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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Mizzila1297Mizzila1297 Posts: 451 Member
    I would really love to see more farming/farmhouse and ranch style items. Like grandpa's grove in TS3!
  • Behappy1stBehappy1st Posts: 218 Member
    A werewolf pack as good as or better then vampires. Long hair, really long hair. Seen from front and back. Any paranormal life you can think of. Romance and dancing like in sims two or better. Singing career, band, etc. Bigger worlds, more lots.Open neighborhoods.
  • fritzensteinefritzensteine Posts: 22 Member
    Man, I have WAY too many thoughts about this topic, but I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.

    1. Cyborgs/cybernetics/augmentations/overall some sort of transhumanist vibe in a pack? I have a particular sim who I've been playing who builds Servos and adores robots... it'd be cool if she could, y'know, BECOME one!
    2. More traits, tbh! Maybe a trait update? I want more traits that interact/conflict with one another.
    3. More decorations! I love little trinkets, it's only natural that I want *more*.
    4. Having shelves hold more items. Like, some décor items and collectables look like they would TOTALLY fit, but then... they don't.
    5. More cool, rare plants like the cowplant! Even just venus flytraps... I like carnivorous plants.
    6. Options for birth defects? I don't think this is something a lot of people exactly look for in the sims, but I think it would be super interesting to see, plus it could help those with said defects feel more accepted and normalized!
    7. More grungy/worn down items. More litter décor and dilapidated trinkets as well as furniture. It'd be cool I think...
  • DarkwingzDarkwingz Posts: 77 Member
    edited February 28
    Darkwingz wrote: »
    I know that Monster High is pretty much a dead Mattel property at this point, but I'd like to see some inspiration from it.
    From ghouls and monsters to the friends that they are, I think it'd be pretty neat to see a Supernatural expansion which includes new incorporations for Discover University.
    (Since we're on the theme of "inclusivity" here, that's the entire message of Monster High- claws out and celebrate those freaky fab flaws.)
    Or EA could ask Mattel how desperate they are to keep the Monster High label, and EA could probably do something else with it that the doll line couldn't do for the books. It all depends on EA's dedication to the "We aim for inclusion" bit.

    Just wanted to update EA on the Monster High Mattel property status... it's not a dead franchise!
    Nickelodeon took up some of the copyright so they could do some stuff with Mattel.

    What this means, is that if EA goes to Nickelodeon for a share of the Mattel pie, they can also ask for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    Now I don't know what TS4 could do for that collaboration aside from costumes and a few statues or paintings, but this is good news for fans!

