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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The first episode of Oscar's Teen Years has been loaded to YouTube and is now available for you to watch.

    Hopefully it won't be recommended for toddlers only by YouTube.

    In this video two of the Children in the Boarding School age up to teen. Jeanette Bright and Oscar.



    Jeanette had to age up first because she was older than Oscar.

    Oscar gets a guitar for his birthday and plays us out at the end of the video.


    Two of the teens learn to drive. Several of the sims get some very lucrative wishes to improve their gardening skills so there is a renewed interest in gardening. This doesn't take much time up in the video but does result in the garden reducing in size and barren plants are removed and I think Error 12s are becoming less frequent.

    Where to from here with this story...

    I expect the next episode to be mostly at the boarding school as I tidy a few things up there. Most of the children left in the boarding school will be returned to their own homes. This includes the 3 clones - Sandy, Mary and Gavyn. Sandy and Mary are little mermaids and Gavyn is a fairy. Petal, the Plant sim will accompany Sandy and Mary to live on the beach with Mia Azul. Mary is a clone of Mia. Sandy is a clone of Salty Seaworth who is not living in this world. Gavyn is a clone of one of my sims, George Flower. Petal was originally picked in my Perfect Genetics Challenge videos and a copy of her was transferred to the Colourful Mermaids game and when that game was incorporated into my Big Game she ended up at this boarding school. I'm sending her back to live with Mia Azul along with the two little mermaids.

    There is a stray child currently in the boarding school. He is Gregg Watson. I found him living alone in a house in town. I investigated and found he belongs to one of my old Sim families and his parents and siblings were living in Moonlight Falls. That world was overcrowded and I moved his family to Glenvale County.

    Gregg has now completed his child skills. He'd already done his toddler skills years ago. I've decided, the first time Oscar and his buddies travel, they'll take Gregg to his family. We'll play in Glenvale County for a while. Gregg's family is a bit complicated due to me doing my usual thing of adding instant babies, mostly to liven things up a bit.

    There is a group of three houses together in Glenvale County. The sims living in them are now interconnected.

    The Bachelor family live in one of the three houses. Simis has died of old age but Jocasta, Michael and Bella are there in one of the three houses. I think I might have added Simis's grave to the local cemetery.

    The Craig family live in another of the 3 houses. This is Gregg's family. His father is Ben who is married to Maggie. Maggie is a fairy.


    They have 3 children including Gregg who went mysteriously missing and is about to be returned to them. I think I've since given Ben a makeover with a new skin and hair.

    The occupants of the third house are Agnes Crumplebottom and her two toddler daughters. I wanted her to pass on her genes and she constantly was getting into a relationship with Michael Bachelor. I didn't want that to happen but the game seems to have insisted. So I made her have two instant babies. One fathered by Michael and the other by Gregg's father, Ben.

    To add more interest to the situation I added the occupied grave of Eric Darling to the graveyard. I'm sort of half considering resurrecting him and adding him to Agnes's house. At this point she doesn't know of his existence.

    I have these little situations going on all over the various worlds and anything can happen. It could be interesting to explore further the goings on in these 3 households. I'll get Oscar, Eric and Susanne to stay with the Craig family for an episode or two to see what happens there.

    This will also give another little girl a chance to age a little so she will be ready to be delivered to her family in Lucky Palms. I'd like to send Oscar and his friends to Lucky Palms next and will probably take that little girl with them. She will be delivered to her parents, Theresa and Charlie. Theresa is Eric and Susanne's aunt. Their parents also live in Lucky Palms and the trio (Oscar, Eric and Susanne) will stay with Percy and Lorna while they are in Lucky Palms.

    I don't have any other screen shots to share at the moment. I've spent ages looking. I mostly just do videos now and taking screen shots messes up my videos so I avoid them mostly.

    I hope you are able to enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Episode 17 of Caroline and her Friends trying for University Life Badges is currently available to view on YouTube.

    In this video the entire household works on building skills and lifetime happiness points. All but Caroline are tragically short of skills and lifetime happiness. Some are starting from absolute zero skills and lifetime happiness. I like my sims to have at least, Simunity and Steel Bladder first then work towards Fast Learner. So far most are still working on Simunity, but I think they all have at least that one lifetime happiness reward by the end of the episode.

    I felt sorry for Caroline who loves to swim and has managed to get to level 10 in scuba diving. She's living in Sunlit Tides now and there are no dive lots. So I take time out during the recording of this video to build them a dive lot. I'll probably build them another dive lot at some stage.

    In this video you'll see around the world and at the very end you will see them set off for University. All 7 of them. Next episode you'll see them at university.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Here is my channel trailer. It's a couple of years late - but here it is for now.

    It's to let people new to my channel find out some information about what's on it.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Hello all. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

    I've been having a very quiet time. Just at home working on videos and things. But it's been good. My son is recovering well from his surgery and is out and about as usual.

    Today I added the next chapter of Caroline and her friends attending university.

    They are there for 2 weeks. In the previous video we saw them leaving home in Sunlit Tides to go to university. In this episode we see them arrive at university and spend the entire first week with them. Next episode will hopefully cover the entire second week and see three of them graduate and them all head off home after a successful 2 weeks at university.

    This episode is full of action. I had to squeeze all of a whole week at university into one episode and it still runs for only 26 minutes. I hope you enjoy it.

