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Sims 3 and things


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    Today, I'm putting together the video I recorded for Episode 42. I've already moved Cindy and her household out to their own home.

    The active household is Gerri, Klaus, Lucy, Luciinda and Louise.


    Gerri is the mother of the 15 who all just got married and are going to produce the 30 grandchildren to hopefully get the badge for a sim having 30 grandchildren.

    Klaus and Lucinda

    Klaus is an Evil sim I picked up from the sims I previously added to The Great Southern Land. I grabbed him just for fun as in the past he's done some unusual things autonomously. Such as heading off into town while being played in Barnacle Bay. At the time I was pleased to see him leave the house as he'd been causing mayhem picking fights with everyone. When he'd been gone for quite a long while I suddenly got the 'Big Meanie' badge and I was surprised and came to the conclusion Klaus must have been picking fights with the townies because nothing consistent with getting that badge had been happening back at home with the rest of the household and that's where I'd been playing.

    Lucy is the Mean Spirited Imaginary Friend made real. She is still in the household because she had planted a Forbidden Fruit seed. She how has 2 plant sim daughters. I was going to move her out but might hang onto her. She might make the next episode or two more interesting. Lucy currently has two wishes - to get married and to grow a forbidden fruit.

    In order to get the badge awarded I have to stay with Gerri's household as the active household. I can't go off and activate any other households once the 30 grandchildren start arriving. If I do activate a different household I'll have to start the count again and there's no telling how many grandchildren she'll end up with.

    I was thinking having a household with only one sim in it might get a bit dull and that's why I included Klaus. Now I'm thinking Lucy might be worth keeping as well.

    I believe Gerri has to have another child once all 30 grandchildren have arrived or the badge doesn't get awarded. Since Klaus's lifetime wish is to be a Master Romancer I thought maybe he and Gerri could have a baby to finish the process. When I was playing yesterday I discovered Gerri and Klaus watching the stars together so it looks like he's already onto it.

    Lucy has a wish to get married. It's worth 5,000 lifetime happiness points. I was thinking maybe Klaus and Lucy could get married - but they seem to hate each other so that probably wouldn't work. It'd be interesting to see if I could make it happen though. >:)

    By the way, the Master Romancer LTW requires a sim to woohoo with 5 different sims in 5 different places. So far as I know Klaus hasn't had any luck with woohooing with any sims. But there is no telling what he got up to when he was being a townie. He hasn't got his LTW yet. He doesn't have commitment issues so he could get married but I would expect him to be a cheater if he did get married.

    I occasionally find Klaus standing patiently beside Lucinda while she reads her book. He's waiting for her to finish her book so he can steal candy from her. So far I've stopped him from doing that and made him fish as he needs to work on his fishing skill.

    The final two members of the household are Lucy's plant sim daughters, Lucinda and Louise.


    Lucinda has been learning her toddler skills and is now almost through all 9 of the toddler skill books.


    Louise has just been picked. She seems to be a slightly paler green than her older sister.

    Now, I've just moved out Clara and Bruce.

    Clara had a lot of books she needed to read. I was tempted to just move her out without reading them but she got through them fairly quickly and there were other things going on so she didn't really hold up progress.

    Bruce and Lucy had planted forbidden fruit seeds and they needed to wait for them to be ready to pick. Clara was ready to move out just before the plant sim babies needed picking.

    Bruce is the cowardly Imaginary Friend made real and was the reason we had to confine Bonehilda to her coffin for a while.

    I don't seem to have any new screenshots of Bruce except for this one. He is standing with his back to us on the left of the screen in a grey outfit - possibly it's he sleepwear.

    The screenshot is of Lucinda's first birthday party. The party will be in the upcoming video.

    Here is a pic of the forbidden fruit growing. The crystal plants were needed by Chris to make some trait chips for his Plumbot, Cindy.

    The forbidden fruit closest to us was planted and picked by Lucy to produce Louise. The other one was planted and picked by Bruce to produce his plant sim son Bert. I don't have a pic of Bert. Bruce and Bert have moved out.

    The above information is basically the contents of Episode 42 of The 30 Grandchildren Badge attempt. I'm putting the recorded videos of it all together today. If it takes up 30 minutes then that will be all that'll be in the video. Don't forget the walk throughs of the made over houses, they will be in the video as well. The episode will begin at the double wedding of Chris and Constance and of Kendall and Karen. We will stay in the Great Southern Land for a while as each couple have wishes to have a baby so we had to get them pregnant and wait for the babies to be born before leaving TGSL. That's how Chris got involved in learning the Bot Building skill and that's why Cindy ended up in the household.

    That's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 42 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This is tying up a lot of loose ends that needed to be done before the 30 grandchildren began arriving.

    In this episode you will see the dancing and eating of cake at the end of the weddings of Constance to Chris and Kendall to Karen.


    They stay in The Great Southern Land for a few extra days because Chris and Karen both had hugely valuable wishes to have a baby. Chris just wanted a baby and that was worth 4,500 lifetime happiness points. Karen had that same wish plus another wish that was granted on the birth of the baby. It was worth 7,500 lifetime happiness points for her. I don't remember what she'd wished for but the wish was completed and she got the points when the baby was born.

    I expected the babies to be delivered at different times but we had a co-ordinated session of labouring sims. I was a bit concerned with the game crashing when they both started at the same time but the game coped.


    After the births everyone travelled back to Cake Island.

    Kendall and Karen went to live in their new house and we had a walkthrough to see their décor.


    Chris and Constance stayed at Gerri's place until Chris made his Plumbot, Cindy. Then they moved to their own home which is a copy of Kendall's house. Joni got a copy of this house too. We only get to see through one version of this house though. There was too much happening in this video to be wandering around in everyone's house. The three houses are much the same. Just some of the décor is different and Kendall and Karen have the most décor in their house.

    Clara stayed in Gerri's house until she finished reading her books - recipes and fishing bait books. Then she moved out to her own little cupcake house. She's next door to Cameron. Clara, Bruce, Lucy and Cameron are all imaginary friends made real. Cameron, Lucy and Bruce all wanted, and got, to plant forbidden fruit and ended up with Plant Sim babies.

    In this current episode Lucy and Bruce were waiting for their forbidden fruit to be ready to harvest. It was planted in a previous episode. Lucy already had a Plant Sim daughter.


    Lucy had a wish to have a birthday party for Lucinda. We enjoy the party down in Gerri's basement. Lucinda became a toddler and completed all of her toddler training. She has only 2 more toddler skill books to complete reading in the next episode and she'll have done all of her toddler training.


    Eventually the forbidden fruit was ready to harvest. Bruce picked his first and then Lucy picked hers. Once the Forbidden Fruit had been harvested Bruce moved out to his own Little Cupcake House.

    Gerri, Klaus, Lucy, Lucinda and Louise are all living at Gerri's place. They will be the active household for the rest of this series.

