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Sims 3 and things



  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,904 Member
    Here are some pictures from my play this morning.

    I loaded Episode 29 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt a couple of days ago. These pictures show my work on the beginning of Episode 30. Not much of this is on video as it's mainly just them getting skills but some of it will be in the next video.

    The thing is, I need them to learn skills so I can send them to live back in Cake Island so I need to get them skilled. Also, I need to make them learn skills or this game will get bogged down and go nowhere fast.

    However, watching Sims read books isn't all that much fun, especially if you're watching a video. So I try to get them to read while I'm not recording a video.

    This morning's play session has had them all doing different things so I did record bits of this. Here's the screen shots I got.

    At the end of Episode 29 video the entire household went to the Spring Festival to collect festival eggs. It was a very frustrating search as mostly they searched exclusively in places where there were no eggs. They did manage to collect a few eggs.

    I discovered on their return home much later that Clara had managed to pick up a Fancy Festival Egg so that was nice. I didn't see her pick up any eggs but with 11 of them it wasn't possible to keep an eye on any of them all the time.

    At the start of Episode 30 they are still dancing at the Spring Festival. Except for Lionel - he's playing horseshoes.


    Several of them had a wish to buy a Bonehilda Coffin so I got one for them. I like to click the 'dice' button sometimes and that's what I did with this coffin. I thought the effect was interesting. A lot of things that can't be recoloured with the recolouring tool can be given random colours and patterns if the dice is clicked when in Buy Mode.

    Bonehilda Awakens

    Next morning I sent Rachael to the Spring Festival alone and she collected ALL of the available Festival Eggs. She came home with one fancy egg and one Spring Gnome.

    I added a side table to the Common Room and placed the two Fancy eggs on it. Rachael got the Freezer Bunny egg and Clarice the red egg.


    I didn't get screen shots, but several of them had a wish to collect seeds.

    I sent them to the Greenhouse to collect seeds. While there Clara kept wanting to collect more seeds so I let her do that.

    When everyone was back at home Clarice and Rachael started planting their seeds. Unfortunately neither of them could plant any other than Common seeds so they set to work gardening to get their gardening skill up. They are currently at level 6 so can plant Uncommon Seeds. Mostly though, they collected Special and Rare seeds so it'll be a while before they can plant them.

    Here are the two Imaginary Friends made real gardening.



    The garden is growing. By the time I have it filled up they will have enough gardening skill to not need to garden any more. But, of course new Imaginary Friends made real will be coming to stay in the future and they will benefit from this effort.

    Eventually there were no plants needing tending, and Jack had picked a pumpkin so he sat down in the middle of the garden and carved it.

    After gardening for a while Lionel and Mark went upstairs to sit in their kitchen and read some recipes and fishing books. I think they are probably just reading recipes as not many of the household members have any fishing skill yet. I'll have to get to work on that soon. Now it's Springtime and the ponds are thawed they probably can go to a fishing hole together and all learn to fish at the same time.


    I discovered Wilfred telling a ghost story. Only Karen was interested and sat and listened. Jack was happy watching Clarice playing the piano.


    Not much has been happening between Wilfred and Wendy so far today. Wendy doesn't have a very high level at anything but she's managed to get to level 3 or a little above in most necessary skills. She's read all of the recipes available to her and she's read her fishing bait books too. Since she's got to level 7 in fishing and gardening she's now ready to get married. That'll happen later in Episode 30. I still need to record video of her and Wilfred visiting some of the local venues. I added the Ice Lounge which came with one of the expansions, I think, can't remember which one. I had a look inside and it doesn't seem very inspiring but I might send this couple there for a few minutes to see what it's like at a Sim's eye view.

    Wilfred's not showing much interest in befriending the cat. He might take it home with him and maybe they'll improve their relationship there. I really don't think he's going to get his lifetime wish of adopting a unicorn.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,904 Member
    Today my sims were busy. I played on and off during most of the day.

    I only managed to get 3 screen shots. It's getting late now - 10 pm.

