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Sims 3 and things


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    I have finally got my video of Oscar's Childhood Episode 11 loaded to YouTube.

    Of course, it ended up being wildly too long so I cut it in half. Well, almost in half. YouTube says it runs for 24 minutes - I thought is was not a little less than 20 minutes. But it is packed full of activity and drama and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

    We finally find out where Elouise came from and why she suddenly turned up 'out of the blue' to rescue Oscar.

    We see Oscar at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island and he gets to know Mike. They play a few games together before Elouise leaves with Mike and Snow (the big fluffy white dog). The end of the video sees the trio traveling to Lucky Palms.

    The next episode is almost done and it will be more of Snow and Mike's story as they both feature in it. Actually, it's mostly about Mike as he returns to his parents and younger siblings.

    Elouise is relatively out of the picture in this episode as she stays put in the small house she rented on arrival in Lucky Palms. I'll try to get it up in a day or two. Then I'll move on to the next episode of Caroline and Friends.

    I'll probably take a significant break over the next two or three weeks. I won't have access to a computer but might be able to drop in occasionally with my phone. That will mean no new videos for a while.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Oscar's Childhood Episode 12 is now available on YouTube

    This episode is set in Lucky Palms. Oscar isn't actually in it as it is about Elouise taking Mike and Snow home to Lucky Palms.

    Happy Simming

    I'll be taking a few weeks off now as I will be away from home and not have access to a computer for two or three weeks. Videos will resume on my return home.

    Happy Simming and I have a Merry Christmas or Holiday and Happy New Year and enjoy your holidays.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Happy New Year

    I finally got my first video of the new year done. It's Oscar's Childhood Part 13

    Meet a few of Mike's relatives and neighbours in Lucky Palms and Dark Harbor in this episode. There are a few interesting things going on around town. Next episode will continue meeting a few more of the relevant sims living in Dark Harbor and Lucky Palms before Elouise returns to Chocolate Cake Island and Oscar begins life at boarding school.

    Enjoy. and Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Here is a family tree from a very old game in which Tom is still a young child. Tom is a YA in the video I just posted in the previous post.

    It took me a while to set it up. I had been trying to get the badge for a sim having 15 children. Patience did it - but no badge. I later discovered the sim with all the children has to stay in the same house throughout and I had her moving around. I have managed to get the badge, but with a male sim.

    Anyway - here's the family tree:

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member

    Episode 12 of Caroline and Friends.

    Caroline finally has friends.

    In this video Caroline and Wilma start out going bowling in the bowling alley I made for them in Isla Paradiso. It's Winter. You get to see lots of the locals enjoying the facilities in the venue as well as Caroline and Wilma playing bowls together. There is a badge involved - go bowling with a sim 15 times. But, since the next thing I did was save their household to the library, after packing up all of their household belongings, and then adding them to a new game in Sunlit Tides, I suspect their progress with this particular game of bowls won't count towards that badge.

    They now live on a 50x50 lot in Sunlit Tides. I will continue to work on designing, building and decorating their new house.

    In this video we don't see much of them in Sunlit Tides because I got them to do the entrance test to University soon after they were placed into their new home and they quickly enrolled and left for the university world. At this point there are three of them living in the house - Caroline, Wilma and Katie.

    Next video will be their time at University. When they get home, probably not until episode 14 or later, they will get two new housemates in Sunlit Tides.


    You know Caroline, Wilma and Katie. The other two are Marie and Enid.

    Marie is an old sim I originally made a few years ago to get the badge Woohoo Herbs and Guitar - As a Rock Star burn Sweet Grass in a bonfire and Woohoo with a sim at the theater.

    So far she's never done any of that, but I have played her and you've seen her around occasionally - she has the 'braids and pigtails' hair from the store.


    Marie wasn't happy - she was playing in the ocean when I made her change into her everyday outfit so she'd have her correct hair on. She was allowed to get back into her swimwear as soon as I got her pic.

    And I need a sim who can get all 6 degrees. I decided to make a new one for the purpose - mostly because I had an idea for a sim and felt like making a new one. She's got Starfruit skin. Her name is Enid Makepeace.