    The other thing is, I got a really bad idea at around 2 am a couple of days before Christmas. I decided to make a Christmas video. That part wasn't too bad, but the thing I wanted to to was a bit over the top. So far I've worked on it most of the time since about 23rd December. I just got to the point where I can start recording the video late last night.

    What did I do you may wonder. Well -

    I started a new game in Sunlit Tides and totally annihilated all sims from the world. Then I bulldozed EVERY SINGLE Building in the world.

    Then I looked around my external hard drives and internal hard drives for sims to put into this world. They are from various video series. In the end I couldn't fit anyone from 30 grandchildren into it for fear of total explosion of my computer.

    All Sims are in the ONE single household. I had to use Porter mod on them once and it said there are 98 sims in the household. That includes a variety of cats and dogs that I meant to leave out but seem to have found their way in with their various families.

    Initially I had only Old Gertie McFluff and used her as the sim to help me build their house.


    I added her to an empty 64x64 lot and started building. Here is a pic of the build soon after I started.


    I added sims to the household as I went along and each newly added household got a custom built living space (apartment). I set ALL the doors to allow only certain sims into it. Each one had their own kitchen, bath and other necessary rooms. Plus there is a largeish foyer where there are communal objects.

    This all went marvellously well until I added the final 2 households. By then the house had 2 stories and insufficient space left for all of the extra sims I just added. I was trying to work out how to house them as I didn't want to add a third story to the house for fear of it exploding. At this point I didn't actually know how many sims were in the household.

    I built living areas for two small families and saved. It shut down while saving. So I reopened and enclosed the empty space on level 2 with a wall and it crashed, shut down, as I tried to draw this wall. I fiddled around for a few hours trying to get something to work as I really liked the house that I had managed to successfully save so far.

    In the end I just had to give up. I used Porter mod to pack ALL of the sims currently in the household. At this point I still hadn't added the 16 sims from 30 Grandchildren. When Porter reported there were 98 sims packed I decided to leave the extra 16 out. Sorry to anyone who wanted to see them in my Christmas video. They got left out.

    Now I'd saved the EMPTY version of Sunlit Tides and I had kept it so I opened it. It had been saved with only Old Gertie on the empty lot I wanted to build the house on. I unpacked the Porter pack of the 98 sims. It crashed. I think it was probably because I'd forgotten about Old Gertie. She was in the lot I'd just unpacked all those sims into.

    I relaunched the empty version of Sunlit Tides and found a random sim I hadn't already included in the household and used her to annihilate Old Gertie. I built the outline of a slightly smaller house and set it up with beds or cots all around the exterior walls making sure I had enough of each for each sim to have somewhere to sleep if necessary. They all got the same bunk beds or cocoon cots.

    Then I unpacked the 98 sims from the Porter file. It worked. I saved.

    Then I spend a day or two emptying their inventories. Most had something that needed to be gotten rid of. Some had massively full inventories. There were a few crashes during this process. I managed to get around it by saving just before I emptied the inventory of the sim that I was emptying when the previous crash occurred. Of course, by this time the save and load process was taking a long time. I never timed it but it seemed to be around 20 minutes or more. I didn't sit and wait for it to happen and returned to the computer from time to time to check on progress. I never got an Error 12. I thought that was interesting. But I'd gotten rid of all of the other builds and sims in the world. There were times when the file size got over 3200 MB but mostly it was in the low 2,000's whenever I checked. Obviously there were occasional spikes that took it up over the point where it ran out of memory as it did shut down on me a few times.

    I kept telling myself to just give up but kept going back to it. That was a bit annoying really but I just kept on at it.

    Finally I got everyone's inventories close to empty. Most only ended up with camera and diploma (if they were supposed to have a diploma). I added camera and diploma where they were missing and necessary.

    Then I added my Bluewaters Fun Park (from my Studio) to the 64x64 lot opposite. I was sure this would crash the game and I'd never get it to open again. But it just plopped into the spot. I had to rotate it once and thought it would crash but it just rotated quite quickly. So I saved and didn't watch to see if it was going to crash. It didn't. The save worked.

    Before I saved I'd removed the doors and ticket machines that forced sims to buy a ticket to enter to lot. I replaced the doors with archways so sims could just walk into the roller coaster lot.

    By the time I had all this working it was late last night. I was tired. But I wanted to see if the sims would go there and told a few of them to do so. They went in and just stood in place for a while before finally deciding to enjoy the facilities. I found a lot of them decided to buy themselves an ice cream. But the lot has heaps of things for them to do and they were soon scattered around it doing things. No one went for a ride on the roller coaster. By now I was too tired to do much so saved and shut it down. I haven't opened it again yet.

    The idea was to get all of my video stories together in one video.

    I picked up Oscar and Louise with 11 of their children from the original game. So they are both adults with lots of babies. In the game I found and took them from they only had 11 children. There are later versions of that game where they have 15. The eldest triplets were children so I aged them up to teens. There were toddler quads and I aged them up to children and aged the baby quads up to toddlers before adding them to the game.

    Then I grabbed Oscar's family from Erewhon. Again I aged them all up. It took me a while to find a version of the game where his parents were dead. Initially I thought of just grabbing a game where his parents were still alive and putting them into this video but decided not to do that. Again I aged everyone up one age stage because Oscar is a young adult in this game and he was the youngest in the family and his sisters were still teens. So I made the young adults from the household become adults and the teens became young adults. I included the evil alien who killed their parents and the pretty mermaid who was also living with them. That made it 6 sims plus the graves of Oscar's parents.

