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    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 77

    Craig and Judy return to France. This is a new save as this final part of their adventure was impossible in the original save due to a bug.

    I tried for over a year to get this to work in the original save. It always drops out at the same point. I started a new save and it worked. I started another new save and tried again and it dropped out at the same point again. So, I can say I am totally fortunate that it worked once out of countless attempts and that I got video of it.

    In Episode 77 Craig and Judy return to France and Craig gets the adventure "Nectar Research Assistance Needed". This is the first part of a very long adventure chain that is mostly in the cellars of the Nectary, but will take them to Egypt for a few more parts to the adventure chain. Finally they get possession of the Ruby of Sakhara and return home. This video shows them completing the adventures up to this point.

    Next video will have them return to France with the Ruby and use it to gain access to the first of the huge tombs under the nectary.
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    edited September 30
    Episode 78 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is now on YouTube and ready to be viewed

    This episode continues on from Episode 77 in which Judy and Craig went to Egypt to find more information on the elusive tombs under the Nectary in France.

    In this episode they return from Egypt with the Ruby of Sakhara. The Nectar Merchant at the Nectary directs Craig to place the Ruby into one of the mysterious holes in the creepy room they found (in Episode 77) under the nectary.

    With the entrance to the Tomb of Isael revealed the pair of adventurous sims work through many puzzles and dangers to eventually find the French Signet of the Tomb of Isael. It is a dangerous, difficult and stunningly beautiful tomb.

    I can't guarantee I found every single hidden door but we did find a lot of hidden doors and treasure and eventually Craig retrieved the Sapphire of The Crescent Moon. Then they had an unfortunate encounter with a pair of mummies that were determined to prevent Craig and Judy from leaving the tomb with the Sapphire.

    In the end all is good and finally get to taste some nectar after Craig reports to the Nectar Merchant. Of course the Nectar Merchant now wants them to use the Sapphire to get into the final French tomb and that story will be told in Episode 79.

    I hope you enjoy this episode.

    Happy Simming
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    This game was totally planned from the beginning. I wanted to practice making the sort of house I want for my Isla Paradiso Bunch to have when they move to Dragon Valley. So I started building and had to have a sim in it.

    Naturally my plans changed - and this is why I'm showing you all of these photos of my sims and the house I built.

    I chose a small world I downloaded ages ago. It's name is Cornucopia.

    All I required of it was it must have an empty 64x64 lot as that's the size of the lot the IP Bunch will be living on in Dragon Valley.

    I don't plan to save this house to the library as I'll build them a totally new house in DV. The reason for this is I've set up their basement in DV already and it has all their stuff in it and it'll take a lot longer to move all of that then it'll take me to build them a new house above ground. So the basement in DV will stay as it is currently, just the bit above ground will change.

    Here are a few pics of Cornucopia and the new house as it is currently. I cheated extra simoleans to build the house as at that time I only wanted to get an idea of the house.

    EDITED to put it into a spoiler as there are so many pictures. I hope you take a look and enjoy but it wouldn't be fun scrolling past this lot every time you want to have a look at this page.


    I wanted a house that is a huge square to fill most of the lot.

    It had to have huge glass windows.

    It had to have a magnolia tree in the middle of the central courtyard.

    It was to be different from Bahaus but still have whiteish look plus big glass windows.


    Cornucopia is not very big and I found only 2 empty 64x64 lots. I placed the festival ground from Barnacle Bay on one of those lots and built this house on the other.

    I found a most of the empty lots are odd sizes and this would probably make it difficult to just add builds from your library.

    Most builds I have in my library require lots to have even dimensions. For example 20x30 or 40x40 but I found most of the empty lots in this world seem to have odd dimensions such as 20x29 or 40x39 or similar types of sizing. I didn't make a list of actual sizes used but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm trying to say.

    In the meantime I made a couple of brand new sims.

    Amy Porter and Anette Andersen

    Amy was based on some stock sim and I made a lot of changes.

    I've discovered that they get extremely odd looking close ups of their faces when they're wearing swimwear.

    At first I wondered why I'd made a sim to look like that and thought I'd better not let her breed. And then when I changed them into their everyday outfits the face closeups changed. It seems to be happening to almost all of them.

    They have a pool and high free will so they spend a lot of time in their swimwear.

    Amy wants to be Super Popular and she's joined the political career.