    This is a good opportunity to introduce more Monster and some Ninja packs, in my opinion.
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  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 46 Member
    Hi, I post on this forum a lot of recommendations including The Sim Command Center, well, I think this potion correctly named Potion of Eternal Youth, where sims don't age and live forever!! That's cool, right?? Yes. The potion would cost about 12,000 satisfaction points. The description would say the following, "This potion will make your sim live forever and not age a single day!!!" Your sim would have the infinity symbol, instead of the original age counter. Your sim would ONLY drink it once!!
    If anyone has questions, please comment down below....Thank You
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • NeanoxNeanox Posts: 3 New Member
    I woul love more pets in the game. Especially rabbits! My rabbit is like a cat and dog in one. She plays with her toys by throwing them around and likes to follow and playfully chase us. She loves to snuggle on the couch. She is mostly free-roaming, sometimes spends time in a big playpen. There are a lot of potential interactions with rabbits, definitely wouldn't be boring in the game. Plus, extra cute.
  • Chocaholic523Chocaholic523 Posts: 61 Member
    • More aspirations and traits so we don't have to download mods and cc's for them! Take some from TS3, they have PLENTY that TS4 doesn't, such as workaholic, unlucky, brave, coward, lucky, heavy sleeper, hydrophobic, etc.
    • More aspirations! Again, look back at TS3 and their Lifetime Wishes. "Become a [insert max profusion here]", "gold digger", "world-reknowned surgeon", etc. Our current aspirations are pretty thin. There is still only one (maybe two? That might be mods) body/athletics-based aspirations! This is unacceptable!
    • More deaths. I just love deaths in the Sims. So far, TS4 does technically have more deaths, which is great! But, I'm always happy with more.
    • That sweet, sweet red heart vibrating bed. Please, EA. I want the love bed back! That is such an iconic item! It's what I picture along with cowplants.
    • heck, more places to woohoo. I still remember the rumor of a pillowfort back before the game came out, and there would have been an option for a "solo woohoo" when your sim was sad. Even if that wasn't added into the game, if you can woohoo in a bush and a pile of leaves, why not a pillow fort?! And don't forget woohooing in the elevator, the dining booth at restaurants, and photo booths!
    • photo booths. Those were cute.
    • canes and walkers for elderly people! Actually, let's just make this bullet all about making the elderly sims more fun. Give them canes and walkers, let them yell at the clouds, give them special aspirations like toddlers have! (as someone currently living with their very elderly grandparent, old people really do kinda become toddlers all over again.) Give them aspirations like "menace to society" in criminal, "world's best grandparent" in family (although this might coincide with the other parent-based aspirations, but still), "late-life crisis" in romance/wealth.
    • I'd love to see more extended family interactions. Mother/Father-in-laws having either good or bad interactions with their children-in-laws based off of traits/prior relationship. Aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, step-family. Really make these in-depth!
    • I'm not a big pets person, but I think more variety of pets would make a lot of people happy. Parrots, horses, reptiles, rabbits, etc. Give love to the animal people!
    • Fairies. I love fairies. I want them, please. We got sorcerers, vampires, and mermaids. Fairies is the logical next step.
    • Maybe some more kid aspirations. Kids are boring. Flesh out the kids!!! Give them more things to do, more after-school activities, childhood crushes would be sweet! There's a mod for that, but having it in the game would also be rad.
    • extending from the kids, teens. Let the teens have even more fun stuff! I remember in TS3, parents could win a random free vacation, and while they were gone, the teens could throw a party! Oh, and in TS2, teens could sneak out to go places! That was soooooo cool and fun! And maybe give teens temporary traits, like toddlers, that can kinda mold them into a specific type of teen, like the popular kid, mean kid, loner, jock, nerd, etc. There's also a mod for that, but you know... If there's a mod for it, that might be a thing to look at and go "oh, people have made that because they want it. we should try something like that. (not going for all mods, of course. there's some mods out there that should stay mods because +18)
    • More after-school stuff/hobby stuff! Think things like dancing (ballet, tap, jazz), fighting classes (karate, tae kwon do, kick boxing, wrestling, etc), music lessons, and so on. These would be fun, and also aid in/encourage skill building!

    These are all I could think of. Other people have made lots of good ideas!
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  • FancyCakes4UFancyCakes4U Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to be able to store appliances like the popcorn maker and the icecream machine in cabinets and counters like you can store thing in chests and books in bookcases

    Everytime I see all my appliances out on the counter in game I hear my mothers voice in the back of my head asking me how hard it is to put things away and threatening to throw a shoe at my head. 😔
  • arletaarleta Posts: 44 Member
    It doesn’t matter how much stuff or makeup or hair you add to this game. The problem is game play. It’s boring. They are happy little robots and clones. In order to make this game better you need to make it more fun. Honestly the gameplay in sims 4 needs serious overhaul. It is simply put the worst sims version. Build mode is probably best, but game play is atrocious. it’s not fun when things just spontaneously appear in inventory or your sim can do anything from a computer. It’s a game where is the game play? Lack of animation and interactions are a huge problem. Second issue is the robotic nature of the sims. They are emotionally trippy happy robots. I really hoped that sentiments and lifestyles would have added more depth, but once again they are superficial and limited to a blurb under a profile and do not diversify sim by much. Lifestyles also were created without any regard to previous expansions. So doctors, cops or any sim in active career or freelancer is constantly slapped with people person just because they do interactions that are required to complete the tasks. Sentiments disregard nap events like for example ‘roughhousing encouraged’ and animation that follows. The animation shows one thing and the sentiment has an opposite effect. There is no long term impact. Relationships are fleeting at best, family member nearly non existent. For anyone that likes to create stories it’s simply marginally possible and that is only if you imagine it. Generational play is literally limited to genetics. Sentiments are often assigned and I as a player do not know why? Maybe because animation is missing and so are notifications. So why does my sim have a grudge? No clue. Also, because game play is reduced to very basic animate repetitive actions when ever creators make an actual animation they overload it. So Murphy beds kill at an alarming rate, vending machines get stuck so often it seams more like a glitch then a feature and thinking about family member occurs almost as a daily task. There are no likes, dislikes, meaningful relationships (long lasting effects. My sim that went to collage was treated by her family like a strange in the home you she used to live in. Relationships exist in profile only), attractions or impactful reputations. One a family, ex etc disappears from lot, it’s like they are no longer important. Unless you want to read some profiles. We have one new emotion in 6 years. Finally. So traits, as limited as they are, are also useless. You can change aspiration but there isn’t that much to choose from. I’d like for the creators to add some depth. That would be my priority. Beyond that I’d like to see two expansion packs:

