbeing 14. Vanity 15. Evilness 16. Interest & Hobbies 17. Wildlife & Nature
    18. Travel & Experiences 19. Random
    (you will have the possibility to choose which directions to randomize from if you don´t want all of them)

    A sim that goes for a longer period of time without completing any whims / Quest wants will get the moodlet Life feels meh (+1 Bored and Decreasing Meaningfulness points).

    4. Lifelong sentiments that remain the same if you don´t try to get rid of/change them (e.g. “forgive” another sim).

    5. Update for hair and eye colour (similar to the skin update), option for “genetic hair colour” and “dyed hair colour” (kids will now inherit the “genetic hair colour”). Improved genetics = kids can inherit eye/hair/skin colour and appearance from grandparents & grand-grandparents.

    6. Add the lifestyles system to the base game, new lifestyles:
    -Juice-fanatic (loves nectar), Tetotaller/Soberist, Extravagant, Healthy, Unhealthy.

    7. New objects: Bunkbeds <3

    8. Personal biography and options for diet (omnivore/vegetarian/vegan) & favorite/disliked food/drink/music.
    9. Attraction system (+improved romantic)

    Game packs: (top 2)
    Collect Negative & Positive points from life experiences and develop Childhood traits & Life traits (e.g. Narcissistic, Naive, Spolied, Unlucky). Develop and remember Struggles and life experiences. Negative / Positive / Neutral childhood. Therapy +active Healer / Therapist career (return of the therapist from sims 2!). Self-Esteem system and Meaningfulness system (similiar to the aspiration system in sims 2).
    2. FREE TIME (interests, talents/inabilities -unlimited and optional, new skills and hobbies & freelance career for these).

    Expansion packs: (top 2)
    Multicultural world, Active Kindergarten, Elementary & High school, something similiar to the scout badges system +daily task +exam test & homework, Different programs: Regular / Art / Sport / Science / Homeschooling / Private. Active teacher career (Kindergarthen / Elementary & High school).
    2. GENERATIONS (deeper game play for all ages, one EP / several GP:s => childhood baby-child, adolscence pre-teen - teen, Golden age: adult - elder = midlife crisis, retirment homes, age-related ailments & Funerals).

    *Option to create holidays for specifik worlds/groups (Get together EP) (e.g. if you don´t want “Winterfest” in every world)

    City living:
    *Change the "vegetarian" trait and add the option for "diet" to base game (omnivore/vegetarian/vegan) Vegetarian is not an traits/personality it's a diet! 😳

    Music Degree (separate from Art degree) - Classes: Music theory (composing skill), Piano skill, Singing skill, Charisma skill, ONE optional instrument (guitar / violin / drums / piano / singing / etc).

    Snowy Escape:
    *Career for skiing /snowboarding / rock climbing (e.g. snowboard instructor, salary levels: 1-5)
    *Make the scenery “clickable” (e.g. make the shops in the “Wakaba”-area to rabbit holes: sport shop, Japanese fast food, Tea shop, Tourist info –“shop”) + ability to own 10-100% of a shop (sims 3) = will give you a regular profit.
    *A list with activities at festivals (ignore or complete activities and gain “satisfaction points” similar to “holidays”).

    *Change the “ugh! Don´t like my family”-moodlet (from having a negative relationship with family member when growing up) to a lifelong sentiment (that way you can change I if you want = reconciliation).

    Spa day
    *NEW SKILL: Yoga skill (separate from "wellness skill", level up yoga + fitness).
    *NEW SKILL: Meditation skill (separate from "wellness skill").
    *NEW SKILL: Wellness skill (Massage +Acupuncture => LIFE STRUGGLES PACK)

    *The new skin update (thank you!)
    *Lifestyles (add new ones and add to the base game)
    *The sentiments system (keep developing! +add lifelong sentiments)
    *Stuff packs getting better (deeper and bigger)
    *Occult sims/ fantasy elements in separate packs
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  • Dman5790Dman5790 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see the ability to take game screenshots and make them framed pictures you can hang on the wall in your builds.
  • WisdawnWisdawn Posts: 5 New Member
    I think this is probably more for a sequel, The Sims 5, or a major expansion: deeper, more demonstrable personalities.

