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Sims 3 and things


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    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 77

    Craig and Judy return to France. This is a new save as this final part of their adventure was impossible in the original save due to a bug.

    I tried for over a year to get this to work in the original save. It always drops out at the same point. I started a new save and it worked. I started another new save and tried again and it dropped out at the same point again. So, I can say I am totally fortunate that it worked once out of countless attempts and that I got video of it.

    In Episode 77 Craig and Judy return to France and Craig gets the adventure "Nectar Research Assistance Needed". This is the first part of a very long adventure chain that is mostly in the cellars of the Nectary, but will take them to Egypt for a few more parts to the adventure chain. Finally they get possession of the Ruby of Sakhara and return home. This video shows them completing the adventures up to this point.

    Next video will have them return to France with the Ruby and use it to gain access to the first of the huge tombs under the nectary.
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    edited September 2020
    Episode 78 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is now on YouTube and ready to be viewed

    This episode continues on from Episode 77 in which Judy and Craig went to Egypt to find more information on the elusive tombs under the Nectary in France.

    In this episode they return from Egypt with the Ruby of Sakhara. The Nectar Merchant at the Nectary directs Craig to place the Ruby into one of the mysterious holes in the creepy room they found (in Episode 77) under the nectary.

    With the entrance to the Tomb of Isael revealed the pair of adventurous sims work through many puzzles and dangers to eventually find the French Signet of the Tomb of Isael. It is a dangerous, difficult and stunningly beautiful tomb.

    I can't guarantee I found every single hidden door but we did find a lot of hidden doors and treasure and eventually Craig retrieved the Sapphire of The Crescent Moon. Then they had an unfortunate encounter with a pair of mummies that were determined to prevent Craig and Judy from leaving the tomb with the Sapphire.

    In the end all is good and finally get to taste some nectar after Craig reports to the Nectar Merchant. Of course the Nectar Merchant now wants them to use the Sapphire to get into the final French tomb and that story will be told in Episode 79.

    I hope you enjoy this episode.

    Happy Simming
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    This game was totally planned from the beginning. I wanted to practice making the sort of house I want for my Isla Paradiso Bunch to have when they move to Dragon Valley. So I started building and had to have a sim in it.

    Naturally my plans changed - and this is why I'm showing you all of these photos of my sims and the house I built.

    I chose a small world I downloaded ages ago. It's name is Cornucopia.

    All I required of it was it must have an empty 64x64 lot as that's the size of the lot the IP Bunch will be living on in Dragon Valley.

    I don't plan to save this house to the library as I'll build them a totally new house in DV. The reason for this is I've set up their basement in DV already and it has all their stuff in it and it'll take a lot longer to move all of that then it'll take me to build them a new house above ground. So the basement in DV will stay as it is currently, just the bit above ground will change.

    Here are a few pics of Cornucopia and the new house as it is currently. I cheated extra simoleans to build the house as at that time I only wanted to get an idea of the house.

    EDITED to put it into a spoiler as there are so many pictures. I hope you take a look and enjoy but it wouldn't be fun scrolling past this lot every time you want to have a look at this page.


    I wanted a house that is a huge square to fill most of the lot.

    It had to have huge glass windows.

    It had to have a magnolia tree in the middle of the central courtyard.

    It was to be different from Bahaus but still have whiteish look plus big glass windows.


    Cornucopia is not very big and I found only 2 empty 64x64 lots. I placed the festival ground from Barnacle Bay on one of those lots and built this house on the other.

    I found a most of the empty lots are odd sizes and this would probably make it difficult to just add builds from your library.

    Most builds I have in my library require lots to have even dimensions. For example 20x30 or 40x40 but I found most of the empty lots in this world seem to have odd dimensions such as 20x29 or 40x39 or similar types of sizing. I didn't make a list of actual sizes used but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm trying to say.

    In the meantime I made a couple of brand new sims.

    Amy Porter and Anette Andersen

    Amy was based on some stock sim and I made a lot of changes.

    I've discovered that they get extremely odd looking close ups of their faces when they're wearing swimwear.

    At first I wondered why I'd made a sim to look like that and thought I'd better not let her breed. And then when I changed them into their everyday outfits the face closeups changed. It seems to be happening to almost all of them.

    They have a pool and high free will so they spend a lot of time in their swimwear.

    Amy wants to be Super Popular and she's joined the political career.

    Her traits are Flirty, Irresistible, Charismatic, Easily Impressed, Friendly







    When I made Anette I was surprised to see one of my old sims pop up as the sim to use as a base for a new sim. So Anette is based on Deb Dee. You may or may not remember Deb Dee. She's in my Big Game. I've used her quite a bit and she's available in my studio as I made her long before I added any CC or mods to my game so she's CC free.

    This is the link to Deb Dee.

    Apparently I added her to my Studio on 1st February 2014. She's still there and has been downloaded a heap of times. People seemed to like her and I got lots of comments from different people regarding having her in their games.

    Poor Deb got turned into a vampire in one of my games - here she is as a vampire. She's actually supposed to be human and the version of her in my studio is as a human sim.


    Back to Anette, my other new sim who is based on Deb Dee. I didn't change her face but did give Anette some new CC hair. Anette also has CC skin. Deb is fully EA everything.


    Anette's traits are Bookworm, Gatherer, Natural Cook, Party Animal, Computer Whiz

    She wants a Bottomless Nectar Cellar.

    Anette is currently enjoying the Culinary Career and has her eyes on getting a special Fridge if she can stick to that career all the way to the top.

    Claire Cunningham is a relatively new sim who I've not played. She was made as a tester sim for my video on how to build a multi story house into the side of a hill so I wouldn't have taken a lot of care when making her. So when I saw her swimwear face close up I was stunned and wondered how I'd made such a mess. But apparently she'd been swimming and that seems to change everything. Even her hair looked weird to me. Fortunately changing her into her everyday outfit fixed things. She's not a stunning beauty but she's doesn't look too bad. At least that's what I think.

    Here's the video on building a multi story house into the side of a steep hill. I think she might appear in the video occasionally but I wasn't trying to feature her so she was mostly kept out of the way.

    Claire's traits are Adventurous, Handy, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Angler

    Claire would love a bottomless nectar cellar - she's in the gardening career






    Wendy Worthy

    Wendy is a very old sim. I don't remember when I made her. She's been given a new skin otherwise I think she's as I first made her way back before I had cc skins in my game. She's in the Magician Career as her LTW is to become a master magician.

    I suspect Wendy may have been made when I was making a few sims and couldn't think of a last name for her. I hope she lives up to the name she ended up with. :D

    So far in the game she's joined the magician career and done a few perform for tips, mostly at the festival grounds. She's also been busy picking wildflowers. And I'm so proud of myself, I didn't forget to send her to the park in time for her gig.




    That looks like CC hair she's got too.


    Lesley Primer

    Obviously I was making Lesley when I made a heap of new sims to try out CC skins. Way back when I was first putting CC into my game. I know this for sure because her name is Lesley Primer. Primer being a reference to the skin she's got.

    Lesley's traits are: Gatherer, Animal Lover, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Computer Whiz

    She wants to be a Home Design Hot Shot. This means she needs to be in the Architectural Design Profession. But I don't feel up to doing that with her in this game so she's currently in the Painting career.

    I'll see how the game develops. I'm likely to abandon it as I'm currently only playing it for one sim day before shutting it down each time and they are only on day 2 so far.



    At around this point my 'photoshoot' of sims was interrupted - the fire alarm was going off. In game that is. I went to the kitchen and wondered which of my sims was trying to put out a fire while she was singed. Then she squatted and proceeded to fix the dishwasher, while she was singed and standing next to a huge puddle.