    1 my favorite expansion in sim history was open for business. Yes we have “retail” is sims 4 but it is created so so so badly. I would like for creators to concentrate on work and play. I’d like to see retail and business making expanded. I would love to see a creation with addition to stores allowing players to create more stores on one lot (3 max would be fine). Perhaps by allowing only one store to be managed at a time based on ownership. Expand on idea of running a store, expand on interactions with customers, managing employees, business ownership etc. I’d love to see more displays, sales furniture so I can create: a gallery, grocery store, salon, thrift store etc. allow player to run resorts, hotels, craft stores, car dealership ( yes add cars. I get sims don’t travel like they did in 3 but it’s just once again the lack of animation issue that just skips steps to make it easier and shallower). I’d love to see the creative team combine what already exist in the sims 4 and incorporeal an expansion that can tie it all better. I don’t want plopsy and getting gifts at a computer. It is simply not fun. I want my sim to go to the store and get it. Go to a mall and browse with a group. Groups just scatter like roaches. I can’t never find them and I am tired of having to call them over. Give me hang out option. Give me options like hiking that a group can actually stay together, do together. That brings me to play. Add arcades or gambling tables. And when making something make sure it has a reciprocal reaction. Run a store, buy in a store. Manage an arcade, go to an arcade. This game is seriously missing that. It’s all one sided. An attorney can ask to represent, but another sim can’t ask to be represented. One sim can steal, but another can’t catch one stealing. A cop can arrest a suspect, but another sim who is a criminal cannot be arrested or be a suspect. I was exited about snow brows. Finally something two sim can bond over. But, unfortunately it’s once again bad. I can’t take two sims to practice climbing together, gain skill together so they can go on a climbing trip together. I have to play those sims separately to build their skill so they can actually do it together. Mostly because this game is missing story progression. Even skiing or snowboarding is lacking as a group activity. Simple they can’t race together and after one run my plus one just vanishes despite me picking continuously. So snow bros can actually only build a snow pal together which they could have done with seasons. :/ so add a roulette table so they can do it in a group or poker table or arcade so once you form a group they can do something together and tie it with the possibility of owning that business.
    Add traits: schmoozer, gambler, slacker (a sim that needs lots of fun and hates work)
    Add careers: business owner (freelancer or self employed type) resort/hotel owner, real estate,
    Add aspirations: sales manager, employee of the month, fun enthusiast
    Add toy making workbench so you can gain the skill, make a store, sell the stuff
    Add a shopping district that is better then magnolia. And add empty small lots so I can make my own stores. Making paintings is great, harvesting plants also but I don’t want to just have them vanish and money added to inventory. That is just missing game play and opportunity

    2. Second expansion I’d like to see is farming: I would like to see a world with 2 large neighborhoods and one smaller. One large dedicated to farming (add corn, wheat, tractors), allow players to plant and harvest in large amounts and then add farmers markets so players can sell their honey and harvested items. I get horses might be tricky so add a coop so I can harvest crates with eggs and feed chickens. I don’t need to interact with individual chickens really. Add careers like: farmer (freelance). Add recipes like biscuits, fried chicken, homemade soup. Add aspirations like rural developer, add skill like horticulturist.
    Second neighborhood should be dedicated to wineries. Where player can plant grapes in large amounts, harvest, make wine, sell it in wine shops. Add careers like winemaker that would expand j to two branches: vineyard manager owner and wine critic. Add aspirations like cellar master,
    3 neighborhood should have farmers market, and small town stores
    Add (not my favorite, but some people like it) world related aspiration like countryside explorer. Add traits like brave and independent ( not related just need them) add festivals: wine tasting festival, county fair, homecoming festival.