    Her traits are Flirty, Irresistible, Charismatic, Easily Impressed, Friendly







    When I made Anette I was surprised to see one of my old sims pop up as the sim to use as a base for a new sim. So Anette is based on Deb Dee. You may or may not remember Deb Dee. She's in my Big Game. I've used her quite a bit and she's available in my studio as I made her long before I added any CC or mods to my game so she's CC free.

    This is the link to Deb Dee.


    Apparently I added her to my Studio on 1st February 2014. She's still there and has been downloaded a heap of times. People seemed to like her and I got lots of comments from different people regarding having her in their games.

    Poor Deb got turned into a vampire in one of my games - here she is as a vampire. She's actually supposed to be human and the version of her in my studio is as a human sim.


    Back to Anette, my other new sim who is based on Deb Dee. I didn't change her face but did give Anette some new CC hair. Anette also has CC skin. Deb is fully EA everything.


    Anette's traits are Bookworm, Gatherer, Natural Cook, Party Animal, Computer Whiz

    She wants a Bottomless Nectar Cellar.

    Anette is currently enjoying the Culinary Career and has her eyes on getting a special Fridge if she can stick to that career all the way to the top.

    Claire Cunningham is a relatively new sim who I've not played. She was made as a tester sim for my video on how to build a multi story house into the side of a hill so I wouldn't have taken a lot of care when making her. So when I saw her swimwear face close up I was stunned and wondered how I'd made such a mess. But apparently she'd been swimming and that seems to change everything. Even her hair looked weird to me. Fortunately changing her into her everyday outfit fixed things. She's not a stunning beauty but she's doesn't look too bad. At least that's what I think.

    Here's the video on building a multi story house into the side of a steep hill. I think she might appear in the video occasionally but I wasn't trying to feature her so she was mostly kept out of the way.

    Claire's traits are Adventurous, Handy, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Angler

    Claire would love a bottomless nectar cellar - she's in the gardening career






    Wendy Worthy

    Wendy is a very old sim. I don't remember when I made her. She's been given a new skin otherwise I think she's as I first made her way back before I had cc skins in my game. She's in the Magician Career as her LTW is to become a master magician.

    I suspect Wendy may have been made when I was making a few sims and couldn't think of a last name for her. I hope she lives up to the name she ended up with. :D

    So far in the game she's joined the magician career and done a few perform for tips, mostly at the festival grounds. She's also been busy picking wildflowers. And I'm so proud of myself, I didn't forget to send her to the park in time for her gig.




    That looks like CC hair she's got too.


    Lesley Primer

    Obviously I was making Lesley when I made a heap of new sims to try out CC skins. Way back when I was first putting CC into my game. I know this for sure because her name is Lesley Primer. Primer being a reference to the skin she's got.

    Lesley's traits are: Gatherer, Animal Lover, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Computer Whiz

    She wants to be a Home Design Hot Shot. This means she needs to be in the Architectural Design Profession. But I don't feel up to doing that with her in this game so she's currently in the Painting career.

    I'll see how the game develops. I'm likely to abandon it as I'm currently only playing it for one sim day before shutting it down each time and they are only on day 2 so far.



    At around this point my 'photoshoot' of sims was interrupted - the fire alarm was going off. In game that is. I went to the kitchen and wondered which of my sims was trying to put out a fire while she was singed. Then she squatted and proceeded to fix the dishwasher, while she was singed and standing next to a huge puddle.

    After having a moment of panic I realised it was Bonehilda. That's the second time I've had a singed Bonehilda in my game. After the first time, a few years ago, I didn't expect it to happen again - particularly since I rarely add Bonehilda to the game. She's only in it this time because one of the girls wished for Bonehilda - I think it might have been Leslie who wished for her. Anyway, here are a few pics of a very singed Bonehilda.

    I wondered if that puddle had been bigger and had Bonehilda been standing in it when she was trying to fix the dishwasher and got singed as a result.

    Primrose had just finished mopping the puddle that had been in front of the fridge.




    I saw Bonehilda heading for the bathroom and rushed to see if she was going to have a shower - but she cleaned her teeth.

    Next thing she did was go into another bathroom and brush her teeth again.

    Bonehilda, Sherri and Amy

    Lesley, Bonehilda and Annette.

    If I remember correctly the only way to make Bonehilda unsinged is to send her back to her coffin.

    Sherri Sanders

    This is another really old sim that I never put into a game so I grabbed her for this one. I think I made her face narrower as well as giving her a new skin and possibly new hair. Not sure about the hair.

