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Sims 3 and things


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Here are some pictures from my play this morning.

    I loaded Episode 29 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt a couple of days ago. These pictures show my work on the beginning of Episode 30. Not much of this is on video as it's mainly just them getting skills but some of it will be in the next video.

    The thing is, I need them to learn skills so I can send them to live back in Cake Island so I need to get them skilled. Also, I need to make them learn skills or this game will get bogged down and go nowhere fast.

    However, watching Sims read books isn't all that much fun, especially if you're watching a video. So I try to get them to read while I'm not recording a video.

    This morning's play session has had them all doing different things so I did record bits of this. Here's the screen shots I got.

    At the end of Episode 29 video the entire household went to the Spring Festival to collect festival eggs. It was a very frustrating search as mostly they searched exclusively in places where there were no eggs. They did manage to collect a few eggs.

    I discovered on their return home much later that Clara had managed to pick up a Fancy Festival Egg so that was nice. I didn't see her pick up any eggs but with 11 of them it wasn't possible to keep an eye on any of them all the time.

    At the start of Episode 30 they are still dancing at the Spring Festival. Except for Lionel - he's playing horseshoes.


    Several of them had a wish to buy a Bonehilda Coffin so I got one for them. I like to click the 'dice' button sometimes and that's what I did with this coffin. I thought the effect was interesting. A lot of things that can't be recoloured with the recolouring tool can be given random colours and patterns if the dice is clicked when in Buy Mode.

    Bonehilda Awakens

    Next morning I sent Rachael to the Spring Festival alone and she collected ALL of the available Festival Eggs. She came home with one fancy egg and one Spring Gnome.

    I added a side table to the Common Room and placed the two Fancy eggs on it. Rachael got the Freezer Bunny egg and Clarice the red egg.


    I didn't get screen shots, but several of them had a wish to collect seeds.

    I sent them to the Greenhouse to collect seeds. While there Clara kept wanting to collect more seeds so I let her do that.

    When everyone was back at home Clarice and Rachael started planting their seeds. Unfortunately neither of them could plant any other than Common seeds so they set to work gardening to get their gardening skill up. They are currently at level 6 so can plant Uncommon Seeds. Mostly though, they collected Special and Rare seeds so it'll be a while before they can plant them.

    Here are the two Imaginary Friends made real gardening.



    The garden is growing. By the time I have it filled up they will have enough gardening skill to not need to garden any more. But, of course new Imaginary Friends made real will be coming to stay in the future and they will benefit from this effort.

    Eventually there were no plants needing tending, and Jack had picked a pumpkin so he sat down in the middle of the garden and carved it.

    After gardening for a while Lionel and Mark went upstairs to sit in their kitchen and read some recipes and fishing books. I think they are probably just reading recipes as not many of the household members have any fishing skill yet. I'll have to get to work on that soon. Now it's Springtime and the ponds are thawed they probably can go to a fishing hole together and all learn to fish at the same time.


    I discovered Wilfred telling a ghost story. Only Karen was interested and sat and listened. Jack was happy watching Clarice playing the piano.


    Not much has been happening between Wilfred and Wendy so far today. Wendy doesn't have a very high level at anything but she's managed to get to level 3 or a little above in most necessary skills. She's read all of the recipes available to her and she's read her fishing bait books too. Since she's got to level 7 in fishing and gardening she's now ready to get married. That'll happen later in Episode 30. I still need to record video of her and Wilfred visiting some of the local venues. I added the Ice Lounge which came with one of the expansions, I think, can't remember which one. I had a look inside and it doesn't seem very inspiring but I might send this couple there for a few minutes to see what it's like at a Sim's eye view.

    Wilfred's not showing much interest in befriending the cat. He might take it home with him and maybe they'll improve their relationship there. I really don't think he's going to get his lifetime wish of adopting a unicorn.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Today my sims were busy. I played on and off during most of the day.

    I only managed to get 3 screen shots. It's getting late now - 10 pm.

    I've been working on skills, reading books and getting Wilfred and Wendy married. They are both currently wishing to have a party - a bachelor and a bachelorette party. Wilfred just proposed marriage to Wendy and she accepted and I saved and shut down.

    I found only 3 members of the household need to learn fishing. They all had 0 fishing skill. I sent them to the pond to fish.

    Jack, Mark and Lionel fishing. Lionel is closest to the camera.

    I noticed Lionel was cold so I sent him home to fish at the wishing well. I didn't check the other two. They probably were cold too but there is only one wishing well at home so they stayed at the pond. I checked their progress just before I shut down. Lionel was at level 6, Jack at level 5 and Mark at level 4. So more work still needs to be done but it doesn't have to be done before the wedding. I might get them to improve it a bit but there is no hurry. They've been reading recipes. Of course they will still have their fishing books to read once they get their skill to level 7.

    Wendy and Wilfred went into Stylist and got their wedding outfits. Wilfred got a new Outer wear outfit too. His red checked shirt and black fingernails were not my idea of suitable outerwear. Maybe I didn't give him a proper makeover when he aged up to Young Adult.

    I got a couple of shots of Wendy. She scored jewellery as well as a new dress and some lipstick.


    This pair have been best friends for ages. They went on a date to the Ice Lounge tonight and then they went to the Dome in the early morning time. The wedding venue is set up for them. They had a look at it while they were there but I don't think I got any video of it. I am going to have too much to edit by the time they are married. I got a heap of video of them riding the roller coaster and that's going to take ages to edit.

    Once Wilfred and Wendy are married I'll send them home to Cake Island and they can move into their new house. I haven't decided where to put them yet. All of the houses in the street where I put the previous married couples are now taken. There are other houses around the world so I'll find something for them.

    The next episode will show the makeover of both houses, Wilfred and Wendy's as well as Frank and Felecia's.

    Then I'll send Derek and Delores on their vacation. I think I'll send them to Isla Paradiso or maybe Roaring Heights. Haven't decided yet. I don't need them to travel to The Great Southern Land so I won't send them there. Once they've moved out of the Main Household I'll probably make the final 3 imaginary friends real and send them to the Great Southern Land. I might get Dave and Demetria married before I do that though. I'll have to work out the logistics.

    I don't want to overload either household. I don't think the two Imaginary Friends made real in the Great Southern Land will be ready to move out by the time Wendy and Wilfred are ready to go home so there won't be room in that house until after Coby travels to the Great Southern Land to marry Clarice and returns to Cake Island with the pair of Imaginary Friends who are staying there. All four of them will then move out to their new homes in Cake Island.

    Then Sharonda goes to the Great Southern Land to meet and marry Stan. So I might put off making the final 3 imaginary friends real until after there is more room in the Great Southern Land and either Coby or Sharonda can travel with the Imaginary Friends. When Sharonda and Stan have returned to Cake Island and moved out Megan or Latoya could take the final three to The Great Southern Land when Megan goes there to marry Mark and Latoya goes to marry Lionel. Which will leave only Constance, Joni and Kendall to meet Chris, Jack and Karen. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

    Once they are all married and safely in their own homes in Cake Island and Gerry is alone in the main house the babies will start arriving. With 15 couples having babies, they should only need to have 2 babies each to get the 30 grandchildren. Then I think Gerry has to have another child somehow to get the badge to trigger. Only time will tell if it all happens as hoped.

    Happy Simming All.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 30 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    The entire episode is set in The Great Southern Land Beta by @Frogprincess_q

    All 11 members of the household plus 2 cats are seen around the house and elsewhere.

    The video begins with all 11 of the sims dancing or playing horseshoes at the Spring Festival after their egg hunt seen in Episode 29.

    We see them working on skills, reading books and enjoying each other's company.




    In the second half of the video the focus is on Wilfred and Wendy. They start out this episode as Best Friends but by the end of the episode romance has changed their friendship and they eventually become engaged.

    Their bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding and eventual return to Cake Island will happen in Episode 31.

    Happy Simming

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 31 video is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    We get to know a few of the townies in this video. They are guests at the three parties that form the majority of the video.

    Firstly we meet up with Wilfred and Wendy at the Dome where they have been alone together and have just got engaged to be married.
    Wilfred plans a bachelor party and we see some highlights from the party which is attended by numerous townies, most of whom Wilfred doesn't recall inviting to his party but they all enjoy themselves.