    Sorry for the long post. This game is just so lacking. People want more stuff. That’s all great. I like stuff also, but that doesn’t add to gameplay. Right now It’s one sided, it disregards other expansions that should be utilized, it has no game play depth. It also Is missing animation and makes everything lacking in challenge. The game is also glitchy. The constant cooking, not changing back into winter clothes after a basketball game is just poor design that creates issues like freezing to death or meal plates all over the house. Push-ups during wedding ceremonies? Can we exclude all sport activities while watching someone getting married? Tone the movements. Two steps to the right, sit on a chair, get up, sit, get up, move one step. I like multitasking, but this is very frustrating. They are moving too much. Another shade of pink lipstick is just not going to fix the fact that this game needs tuning and better relationships, attractions, likes, dislikes, better reputations and more options for game play. Vanishing toddler on a slope, inventory filling with stuff obtained from the world of nowhere. That is not game play. If my sim had a relationship or lost a parent should matter and not just as a profile blurb. Good and bad reputation is shallow especially since it doesn’t make much difference anyway.
  • bevillebeville Posts: 1,058 Member
    edited March 11
    Cars! Cars! Cars! More food recipe like waffles,chicken and dumplings, pecans pie, lasagna, chicken noodles soup, why is there no oranges in the game still? Watermelons, corn, small appliances like toaster, hot chocolate maker, juice maker. How about some eyelashes and body hair. Oh yeah and be able to harvest pumpkin for pie, lattes, soup, muffins and bread. Also add a farmers market too! 😊
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  • ikkylovesbassikkylovesbass Posts: 4 New Member
    A Carnival themed game pack would be cool:
    -New neighbourhood which has 3 large lots for theme parks/carnivals and then 10 small lots for carnies to live in, and perhaps a couple of medium lots for holiday homes.
    -Two new jobs - a part time carnie attendant job, and a full time adult job in the circus with roles ranging from ticket attendant, clown, through to acrobat, and ultimately ringleader.
    -new 5 level acrobat skill
    -new acrobatic and theme park ride CAS items
    -New theme park lot type with bonus fun gains and fitness/acrobatic skill gains, where sims can ride on theme park rides, and watch performances by townie sims or active sims on circus items
    -If sims perform on acrobatic/circus items on theme park lots, they can be paid by strangers similar to getting paid by random sims if you play a musical instrument on a public lot
    -Sims can buy from food stalls and play games to try and win plushies as prizes
    -New carnival/circus themed CAS items and Build items
    -New business type of "Circus owner" (similar to buying a vet clinic in C&D)
    -New aspiration of King of Clowns, which requires you to do things like buy a circus, get to the clown rank in the career, and top the pet training skill (From C&D) or the new acrobatic skill
  • ProZackProZack Posts: 15 Member
    There's a lot of things I want to see in the game, but I know it's not gonna happen, so I'm not gonna waste me breath. I'm just responding to get Member status.
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  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 46 Member
    Potion of Eternal Youth..........*mic drop*
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • MoofytheManMoofytheMan Posts: 16 Member
    idk if this has been an issue with anyone else but some of the new skin tones are... pink? and purple? idk but lots of my townies are walking around looking like corpses. maybe it's because i have a default skin replacement but i'm not sure
  • bettycrocketbettycrocket Posts: 99 Member
    Ok, so today bunk beds just came out. I love them, but there is a bit of an issue with them.

    With typical loft beds, you can place a dresser, table, or even a full-sized (two tiles in TS4) desk underneath. When I saw this option was not in the game, I was completely flustered. I can only place a half-sized (one tile in TS4) desk underneath the desk, so it does not cause routing issues.

    In a later update, I would really like to see two title objects fitting underneath loft beds without interfering with routing.
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 393 Member
    edited March 23
    I would like it if when i switch households to see everyone at work and school or where ever they're supposed to be during the day. I just switched to my legacy household and the heir and his teenage kids are at home from work and school at 1pm.

    I would also like to see common front doors like this in the game:
  • AlmaAlma Posts: 22 Member
    Please fix the dirty state of the new counters in the Country Kitchen Kit. It's really broken!!! Don't know if it's all the counter types but my "normal" sized counter (the one you use the most) looks like it has another type of counter all thrown on over the wrong parts (not sure if it's called bitmap or not, might have that confused).
    Also, the counters and cabinets doesn't match up with each other (different heights at the bottom of the counters, some are open underneath, others are not for some reason, different depths of the upper cabinets and why are they so deep? One of the cabinets (the one with doors) is actually deeper than the counter itself (if you don't count the counter top). I get why the full length one is deep but why the other ones are make no sense to me. You do know they're not supposed to be the same depth as the counters right?
    And what's up with the kitchen sink being bullied by the rest? Can't join in for some reason?
    The idea of the Country Kitchen Kit is nice and I love the colors, both the stove and fridge are cute and so are the decor objects but I can't say that I approve of the execution of the kitchen itself unfortunately, it's so NOT worth the price tag.
  • CharleyNoel9CharleyNoel9 Posts: 29 Member

    I have such a hard time with the lighting options when decorating houses. I feel very limited.
    Here is a link to some lighting ideas that I think would be nice additions and provide more variety with in-game lighting.

    And here are some that I'd really love to see added to the game:


  • CharleyNoel9CharleyNoel9 Posts: 29 Member

    I would also love to see some more hair options for both men and women.

