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Sims 3 and things

KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
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I thought, since we no longer have a Sims 3 section I'd start a thread on Sims 3. If there is another one, already here I suspect I'll find it eventually.

In the meantime, I wanted to say I'm still making my videos. I have four different stories going at the moment.

I've been posting the links and other updates in the Stories and Legacies section of Creative Corner if anyone is interested in having a look.
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  • BabyAxhelBabyAxhel Posts: 18 Member
    Do you mind posting the link here?
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Ok. I'll post them later as I'm out of the house for a few hours today. Getting the car serviced. I'm using my phone.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Sorry this is a bit late. I had a huge day - out all day getting the car serviced. I've been trying to catch up on a few things here and now it's morning and I haven't been to sleep yet. So I will hurry.

    This one is about to get a new episode posted, probably tomorrow as I've already done most of the work for it.

    It's a crazy fantasy story and just about anything could happen. The inspiration for it came when I found some interesting CC skins. My imagination whirred for a while and finally I came up with an extremely not plausible story and it's a lot of fun.


    This one is yet another attempt to get badges. Caroline is living alone at the moment as it is the beginning of this story and there are a few badges I've completed a few times but they've not been awared. Apparently they have to be completed with a single sim household for them to trigger. I can say that having her alone did the trick but so far in the videos we haven't quite got to the point of the badges being awarded. As soon as she gets those 4 badege a friend will move in to assist her and later on extre house mates will arrive as required to do various badges. I'll just look for badges I haven't got yet to work out what they will be working towards next.


    The game starts out in Isla Paradiso because that's where the badges need to be done for the ones that only trigger if there is a single sim household. I have mods and they'll be moving to different worlds as the videos progress.

    This one is fairly crazy too. It's about relationships and people.


    In the videos, Oscar and Louise haven't met yet.

    The first 3 videos were devoted to establishing Oscar in Hidden Springs.

    Video 4 is about Louise's parents in Riverview. There will be two more episodes in Riverview before she leaves home and ends up in Hidden Springs where she bumps into Oscar and they get to know each other and end up married with children. Many children.

    This is my first ever series of videos. I had no clue back in January 2017 but wanted to give it a go. My technology was somewhat limited so the first few videos aren't brilliant but they do improve. I must say I have a brand new computer and a proper microphone now as well as new software to put the videos together.


    The original game started out to get a badge - have a sim make 300 elixirs. I've tried to get that one a few times now and so far it hasn't happened in spite of having several hundred elixirs. I don't plan to try it again.

    As I said before, I have mods now and I've added a mod to increase the number of elixirs they can make and that migh interfere with the badge being awarded. I didn't have than mod in when I tried for the badge previously though.

    It is set in Isla Paradiso. It started out with 2 sims I made to help me sort out some cc. Then I added a witch I've played with often and decided they really ought to have a couple of blokes and then genies are fun so I went looking for a genie from my library and couldn't decide which one I wanted out of the three I was thinking about. So I added all three. Then, fortunately I have mods, one of the genies met up with Salty Seaworth and he wants to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. They got engaged - no wedding yet but there are twins. Both are genies. And then the witch planted two forbidden fruit in the hope that one might produce a plant sim - and she got two plant sim boys. Later on she cloned Triton King and now there's a mermaid toddler in it too.

    After completing badges, but not getting them awarded due to the household having more than one sim in it they started to go adventuring and I decided I want them to get all of the tomb collection from each of the WA worlds. The latest videos in this series see them mostly doing tombs. But there are more babies to come but they haven't appeared in the videos yet - but will start appearing soon. I had nothing to do with those babies - I'm blaming NRAAS and their Story Progression.

    When they've completed the tomb collections and done all of the tombs in the various worlds, they start globe trotting - using NRAAS Traveler mod they move to various worlds to have a little look around and showcase some of my builds - since my showcase thread got deleted.

    Then when I'm tired of that, and it probably won't last long because I'm keen to merge them into my BIG GAME. The BIG GAME has hundreds of Sims in it and has been going for a few years. I will be rotating between different households and worlds. I have a fairy village in Barnacle Bay, a Witches Villag in Dragon Valley and a boarding school in Cake Island. Plus sims living in Legacy Island III, Moonlit Falls, Sunlit Tides, Hidden Springs and other worlds.

