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    Episode 75 of the Isla Paradiso Bunch is now on YouTube and ready for viewing.

    In this episode Craig and Sam complete the tomb containing Do ng Huo's treasure. The final part of the tomb collection for China was in that tomb and Craig managed to collect it and we finally got it home to Isla Paradiso safely. I got a little video to prove it. Just in case.

    After they complete the tomb the season changes and we see Autumn colours throughout Shang Simla. They work on their visa points and do quite well. Sam manages to get to level 3. The others have to settle for level 2 visa for now.

    We see the little ice girls skating on the pond at the back of their house. Plus lots of stunning pictures of the colours found in China in the Autumn.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 8

    It's been a while, but I finally did it - this episode is now available to watch on YouTube. I'll start on Part 9 in the morning. It won't take too long I hope as I have the video recorded, I just have to put it together and do the narration.

    In this episode we meet the father of the 15 teens in the household. He lives in a house nearby with several sims and we meet all of them plus get an update of the current situation with the teens. There is a tiny tutorial at the end of the video as well - you see me set an old gnome back to toddler stage. Actually, he was just getting a bit grey, hadn't reached the elder stage yet but he's a toddler again now.

    Here's the link.

    I hope you enjoy the video. Happy Simming
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    I'm pleased to announce that my latest video - 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 9 is now live on YouTube for anyone who would like to watch it.

    This one runs for about 16 minutes. Eleven of them are in France. We see them arrive and leave so nothing else is in it other than what they get up to in France. You won't see them completing any tombs in France, I'll leave that to The Isla Paradiso Bunch.

    I did do a bit of sleuthing and discovered the distant city is not visible to this household. That'll be why I hadn't noticed it before. I think it might be visible only to sims living in that mansion the Isla Paradiso Bunch are living in when they are in France. They get the Beautiful Vista moodlet when in that house.

    I'll work on the next video in this series now and when I've posted it I'll move on to another series. Today I didn't record any new video but I did decorate their bottom basement - which is only the third basement down from the top. This household has no fourth basement so far.

    They had lots of cash left over from the 100,000 simoleans they got from their genie wish. I spent all of it decorating. They had over 50,000 simoleans left when they got home from France. I didn't do much to other levels, but in their garden basement I removed quite a lot of the soil rugs. I used the space to do three main things.
    1. Set up a room for Coby's private museum. He decided he wanted that LTW while in France. This of course means they'll need to do a couple more, at least one, visit to an adventure world to complete his collection of 20,000 simoleans worth of relics.
    2. Begin setting up a room for someone to make nectar.
    3. Set up a space for birthdays.

    The birthday space is what cost the most simoleans to do. There are going to be a few birthdays soon, at least one in the next episode, so I wanted a fairly spectacular place for all the celebrations. I used a half wall to denote the change of use of the huge space. This means the garden, when they have a garden, will form a backdrop to the parties.

    Before they resorted to wishing for wealth from the genie several of them tried their luck with the wishing well. They did get a few lucky wishes but only small gains were made for the most part. Two of them got cars, a sloppy jalopy and a big lemon - sold both of them. Then one of the others got another car which we decided to keep. It belongs to a teen who can't drive but it looks good parked in their driveway.


    I noticed them queuing for quite a while when all 15 of them were below ground and the school bus arrived. So I added a second spiral staircase for them to use. This one emerges in their garage. They garage can't be used for a car anyway so I thought it'd be better there than out in the yard where I'd have to build something to cover it and spoil the look of the area.

    It never ceases to amuse me that this school bus is currently carrying 15 teens plus a driver.

    It is Autumn in the game now and some days the ponds are frozen over. Demetria needs to catch a few more perfect fish for her Lifetime Wish of perfect private aquarium. She's trying out the wishing well that is indoors.

    In part 8 I tried to get all the teens together in one place but it was much harder than herding cats. I literally did get all of Gerties 15 cats to pose for me for about 1 second a few months ago. But for this lot I never managed to get all 15 into one shot. I ended up with about 4 or 5 shots and I'm still not sure I got everyone. I certainly didn't get them all into one shot.

    Here is one of the pictures I got of most of them. They are in the area I think of as the main basement as that's where they currently spend a lot of their time.

    I am enjoying their paintings as they are still producing artworks I've not previously seen in my games. I don't have a mod that gives me extra or paintings different from what is provided by the game.

    I have generally expanded the main basement by just making it bigger but haven't decorated it yet, or decided on how that extra space will be used. I suspect it'll be new bedrooms and possibly some space for activities and skilling objects.

    In the pictures below, this is the area I plan to use for birthday parties. I still have to work out what's going on with the lighting down there. The buydebug lights I've got all over that level don't seem to be providing any light. I'm wondering if I used the daylight lights because they don't even seem to come on while sims are down there gardening. That's why there is no video of gardening activities in the videos yet. I'll sort that out before I record anything more down there.

    Here are the pictures, lit by a few ceiling lights, of the birthday area. The lighting looks nice and moody here, but won't be any good for recording video.

    The big dark square on the floor is a dance floor. I used the bubble bar as I haven't used it for years. As far as I know, I didn't include any 3rd party content in the decoration of this level/room.

    The birthday cake is sitting ready to be used. I hope it doesn't go off before Javon gets home and does his homework. I just realised he's going to need to go to school next day as he's part way through the opportunity to work for a day. Maybe I'll age someone else up instead. Currently they are all the same age. I was just too keen to get the cake on the table.

    You can see the nectar making machine in the next room. The lights are on in there. I still don't know why it's so dark in the birthday and garden room.

    I put a karaoke machine in there for them too. I don't usually do that. I haven't got any celebration balloons or posters though. I might add a bit more bling before we get on with an actual birthday. Not much room for it now though.
    The garden is to the left of this picture - behind a half wall.

    There's another bar and a buffet table as well as hifi equipment if they need music and no one is enjoying karaoke.

    That's the dance floor in front and the nectar machine in the next room.

    Not much of any of this has appeared in a video yet. So it's just a bit of a sneak peek.

    EDIT: Most of the birthday room objects were from Showtime or Supernatural. In the end I had to look in the store and a few other places for some odds and ends. You might notice some of the items have a different appearance from the one offered by the store. This is because when they sold us stuff from the store there were often extra stencils provided but not enabled. I have several, quite a collection actually, of mods that unlock the stencils that originally came with the store content but were not enabled. I also have a mod that unlocks the hidden Showtime objects. So although I don't have any actual 3rd party content I do have unlocked objects and stencils. I believe the Showtime objects are able to be unlocked in game by doing Simports.

    EDIT2: The lights came on - they just needed to think about it for a while apparently.

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    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 10 is now available on YouTube. It runs for about 16 minutes.

    There is a BIG birthday party at the end.

    I've been expanding and decorating the expansions slowly. And I've been preparing for the grandchildren to begin arriving. There won't be any for a few more episodes though.

    We see them fishing, collecting, attending school, gardening and doing all sorts of skill related activities in this video.