    Then Wendy hears about the bachelor party and decides she ought to have a bachelorette party and she organises her party with much better control of the guest list. A few of Wendy's female friends show up and they have a great time dancing together at the Cake Pleasure Dome.



    Finally Wilfred and Wendy arrive at their wedding venue with other members of the Potential Spouses household and a few of their townie friends. By this time some of the townies will be familiar to you as they have been dancing at two parties already.



    There are some interesting goings on at the three parties but overall it is just a fun video that fulfils the need for Wilfred and Wendy to get married and move out to live in their own home in Cake Island.

    Clara, the unstable Imaginary Friend made real, features quite prominently in all three parties as she rotates through a variety of outfits. She's currently insane. I think her traits are going to need an overhaul before she is allowed to move out of the house to live on her own in Cake Island.

    Happy Simming

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 32 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode we will get an update on all of the married couples in the 30 Grandchildren main family. Then we have a tour of the new house Wilfred and Wendy have moved into after they return from The Great Southern Land where they were married in Episode 31.

    Derek and Delores leave for their vacation in Isla Paradiso and choose to live on a luxury houseboat while on vacation. Their fist day in Isla Paradiso begins with Derek cooking them a hearty breakfast which they eat together then they decide on what to do that day. We join them as they visit the beach then a bowling alley and finally go scuba diving where they meet a mermaid, Maya Ocean.

    I hope you will enjoy the video. It runs for approximately 31 minutes.

    Happy Simming
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,031 Member
    edited June 2021
    @Karritz I watched your last video, episode 32.

    Cake Island is an interesting world. Sims 4 doesn't have a Create a World function. But I'm ok with that right now since I'm still exploring the EA worlds. ... Fun to see the family all lined up with the toddlers and pets. ... Enjoyed seeing the home. Nice place. Great décor. I liked the mushroom people paintings. Very cute. ... Awesome house boat! Isla Paradiso is a good place for romantic getaways. ... Seeing the Twizy again was fun! ... I liked your bowling venue. Sims 4 has a bowling pack, but I don't have that one. I wonder how they compare. ... I'm surprised that stereo didn't break from the hauntings. Maybe I'm used to Sims 4 ghosts now. Remind me, do S3 ghosts break items they haunt? ... I love the scenery you showed in the video, especially the dive site. There aren't any underwater lots in S4. Too bad that mermaids are still having problems with scales and tails. I remember having to fix all those! ... I enjoyed watching the video. Good job putting it all together.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    @lanlyn thank you for watching and commenting on the video.

    When I got the notification that you had mentioned me in 'Sims 3 and things' I was wondering what had happened. It took me ages to work out it was in the Australian and New Zealand forum and is something I made and post in regularly. I am amazed you found my posts in this thread. It is something I've done to let fellow Australians and New Zealanders know Sims 3 is still happening, but mostly so I can keep together some of my posts that are scattered all over the internet. I'm so impressed with your being able to find this thread. I usually feel invisible here.

    The mushroom people paintings are custom content made by Sim Picasso. The original art work is by Elsa Beskow, she was a famous Swedish author and illustrator, living in the 19th century. I like her art, but the reason I use it in my sims houses is because it costs the sims 45 simoleans and gives 10 environment points.

    I've never known ghosts to break anything in Sims 3, but I don't play with them often. That scene with the ghosts happened because the game decided to send them to the venue. I thought it was fun as the whole thing was a bit different and unexpected.

    I think the mermaid issue will be with us permanently. It took me a long time before I got the issue in my own games. I think there are a lot of people who still haven't experienced it. That tutorial I did, with your assistance, on fixing the problem has been really popular. I think if I was really serious about getting thousands of views for all of my videos I'd stick to making tutorials and forget about doing the story videos. But I just can't leave the stories alone. I keep doing them. Haven't done a tutorial for about a year now.
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,031 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    When I got the notification that you had mentioned me in 'Sims 3 and things' I was wondering what had happened. It took me ages to work out it was in the Australian and New Zealand forum and is something I made and post in regularly. I am amazed you found my posts in this thread.
    @Karritz LOL, well that was more a mistake than expertise on my part! After watching the video, I clicked on your profile name here on the forums, found your comments and just chose the first one I saw about Episode 32. It wasn't until later that I realized I'd chosen the Aussie forum! :s

    I've learned a lot from your different tutorials. But I certainly understand wanting to try new things. I haven't done a lot with my sims blog recently and haven't gone back to Sims 3 since trying out S4. Oh well, different projects keep our interest alive, right? ;)
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 33 is now available for viewing on YouTube.

    Delores and Daryl are enjoying their vacation. They visit two roller coasters in this episode and ride them both. Delores does two keg stands with the able assistance of Daryl - sort of able assistance of Daryl. In spite of a few mishaps along the way they are growing accustomed to each other and flirting and some romancing has begun. There was too much going on to squeeze it all in this episode so expect their vacation to continue into the beginning of the next episode.



    In this episode, apart from riding roller coasters, doing keg stands and riding a carousel they go scuba diving and explore two dive lots and meet a mermaid. They met Maya Ocean in episode 32 and in this next episode they met Mia Azul.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The video showing my experience and thoughts on the new Sim State mod is now ready for you to watch on YouTube.

    It was made by Timecatcher who says they have now retired from mod making but will make the code available for someone else to take on the further development and support of the mod. I do hope someone takes up the mod as it does need some work but, once I got used to it I found it a lot of fun and I'll probably continue to use it in some of my future games. I've made a separate Sims 3 folder for games using this mod.

    The mod is available on Mod the Sims

    The two bakeries I used in the video are available on the Exchange.

    Old Mill Tea Room and Residence:

    Fantacy Land Bakery

    There are other bakeries in my studio but I didn't test the mod in any of them yet.

    Happy Simming
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    rosenero10rosenero10 Posts: 536 Member
    Love seeing all your TS3 screenshots, @Karritz
    I miss this game a lot. A better playing game than TS4.

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    rosenero10 wrote: »
    Love seeing all your TS3 screenshots, @Karritz
    I miss this game a lot. A better playing game than TS4.

    Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy them.

    I've been a bit diverted over the past few days and am planning an update on my plans for the future of my video series on Oscar's Childhood. I've been setting up a world with relevant sims and getting screenshots. I've written most of the text. It'll take a few days probably before I do the post. In the meantime I'm trying to complete episode 34 of my series on my attempt to get the badge for a sim having 30 grandchildren. I think I better try to focus on the video tomorrow.

    I did try Sims 4 briefly but I soon got to the point where I was impatiently waiting for it to finish loading so I could shut it down. After doing that a few times I decided to stick with Sims 3.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I've been diverted with thoughts of my Oscar's Childhood series of videos.

    He's a teen now and I'm making plans for how his future will turn out so I can be sure to steer him in the right direction rather than let him just do a random wander through the many worlds he's about to begin visiting with his buddies Eric and Susanne.

    First thing I did was find the save in Erewhon where their home was left burning fiercely after that evil alien, Fleur, called down a meteor strike that killed Oscar's Parents.

    Elouise was sent to Erewhon to pick up Oscar as there was no trace of any members of his family having survived and he was a child needing assistance.

    The thing no one knew was Oscar's older siblings had been out at sea with their mermaid friends and knew nothing of the meteor strike until much later. When they got home they couldn't find any trace of Oscar but they did find their parents' graves which they picked up before leaving Erewhon to start a new life in a new world, Our Beach City.

    I managed to get a bit of video recorded of them preparing to leave Erewhon. It will appear eventually as part of the Oscar's Teen Years series of videos. I will add that story to this thread as it is all connected.

    I believe the maker of Our Beach City is @Rflong7. I had previously played in her Beach City world and for some reason thought this was another version of that world. I discovered it isn't.

    In preparation for the family's move to Our Beach City I thought I'd pack up their furniture from the Erewhon house and I'd build them a new place in Our Beach City. But they had so much stuff I decided to save the entire house to my library and placed it in the new world before demolishing everything above ground. Most of their living area was in the basement. That's the part I wanted to keep and I didn't want their Erewhon house (the part above ground) to be in the new world. I want it to look like they have a new house.

    When I finally got Our Beach City open I discovered it was totally unfamiliar to me. It was also totally empty. Devoid of almost all buildings. I think I found a few buildings, maybe 2 or 3. So I placed the Jacobsen family and their old house onto a large lot away from the town.