    I've been working on skills, reading books and getting Wilfred and Wendy married. They are both currently wishing to have a party - a bachelor and a bachelorette party. Wilfred just proposed marriage to Wendy and she accepted and I saved and shut down.

    I found only 3 members of the household need to learn fishing. They all had 0 fishing skill. I sent them to the pond to fish.

    Jack, Mark and Lionel fishing. Lionel is closest to the camera.

    I noticed Lionel was cold so I sent him home to fish at the wishing well. I didn't check the other two. They probably were cold too but there is only one wishing well at home so they stayed at the pond. I checked their progress just before I shut down. Lionel was at level 6, Jack at level 5 and Mark at level 4. So more work still needs to be done but it doesn't have to be done before the wedding. I might get them to improve it a bit but there is no hurry. They've been reading recipes. Of course they will still have their fishing books to read once they get their skill to level 7.

    Wendy and Wilfred went into Stylist and got their wedding outfits. Wilfred got a new Outer wear outfit too. His red checked shirt and black fingernails were not my idea of suitable outerwear. Maybe I didn't give him a proper makeover when he aged up to Young Adult.

    I got a couple of shots of Wendy. She scored jewellery as well as a new dress and some lipstick.


    This pair have been best friends for ages. They went on a date to the Ice Lounge tonight and then they went to the Dome in the early morning time. The wedding venue is set up for them. They had a look at it while they were there but I don't think I got any video of it. I am going to have too much to edit by the time they are married. I got a heap of video of them riding the roller coaster and that's going to take ages to edit.

    Once Wilfred and Wendy are married I'll send them home to Cake Island and they can move into their new house. I haven't decided where to put them yet. All of the houses in the street where I put the previous married couples are now taken. There are other houses around the world so I'll find something for them.

    The next episode will show the makeover of both houses, Wilfred and Wendy's as well as Frank and Felecia's.

    Then I'll send Derek and Delores on their vacation. I think I'll send them to Isla Paradiso or maybe Roaring Heights. Haven't decided yet. I don't need them to travel to The Great Southern Land so I won't send them there. Once they've moved out of the Main Household I'll probably make the final 3 imaginary friends real and send them to the Great Southern Land. I might get Dave and Demetria married before I do that though. I'll have to work out the logistics.

    I don't want to overload either household. I don't think the two Imaginary Friends made real in the Great Southern Land will be ready to move out by the time Wendy and Wilfred are ready to go home so there won't be room in that house until after Coby travels to the Great Southern Land to marry Clarice and returns to Cake Island with the pair of Imaginary Friends who are staying there. All four of them will then move out to their new homes in Cake Island.

    Then Sharonda goes to the Great Southern Land to meet and marry Stan. So I might put off making the final 3 imaginary friends real until after there is more room in the Great Southern Land and either Coby or Sharonda can travel with the Imaginary Friends. When Sharonda and Stan have returned to Cake Island and moved out Megan or Latoya could take the final three to The Great Southern Land when Megan goes there to marry Mark and Latoya goes to marry Lionel. Which will leave only Constance, Joni and Kendall to meet Chris, Jack and Karen. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

    Once they are all married and safely in their own homes in Cake Island and Gerry is alone in the main house the babies will start arriving. With 15 couples having babies, they should only need to have 2 babies each to get the 30 grandchildren. Then I think Gerry has to have another child somehow to get the badge to trigger. Only time will tell if it all happens as hoped.

    Happy Simming All.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,904 Member
    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 30 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    The entire episode is set in The Great Southern Land Beta by @Frogprincess_q

    All 11 members of the household plus 2 cats are seen around the house and elsewhere.

    The video begins with all 11 of the sims dancing or playing horseshoes at the Spring Festival after their egg hunt seen in Episode 29.

    We see them working on skills, reading books and enjoying each other's company.




    In the second half of the video the focus is on Wilfred and Wendy. They start out this episode as Best Friends but by the end of the episode romance has changed their friendship and they eventually become engaged.

    Their bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding and eventual return to Cake Island will happen in Episode 31.

    Happy Simming

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