    Happy Simming
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    30 Grandchildren Badge Attempt Part 11 is now ready to view on YouTube

    Javon ages up, lots of gardening happens as does Javon's graduation. We see the Greenhouse and many of them collecting seeds, suns and minor pets at the greenhouse.

    I hope to have the next video loaded in about 3 weeks as I will be out of town and away from my computer for the next 2 weeks.

    Happy Simming
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    Hello all.

    The 30 Grandchildren Badge Part 12 video is now live on YouTube

    It has a lot happening in it. Gardening, Sims Aging up to Young Adult, Sims completing their Lifetime Wish, Sims Painting, fishing, doing laundry and so on.

    There are a couple of amusing glitches featured.

    The first glitch is where Demetria was standing on the beach, quite close to a spot where fish are jumping. (Demetria needs to catch 13 different types of perfect fish for her lifetime wish and she's already got 11 so I'm being a bit particular about where she fishes.) I want her to fish where she has a chance of catching at least one type of fish she doesn't already have. I chose the spot a tiny bit beyond the one her brother, standing beside her, was fishing in. Then she vanished. I couldn't work out what had happened or where she had gone, then I saw a boat rounding the end of the beach. It turns out, she'd run away from the fish I told her to catch, jumped into a boat and was boating to a small sandbar some distance away where she jumped out and proceeded to fish in the fishing spot I'd indicated. When you watch the video you'll be amazed her fishing line was that long.

    The second glitch is something I've seen once before in an old game I was playing just before Island Paradise was released. The thing is, Gerri was doing laundry. Suddenly, while carrying a bag of dirty laundry, she ran out of the house and jumped into her limo. There was a long drive to the beach where she got into a boat while still carrying her laundry. A very long boat ride along the cliffs and then out to sea. Once she arrived about as far out to sea as the boat could get to she jumped out of the boat and was swimming in the ocean still holding her bag of dirty laundry. Then she jumped back into the boat, with the dirty laundry in her hand, and boated back to the beach and jumped into her limo and drove home where she ran to the washing machine and finally added the bag of dirty laundry to the machine and walked off. Naturally I cut out almost all of the travel time or this one glitch would have taken up most of the video.

    The last time this happened to my sim she was in Barnacle Bay. It was just before boats were added to the game. In this case my sim ran to the beach and then ran out to sea (she was running on water). When she'd run for a really long time, she was getting very tired and I was afraid I was going to lose her so I told her to go home. I got a video of that too and it's in my studio.

    Back to this new video - at the end of the video two of the teens age up to Young Adult. They have a big party down in the Party Room. Javon does some cooking to be sure everyone gets something to eat. The buffet table gets food for them too.

    There is a lot going on in this video as I was trying to use up all the recorded video I have not shown yet but I failed. There is enough left over for another video but I decided not to do episode 13 right away. I'm working on Perfect Genetics Challenge videos now.

    It is obvious I need to start moving couples out of the 30 Grandchildren household as I have too many in it now. So it is getting interesting.

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    I have posted The Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1, Episode 24 and it is now active on YouTube.

    You will see little Sophie visiting the family and there is a birthday party and lots of imaginary friends running around following their owners. None have become real yet but they are about to start working on it. I see them as more potential partners for the rapidly growing young sims.

    Petal gets the 'When Dreams Come True' opportunity - but I decide not to let her do it. She is going to learn the make the potion on the chemistry table.

    At least 3 of the children have made best friends with their dolls and are going to work on the chemistry table. Two others seem to be happily working on their relationships with their dolls, and little Percy just got the message that will lead to that opportunity if he keeps up playing with his doll so happily.

    Olivia and Don keep on going to work. What I really want from them is the One Kelvin Fridge. Haven't had a sim get one of them for many years and it used to be the first thing I went for in every game for years.
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    episode 25 of The Perfect Genetics Challenge is now available on YouTube

    It is fast paced and we get to see everyone in the household at some point. The pets feature early in the video. Toddler, Percy, ages up to child and has his birthday party after school. Some extras, a child and a teen came home from school with them this time. I've not noticed them before. Don gets abducted twice. Petal gets a swimming pool to help her keep hydrated.

    That's about it for now.

    Happy Simming
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    Here's the link to Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 26.

    In this episode Don gives birth to his very annoying alien baby. I think the baby would have preferred to have been returned to the alien world as it obviously isn't happy in Don's household even though it is keeping them ALL running to it all day and all night to try to stop the constant crying. It is a very needy child. Fortunately I managed to ignore it mostly but it does get a brief mention in the video.

    Owen ages up to teen. Most of Olivia and Don's children are busily discovering potions because everyone other than James has an Imaginary Friend that has become animated and they want to turn their IFs real.

    I've never before seen 5 imaginary friends in one household become animated and made real. This making real might take a while. I'm cancelling the 'When Dreams Come True' opportunities that keep popping up for each of them as I don't want them to spend all their time chasing non-existent rainbow gems. I'd prefer they use the chemistry table to work on their logic skill while trying to discover the potion to make their IF real.


    Olivia gets abducted a couple of times. And a few other things happen too.

    The magic gnomes are starting to die. The Gnome of the Darned is now a gnome tombstone so there probably won't be any more ghosts haunting them from now on. Unless they go and find another Gnome of the Darned.


    I don't seem to have got any screen shots so I can't show you anything - but the most colourful part of this new video is when the three children and James go to the Spring Festival and the three children dance on the spring festival dance floor and are joined by Sophie and a puppy.

    This screenshot thing is a bit puzzling as I can distinctly remember getting them, and even had to cut out the screen effects from the video but they haven't appeared where I expect to find them. Maybe I moved them. I did find the shot of the gnomes - I do remember moving it to the video folder as it appears in the video.

    There's a bit of teenage romance too between Gary and a townie and also James gets his own romantic interest but I haven't seen her yet. I'm sure she'll show up at some stage - but I did manage to capture the first kiss between Gary and his romantic interest. It's in the video.

    In the next episode Cindy, the heir, will age up to teen. All of her older brothers have now aged up to teen and Percy is no longer a toddler - he's a child.

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    The aftermath - and just before too.

    Not only did I manage to video it - but I got a few screenshots too.

    I think it tragic that one little sim had to endure not one, but two meteor strikes in his childhood. I'm talking about Oscar of course, his parents were killed by a meteor. That's why he lives at the boarding school.

    It was the night of the full moon and Erica Wolff and Mena Fields were fishing at a local water hole. No screenshots of that but it did make it to the video. Erica transformed to her werewolf form.

    Back at the boarding school, Whilemina Wolf, a child and daughter of Erica, transformed too. But I didn't see her transformation happen.


    Gator Wolff, Whilemina's toddler brother, didn't transform and was happily playing in a walker.

    Back at the boarding school some old horse was sleeping while standing out front.


    A black unicorn turned up too. It was at the tiny fishing spot the children were fishing at earlier.


    Next morning Erica was still fishing at the waterhole some distance from the Boarding School. Mena had been sent home to prepare to leave for Barnacle Bay with the teens and toddlers who belong in that world. Namely Westerly Cross, Alexanda Cross, Tyree Verona, Coral Goldbeard and Serena Abe. I was battling with the game to get them all downstairs to where the old horse had been sleeping during the previous night. It was a battle as the toddlers were all in playpens and telling the other travelers to pick the toddlers up and carry them downstairs was proving impossible. But I did manage to get some of them safely out there when Coral saw a huge shadow approaching and everyone got the react to meteor action.