    Now I'm off to get some sleep - it's just after 2 am.

    Bye for now

    I hope you get a chance to watch the videos. I'll probably be posting a new one tomorrow. The McFluff household are beginning to sculpt in ice and other materials.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The long awaited Episode 6 of The McFluff story is finally up on YouTube.


    The main thing with this video is the arrival of the sculptors and the sculptures they are making. We still see (and hear) plenty of the cats and Gertie does some sculpting and inventing.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 59 is now up on YouTube.


    Craig, Meryl and Muriel travel from Egypt to France. They complete some adventures including A Viscious Delicacy; A Purple Delicacy; The Goundkeeper's Journal; The Key Please; A New Ring (Gold); A New Ring (Amethyst); Here's The Key.

    Craig begins the Chateau Crawl adventure. This adventure will be completed in Episode 60.

    Happy Simming - and enjoy the video
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    edited May 2020
    I've been working on the next episode of Oscar and Louise. That'll be up when I do the narration. Problem is the heat here - it's getting hotter now and I've been preoccupied on other things this morning. It gets too hot to comfortably work with the headset on. Need the headset on to do the narration. But the video is all done. Just need to do the narration.

    Now last night, at about 2 am I had an idea and this morning I've been working on it.

    Another of my stories is the McFluff story. Currently it's generation 0 and they are living in Hidden Springs. In about 3 more episodes, the one after the sculptors move out, the Green family will move in. Once the Greens arrive we will be on Generation 1 as the generation count is for their family. Gertie McFluff has no descendants and the Greens will carry on her legacy.

    Eventually, by the time we get to Generation 4 or 5 the whole household will have moved to Cake Island. That's a world made by @Rflong7.

    If you don't know it, here's a shot of the entire world from above. It's a cake.


    As I said previously, the McFluff story is pure fantasy and I want to make it as magical as I can.

    Cake Island, or at least the version I have of it, is unpopulated and the lots are mostly empty. I spent some time adding builds that I thought I wanted in the world.





    I started adding households to give the place a bit of life. I want it to be magical so don't want too many regular sims there. So far the only household I've added is a pair of fawns.


    They live in a little house I originally built for Sally to live in while they were in Twin Towns (a world by @jillbg )

    This is a pic of the house in Twin Towns - I don't have a good one of the house in Cake Island.


    The McFluff lot is done too but I'll probably bulldoze it, or at least get rid of most of what I've already done as my ideas have changed so I won't show pics of it. It is a 64x64 lot.

    Then last night, at about 2 am, when I should have been sleeping, it occurred to me that a household of mermaids would be fun. So I've been making mermaids this morning. I will pick up a lot I made for a household in Legacy Island III (by @rflong7 ) . That lot will require a lot of redoing for what I now want but it has a tower built on it that I want to include and it took ages to make so I will try to grab a copy of that lot for my mermaids.

    They will live on another big lot. I think it's also 64x64. I was going to have 6 mermaids but I seem to have 8 now so that'll have to do. Or I could break them up between two lots.

    I might add some fairies, witches, werewolves and perhaps even a vampire. But I don't like vampires. Will need to think about that. If I put one in and it starts turning other sims into vampires I might have to get rid of it. So it might be best to leave it out to start with.

    So that gives you some idea of where the McFluff story is going.

    Now, I started putting CC into my game after Sims 4 was released. I do own Sims 4 base game but haven't launched it for a year or more now. It got to the point where I'd launch it and wait for it to load so I could shut it down again so decided to stop launching it.

    Well, in Sims 3 game I now have quite a collection of skins and hairs. The Fawns are wearing an example of one set of CC skins - but they have more than skins on them to make them look like that.

    A few weeks ago I grabbed an old sim out of my library. She is a Sim I originally made as a nanny back in 2009. One of the first sims I ever made. I loved playing with her as her bubbly personality made the game quite lively - until I got tired of her playing in the sprinklers. I stopped playing with her and stopped giving any new sims the loves the outdoor trait and also, eventually, stopped using sprinklers too - mostly.

    Here's an example of why I prefer to keep my Sims away from sprinklers.

    Yep - it's snowing outside and I found this sim playing in the sprinkler.