    Enid Makepeace

    Since Caroline, Wilma and Katie are all at University, I can't add Enid or Marie to the household just yet. They'll have to wait patiently in my library for the time being.

    I didn't play today - but I did manage to load the video to YouTube so the day wasn't totally wasted. I think I feel a little better tonight. I have to go to the dentist in the morning. Just another checkup and clean. I'm not expecting any issues.

    That's it for now

    Happy Simming all.

    EDIT: Bit of useless info - the orange colour I used for the writing and border of the pictures in this post is the 2019 colour of the year, Living Coral.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    I launched the game this morning and found Wilma had been saved in a bit of a predicament.


    The 'It's Dark' negative moodlet sent me looking for her.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Caroline and Friends Episode 13 is now available on YouTube

    In this video you will see Caroline, Wilma and Katie arrive at the University World.

    They settle into a Dorm of their choice and run around the world for a short while before attending a few extra paid classes. Then they attend a meet and greet and get some freebies as well as the information they will need to complete their studies.

    We see them running to class, getting to know their fellow students and using all sorts of equipment they haven't had to use before.

    This video runs for approximately 19 minutes and takes ends late on Wednesday, in the middle of their first week at university.

    Video 14 will be up soon.

    Enjoy and Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Caroline and Friends Episode 14 is now available on YouTube.

    Caroline, Wilma and Katie complete the first week of their two weeks at University.

    Wilma and Katie ace their exams whilst Caroline skips class for each of her exams. In the end the University is sufficiently impressed with their progress that all three get extra funds to assist with their expenses. Subsequently, each of them go to the administration building and ask for more funding and get it.

    Caroline wants to attend a party but there is no party available and she doesn't know anyone well enough to throw a party herself. So she goes out the back of the dorm and lights the bonfire. They have a little gathering and eat outdoors before retiring for the night.

    Episode 15 of Caroline and Friends is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode the girls begin their second week at University. During the second week they manage to achieve 3 badges, only one of which relates to University Life. No badge notifications appear in this video.

    We do see quite a lot of the mascot, an outdoor communications lesson with the portable radio station, as well as general fun and games around the world. Katie gets to improve her handiness skill too.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Caroline and Friends, Episode 16 is now available on YouTube.

    This runs for about 15 minutes. The first few minutes finds the three students completing their second week at university and sitting for their exams. They get two more badges while at university this time. This brings the total University Life Badge count to 3. I'm assuming the two badges their Room mate, Tiberius got for being a Socially Awkward sim is a University Life badge.

    The final portion of the video sees them return to their home in Sunlit Tides. Their house is a work in progress. They have four new housemates waiting for them in Sunlit Tides. We will get to meet the new housemates, have a bit of a look around their home and find out the main badges each of the seven sims in the household is going to be working towards.

    Enjoy and Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    edited March 2019
    Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 23 is now on YouTube

    You get updates on the whole family in this episode. Some Imaginary Friends animate and their owners are delighted to actually be able to chat with them. Don, Gary and James have opportunities. Don and Gary complete theirs after Don makes a very quick trip to China to collect some relics, silver and other goodies as well as buy recipes. At the very end of the video Gary ages up to teen.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    This is just a way I've worked out that is a bit fiddly, but will get venues, lots or households to show up in your library if they've been installed and have subsequently gone missing from the library.

    I put this solution up on Answers HQ a few months ago - maybe longer - and people seem to like it. It's the way I do it and it has worked for me so far. If you have the problem and would like to see how I do it, here's the video.

    I hope it helps someone.
  • Daelene8Daelene8 Posts: 186 Member
    Does anyone still buy sims 3 points? Im quite shocked to see its still ridiculously expensive. There are quite a few sets Id like to get still. Is there a way to still get free points?
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    edited March 2019
    Daelene8 wrote: »
    Does anyone still buy sims 3 points? Im quite shocked to see its still ridiculously expensive. There are quite a few sets Id like to get still. Is there a way to still get free points?

    I think the free points got broken. EA stopped them to fix them a couple of years ago and they never got put back. EA stopped them because they weren't paying out to people who watched the ads.