    Episode 43

    I'm having a bit of an issue with making 15 sims pregnant at the same time. I'll persevere. See what happens. Luckily I saved as with a new name before starting the pollination of everyone. If it doesn't work for me I'll have to start again and spread them out a bit. I just want to get it completed in the next episode.
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    I have made progress with the arrival of the 30 grandchildren though.

    I am so excited. I had left the game to run as I couldn't do much while waiting for babies to be born. I've already recorded lots of video for the next episode. Well I just checked and there are 15 new babies in Gerri's family tree.


    I will get Gerri's sons and daughters to start another 15 babies today. That'll probably take a couple days of game play, if I sit at the computer and interfere with it. I find I can generate crashes and all sorts of time wasting activities. Best if I just let it run while not in the room. Worst thing it does is stop running to make me OK a phone call or something. If anything deadly happens I can always shut down and reload.
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    Here is the link to the final episode of 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt.

    If I do more videos with the sims from this series I'll probably call the next series something like the 'Holden Family'

    Here's the link to the video

    We get to see most of Gerri's 15 married children and their spouses in this episode. And the middle bit is spent in Gerri's house with her new housemates. The evil Klaus, the mean spirited imaginary friend made real, Lucy and Lucy's two plant sim toddlers.

    They managed to inspire me to do more with all of the grandchildren and plant sims and any other toddlers or babies in the world. I am thinking about moving them all to a new world and adding a boarding school so I can get all of the toddlers and children and probably teens if the game lasts that long. They'll all move through the boarding school in groups and learn skills and get to know each other. When I'm tired of that I'll add their world to my Big Game.

    The next video I plan to do is Oscar's Teen Years and he will be travelling around various worlds in the Big Game with his two travel companions Eric and Susanne. I'm thinking Oscar might visit the new world I'm moving the Holdens to and he might meet a few of them. I suppose most of the grandchildren will have to be teens by then for that to work.

    Happy Simming and I hope you enjoy the video.
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    I just found a mystery in my Big Game.

    In the beginning Gobias Koffi was partnered with Patience. Patience had tried to get me the badge for a sim having 15 children. She failed. She had the 15 children but the badge didn't work. I have since got that badge and as a result I decided to try for the 30 grandchildren badge. It failed to be awarded.

    Anyway, Patience had 5 children with Gobias. Prior to Gobias, Patience had been married to Marty Hansen (a sim I made for her). Marty and Patience had 5 children too.

    Patience moved on from Gobias to have a fling with Ted Fields. Another sim I made. Ted was very young - just aged up to Young Adult. Patience finally ended up with Christopher Steel from Sunset Valley - she always does tend to go for him.

    One of the 5 children Patience had with Marty was Haley.

    One of the 5 children Patience had with Gobias was Percy. Percy married Lorna McCann from Dragon Valley and they had two children together, Eric and Susanne. Eric and Sussanne are going to accompany Oscar on his travels in this new series of videos.

    One day when I was playing Percy's household he was trying to find a potion to make Lorna young again as she was an elder and her time had run out. Percy had long ago lost his Imaginary Friend doll. I couldn't find it anywhere. I've recently discovered that the Imaginary Friends all live in the Homeless Sims household until they are made real. So this will explain why that doll suddenly turned up running around town. I could see it when Percy was active. I managed to get it to Percy's place and he made the potion to make it real and he did that. The result was a young adult male named Bob Koffi.

    Bob and Haley got married and had a son together, Harry Koffi. So Bob and Harry are named Koffi but are not truly related to the Koffi family.

    When I was playing another household Haley ran off and left Bob with their toddler son, Harry. I finally found her living with Gobias Koffi and they had 4 children together before Gobias died of old age. I plan for Oscar and Eric and Susanne to stay with Haley for a while during their travels as those children need to do some aging up. They live in Lucky Palms.

    Anyway, back to the point of all of this. When you start a new game in Sunset Valley, sometimes you get told Gaylord Koffi just died of hunger. Gaylord is the father of Gobias and you can find Gaylord's grave in the Sunset Valley graveyard.

    Now, Gobias has 9 children. The first 5 are with Patience and the other 4 are with Patience's daughter, Haley. Complicated relationships seem to abound in this save.

    Gobias had died. I was setting up my Big Game for multi worlds and moving sims around and setting up the new worlds when I discovered none of the Koffi children were related. Gobias was the link I needed between them. I sent a sim to the graveyard in whatever world it was in which he'd died of old age. I think it might have been Twin Towns by jillbg. I put Gobias's grave into the graveyard in Cake Island which I was setting up with many of his offspring and their families. I made him a playable ghost and moved him into the boarding school and used Master Controller to fix his family tree. His father Gaylord was still in his family tree.

    The game wasn't being totally stable for me and Gobias disappeared. His portrait is blank. I was afraid all of the connections between his offspring might break again so I headed off to Sunset Valley and got Gaylord's grave and took him back to Cake Island. I made him playable. Then at some point I revived him and he's now a living adult and at the start of that life stage.

    I just opened this game after 2 years. I wanted to have a quick look at each of the sims to remind myself who they were and what plans I had for them before I go to sleep. It's now almost 1 am here. I found Gaylord chatting to a fairy. I clicked on his family tree and got a shock.

    Gaylord's Family Tree
    Note: Eric and Susanne are Gaylord's great-grandchildren and are in this family tree. The plan is for them to take Oscar on a journey to meet all of their relations. Eric is related to more than just Gaylord's descendants.

    Gobias is still in it and his portrait is blank. But he's married to Morrigan O'Reilly and they have a daughter I knew nothing about.

    Gobias's family tree (he's the blank square)

    This is how I just discovered he's still in the game somewhere and has a new daughter named Connie Koffi. I don't even have O'Reillys in my spreadsheet so I don't even know where to begin looking for them. Maybe Oscar will find them for me when he sets out on his travels.

    That's a mystery to try to solve in this series. Sims seem to produce such surprises. If I do manage to find this little family I knew nothing about I might be able to get Gobias reset or hopefully fixed so he's no longer an empty box in his family tree.

    I'm off the sleep now. It's after 1 am. I'll try to look at the rest of this household tomorrow. It's huge - there are 19 sims living at the boarding school and it's in one of Rflong7's worlds Moonfall Island.


    Happy Simming All

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    Oscar's Teen Years Episode 2 is now available for you to watch. It sure took long enough to load and process. I don't know exactly when it was finally finished but it was still processing at 81% when I turned my computer off last night. So it would have been over 24 hours to load and process. I hope it's worth it.

    It is available in HD so that'll probably explain why it took so long to load and process. The file size I loaded was about 3 times the size it would have been if I'd loaded it as SD.