    I also aged up Louise's family from Riverview before adding them to the game. That was another 4 sims.

    Previously I'd added Old Gertie, I didn't add any of her 15 cats. And I found an old save from before I started making the videos. It had Iris and Gerry with the toddler son they had in that game. Now I've found him I might add him to their household in the actual video, once they are married and ready to start a family. Not sure how I'll manage that though.

    So now I've got the videos for Oscar's Childhood, Louise's Childhood and Oscar and Louise included plus the first 2 generations of the McFluff Story. All together in one game. Of course, eventually this will happen to these households in the actual McFluff video but in the McFluff story video it'll happen before Oscar and Louise have a family.

    I mentioned earlier that I had added extra sims that prevented me from saving that original house I was building. One of those households was the sims from Perfect Genetics challenge video series.

    The other group was made up of a selection of sims from Cake Island Mermaids. I had the 4 mermaids that came with Isla Paradiso plus a few others. About 9 or 10 sims altogether.

    I had previously picked up a few sims from the boarding school at Moonfall Island. That's where Oscar was living for the recent episodes of Oscar's Childhood. These sims included the 3 cloned children and Petal Jayne the plant sim child. I also got the YA fairy Kaylee Flower. I can't remember if I picked up any others. I wanted the clones as they were clones of some of the sims from Cake Island Mermaids. I aged up Eric to YA and Susanne to teen for this group as well. Susanne looks a lot like her mother. I don't have a pic unfortunately. But she is in the video.

    I also left out all other members of Eric's massive family. There are probably over 100 of them in the Big Game now so they would have exploded this save for sure.

    I added the Isla Paradiso Bunch sims. But it was the group of sims from a game I was playing a few years ago and they have advanced a long way beyond where the current video is up to. That's why I'm wondering if I ought to start a new series to show the toddlers growing up once they complete their final tomb in France. At this point in the video, they have only two tombs left to do and they are both under the nectary in France. I'd had problems with that tomb sequence but in an effort to solve that problem I went back to a much earlier game and continued with the videos from that save and I've been making sure I send them home each time before they travel to a new world adventure world. It does seem to be a much more stable game so I'm hoping they do manage to complete the final two tombs in France. Those tombs are known to be a bit dodgy and bugged anyway. But I'll keep at it and will hopefully get them through them. I've done those tombs with other sims recently. It is just that I want the IP Bunch to complete the tomb collection for ALL of the worlds and they have done that for China and Egypt so there is just these final two tombs in France to do.


    Now in the version of the Isla Paradiso Bunch that I've added to this new game, I had changed Judy. She looks different now and she has a new name. She has become Jane Butler. This is because I really wanted to include her orginal cloned daughter, Anne in the group. I wanted Anne to know her mother on arrival so that meant I had to include the version of her mother she already knows. Also, each version of Judy had different skills and achievements and I couldn't decide which one to get rid of so in the end I kept both of them. Anne got to keep the original Judy because I had the Isla Paradiso Game open at the time and it was easier to make her over.

    The new version - Jane Butler
    I didn't do much to her - just new name, hair and clothes.

    When I added the Isla Paradiso Bunch to this new game it includes a few toddlers who haven't been born into the video version of the game yet. I also added the original Judy and her cloned daughter Anne. I found she also had her plant sim son too. His name is Charlie the Plant Sim. I did a recorded video of him and posted it to my Studio years ago. Judy made his seed and planted it but one of her housemates picked him so she isn't really her son. This all happened back when University Life was first released. That's when I first made Judy, a witch, and she cloned herself and made a forbidden fruit seed and planted it and the two babies that resulted grew up together and I played them until they were children but not much since so I've never seen either of them as teens. They are children in this new game too. But I won't be playing it for long.

    Of course, the 7 sims from the latest version of Caroline and Friends is included in the 98. And a stray fairy brings it up to 99 since I had to add her because I needed a sim in the world that wasn't in the Porter packed sims.

    I didn't add anyone from Colourful Mermaids video because it is the same group of sims as are in Cake Island Mermaids.

    In the beginning I did add a few sims who are in the Big Game but don't feature in videos - or haven't yet. They include the Kluver family. It was their original save that gave me the information on the correct mermaid scale colours as I had those mermaids in the game. This made it possible for me to make the video tutorial on how to fix the mermaid scales. Salty Kluver is a version of Salty Seaworth.

    Mary Anne Kluver with Charlie the Plant Sim in an earlier game. I don't think they will remember each other in this game as they came from different saves. I've also changed her scale colour from the default female mermaid scales to Salty's scale colour. Actually, she got new hair and clothes too so she looks nothing like this now - but this is the original version of Mary Anne.

    Phyllis and Salty from that earlier save.


    His wife was made by me and she married Salty and they had a daughter who is a mermaid. I got the badge for having a mermaid baby when she was born. They had a son too but he wasn't in the save in which I found them and it was the very start of adding sims to the game so I gave them an instant baby and gave him the same name as their original baby boy who is in the Big Game. Then I discovered in this game Salty and his wife are not happy with each other.