    After having a moment of panic I realised it was Bonehilda. That's the second time I've had a singed Bonehilda in my game. After the first time, a few years ago, I didn't expect it to happen again - particularly since I rarely add Bonehilda to the game. She's only in it this time because one of the girls wished for Bonehilda - I think it might have been Leslie who wished for her. Anyway, here are a few pics of a very singed Bonehilda.

    I wondered if that puddle had been bigger and had Bonehilda been standing in it when she was trying to fix the dishwasher and got singed as a result.

    Primrose had just finished mopping the puddle that had been in front of the fridge.




    I saw Bonehilda heading for the bathroom and rushed to see if she was going to have a shower - but she cleaned her teeth.

    Next thing she did was go into another bathroom and brush her teeth again.

    Bonehilda, Sherri and Amy

    Lesley, Bonehilda and Annette.

    If I remember correctly the only way to make Bonehilda unsinged is to send her back to her coffin.

    Sherri Sanders

    This is another really old sim that I never put into a game so I grabbed her for this one. I think I made her face narrower as well as giving her a new skin and possibly new hair. Not sure about the hair.

    I don't remember making her, but I have over 800 sims saved now and I proably wouldn't remember making many of them unless they are sims I've played. This one isn't one I have played as far as I can remember. I probably did make her at some stage as I rarely pull sims from worlds and and don't usually download sims made by other people. And if I do have sims made by others it is usually because I've played them and remember where I got them from. Anyway, she's in this household.

    Sherri's traits are: Dramatic, Eco Friendly, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Friendly. Sherri wants to be leader of the free world and is currently a Podium Polisher - in the Political career


    She seems to have found an empty room. That is not difficult in this house as it is sparsely furnished at the moment. I'm making them earn their simoleans. Although Anette has brought home a few items as she seems to love to go dumpster diving without permission. I haven't caught her at it yet but I've seen the results and got notified of her dumpster diving activities.

    Sheri and Amy

    Sheri, Amy and Claire having a chat

    Primrose Ross
    I'd say I definitely made Primrose - just check out her eyes. But this version of her has been altered somewhat from the original. I made her face narrower and gave her new hair. I probably gave her new skin too but may not have since I was obviously using CC when I made her. I would have got those eyes from Moonskin93 tmbler but they could have been made by someone else.

    Primrose's traits are: Adventurous, Gatherer, Genius, Artistic, Animal Lover. She wants to be Master of the Arts. She's currently in the Painting career and is concentrating on her painting, but she does have a guitar in her inventory.




    The paintings on the wall were done by Primrose and Lesley. The mat she's standing on came from a dumpster - Anette brought it home.

    Bonehilda - before she got singed.

    Prudence Perfect

    I suspect I made her just after University Life was released when I had huge hopes of having a sim complete all degrees. She wants to be a perfect student. Unfortunately I've never been in the mood to do that particular challenge. I'm wondering now if I ought to add her to Caroline and Friends YouTube series where they are trying to get all of the University Life badges. Poor Prudence has, up to this point, been totally ignored by me. I've given her new hair and skin.

    Prudence's traits are: Neurotic, Unflirty, Neat, Shy, Perfectionist

    She wants to be a Perfect Student.

    I don't think I'll be able to do much with poor Prudence. She is terrified of Bonehilda and is often found running madly in terror from catching sight of Bonehilda. She is constantly checking up on things. I think I gave her a bundle and unfortunate traits that will probably make her a difficult sim to play. She is often feeling shy too.

    I was wondering what career I could give her when she wished for the gardening career. Gardening was her only skill at the time.

    She's a cucumber smasher at the moment. It'll be useful to have her in that career as they'll need assistance with the garden maintenance. The garden is above ground, unusually for one of my gardens, so the sims can get overheated if they work in the garden for too long so it's useful to have a few gardeners. At this point, apart from a few sprinklers, it is all manual labour in the garden.




    Finally - at last - that's it for the sims. I only have 8 in this household and they are all female. That's a first for me.

    Here's a few more pics of the house.


    Suddenly I got startled - I heard the music announcing the night of the full moon. I needed a fence around that garden urgently. I didn't want to spend any simoleans. I had this CC fence in my game and it was only 2 simoleans so I made it as small as possible. Not sure how much the whole fence cost but it wasn't much. I had to try to protect that garden from the zombies. I'm also trying to remember to get them to pay their bills on time as I don't want the repo man to turn up. I'll get one of them the no bills ever lifetime reward eventually - if I keep playing this game for long enough for o ne of them to get 15,000 lifetime reward points after I get them Steel Bladder and Simunity.


    That's it for me. I hope you enjoy these pics. I better get to work on that video now. It's going to be hot here today - apparently over 30 C.

    Happy Simming

    EDIT: I left Bonehilda singed to see what would happen. She eventually autonomously reverted to her usual non-singed appearance.

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    Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 79 is now available to watch on YouTube.

    There will be only 1 more episode of this series after this one. I'll start work on it soon and hope to have the series complete by this time next week.

    This episode is about 50 minutes. It does the complete adventure of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux, the final big tomb under the Nectary in Champs Les Sims.

    When I started the videos for the second playlist of the Isla Paradiso Bunch I said I wanted to have my sims find all of the tomb objects from each of the World Adventure Worlds. This challenge is successfully completed in this episode with the addition of the French Signet of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux to their collection.

    Craig and Judy are the adventures for this episode. We do, very briefly, see the entire household at home in Dragon Valley at the end of this video.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    I've been playing my Isla Paradiso Bunch game in Dragon Valley. I want to add a few minutes of this to the end of the video I'm working on. The video is complete except for the ending in Dragon Valley.

    It is obvious this household will need to be broken up to be able to play the game going forward. I was thinking of putting Judy and Craig together in a new house but now don't think that'll work. Craig has two alien babies. I aged one up to toddler and she's been doing her toddler skills. Then the game decided it was time to age the little boy up as well. So currently the only baby is Sam's alien baby who has two more days before the game will age him up.

    I want to age the two little genie girls up to teen but decided to get them to make their Imaginary Friends become real first. Currently the Imaginary friends are doing their childhood skills.

    I added Judy's clone daughter and her plant sim son to the save. Problem is the versions of these children I had in my library had few skills. I'd been playing Anne in the witches village save and she'd got all necessary child skills and was reading lots of books. I thought of tracking down that save and getting that version of Anne but decided it'd be quicker to just skill her again. Anne is a clone of Judy. She's been a child for a very long time.

    When University life was first released I made Judy and let her play with the science machine. She didn't seem to be having much luck with it so I got her DNA sample and told her to clone herself expecting another failure but got a shock when a baby emerged from the machine. Anne was the first sim I ever cloned. Similarly Charlie the Plant Sim was my first attempt as making a plant sim. He and Anne were together as babies and toddlers. I aged them to children in that first game but they've never aged to teen in any game yet. Charlie was picked by Dora Lake because I didn't know it was the sim who picks the plant sim baby that the game considers to be the parent. Judy made his forbidden fruit seed but wasn't around when he needed picking and I was worried he'd die if left too long.

    In this game Judy has another cloned baby. She cloned Lea Dutiel while in France and the baby is named Donna Dutiel. Donna is now ready to age up to child. And Judy has a pair of plant sim sons, Benjie and Bertie, she picked them in Isla Paradiso. Currently Anne and Charlie are trying to make the potion to turn their Imaginary friends real. Once they have done that I'll age them up to teen. Then Benjie and Bertie will find their potions and age up to teen too.

    Judy's sixth child is another clone. He is Terry King and he's a mermaid clone of Triton King. I moved the Isla Paradiso mermaids to Dragon Valley as well as the alien mothers of the alien babies of Craig and Sam.