    Panic. I never saw the shadow but assumed it was going to hit the spot where I'd collected the travelers. Not everyone had arrived there yet. Some would be saved - I hoped. I was wondering how I was going to incorporate so many ghosts in my story. Who to save. I definitely wanted Eric and Oscar to survive. But I needed to get the travelers home too. Preferably alive. Then it hit. Since there are 25 sims in the household it was bedlam. Pandemonium. Total confusion. I got video showing the meteor strike the boarding school roof and pass straight through and land on the footpath outside. The travelers standing on the footpath appeared to be unharmed as the meteor just missed them.

    Bruce Winterbottom came running I was trying to get everyone out of the building due to there being so many fires inside but the game kept interrupting me telling me 'toddler name' couldn't be left alone - "Call Babysitter or Stay Here". I started clicking Stay Here. But there are 8 toddlers in the building and it kept cycling through all of them so I then started to say Call Babysitter but it still kept cycling through all of the toddlers asking the same question. The thing is, just about EVERYONE was in the building and it was burning. I told Carlie Winterbottom to call the firefighters. I then found a couple of fire engines had already arrived and the fire fighters were putting out the fires. Two buildings were blazing and there were fires on multiple floors of the boarding school. I think I covered most of it in the video but here are a few screen shots I got.


    I had sent Erica Wolff home to save her son as he was still inside. But only her head turned up. This had me confused for a while but there was nothing I could do about it. After the fires were out and the fire engines gone I was finally able to reset her and she looked normal again.


    You can just see Erica Wolff's head floating in front of the fireman in this pic below.


    I sent my travelers off to Barnacle Bay leaving the mess at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island to clean up later. Much Later.

    The Barnacle Bay boarding school is a dream to play after the Chocolate Cake Island experience. Absolutely no lag. But the memory problem in Barnacle Bay is real. I have a whole fairy village there. I moved a lot of the fairies out, with their houses, to other worlds to make the world playable. But I checked the memory being used. It is almost at Error 12 status in the Boarding School building, and going out to an empty space in the world only takes it down a few KB. So I'll be in danger of unavoidable Error 12 on attempts to save while in that world.

    Here are some pics of the Barnacle Bay boarding school and world as I have it set up.






    I think I'll see if I've got enough recorded now to start on the video. Probably not as I don't want it to me a video of toddlers reading books, and that's mostly what was going on over the past week or so. With major lag. Most of the time it was just sitting there with nothing happening with a few seconds of activity. That's why it took so long for me to get to this point. I plan to stay in Barnacle Bay for a few Sim days and incorporate the toddlers and teens back into their families. Play them a bit and also go and play in the fairy village for a while just to move things along there. I have a lot of toddlers in this world that have been through the boarding school and maybe it's time for some of them to become children.

    I'll record video of what happens in Barnacle Bay and will use bits of it if I need it to make the video I'm working on for Oscar's Childhood interesting. The thing is Oscar isn't in the traveling group. He'll probably arrive in Barnacle Bay with Eric at some point though.

    That's it for now.
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    Overnight, Episode 14 of Oscar's Childhood loaded to YouTube and it is now ready for you to view.

    I've already started putting Episode 15 together and it looks as if I have enough video recorded to do another two episodes - but I won't know until I start work on it as a lot of it could be of the game frozen and I suspect that may be what has happened for so many recorded videos to be there. It just means it'll take me longer to make the videos as I cut out all the frozen bits.

    Anyway, here is the link to Episode 14 of Oscar's Childhood.

    This episode opens in Lucky Palms where we pay very brief visits to the homes of relatives of Eric.

    We find Eric's grandmother, Patience, in the art gallery with a few other relevant sims also there.

    Mena Fields is in the art gallery. I haven't introduced you to Mena before. She is the younger sister of Ted who was once, briefly, Patience's Toy Boy and lived with Patience and they had 4 children before Christopher Steel replaced him in Patience's affections.

    Christopher is a werewolf in this game and we will probably meet up with him in a future episode when Eric and Oscar visit Sunlit Tides to spend time with Heather. Christopher visited Sunlit Tides for Heather's wedding to Duncan and refused to go home with Patience.




    He became a homeless sim in Sunlit Tides before I rescued him and add him to Heather's household. I then visited Patience at her home as I wasn't sure if I had grabbed the real Christopher. I half expected to find him safely at home with Patience too. But he wasn't she lives alone these days.

    Heather is Eric's aunt, and a daughter of Patience and Marty. Marty's son, Mark is also in the art gallery. Mark is the father of Oscar's friend Mike. Mike has recently returned from the boarding school to live with his family until it's time for him to go back to the boarding school as a teen.

    Eric is gardening in this pic

    Eric is reading a bedtime story to Oscar here

    At the boarding school we focus mainly on training the 8 toddlers. The most important toddlers to be trained at this stage are Tyree Verona, Alexander Cross and Westerley Cross. The little Cross boys are sons of Odessa Cross from Barnacle Bay. Odessa was remarkable in her ability to produce babies fast. She has 5 at this stage of the game. There are 4 toddlers and a baby. Alexander and Westerley are the third and fourth of her toddlers to attend the toddler school. They all come from Barnacle Bay and will be sent home as soon as they have completed their toddler skills and read their toddler books. Additionally, there are two teens from Barnacle Bay still at the Boarding School. Coral Goldbeard arrived at the Boarding school as a child. She did her childhood skills there and aged up to teen so she stayed to do a few extra skills suited to a teen. She can now fish, garden and cook. Similarly, Serena Abe is now a highly skilled teen and is ready to return to her home in Barnacle Bay.

    Others you will see at the boarding school include sims from Dragon Valley and Moonlight Falls.

    Riordan Mithrilen has just aged up to teen and is without skill but provides some entertainment. He features more in Episode 15 but we do get a taste of his insanity in Episode 14. He is originally from Dragon Valley. But - I emptied Dragon Valley of its sims in this save because I built the Witches Village there and I decided to scatter the witches throughout the 13+ worlds I have in this big save. I thought I'd replace the existing world with a new version and moved all of the townies out so they would continue their relationships/friendships with Eric and his relatives. Eric's mother, for example, is Lorna McCann from Dragon Valley. When/if I add a new version of the world to this game I'll have to annihilate the entire Dragon Valley population in the new world to prevent and doppelganger issues from developing.

    I found Erica Wolff living with her two children in a house in Moonlight Falls. I picked up the children to add to the boarding school and realised this would leave her living there alone so grabbed her too. I found them living at 3216 Waning Way. She seems to have moved out of her original family home.