    I've got two alternate titles and we'll see how the story develops to find out which one is more appropriate. I'm thinking the main title will probably be 'The Adventures of Oscar, Eric and Susanne'.

    In this episode we meet the 19 occupants of the boarding school. We see them interact and get up to all sorts of activities - some are things I've told them to do and some are what I unexpectedly come across them doing.

    There are very brief visits to all three World Adventure Worlds, otherwise we stay at the boarding school in Moonfall Island throughout in this episode.

    I hope you enjoy the video
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    It took a while but finally the video made it onto YouTube. I had to wait an hour or so this morning for it to finish loading.

    In this episode the sims have a party in the boarding school. It was not an official party. The children and teens got into costume because it was spooky day but they had no luck with their attempts to go trick or treating. So they went home and autonomously went into party mode. Every child and teen had a different costume so it was fun. The adults didn't get into costume though.

    After the party Erica Wolff called the travel agents to return home to Moonlight Falls. The travellers were Erica, Wilhemina and Gator Wolff as well as Gregg Watson (Craig) and of course, Eric and Oscar. On arrival at Moonlight Falls they stayed at the boarding school there and made Wilhemina, Gator and Gregg's imaginary friends real. The child imaginary friends learned the basic child skills and did a little fishing.
    Erica, Wilhemina and Gator returned to their home and found Dwayne and Waylon had moved into it while they were gone. So I just put them all back in there together. I suspect the game will move them around again if it deems necessary. I extended their basement a little to add two new bedrooms and a bathroom and left them to it.


    It turned out to be impossible to return Gregg to his family as they've left the world. I have no idea where they went. In order to verify if they were sill in the game Gregg rang his father and they had a long distance chat. This situation led me to spend a few days, over a week, doing a census of the worlds in the game. I found Gregg's family. They were living in one of the worlds that I didn't have installed in this game so I had to find out which worlds were used but not installed and did some installing. The census is incomplete but I've done about half of it. I'll get back to it when I need to.

    During my census of Moonlight Falls I found a few young sims who had no skills and were about to age up. I moved them to the boarding school and they learned a few basic skills. There are five werewolf toddlers who did all of their necessary toddler skills and read their toddler books, and two children learned their basic child skills and did some fishing. The children are Tawnya Wolff and Sophie Rodgers. I don't think Tawnya will be in most people's games. Not sure about that though. I hadn't encountered her before. She is the daughter of Pappy Wolff and Dede Wynn. I found them mourning the recent death of Pappy. There was another child who got trained too. A friend of Tawnya's but she didn't make it into the video and I don't remember her name. I became aware of her when I found her at Tawnya's house and the girls were playing. The teens I trained included Daydream Ivy, Zoe Durwood and Zac Durwood.

    Oxley werewolf toddlers.

    There is one short scene at the boarding school. It was a few days after the Wolff family returned to their home. It was the night of the Prom. I tried to get Eric to go but he couldn't. I think I must have done something to the boarding school to stop the children and teens from going to school. None of them went and I was wondering if I'd deleted the school but it is there and the Wolff family all had no problem attending school after they returned home. Anyway, Eric had to miss the Prom but he had visitors just before it started. They were Waylon and Wilhemina. Waylon was in his werewolf form and had words with Eric before bounding off. Then Eric and Wilhemina had a chat and some flirting. It was all quite romantic. It'll be interesting to see how that develops.

    Eric teaching Jane Oxley to walk.

    Daydream Ivy with the toddlers

    The video ends just before the toddlers are returned home. The Durwoods are still at the boarding school as is Gregg and his imaginary friend made real as well as Oscar and Eric. The next episode will begin at the point this one ends as Zac Durwood picks up one of the toddlers at the end of this video. Then he wandered off into town carrying the toddler. I didn't have time in this video to follow his progress as I was wondering if he'd put the toddler down and walk off without him. It was all a bit scary.

    I just put the recorded video together for the next episode. It's all over the place. I will see what I can do with it. I might find myself trying to recreate bits that didn't get recorded.
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    I've been working hard over the past few days trying to fix Cake Island. I can now see why I ran away from it when I visited initially.

    There are a lot of young sims in this world that need attention. The world was slightly overpopulated so I should have been able to fix it by just moving one or two households out.

    I moved the Black Household. It consisted of a family with 5 children.

    Rod and Fleur Black are an old pair of sims I made ages ago. Fleur is the first fairy I ever made just after Supernatural was released. I made Rod at some point but don't remember if I made him specifically for her or not. I think I've only ever played him with her though.

    I moved the entire household and their house to a new world. That's really All I had to do. But I didn't stop there.

    The world I chose for them is 'Ridgeview - in Summer'. It is empty. Flat. Nothing in it other than geographic features and empty lots. It took me ALL Day to add buildings to the community lots. Then I had to do the rabbit holes. I think I got them all eventually. So I moved the family in.

    I was aging them up and working on skills first. Then I needed to buy books. I told Fleur to buy books on line but it was greyed out and it said there was no bookshop in the world to shop for books on line at. So I added a bookshop.

    I just plonked the rabbit holes down onto the lots and rarely did any decorating to the lots. They look a bit 'different' with huge business buildings sitting on mowed grass. Then I thought - I've seen that look before - when I was working I had to go to Canberra a few times. That's the Australian Capital City. And I saw lots of huge Government buildings with just grass - no concrete or anything covering the grass. They just have grass growing from the footpath right up to the bottom of the walls. So I am planning to leave the commercial buildings in Ridgeview with just grass around them - mostly.

    I didn't get many screen shots. None of Ridgeview actually. I did manage a few of the Black family members. The youngest is a daughter named Yvonne. When I moved them Yvonne was a toddler. She is a fairy and I didn't manage to get a screen shot of her as a toddler. She completed her toddler skills and read her toddler books.

    Here is Yvonne Black in Stylist

    She was born in game so I gave her new hair and outfits.

    Yvonne made her Imaginary Friend, Rags real.

    I needed a potion to turn all of their imaginary friends real. I set Fleur and Felicity to work making the potions. Felicity is the first alien baby any of my sims had born in a game. She came along a few years after 2014. I don't remember exactly when. She was at the boarding school long before I ever started even thinking about making videos. She's still a teen because her family has been living in a world that hasn't been played much since she aged up to teen.

    Eventually both Fleur and Felicity managed to work out how to make the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion. In the end Fleur made most of the potions I needed because Felicity had to go to school and there was after school activities and it was really hard to pin her down to do much of what I wanted her to do during a school week.

    Here are pics of Yvonne with Rags after Rags became live.

    And of course Rags became real.

    And became Ross

    Yvonne and Ross (previously Rags) worked on their child skills together.

    Behind them Fleur was watching Rod and Felicity have a pillow fight and Epsilon had his Sprite to talk to.

    Rod is Fleur's husband and father to their children and Felicity.

