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Sims 3 and things



  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,850 Member
    The first episode of Oscar's Teen Years has been loaded to YouTube and is now available for you to watch.

    Hopefully it won't be recommended for toddlers only by YouTube.

    In this video two of the Children in the Boarding School age up to teen. Jeanette Bright and Oscar.



    Jeanette had to age up first because she was older than Oscar.

    Oscar gets a guitar for his birthday and plays us out at the end of the video.


    Two of the teens learn to drive. Several of the sims get some very lucrative wishes to improve their gardening skills so there is a renewed interest in gardening. This doesn't take much time up in the video but does result in the garden reducing in size and barren plants are removed and I think Error 12s are becoming less frequent.

    Where to from here with this story...

    I expect the next episode to be mostly at the boarding school as I tidy a few things up there. Most of the children left in the boarding school will be returned to their own homes. This includes the 3 clones - Sandy, Mary and Gavyn. Sandy and Mary are little mermaids and Gavyn is a fairy. Petal, the Plant sim will accompany Sandy and Mary to live on the beach with Mia Azul. Mary is a clone of Mia. Sandy is a clone of Salty Seaworth who is not living in this world. Gavyn is a clone of one of my sims, George Flower. Petal was originally picked in my Perfect Genetics Challenge videos and a copy of her was transferred to the Colourful Mermaids game and when that game was incorporated into my Big Game she ended up at this boarding school. I'm sending her back to live with Mia Azul along with the two little mermaids.

    There is a stray child currently in the boarding school. He is Gregg Watson. I found him living alone in a house in town. I investigated and found he belongs to one of my old Sim families and his parents and siblings were living in Moonlight Falls. That world was overcrowded and I moved his family to Glenvale County.

    Gregg has now completed his child skills. He'd already done his toddler skills years ago. I've decided, the first time Oscar and his buddies travel, they'll take Gregg to his family. We'll play in Glenvale County for a while. Gregg's family is a bit complicated due to me doing my usual thing of adding instant babies, mostly to liven things up a bit.

    There is a group of three houses together in Glenvale County. The sims living in them are now interconnected.

    The Bachelor family live in one of the three houses. Simis has died of old age but Jocasta, Michael and Bella are there in one of the three houses. I think I might have added Simis's grave to the local cemetery.

    The Craig family live in another of the 3 houses. This is Gregg's family. His father is Ben who is married to Maggie. Maggie is a fairy.


    They have 3 children including Gregg who went mysteriously missing and is about to be returned to them. I think I've since given Ben a makeover with a new skin and hair.

    The occupants of the third house are Agnes Crumplebottom and her two toddler daughters. I wanted her to pass on her genes and she constantly was getting into a relationship with Michael Bachelor. I didn't want that to happen but the game seems to have insisted. So I made her have two instant babies. One fathered by Michael and the other by Gregg's father, Ben.

    To add more interest to the situation I added the occupied grave of Eric Darling to the graveyard. I'm sort of half considering resurrecting him and adding him to Agnes's house. At this point she doesn't know of his existence.

    I have these little situations going on all over the various worlds and anything can happen. It could be interesting to explore further the goings on in these 3 households. I'll get Oscar, Eric and Susanne to stay with the Craig family for an episode or two to see what happens there.

    This will also give another little girl a chance to age a little so she will be ready to be delivered to her family in Lucky Palms. I'd like to send Oscar and his friends to Lucky Palms next and will probably take that little girl with them. She will be delivered to her parents, Theresa and Charlie. Theresa is Eric and Susanne's aunt. Their parents also live in Lucky Palms and the trio (Oscar, Eric and Susanne) will stay with Percy and Lorna while they are in Lucky Palms.

    I don't have any other screen shots to share at the moment. I've spent ages looking. I mostly just do videos now and taking screen shots messes up my videos so I avoid them mostly.

    I hope you are able to enjoy the video.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,850 Member
    Episode 17 of Caroline and her Friends trying for University Life Badges is currently available to view on YouTube.

    In this video the entire household works on building skills and lifetime happiness points. All but Caroline are tragically short of skills and lifetime happiness. Some are starting from absolute zero skills and lifetime happiness. I like my sims to have at least, Simunity and Steel Bladder first then work towards Fast Learner. So far most are still working on Simunity, but I think they all have at least that one lifetime happiness reward by the end of the episode.

    I felt sorry for Caroline who loves to swim and has managed to get to level 10 in scuba diving. She's living in Sunlit Tides now and there are no dive lots. So I take time out during the recording of this video to build them a dive lot. I'll probably build them another dive lot at some stage.

    In this video you'll see around the world and at the very end you will see them set off for University. All 7 of them. Next episode you'll see them at university.

    Happy Simming
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