    Erica and her children, Wilhelmina and Gator are werewolves and are at the boarding school with Oscar. They are the first werewolves he's encountered. Erica is learning skills and building up her lifetime happiness points, as she does very good work with all of the toddlers in the nursery. We don't see much of Whilemina in this episode but Gator is often on screen. Both of these little Wolffs are almost ready to age up. I suspect Gator will age up first as he has only 3 days to go before the game ages him up in my game currently, but the recorded video I already have might make it take a few episodes before he does actually transform. He learns all of his toddler skills well before he becomes child. Wilhemina will age up to teen soon after Gator ages up to child. I might enjoy having them together as children for a short time before she ages up. I expect the Wolff trio to stay at the boarding school for several more episodes. Probably until after Eric and Oscar leave to begin their travels around the various worlds to meet all of Eric's relatives. Eric has a lot of relatives. This is why I an gradually introducing you to a few each episode.

    Susanna Koffi is a toddler at the boarding school Susanna is Eric's little sister. She will have a birthday cake soon. I'd like Oscar to play with her for a while as a child. Eric and Susanna's parents are Percy Koffi and Lorna McCann. Percy's parents are Gobias Koffi and Patience. In the original game I started several years ago, Gobias was transformed into a Witch. Many of his descendants in the game are witches. This includes Eric, Susanna and Kathleen.

    Kathleen Koffi is also a child at the boarding school. Her parents are Haley (Percy's half sister), and Gobias Koffi (Percy's father). Haley's story is complicated. It gets more complicated to longer she lives. I had her, I thought, safely married and with a baby boy. I went off to play a different household for a while and discovered the game had moved her out of her home. She left her husband, Bob, with their baby son Harry, and went to live with Gobias. She and Gobias ended up with 4 children together. She was a young adult and he was an elder. But, thinking about it - when she first aged up from teen to young adult she always wanted romantic relationships with elders. I kept breaking them up but she kept on doing it. I arranged her marriage with Bob who was a young adult. Then when I left her alone she left him to move in with Gobias who was an elder at the time. I gave up and left her to it. Gobias has since died of old age. Haley is now and adult and seems reasonably happily married to a younger sim but is having an ongoing relationship on the side with Shark Racket.

    This is a pic of Haley with her son, Graeme Koffi

    Graeme is still a toddler but I'm going to have to pay more attention to him and his siblings as they ought to be growing up faster than they are.

    Haley's eldest son, Harry is a teen and lives with his father in Sunlit Tides and she rarely sees him. Her next child is Kathleen and she's a child at the boarding school. They have 7 younger siblings/half siblings living with Haley and her husband in Lucky Palms.

    Allyson Wilson is also at the boarding school. Allyson's parents are Tammy Fields and Jebidiah Wilson (from Riverview). Tammy is the daughter of Patience and Ted Fields. She is the niece of Mena Fields who is also at the boarding school as a young adult in this part of the story.

    Other residents of the current boarding school include Bruce Winterbottom and his wife Carlie and their toddler son Francesco. Bruce and Carlie are sims I made and their son was born in game. He'll be aged up before Oscar and Eric start their travels. I plan to keep the Winterbottoms at the boarding school for quite a while as they have scarcely been played since I placed them into their home in Moonlight Falls. I'll probably move them to a different world eventually as Moonlight Falls seems to be overpopulated at the moment.

    Cricket Irwin from Lucky Palms is a teen at the boarding school. She's learning a few skills and will be returned to her home in Lucky Palms when she seems ready to go.

    Mara Nix is a child from Moonlight Falls. She'll go home eventually too.

    And there is the dog. He just is present and randomly interacts with household members. He's a bit lonely these days since I moved his friend out due to lag in the game. His friend is Snow and large fluffy white dog who has moved to Lucky Palms.

    I like this pic - it's Patience's reaction to Ted's marriage to Helena. Helena is the eldest daughter of Patience and Marty. Marty is the only Sim Patience ever married, but she had a long term relationship with Ted and they had 4 children together.

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    Today, I loaded Oscar's Childhood Part 15 to YouTube.

    Here's the link:

    There's a lot going on in this episode. Especially at the end. Most, if not all of the occupants of the Boarding School are involved in something or other. And I just have to say, Oscar seems to be getting lots of first hand experience of meteors hitting his home. I hope you get a chance to watch this video.
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    Oscar's Childhood Episode 16 is now available to watch on YouTube.

    In this episode Mena travels to Barnacle Bay with the teens Serena Abe and Coral Goldbeard as well as the toddlers Tyree Verona, Alexander Cross and Westerley Cross. They are all returned to their homes.

    We get to see inside the Abe tiny home. Serena now lives with her elder sister, Patty. I discovered Patty is pregnant.

    Coral returns to her parents' mansion.

    When I went to the Verona household I found Tyree's mother, Julia was at the library playing guitar. She suddenly went into labour and rushed off to hospital. She emerged carrying her new baby girl. She'd left her baby son at home alone when she went out. He was lying on the floor. I added 2 cots to the household and both babies were quickly placed into them. Then Tyree got aged up to child. I also swapped the men around. Richie Radan was living in the Verona household and his girlfriend was Dina Caliante while Alec Trebo was living in the Caliente household and he is the father of all three of Julia's children. As I left them all together, little Tyree was wishing his parents would get married. I'm not sure what's actually going on there but I'll leave them to it.

    Finally, I returned Alexander and Westerley Cross to their mother, Odessa Cross. While there I did a bit of work. I added a new room to the front of the house and placed two bunk beds and other furniture in it. Then I aged up the two older toddlers, Melinda and Kelsey. There were already five cots in one bedroom so there is plenty of space for the two I just returned, as well as the youngest, a baby boy.

    Then, leaving Mena alone at the Barnacle Bay boarding school I went on a quick visit to the fairy village. I aged up one toddler, Gloria Flower, and checked up on another few fairies before returning to Mena and getting her to return to Chocolate Cake Island.
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    Oscar's Childhood Episode 17, is now available to watch on YouTube

    This is a busy episode. The household initially are stuck with cleaning up after the meteor strike on the boarding school. Lots of scrap and meteor fragments need collecting. The floors need mopping.

    Two toddlers return home to Moonlight Falls. They are Fawn and Beneto Goodfellow. Fawn ages up with cake after reaching home. We meet the entire Goodfellow household. I do a bit of quick renovation to their house and add an extra room that I subdivide into two rooms. They now have sufficient beds for everyone.

    Mena gets abducted while in Moonlight Falls. Eric has accompanied her to assist with the toddlers.

    Carlie, Erica and Mena work in the garden as they still need to improve their gardening skills. Carlie and Bruce share a tender moment in a romantic setting in a pretty part of the garden. Carlie plays briefly with the baby chickens in the Chicken Coop.

    Eric's toddler sister, Susanna has a birthday and ages up to become a child. This leaves only two toddlers in the boarding school. Gator Wolff and Francesco Winterbottom. They will age up in the next episode.

    The children and teens are seen generally learning various skills and playing throughout the episode. In the beginning they are kept busy mopping floors to help remove evidence of the meteor strike.

    I hope you enjoy the video if you decide to watch it. Please consider leaving it a like if you do enjoy it.

    Happy Simming.
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    Here's the link to Oscar's Childhood Part 18.

