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Tutorial on how to hire your own sims you made, to work in your Restaurant

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,854 Member
Please note that the sims you want to hire have to be not in the world and also not employed in another job.

I made this tutorial very 123 abc step by step so it has 20 Photos to share. Its for simmers just starting out or those that battle to follow instructions without pics. Hope you enjoy it and that it will help you hire your own sims. It comes in 5 parts with 4 photo's each so I don't break slow internet users computers ;)

Once you have made your playable sim and she/he bought their restaurant and is at the restaurant then you can follow these steps

Step 1

select and empty lot and then click on create a new household, that wil take you to CAS

Step 2
Import or make your worker sims in CAS and then hit the play button

Step 3
Confirm by clicking save and play

Step 4
Click to purchase the home.

More steps to follow ........

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