    But, if you go to the Store Forum General Discussion they have it all set up with spreadsheets. The daily deal is still happening and they have complete your set now so once you buy something you can get money off the set if you already own bits of them.

    EDIT: The spreadsheet I'm talking about lists the items and when they will be on daily deal and how much they'll be. You need to look through the whole thing apparently as each item may go on the deal several times with different prices each time. Some of the deals make them really cheap apparently.

    Hope this makes sense. I'm tired.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Here's the link to The McFluff Story Generation 1 Episode 4

    Sorry it took so long. I'll start on the next episode of this story now - it's the second half of this one and there might be a third half as well depending on how much junk I recorded when recording the original video. I think I stopped it at an interesting point. I gave extra info on Marty because I thought he was important.

    This is the first episode of The McFluff Story that I've recorded as part of my Big Game. It's the same save as I'm using to record/play Oscar's Childhood now that he's moved into the Boarding School in Chocolate Cake Island. Oscar didn't make any appearance in this video as it was shot entirely in Dark Harbor. There are 13 worlds in that save plus the three from World Adventures and almost 800 Sims. There is plenty of scope for fun and games in it.

    I hope some of you get a chance to watch the video and enjoy it. I am following an ongoing story with each of my video series.

    Each series has a play list with all videos in the correct order from the first to the latest one loaded.

    This story had several episodes of Generation 0 before moving onto Generation 1.

    I put Generation 1 into a different world initially so we could have a chance to get to know them. Once this series of videos I'm making from the material I already have recorded have been posted, I'll be moving them all in together so Old Gertie will continue to be in the McFluff Story videos soon. Iris and Gerry will move to Hidden Springs to join Old Gertie.

    For any new people who haven't met her yet - this is Old Gertie McFluff

    Iris Green

    and her future husband, Gerry Greene

    I discovered Gerry seems to have a 'thing' for the Gyroscopic Conductor and that's where I go to first when he's at home and I'm not sure what he's autonomously got himself up to. It came with Showtime - I think it might be limited edition content. Not sure. All I can say for sure is you will see it in action if you watch this video.

    Iris and Gerry together

    Fortunately Iris and Gerry are both Cat People. This is fortunate because there are 15 cats living with Old Gertie in Hidden Springs. The long term objective is to find a spell that turns the cats into humans. Old Gertie is a witch and she accidentally turned some humans into cats thinking it was a temporary thing - but it was permanent and she doesn't know the spell to undo it. They don't know it yet, but Iris and Gerry are going to help her work it out. They are not occults of any kind so it could be difficult. In the meantime they get up to all sorts of fun and games.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The video is up and ready for you to view at your leisure.

    This is The McFluff Story Generation 1 Episode 5.

    It is a continuation of the same story Episode 4. Now I'm going to work on Episode 6. That should get it up to the point where they are ready to leave Dark Harbor and move in with Old Gertie in Hidden Springs.


    In Episode 5 we see Gerry pick his forbidden fruit.


    Iris attends another late night party. This time I find her at the home of the first sim I ever made. My very first ever attempt at making a sim was a mother and daughter pair, Jen and Emma Hawkins. I played them for a few minutes and decided they were boring and made Patience. If you've been following my games over the past few years you will know all about Patience.

    When I was digging through old backed up copies of games and things a few months ago I found lots of things I'd saved from June 2009. I've already shared Ella with you and made a video of her playing in the sprinklers for YouTube. I Originally made Ella as a baby sitter for Patience when I'd been playing with Marcie for too long and wanted something different for the same role. Later on I made Maria for the nanny of Patience's children and she soon got shelved too but now is happily married with 5 children in my Big Game. I don't have any special plans for Jen and Emma Hawkins. They are just living together in a house in Dark Harbor waiting for inspiration to strike.

    The video shows general progress towards their goals and there are a few fun happenings - the highlight for me happened after Iris returned home from the party.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The McFluff Story Generation 1 Episode 6 is now available on YouTube

    This video begins with us getting to know more about Blossom Flower - because she keeps turning up where Gerry is when he goes to the Greenhouse or Al Fresco Market. And that led to some of the witches living near where Blossom lives.