    The save for Oscar's Teen Years has at least 13 worlds plus the 3 World Adventures worlds and there are about 800 sims living in them. Most of those sims are sims I've made over the years.

    I know there are sims I've made but not included in these worlds and I needed sims to populate Our Beach City.

    I plan to eventually add this version of that world to the big save - otherwise known as My Big Game.

    I needed to find sims that are not in any of the worlds already in my Big Game. I particularly looked for sims I've not played before. I have quite a lot of them. I make a new sim and then I move on. I have hundreds of old save games as well and many of the new sims I've made over the years were never exported so they are still in the save in which they were made and maybe played for a while or not played at all. One day I might go looking for some of those sims. Probably not though.

    So I spent about 2 days scouring my hard drives looking for sims that were scattered around. I found a lot. I think I ended up adding about 100 to the new save. There are a few duplicates with sims in the Big Game, but not too many I hope. If I wasn't sure I left them out. But a couple of them I may have to change their name to make them into different sims. I already did that for one of them. Her name is Glory Flower and in the Big Game she is married to a werewolf and they have babies. I rarely play that world but I expect Oscar and his buddies will visit it eventually. So I named her copy in this world Minnie Flower. She's a fairy.

    Next thing I did was add all of the rabbit holes I felt I needed in the world. There are a lot of them. I avoided rabbit holes that are combinations. This is a big world and I didn't come close to using all of the available lots. I think I managed to get all of the rabbit holes I needed into the world. I still need to landscape their lots. That'll happen eventually.

    I also got as many venues for as many of the different lot types as I could find. I avoided some of the Late Night venues as I didn't want skyscrapers in the world and I didn't want to make myself any new venues that weren't skyscrapers just to have all venue types in the world. There are a few tall buildings. I added one of them, the others were already in the world but they are not near the town part of the world.

    I used the Gothic Library as my library.

    The world ended up being a mixture of old and futuristic builds. I included two rabbit holes from Into the Future. The Bot Arena and the Mercury Stellar Observatory. The Observatory is a very tall building but I put it way out of town near an airfield. I put the tiny military base rabbit hole there too. I noticed the Ford Focus Sky Diving Centre was already placed there. I had been planning to use it so that was good. It's designated as a gym but I added another gym in the main part of town. The Skydive Centre is no longer available from the store - it came with cars at one point. I don't use it as a gym as it's a rabbit hole. I have sent a sim there occasionally when they have a wish to get pumped otherwise I don't have much actual use for it.

    I used a few of the venues that came from the store and that includes the gym and art gallery and the greenhouse. Most of the rabbit holes I used were from the store too.

    I added a heap of sims to a few empty lots. Then I relented and placed some houses around town planning to let the game move them into houses. But then I moved them into houses without having too much regard to where each of them lived or if they even knew their new housemates. I added some extra empty houses. I noticed the game is moving them around.

    Here are a few pics on what I've done with the world so far. I did it all as fast as possible so I suspect it'll gradually gain more character as I continue to play in the world.

    There's a lot of screenshots so I'll add a spoiler. The first group are scenes around Our Beach City after I added rabbit holes and houses.
    This is the new above ground bit I built for the Jacobsen's new home with the ITF Observatory in the background.









    I used Verde Park (the festival grounds from one of the worlds) instead of Performance Park. I used the version where it is just a park, not a festival grounds. Hoping it works the same way as Performance Park as it has a stage. It mightn't matter if I don't have any Showtime performers in the game.






    When I picked up the Jacobsen family from Erewhon I wondered if I'd find a mermaid who had lived with them for a while before moving out. I unexpectedly found her when looking for something else. She had a puppy named Ollie. So I added them to the household before I moved them all to Our Beach City. This is little Ollie sleeping in his new bed in the Jacobsen house.

    Olive is the teenaged older sister of Oscar. She's going to need to age up to Young Adult soon but I'll have to play them for a while first before I do that. I found she had an imaginary friend in her inventory. I found all of the Jacobsen's have imaginary friends in their inventory. I wonder if Oscar has one? Not sure about that. I'll have to check when I next load up his game. If I remember.

    This is Olive, she's the eldest of Oscar's two older sisters. She's in the front yard of their new home in Our Beach City.

    And some more shots around town.





    This is a sim I was glad to find. It's years since I've seen him and I have no idea what I named him. I added him to the world as a townie and came across him skating at the festival grounds. I used the Bridgeport Festival Grounds because I almost never play Bridgeport.

    Here is Millie Flower - she was originally Glory Flower but Glory is already in a seldom played world in the Big Game.

    Owen Jacobsen. He's Oscar's eldest brother and has their parents' grave stones in his inventory. He was in the military career but became unemployed during the move so I got him to join the military career again. He's starting at the bottom. Again.

    Fleur Shukopoi is an evil alien in disguise. The rest of the household still have no idea that she is the one who called down the meteor that killed their parents and possibly their little brother, Oscar.

    Just a shot of town.

    Simone is almost engaged to Owen. I am still planning on something happening there. She is a mermaid and I sent her to investigate one of the many dive lots that came with the world. Unfortunately none of them came decorated. I've only decorated two of them so far. I overdid the décor of the first dive lot.

    Here is Olwyn Jacobsen. She's a teen and is the youngest of Oscar's siblings. I found her imaginary friend, Wiggles, in her inventory and decided to get rid of it in my own unique way. I used Debug Enabler to force it to become live and now poor Olwyn has to find the potion to turn it real. Her logic skill is already at level 8 so it may not take her long to find that potion.


    Simone finally made it to the dive lot. As you can see it needs some work. I'll get to it eventually. She needed to swim as she had the dried out moodlet.

    While she was there Rose Flower turned up. I'm not sure if Rose is already in my Big Game. If she is I'll have to change her a bit.

    Sukie went to the first dive lot I decorated. It's somewhat overdone. I might change it a bit at some point. Move things around and remove a few spawner.


    Sukie will stay with the active household as she's a mermaid. I've discovered any mermaids I add as townies soon loose their mermaid status and become regular sims and I like her scale colour.

    Olwyn is now discovering potions. She wants to find a Ninja Vanish potion. I want her to find a potion to turn Wiggles real. She's at level 8 of logic and still has not discovered any potions.

    Little Ollie woke up. Looks like he may have made a puddle but Olwyn couldn't clean it up.

    Fleur Shukopoi and Owen Jacobsen in their home basement kitchen.

    Now this is where things get a bit unusual. I was working on my video for Episode 34 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt. I wanted to verify what a Sim had wished for at the wishing well when they get surrounded by pink sparkels. So I decided to add a wishing well to a lot in town where everyone can use it. I put the Tree of Prosperity on the lot too so they pixies or the fireflies would visit the wishing well at night.

    I found an empty lot in the middle of town. I added the wishing well and ToP. Then I needed to add a few more things. I added a few trees. Many different varieties. Some of these trees I've never used before as I tend to stick to just a few. Then I added some spring riders and a sandpit and some community rubbish bins.

    I had decided I didn't want to add a huge wedding center to the world so I added a wedding arch in a corner then thought I'd place a few chairs and a buffet table (not sure how that'll work on a community lot) and some other décor around it to make it look special.


    There was also a smallish fountain and the Twaillan statue and a fire pit as well. A few picnic tables and I thought that's it. Finished. Saved and realised we needed lights. I added some strings of coloured lights around the outside instead of using a fence and then scattered a few other outdoor lights around.

    It was time to find out what my sim had wished for to produce the colours I am seeing in my video. My sims often autonomously wish for things and I have no clue what they wish for. So I decided my victim would be my least favourite evil alien and told her to present herself at the wishing well in town. She did as she was told.

    Before Fleur arrived at the newly decorated lot Sandi O'Donnel turned up. She's another one I've rarely played and I'm not sure if she's in the Big Game already or not. Her hair is green.



    Now, there are some things a sim can wish for that I won't use. But I wasn't thinking very hard about what each of those choices could do. So I wondered what colour she'd be surrounded with if she wished for love.

    Fleur approached the Wishing Well and she wanted to steal a coin and she succeeded. Made me wonder if evil sims always succeed at that.

    I had been planning to get her to wish for Power and for Happiness to see what colours she got. So I saw she could wish for Love. I never let my sims wish for love at the wishing well. But I didn't think too hard and vaguely wondered what colour she'd be surrounded by. I was surprised she was holding a huge frog which she kissed and suddenly she had a elderly love interest.