    In other words, take what you did with the different walks, for example, and expand on it horizontally (more options) and vertically (deeper effects), at least when it comes to the various animations and the tones of the recorded dialogue. So, for example, a snobbish Sim would not just have a snobbish walk and a few snobbish reactions, but the way they look in other animations and their tone of voice in most dialogue also show this personality. A goofy Sim, same thing. A popular, admired female Sim who is a singer or actress, for example, may not necessarily turn down proposals all the time, but the way she reacts to admiration and proposals (her animations, facial expressions, tone in dialogue) matches the behavior of a celebrity a bit, so that cute, cartoonish exaggerated emotion doesn't show up as much in a snobby or very famous and admired Sim, for example. And so on and so forth with other archetypes and personality categories.

    It needn't be dozens of personalities, especially in the beginning, but I think something like 7 different archetypes would add a lot of depth and variety to Sims.
  • NikolaiBanksNikolaiBanks Posts: 145 Member
    EA_Mage wrote: »
    Hello Simmers,

    We love feedback, we crave it ... And with that thought in mind we wanted to start a dedicated thread, so you can share specific items you hope to see in game.

    Have a specific haircut you love and want to see it in game? A make-up style you use daily and want to replicate in The Sims 4? Missing a skin tone that is just right for you?

    Let us know the styles/items you want to see in-game! Pictures are loved and much appreciated.

    Well for starters you guys could actually start taking notes of what players want and passing it on to the people who make the packs, the patches, the pay DLCs, the Free DLCs, ect, ect. For starters I understand you live in the Northern Hemisphere and base a lot of the game's mechanics on that, please change that so people can switch between the North Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, I believe people HAVE mentioned this once or twice when Seasons came out a few years back, not ALL the world revolves around the Northern Hemisphere via America.

    The ability to have MORE best friends, The Sims 3 had this system and it frustrates a lot of players, myself included. That the Sims 4 only allows 1 Best Friend per person, whoever gave this mind set that people are only allowed 1 best friend is close minded, you are allowed MORE than one best friend y'know?

    The ability to take more vacations when wanting a few days off of work, the whole '1 day vacation' system sucks and needs fixing pronto, The Sims 3 you could take vacations and choose how many days you could take off, but this time choose between paid or unpaid time off, depending on how well your Sim works and how well their relationship is with their co-workers.

    Career improvements, I know in the relationship panel you now have career and it shows Sims you know from work, but it doesn't show which of those Sims is your Sim's boss, please add a 'boss' in the game so Sims know who their boss is and how to get on their good side and so on, this is something The Sims 3 also had and wished it was in The Sims 4 as well.

    Bug Fixes! Not sure what game you guys are playing, but in my game it is filled with tons and tons of bugs that need fixing and 99.9% of the community has to use mods to fix the bugs in the game while the one 1% tough it out until an update pops out and fixes the trillions of bugs the game has, it would be no surprise if people's antivirus programs haven't targeted Sims 4 as a virus or malware because it is so buggy.

    Improved Babies, I know this has been requested a billion times and will be requested another billion times this year, but we need improved babies, at the moment they are just items rather than living beings, you can't even tell what their needs are and have to guess what they're crying about when they cry, it's either they are hungry, need to be changed or because of loneliness, in The Sims 3 you could click on your baby and see what they need, but the Sims 4 you can't click on them much or even check their needs at all, please improve babies ASAP.

    That is pretty much my feedback with 100% bluntness, take it with a grain of salt or take it in consideration, either way I needed to be blunt because I would be lying if I said the game was flawless and as someone who tries to side with the Truth, I needed to be honest with my feedback and that's what I did, give an honest yet blunt feedback. I know this game is flawed and yet amazing and I know you guys care about this game as much as I do, that is why I had to be blunt with my feedback. I want to see this game to continue to improve and have the bugs fixed before this game's life support is taken away and left with a ton of bugs like TS3 was.
    "Ooh... why does life have to be so ironic?!" Sweetie Belle in One Bad Apple.