    At least Ella never played in sprinklers while it was snowing - probably because she never got into a game after Seasons was released.

    Recently I got a copy of Ella and placed her in a house in Isla Paradiso because I wanted to try out some of my CC on her.

    Here's the original Ella.


    And this is what she looks like after adding CC skin, hair and a little makeup

    I called the new version of Ella, Elaine.

    I think I'll do another make over of the original Ella. This time I'll just give her new skin and makeup. Keep the hair.

    Now back to the mermaid thing.

    I made a couple of new Sims to be mermaids - but I have hundreds of sims already made in my library, so I decided to grab a few of them and give them makeovers and new names.

    I can make mermaids by using NRAAS Master Controller > Intermediate > Occult: Add

    I have added the mermaid occult to some humans, a witch, a fairy and a genie. I will also add it to Ella and Elaine and give them new names so the mermaid version will be different sims and I can keep the human originals.

    Here's some pics.

    You can see some of my new mermaids behind the pictures of Elaine above.

    George, Belinda and Sukie are conveniently together.

    George is a fairy and he was already in my library. I just added mermaid to his occult state and changed the colour of his scales and wings.

    Belinda is a witch and was already in my library. I just added mermaid to her occult state and changed the colour of her scales.

    Sukie is new today. I just made her and kept the default scale colour the game gave her.

    I gave most of them the 'loves to swim' trait. I'm not sure if that is necessary for mermaids to have but I wanted to be sure they keep hydrated as they will mostly be left alone as if they are just townie sims.

    I've noticed George likes to play tricks on the others and has been very active in that regard while I've been trying to do things with them.

    This next pic is of Matthew and Harry.


    Harry is a genie. Matthew wants to be the Emperor of Evil. They both came from my library. I just added their occult state and changed a few things about them. Neither had traits I particularly wanted - but did keep the Evil trait for Matthew.

    This is Simon. He's human and I just made him today.

    They should be a colourful and lively group to add to Cake Island. Now I've done this much, I'll finish off Ella and Elaine so they are also mermaids and save the whole lot of them to my library where they'll be ready to place into Cake Island when I next get to work on it in preparation for the arrival of the Greens, and maybe Gertie will still be with them. She's a witch and witches do live a long time.

    Happy Simming

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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
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    Episode 5 of Oscar and Louise is now available on YouTube


    In this video Bluey and Lorna continue dating. They become girlfriend and boyfriend. Then get engaged and married. We do see the wedding at the Gazebo in town. They live in Riverview.

    They then go on their honeymoon to Sunlit Tides. Soon after they return home they discover Lorna is pregnant and at the end of the video Louise is born in hospital at Riverview.


    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    I was thinking of how to add interesting households to the empty Cake Island when I eventually move my McFluff story to Cake Island. There are already a pair of Fawns living there - they have Custom Content skin, hooves and horns to make them appear to be some sort of hairy creature known as a fawn.

    Then I came up with the idea of a household of mermaids. I won't want to play them, at least not often, but it would be nice to see them around town occasionally. In order to prepare them for their addition to Cake Island, and so I can get to know them, I've made them and added them to a house in Isla Paradiso - because there are dive lots there.

    I got some video of them and have decided to show some short videos of their progress as we learn about each other.

    Here is the first video. It goes for about 10 minutes and shows their first introduction to water and to diving at Pearls Deep.

    The first mermaid video is now up on YouTube.


    It is their first swim and goes for about 10 minutes.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Here is the link to Episode 7 of Caroline and Friends.


    In this episode Caroline is quite busy. She rescues several sims from drowning - I actually lost count but I think it was more than 6 all up throughout the video. She also finally managed to beat one shark in a fight. That completes her requirement for the next step in her quest to find Refuge Island, but I've decided to keep her there and try for the badge to beat 3 sharks in a fight. So next episode she'll be fighting two sharks at the very start.

    Caroline did a few other things too - such as chat with Triton King and read a book at the library.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The second Colourful Mermaids video is now available on YouTube.

    It is just under 9 minutes.

    The mermaids are still swimming around at Pearl's Deep. I now know them a little better and can tell you their names. I take Julia into CAS to try to remove her sunglasses as I don't like mermaids swimming around under water wearing sun glasses.