    All of Fleur's children are fairies. Most inherited her blue wings. This couple surprised me once when I told them to woohoo in a fairy house expecting Rod, a human, wouldn't be able to enter the tiny house but he managed it and they had their fun together in a fairy house. Having so many fairies in the household there are several fairy houses in their home.

    Just a pic of Cake Island - it looks deceptively empty. I almost deleted it and replaced it with an empty world but sent a sim back there to be sure and found after a while all the houses begin to appear.


    There was a traffic incident outside the school in Ridgeview.


    This is one of the family Plumbots. They've been in the household from before the children were all born. They used to have chips but the chips seem to have vanished. Some times one or the other of them can garden. But never both at the same time and at first I thought I was confused but I did eventually pin them down and am now sure both of them can, and does garden, But never both at the same time. Weird. The other one is Wozza but I have no pictures of him. He is very different from Epsilon and has an oval shaped head with long skinny limbs and is black and orange in colour.

    This is Epsilon. I'm glad he's shiny silver again. There was a time when none of my shiny silver Plumbots were actually shiny.

    Here are Felicity and Yvonne.

    Fred is the first born of the Black children. He made his Imaginary Friend, Boinky, real and she got the name Brooke. They were teens for a while but I needed to move a few of the children out so Fred and then Brooke aged up to Young Adult and I moved them into a house I placed from my library into the new world of 'Ridgeview - in Summer'. I think I'll just refer to it as Ridgeview as writing the entire name out all the time is a bit cumbersome.

    Fred's Birthday - they had cake

    Brooke had cake too. Ooh look - there's Wozza helping Brooke celebrate her birthday. So you do get to see both of the family Plumbots after all.

    Then she went into Stylist and had an unfortunate moment or two with suggested hair and outfits.

    Brooke and Fred moved together into their new house in Ridgeview. I've given them similar traits so I hope they might end up a couple but I'm not going to do anything about that. I'll just leave them to it.

    The second eldest of the Black family children is Frank. He is insane but manages to get along without too much trouble. I hope.

    Frank had cake too.

    Frank had an imaginary friend named Buddy who became Bronwyn after being made real and aging up. I don't seem to have a pic of her. She standing directly behind him and is wearing a blue and pink dress with white spots. They've all just returned from Fred's graduation so they are in formal attire.

    I moved Frank and Bronwyn out to live in another house I placed in the world for them.

    Felicity had cake too and then she was a Young Adult. Her imaginary friend was Wiggles who became Winifred.

    I got a couple of pictures of Winnifred

    In Stylist

    And after she came out of Stylist.

    Winnifred and Felicity each got a small house to live in alone. We'll see what happens. There aren't many empty houses in the world currently. There might be one or two of them. I grabbed a sim from my library to help me set up the world before I put it into the game. That sim is living alone in a house on the other side of town.

    Before moving anyone out to live in their own home I sent three of them to the Future. I'd been thinking Rod Black needed to go to the future to collect nanites. I've had these thoughts on and off for a few months now. So when I was actually playing his household, however briefly, I thought I should just do it. So I sent Rod with his son Fred and imaginary friend made real Brooke to the future.

    This was a disaster. Nothing was visible inside the buildings. I could see sims sitting and using furniture but it was all invisible. And I couldn't move up or down any levels unless I had a sim with me. I tried really hard and they managed to catch a few nanites but in the end I just gave up and sent them home. The game crashed when they got home. So I had another go. This time it all worked perfectly. Maybe there wasn't enough available memory to cope during their first visit.

    They came across a Spotted Sixam and I just had to get a screenshot of it. There was a nanite beside it.


    They collected a few nanites. It was very helpful when Rod got enough lifetime happiness points to buy a Collection Helper. It made a huge difference when trying to find nanites in a hurry. They stayed a few days and collected some future stuff and picked some crystal flowers.

    When they got home they planted a rough circle of crystal plants around the Tree of Prosperity.


    A funny thing happened when I sent them home from Oasis Landing. They had to use the time portal and chose to travel home. Now, I'd sent only the 3 members of the Black household to the Future. But when they went 'home' from the future, they travelled to Twikkii Island and landed in the Genie household with Melanie Kelly. Now, Melanie is another sim I added when I needed a sim to assist me set up Twikkii Island. She never went to the Future with the Black family. While I am in Cake Island Melanie lives in a building I use as a traveller destination but isn't set up as a base camp. When I sent the Blacks from Cake Island to Ridgeview I sent them with Melanie so she could travel back to Cake Island and leave the Blacks all in Ridgeview. While I played with the Blacks in Ridgeview, Melanie was living on her own in a house near the Sim that I'd used to help me with setting up Ridgeview. However, when the Blacks arrived home from Oasis Landing in the Future, they turned up in the Genie Household with Melanie Kelly in Twikkii Island.

    So I saved that and sent the Blacks, with Melanie, back to Ridgeview. I placed all of the Blacks into their new homes where necessary and grabbed Melanie and travelled back to Cake Island.

    That's when the mayhem really broke out. The next post will explain what's happening in Cake Island.

    Happy Simming All

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    Finally, at last, the video is now on YouTube and ready for you to view. It took me about 23 hours from when I started loading it to it being ready for you to view.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    This video begins in the boarding school in Moonlight Falls. That is where Eric and Oscar travelled with the sims from the boarding school in Moonfall Island. They returned everyone but Gregg Craig to their homes in Moonlight Falls. Gregg's parents have vanished. I had no idea where to even begin looking for them. There are 13 worlds in the game at this stage and sims live in all of those worlds. Several of these worlds are very overpopulated and very difficult to play in.

    While at the boarding school in Moonlight Falls Gregg had made his imaginary friend real. When the four sims returned to the boarding school in Moonfall Island there were 18 sims living in the household. I sent Isabel Howe to The Isle of Sims III to look for the Craig family. She returned with a toddler who needed training. This brought the population of the Boarding School in Moonfall Island to 19 sims.

    I then moved Petal, Mary, Sandy and Pat out to live with Mia Azul and Sarah Jayne. This house in on the beach (part of the lot is in the water) at the other end of Moonfall Island. So no travelling needed to get them home.

    On arrival at their home Petal made her imaginary friend real. Then Sandy made his imaginary friend real. I discovered Pat (Mary's imaginary friend made real) had a doll in his inventory. It became live but we ran out of time to make it real so that'll happen in the next video.

    Some extra info - Mary is the clone of Mia Azul.

    Sandy is the clone of Salty Seaworth but I haven't found any trace of Salty in the game. He seems to have vanished completely. But that might work for me as I am considering adding the sims from the Isla Paradiso Bunch to this game and if I do that I'll want to use the Salty from that game. He is engaged to one of the genies and they have twin daughters.

    Pat is Mary Azul's imaginary friend made real.