  • isitachimiisitachimi Posts: 87 Member
    edited February 1
    Option in game to allow or disallow followers.
    Option in game to file and control your gallery meaning you can place lots to be displayed in folders that you can name to organize it better. Like Halloween builds go here And Christmas builds there, super hero builds here etc.
    Option to allow or disallow comments on your builds or profile. First 3 inputs are for respect users privacy while gaming. Most games do offer privacy settings. It's common.
    Option to opt in or out of maxis fav system in a while that it will flag your builds so you can't get faved any more if you don't want that and also so you don't log with 100 friends request to your origin acct. It's creepy and intrusive.
    Less recycled furniture and objects that you reskin and resell.
    Matching furniture sets like arm chair couch and loveseat all match.
    Yamachan respect lot traits such as private dwelling and locked doors.
    Matching items and furniture by theme.
    Better rugs that look like rugs we buy all the time instead of left over eclectic prints.
    Less using of drinking water or using bars to mix drinks non stop until the sim dies.
    No more spraying to clean the desk since we bought the butler pack only he should do it. Sims are doing it all day.
    Non neat sims should never make their beds when they wake up in the morning.
    Fertilize all option for garden plants.
    Green houses we can make to put plants in that you can grow indoors all year.
    Pond Tool
    Waterfall tool
    Half Wall acts like fence instead of a wall so all other walls stay up when used around lot.
    Toggle on or off pet fears or pet run away.
    Better pet training. When trained not to jump on a counter you should not have to retrain them an hour later.
    Training a pet shouldn't cost relationship points.
    Walk all cats on leash too. Certain breeds can be walked on leashes, it's a thing.
    Walk more than one animal at a time.
    Kids and up can walk animals.
    Upgrade for tea pot and coffee machines broken, they do not self clean when upgraded to do so. Fix please.
    Strollers for babies or toddlers with option to walk or jog with them while stopping to tend to their needs as needed.
    Longer spa buffs.
    Cribs and changing tables.
    Spiral stairs 4 blocks total not wider or longer. Gotta save space.
    Optional carpeted stairs with color swatches.
    No more pastels colors and minty green or teal every thing.
    No more mission, victorian, country or french country, eclectic furniture please.
    Toggle on or off vampire hissing and growling option. Same with mermaid cooing.
    Add color wheel to game so we can color our own stuff.
    Add matching counter top cabinets rather than skimping out.
    Refine your colors or add more of them. for swatches.
    Add more toy cars to game for us to use as fake cars since you can't add real cars.
    Airport please add.
    Fix doctor job. Broken doctor gets promoted and still does the same duties as when he was just hired. Even though with promotions come finding cures faster, his duties never changes. The Nurses should clean those exam tables.
    More careers.
    More building features like roofs ends don't get longer but also title. Add tilt option to roofing. Round walls and half walls.
    Round pool tool which was removed from sims 4 when we bought it. Yet it's been in every version of sims before.
    Laundry, if you select add to washing machine, the sim should automatically wash it without you telling them too a second time, same for the dryer.
    Shorter bath, shower, eating and laundry, fishing timers.
    Proper metal metallic colors. If I want my sink to be stainless steel I want that shine with it as well. A nice shiny steel. I'm tired of the grey spray on color. Or add a color wheel and let us color every thing ourselves.
    Bring back prom, school plays, slumber parties, youth activities or misbehavior like throwing eggs at neighbors house, curfew for under adults age bring back that family feel of the sims being alive other than school work sleep thing you got going on.
    No extra emotions. They are far too emo as it is. Leave that alone.
    Add festivals that have 10 things to do not just one or three things.
    Add more rabbitholes where you can send your sims alone places without you from the get go to get powerful good buffs. So you can send them without load screen so they can leave the house.
    Let kids have more skill points. Some skills should be allowed. Revisit that.
    Let us buy groceries on the phone or pc or visit and shop at a real grocery store.
    Public laundromats.
    Add a farmers market for groceries too.
    Add stuff you do in life to the game.
    Add golf courses, airports etc
    Add themed packs like a wild west pack or a viking pack with fur on beds or furniture and great wall decor to build with or a proper castle pack. You would be surprised how many people could drop 10 or 15 bucks for a themed pack if it all matches its theme for something they want to build. Or hire someone that can teach you about themes or matching.
    Add toggle on or off eat at table or outdoor patio then a default changeable option.
    Add better wall art please.
    Let us pick what we want to paint from an easel instead of random junk available according to what level painting you have.
    Fix pets not finding certain items on higher floors of the lot.
    Fix sims always rummaging through trash all day long. Needs tuning.
    Add toggle on and off for monster under bed.
    Fix sketchpads, all tablets types, university books and homework book as well as any and all other books and homework or project items to be returned to inventory after each automatically each time.
    Better crafting recipes.
    Fix wild plants not maturing fast enough in the wild. Taking 7 to 14 days to grow in-between your sim waiting there while always working and filling their needs.
    Add bigger sized lots for maps. More empty lots to work with.
    Add eye lashes with an eye last sizer.
    Add better layered hair cuts. Add two layer hair cuts too.
    More mid century furniture by matching theme in a stuff pack that includes bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen.
    Shorter kid tantrum phases. With a cooldown that they can't go into a phase right after ending one.