    George finds a hidden island, Diver's Den Island. This is because mermaids start out with level 10 diving skill. That's why, on their first dive they are able to dive at Pearl's Deep dive lot. Being able to find Diver's Den island requires a sim to have level 10 diving skill.


    That's Julia on the left and Estelle on the right. They are both based on my old sim, Ella. I think Ella must have sunglasses on when in her swimming outfit and now this pair have sunglasses on when diving. I'm trying to fix that. They share a yellow tail as I want them to be alike to indicate they are from the same original 2009 sim.

    I am highly likely to continue to change the appearance, especially tail colours of any of the mermaids as this is my first game that's all about mermaids.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
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    I played with Suki's tail colour and then took them all diving.

    I took them diving so I could see Sukie's tail. I'm not happy with it yet so will do some more tweaks. They met up with Maya Ocean this dive.








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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
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    I've moved the mermaids to a new game - by putting them into my library. The new game is in Cake Island. I want to set up a nice, mermaid friendly, lot for them in Cake Island before I move the McFluff story to that island.

    Here's a few pictures of the Cake Island progress. I won't be making videos of them in Cake Island - will continue with the Isla Paradiso version of the game to show future videos of the mermaids. I'll probably move the latest Isla Paradiso version of them to Cake Island when the time comes too. The mermaids who are helping me build the house there probably will be discarded as I'll be moving the empty lot to the version of Cake Island world that I've already set up for the McFluff story.

    So I suppose this lot of videos is me with my testing sims making a new home for my mermaids.

    Main living area is in the top basement

    They have a big pool at ground level and a couple of entrances from the top down to the basement.


    They needed to get out of the sun so this basement pool is bigger than the one up top. I was getting flakey mermaids while they were swimming and fully hydrated due to the sun being too hot. It seems, mermaids are happiest down below the surface in their dive lots. That might be why the keep sinking below the floor level in the pools.



    Some décor chooks with the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop - they get eggs and baby chicks and arguments here.

    The one in the top hat with the fire extinguisher is the former butler - who was never in the house. The other two are paparazzi.








    I added three more human sims to help. They will do things I need done that the mermaids can't do happily - such as harvest flame fruit. Also I made them a year or more ago and have hardley played with them and just want to have a look at them. Also added the four mermaids that come with Isla Paradiso.

    I've done more to it that shown here so will post more pics later.

    Need to mostly work on the next McFluff video today.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
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    I have worked on my Mermaid's house in Cake Island yesterday.

    Here's a few progress shots. I think it'll take quite a while to do.

    I used a spoiler so this thread doesn't get to take ages to scroll down later on. Too many pictures can be annoying when you just want to get down to the bottom of the thread.

    The bloke in the hat is a paparazzi

    I think I'll put some greenery around that screaming sculpture - it is CC from luna. I've seen the original once on TV and it's a sculpture in a park somewhere in Europe. Forget what it's called. It looked good in the park so I think this one in my game needs greenery around it.


    They brought a miner and a climatron from the Skylight House in Isla Paradiso. I wanted them stored outside but didn't want locals running off with them. I built a platform and put the Climatron on top. Then I put the digger underneath. Added the steps from the Store and then needed to provide some sort of security. First I looked at the Barrier to Entry system but that was going to be too clunky. I wanted something a bit more ethereal. Then I though of the fence. I think it comes with Late Night. I used it to define the Butlers Quarters in the Skylight House and I like it. It is the same height as a wall and fits in well. I used the Showtime clear bubbly columns. They also provide some light. When the lights are on I made them all different colours but they all seem to have gone white again. I'm having problems with colours in a few places it seems. The gate is locked. I forget where it came from. Possibly Late Night or Showtime. I have a burglar alarm at the front of the lot so I hope it detects burglars. No one else, other than the repo man, can get through that gate unless they are part of the household.


    In the version of Cake Island that I've set up for the McFluffs most of those lots behind them in this pic are full of stuff. There's the military base, a fun park with roller coaster, Grim's Ghastly Manor (the graveyard) a cake shaped café from the Katy Perry Sweet Treats pack. And the McFluff home lot that is a 64x64 lot. The mermaid lot is only 60x60.