    Petal Jayne is a plant sim who was picked in the Perfect Genetics Challenge and I made a copy of her for this game. In this game she was adopted by a sim I made to try out new skins and hair when I first started adding skins and hair to my game. Her name is Sarah Jayne. I've not done much with Sarah and I never had a game in mind for her.

    If you'd like to see more of the mermaids and Sarah you will find them in my Colourful Mermaids playlist on my YT channel. I moved everyone from that series of videos to this Big Game and a lot of them are living in Moonfall Island and you'll be seeing them briefly in future episodes.
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    The video has finally completed loading to YouTube.

    Episode 5 of Oscar's Teen Years is now up and ready for you to watch.

    We start out in Moonfall Island with the Mia Azul household. There are some children that need attention and one imaginary friend to be made real.

    Back to the boarding school and little Chrissie completes reading her toddler books at the library. The Moonfall Island library is the Gothique Library from the Sims 3 Store (because I put it there when I set the world up for this game). We only see a single room of the library in this episode. Back at the boarding school Eric tells a ghost story to Oscar, Susanne and Coral.

    Gregg Craig still hasn't located his parents and he needs to go home. Isabel sets out to look for his parents while Gregg and his imaginary friend made real, Russel, wait at the boarding school.

    Isabel decided to travel through the worlds in alphabetic order and begins with Barnacle Bay. She searches the computer for Gregg's family but they are not there.

    The next world is Bellatrix by @Rflong7. Isabel has another fruitless search for the Craig family. You will see a flyover of Bellatrix before Isabel moves on the Cake Island, another of Rflong7's worlds. Again there is no sign of the Craig family. There is a quick flyover of the world and a tombstone belonging to Gobias Koffi is located.

    Isabel moves on to Chocolate Cake Island and there is another brief flyover. This world is almost empty but Isabel finds several sims still living at the boarding school. She can't move them on just yet as I had to work out how to free up memory in the game to allow her to travel with other sims. I did work it out eventually but not for this episode.

    After Chocolate Cake Island Isabel heads for Cotes d'Ambonnay a beautiful medieval world by @xSorcier. Isabel finds 5 sims living in that world and they decide to leave with her when she travels to Lunar Lakes. The sims found in the world are three witches and a fairy and Aislan Walsh.

    The fairy is Gladys Black. She is one of the fairies I made with the jeweled skins made by @Moonskin93.

    The three witches are from a batch of 15 female witches and 15 male witches I made a few years ago. They are spread out across several worlds. The three I found in Cotes d'Ambonnay are Bambi, Biddy and Mitch Bombay.

    Most of my fairies begin life with the family name of Flower, and all of my witches are given the family name of Bombay. They are not related to each other. Biddy has a pet cat that she takes with her when she moves. I found Biddy and Mitch have become engaged so I moved them in together with the cat in Lunar Lakes. You see a quick flyover of Lunar Lakes too.

    Bambi, Mitch, Biddy and the cat all move to Lunar Lakes with Gladys.

    I found a pic of Gladys

    Bambi with some others not in this episode




    Aislan is a townie from Dragon Valley and she moves into the Moonfall Island boarding school with her pet cat. She will stay there to become a nanny. I've wanted to play Aislan for a while and decided the time has come to do that. She is getting on a bit in age so she gets to drink a young again potion on arrival at the boarding school.

    Once the move to Lunar Lakes is complete Isabel, Aislan and the cat return to Moonfall Island just in time for the children and teens to return from school.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    Oscar's Teen Years Episode 6 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    Isabel goes to Dark Harbor to try to find Gregg Craig's parents. She doesn't find them, but does discover the world has become corrupt and the entire population of 88 sims need to be moved out.

    Note: I have moved the 88 sims out of Dark Harbor, but not recorded video of it happening. They are all happily settled in two new worlds. They end up in Cornucopia and Glenvale City. Neither of these worlds appear in the video but they will eventually end up in future videos as I've moved several of Eric's relatives to both of those worlds.

    I am also playing a small side game in Dark Harbor with a view to setting it up for future play. I will put the nhd file from that game into the Big Game so Dark Harbor will continue to be a part of this story as well as the McFluff Story.

    In this video, we have a quick look around Dark Harbor and then Isabel returns to Moonfall Island Boarding School.

    Eric decides it's time for an adventure and he dials up a travel agent. Eric, Oscar and Susanne set out to visit the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. We spend some time in that world and meet the sims living in it.

    Eric really wanted to go to Moonlight Falls but didn't want to raise suspicions with folks back in Moonfall Island.

    Faith MacDuff from Moonlight Falls is about to age up to Young Adult so it seems reasonable that Eric and Co escort her back home. Before leaving for Moonlight Falls, Faith makes her Imaginary Friend, Hesper, Real. Hesper becomes Henry.

    Eric, Oscar, Susanne, Faith and Henry travel to Moonlight Falls.

    Eric meets up with his special friend and there is some serious flirting. I think something might be going on with that pair. Interesting.

    Faith and Henry have cake and celebrate their birthday. The plan is for Faith and Henry to share a house in Moonlight Falls now they are young adults.

    In order to get some/most of the video for this episode I needed to go back to an earlier version of the game. I saved Henry to my library as he hadn't existed previously.

    Back in March and April this year I spent ages doing lots of housekeeping on this game. I'd just continued to play it for years. It is the game for Oscar's stories as well as The McFluff Story. Just about all of the worlds had become so overstuffed with sims that it was often impossible for me to save them. I had this issue again in this pre housekeeping version of Moonlight Falls.

    For the next episode of this video series I'll go to a later save. Eventually I'll get Eric and his buddies up to the current version of the save. At that point I should have no problems with saving. I have added several new worlds to the game and the game is now good to play. I'll try to progressively continue to move sims to new worlds as the population of this game continues to grow. I currently have 1,075 sim listed in my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is up to date as well now. I need it to know where my sims are so I can send Eric to the appropriate worlds whenever he and his friends decide to travel.

    I became aware of the problem of the location of sims not being recorded accurately in the spreadsheet when I couldn't find Gregg Craig's parents. I did eventually find them so he does get to go home, but not in this episode. I will continue to send Isabel out to find them and she will go through each world in almost alphabetic order. The next world in the next episode will be Grey Meadow Islands. It should have been visited in this episode if I'd stuck rigidly to the order. I don't plan to send her to Hidden Springs either as I currently have only one household in that world and it isn't overpopulated and Gregg's parents are not in the world. But I do plan for Oscar to move there when he becomes a Young Adult and settles down to raise a huge family. Currently the only household I have there is Gertie McFluff with her 15 cats.

