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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,132 Member
    I have finally got my video of Oscar's Childhood Episode 11 loaded to YouTube.

    Of course, it ended up being wildly too long so I cut it in half. Well, almost in half. YouTube says it runs for 24 minutes - I thought is was not a little less than 20 minutes. But it is packed full of activity and drama and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

    We finally find out where Elouise came from and why she suddenly turned up 'out of the blue' to rescue Oscar.

    We see Oscar at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island and he gets to know Mike. They play a few games together before Elouise leaves with Mike and Snow (the big fluffy white dog). The end of the video sees the trio traveling to Lucky Palms.

    The next episode is almost done and it will be more of Snow and Mike's story as they both feature in it. Actually, it's mostly about Mike as he returns to his parents and younger siblings.

    Elouise is relatively out of the picture in this episode as she stays put in the small house she rented on arrival in Lucky Palms. I'll try to get it up in a day or two. Then I'll move on to the next episode of Caroline and Friends.

    I'll probably take a significant break over the next two or three weeks. I won't have access to a computer but might be able to drop in occasionally with my phone. That will mean no new videos for a while.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,132 Member
    Oscar's Childhood Episode 12 is now available on YouTube

    This episode is set in Lucky Palms. Oscar isn't actually in it as it is about Elouise taking Mike and Snow home to Lucky Palms.

    Happy Simming

    I'll be taking a few weeks off now as I will be away from home and not have access to a computer for two or three weeks. Videos will resume on my return home.

    Happy Simming and I have a Merry Christmas or Holiday and Happy New Year and enjoy your holidays.
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