    After that I go back to Gerry and Iris and their home. I finally managed to move the trees that were growing up through their floor from the level below. And Iris picks her Forbidden Fruit. Next thing they set of for China for some quality time alone - just Gerry and Iris. I'm hoping once they are away from their jobs and other sims they'll concentrate on their relationship. They won't be doing any adventures in China just being a couple who are getting to know each other. Some fishing, excavating, and swimming might be permitted though.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 67 is now available on YouTube.

    Seven of the crew are in China. They complete a few adventures, but mostly relax at the market or at home. About half way through the video they all travel to France where they own a huge house with a garden. They mostly relax and do a bit of gardening and get abducted by aliens before having a wild bachelorette party for Haley.

    Sims in this episode include: Judy, Haley, Muriel, Meryl, Jeannie, Sam, Craig

    They have now found all of the 13 pieces of the Egyptian tomb collection. They still need to find 3 pieces of the tomb collections for France and China.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 68 is now available on YouTube

    It opens at Haley's bachelerotte party. Things are going on at that party. Strange things. Mostly costume changes and sleeping on the dance floor. Then there is a birth and a return to Isla Paradiso where there is a birthday for a couple of toddlers and back to France. The trip home was essential to enable the opportunity Craig had and getting him to work through that adventure was the reason for sending them to France in the first place.

    I'm working on Episode 69 now.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Episode 69 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is now waiting for you to watch it on YouTube.

    In this Episode they finally find some opal so Craig can continue with his quest to find the Key to the Dragon Cave. Firstly, he needed the Key to the Landgraab Cellars - that's what he got in exchange for his opal.

    Then Craig completed that adventure. Several of the others were doing short repeatable adventures and gaining visa points in the process. I don't pay much attention to them in this video - but they do get the occasional mention.

    Now Craig has the Key to the Dragon Cave and the Signet to the Landgraab Chateau he can return to Isla Paradiso. But he needs much higher Martial Arts skill. He's set to work on his martial arts skill to get it up as high as he can before they run out of time in France. I don't want him working on it in Isla Paradiso due to the potential lag and he may not have time to do it in China either.

    That means they only have the two big tombs under the Nectary to complete now (in France). They still have three tombs in China to do.

    Egypt is complete.


    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    I've been busy lately and have just loaded Episode 70 of The Isla Paradiso Bunch to YouTube.

    It is the day after Craig found the key to the Dragon Cave.

    This video features just about everyone and I think the highlight is Haley's butterfly captures. She got a lot of wonderful butterflies, some of which I've not seen in my game for years.

    If anyone is the star, I'd have to say it's Sam. He keeps everyone in France for a little longer than anticipated and there is an interesting delivery.

    Craig completes his Lifetime Wish and breaks a Space Rock.

    They all head home to Isla Paradiso where we arrive to find Dianna about to start a magic show at The Carnival on the Water. It has a Showtime Stage and we have to watch her perform to a small but interested audience.

    For anyone who might like to have the roller coaster lot, Carnival on the Water, in their own game here's the download link:

    It's in my Studio.

    We have a very brief visit to the household and see Terry, the clone of Triton King, sitting on the floor reading his toddler books.

    In the end six young adults and the two little girls travel to China.

    One more thing - not in the video but - the alien has been moved out and now lives next door to them in Isla Paradiso.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    Episode 71 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is now available on YouTube.

    There are 6 of them in China including the two little girls - just so you can see a bit more of them. They mostly play with their dolls or work on their cooking skill.

    Sam hands in the nectar he got from France - getting that nectar is the reason he had to go to France in the first place. A bit later on he gets abducted by aliens - surprise surprise. No sign of that dreaded unexpected weight gain moodlet though. Relief.

    Dianna is in the group. She's had an opportunity from China for a while and has finally fulfilled it - she had to deliver a written book to Gao Pei. Then she performs for tips - working on her Lifetime Wish which is to get to level 10 of the magician career.