    I wanted to add more fairies but didn't dare in the end. I thought I'd pushed it as far as I could. I also wanted to add 'the sculptors' as they are features in a couple of videos and will be seen a lot more in future videos but I wasn't game to due to issues I was having and decided I probably had enough sims in this one already.

    Here are some pics I got last night of them in the roller coaster lot. And a pic showing the house I built for them in the end. So far it seems to be working.


    If you've been watching the videos you'll recognise most of these sims. Two you won't know are the teen in the blue top - she's one of Oscar's daughters. The other is the teen sitting with the pink top. She's Eric's sister, Susanne. You will know her as a toddler and child in the Moonfall Island Boarding School. Except for that dark skinned sim in the background. He's someone the game added. No idea who he is or why he's there.

    That's Louise's sister, Leanne in the maroon pants in front of this picture. The rest of the sims in this pic are seen in recent videos. Leanne is in earlier videos of Louise growing up in Riverview.

    That's it for now. This is getting a bit long and I can't easily find more pictures. I hope you watch and enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Hello All

    I have now made my latest video public. Here's the link.

    This one is a stand alone video - sort of. It isn't part of any story line but is part of just about every video story I've already done.

    I had a crazy idea to send all of my sims on holiday to Sunlit Tides together. The challenge was how many of them could I fit into a single lot. You'll need to watch the video to find out the answer to that one.

    They all enjoyed mixing with each other and lots of sim friendships were made at their seaside Summer vacation. While there they were able to enjoy the facilities provided by my Bluewater Fun Park roller coaster build. It is CC free and is in my studio.

    As with all other builds and sims in my studio, I made them while my game was free of 3rd party custom content and mods.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    My latest video on achieving the University Life Badges is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    In this video the whole household is at University. It is week 2 of a two week semester. We see them going to classes, meeting other sims and just being sims around the university world. We go to the graduation ceremony and then they return home to Sunlit Tides where they start, or continue, their careers.

    I was expecting badges to trigger for sims graduating with their degrees but none did. They should have got the badges to: 1. Earn a degree in Technology; 2. Earn a degree in Business; 3. Earn a degree in Fine Arts.

    Wilma, Marie and Enid completed their degree in Fine Arts and graduated. They have their graduation certificate and got their additional trait for gaining a degree.

    Caroline and Katie completed their degree in Business and graduated. They have their graduation certificate and got their additional trait for gaining a degree.

    James completed a degree in Technology and graduated. He has his graduation certificate and got his additional trait for gaining a degree.

    I didn't expect James, Marie or Enid to graduate as this was their first visit to university so I wondered if that might have been an issue. Gary has to return to university to complete his Communications degree so I'm going to send him back alone to do a single week as he doesn't have much more to do to complete the requirements to get his degree. If the badge triggers for him I'll assume the problem was having two groups of sims in one household, one group on their second semester and the other on their first semester. But these badges are notorious for not triggering.

    I did some research before starting this video series and found a work around for the university life badges to get a degree. I used it and managed to get the Fine Arts degree badge to trigger. I included detailed information on how I did this in the video.

    That's about it. Happy Simming and I hope you watch and enjoy the video.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Episode 20 of Caroline and her friends at University is now available for you to watch on YouTube

    The household is at home is Sunlit Tides. They get their new careers, if they were previously unemployed, and advance quickly.

    Since 4 of them are brand new sims and two of the others have very little prior experience they are concentrating on learning skills and getting lifetime happiness points so there are a lot of varied activities happening in this episode. No new badges are achieved but mention is made of some badges I previously achieved with activities they are doing in this episode.

    Gary didn't complete his degree in the previous episode so he returns to university alone at the end of the episode and begins throwing elixirs at other students. He needs to throw elixirs at 50 sims to achieve his lifetime wish. He worked on making elixirs throughout this video. It was a complex task for him as he needed to do a lot of gardening and fishing and collecting and raiding the bee hives at the elixir store to get the ingredients for his elixirs. He managed to get to level 10 in the alchemy skill so all he now needs to do is throw those elixirs at 50 sims to get his LTW. He made more than 50 elixirs before leaving for university and took them all with him.

    Wilma and Marie spend some time painting. Wilma is in the paining career and Marie is in the music career.

    Since Marie is now at level 9 in guitar playing, at the end of this episode she purchased the guitar music books from the bookstore and will learn all of the songs between now and the next episode. You won't see her doing much guitar playing in this episode.

    I found the garden was becoming a problem with them having to spend too much time working at keeping it healthy. So I hired the gardening service but stopped the hired gardeners from weeding. This will keep the garden watered and fertilized and harvested and still give my sims an opportunity to grow their gardening skill. Once they are all at level 10 in gardening I'll get the gardening service to resume the weeding.

    I added a bit more to their basement and they now have a home gym. This is to encourage me to remember to get them to complete various opportunities they get. At the very end of recording for this episode I bought them some extra musical instruments - piano, drums and bass but I don't think they will appear in this episode.

    Into the Future is an expansion pack I rarely use except for the indoor soil rugs. But, Katie has a computer from ITF and she's been developing the advanced technology skill, as have others in the household. This has led to some wishes relating to ITF objects and that led to me adding a new small kitchen in a lower basement so they could program new recipes into the food synthesizer. That's something I haven't got a sim to do before. I'm thinking ITF activities might become part of this video as well as getting UL badges. I'll see where their various wishes and opportunities take us - but UL badges is the main focus. It's just that some of the badges will require sims to get lots of experience or to be high in their careers and that might take a while and we do want the videos to be interesting.