    Here is a link to some women's hairstyles that would be nice to have in the game:

    And here are a few of my favorites from those:








  • CharleyNoel9CharleyNoel9 Posts: 29 Member

    And suggestions for furnishings... would love to see more options for matching items. Even if they aren't sets, at least have color-coordinating options so we can mix and match.

    I would LOVE to see some horizontal and low bookshelves for placing under windows, or just so they aren't always so tall.
    Like these:


    OR items that can double as a bookshelf or just have shelf slots, like this lamp shelf:

    And I really think we need more art options, and frame groupings. Those are used so much that I think there's not nearly enough options there. That sort could use some work, also. I wish posters and decals or at least things like wall cracks and spiderwebs were under a different button, because it is very cluttered and takes forever to get to actual artwork.

  • NahidNahid Posts: 2 New Member
    1. I like that the relationship not be in two-way and one person be interested in another while the other does not feel romantic towards him.
    2. Eating alcoholic beverages affects a person's decision-making process.
    3. The number of vacant houses or large plots to add new houses to the game is very low. I do not like to delete previous houses or families to add a new house.
    4. Building a very large city that adds a new part to the city with game updates is better than building several small cities.
    5. Add more fashionable clothes to the game.
    6. At the beginning of making new sims, each dress should have special price and the family money reduces to buy and wear them but add preview feature for them. After making the sims, the rest of clothes can be purchased through the clothing store.
    7. Refrigerator foods just can be purchased via mobile or laptop or grocery store and display inventory at the time of purchase.
    8. More personality traits be available for choosing.

  • Ms_SnufflypantsMs_Snufflypants Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to be able to plant and harvest the Guzmania Pollenis Flower for my adventures! To make it a regular harvest able would be awesome.
  • Mother0fMischiefMother0fMischief Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi! I would like to see Create-a-Style make a comeback for both CAS and furniture, please.

    More unisex clothes and hairstyles. Perhaps for those of us who want a Drag Queen or Deag King SIM, females Homme style clothes and male femme clothes?

    More long hair options for male sims.

    Dye options for all hairstyles with a color wheel to select our desired color and dye effects rather than only a select few options with a preset and unchangable option? I personally feel annoyed that I cannot dye my Sim's hair to have my natural blonde color and the green highlights I have in real life.

    Could we also get a few more emotional deathes such as being so scared the Sim dies of fright? I would also like to see a Mischievous/Impish Emotion to boost Mischief other than Playful.

    I would like to Spellcaster Jobs such as Teaching either as a Spellmaster or a Potion Expert.

    Allow NPC Sims to have a Legacy toggle option. Meaning that the player can toggle for NPC Sims to develop their own relationships and get married and have babies based on their traits this way new Sims are born rather than randomly generated. Toggle it off and randomly generated Sims will move in when old Sims have died off.

    Perhaps add a Challenge Mode centered around somenof the popular challenges such as Breed out the Ugly or 100 Babies Challenge? Create a set of parameters that the play has to play within but still allowing freeplay.

    Please bring in more Occult Sims such as Fairies and Werewolves maybe add Mummies to the Jungle Adventure that could curse your Sim or transform them into a Mummy if they fail certain interactions or trigger a trap.

    Allow us to breed the Bugs from Outdoor Retreat much like we breed the Frogs.

    Please and thank you!
  • MividaLakMividaLak Posts: 1 New Member
    - I would love to see more masculine fashion items and hairs, as they are greatly lacking compared to what feminine sims have (also more diversity in the fashion styles, like streetwear, punk, androgynous fashion, etc)

    - Same thing for children and toddlers, those poor kids don't have a lot of clothing variety :(

    - More occult life states (werewolves ♥♥♥), as well as adding more depth to the ones we currently have (I'm thinking mermaids in particular, who don't have many mermaid-exclusive powers compared to vampires and spellcasters, but aliens could use a little dusting up as well)

    - More random events, like burglaries, meteorites, etc

    - Actual gossip, similar to what the Sims 3 had (Nancy Landgraab did WHAT?)

    Some autonomy rebalancing would also be appreciated. The latest update helped quite a bit with that, making sims more likely to do some things than others depending on their traits, but I'd love for their moods to affect their actions much more than they do currently. Maybe some nerfing of the happy mood might help with that (seriously, my sims are constantly happy when I'm not using mods).
  • angelaalegnaangelaalegna Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm so beyond tired of my sims being depressed every day because one of their acquaintances that they met once died. It's really hard to pull your sim out of their depression pit when NPCs that they've met once pass away every single day. I'd like to see the mourning moodlet last a couple of hours. While depression lasting days is more realistic IRL, all that does is lead to my sim being chronically depressed, and not fun to play. Thanks!
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