    She attempted wishing for wealth a few times and the fairies delivered her some simoleans each time.

    She wished for happiness and power several times and never had any of her wishes granted. I also decided she could perhaps get that evil child that comes out of the wishing well occasionally and got her to wish for a child a few times and never got one.

    Later on Oliver came to the lot and he wished for love, a child, power, and happiness. He didn't get a child. He got a frog which he kissed and he was rejected. It leapt back into the wishing well. When wishing for happiness he got surrounded by pink and later on gold lights. Wishing for power gave him green lights. So I think that answers my question. I was confused because I thought only pink was produced when they wished for happiness. I wondered about the gold. Don't remember seeing green before. Maybe the colours are random.

    Some of the sims on the lot were hungry so I told Fleur to light a fire and toast marshmallows. She was soon joined by others. In th is pic we see, from L to R Pam Gates, Fleur Shukopoi, Ruben Gould (Fleur's Romantic Interest from the Wishing Well), Oliver Jacobsen and Maurice Smith.

    Maurice is a sim I made at some point. If he has high sculpting skill he'll be one of the sculptors I made a few years ago when I was trying to get a group of sims that can make all possible sculptures in ice that doesn't melt. I have a group of 4 that between them can do that now.

    Then I realised the lot type is "Sports Bar". I briefly thought of changing it to Small Park or something similar. Then thought - why not add a bar? Then once I added the bar it needed 4 walls and a roof. The roof wouldn't comply with my wishes so I added a fence up there. That fence came with Katy Perry Sweet Treats, as did the bar and bar stools used in this new Sports Bar.



    I have a mod that lets me use any bar as a professional bar. I tried to use it. I needed to click onto the bar. No go. The bar is shut. It opens between 11 am and 3 am and the in game time was 3:30 am. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

    Happy Simming All.
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 34 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This has a lot in it. It follows on from episode 33 and at the start of the episode the couple, Delores and Derek, are alighting from their roller coaster ride in The Bluewaters Fun Park. They go on to a few activities at the fun park that include a slow dance, a visit to the Love Inspector and the Wishing Well before there is a proposal. By the time their night of activities is over the sun has come up and they head off to The Carnival on the Water where they have another roller coaster rids, Daryl tries a keg stand and they use another Love Inspector. They play a few arcade games in the games room. At the end of the day, after dark, they go scuba diving where they meet up with Triton King. Next day is the final day of their vacation. Daryl goes off for a swim while Delores visits the Festival. Daryl goes scuba diving and meets another mermaid, Maya Ocean. They chat for a while before Daryl remembers Delores, and his desire to find her a special sea shell. So he says his goodbyes to Maya Ocean and heads for the beach. Maya Ocean heads for the same beach and Daryl is captivated by the beautiful mermaid. When he finally comes to his senses it's already dark and he rushes off to find Delores. On his way he spots a black unicorn and he is distracted. He decides to watch the unicorn for a while. In the meantime Delores is beside herself with worry about him. When he calls her she rushes to the Lucky Fishing spot to see this unicorn he's going on about. She decides there is no way that thing is going home with them. Then the trip is over. They return to Cake Island II. Their big wedding is the next day.

    Daryl and Maya Ocean scuba diving

    The bride and groom with the bride's parents

    The wedding party with the bride's unmarried siblings

    The sim's voices are featured more in this video than in previous videos in the series. I hope you enjoy watching it.

    Happy Simming
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    30 Grandchildren Episode 35 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    In this episode Demetria and Dave conduct their romance at home rather than going on vacation. They have their wedding near the end of the episode. The other main activity is the final three imaginary friends are made real. We have a look around Cake Island and visit the gym, pizza place and nectary that come with the world. As you can probably imagine, they are in Cake island so think Cake when imagining their architecture.

    In the end Coby and Sharonda, accompanied by the three new imaginary friends made real, head off to The Great Southern Land where Coby will meet and marry Clarice and Sharonda will meet and marry Stan and the imaginary friends will begin learning their skills and reading books that will prepare them for live on their own in Cake Island.

    We are getting close to the end of this.

    Happy Simming

    I hope you enjoy the video.


    The final 3 imaginary friends made real


    Lucy, Cameron and Bruce
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    I'm so excited. I have had my newest married couple return to Cake Island from The Great Southern Land. I settled them into their new homes and activate the main household - the place where they all grew up. My aim is to get it down to a 1 sim household. And it now has only 6 sims living in it. I'm putting the next video together now. Coby and Sharonda went to The Great Southern Land to meet their future spouses, Clarice and Stan. They got married on the same day - almost a double wedding. And then returned to Cake Island.

    Gerri will be the final sim in the main household when they start having the 30 babies who will be the 30 Grandchildren. All of her children will have married and moved out to their own homes.

    Currently only Gerri, Megan, Latoya, Joni, Constance and Kendall are left. Next episode Megan and Latoya will travel together to The Great Southern Land and they will meet their future spouses there. Lionel and Mark. I will send them home again fairly quickly too as the house in The Great Southern Land is a bit too overcrowded to successfully teach the untrained sims much. I think both Mark and Lionel will need to do more study before they will be able to get married.

    I got the two couples who were married in Episode 36 out of the GSL fast because of memory issues. The new Imaginary Friends who I left there barely started learning skills before I had Coby and Clarice; and Sharonda and Stan married and home again.

    Clarice in her wedding outfit

    Coby and Clarice getting married

    Sharonda and Stan getting married

    Sharonda and Stan cutting their cake

    Coby and Clarice, and Sharonda and Stan dancing at their wedding
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    Hello All. I've been busy and stressed about life in general. But I did finally manage to get the next episode of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt completed and loaded to YouTube. I hope you are able to watch it and enjoy it. Don't forget to give it a like if you do enjoy it and a comment on the actual video in YouTube will do wonders to assisting with the channel growing. But if you want to only comment here that's fine.

    Happy Simming.

    In this episode, Coby and Sharonda travel to The Great Southern Land to meet their future spouses, Clarise and Stan.

    In the previous episode the final three imaginary friends were made real. There are no more imaginary friends in Gerri's household to be made real. The end of this apparently never ending series is looming.

    The last of the imaginary friends to be made real.
    Lucy, Cameron and Bruce - imaginary friends of Joni, Kendall and Constance

    The Final Five Imaginary Friends made real are now in the house in The Great Southern Land
    Clara, Rachael, Cameron, Bruce and Lucy
    Lucy is evil, Bruce is a coward and Clara is unstable and currently insane too.

    I had a few issues with memory in this episode as I had 19 Sims in the household and the computer didn't like it. So I focused on the romance between the two couples and then they got married. They didn't go out and slowly get to know each other in multiple venues.

    Coby and Clarise are in the Dome and there is plenty going on there and it's interesting to see. Sharonda and Stan made do with a park. But both couples were very happy to find each other and all went smoothly. Until the wedding. I invited about 6 guests from town. All seemed to be going well until Coby and Clarise never got to the point of actually getting married. They just stood under the wedding arch and did lots of autonomous idle actions. Finally I got the message. I shut down without saving then relaunched and invited only 2 guests and it all went very smoothly after that.

    Coby and Clarise got married and cut the cake and there was dancing. This was interrupted by Sharonda and Stan going to the wedding arch and they got married too. This was followed by more cake and dancing.

    Clarise and Coby


    Sharonda and Stan



    We get to meet all members of the Great Southern Land household who will be left there when the two newly married couples leave for home in Cake Island II.

    The current occupants of the house in The Great Southern Land

    Mark, Lionel, Jack, Chris, Karen, Clara, Rachael, Cameron, Bruce, Lucy

    Then we have a quick look at the houses the newly married couples will live in before returning to Gerri's house and we see Megan and Latoya leaving for their journey to The Great Southern Land where they will meet their future spouses Mark and Lionel.

    Their new homes in Cake Island II

    The Rose Pink House - Coby and Clarise

    The Lemon House - Sharonda and Stan

    The end of the video is in the house in the Great Southern Land again.

    The game seems to run quite nicely with 16 Sims in the house so I'll be doing a lot of training of sims before the next episode will be ready. I'll record video of the sims visiting places around the world before the weddings. But there will be a lot of skilling and book reading going on behind the scenes before I post the next episode. I can't wait for this to end. So there will be another double wedding next episode and I'm thinking there will probably be a triple wedding in the following episode.