    I don't remember making her, but I have over 800 sims saved now and I proably wouldn't remember making many of them unless they are sims I've played. This one isn't one I have played as far as I can remember. I probably did make her at some stage as I rarely pull sims from worlds and and don't usually download sims made by other people. And if I do have sims made by others it is usually because I've played them and remember where I got them from. Anyway, she's in this household.

    Sherri's traits are: Dramatic, Eco Friendly, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Friendly. Sherri wants to be leader of the free world and is currently a Podium Polisher - in the Political career


    She seems to have found an empty room. That is not difficult in this house as it is sparsely furnished at the moment. I'm making them earn their simoleans. Although Anette has brought home a few items as she seems to love to go dumpster diving without permission. I haven't caught her at it yet but I've seen the results and got notified of her dumpster diving activities.

    Sheri and Amy

    Sheri, Amy and Claire having a chat

    Primrose Ross
    I'd say I definitely made Primrose - just check out her eyes. But this version of her has been altered somewhat from the original. I made her face narrower and gave her new hair. I probably gave her new skin too but may not have since I was obviously using CC when I made her. I would have got those eyes from Moonskin93 tmbler but they could have been made by someone else.

    Primrose's traits are: Adventurous, Gatherer, Genius, Artistic, Animal Lover. She wants to be Master of the Arts. She's currently in the Painting career and is concentrating on her painting, but she does have a guitar in her inventory.




    The paintings on the wall were done by Primrose and Lesley. The mat she's standing on came from a dumpster - Anette brought it home.

    Bonehilda - before she got singed.

    Prudence Perfect

    I suspect I made her just after University Life was released when I had huge hopes of having a sim complete all degrees. She wants to be a perfect student. Unfortunately I've never been in the mood to do that particular challenge. I'm wondering now if I ought to add her to Caroline and Friends YouTube series where they are trying to get all of the University Life badges. Poor Prudence has, up to this point, been totally ignored by me. I've given her new hair and skin.

    Prudence's traits are: Neurotic, Unflirty, Neat, Shy, Perfectionist

    She wants to be a Perfect Student.

    I don't think I'll be able to do much with poor Prudence. She is terrified of Bonehilda and is often found running madly in terror from catching sight of Bonehilda. She is constantly checking up on things. I think I gave her a bundle and unfortunate traits that will probably make her a difficult sim to play. She is often feeling shy too.

    I was wondering what career I could give her when she wished for the gardening career. Gardening was her only skill at the time.

    She's a cucumber smasher at the moment. It'll be useful to have her in that career as they'll need assistance with the garden maintenance. The garden is above ground, unusually for one of my gardens, so the sims can get overheated if they work in the garden for too long so it's useful to have a few gardeners. At this point, apart from a few sprinklers, it is all manual labour in the garden.




    Finally - at last - that's it for the sims. I only have 8 in this household and they are all female. That's a first for me.

    Here's a few more pics of the house.


    Suddenly I got startled - I heard the music announcing the night of the full moon. I needed a fence around that garden urgently. I didn't want to spend any simoleans. I had this CC fence in my game and it was only 2 simoleans so I made it as small as possible. Not sure how much the whole fence cost but it wasn't much. I had to try to protect that garden from the zombies. I'm also trying to remember to get them to pay their bills on time as I don't want the repo man to turn up. I'll get one of them the no bills ever lifetime reward eventually - if I keep playing this game for long enough for o ne of them to get 15,000 lifetime reward points after I get them Steel Bladder and Simunity.


    That's it for me. I hope you enjoy these pics. I better get to work on that video now. It's going to be hot here today - apparently over 30 C.

    Happy Simming

    EDIT: I left Bonehilda singed to see what would happen. She eventually autonomously reverted to her usual non-singed appearance.

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    Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 79 is now available to watch on YouTube.

    There will be only 1 more episode of this series after this one. I'll start work on it soon and hope to have the series complete by this time next week.

    This episode is about 50 minutes. It does the complete adventure of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux, the final big tomb under the Nectary in Champs Les Sims.

    When I started the videos for the second playlist of the Isla Paradiso Bunch I said I wanted to have my sims find all of the tomb objects from each of the World Adventure Worlds. This challenge is successfully completed in this episode with the addition of the French Signet of the Tomb of Jean Necteaux to their collection.

    Craig and Judy are the adventures for this episode. We do, very briefly, see the entire household at home in Dragon Valley at the end of this video.

    I hope you enjoy the video.
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