    I'm thinking the next video I made might be from a different series. Currently I'm thinking of doing a few episodes of either 'The Perfect Genetics Challenge' or 'Caroline and Friends at University'. There are interesting sims in both of those series and lots happening. With Perfect Genetics the first heir is about to take over from her mother. In Caroline and Friends there are a whole host of very different sims with different traits to allow for maximum achievements at University. Isla Paradiso Bunch is completed unless I decide to do a third series at some stage.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 1 video is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    In the final episode of Generation 1 the heir, Cindy, aged up to Young Adult. Now she's ready to get married and start having babies. First she needs to graduate.

    This episode is pretty busy. There is a graduation, two birthday cakes with candles to blow out, two marriage proposals, two weddings, a journey to another world, a sim meets his future wife in the middle of a park and they get to know each other. There is dancing, flirting, marrying, hugging, kissing, travelling and all sorts of adventures.

    There is a need to depopulate the main household and the world in general so I'll be moving sims out of Moonlight Falls for a while to allow the world to play without lag.
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    Episode 2 of The Perfection Genetics Challenge, Generation 2 is now loaded to YouTube. It's there for you to watch now.

    If you've been watching this series of videos you'll know that Cindy is the first heir and is now grown up and married and about to start having her babies. She got married in Episode 1 of Generation 2.

    In this video Cindy's two older brothers get married. They are Gary and James. She has one more older brother who is back in Moonlight Falls and we will probably see his wedding in some future episode. Or maybe I won't have a wedding for him at all. I've sort of got an idea of who he might marry if he does get married.

    Anyway, Episode 2 opens with James and Carla and they get married and then Gary and Donna get married.

    During Generation 1 there were a few videos, I think about 3 of them, that were devoted to Donna and her household. The population of Mountain Lake is made up entirely of Sims from Donna's household and Sims that travelled from Moonlight Falls with Cindy and her husband Bill.

    I plan to move lots more sims from Moonlight Falls to this world that was made by @Rflong7. This is why I've removed the sims that came with the world.

    I did find one problem with the world that wasn't obvious at the beginning. It doesn't have a hospital. There is a lot that is labelled as a hospital but the building on it is a school.

    So, this video starts with 2 weddings. They are short weddings. We just see the ceremonies and a bit of cake eating and some dancing before everyone goes home. Things don't all go smoothly at the weddings as it turns out to be the night of the full moon and zombies are about. And some paparazzi turn up, as usual. Two sims discover they are pregnant at the weddings too. So this leads on to us monitoring their pregnancies and the things they get up to while pregnant. I keep the pregnant sims at Donna's house and that's the active household. I want to control how many babies they have and what they do.

    I think it's a busy and fun video to watch. I hope you enjoy it.

    Happy Simming

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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 3 is now on YouTube and ready for you to watch.

    The main activity in this video is babies and toddlers. Lots of babies and toddlers. Carla has quads first, then Cindy (the heir) had twins and Donna produced 2 baby fairies. All of the babies/toddlers are grandchildren of Olivia and Don who are the Founder couple of this challenge.

    The world in which they are living is Mountain Lake which was made by Rflong7. Music is from the YouTube Audio Library.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    A few years ago Supernatural was released and I changed my mind several times while waiting for it to be released. Then I decided to buy it and got it on release. I only wanted the build objects. Decided not to use the supernaturals.

    Then I made a couple of supernaturals. One was a witch. By then University Life had been released and I also had Plant Sims.

    My witches were Judy and Lorna.


    I was going to say I don't have a pic of Lorna but then came across this one from another game. She's the one in the black and white stripes.

    I built them a HUGE house on a 64x64 lot in Sunlit Tides. But I've had it in other worlds. This looks like Midnight Hollow.



    Judy was focusing on the science skill. I'd not played with the Science machine before and had no confidence in what it could do and Judy kept messing things up but she did eventually manage to make a forbidden fruit seed. She planted it but didn't give it sufficient attention and it appeared to die. I was upset. Then she tried again and after many failures she made another forbidden fruit seed. She planted this one too and she took good care of it for days until she had to go out for something and that's when it was available to be picked and I was worried it would die too if not picked immediately so I got Lorna to pick it. Then I was upset because Lorna became it's mother because she picked it after Judy had done all the hard work. I named him Charlie the Plant Sim.

    Anyway Judy got some of her own DNA and I was frustrated with all of her failures and decided to see if she'd fail when she tried to clone herself. I expected she would - but a baby girl came out of the machine. I named her Anne.

    Here are Charlie and Anne playing together at home in their original save way back in 2011 or 2012. Can't remember exactly when.

    I eventually got tired of this save and put it away but kept a copy. Much later I put the house onto the Exchange because people saw me posting pictures of it and wanted to download it. It's really big and not good if you have a save that's already got lots of stuff and lots of sims in it. But your sims never have to leave the house if you give them a career such as gardening or something they can do from home.

    I started other short games that included either Judy or Lorna or both of them and, of course, Charlie and Anne. But Charlie and Anne never aged up beyond child.

    Then I built a witches village in Dragon Valley and added both households to the village plus about 30 other witches I'd made in the meantime.

    A pic of part of the Witches Village in Dragon Valley


    The houses all had big basements where all their stuff was kept and where they lived. Above ground I only had small buildings to be used to hide the stairs down to the basements.

    While in the Witches Village Anne lived with Judy and a few other extra sims.


    And Charlie lived with Lorna and her husband, Vince, and their toddlers.

    Anne and Charlie still played together sometimes. I was still sad that Lorna had ended up as Charlie's mother instead of Judy.

    Here are some of the other witches I made and they lived in a different household.

    I have a lot of witches and I keep them all by 'sharing' them and then saving their Sims3Pack file in external hard drives. I have got a few sims on the Exchange but not many.

    While playing with Judy's household in this Witches Village save I was trying to get her to achieve the badge for having a sim make 300 elixirs.


    She made way more than 300 elixirs but the badge was never awarded.

    Then I thought, maybe there is something wrong with the save. So I grabbed Judy from that save and started a brand new save with just her in it as my only sim and she started working on making elixirs. She didn't get the badge but I was bored and decided to add another sim to her household. I thought I'd go through my old genies and see if I could find one.

    I found three. Gave them each a makeover so they were no longer blue and dressed in Genie outfits.

    So Haley, Jeanie and Josephine ended up joining Judy in the tiny house she was now living in in Isla Paradiso.




    So now I had a witch and three genies in the house all trying to make elixirs.


    After making several hundred elixirs I gave up.

    Then I had been testing some custom content so I could get rid of the broken bits of it and made a really quick sim that I barely touched in CAS. I named her Diana.


    Then I gave Diana a 'friend' to help her test the broken CC. I named the evil 'friend' Meryl.


    Meryl is fun. She wants to see the ghost of her wealthy spouse so keeps autonomously running off the the festival ground and other places looking for a suitable husband. So far she's still single.


    Once I'd finished testing the CC it was time for the demise of Diana and Meryl. But I was having fun with Judy and the three genies so decided to put Diana and Meryl in with them. The save was growing. I thought it had way too many females so I made them a single male sim who I named Craig.