    Mark and Lionel - to be married next

    Final Five Future Spouses

    Karen will be the last to marry - I have set the rules that there will be no moving out or marrying anyone else. But I noticed, just as I was shutting down the game last night, that Karen had moodlets indicating she has had her first kiss and first romance, presumably during the weddings. Her romance is with one of the Imaginary Friends Made Real - Cameron. I hope nothing comes of it. She's meant for Kendall. And Cameron just happens to be Kendall's imaginary friend made real.

    The couples to get married to each other in the next episode.

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    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 37 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    The couples who are expected to get to know each other with a view to imminent marriage in this episode are Megan and Mark, and Latoya and Lionel.


    Romance starts out relatively slowly but by the end of the episode they are on the brink of deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. The weddings will be in the next episode.

    They visit a few venues around the world of The Great Southern Land by FrogPrincess_q. I added some of my own builds to the world and the sims spend most of their time in my builds but venues that came with the world, or Sims venues from Expansion or Stuff packs are also seen.

    You will find them at the Festival Grounds (Sunset Valley Festival Ground), Caroline's Bowling Alley (my own build that may have CC in it so is not in my studio), The Spectral Bakery (my build that was made before I added any CC or mods to my game so is in my Studio on the Exchange), The Bluewaters Fun Park (another of my old builds that is in my studio on the Exchange); 'The Cake Pleasure Dome' (from Katy Perry Sweet Treats Stuff Pack - I added some bakery items to it); 'The Dome' (my build that is packed full of 3rd party Custom Content so will not be going onto the Exchange)

    Bluewaters Roller Coaster

    Caroline's Bowling Alley

    Cake Pleasure Dome

    Spectral Bakery (inside main shop - there are also a cafe area and a basement you will see in the video)

    The Dome (full of magical things and custom content and it has a basement with a wedding venue for later)

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    Hello All

    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 38 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    I do hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to watch. If you do enjoy it, please remember to give it a like on YouTube. That helps the channel.

    In this episode Megan and Latoya continue their romance with their future spouses, Mark and Lionel. We see the happy couples involved in a variety of activities in several different locations including the Dome that I made and it's features in a few of these videos; the festival lot in the Great Southern Land (Sunset Valley festival ground); and a beach.

    At the end we see the double wedding in the wedding venue in the Dome. The happy couples then return home to Cake Island II and move into their new homes where they will raise their babies. It's getting close to the time when the 30 grandchildren will begin to arrive. I was just thinking I might have to space out the baby arrivals a bit as the game might crash if 15 sims all have a baby a the same time. I will need to have a think about that.

    After Megan and Mark; and Latoya and Lionel move into their new forever homes the final 3 of their unmarried siblings leave for The Great Southern Land and at the end of the video we see Jack and Chris splashing in the ocean with two of the imaginary friends made real, Cameron and Bruce. Obviously Joni couldn't wait to meet her future spouse and she rushes down to the beach and meets him there. And that's the end. Next episode coming up soon.

    The couples to meet, romance and marry in episode 39 are Joni and Jack; Constance and Chris; and Kendall and Karen.

    A few pics from this episode (Sadly I'm really bad at remembering to take screen shots)





    Happy Simming All
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    30 Grandchildren Episode 39. I'm getting excited.

    In this episode only one of the three new couples go on dates together and they eventually manage to get engaged. The wedding will be early in episode 40.

    I added the brain enhancing machine to the household and a couple of sims took advantage of it for their own purposes. Since a lot of the household members will be returning the Cake Island relatively early in episode 40 I decided it was time to operate on Clara's traits and she is finally rid of that annoying unstable trait.

    Some of the Imaginary Friends Made Real have wishes to grow a forbidden fruit. So far two of them have planted their forbidden fruit seeds and one of them has picked himself a plant sim baby boy named Jacob. The other, planted by the evil Lucy, will be picked in the next episode. I haven't played forward so have no idea what'll happen when the time comes to pick it.

    Evil Klaus, the new household member has begun learning some skills and doing a bit of reading. He seems to be getting along well with a few of the female imaginary friends. I discovered his lifetime wish is Master Romancer so that'll be why he's got an eye for the ladies. I haven't seen any action yet.

    There is a mass outing to the casino where most of the machines and the three types of table (poker, blackjack and roulette) are used by various household members.

    Jack and Joni spend time exploring the Magic Gnome's Magical Treasure Park. They ride the roller coaster and balloon. They explore a mysterious little building that is full of mirrors and traps and holes in the floor. Jack finds a magic mirror and has a long chat with it while Joni explores the holes in the floor.

    There is plenty going on with this episode. I hope you enjoy it.

    Happy Simming
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    Do you recall the first ever video series I ever made and put onto YouTube? It was the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Initially I just wanted to see if I could get the badge for having a sim make 300 elixirs.

    I used an old sim, my original witch who I first made way back when Supernatural Expansion Pack was first released.

    In this original game I made my Crystal Gardens build and posted pictures here and people wanted me to put it onto the Exchange. I'd not planned to do that but I did because people asked for it. In the end I think it is a bit complicated for most people's computers. It is huge but has had quite a few downloads and is still in my studio.

    Crystal Gardens and its Exchange Link

    It was in this build that brand new Judy lived with a few housemates.

    One of her housemates was Lorna Lake. Here is a pic of Lorna in a different game as I don't have a good shot of her in the game in Crystal Gardens.

    Here is a pic of some of the housemates relaxing in the Crystal Gardens house. Lorna is seen sitting in one corner. Judy is holding Anne (more on Anne later)

    Lorna is important and you'll see why soon. She is also one of my old favourites and has been in many games and currently resides with her husband and children in a world in my Big Game so it is possible for you to see her in one of my future videos of Oscar's Teen Years or The McFulff story as they are both set in my Big Game. Lorna is human.

    When Supernatural was about to be released I wasn't sure if I'd get it. I really did not want supernatural beings in my games but I did want the build items that came with it. I changed my mind over and over and eventually decided to buy it as I'd probably regret it if I didn't. As it turns out I grew to love having the supernatural beings in my game.

    I decided to make a witch. So I made Judy. She was my first witch and I think she initially wore a white cowboy hat.

    Since University Life was released I thought I'd try to learn a bit about some of the new things that came with it. I'd seen people posting their plant sims. I thought I'd have a go and decided Judy could be the mother of my first plant sim. I bought her a Science machine and she set to work learning the science skill and it took such a long time for her to successfully make a forbidden fruit seed I thought she (and I) was completely useless. She planted her seed in their large garden. I think it was in a pot.

    This was long before we had soil rugs in the game. And I already had indoor gardens but usually they were up high in the build. Usually on the roof.


    The first seed didn't get picked in time and it died. I think, or maybe it was a forbidden fruit. Something went wrong with it and I got Judy to make another forbidden fruit seed. That took ages too. She planted it and I was nervous of it dying too. So I watched it carefully. When it was finally ready to pick Judy was out somewhere so I got Lorna to pick it and it turned out to be a plant sim baby boy who I called Charlie.

    I wasn't entirely happy to discover Lorna was the mother. That's when I learned the parent of the plant sim baby is the one that picks it. So Charlie and Lorna were an item and I referred to him as Charlie the Plant Sim. Charlie and Lorna spent quite a lot of time together arguing with Charlie the Evil Chicken.

    Somewhat frustrated I decided to get Judy to take a DNA sample from herself and decided since she's so useless with that science machine contraption she may as well fail at cloning herself too. So she used her own DNA to try to clone a baby. It worked. I was shocked. So I named the baby Anne and it had no parent so I decided Judy could be her mother.

    Charlie and Anne were toddlers together and became children together and then I moved on from that game and didn't play them for a really long time.

    Here they are. Anne is a toddler and Charlie is a child already.

    They played and studied together happily.





    I'm sure I used them is a variety of new games over the years but never aged Charlie or Anne up beyond the child stage.

    I started a new game with Judy and Anne and moved Charlie in with them. I played for ages and they had a lovely home in Dragon Valley, up on the plateau where I had established a huge witches village.

    The part of this house you can see is just the entrance to a huge underground mansion.


    The Isla Paradiso Bunch begins

    I had Judy making elixirs and I discovered there was a badge available if your sims made 300 elixirs. I was sure Judy had made more than 300 elixirs but there was no badge. So I moved her out on her own to a new game in Isla Paradiso. I decided to get her to make 300 elixirs there. I planned to have her back with her children and friends in Dragon Valley after she'd got me the badge.