    Most of this episode is devoted to Judy. She continues the adventure chain she started in Episode 66 - 'Assisting An Elder' (deliver 3 ancient or older relics). Then in Episode 67 she does 'Another Favor for and Elder' (ask for loaned object) and 'No Late Fees' (deliver the artifact)

    Now in Episode 71 she delivers the artifact and gets 'Descendants of the Guard' (Explore the Tomb of the First Emperor). This starts out with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. She still has to do a few little things that make her have to run around outside the tomb for a while before she gets into it. There are lots of darts and she gets caught in traps a few times and also has a mummy fight. But she completes the tomb and the adventure chain and she retrieves the part of the tomb collection that was hidden inside. This tomb is found under the terracotta army in China.

    There are now only 2 parts of the tomb collection for them to find in China. They have completed Egypt and have 2 still to collect in France.

    I'll keep them in China until they have all of the tomb collection. In Episode 72 Craig does the big tomb in the Dragon Cave. He has to confront and beat Do ng Ho. He was busy in France finding the keystone for the Dragon Cave and he's arrived in China with the keystone and will complete that adventure chain.

    The final tomb in China is finding Dong Ho's Treasure. It's under the market. I'll probably get a couple of them to work through that tomb to make it quick. It's a big tomb with lots of traps. But they have to do it because the final part of the tomb collection is in there. It'll probably be done in Episode 73.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The tutorial showing how to build a multi level house into the side of a steep hill is now live on YouTube

    I think the title says it all - but you get to see how to get the terrain snugly around the walls, how to place steps from various levels to the terrain outside, and you'll see my tester sim testing the stairs and a few other things.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 72 is now available to watch on YouTube

    They are still in China. Craig completes the adventures...

    Why... That's the Keystone; Preparing for Battle; The Grand Master's Fight; Preparing the Amulet of Protection

    By the end of the video Craig has also completed about half of the adventure The Demise of Dong Huo. The final part of this adventure will be in Episode 73.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 73 is now available to watch on YouTube

    In this video, Craig completes his adventure 'The Demise of Do ng Huo'. He did the first half of the adventure in Episode 72.

    At the end of the video there is a little time left for a few of the household to complete small adventures to build up their visa points.

    The video runs for about 26 minutes so it isn't as long as some of the episodes in this playlist.

    Whilst some of the household have a visa level of 3 in China, others are still on 0 or 1.

    Josephine has to find copper and smelt it before delivering 5 bars of smelted copper and makes a successful river crossing in a boat. You don't see much of her search for copper and only see her smelt a couple of bars of copper before going to the market and swimming in the pool there. I don't recall seeing her in her bright red swimsuit before. In case you are wondering, it came with the Katy Perry Sweet Treats stuff pack. It's one of my favourite swimsuits and I usually change its colour but for some reason I left it bright red for the red headed Josephine.

    Sam finds some jade to deliver to Bao Louie and reports in with his Jade. The only bit of this in the video is him making the delivery.

    You don't see this, but Dianna delivers a bottle of nectar. You do see her playing for tips at the end of the video.

    When I initially couldn't get the choice to play for tips with Dianna I did a little investigation and discovered the Showtime careers are glitched and the glitch seems to have hit Dianna while Craig was completing his adventure. She had become unemployed. I didn't know what level she was on but thought it was probably level 8. I did some research and discovered the Box of Danger is awarded at level 7 and she's had it in her inventory for a really long time. But there is a new magician outfit awarded at level 8 and I didn't notice her wearing a new outfit so I used Master Controller to give her the Magician career at level 7. Now she has to work her way up to level 8. I'm not happy about this as whenever I've been playing her I've been trying to get her to play for tips or perform regularly to get her up to the next level. Her Lifetime Wish is to get to level 10 in the Magician Career.

    Happy Simming

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,700 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 74 is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    In this episode 8 members of the household visit China where Craig and Sam begin work on the final tomb for them in China. It is the tomb under the market where Do ng Huo stored his gold. In the next episode they will complete the tomb and get the final piece of the Chinese Tomb Collection.

    Happy Simming
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