    It is now on YouTube and available for you to watch. In this video the household are up to a variety of activities, including a game of soccer. The final two toddlers age up - meaning, by the end of the video there are no toddlers in the boarding school. There are 8 children, 4 teens and 4 young adults plus a dog.

    Mena starts using the tractor to water the garden thereby allowing the gardeners to concentrate on harvesting.

    I'm working on the next episode now. I'd like to move them all to Moonfall Island, but I have a household of sims living in that boarding school already and that would mean I'd need to move them on or risk overcrowding again. And I don't want to move them out of that build. Maybe I'll come up with another solution. I'll let you know what I do - when I know what it is going to be myself.

    Happy Simming
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    Yesterday, real life time, I sent Mena to Lucky Palms with Allyson and Kathleen. All of them came from Lucky Palms and I'm leaving the two little girls there with their respective families.

    Just before I sent them home from Chocolate Cake Island boarding school, I gave both little girls makeovers. I discovered they were still as the game made them when they had cake and turned into children.

    Here they are on their way to school in Lucky Palms - they are currently living with Mena and her parents in Lucky Palms.
    Allyson is on the left and Kathleen is turned slightly towards her.

    This is the Field's house in Lucky Palms - the currently active household.

    Mena's mother, Emma. She's also Allyson's Great-Grandmother. She's an elder.

    Mena's father, Jack - Allyson's Great-Grandfather. He wasn't entirely happy about being dragged out of bed to get his photo taken in his pyjamas. He's an adult but almost an elder.

    Kathleen and Allyson inside the Field's home. children

    And, for completeness - also not too thrilled with being dragged out of bed at 1:30 am for a photo shoot, here is Mena herself. a young adult - still quite a way to go before she ages up to adult.

    Today I've made a few decisions. I'm placing Alyson and Kathleen back in with their families. Then I'm taking Mena and her parents on a quick vacation to China. Both of Mena's parents have lifetime wishes that require adventure. I've never played them enough to take them on any adventures so far and I feel a little guilty about that. I don't know if I'll include any video of their vacation in the story as it doesn't really connect with Oscar in any way. Or I don't think it does. I also gave Mena's father a makeover. I think the game must have given him the clothes and hair he had - or else my head was in a very odd place at the time. He is currently about to become an elder in a few days. Mena's mother is already an elder. She's in the culinary career.

    Ted is a Sim I made years ago as one of 8 unattached young adults in a household.

    I used to make these households of 8 young adults and put them together and never leave the house with them. I'd build huge houses full of skilling objects and watch what they did autonomously and they got skills as they went along. When I got tired of them I'd save them to the library and make another household and that went on for years. The reason for that was my family trees kept breaking and I didn't have mods and when parents suddenly became strangers to their own toddlers I got so frustrated I just stopped playing families.

    Well, when I was playing the original game with Patience, who was trying to get me the badge for a sim having 15 children, I grabbed Ted out of my library and added him to her household. I don't think I chose the version of him that had been played so he was a very young Young Adult at the time and Patience was already an adult. They had 4 children before she moved on to Christopher Steel and Ted ended up with Patience's eldest daughter, Helena. I should point out here, that the only Sim Patience ever married was Marty. And Marty divorced her when she ran off to live with Gobias. She had 5 more children with Gobias before seducing Ted.

    Actually Helena chased after Ted and first I moved her out of the household and back in with her Father, Marty. But that didn't seem to stop her so I just left them to it and they had a couple of children together and seemed to be living happily enough together so I decided they ought to get married. By that time I'd made my Indoor Outdoor Wedding venue and I wanted to have a BIG wedding. At that point it occurred to me that Ted had no family to invite to his wedding. So I made him some parents and a teenage sister. That's how Mena and her parents came into being. By this time I had mods in my game so I was able to add the parents and Mena to Ted's family tree.

    Here are some old pics of their wedding

    The tall bridesmaid, the teen in pink, is Mena.

    The couple sitting in the front seat, and the man is looking at Mena and smiling, is the original version of Mena's parents. Before they got older. And that is Eric's father, Percy, sitting just behind Mena's mother's shoulder.

    The little bridesmaid is one of Marty's daughters with Marcie. Marty is Helena's father.

    A few members of the combines families are in this shot. I think is was meant to be just the wedding party.

    Helena's brother Harry is at the far left of the picture. Her father, Marty and her mother Patience are behind on the left. On the right are mostly Ted's family. The two little bridesmaids are Marty and Marcie's daughters, Helena's little half sisters. Mena is the teen in pink on the right and the teen in pink on the left is one of Helena's half sisters. I think she could be Allyson's mother. That would make her a daughter of Ted and Patience. And finally, the young male on the right is Percy. He is Helena's half brother and father of Eric and Susanna.

    This is an interesting picture.


    It shows Ted waiting for Helena. Helena is at the back with her father Marty. Up above, the dark haired sim in pink is Haley. She's Kathleen's mother. You can also see Patience sitting in the front wearing the blue dress. She's doing her usual Patience thing - waving at the celebrant and trying to flirt with him. The other sim in blue is holding a toddler. She's another of Patience and Ted's daughters. She's Heather and she currently lives in Sunlit Tides.

    There is another sim about half way back in the seating. She can be seen just behind the little girl in pink who is standing in front of the seats. That's Marcie. She is the mother of the two a little girls in pink. She's Marty's second wife. They got married after Patience ran off with Gobias and left Marty with 5 children to raise alone.

    This is a better shot of Marcie. The teen with the 🐲🐲🐲🐲 hair behind Marcie is Harry. He's Haley's son and Kathleen's half brother. Harry inherited the Imaginary Friend trait as his father is Bob. Bob is Percy's Imaginary Friend made real who married Haley. They had one baby together before she ran off to live with Gobias - while I wasn't playing their household. I had 'happy families' ideas for Haley and Bob. But the game/Haley decided otherwise. She always wanted to be with much older male sims.

    Marcie and Marty are both elders now and live in Dark Harbor in the Big Game. Four of their young adult children live there too but are gradually moving out to set up homes of their own. Oscar and Eric will visit them all eventually.

    The celebrant has his back to the camera. He was made to do this job and I tried to keep him in the game after that but he was too crazy for me to cope with so he got evicted. Since then I've mellowed a bit and if you watch the series I'm doing on Caroline and Friends, well I've just added a few new sims to her household and this same sim is one of that new household. I can't wait to see what it's like to play with him as his trait combination is unusual for me and he is a very different type of sim to play. I think he'll add lots of laughter to the videos - I'll just have to remember not to make any actual plans for him as I find him difficult to direct when played with full autonomy on and I must play with full autonomy as that is how the game is fun for me. I love to see what sims do without direction.

    This is a picture of James Karter (the celebrant in Ted and Helena's wedding but now a member of Caroline's household in Caroline and Friends video series)

    This is a picture from Heather's wedding to Duncan. (Heather's the sim in blue holding the toddler in a pic above. One of Helena's sisters and a daughter of Patience and Marty)

    Later on I accidentally added another copy of Ted to the Big Game. So I changed the second version of Ted's name to Alf and added him to the family tree as Ted's brother. Alf currently lives with some townies in Sunlit Tides. He has a couple of children of his own somewhere too. Or at least I think he does.