    Playlist 1
    In Playlist 1 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch I started trying to get all of the badges that I didn't already have from the Island Paradise EP. This failed miserably. I later learned you need a single sim household to be sure of getting those badges. I started the Caroline and Friends series and Caroline lived alone until she achieved all of the missing IP badges for me. That series is continuing and she now has many housemates who are going for various badges including the badges from University Life EP.

    So in the beginning of Playlist 1, I had Judy as a single sim household.

    A little bit of background so you can see where this is going....
    I left Anne behind and I was using a new version of Judy so she didn't remember her cloned daughter.

    Eventually, by the end of playlist 2 Judy had a few new children. She had cloned Triton King and picked two plant sim babies and then cloned Lea Dutiel from France. Her children/toddlers at the end of Playlist 2 are Bertie and Benjie Butler (plant sims), Terry King (clone) and Donna Dutiel (clone).

    All newborns get an imaginary friend doll in this game.

    In the beginning, due to boredom, I couldn't play with only one sim in the household.

    I added a friend for Judy and looked through my library for a suitable sim to add to Judy's household.

    I chose Josephine who was a blue genie that I'd previously banned from my games years as she was too hot headed and constantly picked fights with one of her housemates.

    Here is a pic of the last fight she had before being banned from my games. Her housemate, the blond, was about to walk down the stairs when Josephine jumped on her and attacked.


    I decided to give Josephine one last chance. I was very tempted to delete her, but I gave her a makeover. I had mods and custom skins by then so she got a new skin and clothes. Fortunately, she hasn't attacked anyone in this new game. But she is a coward and often faints when the Ghost of Mia Azul appears.

    I just couldn't leave it at only one extra household member for Judy so I grabbed another two blue genies from my library. I don't have much of a memory of having them in my games but I did make them in CAS. I gave them both makeovers with new custom skins and new hair.


    Haley joins the military career but doesn't make much progress in it. She meets up with an evil mermaid, Salty Seaworth. Salty's lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. Haley seems to think so long as they don't get married all will be good. They are eternally engaged and they ended up having twin daughters.

    Wendy as a toddler

    Gerri as a child

    Wendy as a child

    Wendy and Gerri

    When Haley and Salty got engaged, Haley had a bachelorette party. I watched them for a while but eventually left them to it to play with other household members who were not at the party. When I got back to the party, Mia Azul had died of dehydration. I got her into an urn and she became part of the household.

    Craig Miller
    Once I'd added Judy, Josephine, Jeannie and Haley to the household I decided I had to have at least one male sim so made a new male sim. He's human. His name is Craig. I keep meaning to change the colour of his eyes but haven't yet.


    By the end of Playlist 2 Craig has had 2 alien babies.
    I eventually captured the alien mother and added her to the household.

    Before starting this save, I was testing some of my custom content and needed a tester sim. She was a throwaway sim and I didn't take any care when making her.
    Diana joined the Magician Career and added some magic to various episodes of the Isla Paradiso Bunch Playlists 1 and 2.

    While Diana was testing I made her an evil 'friend' to help out.
    Since Diana and Meryl were already an item I added Meryl to the household too. Her dancing style is hilarious to watch.
    Meryl needs to see the ghost of her wealthy spouse to satisfy her Lifetime Wish. She adds some hilarity as she autonomously heads out on her own to find out if various sims around town are wealthy.

    At this point I decided the household was a little unbalanced and made another new male sim. Sam. He's human and by the end of Playlist 2 had one alien baby. And I caught the mother and added her to the household too. I also would like to change the colour of Sam's eyes.
    In Playlist 1, Sam is in the Lifesaving career and gets to the top of it.

    Next I made Muriel because I needed a self sim. She doesn't actually look much like me but she'll do. I use her for my avatar on YouTube. She might as well be added to the game. Because - well why not? It was totally out of control by now anyhow.

    So began Playlist 1. This was meant to be a way for me to learn about YouTube. I discovered I enjoyed making videos.

    In playlist 1 the household gets to know each other. They make hundreds of elixirs but no badge ever appears for them. And they fail to get my badges for Isla Paradiso too in spite of completing all requirements for each badge.

    I built them a huge resort and it was a 5 star resort.
    They also owned Hobarts resort and didn't get a badge for that one either.

    There was nothing wrong with the resorts. It turs out a single sim can own only one resort at a time to get the badges. Caroline got the badge for running a 0 star resort from Hobarts. Then she sold it and I added the resort I built for the Isla Paradiso Bunch to one of their hidden islands and she got the badge for running a 5 star resort as soon as I added the build to her island. I was a bit miffed with that as I'd been planning to get her to work on improving her resort. But then I decided it was probably a good thing because I'd already put a lot of effort into building it up with the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Playlist 2 (walkthroughs of all tombs in China, France and Egypt)

    They completed all requirements for all of the badges in Island Paradise EP and I moved them to one of their owned hidden islands and they lived for a while and I started Playlist 2.

    This playlist is a series of episodes where they complete all of the tombs in all of the three World Adventure Worlds. The episodes are basically detailed walk throughs of each tomb as well as other things they get up to when visiting France, China and Egypt.

    This is most of the household towards the end of Playlist 2


    I had made the aim of Playlist 2 to find all of the special Tomb Objects from each world. They are differently named in each world - can't think of the names right now other than in one world they are the Sigil of something or other in one of the three worlds.

    Here are pics of their collections from the end of the playlist



    By now the game was totally unplayable as there were too many sims. I moved the alien mothers to a separate house. That helped but not much.

    End of Playlist 2

    I wanted a stable game.

    I used NRAAS Porter mod and packed up everyone from the household plus the alien mothers plus the related mermaids. The mermaids I packed were Triton King, Maya Ocean and Salty Seaworth plus a fourth mermaid who the game had generated, presumably to replace Mia Azul who had died and her ghost resides with the main household.

    The household set up in Dragon Valley
    I built them a new house in Dragon Valley and added them to the world.

    I was experimenting with a new style of house. I enjoyed this idea of a large courtyard inside the 4 walls.
    After everyone was added to the world the main household was too big.

    I had also added at least one extra sim to the world as a potential wife for either Sam or Craig - if they were every to marry. Not sure about that yet.

    I had recently made Penny and here she is.


    I found and added child versions of Charlie and Anne to the household and added them to Judy's family tree as her children.

    I played with them for a while and this is where I started giving major makeovers to my imaginary friends made real.
    The first one to get this major makeover was Anne's imaginary friend, Ruth.

    Here is Ruth as a child when she was first made real and given a makeover.

    For some reason I added Joe Hart to the household. I'm wondering if I had ideas of giving Judy a future spouse.

    Now their traveling to other worlds is over and her twins are growing up, Haley decided to focus on her career. Here she is heading off to work.

    Gerri and Wendy

    Terri King aged up to become a child.

    Bertie and Benji Butler are now children

    Charlie Lake lives with them too now.

    And Anne Butler is there too.

    Here's Pat. I think he might be Gerri's imaginary friend made real.

    Gerri, Pat, Betty and Wendy
    I think Betty must be Wendy's imaginary friend made real.


    Penny Exipeth is doing her toddler skills. She's Craig's alien daughter.

    Pat, Anne Terry and Betty

    Judy with her family including Donna Dutiel

    The entire household in their Dragon Valley home.

    Geri had a birthday party and became a teen.


    Wendy became a teen too and here she is holding Steve, one of the alien babies. I think he might be Craig's son.

    Obviously this whole thing was getting seriously out of hand. I needed to break them up into their own households. But I didn't want the others to go off and do their own thing. So I decided I'd move Judy with her family to a new world. They travelled to Sunlit Tides where I built them a new house with a big central courtyard near the beach.

    Judy's Move to Sunlit Tides


    Here's Judy Butler


    Joe Hart

    Charlie Lake - he's a teen now

    Peter Lake (Charlie's imaginary friend made real)


    Anne Butler (Judy's teenaged clone)

    Ruth Butler (Anne's Imaginary Friend made real)




    Bertie Butler (Judy's plant sim son)



    Benjie Butler (Judy's other plant sim son)


    Carl Butler (Benjie's imaginary friend made real)

    Pippa Butler (Bertie's imaginary Friend made real)

    Terry King (Judy's son who is a clone of Triton King, a mermaid)

    Harry King (Terry's imaginary friend made real)


    Donna Dutiel (Judy's daughter who is a clone of Lea Dutiel from France)

    Riley (Donna's imaginary friend who is not yet real because Donna hasn't learned the potion to make him real)

    There might be a playlist 3 but it won't be for a long time. I was just thinking about them over the past few days and decided to post this here now. I hope you enjoy them. I used spoilers so there wouldn't be so many pictures to wade through whenever you visit this page.