    Some of them started learning to sculpt and invent toys and things.

    I hope you enjoy the video. If you do watch and enjoy the video please give it a like as this will encourage YouTube to recommend it to more people. And comments on the video itself will help with that too.

    Happy Simming.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    it just took me 2 weeks to make the latest video. It just finished loading to YouTube an hour or so ago now.

    Gary is the only sim I'm controlling in this video. He gets up to lots of mischief and still manages to graduate with an A. The badge for getting the degree in Communications was awarded. But he didn't get the badge for graduating with a perfect GPA. He was on the dean's list, and he aced every exam. And got a GPA of A.

    When I was finishing up my video I checked the badges I had and found an extra badge was awarded without me trying to do it. It was the badge for getting a degree in Physical Education. I suspect one of the roommates must have got it.

    Gary completed another badge and it was awarded. He had to do a keg stand and streak. He did it and got the badge. He also worked hard on his lifetime wish by throwing elixirs at more than 20 sims while at University. He has to throw elixirs at 50 sims to get his lifetime wish. He already got to level 10 in Alchemy skill.


    In the next episode he's throwing elixirs at sims around Sunlit Tides. Plus two new sims will be added to the household. One to test a theory and another because I need him to get some badges. None of the others in the household can get the specific badges this new sim will be going for. He also looks like he's going to be a lot of fun. I think I'll do the next episode of this story and then move on to the Perfect Genetics Challenge for a few episodes.

    I hope I don't struggle so much with the next videos as I did with this one. My microphone wasn't recording properly. I had the sound turned up as loud as I could and my voice sounded like a faint whisper and the background hiss was overwhelming. Plus the speakers kept crackling and that was going onto the recording as well. I managed to fix both problems - sort of. I think the sound is acceptable in this video - but it was painful to record. Some parts of it had to be recorded at least 7 times to get it sounding reasonable. I have to keep resetting the speakers and I always get a warning that another program is using them and I reset anyway and the problem goes away for a while but it comes back. It's really annoying. Also, I've been struggling with not being able to focus on anything. I am a lot better today and did a lot of work on the video yesterday to finally get it finished.

    That's it for now. I hope you are able to watch the video. It's packed full of activity and things I've never put into a video before. Some of the things that happen are things I've never tried to do before - such as streaking, using an elixir to turn a sim into a zombie, and another into a plant sim. Most of the video was about things Gary did outside of lectures or study. He managed to learn a trick for the pool table too and tried to get one of the fridges in the student union building to give him a freebie. He failed.

    Happy Simming

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    I finally go the latest video posted to YouTube and made it public this morning. I had more issues with my microphone in this episode. I found plugging it into the computer sends the speakers into a frenze of loud noises after about half an hour. As a result it was taking me days to do the narration. It sounds ok until the speakers start their rattling and then it's impossible so the sound in the video is ok. But about half way through I gave up and went out and bought a new microphone. So the sound changes a bit when I started using a new mike. Hopefully you'll not notice too much difference - but it allows my speakers to remain silent - totally silent - unless sound is required.

    Here's the link to the video.

    It is a really busy and fast paced video. There was a lot of action to get through and it took me 35 minutes in the end but it is done. The first half is just the usual sort of stuff with Gary returning from uni and getting busy with his elixirs and Wilma had to go out to get rid of her stir crazy moodlet. She's now up to level 6 in the painting career as she's been selling a few of her paintings lately.

    My sims are on the highest possible free will. I use NRAAS Story Progression. I am occasionally presented with unexpected surprises. There are a few of them towards the end of this video.

    I did a bit of decorating around the house to make it look a bit more lived in - particularly as so many of them are practicing artists.

    Two new sims make an appearance and join the household so I had to add two new bedrooms. One of the newbies first appeared at University last episode and became Gary's love interest. He invited her to visit and she decided to stay. Her traits are interesting - definitely a mixture of traits I never would have come up with. She will probably need to join the political career but I think I'll teach her a few skills first.


    The video series is all about getting university life badges and all of the sims I've made for it so far were made with particular badges in mind. But, there are badges that none of them can get. I added another new sim towards the end of the video and he has been very active and got to level 10 in gardening already. He is a plant sim and there are some badges that need a plant sim. He has started with some plant sim specific activities. I've never played a grown up plant sim before so he's full of surprises. One thing I didn't realise was plant sims and human sims get along very well together - there is an unexpected romance I spotted near the end of the video. It left me wondering if plant sims and human sims can have babies together? Hmmm... Things could get interestinger and interestinger.

    Sylvan Forrest wants to have a Perfect Garden. In spite of appearing for the first time towards the end of the video, he managed to become a level 10 gardener and achieve his lifetime wish in this episode.

    Gary got the Philosopher's Stone awarded to him at the end of the video.

    I do hope you are able to watch this video and if you enjoy it please give it a like. Not only does that encourage me to make more videos, but it also encourages YouTube to offer the videos to more people.

    This will be the last video for this series for a while as I need to move on to other series. Next up will be the next episode of the Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I just made my latest video available for you to watch. It's been hot here and I've been tired so it's taken me a bit longer than it should have.

    In this episode Cindy, the heir, meets her future husband. She also ages up to teen.