    George lost his mermaid occult state and I had to use Master Controller to put it back again. Then I had to use the mirror to fix his scales. So I had to buy them a mirror - not all mirrors work apparently. I came across the Magic Mirror and added it to the household just for fun. It wasn't any good for fixing mermaid scales but it did give him a magic makeover - so that's why he's in that suit. Didn't keep it unfortunately.

    Originally, as just a fairy, George has bright coloured reddish wings. When he gets given scales his wings change shape and they go pure white. So that means he has to take a trip into CAS to fix his wings. When I give him brighter coloured wings his scales go pale. At least his tail isn't affected.

    After emerging from his treatments in CAS and wherever it is they go to get their scales fixed. He walked around in his tail for a while. It looked like he had a long skirt on that went down all around his feet. I wondered if he'd trip on it. I got him into the pool as fast as possible in the hope that'd fix the problem and it did.

    Practicing magic. She still can't do a Restoration Ritual and she needs to be able to do that to clean up the house - except I just remembered, Harry Genie is in the household too and genies don't need to develop any skills - they can just do things such as make the house all clean and sparkly. Might try that next time they mess it up. At least the genies don't backfire. But the restoration ritual, when it works, also fixes broken things. When it backfires it breaks everything in the house and makes a mess everywhere.


    Some of the fantasy type plants are cc by souris

    I think I've tracked down all of the plants by souris that I have installed. It always takes me hours over a series of days to find them all as they are scattered all over the buy catalog. But they are pretty if you're after a fantasy type theme and some of them glow in the dark.

    There is a large yucca plant with flower missing from this p icture. It keeps sinking into the basement. I've finally got rid of it. Will put something else there later. I found a lot of wonderful plants that are in build mode when I was looking for food décor. They were in an archive of stuff from Repulsively Desirous.


    Ground Level






    Where the big yucca plant was. I filled it with plants - most of them are new to me. I found them recently when I found a link that was said to go to a place with lots of wonderful food décor. It turned out to have a LOT more great stuff and I spent a few days following mysterious links I found in text files. Some of the links took me to places that I had to get out of quickly and never return - fortunately I have good virus software to assist with that - but most of the places had marvellous stuff and I have now installed it all. It was an archive of Repulsively Desirous stuff and it had links to lots of other stuff made by some wonderful CC makers. I don't know who exactly made these plants but they will get a lot of use in my McFluff game. They are all together in Build Mode.


    I've started adding all-in-one bathrooms around the lot. They are proving very popular. This was a bit of overkill but they looked better when I filled up the entire wall with them.


    This is the top basement. I have a feeling the stair wells I've made will turn into overcrowded sim traps so I'm adding more stairs to give the sims better access between basement levels. At least they are doing their work - one of the sims in the picture is a paparazzi and he can go no further into their home. The doors are locked. The rest of the sims in the picture belong to the household.







    All of those little rooms in the background are bedrooms and bathrooms. It turns out the bathrooms don't really work too well with mermaids. The all-in-one bathrooms are better if you want them to stay hydrated and not lose their mermaid occult state.

    The second top basement there is still a lot of work to be done everywhere. This is just an update on where I am now. Will be working on this on and off over the coming weeks/months. Depends on how long it takes to get to Generation 5 in the McFluff story.




    This is the window that I've use in the pool - the one with the bubbles. I'm not sure if this stencil is generally available, or if it was unlocked by one of my numerous stencil unlocking mods. It is not a CC window.



    I grabbed a lot of stuff out of the Skylight House and put it in the household inventory - grabbed the gnomes too but haven't seen much of them around this lot so far.

    It looks like I'll need to add more all-in-one bathrooms. They are queueing up to use them and there's a lot of foot stomping and hand waving going on. And they stay there and wait their turn and all of them eventually do get in and use the bathrooms. It does wonders for their hydration.





    Bottom Basement









    Here is the underground pool. I was going to light it, but then decided I prefer it to be dark and mysterious. I'll still do more with the lights around the edges though - and I'll probably add coral and stuff somewhere there. Will need to use MoveObjects On Cheat to do that though.






    I've since added some soil rugs to the bottom basement and cut a gap in the floor above.

    Happy Simming
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    A little later - after doing some more work on the mermaid home in Cake Island.