    Happy Simming All
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    As a huge afterthought, I suppose I should have provided links to the playlists I mentioned in my post about the history of my Isla Paradiso Bunch series of videos.

    Just a pretty pink sky in Isla Paradiso during Winter.

    Playlist 1

    This group of videos starts with the original household members trying to get me the badge for having sims making 300 elixirs. I think I had been playing for a while before I got the idea of starting to make videos so we will pick up on them at about the time I had decided to give up on them ever getting that badge. If you watch the series you'll see their big top basement room is loaded with stored elixirs.

    After I decided to stop the endless elixir production their adventures around Isla Paradiso begin. And I decided to start recording their antics to make a video.

    Their attempts to complete my Island Paradise badge collection for that expansion pack begins and ultimately fails due to my lack of understanding of the fine details required to get the badges.

    The issues I discovered later are:
    1. A single sim household is required to achieve most of the badges that came with the Island Paradise EP. This is because the badge requires a single sim to do the whole thing for most of the badges, but when a sim works towards a badge and completes a task required to get the badge, the game awards the success of that step towards the badge to a random sim in the household. This makes it almost impossible for any sim to get the badge if there are more than one sim in the household.
    2. There are two badges regarding owning resorts. One is to run a 0 star resort and the other is to run a 5 star resort. The game only awards either of these badges to a sim/household that owns a single resort. So, if you want your household to get both badges you must work towards one of the badges while owning one resort, then sell the resort and buy a different resort to achieve the second badge. Or use the same resort for both badges.

    They did lots of other things besides trying to get badges.
    Judy liked to play with magic, she is a witch. Diana is a genie.

    I think Judy is curing Diana here. Diana got toadified when making an elixir.

    The household has a cat that hates Judy. It keeps biting Judy on the feet.

    Judy manages to toadify a visiting elderly alien.

    There are lots of underwater scenes and interactions with the 4 mermaids who visit swimmers in Isla Paradiso. Since the game went for so long various members of the household manage to interact with all of the mermaids and Mia Azul dies at Haley's bachelorette party and her ghost regularly haunts the household at night.




    Due to a request I made a short video on Mia Azul's ghost swimming around in Isla Paradiso.

    I also worked out how to give the mermaids their original tail colours. Here is Mia Azul before she died, in her default adult mermaid purple tail.

    I made a tutorial on how to fix their scales.

    Salty and Haley become very good friends. Salty's lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. Haley is wealthy. They become engaged and have twins, Geri and Wendy.

    Wendy and Gerri as children

    I found out that children can become a tragic clown. Here's Gerri as a tragic clown. I'm not sure if this made it into a video.



    The tragic clown actions happened during a failed attempt to move the household to Sunlit Tides. All the problems I was having in Isla Paradiso followed them to Sunlit Tides and something went wrong with the move and I got extra issues introduced to the save. I sent them there by getting them to travel to Sunlit Tides. I ended up abandoning that part of the game and continued struggling on with them in Isla Paradiso to get the second playlist completed. Much later I used NRAAS Porter mod to pack them all up and started a totally new game in Dragon Valley. Their new home in Dragon Valley is not yet part of a playlist or video.

    Judy clones Triton King and here is the result, Terry King as a toddler. He is a toddler up to the end of Playlist 2 as he is a relatively late arrival to the story.


    Judy also picked two plant sim boys who age up to children before the end of Series 2. I changed their hair colour so I could tell them apart.


    Later on I made their green skin much lighter too.

    Josephine playing with Stella Dog.

    Apart from the general Sims 3 mischief and the production of several babies, the household in Playlist 1 did everything required to get the badges but none were awarded to them. I did manage to get them all with a new game, which was made into a series of videos. Caroline and Friends.

    I'm not sure if this got into a video, but when I was about to start building their 5 star resort they played with snowmen. In the end, between them, they managed to get every type of snowman in the game.

    Playlist 2 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is about the tombs in the World Adventure Worlds and is mostly about detailed tomb walkthroughs.

    But there is lots of other Sims 3 activities involved such as gardening, Showtime Magician Career performances, arrival of babies using some of the different methods available in Sims 3.

    One of the highlights of Playlist 2 for me was when Craig got cursed by a mummy and I made him plead to the Sphinx to be cured.


    I did this twice just to see the light show at night and then in daylight. It isn't easy to get a sim cursed by a mummy.

    I was particularly intrigued when Haley had her twins. She actually was pregnant with only one baby. It was born but I missed recording something. So I saved and went back to an earlier save and she had the baby again. I had a dilemma. I wanted both babies in the game. Using mods I managed to transfer the first one born into the household so she had given birth to the same baby twice and I expected them to be identical. They are not identical. One of them has mermaid skin, their father is Salty Seaworth. I think their facial features might be slightly different too.
    Here they are as teens.
    They don't become teens until after Playlist 2 has ended. So if you're going to see them in a video series as teens I'll have to make a third playlist for them. I'm not sure if I'll live long enough to do that but I'll give it a go. I have so many other playlists to complete first though and I think it might take several years to get there.

    Towards the end of Playlist 2 there is a baby boom. Craig and Sam both become pregnant with alien babies. And Judy decided to clone Lea Dutiel.

    Here are two of the new babies in their cot in France.
    They are Craig's alien daughter, Penny and Donna Dutiel who Judy had cloned.

    Subsequently Craig had an alien son and Sam had an alien son too.

    There were a few fun parties in the castle they lived in when in France and the alien mothers came to the parties and that's how I managed to add them to the household.


    At the end of Playlist 2 Craig and Judy celebrate at the Nectary in France. They had just completed the final huge tombs under the Nectary.

    I found it next to impossible to do those final two tombs. In the end I set up a separate save just so I could record them doing the tombs and I had problems with that as well. In the end I worked out, at least for this game, I found it impossible to get them into the tombs part of the way through the adventure. The bit that broke was when they had to visit Egypt from France to get something from a specific Egyptian. Every time the adventure dropped out as soon as they arrived in Egypt. And if I used a mod to give them the adventure while they were in Egypt it dropped out making it impossible to complete the tombs. Very annoying and time wasting. However, I think I worked out what the problem was.

    Every time it dropped the adventure and refused to let me use a mod to give them the adventure, they were living in a private home in France.
    Every time it worked without any issue they were living at the base camp in France.

    So I wonder if that is the problem?

    How I ended up getting the badges for Island Paradise EP.

    In Playlist 1 Caroline lives alone until all of the badges that require a single sim household were awarded.

    Then her friend Wilma moved in with her and the got the final badge together.
    They got the badge for throwing parties on a houseboat together.
    This is the link to Caroline's first playlist.

    There is a second playlist for Caroline where her household are working towards University Life badges.

    Since I've been focused on completing my 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt videos I haven't played Caroline's current save for a long time but I'll be getting back to it soon. Her household is now full. There is a variety of different sims in the household. They are working towards whatever badges I think they might be able to get but are focused on the University Life badges. One interesting development has been an autonomous romance developing between a human and a plant sim. I'm intrigued. I'd love to see if they end up married or have babies together. He is a plant sim, she is human.

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Episode 40 of The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt is now available on YouTube for you to watch.

    I experimented with this episode and found my experiment worked - I'm so happy about that. This is the first episode available in HD 1080. If you want to view it in High Definition you will probably need to click on the video settings and choose the higher resolution. I think it is a bit brighter than at the SD version that I've always done previously. Please let me know what you think of this improvement.

    This episode is set in two worlds. It opens with the sims in The Great Southern Land (TGSL) and we see the household members carrying out various activities including Ice Sculpting; The Scientific Research Station to do Gene Splicing Experiments to convert seeds to Forbidden Fruit Seeds; Gardening; Picking a Plant Sim baby; Sim on Fire; Genie; Bowling Alley; Roller Coaster ride; Arcade Machines.

    This episode is about the final 3 of 15 couples of Gerri's family who are destined (required) to produce 30 grandchildren for Gerri.