    Terry King had one more toddler book to read. Judy sat and read it to him and then he aged to child. He's done his child skills but I'll keep him as a child for a while longer.

    My problem is if I put Judy and Craig together they'd have 8 children plus 8 imaginary friends made real between them before they started having babies together.

    It's obvious Judy is going to have to be moved out of this household soon. She will take her 3 clones and 3 plant sims plus their imaginary friends made real with her.

    Craig will have to find a place too but he has only two alien toddlers, although one if them will become child soon. Penny is reading her last few toddler books. They will have to make their Imaginary Friends real too of course.

    When Haley gets her lifetime wish of becoming an Astronaut she can marry Salty. Their daughters have recently made their imaginary friends real and are ready to become teens. At least we don't have to wait for the Imaginary Friends to made any potions as they don't have imaginary friends. Or I hope they don't - I found one if my Imaginary Friends in the Perfect Genetics Challenge had one in their inventory.

    So I'll move them out together. Salty and Haley can get married. Maybe he'll get his LTW and see her ghost.

    Sam has only one alien baby that will age to toddler soon. He could stay in the current household with the remaining members who have so far not gained any offspring. They are Muriel, Genie, Diana, Josephine, Meryl and the ghost of Mia Azul. They will still be a houseful. The ghost isn't playable so probably doesn't count. Currently I can't find her urn but often hear the ghostly music as she haunts at night.

    I added my pretty new sim to the game. I think I named her Penny. She lives next door to the IP Bunch household. She hasn't met Sam yet but she might and they might end up together and have babies.

    Meanwhile I discovered an isolated beach near their house and sent Jeanie to investigate how to get to it. She went swimming. Then I decided to build them a dive lot since the mermaids from Isla Paradiso are in the game. Plus little Terry King will want to dive soon. I might add more dive lots later.

    I got a surprise when Sam set off to go to work as a lifeguard. He hasn't done that since they started adventuring. I don't really want him in that career but he's earning over 2,000 simoleans a week and might need the money if I move him out. Triton King turned up at the beach while Sam was working. Sam saved 4 sims from drowning that day even though there was no lifeguard chair.

    Sorry there's no pictures. I'm using my tablet and am actually supposed to be sleeping now as it's almost 2 am.

    I hope to get enough game play recorded by the end of tomorrow's play to complete the video. It'll be episode 80 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch. And the final episode.

    Happy Simming all.
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    Update - it's morning now and I'm back at the actual computer. I thought I'd post a few pictures since I did such a long narrative early this morning when I should have been sleeping but had my tablet instead. I was going to add them to that post, but thought it's done now and I'll make a new one.

    You might remember Penny - she's the sim next door in this save of the Isla Paradiso Bunch. I'm thinking maybe Sam and Penny might end up together. She lives in a nice house with plenty of room for Sam and his baby son who will soon become a toddler.


    It's a bit confusing though as I've just realised Craig's alien daughter, who has just aged up to toddler, is also named Penny.


    Craig's alien son aged up to toddler. I was planning to do it soon but the game announced today is Paul's birthday. So he got a cake. His mother was invited and she came even though the doors were locked - maybe one isn't locked, I better check. There are a lot of exterior doors in this huge square house.

    Paul and Penny share a mother and a father so I suspect that makes them full siblings.

    Penny will be a child soon as she's powering through her toddler skill books and she'd completed all of her other toddler skills.

    Their mother was the only guest invited to Paul's party. But she seemed to be more interested in throwing hoops.


    Although she did go and stand near the table when sims were taking pieces of the cake.

    Betty is the Imaginary Friend made real belonging to Haley's genie daughter Wendy.

    I gave her a new skin and the first skin I clicked on made her appear to be pale pink in game so I dressed her in pink - but now in this screen shot I think she looks a bit blue instead. I don't know the name of the skin as it doesn't have a name on it when I choose it in CAS.

    This is Pat, the Imaginary Friend made real belonging to Geri. Wendy and Geri are twin genies - parents are Haley and Salty Seaworth. Haley is working on achieving her LTW of becoming an astronaut then she might marry Salty and Salty's LTW is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. Haley and Salty are currently engaged. Haley and her daughters are all genies and, of course, Salty is an evil mermaid.


    Here are the four of them together. From left: Gerri, Pat, Betty, Wendy.

    When I first started this game a few years ago now, I'd been playing with Judy in the Witches Village I made in Dragon Valley. She had her cloned daughter, Anne with her.

    I'd had Judy make 300 elixirs expecting to get the badge but it never happened. So I grabbed a copy of that version of Judy and started a fresh game that was supposed to be only used as a throw away game so I left Anne alone.

    Then this game became important and known as The Isla Paradiso Bunch and it introduced me to making videos for YouTube.

    I added new sims randomly, and always wondered when or how I could add Anne to the game. I just added her now. Here she is.


    Anne was originally made by Judy using some of Judy's DNA. It was way back when University Life was first released. She was my first attempt ever of cloning a Sim.

    Judy had previously made a couple of forbidden fruit seeds. At that time I knew nothing about how any of this was supposed to work.

    The first forbidden fruit wasn't picked straight away and I was expecting it to be a baby but it seemed to die but I was relieved to have managed to get another forbidden fruit from it so she planted it and the baby appeared. I later realised each forbidden fruit planted has a 50% chance of being either a forbidden fruit (for the sim to eat and become a plant sim) or a plant sim baby.

    I thought the baby had died due to not being picked straight away. I was worried the second baby might die too when Judy wasn't around to pick it when I first noticed it was ready to be harvested so I got another sim from the household at the time to pick it and Charlie was picked by Dora Lake.

    This is a pic of Dora (in the stripes) having a pillow fight with a fairy. They are not in this game.

    I was surprised to find Dora was considered by the game to be his mother. Since then I've had him with either Dora or Judy in a variety of games, but in any case he's never been aged up to teen. Nor has Anne ever been aged up to teen.

    Here's Charlie the Plant Sim.

    Anne and Charlie are currently working on finding the potion they need to make their imaginary friends real. Once they've done that and made their IFs real they will be aged up to teens. They've done all of their childhood skills.

    I was interested in making videos way back then too but hadn't been taking any notice of YouTube. I used the built in video feature of the game and loaded a short video of Charlie arguing with Charlie the evil chicken. The video is named "Charlie & Dora & Charlie" It's had 1,400 views. I'm not sure anyone can actually watch it though as I never can but a few people have said they watched it.

    The Isla Paradiso Bunch eventually discovered all of the hidden islands in Isla Paradiso and they built a huge house on Plumbob Island. They had a massive garden below ground and Judy planted two forbidden fruit seeds hoping one of them would turn into a plant sim baby. She got two plant sim babies. Here they are, Benji and Bertie Butler.

    This farm and Judy picking them all appear in videos in the first playlist of the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos on YouTube.

    Benjie and Bertie need to discover the potion to make their imaginary friends real before I age them up to teen.

    This is Judy with her children. The extra two are Terry King and Donna Dutiel. Terry is the clone Judy made after getting DNA from Triton King. He is a mermaid. His hair was given to him by the game when he was a toddler. He aged up and kept the hair. It obviously fits him but it isn't anywhere to be found in my hairs in CAS. I tried to find it as he lost it when I looked at his career outfit. I found another CC hair that was close but not quite the same and I accepted that was the best I could do but wasn't really happy with it. Then the game crashed so I had to reload and this time I avoided looking at his career outfit in CAS. So he still has his hair. I have no idea why it isn't showing up in CAS or Stylist. Donna has just had her birthday and hasn't been into CAS or Stylist yet. She is the clone of Lea Dutiel from France. Judy cloned her while they were in France.