    So Now I just want to play a little with Mena and her parents. Mena is getting some lifetime happiness and skills but her parents are a bit frustrated with lack of attention from me.

    Apart from all of this, when I send Kathleen home to her household I've decided to age her little sister, Jaimie, up to child. I'll check she's done all of her toddler skills and read all the books first. I'm pretty sure she has, as have most of the toddlers in that household. But I'll only age up the eldest toddler at this point. None of them were multiple births. I will show video of her household because Oscar will probably get to know all of them eventually. Same for when I send Allyson home.

    I just realised - in their complicated family tree it turns out that Kathleen is half sister to Percy Koffi. Which means she's Eric's half-aunt.

    That's it from me for now. I'm off to send the little girls back to their respective homes and take Mena and her parents on their first vacation to China.

    Happy Simming all
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    I just finished Episode 19 of Oscar's Childhood. I loaded it to YouTube last night and was about to close down my computer this morning when I remembered I have to make it available for you to watch. So I've done that now.

    In this episode we open at the Boarding School in Chocolate Cake Island. Oscar and his friends continue to work on their skills and go to school. We see Mena harvesting with the tractor in the garden. That was caused be me clicking the wrong menu choice. I'd meant to tell her to fertilise. Thought I might as well let you see her harvesting too since I had the video of it.

    Then Mena takes Kathleen and Allyson home to Lucky Palms. They all stay with Mena's parents at first. Then I send the girls to their own homes and Mena takes her parents on a vacation to China. That was because her parents have lifetime wishes to either get to visa level 3 in all WA worlds or to complete 6 tombs in each world. I've not played with them much and they've not even started working on their LTW. I don't plan to try to get them to complete them but I wanted them to have at least one vacation before they finally die of old age. We see them arrive in China but not much else. As I say in the video it is not about completing tombs and if you need to see tomb walkthroughs there is the Isla Paradiso Bunch videos in which I've already done detailed tomb walkthroughs.
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    Updated background info on Oscar's Childhood video.

    I've now moved Oscar and a few of his buddies from the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island to the new boarding school in Moonfall Island.

    I've not spent much time playing in this boarding school and it isn't completely finished. I hope I don't introduce lag as I add to it. I suspect I will though. It is currently totally lag free.

    Moonfall Island Boarding School


    Yes - it's built into a slope.

    If you're watching my videos on Oscar's Childhood while he's been at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island, you will have noticed the videos only included sims living at the boarding school. That was because that world didn't have other sims living in it other than a few role sims the game had generated and the sims living at the boarding school didn't interact with them.

    If you watch the Moonfall Island version of this video series you will notice a difference. There are a lot of sims living in the world. Many of them are homeless or role sims the game has introduced. A lot more of these than are in Chocolate Cake Island. Plus there are a lot of my sims that I've added to the world. This post is meant to give you an introduction to the sims living at the boarding school. I'll add some information on other sims living elsewhere in the world later on - maybe. There are a lot of them.

    I left a few sims back at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. I will work on including them in the game in future but for now I will leave them alone in that world. While they are there they won't age so they'll still be playable whenever I decide to go get them.

    The sims I left behind are Mena and the Winterbottom family - Carlie, Bruce and their son Francesco.

    I wasn't sure of how many sims I would find already living in the boarding school at Moonfall Island and I didn't want to overcrowd it. As it turned out, there were more sims already living at the new boarding school than I had anticipated. It surprised me there was no lag - but this build is new and it has no garden at all and very few contents other than things the sims will need to do their essential activities. As I move sims out of this building, I will move others in and that might include the sims I left behind in Chocolate Cake Island.

    Here are the current residents of the boarding school in Moonfall Island. They will be the stars of the next few episodes of Oscar's Childhood.

    I will list them in order of age...

    Gaylord Koffi



    Father of Gobias Koffi.

    The reason Gaylord is here is Gobias's ghost has vanished from my game. I'm contemplating ways of getting him back. The only one I can think of right now is to add his tombstone to one of the worlds in the game again. That's how I got Gobias and Gaylord into the game originally. I had them haunting the boarding school in Cake Island.

    The reason I needed Gobias's ghost was several of his children had dropped him from their family tree and as a result they were no longer related to each other. So I sent a sim to Sunset Valley and he picked up their tombstones and returned to Cake Island with them. Then I used Master Controller to add Gobias to the family trees from which he was missing. All was good until Gobias went missing. He's still in the family trees, but only as a white square. I was not controlling Gobias or Gaylord at the time. Since Gobias had vanished on me, I grabbed Gaylord and eventually got him to eat ambrosia. While he is in the family trees, Gobias will probably stay there even if he is only a blank white square.

    Gaylord wants to be a hit movie composer and he's currently a Fan, level 1 of the music career. I suppose I ought to leave him in it for now.

    Just in case you haven't noticed, sometimes, when you first start a new game in Sunset Valley you get a message about it being a shame Gaylord Koffi had died from starvation. Something about it being so sad a sim had died just for the lack of a sandwich. If you go into the graveyard in Sunset Valley you'll find Gaylord's tombstone. It's a tall tombstone in that graveyard.

    Erica Wolff


    Young Adult but she's the eldest Young Adult in the lot. She came from Moonlight Falls originally, but was at the Chocolate Cake Island boarding school with her children Wilhemina and Gator.

    She wants to become a professional athlete and get to level 9 of that career. I'll probably move her to that career once she gets her gardening, fishing and cooking skills up to where I want them to be.

    They will all be returning to their original home in Moonlight Falls eventually. They need to learn a few things first though.

    Erica has been placed her into the culinary career by the game - this seems to have happened when she landed in this world. Probably there is no garden around for her to use to continue with the gardening career I think I already had her in to keep her around the house during the days. She's level 1 in the culinary career. I'll probably get her into a different career that'll keep her at home. I suspect I'll add a small garden somewhere on the boarding school lot so they can all learn their gardening skill. I hope that doesn't introduce lag. Only time will tell.

    Isabel Howe


    Isabel is an old sim I made years ago and grabbed from my library. I gave her a makeover. She was probably originally made to be a member of a household of 8 young adults. This version of Isabel hasn't been previously played so she hasn't got much in the way of skills. That's probably the reason she's at the boarding school. Currently her only skill is at level 1 - it is writing. Her LTW is Master Magician so I'll probably put her in the magician career fairly soon.

    Many of the sims who were already at this new boarding school are in the fortune telling career. Isabel is in that career - at level 1.

    The 🐲🐲🐲🐲 caravan, vault of antiquity and arboretum are in a park very close to the boarding school.

    It is so close to the boarding school the sims could walk there easily. But the carpool arrives for them each day and they have to run farther to get into the car than they'd have to run to get to the park to go to work. It can be entertaining to watch the antics of getting to and from work each day, but I think I'll move most of them to a different career.

    Coral Carpenter


    Coral is a new sim I made last year. She has been played a bit in another game before moving her here. She does have quite a few skills already.

    She wants to be a Seasoned Traveler. I don't think I'll be taking her on any vacations in the foreseeable future.