    Martin, the alien baby ages up to toddler and they get a new little sister.

    The entire household is being active and getting up to their usual activities. The entire episode takes place on their home lot.

    I hope you are able to watch it and enjoy.

    Happy Simming all.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 28 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    Everyone does something in this video. Expect birthday parties, imaginary friend made real, sims working on discovering a potion to make their imaginary friend real, alien abductions, homework, dog training, toddler training and lots more. Enjoy

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Episode 29 of Perfect Genetics Challenge is now on YouTube.

    In this episode 3 more imaginary friends are made real. Alien baby Mary ages up to toddler and plays with her brother, Martin. Then Martin ages up and the little boys go fishing at the big waterfall. We see some spectacular alien abductions. More recipes are read. Pets play together.

    I hope you enjoy it and are able to watch.

    Happy Simming
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 30 is now available on YouTube.

    In this episode life goes on at the Walker household. A new baby is born, the imaginary friends made real settle into day to day life as real teens. There are lots of traps set around the house and one of them has to deal with the consequences of having a destructive mood swing.

    There is another mystery family living in Sunset Valley and we begin to get to know them. We'll be watching their progress over the next few episodes until they eventually move to live in Moonlight Falls and become very important to the Walker family.

    I hope you enjoy the video. I've started work on episode 31 now.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 31 is now available on YouTube.

    This episode has two parts.

    It starts with Donna, the new fairy who lives in Sunset Valley.



    She's working on getting new skills. I noticed in one place she had a garden surrounded by a fence, I sent her to the Stones Thro Greenhouse to collect suns and seeds and when she returned home her fence had been replaced by a fully completed glass greenhouse. I must admit her story isn't really meant to be a story, it's just showing her preparing for her future life with the Walker family in Moonlight Falls.

    The second part of the video is all about the Walkers in Moonlight Falls. They are still making imaginary friends real.


    Chas's trait is vegetarian, not vetetarian







    When Owen got his Patricia (Trish) real, she was the first female IF to become real and I suddenly needed to know about James' IF. Was it female too? So I decided there is nothing for it, he now has to start work on the Chemistry Table. After Owen's tragic experience, he drove me insane the time it took him to get to the potion he needed to make his IF real. Each one went on and on and on and on - you don't notice that in the video as I cut almost all of it out, but I was cringing thinking of going through all that again with James. And Owen got a lot of explosions instead of potions. Fortunately, James has had very few explosions, and got through his potions quickly. I know how his imaginary friend turned out and I'm so very glad I went ahead with getting him to do that but I'm not telling her as that's for the next episode.

    Martin got offered an opportunity 'When Dreams Come True' and I cancelled it. But of course that means his Imaginary Friend wants to become real too so Martin has started working on the potion table too. That's still a work in progress.

    Percy was planned to age up in this episode but in the end there was no time. He'll do that in the next episode. I've started working on it already. I think I have sufficient video recorded to do it. The thing is most of what I've got recorded seems to be sims trying to find the potion they need, and Cindy suddenly got a wish to find a potion she can't already make so she's working at the Chemistry table too.

    I need to expand the house again to accommodate all the extra sims. Between Don having alien pregnancies that turn into sims eventually needing places to sleep and Imaginary Friends becoming real and needing bedrooms too this house is about to burst. I think I may have to add an extra level to it soon.

    At least, when Donna arrives in town she will take one of them to live with her so the household could begin shrinking before Cindy starts having her babies. But that's all in the future.

    I hope you enjoy this video.

    Happy Simming

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Part 32 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    This video is again half and half - first part is in the Walker household in Moonlight Falls, the second part is in Donna's household in Sunset Valley. There are some surprises in both halves.

    Some pics from Moonlight Falls


    It took me a long time to track this pair down and eventually they had to get their picture taken in the dark.

    Some pics from Sunset Valley.

    Mateo, Mable's imaginary friend turned real was out chasing small animals to complete his Lifetime Wish. He caught a few butterflies along the way.

    The Green Flame seems to be increasing the speed of the skill building in the household at the moment

    I hope you enjoy watching the video.

    Happy Simming
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 33 is now available to view.

    This was meant to be the final episode of Donna's household. But it isn't. I only got almost half way through the video I've recorded. I was thinking maybe I will just make it a really long video. An hour or more. I realised that would make it very difficult for you to watch and it would take me a few more days to get it all done. It is already about 2 weeks since I last loaded a video and I usually do one every week. I didn't want to make everyone wait 3 weeks for the extra long video so I broke it up and here is the first part of the episode about Donna and her household.

    There are imaginary friends made real including one surprise IF I didn't expect to have. And a surprise cloning. This meant 3 new sims are added during this episode taking the household to 7 sims by the end of the episode. I'd been hoping to get them to this stage by the end of this episode but I didn't manage to do that unfortunately.


    I will continue working on the next video and you will see lots of birthdays and adventures in it.

    I do hope you enjoy this video. Enjoy the game and the story.

    That's it from me for now. Happy Simming.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    Here is Episode 34 of The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1.

    In this episode they complete the removal of the garden from their Sunset Valley greenhouse.
    Connie clones a new plant sim from Mabel's DNA. Marigold is the result and she has the Grumpy and Evil traits.

    After moving to their new house Marigold does her toddler skills.