    Now I've introduced everyone I can show you this pic. It is of Pat, Anne, Terry and Betty working on their blocks skill.

    The version of Anne I had in the Library didn't have any skills. That was a bit annoying as I've spent a lot of time with her getting her huge skill levels in a lot of diffrent skills. But that isn't the version I had in the library so here I am skilling her again. She won't be so skilled when she ages up to teen. All she's done this time are the two childhood skills and logic as she works on the potion to turn her IF real. Once it's real she'll be ready to age up to teen. Charlie does have skills and didn't need to do any more skilling at this point so he's also looking for the potion he needs to turn his IF real. He'll age to teen as soon as that happens and the IF has done the childhood skills. Same for Anne.

    Other random pics

    I don't remember telling anyone to sculpt anything - but I found this.

    It's melted now and I have no idea who did it.

    Their home from above

    I tried making their basements a bit more interesting. Here's the bottom basement.



    The dive lot I built them. I found it's very murky down there when they are diving - until you reach the very bottom and it's brilliantly coloured and shiny. But it all disappears behind the murk if you get a short distance from anything.

    I've got some video from down there but no screenshots. No one is diving at the moment. I'll put the video of them diving into the video I'm currently making for YouTube.
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    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 80 is now on YouTube and ready for you to view should you wish to do so.

    This video starts off with Craig and Judy still in the Nectary in Champs Les Sims. They are enjoying the nectar.
    Quickly they leave for Egypt where Craig is cured of the Mummy's Curse by the Sphinx.
    I realised that I had not yet shown you through the Sphinx. When they originally picked up the Sigil of the Soulpiece Chambers the video didn't record. I needed a fresh version of the Sphinx to do it again. I had forgotten to do that.
    Since I'd done the final two tombs with a new save I had a new version of the Sphinx so thought I'd better show you the way they did it.
    The video is sped up in a few places to try to show you more in less overall time. It still runs for 50 mins.
    When they return to Dragon Valley we see the new house and everyone is at home together.
    I've added a lot of detail in the description of the video so if you want to know more before watching the video that's the place to look.
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    edited November 2020
    Update. I've been working on setting up the Butler household from Dragon Valley in their new home in Sunlit Tides. There is still a lot to do but I think, after today, I'll have enough of the setup done to put it away and start work on my next video. That next video will be a continuation of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Challenge. I'm hoping to complete that series and put it away for good before moving on, but that will only happen if the badge is awarded. If the badge isn't awarded then I'll stop for a while and approach it from a different angle.

    Today I'm posting a few pictures of the game in Sunlit Tides.

    Firstly, the location of the home lot is where the horse racing track is.


    This lot is always wasted in my games as I don't often play with horses and I have no plans to do so in this game. So this time I bulldozed the lot that comes with the world and placed the new Butler house on that lot.

    I have tried bulldozing that lot previously, a few years ago, and the original lot kept on appearing to still be there from map view, but this time their house seems to be visible. I liked the central courtyard of the Dragon Valley house so I did it again in Sunlit Tides. This is a completely new build and is quite different from the house in Dragon Valley.

    The thing I've been doing so far is getting the house furnished - that isn't quite done yet but it's getting there. I like to decorate and add to my builds as I play so I may not get much more done to this house until I play it again.

    I'll now show you pictures of the current occupants of this house. I've aged some up. There are some new imaginary friends made real. Some of the sims I'm about to show you are familiar to anyone who's been watching my Isla Paradiso Bunch videos, and some of them are totally new additions to the household.

    Judy Butler, a witch, is the founder of the entire Isla Paradiso Bunch game. I have moved her and her 6 children and their imaginary friends made real to Sunlit Tides as the original Isla Paradiso Bunch household has grown too large for the game to be played. I'm using NRAAS Traveller mod to allow households to live in many different worlds in the same game and continue to interact with each other. All relationships have been preserved between the sims left behind in Dragon Valley and this new household in Sunlit Tides.

    If I start a new video series on this story there will be a few households living in a few different worlds. I'm only setting this one up for now. The others will happen eventually.

    Here's Judy. She's in her new TV / Living room.



    Judy's traits: Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Handy, Neat plus Green Thumb. Her LTW is: Zombie Master. I've never achieved that lifetime wish and think I might make it a goal for this game.

    I made a new sim for this household. His name is Joe Hart. His traits are: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Handy, Gatherer. His LTW is Bottomless Nectar Cellar. He needs a garden to grow grapes and things for his nectar. He hasn't started learning about nectar yet but he has a basement garden with nectar making machines and nectar racks all ready for him. Only the low growing plants are in this basement garden. Trees are in the open at ground level at this stage. When Winter comes I'll probably enclose them in a greenhouse.

    Joe has been learning the gardening skill and handiness skill. He's been gardening and upgrading some of the sprinklers to Auto Water. Sprinklers don't work in the basement so they have to hand water because I won't buy them Swift Gro Gardening Stations. They all have to work hard in the gardens until their gardening skill is to level 10. That'll be a while because some of them are still children and will be children for quite a long time. At some point I'll hire a gardening service to take care of their gardens.

    I've had Judy and Joe working in the garden together. They've started getting the Attractive Sim moodlet. I'm wondering if some sort of romance might be happening there. If it does I will go with it. They only have 1 trait in common. Oops - I just realised they have 2 traits in common Handy and Loves the Outdoors. I guess Romance is in the air. This could get interesting.

    If they do get together I would hope they may have a few children together. That's something else that may happen if I continue with this series of videos in a new playlist.

    I've been getting them to start a medium sized garden for Joe. Unfortunately Joe isn't exactly dedicated to gardening. He seems to have developed a fixation with the climbing wall I put into the basement. That might have to go.

    The garden was in danger of dying from neglect - again. I went looking for Joe and found him here.


    The Group Science project, Tree of Prosperity and Climbing Walls are all in a deep corner of their basement. I'm trying to keep their basement smallish so I haven't extended the deepest parts all over the lot. It's just in one corner.

    I eventually managed to get Joe back to his basement garden. Judy helps him with it a lot.

    I found the existing gardens were too much for Judy and Joe to manage on their own so it was time to age up some of the children to teen. Teens can help with the gardening, children can't. I know there is a mod to have children gardening but I'd rather just age a few of the older children up. I've had Charlie the Plant sim as a child in various games since 2013 and I've never seen him as a teen. So he aged up to teen first. By the way I've got video of all of this just in case I do make another playlist.

    Charlie was the first plant sim I ever made and the only plant sim I had made for a few years. Judy made his forbidden fruit seed but her housemate at the time, Dora Lake, picked Charlie. That was when I discovered the sim who picks the plant sim baby is the sim who is the parent. I wanted Judy to be his mother. Sometimes I have Charlie in households with Dora when I'm playing her, and sometimes I have him with Judy when I'm playing her. I moved Charlie into the Isla Paradiso Bunch from Dora's house in Dragon Valley just for this story. (Dora is in the Witches Village in a different Dragon Valley save. She's not in the current save.)

    Before moving to Sunlit Tides all of the children who had gone to school for a while were A Grade students. But when they arrived in Sunlit Tides they reverted to C grade so it took them a few days to get back up to A Grade. I used that time to have them discover potions, make their imaginary friends real and allow the imaginary friends to do their child skills and advance to A Grade at school. They were all A Grade before all of the child skills of the IFs made real were completed.

    Here is Charlie as a teen. I didn't take him into Stylist yet.

    Charlie's traits are Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Easily Impressed - he got Green Thumb on aging up to Teen. His LTW is Master Acrobat.