    Kaylie Flower

    Kaylie Flower is a fairy. She was made at the same time I made Coral Carpenter. I was having fun making a few sims at that time and they were all different. Except for Kaylie. She is a clone, a made over version, of Paula Flower who is a fairy I made a few years ago.

    Kaylie likes to sleep in the fairy house which has been placed indoors for her comfort.


    Kaylie's LTW is Magic Makeover. She's a Horoscope Reader currently.

    Kaylie has only one skill - she's level 1 with the guitar.

    Elouise Britton


    Her LTW is Perfect Student.

    She is level 1 in Logic and has no other skills. Her current job is Kitchen Scullion.

    Eloise has a special relationship with Oscar. She's the mysterious sim who turned up to rescue Oscar and deliver him to the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. She is also the mysterious sim who was occupying the house that ought to have been empty when Mena arrived in Lucky Palms with Kathleen and Allyson.

    Elouise is meant to be in the boarding school in Moonfall Island so she has now come home. Last time she was living here she was in the Horoscope Reader job. Obviously the game decided to move her to a new job. She's been around a bit since she was last in her home world and probably there was no 🐲🐲🐲🐲 caravan for her to continue with her original career in one of more of the worlds she's been in since she left on her mission to rescue Oscar.




    Harvey Miller

    Harvey is a new sim. Made at the same time as Coral and Kaylee. A few other sims I made at this time are living in various houses around Moonfall Island.


    Harvey was having a very animated conversation when I got that shot and it was the 'best' of a bad lot as he was pulling a lot of faces at the time.

    Harvey's LTW is Celebrity Psychic. Maybe I'll leave him in the Horoscope Career.

    His only skill is Writing and is at level 3.

    All of the above sims, except for Gaylord Koffi, are young adults. Harvey being the youngest.

    Now we move on to the teens.

    Bailey Swain

    A townie from Moonlight Falls.

    I moved her to this boarding school due to lag in Chocolate Cake Island. I did this ages ago, long before I got the idea of sending Oscar to a boarding school anywhere so she's been here, forgotten by me, for a very long time. Fortunately she's just as young as the day I left her here.


    Bailey seems to have done most of the skilling I'd want her to do. I'll keep her around for a while to be sure and then send her home. She might wait for the Wolffs to be ready to go home so I can send them all home together and pick up the remainder of the sims from Chocolate Cake Island on the way back to Moonfall Island.

    Eric Koffi

    I think anyone who has been watching the videos will know all about Eric so I won't say much here.


    He's a teen, will be Oscar's best buddy for a long time and lives permanently in my boarding schools due to parental neglect. His little sister is with him.

    Eric's LTW is Illustrious Author. He has almost completed this with just a little way to go with his writing skill to complete his LTW of getting to level 10 in both painting and writing.

    Eric was an A Grade at school but the move to Moonfall Island made the game reset him, and all the other children and teens, to Grade of C.

    Now for the children.

    Whilemina Wolff


    Whilemina is about to age up to teen so she's going to have to concentrate at school to get back up to Grade A in order for me to be able to choose her new trait.

    She is from Moonlight Falls and is the daughter of Erica.

    Her LTW is Master Magician.

    Jeanette Bright


    I picked up Jeanette from the Inkbeard family in Barnacle Bay. She didn't seem to belong there. She isn't in the Sims Wiki (or I couldn't find any reference to her). She was a toddler when I got her and when she was ready to go home as a child I decided to keep her in the boarding school. She got moved to Moonfall Island boarding school ages ago as I needed space in Chocolate Cake Island Boarding School and I had nowhere else to send her. She's seems to be just a stray, apparently unattached child the game created in Barnacle Bay.

    Oscar Jacobsen

    The star of the Oscar's Childhood series of videos.


    His story is long and involved - he has no Lifetime Wish at the moment. Briefly, he is an orphan and thinks his entire family was killed in a meteor strike caused by an evil alien his family had taken in and given a home to.

    Petal Jayne



    Petal is a plant sim. She was picked in game by Olivia, the founder of my Perfect Genetics series of videos.

    The Petal in the Moonfall Island boarding school is a copy of the original Petal who is still living happily in her original family.

    I wanted her to be in my Colourful Mermaids household and videos. So I took a copy of her. I've since broken up that household and moved Petal to this boarding school. I might eventually move her back in with someone else from that Mermaid household. Several of them are living in Moonfall Island.

    When Petal aged up she had a very unfortunate look around her eyes. She got a bit of plastic surgery from me to fix the unsightly problem. I was worried when she aged up to child in the Perfect Genetics series I'd have a similar problem. Fortunately she didn't have that issue there so that version of Petal as the game made her.

    Susanne Koffi

    Susanne is Eric's little sister. Her parents are Percy Koffi and Lorna McCann who are very happily married and living in Lucky Palms. They have absolutely no time for their babies/children as they just want to be with each other.

    Susanne, Eric and their father, Percy, are all witches.


    Susanne recently aged up from toddler while at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island. She will stay at the boarding schools until she is old enough to fend for herself - unless Eric decides to take her adventuring with himself and Oscar later on.

    Gator Wolff

    Gator is the son of Erica and little brother of Wilhemina


    Gator recently aged up to child at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island.

    Erica, Wilhemina and Gator are all werewolves.

    A few more random pictures taken in and around the new boarding school.

    Coral, Petal, and Wilhemia.

    Elouise, Coral, Susanne, Harvey and Isabel

    The are designed for them to do their homework - I suspect they'll always do their homework elsewhere.

    Isabel and Kaylee having a chat just outside the ground level of the boarding school building.

    Petal and Wilhemina

    Some skilling objects found on the ground level of the boarding school.

    Where the toddlers will one day play

    A TV and reading alcove. Maybe I'll move the TV to some place else to make it more convenient for them to watch it.

    Wilhemina and Petal.

    I'll post more info on the other sims I have placed in Moonfall Island later on.

    You will already know a few of them from earlier videos. There are several from the colourful mermaids household, including the only three toddlers in the world - Mary Azul and Sandy Seaworth who are mermaids, and Gavyn Flower who is a fairy. They are clones of Mia Azul, Salty Seaworth and George Flower.

    That's it for now.

    Happy Simming all.
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    I've now got Episode 20 of Oscar's Childhood almost ready.

    It's full of activity. Lots of extra inserts including a bit where I talk about Allyson's mother, Tammy.

    Tammy was killed by a meteor as a child and she was a little ghost for ages before her mother, Patience, finally managed to get her to eat some Ambrosia.

    Well, I managed to find the old game where that happened. I didn't recover the bit where the meteor struck the house, but I did get a game with her gravestone in it and I played it until I got her ghost haunting and put that into this video.


    There are lots of other little extras. I had fun with it.

    I took a day off from working on it earlier in the week as I needed a break and I knew if I pushed myself to just get it done it would end up being tired and boring. I don't think it'll be boring. At least I hope it won't. I was surprised I could go back to such an old game and get that video of the little ghost.

    I didn't wait to keep playing until she ate the Ambrosia because that took a few Sim weeks and I didn't have that much patience - but I did include the bit where her mother made the Ambrosia.