    Then I needed a Simself so I made Muriel, and my name isn't Muriel, but the sim sort of resembles me as I looked back then. I seriously doubt that anyone who knows me in real life would ever think she is supposed to be me though. :neutral:



    Then I thought Craig was a bit overwhelmend with all of those females so I made Sam and added him to the household.


    I really didn't want an overstuffed household.

    I decided to use this group of sims to get me all of the badges that came with Island Paradise.

    At this point I decided I wanted to have a go at learning a bit about YouTube and the series of videos about the Isla Paradiso Bunch began.

    The first playlist is about them trying to complete all of the badges that came with Island Paradise.

    Sam got me the badges for the Life Guard career.

    Between them they completed the requirements for all of the badges.

    They managed to complete all of the requirements and I got a badge or two but mostly the badges didn't get awarded. Later on I started a new series of videos named 'Caroline and Friends' and kept Caroline on her own to complete the badges that are almost only get awarded if you have a single sim household.

    Once I had finished with the Island Paradise Badges series of videos I started a new playlist where this household went adventuring around all three World Adventures worlds. They collected all of the parts of the main tomb collections plus most of the other collectables for each world.

    Here is the collection from France

    The collection from Egypt

    And the collection from China

    By this time the household had grown.

    Haley had twin girls with Salty Seaworth. Salty wants to see the ghost of his wealthy wife so they have stayed as fiancé up to now.

    Judy got to work and picked two plant sims on the same day. They are Benjie and Bertie. Then she started making extra clones. She cloned Triton King and Lea Dutiel, thereby adding Terry King and Donna Dutiel to the household.

    Craig got abducted by aliens several times and had two alien babies and Sam had one alien baby.

    I captured the alien mothers and added them to the household.

    The game was extremely unstable. I had completed the videos showing walkthroughs of all tombs in World Adventures.

    I didn't want to lose the sims so I used NRAAS Porter mod to pack up the household plus the Alien mothers and the tree surviving mermaids, Salty Seaworth, Triton King and Maya Ocean. Mia Azul died and her ghost is kept in an urn that is in the main household. She haunts most nights and Josephine often faints when she sees the ghost.

    I unpacked the household in a new game set in Dragon Valley. I moved the three mermaids out to live as independent sims. I needed Salty as he is the father of the twins, and Triton provided DNA to make his clone, Terry. Lea Dutiel is not involved as she lives in France. I also added Penny, a new sim I made relatively recently as I thought she might end up as a wife for Sam or Craig.

    I started making all of the imaginary friends real and gave them major makeovers.

    Then I moved Judy and her family out to live in a second world in that game. They have a nice new house near the beach in Sunlit Tides.

    I grabbed Anne and Charlie from their save in the Witches Village and added them to Judy's family. Then I made a new sim as a potential love interest for Judy.

    Now I'm thinking I'd like to learn how to live stream on YouTube and think I will start with this household. I have read about how to do the live streaming and have the software. I will wait a few more weeks before trying to do it though as currently I'm involved in a play, singing and dancing on stage before a live audience sort of thing. We open in about 2 weeks and will end in mid December. So after that I plan to live stream Judy's household and if that works out I'll keep doing it and eventually add sims from the remaining main household.

    So you see, I have many sims that I get attached to and they just keep on working for me.

    Here's Judy's current household. I've aged Anne and Charlie up to Teens now.


    Joe - the potential love interest for Judy. Nothing's happening between them yet, but he is part of the household.

    Charlie the Plant Sim

    Peter, Charlie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Anne - Judy's clone

    Ruth - Anne's Imaginary Friend made real

    Bertie - a Plant Sim Judy picked

    Carl - Bertie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Benjie - another plant sim Judy picked at the same time as she picked Bertie so they are sort of twins. I made them different colours so I could tell them apart.

    Pippa - Benjie's Imaginary Friend made real

    Terry King - Judy's clone of Triton King (Terry's a mermaid)

    Harry King - Terry's Imaginary Friend made real

    Finally, Donna Dutiel with her imaginary friend who still needs to become real


    They live in a big house on a big lot. I made the house a big square and have a big courtyard in the middle. They mostly live above ground. I don't think I gave them a basement yet but the house is big. This is the only household I play with in this world currently. So this is the group of sims I'll be playing in the live stream when it happens. I expect they will get visitors from Dragon Valley occasionally.

    My sims just keep on finding ways to add to fun and entertainment.

    The link to my YouTube channel is in my signature.

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    The video is available to watch on YouTube.

    In this video we see James and Carla's new house and their family move into it. The children complete their child skills. Then we go back to Donna and Gary's place. Their toddlers age up to child and do their child skills. Then Cindy and Bill and their toddlers return to Moonlight Falls. Back home we meet their huge household of 20 sims. This is where Cindy and Bill will stay. So most of the others will be moving to Mountain Lake over the next few episodes. I probably won't be showing the detail of their moves as this is about the Perfect Genetics Challenge and the focus is on Cindy having babies until she gets an heir. At the end of the video she gives birth again. I haven't checked if she has an heir yet as the video went slightly over the 30 minute point before I had a chance to do that. So next episode we will find out if she has an heir.

    In the meantime I've moved Owen, Trish, Petal and Cosmo to Mountain Lake. Petal and Cosmo aged up to Young Adult first of course.

    I finished working on the video yesterday morning and started loading it. By 5:30 pm it had loaded 28%. I had to stop it at that point as I needed to leave here for rehearsal before 5:30. I wanted to disconnect the computer from the power before I left due to possible severe thunder storms.

    This morning I started loading again. Fortunately it gave me the choice to continue from where it left off yesterday. So at around 6:30 am today it started loading from 28% loaded and continued all day until about 3:30 or 4 pm. Not exactly sure when as I walked away from the computer for a while. Now I have to be gone before 5:30 again. This is going to be the routine for the next 2 or 3 days with me needing to be gone from here before 5:30pm.

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    the guy on the left in the cover picture of Episode 4 looks like Gavin from Rough Justice ... a touring Aussie rock band from the 90s who moonlighted as Chunky, at the Mirabooka I think ... hmm. Anyway ...
    I remember you from university, I still have your story.
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    Here is Gavin's FB photo page. Looking through them, I pat myself on the back because I was right.
    In the black and white photos of him and the band when they were younger, he's the top left. In the current day rehearsal photos, he's the one on the right with the white shirt.

    I remember you from university, I still have your story.
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    A change of topic. Back to my video series on the Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    Over the past few days I've been working on the townie population of Moonlight Falls. I've moved a heap of them out to Mountain Lake and listed them in my spreadsheet and also cleaned out their overstuffed inventories.
    Then I returned to Moonlight Falls and worked my way through the townie population there. I added them all to my spreadsheet and emptied their inventories. I see a couple of them need to be moved to Mountain Lake at some stage as they have become involved with a sim I moved there already and I may as well give them a chance of continuing with their newly established relationships.