    Everyone but Marigold goes to China, France and Egypt. I didn't get any video of China. Donna just had to catch 3 dragon fish. They weren't there for long. There is some video of France where Connie and Mabel had to interview a sim. This is why they went now. I want to age the teens up to Young Adult and they have had that opportunity for ages. I finally had to decide if I was going to cancel it or let them go and get it done. I decided I wanted to send them adventuring at least once anyhow so they may as well complete the opportunity so they took off together. Mostly they are seen catching butterflies. They get some surprisingly valuable butterflies.

    Then they head off to Egypt. We see a bit more of them in Egypt as Donna and Mateo are into the tombs.

    On their return home they start unpacking their loot and reassembling a few things, such as pushable statues and sarcophagi.

    Marigold's birthday party at the new house

    Connie after she ages up to YA - she won't look quite this big in this episode

    Gary and Chas - I'm thinking of pairing Connie and Chas up in a future episode.

    The next episode will definitely be the final of the episodes devoted to Donna and her crew.

    Then we'll be back to the Walker household in Moonlit Falls for the following episodes.

    Before Donna arrives in Moonlit Falls I'll have an episode where Gary ages up to YA. Then the next episode a mysterious new household suddenly appears in the world and I move Donna in with Gary's household so they can get to know each other. I plan a huge wedding in the Indoor Outdoor Wedding venue for them. This is why I needed to age up the three teens as I knew I wanted them to be at home with the younger children while Donna was with Gary's household. I know with mods I can have teens taking care of children but I wanted them to be Young Adults for this purpose. The situation could go on for a few episodes.

    I will be moving various sims from Donna's household into the Walker household occasionally and see what relationships eventuate as a result. At the very least, Gary's imaginary friend will age up to Young Adult with Gary and will be a potential partner for Connie. If that happens I'll move them into a home of their own thereby freeing up some extra space in the Walker household for Cindy and Bill to fill with their babies. Of course Donna and Gary will be the main occupants of Donna's house and will move out of the main Walker house and back to Donna's place once we've had their wedding.

    If Connie and Chas become a couple (I may need to adjust traits to encourage this to happen) I will have a big wedding for them too. Then they'll get their own home somewhere in Moonlight Falls.

    There will also be a big wedding for Cindy and Bill. I really want to get some more wedding photos and use that huge venue with it's two locations for ceremonies - the garden and indoor chapel. And the restaurant where they can eat and dance after the ceremony.
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 35 is now on YouTube and ready for you to watch.

    This is the final episode based on Donna's house in Sunset Valley.

    In this episode everyone other than Donna ages up. In the beginning of the episode there are 1 Young Adult (Donna) and 3 teens (Mabel, Matio and Connie) and 2 children (Petunia and Patricia) and 1 toddler (Marigold) with her imaginary friend doll (Jelly Bean).

    By the end of the episode there are 4 young adults, 2 teens and 2 children. Jelly Bean has become real and is now named Julie.

    The three newly aged up young adults graduate and everyone attends their ceremony.

    Donna and Mateo travel to Egypt and China. In Egypt we see Mateo get cured of the mummy's curse by the Sphinx and Donna fishes to catch a dragon fish in China.

    Donna reconstructs a few sarcophagi and a dive well when back at home.


    At the end of the video there is a quick tour of the house so you can see it. This will most likely be the last chance for you to have a look around this house as I currently don't plan to play this house once it has been placed in Moonlight Falls and this is no longer the active household.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming.
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    I have now completed redoing my earlier tutorial on how to put steps inside a foundation.

    I discovered at some time it got a copyright claim on it as there was the music that plays in build mode audible in places. I had it turned right down so it was barely audible. I tried the tool YouTube provides to get rid of the music. It deleted all sound from the video. So the narration which is the bit we needed was gone too.

    Then I thought I'd just take the original video and remove all of the sound that is from the game and re-upload it. But I watched it first and decided it was a pretty bad attempt at a video. I know I struggled with it when making it. So I did it again from scratch.

    This new version is less than half the size of the original. I think it is easier to follow too. At least I hope it is.

    Here's the link:
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I finally managed to make the video available for you to view. I am struggling with getting anything done lately. I sit at the computer to do something and it's as if some invisible force is telling me to not touch it. I know I desperately need to get some exercise. I haven't left the house for days now. Maybe weeks.

    Anyway, here's the link to the video.

    I've started on the next video and will keep on doing Perfect Genetics until I manage to transition into Generation 2. Hoping it won't be too long.

    There is a lot happening in this video and I've only shown short bits or things that I thought are interesting or fun to watch. I hope you enjoy it.

    I was planning to have birthdays for Gary and his IF made real but in the end there was only time for Gary's birthday. The game forced a birthday for little Max onto me at the start as when they returned from their vacation it announced it was his birthday. So we have another toddler needing training. Of course Max is not Olivia's child, he's the result of Don's third alien pregnancy. I'm really hoping there are no more of them.

    One point of interest is when the grim reaper turns up to take one of the Imaginary Friends made real. I almost never see the grim reaper in my games so it is interesting for me when he turns up. I did manage to get a glimpse of him and I didn't organise for him to appear - the game did that to me all on its own.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
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    've got the video finished, and loaded to YouTube.

    This is Episode 37 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge, Generation 1.

    There are more birthdays and we see a new way of getting everyone, no matter how many sims there are at the party, getting a piece of the birthday cake. A mod is involved.