    Judy was the only one in the household with the Green Thumb trait and she took ages to revive all the plants that died of neglect so I gave a few of the teens that trait when they aged up.

    Charlie has an imaginary friend made real named Peter Lake. Peter quickly did all of his childhood skills so he could age up on the same day as Charlie.

    Peter's traits are: Virtuoso, Coward, Loves the Cold, Green Thumb. His LTW is still a mystery. I was pleased to age him up from child because of his coward trait. At night, while still a child, he constantly fainted from terror due to looking for monsters under the bed. I didn't change his traits when I initially took him into CAS to give him a makeover. I changed just about everything else about him. My Imaginary Friends made real in this household are getting a major redo.

    When I chased Joe from the climbing wall to his garden I was surprised to find Charlie and Peter had autonomously gone down there and had started tending the garden.

    Joe joined them - eventually.



    A day or so after Charlie and Peter aged up I aged up Anne Butler.

    Now, Charlie was the first plant sim I ever made, but Anne was the first clone I ever made. They both happened within weeks of University Life being released. I first made Judy at that time too. Judy took a sample of her own DNA and cloned Anne from it. She's always been in Judy's households - except for the Isla Paradiso Bunch because it wasn't supposed to ever become an actual game. I've been constantly looking for a way to get Anne and Charlie into Judy's household in the IP Bunch and grabbed the opportunity when I set up the new household in Dragon Valley.

    I aged Anne up to teen.

    This is Anne with her Imaginary Friend made real, Ruth, and her little plant sim brother Benjie Butler behind her.

    Anne's traits are: Absent Minded, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Green Thumb. Her LTW is still a mystery. Undecided.

    This is a better look at Ruth. She is the first Imaginary Friend made real that I decided to give a major makeover to and she changed completely from her original appearance.

    Ruth's traits are: Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Gatherer, Eco Friendly. Her LTW: Undecided. She got Gatherer when she aged to teen. I don't think I change the traits she got when she first became real as a child.


    By the way, this was Ruth as a child.

    I'll post more later showing you the younger sims in this household. The rest of them are all still children. Only Donna Dutiel has to discover the potion to make her imaginary friend real. Bertie, Benjie and Terry King have all found the potion they needed and turned their Imaginary Friends real.
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    Here is the rest of the household I started showing in my above post.

    If you've been watching the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos you will know Bertie, Benjie, and Terry.

    Bertie and Benjie are twins - because Judy picked them both at the same time.

    There is a 50% chance of getting a Plant Sim baby or a Forbidden Fruit when a sim plants a Forbidden Fruit seed.

    Now the trick is that percent chance applies to each seed without any regard to any other seeds that were planted.

    You'd have to plant thousands of seeds to see the result of a 50/50 mix of baby or fruit being produced.

    Anyway, Judy really wanted one plant sim baby so she decided to hedge her bets and planted 2 seeds. She got 2 babies that both needed picking at the same time because she planted her forbidden fruit seeds at the same time. You would have seen them being planted and cared for and picked by Judy in a few of the episodes of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    When I built the house for this group I left a huge courtyard in the middle. This is a playground for the whole household, but the children have most use of it. I'd like to keep most of these children as children for a while. Bertie and Benjie and their Imaginary Friends made real will age up next as the plant sim twins have been children for a long time. But I haven't played them much as they've been living in Isla Paradiso and the game there was getting progressively more unstable for a long time. The second playlist of the Isla Paradiso Videos were mostly about adventures and tomb walkthroughs with very little time spent at home with the family. Towards the last few episodes it was almost impossible to play them at home. I took the children to France or China occasionally just so we could see them and let them develop skills.

    Bertie was picked first - I changed his hair to blond as I could never work out which was Bertie and which was Benjie. I also experimented with their skin colour by sliding their slider as far as possible to the left.

    Bertie's traits are: athletic, eco friendly, green thumb His LTW is Illustrious Author


    This group includes Bertie, Donna and Pippa. You'll meet them down the page a little.



    And this is Benjie. His traits are: Good, Loves the Outdoors, Loves to Swim His LTW: Become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder


    This group are left to right: Donna, Pippa, Bertie and Benjie.

    Here are Terry King playing with Pippa.

    Pippa is Bertie's Imaginary Friend made real. Pippa's name as a doll was Peaches.

    I didn't like the traits Pippa arrived with and changed them. She started out with the traits of Evil, Slob, Never Nude. She might have been entertaining to play, but I was tired at the time and didn't want to contemplate what she might get up to. At another time of day when I was less tired I may have just chuckled and left her alone just as she was. However I did change her traits and now she is: Good Sense of Humour, Loves the Outdoors, Equestrian.

    Good Sense of Humour and Loves the Outdoors can both be excessively annoying traits but I hope they are not going to drive me crazy with Pippa.

    Since I deleted the race track because I didn't want to play with horses I thought it a bit ironic I now have a sim who has the equestrian trait. I think I gave her that trait because she has a hidden trait that has something to do with loving horses. She may never get to ride a horse, but then, when she grows up she might move to a different world where she can do whatever she wants with horses. And there are lots of horses roaming wild in Sunlit Tides. It has plagues of wild horses.

    Pippa's LTW is still to be chosen.



    Carl is Benjie's Imaginary Friend made real. Carl's traits are: Adventurous, Sailor, Dog Person. LTW still to be chosen.
    Carl's name while he was a doll was Cuddles.




    Anne and Terry are chatting here. Terry is a mermaid. Both Anne and Terry are clones. Terry is the clone Judy made from a DNA sample she got from Triton King. Anne is a clone Judy made of herself.


    Ruth, Terry and Anne

    Just Terry.

    Here are Benjie, Carl and Harry

    Harry is Terry's imaginary friend made real. Harry's original name was Hesper.

    I had a lot of trouble caused by Hesper. He was happily running around after Terry after he became live. Then I didn't notice him for a while. When Terry got the potion to make Hesper real there was no sign of Hesper. His picture was still in Terry's relationship panel but Terry couldn't interact with him. This led to panic on my part. I'd gone to all the trouble of getting Terry to make that potion and now his IF had done a runner. Apparently he was well on his way out of the world and existing with the homeless.

    I used Master Controller on countless occasions to reset Hesper and to add Hesper to the household.

    I tried the cheat ResetSim Hesper a few times too.

    I don't give up easily. I kept it up well beyond the point when I should have given up.

    I was thinking I was going to have to shut down without saving and put myself through the tedium of Terry making his potion again plus lose progress other sims had made.

    I tried again to add Hesper to the household. As soon as I did it I thought I shouldn't have done that because Hesper wasn't made real, he wasn't ready to appear in the portrait panel on the left of the screen. He was live but not real.

    Anyway I had one more go at adding him to the household knowing it was futile when suddenly his portrait appeared in the portrait panel. This was a bit of a worry - he shouldn't be there. I just wanted him back on the lot running around after Terry. Then I spotted him just inside the front gate and Terry was with him. Terry had to be active for me to see Hesper.

    Terry was already best friends with Hesper so they ran all around the outside of the house to where there was a bit more room and then Terry offered the potion to Hesper. He drank it. This was a relief as he now belonged in the portrait panel. When he became real I named him Harry.

    Harry's traits are: Can't stand art, virtuoso, heavy sleeper. I don't like two of this 3 traits but I'll live with them. He hasn't chosen a LTW yet.

    Finally there is Donna. In these pics she's playing tag with Charlie. Donna is a clone Judy made from a DNA sample she got in France from Lea Dutiel. Donna was cloned in France and this process was shown in one of the videos of Playlist 2 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    Donna still needs to discover the potion to make her Imaginary Friend real.