    Then I went back to my main household. I still had big problems there. Crashing. Too many sims. Error 12.

    I aged up Percy and his Imaginary Friend made real, Pat. I moved them to Mountain Lake. They were teens. They were the last teens in the household. Since Cindy had twins I had to move two sims out to have any chance of playing the household.

    The next thing I did was age up Martin and his Imaginary Friend made real, Bart. They are now teens. I still need to give them a new wardrobe. I like Bart's new look. I often wonder what they will look like after I give them such huge overhauls of their facial features when they are children. He seems to have turned out OK, but I haven't had a close look yet. Martin is just a teenaged alien.

    I aged up Cindy's twins and can confirm we now have the heir for Generation 3.

    Donna was the first twin born and she is the heir.


    Her sister has the required eye colour but her hair is not right for her to be the heir.


    This is Bart aged up to teen. Up close his eyes seem very small but he looks good from a distance so I won't take him into CAS and operate on his eyes.



    And finally, Martin aged up to teen. He is the first alien born to this household and he is Don's alien son.

    I recorded part of birthday parties for both Martin and Bart but it crashed when the University Mascot turned up each time.

    Fortunately I have the video recorded so I can show what I have of their birthday celebrations.

    After one of the Error 12 experiences I noticed Denise had lost her Imaginary Friend doll.

    The twins still hadn't received their dolls and I'd already aged them up to toddler. I have the setting for babies to receive a doll set to100% of the time. I wondered if the fact that I'd gone off to work on the townies as soon as they were born may have messed up the doll delivery sequence. I was surprised though, to see some of the townies had recently had babies and those babies had received dolls.

    Anyway, when I got back to the main household things were not very secure. I emptied their inventories and saved. But I could do only one save for each time I launched the game.

    I decided to reset the lot after the two crashes on the arrival of the University Mascot. I had already decided to do that before shutting down last night but had failed carrying out that step.

    After resetting the lot (using Master Controller) the household seemed more secure. I found lots of stuff in the family inventory and emptied that. Denice's doll was in the household inventory so she got that back.

    Then I reset the entire town. This made things better. Then suddenly the imaginary friend dolls for the new twins turned up in the mail. So all is good.

    I saved. No crash. No error 12 but I did need to restart the game to free up some memory. I gave Martin and Bart their makeovers. Now I am ready to play on and start work on the next video. I'll be aging Martin and Bart out soon but will age up more of Don's alien children first.

    That's it for now.

    Happy Simming All.
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    Episode 5 of Generation 2 of The Perfect Genetics Challenge in now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    In this video there are lots of birthdays, some travel as sims move to a new world, a revelation about a future heir, and some aging up problems for at least one little sim.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 6 is now up on YouTube.

    As usual there is plenty going on and it's a busy episode.

    Toddler training, children learning child skills and working on opportunities. Teens reading recipes and working on their fishing skills. Children learning logic as they discover potions.

    A small group of sims have a vacation in France. While there they work on skills and read books. This turns out to be a successful way of being able to save their progress without having to shut down and reload after each save so there will be more of these 'vacations' in future episodes.

    Their home has 16 sims plus a small dog and a cat. I find I need to shut down and reload after each save when they are at home. This means I tend to put off saving and sometimes this results in me getting an Error 12 and I lose all progress since the last successful save. When Martin got an opportunity that required him to go to France and Cindy needed to deliver some freshly caught frogs to the restaurant I decided to experiment on a possible work around to my Error 12 issues.

    I sent Martin and his imaginary friend made real, Bart, as well as Cindy and her imaginary friend made real, Bobby, to France. Martin quickly completed his opportunity and the others went fishing or caught butterflies, played with the wild horses, watched the train go by, visited the nectary and harvested wild plants. The teens in the group made significant progress with their skill building and I was able to save without any issues whenever I felt it necessary to avoid losing progress. I didn't need to shut down and reload after saving. I saved at least 3 times while they were in France and there was no occurrence of Error 12.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 2, Episode 7 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This episode begins at home in Moonlight Falls, then a group of sims from the main household travel to Egypt. After the travelers return to Moonlight Falls, Olivia takes Bobby to Mountain Lake. Bobby finds a home in Mountain Lake and Olivia visits her son, James and his family. She meets some of her grandchildren who live in Mountain Lake. Four of the grandchildren turn their imaginary friends real while Olivia visits them.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 8 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    In this episode there is plenty of things happening.

    The video opens during the telling of a ghost story in the home of James and his family. Olivia is still with them but soon leaves for her home in Moonlight Falls. There is a party to send her off and most of the population of Mountain Lake showed up.

    When Olivia arrives in Moonlight Falls she is in the Base Camp I built and placed in the world. The video does a quick look through this building. There are several other travellers staying there with Olivia.

    After Olivia returns to her own home she settles back into the usual family mayhem. Their back yard is still crawling with townies at all times of the day and night, and an alien dropped in for a brief visit during the night.

    There are two birthdays - Cindy's youngest twins, Donna and Debbie, become children. Donna is Cindy's heir. Generation 3 will begin after she finally ages up to Young Adult and gets married. Donna's birthday was uneventful. Debbie had an interesting event during her birthday celebrations. Hint: the name of the cake is The Birthday/Inferno cake. It shows both sides of its nature in this video.

    One of the imaginary friend dolls became live and was transformed into a real sim. By the end of the video, the two little girls and the newly real imaginary friend are all children and begin work on their child skills.
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    Update on the Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    I've been working on the next episode of my Perfect Genetics Challenge. I aged up two of the household members to Young Adult and sent them to live in Vice City. Don took them there and on his return he found seven (7) strange sims living in the household. I have no idea where they came from. I suspect the game just created them as new sims. There were over 24 sims in the household when Don returned home. So I evicted the seven strangers and placed them together in an empty 4 bedroom house in town. I decided to let the game decide what to do with them.

    Now there is room for some of the younger sims to make their imaginary friends real. I'll be aging up the remaining two teens as soon as they get to level A at school.

    The population of Vice City is currently 3 sims. One of them I placed in the world when I set it up to be used in this game, the other two are Martin and his imaginary friend made real, Bart. I'll show you around the new world in the video. I hope to have it up next week some time as I'm still recording game play for it.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 9 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This episode says goodbye to Martin and Bart as they move to Vice City. We meet a new sim who was the sole resident of Vice City and have a quick look around this world by Fresh Prince Creations. It will be the world future young adults from the main household will live when they age up to YA. Except for the heir and his/her closest family members.

    The household visits the Spring Festival and get up to lots of different fun activities.

    Two imaginary friends become real. And we catch up with the various household members.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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