  • Firebird_22Firebird_22 Posts: 1 New Member
    I want to see careers using the dancing skill and the dance machine trait. The general career that could show up on the jobs list could be dancing with the two career paths in the job being professional dancer and dance teacher.
  • MusealieMusealie Posts: 1 New Member
    What I would REALLY love would be an option to turn on/off packs whenever I feel like it. I believe The Sims 3 had an option like this at some point? Sometimes I just don't want to see those Star Wars or Supernatural seems about.
  • PandaCutiePandaCutie Posts: 2 New Member
    I don't know if others would find this interesting but say that you put a wall down but you dont want to put a whole wall down. Instead make an indent as a part of the window or door! Like make a half wall and I don't mean horizontal walls; I'm talking about a vertical half wall! I play on console and i honestly can't type a whole bunch of cheats in. Anyways thank you to whoever reads this. I would like to recommend this as a new update. Is it possible?
  • SolipsySolipsy Posts: 29 Member
    edited February 7
    *Display Cases specific for more collections.

    Fossils. rocks, gems, eggs, frogs, shells, minerals, etc, should have cases like the elements, post cards, & sugar skulls collection already do. Please? (I'm sick of that little junk strewn everywhere!)

    Idea for a pack:

    "Capital City"

    Create a new city that pulls the best, most iconic features of great cities around the world; markets, museums, landmark buildings, a grand theater (good to expand acting to a stage?), a protest square, etc.. The opportunity to rename the city would be nice. Expand on the "politics" career, elect Sims as "representatives" to vote on policies, or as leaders to set relationships between worlds (maybe?), Hotels & more apartments would be awesome.

    Have the option to vacation AND/or to live there. (maybe give sims the option of "SimB&B" rentals in other cities/towns.)



    Give us a town of empty lots and a selection of new venue types like a grocery store, a sports stadium, a functional bakery, a shopping mall, an amusement park, a science museum, or a buildable museum with selected themes. (?)

    *Save our own styled outfits for future use.

    *A scrapbook in which we can include Sims photos they've taken, allowing us to add captions. Allow some style options for it.

    *Allow Sims to own more than one house!!!

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  • dryzoneaudryzoneau Posts: 48 Member
    I would definitely like to see more head/hair accessories for female sims such as headbands, scrunchies etc.
  • RosysimmerRosysimmer Posts: 661 Member
    edited February 9
    more ig 'old fashioned' outfits?? Like, more stuff from different time periods. Most of the (at least cas) stuff in the game is very like modern or present-day. I want more clothes that can make sims look old fashioned.

    Also curved walls and stairs. And wall angles. The only one is kind of unusable sometimes.