    Poor Riley is having trouble keeping up with Donna. In this pic Riley is standing next to Harry but of course, Harry can't see Riley as until Riley drinks the potion and becomes real only Donna can see him/her. And I can only see Riley when Donna is the active sim.


    That's it for now. There is still much to be done with this household but I probably won't do much more until I'm ready to start making more videos on them. I think at least one or two people have indicated they might like to see more of this household.

    Since there seems to be a romance developing naturally between Judy and Joe there might be babies born. Eventually I'll expect the children to age up to teens in future episodes and the teens will probably age up to Young Adults and might move out to set up their own households. But before that happens I want to enjoy some of the children playing in the big courtyard full of wonderful things for their enjoyment.

    Only time will tell. Happy Simming all.

    EDIT; I'm thinking of using this picture as the thumbnail for future videos when the videos are about the household in Sunlight Tides.

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    Episode 13 of 30 Grandchildren Badge attempt is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode you will meet some of the senior members of the household. Attend a birthday party, see the genie emerge and return to the dusty old lamp numerous times and generally get to know the various members of the household. It is, of course, overstuffed. There are about 20+ Sims there. It varies as Imaginary Friends get turned real thereby increasing the household numbers and then they get removed to live in one of the empty houses thereby reducing the number of sims in the household.

    My eventual aim is to move everyone but Gerri out of the house. However, hopefully we will have the badge long before that happens.

    Here are some of the sims you'll meet in this episode.





    And many others

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    Today I finally posted 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 14 to YouTube.

    It is fairly busy with sims getting up to all sorts of things. Basically we see 3 imaginary friends move out to live on their own. There is a graduation of Lynette and Felecia.

    I will be so glad when both Felecia and Alecia have become married and moved out to their own homes. The game gave the names to the 15 babies when they arrived and I just accepted them. Most of the names I'd never heard of before. I'm sure I wouldn't have come up with having two with such similar names on my own.

    Robbie is trying to free his genie and we see him work through the 'Free the Genie' opportunity chain. He fails on his first attempt. Possibly because he got mauled by a bear while taking the lamp underground. He still has the opportunity to take the lamp underground. I've got control of his genie because I got frustrated and used Master Controller to add her to the household so that could be a part of the problem. Also there's already about 20 sims in the household. So there are several possible reasons why the genie isn't being freed. The only drawback that I can see is she has the needs of a mummy. If I can't get Robbie to successfully free her I might try removing her occult state and giving it back to her with Master Controller.

    The Imaginary Friends are being given major makeovers and are moving out very soon after being made real. We do see them for a short time though so we will be able to recognise them around town later on.

    I hope you are able to find time to watch the video. It is gradually working towards the arrival of lots of grandchildren.

    Happy Simming

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    Episode 15 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt is now available to watch on YouTube.

    There is plenty of action. Imaginary Friends being made real and moving out.

    Sims meeting townies around town at various times and places.

    Community snowman and igloo building.

    A birthday or two. An inferno too.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 16 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This episode starts at home - there are only 7 teens left in the household at the beginning of the episode and by the end there are only 5. But they did gain 2 young adults. This was due to two birthday parties.

    We see Demetria achieve her Lifetime Wish of having a Perfect Private Aquarium.

    Demetria (Teen)

    Perfect Private Aquarium

    Demetria and Dolores age up. Dolores has completed her lifetime wish ages ago so it was about time for her to age up. She got to level 10 in guitar and painting.

    Dolores (Young Adult)


    Byron attends the first birthday party but moves out to live in his own house between parties. He is Wilfred's Imaginary Friend made real.



    There is tension between Javon and Gwen due to the activities of Robbie's genie, Elsa.




    Javon and Gwen decide to get away from the mayhem at home. They need some personal time to sort out their relationship. They head for China and some adventuring and lots of flirting happen. By the end of the video they are officially Girlfriend and Boyfriend. They travel to Egypt. They have a dual quest. One is to foster their previously endangered personal relationship and hopefully become engaged to be married; the other quest is to find 20,000 simoleans worth of relics to assist Coby achieve his lifetime wish of Perfect Museum. Their visit to China didn't get them many relics so they head for Egypt next in the hope of finding more relics and maybe getting engaged to be married.

    I hope you enjoy the video. Next video will see Javon and Gwen continue their adventures.

    Coby Holden

    Tony McLean - their almost absent father (doesn't appear in this video - but you can see where many of them got their looks)
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 17 is now ready to view on YouTube

    Javon and Gwen are in Egypt where they search for relics and have fun together. They move on to France where they continue their fun and getting to know each other.

    Especially good fun was had in an empty sarcophagus in one of the tombs.

    Not much tomb exploring was included in the videos as the focus of this story is the relationship between Javon and Gwen and the urgency of having them become boyfriend and girlfriend and progress to marriage by the end of the episode. We have 14 more couples to go through this process before we can start having official grandchildren that can be counted for the challenge.

    One side activity Javon and Gwen are up to is collecting relics to add to Coby's private museum in the hope they might trigger his lifetime wish.

    Some of the relics in Coby's private museum by the end of this episode

    Felicia makes her imaginary friend, Peanut, real. Peanut becomes known as Pauleen.


    Dell Douglas is occasionally spotted around town.


    She is the extra sim I made to assist with the unpacking of the Packed population of Cake Island II when I moved them all to a new save. She has been dating one of the Imaginary Friends made real. I think it is Byron she is dating.


    Javon and Gwen

    I hope you enjoy the episode.
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    Episode 18 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt is now ready for you to watch on YouTube.

    I'm motivated to get this story done. I had played ahead so far without making videos that I had to stop my game play to get the recorded videos made into YouTube videos before I forgot what was going on in them. This video is different in that I had just moved the entire population of Cake Island into a new save. I took the opportunity to introduce you to all of them. I didn't count them but there are not many of them. I think just about half of the world's population live together in the same house - the main Holden household. So it won't take long for you to meet all of them. One of my aims as the game progresses is to increase the number of sims living in the world. That's why I'm turning all of the imaginary friends real and moving them out to their own homes.

    In the beginning of the video we catch up with Javon and Gwen on their wedding night in their new home. They are the active household so we get a good look around their house and see them there together. They will be townies for the rest of this series of videos. I can still use mods to control them to a point, but their story from now on will be mostly up to Story Progression. I'm thinking the main reason I might have to control them will be when it's time for them to start having babies. Babies they have after all of Javon's siblings have married and moved out to their new homes will be part of the 30 grandchildren.

    Then we leave Javon and Gwen's place to meet the other townies, including the imaginary friends made real who have been moved out to become new townies by the time Javon and Gwen get married.

    Finally, Robbie and Candice go on vacation together and find themselves in Cornucopia. This is a player made world and is available on the Exchange. It was made by Shalua

    While in Cornucopia they visit a roller coaster. This lot is also available on the Exchange and is one of my builds.

    The main world in this series of videos is Cake Island by Rflong13

    One of the townies you'll meet was recently added to the game by me. She is Claudette Cameron and she is in my studio on the Exchange.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Please give it a like if you do enjoy it as that helps with the survival of my channel. And if you download any of my items from my studio please think about recommending it. None of the builds or sims I've loaded to the Exchange have 3rd party CC on them. I made them all before I added CC to my game to be sure none could attach to whatever I load to the Exchange. The Roller Coaster definitely has lots of Store Content and Claudette is not a base game only sim and might have some store content. I do have base game only sims that were made while I only had the Base Game installed - these include Oscar and Louise.

    Happy Simming.
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    Episode 19 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge attempt is now available to watch on YouTube.