    Bill ages up. His party is quite eventful and we see why the cake is named 'birthday inferno' cake. Don't worry, no one dies.

    There is skill building happening. I have observed there will be some hysterical fun with townies on the lot next episode. Things that happen in this episode have a direct influence on that.

    Gary and Chas join their careers and we see them performing occasionally throughout the episode. Gary is now a magician and Chas an acrobat.

    One Imaginary Friend is made real towards the end of the episode.

    Two versions of Bart. The one on the left is him as he was when he became real. The one on the right is him after I gave him a new skin and fiddled with his face. His skin is a version of Starfruit that gives him freckles on his face.


    I hope you get a chance to watch. It ended up being a little shorter and runs for about 27 minutes.

    Happy Simming all.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,931 Member
    I finally got the video set up for you all to watch should you like to. This video is a bit different from my previous videos as I've been a bit adventurous and gone into the YouTube archive for music I am allowed to use in videos and added a bit to one spot that I felt needed it. Also I've played around a bit with some special effects. Not sure how successful I've been but I watched it all the way through a couple of times and loved it. I hope you enjoy it too.

    It is the Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 1 Episode 39

    There is a lot happening and it happens fast as I always try to get the video done in 30 minutes or less. This one runs for 31 minutes but the end of it is a bit special so I hope you watch all the way through.

    We have roller coasters, romance, graduation ceremony, alien abductions, alien baby birth, romance. Romance dominates the video as it pops up more than once. The first baby of Generation 2 is unexpectedly born during this episode. That has nothing to do with the romance though. But there is romance and gardening and fishing and going to school and playing for tips and snow and a tragic clown snowman. Lots is happening.

    I hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy.

    Happy Simming
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    Hello all. I have to rush off now so can't post properly but I just wanted to quickly let you know that I have loaded episode 40 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge and it is now ready for you to watch on YouTube.

    Lots happening in this video.

    Birthdays, birth of Don's 4th alien baby. Hints on fixing problems in the game. Spring arrives. Prue gets her lifetime wish. We investigate the issue of the green flame from the group science project and faster skill gain. Lever of Doom is pulled. Hive mind.

    In the next episode Gary has got frustrated with the number of sims at home and is travelling around new worlds meeting new sims. He might go home and return to one world with some of his brothers if he finds any interesting sims he wants them to meet.

    That's it for now. I have an appointment and have to get ready now.

    Happy Simming all.
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    Here is the link to Episode 41 of Generation 1 of the Perfect Genetics Challenge

    It's another busy episode. Features Chas and Prue, Mary and Barbara (Mary's IF made real), Gary visited new vacation worlds added to hold extra sims for possible future spouses. He met Donna and her household.

    Worlds Gary visited include:
    Vice City by FreshPrince
    Vargfjell by Quailhogs
    The Stoneshields by Quailhogs
    Crystaline Cove by geminiagre
    Mountain Lake by Rflong7
    Huntsborough by Quailhogs

    He came across one or more significant new sims in each of these worlds.

    After Gary returns home his younger brother Owen joins the acrobat career. We see Owen perform for tips and collect festival eggs.

    Owen and his Imaginary Friend made real, Trish, graduate. They aged up to Young Adult in the previous episode

    We see 3 birthdays. 1. Sunny becoms a toddler. 2 & 3. Cindy and Bobby become Young Adults. We see Cindy's new look. She will be the mother of Generation 2.

    This will be the final episode I make of this series for a while.

    I'm now working on finishing the final episodes for the second playlist of The Isla Paradiso Bunch.
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    The Isla Paradiso Bunch Episode 76 is now available on YouTube

    This episode is the beginning of winding up this series/playlist. It is the final episode in which we'll see any of the household other than Craig and Judy.

    After wasting countless hours or days trying to get Craig to complete the final two tombs under the Nectary in France, I've finally decided to just move Craig and Judy into a fresh new save and let them have a go at it in the hope I'll finally get some video of them completing those two tombs. The problem I've consistently had is Craig gets the initial adventure that starts this adventure chain and completes the initial steps. Then he gets and adventure to catch 5 Cerambyx beetles in France and take them to Egypt where he needs to give them to a Sim who will assist in the next few steps of the adventure. Unfortunately when he arrives in Egypt the adventure is dropped. I tried adding it back using Master Controller but it is instantly dropped each and every time. I tried going back to much earlier saves and got the same result. The only thing I thought of that I didn't try was to get a different sim to try to do the adventures.

    Since I really want to get all of the tomb objects from each of the tombs that has a tomb object I decided to just start a fresh save and then somehow combine the final two objects with the other 29 objects at the end. I have done those tombs with other sims and even got a bit of video of Gertie McFluff doing them with one of her household members. It is just the Isla Pardiso Bunch save that appears to be jinxed.

    So this video ends a bit early. In the end we have a look around Isla Paradiso and see the two alien mothers of the alien children from the Isla Paradiso Bunch household. The mothers live in the house next door and having them in the main household resulted in the game totally refusing to run. This save has done well. I started it towards the end of 2016 and put my first video up on January 1st 2017. If only I could have coaxed it to get that final tomb done. As for the birthdays, I saved after each one if it didn't crash. We had a few crashes during the videoing of this episode. I hope you enjoy it. It runs for less than the 30 minutes I usually aim for.

    Happy Simming

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