  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,410 Member
    I love all your ideas, Rosysimmer. ;)
  • NerdSim46NerdSim46 Posts: 1 New Member
    A height slider!!! please!!!
  • honeybee7honeybee7 Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to see someone think about adding more empty lots to put residential houses on in the different worlds, Also someway to expand lot sizes in the different world , I dont understand why the sims 4 does not have that option. Some of the worlds seem limited on lots and such.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,410 Member
    The ability to change the Rental Lots in Granite Falls & Salvadora to Residential Lots.
    Also, to change Special Lots to Residential Lots.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 44 Member
    Sims 4 Possible Additions.....
    This is a list of possible new additions for Sims 4...
    1. Potion of Eternal Youth (12,000 satisfaction points) (drink is green)
    (This potion can make your sim live forever and not age a single day!!!)
    (If a sim drinks this, their age bar would have the infinity symbol!!)
    2. Sim Command Center (SCC) (the default version of MC Command Center)
    3. Teens would get the ability to graduate early, if the sim has an A grade!!
    (They would have an option appear on their phone, “Graduate”)
    4. Delete relationships by typing in, “sims.delete_relationship_(sim name)
    5. An option to rename neighborhoods by editing the bio...
    6. Cheats, sims.add_buff and sims.remove_all_buffs....that’s all.....
    (Those cheats would be modified to work in The Sims 4)
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • DanmanNefariusDanmanNefarius Posts: 678 Member
    an option to stop the generation of homeless townies
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,098 Member
    Mandy0421 wrote: »
    When I downloaded Cats & Dogs, I found that you cant control the either of the title animals and there aren't any horses or farm animals in any of the pks so far. Both my mom and I have decided that this expansion was a waste of money.

    Well to clarify, the pack is called Cats & Dogs. It's not called called Pets or Animals, so it is realistic to assume that only cats and dogs would be included in a pack titled that.
  • KirstCursedKirstCursed Posts: 1 New Member
    I'd love to see a few more options for careers. The playable careers like Doctor, Scientist etc.
    I would love to have an Interior Design playable career. Where you go to other clients (Sims) houses or businesses and redesign a room or the whole place for specific things they want doing. And get feedback from them as to whether they like what you've done or hate it etc.

    More playable careers instead of 4 would be amazing. But the interior design playable career would be perfect!
    There isn't a game like it so to be able to add it into an already well loved game by so many including myself would be the icing on the cake!
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 378 Member
    I'd love to see a few more options for careers. The playable careers like Doctor, Scientist etc.
    I would love to have an Interior Design playable career. Where you go to other clients (Sims) houses or businesses and redesign a room or the whole place for specific things they want doing. And get feedback from them as to whether they like what you've done or hate it etc.

    More playable careers instead of 4 would be amazing. But the interior design playable career would be perfect!
    There isn't a game like it so to be able to add it into an already well loved game by so many including myself would be the icing on the cake!

    Nice idea! I would love also a singer/band, model, firefighter, teacher. There's many possibilities!
  • ReyezandoReyezando Posts: 2 New Member
    It would be great if Sims has bean bags and L-shaped couches. That's all I suggest for now, and I'm sure there's a lot of important items to be added in Sims (like cars, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.).
  • ReyezandoReyezando Posts: 2 New Member
    > @Reyezando said:
    > It would be great if Sims has bean bags and L-shaped couches. That's all I suggest for now, and I'm sure there's a lot of important items to be added in Sims (like cars, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.).

    Ohh, i forgot to mention also please Sims developer add water dispenser, printer, projector, white board, projector screen,
  • lana44lana44 Posts: 56 Member
    Direct controls n more human options....have picnics in the yard, drive cars, grocery shopping or run out of food in fridge. Option for short or tall slims...more sexy n funky TV in bed or nap while watching tv...let the TV stay on when not watching...chopping wood for the fireplace or run out..etc
  • CangwenCangwen Posts: 33 Member
    I'll keep this relatively short.
    -handedness options in CAS
    -ceiling/roof customization
    -a minimal half-wall trim
    -more stuff for cats
    -curved pools
    -curved walls
    -the ability to alt place stuff on surfaces
    -heterochromia and central heterochromia
    -online dating
    -alien overhaul
    -toddlers be seen in places like parks with their parents without cheats
    -adoption for teenagers
    -more relationship types in CAS

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