    This is a busy episode. We start out where episode 18 left off with Robbie and Candice in Cornucopia. They go fishing and head to the festival before Robbie gives up on his attempt to extinguish a paparazzi who had self combusted at their front door.
    Back in Cake Island Robbie and Candice move to their new home and we have a quick look around that.
    Then we are back in the main house with the remaining 13 of Robbie's siblings and a few others.
    This episode is sort of a housekeeping type of episode. The main activity in my gameplay was getting them to learn skills and to read recipes and fishing bait books and I didn't want to show you all of that. It would have taken a few very boring episode to get through all of that so you do get a couple of glimpses of it but that's all.

    We have a birthday for Sharonda, who needs to join the law enforcement career to get her lifetime wish, and Coby who got his lifetime wish when Javon and Gwen returned from their vacation and filled his private museum with so many valuable relics.

    Then we see a little gardening, mostly featuring Larry who was recently added to the household as a future spouse for Lynette. Larry needs to learn many skills.

    Sharonda and Coby's graduation happens in the same episode in which they aged up to young adult.

    The graduation is followed by Wiggles being made real and then being transformed into Win. She won't be in the household for long but I kept her for a while and she's reading books and going to work. She wants to be a creature robot cross breeder.

    Since Alecia has developed a worry about Dennis suffering a premature death, Alecia is determined to learn the recipe for Ambrosia before she goes on vacation and eventually marries him. Meanwhile poor Dennis is battling me. He wants to get to the top of his painting career but I won't let him sell all of his paintings. They are so pretty I want to keep a lot of them to decorate the family home.

    In the end Alecia goes stir crazy so I send her out to the festival to pick wildflowers. And that's it for now. I've started working on episode 20.

    By the way - this is Wiggles after she is made real and after I gave her a makeover.


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    Happy New Year to everyone. It'll be here in about 2 hours from now.

    I just posted my 5th video for December. It's now available for you to watch. I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this series completed. I hope I can keep up the pace.

    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 20 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    Life continues in the main household.

    Wiggles becomes real and turns into Win in the previous episode. In this episode she continues to read recipes and fishing books after learning some cooking and fishing skill.


    Win joins Felicia and Robbie and gets a job at the Science Facility. All three of them share the lifetime wish of 'Become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder'.

    Robbie no longer lives in the main household as he recently married Candice and they now live in their own home near Javon and Gwen.


    Javon and Gwen announce the birth of their first child, Brendan. Unfortunately Brendan won't be counted as one of the 30 grandchildren as he was born before I was ready to start counting the grandchildren.

    Since they are now townies I don't have any recent pictures of Javon and Gwen, but here's another pic of their wedding that I haven't shown you yet.


    Win moves out into her own home and another imaginary friend, Bobo, is made real and becomes Ben. Ben joins the culinary career as his lifetime wish is to become a celebrated five star chef.

    Ben Holden - Imaginary Friend Made Real

    Wilfred is invited to visit his imaginary friend made real, Byron.



    It turns out Byron was lonely. He still lived alone in the colourful 2 bedroom house I first moved him into. Since the game had recently advised me that Byron and Edith were now a couple I decided to merge their households. Edith turned up at Byron's place while Wilfred was talking to Byron. Naturally Byron only had eyes for Edit from that point on and, since it was very late, they went upstairs together to sleep. Fortunately Byron has a double bed. He also has a spare bedroom with a crib and a single bed. Maybe there will be some little Byrons or Ediths running around soon. Wilfred wandered off home after a while.

    Edith is a sim I made years ago and pulled out of my library to add her to this game as a townie. I expected her to maybe pair up with Dave Webb, but he ended up with Ursula Gammin instead and now they have 2 children together and live opposite Robbie and Candice. I am somewhat surprised the game put Byron and Edith together but that's what happened without any prompting from me so I'll go with it. They add to the population of the town and hopefully will have babies.

    Larry continues to learn skills and reads many recipes and fishing bait books.

    He recently got to level 10 in gardening. So he doesn't have to garden any more. Fortunately, a few of the others still need to build their skill.

    Towards the end of this episode, Meagan and Latoya age up to Young Adult and graduate. Their graduation happens immediately after their birthday due to me cutting out almost all of the time spent by sims reading books or recipes and also time spent by sims discovering potions on the chemistry tables.

    Alecia and Dennis leave on their pre engagement vacation.

    Now I'm working on Episode 21.

    In the next episode there will be a wedding - Dennis and Alecia will finally tie the knot. I'll miss them but they will move out to live next door to Robbie and Candice. Their houses will be similar, although I'm trying to mix up the children's playground equipment in their back yards to try to encourage the little cousins to visit each other to play.

    When Dennis and Alecia move out I'll be moving in another of the potential spouses I made for them. Felicia's potential husband, Frank will move in. I will try to get Wilfred's potential spouse, Wendy too. They are both designed specially for Felicia and Wilfred and are sitting patiently in my library. They'll have lots of learning to do when they move in as they are brand new sims.

    Happy Simming and HAPPY NEW YEAR All.
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 21 is now available for you to view on YouTube.

    In this episode Alecia and Dennis go on their vacation to get to know each other and decide if they want to spend the rest of their lives together or not. It is up to them. They have a very busy and at times scary vacation. It turns out they are devoted to dancing with each other. It continues to be their number one joint default activity. In this video they learn surprising new skills and have some adventurous new experiences they are not likely to have back at home in Cake Island. The video begins as they travel to their vacation location and ends with them traveling back to Cake Island.

    Next episode will include their wedding plus the preparation for the next couple, Larry and Lynette, to go on their vacation.

    I hope you enjoy this video.

    Happy Simming.
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 22 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    Alecia and Dennis have returned from vacation. They are now an engaged couple and will have their wedding ceremony in this episode.

    The final two teenaged sisters of Alecia will age up to Young Adult and graduate.

    Alecia and Dennis move into their new home after Alecia picks the forbidden fruit seed she planted before leaving for their vacation.

    Ben moves out to become a townie - he moves from the house I put him into.

    Sharonda finally is able to use the potion she made ages ago to turn her imaginary friend real.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Episode 23 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    The story opens with Kendall who missed the school bus. The thing is, he is the only teen left in the household of 15 children. All of the others have now aged up to Young Adult.

    The Imaginary Friends of each of the 15 children are made real after they age up to Young Adult if there is room for them in the Cake Island house.

    In previous episodes Javon went on vacation (to the 3 World Adventures worlds) with Gwen and were married when they returned to Cake Island.
    They then moved out and have since had a baby son who will unfortunately not count towards the 30 grandchildren as I was not logged in when he was born and I have since changed households numerous times.

    After Javon and Gwen Robbie and Candice had their vacation to a player built world, Cornucopia. They eloped there and moved out to their own home on their return.

    Next Alecia and Denis had their vacation in Isla Paradiso. They returned home to have a wedding in my build, the Indoor Outdoor Wedding Venue. They chose the garden to have an outdoor wedding. They moved out with their plant sim baby who will not count towards the 30 grandchildren for the same reasons Javon's son won't count.

    This episode is for Lynette and Larry to go away somewhere to get to know each other and decide if they want to be together for ever and raise a family. They go to Oasis Landing in the Normal Future and while slowly getting to know each other they explore the Wasteland and my Rainbow Gondola build in this episode.



    Pictures of the Rainbow Goldola build were not necessarily from Oasis Landing




    I hope you enjoy the continuation of this story.

    Happy Simming

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    30 Grandchildren Episode 24 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    This is the second, and final part of the vacation of Lynette and Larry. They explore Oasis Landing in the Normal Future. It is a fast paced episode with lots of different activities.