    Ambrosia - it looks much better in the video because it's sort of glowing and pretty glowy steam is rising from it.

    In the original game someone in the household stole the Ambrosia and ate it so Patience had to go and catch another death fish to make more. Since it was mid Winter and the fishing hole at the graveyard was frozen over, I was too impatient to wait until it thawed, I got the idea of putting the Wishing Well indoors. That's when I first started putting it in the basement.

    Interestingly, I noticed it doesn't drop through the floor in these old games. Something changed when Lucky Palms was released and that's when Plants and Wishing Wells and other things started dropping down through the floors. I always put my wishing wells in the bottom basement or at ground level now to avoid it dropping down to levels below.

    I saved where I was up just in case I want to video her eating the Ambrosia later on. Right now, I don't really want to go back to it - but could change my mind.

    I got video of young Patience when Tammy was a little ghost for the return of Allyson to her home - she's Patience's grand daughter.


    And some video of Elder Patience in Lucky Palms for when Kathleen was going home - because she's Kathleen's grandmother and she had to be in Kathleen's return home.


    The surprising thing is, the first really old save I opened had Tammy as a toddler. I closed it down as that was way before the meteor hit. Then I thought I should have tried to get some video of her back then. The game was from the end of 2011 - when last saved.

    I'm currently exporting the new video to a file type I can load to YouTube. That'll take a while.

    Then I'll watch it through to make sure it's OK and then when I am happy with it I'll load it to YouTube. It probably will be another day or more though as I am about to go to bed now, I really need the sleep.

    And tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be gone to rehearsal for a few hours and also have to go grocery shopping so I don't know how much time I'll have for my game. I know last week I was so exhausted after rehearsal I didn't even turn the computer on until the next day.

    As a bit of a preview though, I got Mena to take the two little girls home to Lucky Palms and in this episode they are returned to their family homes.

    It ended up taking the whole rest of the episode to get the girls settled into their respective homes.

    Kathleen's home coming was a bit more complicated than Allyson's was though so it probably took up most of the video.

    Then Mena and Elouise travel back to Chocolate Cake Island. That's the end of the video. It runs for almost 30 minutes. 27 minutes I think.

    I'll start on the next video soon, because when the sims arrive back in Chocolate Cake Island Elouise will travel on to Moonfall Island (which is her own original home - because that's where I put her when I added her to the game) and she'll take 6 other sims with her from Chocolate Cake Island. This means most of the next video will be in Moonfall Island.

    I've been playing in that world for a bit and it is a much more lively place for sims to be. Especially for children.

    There are so many other children living in Moonfall Island than in Chocolate Cake Island. After only a couple of days at school children from the boarding school are going home with friends from school. We will get to see inside all sorts of interesting places and meet lots of interesting sims.

    There are a lot of relatives of Eric's living there as well as quite a few of the mermaids from the Colourful Mermaid videos. I broke up their household and they are scattered across two or three worlds.

    I know the toddlers (clones) are in Moonfall Island as are the humans including the useless ex-butler Beau Stallings. He's got his own house. Mia Azul, Maya Ocean and Triton King are there too. They are living in the houses into which I placed them.

    So that's it from me for now.

    Happy Simming
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 20 is now available on YouTube

    This video is about returning Allyson and Kathleen to their homes in Lucky Palms.

    It starts in China with Mena and her parents. Then moves on to Allyson's home where she now lives with her parents. We see a short look back into Allyson's mother's childhood. Tammy was killed by a meteor as a child and her mother got her to eat Ambrosia eventually. We see a short episode of little Tammy haunting her home. We also get to meet Allyson's father, Jebidiah Wilson, and her little sister.

    Next we go to Kathleen's home which is large and full of toddlers and a baby. Haley is Kathleen's mother. She is the mother of 9 children, 8 of them live with her and 6 are still toddlers with one baby. During the visit we get to know something of the other members of this household and see some more of their extended family out and about Lucky Palms. There are two birthdays during this time - Kathleen's little sisters - one ages up from Toddler to Child and the other from baby to toddler.

    In the end we go back to Mena who moves in with Elouise and we see them leave Lucky Palms to travel back to Chocolate Cake Island.

    There are all sorts of little complications and adventures sprinkled throughout the video.

    Have fun and Happy Simming
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    The upcoming episode 21 of this story will have a brand new thumbnail to reflect Oscar's move from the Chocolate Cake Island boarding school to the new boarding school at Moonfall Island.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,284 Member
    Oscar's Childhood Episode 21 is now available on YouTube

    They travel to Moonfall Island and move into the new boarding school.

    We see the base camp, the boarding school and get to meet a few of the sims from Moonfall Island.
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    I just finalised loading Oscar's Childhood Episode 22 and making it available to view on YouTube.

    Here's the link.

    This video has a lot of different things happening in it. In the beginning we get a map of the world so we all know how it all fits together. Then we see Oscar having a story read and then Oscar and some of the other children fishing. After that it is about general Sims going about life in Moonfall Island. Some special little bits include a bit on Bonehilda, I included some screen shots from when she got singed in one of my games.

    We come across some of the sculptors from the McFluff Story. They vanished from Gertie's place in hidden Springs by jumping into the Time Machine. They reappeared in Moonfall Island. They all seem to be there.

    Another group that has many of its members in Moonfall Island is the Colourful Mermaids household. In this world they are not all living together. And we meet one of the toddlers that is a clone of one of the previous members of the Colourful Mermaids household.

    I hope you find time to watch the video.

    I'm now working on Episode 23.
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    Here is the link to the next episode of Oscar's Childhood.

    This episode seemed to take less time than usual for me to edit. I'll get to work on the next one now. I'm trying to get Oscar aged up to teen before the end of November. Then I'll move on to new episodes of Caroline and Friends.

    I've got a schedule worked out for the birthdays so expect a few in the next few episodes.

    This episode is quite fast paced and lots of things are happening. For example, it's the night of the full moon. I temporarily activate another household to see what's going in over there. I don't have any actual game play while in that household, just record a bit of their 'interesting' and unexpected activities. Then I shut down the game and reloaded so as to not lose the wishes and opportunities Oscar's household has.

    We meet lots of sims around town. I show you the two new rooms I've built on the ground floor of the boarding school and the changes I made to the attractive and useful objects I have placed on the complex large lot with the school, theater, diner, grocery store and spa. Lots of sims are visiting it. Some of them haven't been seen in the videos previously, others are becoming familiar to those of you who watch the series. Meaning, I don't give massive amounts of info on a sim I've already introduced in previous episodes.

    I hope you enjoy the videos.

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    I just made Episode 24 of Oscar's Childhood available to view.

    It runs for about 21 minutes. But there is a lot happening. I did the whole narration this week so my voice isn't quite right but it isn't that different from usual. I think that is part of the reason the video is a little shorter than usual. I just didn't find that much to say so it moves along faster than usual and a lot more happens. I was hoping for 2 birthdays but added a third. And we get a look at the garden, group science project, beginning of a group game of pool, magician performing for tips, a fairy house party and lots more.

    I hope you are able to enjoy it.

    Happy Simming
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