    Each of Gerri's children got an imaginary friend doll at birth.

    Cake Island II is an unpopulated world and, to encourage a more lively game, I decided it needed more than the 6 townies I addedat the beginning of the game. I chose to do this by transforming the dolls to real sims with the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium Potion which was made on the chemistry table.

    The Imaginary Friends Made Real (IFMR) learn skills and read recipes and fishing bait books before they move out to live as townies in Cake Island II.

    In this episode the household includes the final 5 Imaginary Friends Made Real. The IFMR are Clara, Rachael, Lucy, Bruce, and Cameron. Some of the them wish to grow Forbidden Fruit and I grant this wish for some of them.

    In this episode you'll see them convert an ordinary seed into a Forbidden Fruit seed, plant the forbidden fruit seed and pick the resulting plant sim baby.

    The final three of Gerri's children to meet and marry their future spouses are Joni, Constance and Kendall.

    The future spouses were made with traits specifically designed to make them very attractive to the chosen mate. The names of the future spouses begin with the same initial as their future spouse.

    In this episode we will see Joni and Jack get married. After the wedding most of the household travels to Cake Island where Joni and Jack move into their own home. Rachael moves out alone, and Cameron moves out with his plant sim baby son, Joseph.

    In the previous episode I added an extra sim, the evil Klaus, to the household. He is still learning his skills and reading books. I don't have any clear plans for him. I just wanted a more interesting household than a single sim household while the 30 grandchildren are being born.

    Once the 30 Grandchildren start arriving, to have some hope of having the badge awarded, I must stay in Gerri's house. No grandchildren will count towards the 30 needed to get the badge if they were born before I stop activating other households or when I am playing not logged into the Sims 3 site.

    By the end of this episode Lucy and Bruce and Clara are still living in Gerri's house in Cake Island. As is Klaus.

    After Joni's wedding Joni, Jack, Kendall, Karen, Clara, Rachael, Bruce, Cameron, Joseph and Klaus travelled to Cake Island. Only Constance and Chris have remained in the Great Southern Land.

    Eventually Kendall and Karen go on a date and then it is time to return to the Great Southern Land.

    They arrive in TGSL and move in with Constance and Chris. Lots of fun and some complications begin. Then we run out of time and the story will continue in Episode 41.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I finally did it. The reload of 30 Grandchildren Episode 41 worked and it is available in HD 1080. I think the sound is better as well as the video. The file I load to YouTube is 2 or 3 times the size of the file loaded when the video is restricted to SD. It took me a few days of struggling with it here to finally work out how to export it in HD but now I know how to do it I will continue to do that. I hope. If I remember each time. I forgot this time and had to re-export and re-load it.

    Here is the link to the long awaited video.

    The final two of Gerri's 15 children get married in this video.

    Romance doesn't go smoothly for the couples. I suspect the future spouses have cheating on their minds. But I only suspect this. I don't know if they are totally committed to their partners. Life could get interesting with them if there video series were to continue. But it won't. It'll end once I get the badge or am convinced the badge is not going to be awarded.

    In this video Kendall and his future wife, Karen, as well as Constance and her future husband, Chris, are engaged in getting to know each other while deciding if they really want to get married and have babies together. By the end of the video they do go ahead with the ceremonies but I don't think either Karen or Chris are totally committed to their new spouses. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video. I hope you enjoy it.

    Here are a few screenshots taken while recording for this video. Not all made it into the video so I suppose some, if not most, are out takes.

    Everyone's favourite maid - Bonehilda
    The version of Bonehilda in this game is obsessed with gnomes - she kicks them over and stands them up and kicks them over and stands them up - and so on and on and on...

    Constance and Chris. I think she's going to have a bit of trouble with Chris. He might have to keep an eye on her too. Maybe they are perfectly matched.

    Constance really wanted to max her sculpting skill. She made an elephant at one stage. This one didn't make it into the video.

    Of course there must always be dancing if we are going to have the blossoming of sim romance in this series of videos.

    Eating the cake


    Karen reading in the Dome - didn't make it into the video

    Kendall and others

    Kendall working on another ice sculpture - you won't see this in the video either.

    Kendall loves to paint. His lifetime wish is about photography. He managed to achieve it.

    Kendall waiting for Karen to cut their cake

    Kendall likes to paint - as does Karen so they have a few things in common. Their marriage might work.

    Happy Simming All
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I just finished unpacking the inventories of Constance and Chris after moving them and Charlie and Cindy into their new home. It is the house that I made over. The same house I put Jonie and Jack into before I made it over and the same house I put Kendell and Karen and Keith into after making it over.

    I saved it to my library after the makeover but before I unpacked Karen and Kendall's inventories into it.

    Here are some screenshots of the house after the makeover and before inventories got unpacked and the décor got completed for each of the families. This is the house as it is in my library.

    The house was originally built by me years ago for a specific dark world. I now forget which it was but the original dark large stonework was perfect for where it was made to go. The dark stones were inside and out. It is a very dark and gloomy house in its original condition. I wanted to brighten it up a bit.

    I changed the paintwork, inside and outside throughout the house. I changed all of the windows and most of the doors. There wasn't much furniture inside and I mostly left that as it was but I added new furnishings. There is still plenty of room for personalisation when each family moves into it.

    I will show a walk through the houses in the video as the house is huge and will involve way too many screenshots for me to post here. It would literally take me all day and I want to get this video done and up on my YouTube channel. That is still days away as I have more setting up to do before the 30 grandchildren start arriving.

    Anyway, here are the screenshots. I'll add minimal comments here. I think most of them will be fairly self evident. I'll put them behind spoilers too as there are a lot of pictures.

    It is a 3 level house but I only got pictures of the first and second levels. The top level is pretty much just a huge room with a few objects in it, they are mostly for skilling.

    Front of house

    Overhead shots

    Ground floor - level 1

    Second floor - level 2

    Top floor - level 3
    Level 1
    Front of house

    The front entrance
    See front door on the left. Look straight ahead to see door to small room with hand basin and toilet.
    To the right see entrances to the kitchen and dining room

    The front door is on the right here. Looking straight ahead to the steps leading up to level 2.

    This is a small square room opposite the kitchen door. Looking through to the science room.
    The small square room has 2 toyboxes and 4 bean bag chairs. All chairs are different.

    This is the same scene from inside the kitchen looking through the small square room to the science room.

    A small, previously dark and gloomy, living room. Look through the door to the dining room.

    Another view of the living room.

    Standing near the front door looking at the doors into the kitchen and dining room.

    The kitchen from the front entrance room

    Standing in the dining room looking through doors to the kitchen and garage.

    The dining room

    The dining room again this time looking through the doors to the living room, the front entrance and to the kitchen.

    This room has 5 desks. Two without computers.
    Looking through the archway to the dining room.

    Same room - seeing 3 desks with computers. There is a door to outside at one end of this room.

    Another small room. It has some chairs and a chess table as well as a door to the outside. Looking towards the science room.

    Turned around and look back through the room with the desks and computers through the BauHaus door to see Kendall's place across the street.

    Now standing in the science room looking back through archways to Kendall's place across the street.

    The science room seen from outside looking through the big round window.

    Level 2
    This is the informal area for the babies and young children to spend time. I also has the bedrooms.
    Open area with steps up to level 3.

    Open area with a bedroom door visible

    Open area

    Only single sim bedroom. This can be changed for the individual family requirements.

    Same bedroom showing door leading to communal bathroom.

    Communal bathroom. It has 4 or 5 two in one bathrooms plus two wash basins

    Wash basins in communal bathroom

    Bedroom with two bunk beds - room for 4 young sims here.
    It has a door leading to the communal bathroom and another door leading to the communal area

    Bunk beds - from University Life

    Nursery with 5 cribs. No idea how many babies and toddlers they'll have at one time.

    Parent's bedroom


    Stairs leading up to level 3. There is a fire place next to the steps and an area that is currently empty. Might put chairs and bookcase in here.

    Stairs leading down to level 1

    Top of stairs from level 1

    Outside area

    Sims seen in these pics are Constance, Chris and their Plumbot Cindy. Their baby son, Charlie, is in his cot.

    That's it. I'll now record a walk through after I completed the decorating of it for this family to move in. That'll be found in the video for Episode 42 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt when I finally get it up onto YouTube.

    Happy Simming All

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