    I found a little bluebird in my cc collection. I don't know where I got it from but it's pretty. You can see it fluttering above the plants to the left of the newspaper delivery girl.


    Finally, I'm getting to use my starfish. I think I had to pay extra to get them, or do something extra. They were probably related to the release of Isla Paradiso. I've had them for years and finally get to do something interesting with them. They are in the rocks section of build mode. I do have a single CC starfish too, but it is very tiny and hardly visible. I've placed it near the bottom basement pool.

    Many things may change in this build as I'm making it up as I go along.

    Today I'm working on the McFluff story to get the next episode up. That is the main story the mermaids will appear in eventually. I need to give them a pretty and whimsical home to move into while there too. I'm thinking of breaking them up and having them live in different households. The eight I originally made will keep this big house and I'll add smaller homes for the four I got from Isla Paradiso. And the humans will need to have a home of their own too. But for now I'm concentrating on this house. The houses for the others won't be as elaborate or as big.

    I think I'll also add dive lots to Cake Island. I'll probably have to build them myself and the ocean there isn't very big. But the mermaids need to be able to dive.
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    I made a very quick attempt at making a dive lot in Cake Island. I didn't fail completely but I did forget my method of stopping them from jumping as they cross the boundary of the dive lot. Mermaids swim in the sky for a few paces as they enter and leave the lot. Will try to work out how I did it. It may involve a cheat but that'll take a lot of time to work out and I have other things I have to do now.

    Here's a few pics.









    The DL is too deep - that was me using terrain tool to make it deep. It's really hard to get down there to see the mermaids.

    Can't understand why there are so many sharks. Particularly since on the surface I placed 1 surface shark spawner and there were at least 7 surface sharks.

    Next time I'll take more time over it and hopefully it'll turn out better. At least they have a place to dive in Cake Island now.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Here's the link to The McFluff Story Episode 7

    Lots of sculpting action, cats make their presence felt and Gertie keeps herself busy inventing, mining and gardening plus she fits in a few other little activities. We do manage to see some of June's reactions to her sculpting too. Lots of fun.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Episode 3 of the Colourful Mermaids is now available on YouTube.


    See through a part of the Skylight House in Isla Paradiso. Also watch the mermaids as they go swimming in a dive lot, meet Salty Seaworth and catch some undersea life.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 60 is up on YouTube


    They are in France.

    Craig completes his Chateau Crawl adventure and delivers the papers to Elliot Sanit James.

    Muriel finds a tomb at the Forgotten Burial Mound and completes it.

    Meryl does a bit of digging for treasure at an excavation spot.

    Plus a few other lighter moments involving Craig and his snake charming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Here's a look at where I'm up to with the colourful mermaid's home lot and dive lot I'm building for them on Cake Island.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Here's the link to the newest tutorial.


    Its on the SetImportedTerrainOffset cheat and is used if you place a lot and it is too high or too low for the surrounding terrain.
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    I just finished loading a mermaid/diving video to YouTube. It's only just over 4 minutes so it's a little one.

    Just a look around the Cake Island dive lot with 2 mermaids who ignored me and spent the whole time chatting to each other. Then there is a pretty scene at the end when they set off for home.

  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The video is done and up.


    How to build a dive lot in the Sims 3.

    How to decorate the dive lot will be the subject of the next video I make.

    I'm a bit nervous about this one - so, if you play Sims 3 and follow the instructions I've given, please let me know if you can follow it and make a successful dive lot.

    Happy Simming and Happy Dive Lot Building
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    The tutorial video on how to decorate a dive lot is now on YouTube


    I hope you have fun with it.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    This is the link to my tutorial video on CFE cheat in Sims 3. It just shows how to put a door into a foundation height wall and have the wall for the next level above wrap around it.


    There are a few other tips too. Just things that I do to make the process easier and less likely to lead to frustration or failure. Step by Step.
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    The Story of Oscar and Louise Episode 6 is now on YouTube


    Louise and Leanne age up from baby to toddler and learn skills then age to child and have some adventures as well as learning skills. They go to Egypt to find a Rainbow Gem and have fun on the roller coasters at Sweetie Treats Theme Park. There is a big birthday party for them to age up to teen and Leanne prepares to make her imaginary friend, Rags real.

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