    It starts with them in the wastelands at the crashed ship. They watch the stars then Larry heads off to do a class in bot building. He decides to go shopping in the EP XI Emporium and we get to see him enjoying it and buying some items to take home with him.

    Lynette leaves the crash site to meet up with Larry at the bar in the Rainbow Gondola hangout. They investigate a nursery and compete with each other in a friendly game of Arcade Hoops. They are served by the chef in the restaurant where they eat lunch before heading off to find the waterfall that Lynette has heard is somewhere in the hills near town. They find a whole suburb of old fashioned houses up in the hills and a herd of wild horses near the waterfall. They have some fun flying high with their jet packs and their romance continues to advance.

    As evening falls they go to a local bar where they find lots of locals, many of whom are descendants of Lynette's mother, Gerri, as well as some descendants of Ursula Gammin, the witch who lives near Javon and Gwen.

    They end the day back at the Rainbow Gondola lot. They have a wonderful time there and at the end of the video they are playing a game together down in one of the underground hallways. The video ends with them playing happily together. We won't see them return home, but they will reappear in Cake Island some time in episode 25. I didn't want to interrupt their activities so I just left them there for now. There is a lot of romance in this episode, particularly towards the end. And a new type of kiss as well.

    Not all of the scenes depicted in these screen shots made it into the video. I had to cut over an hour out to make a video of about 32 minutes of the best bits.

    Eating breakfast at the community center

    A couple of locals in the wasteland.

    One of many kisses between Larry and Lynette

    The end of the video they play happily in a hallway of the Rainbow Gondola lot

    A view of Oasis Landing at night from near the waterfall up in the hills just out of town

    Something is wrong with the way Larry was planting his flag

    The Wild Horses that live near the waterfall.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    This is Part 26 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt. It is now ready for you to view on YouTube.

    It is another busy video but it is mostly set in Cake Island by Rflong7 . At the very end we see Felecia and Frank at the Base Camp in The Great Southern Land by Frogprincess_q . Next episode will be mostly in the Great Southern Land.

    Activities in this episode include lots of work by the household members on gaining a variety of skills and reading of recipes and fishing bait books. Cathy and Percy move out to live as townies. Each has their own new home and we have a quick look inside their new houses.
    Two of the Imaginary Friends Made Real who previously moved out have decided to have a baby so I decided to give them a wedding in my build, the Indoor Outdoor Wedding Venue. Kendal learns to drive and completes his lifetime wish, he celebrates his birthday and begins a new career as a magician. This means there are now no teens left in the family. All 15 of Gerri's children are now Young Adults.
    There are two babies born during this episode and we visit their homes and meet them briefly.
    At the end Felecia and Frank explore the Base Camp in The Great Southern Land. They seem to enjoy tossing vials of 'stuff' into the bonfire.

    In the next episode we'll fully explore the world and the various venues I've placed in it.

    I hope you enjoy Part 26.

    Here are a few pics from the video




  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Episode 27 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    Almost all of this episode happens in a new world, The Great Southern Land, by @Frogprincess_q .

    We meet the final nine potential spouses for the unmatched young adults in Cake Island.

    The next couple to go on vacation are Frank and Felecia. They appear late in the video. Mostly we are in the Great Southern Land with the potential spouses.

    After Frank and Felecia marry, it'll be the turn of Wilfred and Wendy. I haven't decided where they will go yet.

    Wendy was the final potential spouse I'd made before adding the group of nine that are currently occupying the house in the Great Southern Land.

    I had to extend their small basement to add a few bedrooms but they now all have a bed to call their own.

    They are, from Left to Right, Lionel, Karen, Mark, Dave, Stan, Daryl, Clarice, Jack and Chris.

    Daryl and Dave will be returning to Cake Island with Frank and Felecia. Their potential spouses are Delores and Demetria. Demetria was abducted by aliens just as Frank and Felecia were leaving to travel to the GSL.

    Once Wendy and Wilfred are married, Sharonda will marry Stan, followed by Coby and Clarice.

    All of the above members of the Holden family have already made their Imaginary Friends real and their Imaginary Friends have moved out to live on their own as townies in Cake Island.

    When Daryl and Dave arrive, Frank and Felecia will move out to their own home, and I expect Megan will probably make her Imaginary Friend real. Latoya might make her IF real too. I might wait until after Wilfred and Wendy have married and moved out before making the imaginary friends real because I will want to send the Imaginary Friends to the GSL to live with the remaining potential spouses and learn skills and read books. The dilemma is when to get the final three imaginary friends made real. It will happen. It would be easiest to do it and send all five of them together to the Great Southern Land. That way they will all be learning skills and reading books at the same time. But the house will be a little crowded.

    At then end of this video, Felecia and Frank were left alone at the Casino, or so I thought. At midnight all of the townies and potential spouses vanished.

    As they continued to play I discovered Karen was still there, she'd just gone to the toilet. She returned and joined them at the poker table.

    I'd been wondering what had happened to Dave. I went looking for him and found him stuck in the library. Clarice was not at home either and I found her walking a long distance towards home. I have no idea why she was walking. Plenty of taxis were passing her. When she arrived at the paved road she suddenly got reset and bounced back into their home. Some of the others were out around town too. I managed to get them all home to pose for the photo. I will have to shut down now as I had to resort to MoveObjects On and picking them up and putting them where I wanted them. And when I want to start playing the game again for the next video I want it to start exactly where this episode left off.

    Happy Simming All
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Episode 28 is now available for you to view on YouTube

    Felecia and Frank are in the Great Southern Land on their vacation. They are there for only 3 or 4 days. They keep themselves busy, and in the end we do manage to squeeze in an interesting wedding. In this episode they explore a few venues I made including the Magic Gnome's Magical Treasure Park, Bluewaters Fun Park, the Dome and the Spectral Bakery.

    The end of the video is a tiny tutorial on making occupied tombstones using Carter's Display Case and the spirits from the Ghost Hunter career.







    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    Here is Episode 29 of the 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt.

    This opens in Cake Island as Demetria is returned home from her alien abduction that happened in Episode 27. Her arrival coincides with the arrival of Felecia, Frank, Derek and Dave from The Great Southern Land. It was a great relief for all to see Demetria return as she was abducted just as Felecia and Frank were leaving for their vacation in the Great Southern Land. Now they are married and ready to set up home together in Cake Island. Derek and Dave are in Cake Island to get to know their future spouses, Dolores and Demetria.

    They are all in the main Cake Island household at the beginning of the video.

    Everyone attends Kendall's graduation. This is the final graduation for this series.

    Megan and Latoya make their imaginary friends, Cosmo and Rags, real.

    Cosmo and Rags are given thorough makeovers and become Clara and Rachael.

    Wendy and Wilfred are the next couple needing to get married. They move in temporarily with Frank and Felecia and the two newly made real imaginary friends join them. This was more for the ease of saving the changes to the game than for any special story line. It got to the point where I couldn't save with the main household active.

    Wilfred, Wendy, Clara and Rachael fly off to live with the potential spouses in The Great Southern Land. Almost everyone in that household has a lot of skills to learn and books to read. I'm using this house as I do the boarding schools. I find it more time efficient to collect all unskilled sims together in one place and have them all learn and read recipes and fishing bait books together. It also gets them to know each other and makes for livelier worlds when they all return to live in their own separate homes.

    I don't show much of them reading in The Great Southern Land. They do a bit of gardening and visit some lots. you get a guided tour of the house in which they are all living and then they head off to the Spring Festival for a festival egg hunt followed by a huge group dance on the dance floor at the Spring Festival.

    There is lots happening. Next episode I'm expecting to have the wedding of Wilfred and Wendy plus more of course.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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