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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    I added another family to Sedona, the Campbells. Both parents are into the Arts and Crafts hobby. I’m planning for them to have six kids in total, each with a name relating to a colour of the rainbow. So far they have Scarlet, Saffron and Jasmine (which is a flower, winter jasmine is yellow) and Georgia is pregnant with her fourth although she doesn’t know it yet. They’ll all be girls... I need to add some families who will have boys haha! So often when I come up with a “name theme” for my Sim kids, I prefer the girl names. The future names will be Jade, Indigo and Iris (another flower, which are often purple but can be other colours).
    Scarlet is only a child and already mastered the Creativity skill! She built up a lot of it as a toddler through drawing on the activity table, then through painting as a child. I think first-born syndrome has struck because Scarlet and Saffron have the same personality, not sure about Jasmine but she may also have similar. I don’t mind too much, though. They can use their creativity in different ways, it’s a useful skill. With the Marsh family, Katie and Annie have different hobbies (Annie has Music and Dance like her mum, Katie has Games) and little Tilly has Sports (like her dad). I did do “roll the pacifier” with that family.
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  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    My Elder Sims always die at 6:01pm :'(
    So goodbye to the last of the A Gen - Aderyn at 80yrs.
    Her husband, Sterling, followed right after at 81yrs.
    Family graveyard left to right - Founder Zuriel, his wife, townie Brenda Thayer. First Gen/Letter A: Aeolus, heiress Aderyn and her husband Sterling.
    Decided to move in Branwen's gf, townie Brenda Scott since they now had the space.
    Capucine got caught sneaking out.
    Phaedra reached her LTW of Chief Of Staff :grin:
    Did not realise that the twins were turning into adults the next day, but they got into private school for one day :lol:
    Trying to do more with witch stuff, disappearing all the leaves was cool but... I really don't like it. Makin Magic was one of my fav Sims 1 packs. I don't feel the same interest with Sims 2 magic :disappointed:
    Twins had their birthday. Didn't do anything special and I forgot to take pics of them together as adults, sorry!
    Cyprian has the LTW in the Architect field.
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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    @hushfirefly Ive had a Sim be a witch in Sims 2 before, Lydia Chandra. I’ve still got that family, in Pleasantview, but I’ve been concentrating on Sedona right now. I’ll probably head back over there in the future.
    I agree that there isn’t much you can do with Sims 2 magic. Sims 3 Supernatural is better. I also really like Sims 4 Realm of Magic, there’s quite a lot you can do with that.
    It’s always sad when you lose a Sim. I may well have one of the Marsh children live with her parents, perhaps Annie as her aspiration is Family.

    I’ve been back with the Marsh family. They went on vacation to Three Lakes, and Pete befriended Bigfoot! I’m thinking of sending them back soon, so they can potentially ask Bigfoot to be part of the family. Annie and Katie are teens now, and little Tilly is a child. Annie and Katie are still dressed identically! I think they always will be.
    I’m going to have to create a new family or two. I have some ideas for names and so on. And I’m going to have to go into the university sub-hood to add dorms etc, so that the teens of Sedona have somewhere to live.
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  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    @Lucy_Henley - I think it's because magic isn't the focus, it's an afterthought in Apartment Life. While the rest of the magic EPs in the other series are 100% all about it. Oh well, I'm sure other simmers enjoy them in Sims 2 :smile: Just not for me, unfortunately.
    I didn't notice that Capucine had the fear of not going to Uni before aging up, whoops! Now she thinks about the memory all the time but I'm not doing Uni stuff. Maybe for the letter L, maybe they can go. Eats too much time. I have a whole alphabet to get through :lol:
    Capucine rolled the LTW in the Gamer career. She spends her time hanging out with her high school ex-boyfriend, townie Chandler Chen. They are just friends atm but when Capucine raises $10k-$15k from work, I'm going to move her out and have them marry.
    They've been dragging Cyprian along their outings every night and hooray that someone has taken an interest in him! Came right over to watch him play pinball. Always awesome when the partners you make for your legacy sims finally show up!
    Her name is Wren and as you can see, Cyprian is very much on board! Though while Wren developed a crush in meeting him, Cyprian only thinks of her as a friend. For the moment :wink:
    The massage table has sat untouched since I remodeled the house for Blodwen and Phaedra, so I wanted it to be used at least once before the next gen takes over.
    Brenda messed up her sleep schedule by taking a long nap during the day, so at 3am I had her rake and burn leaves. Took 2 sim hours to put that bush out. Think it might have a pathing issue.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,267 Member
    @hushfirefly I was very disappointed by the Magic in TS2, also. :disappointed:

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    I realised that the only Marsh update I'd done ended after Katie and Annie had become toddlers. I hadn't even mentioned Tilly :D


    Just like her mother, Annie's preferred hobby was Music and Dance.


    Rose and Pete agreed that they wanted to have another child. Although parenting toddler twins wasn't a walk in the park, the girls would be older by the time the baby was born, so they thought it would be worth it.


    The next morning, Rose felt ill...


    Pete decided to teach Annie how to walk.
    "Come on, just a few steps, that's it," he said.


    Pregnancy left Rose feeling pretty tired. Luckily, since she didn't have a job, she could sleep whenever she needed to.


    Pete's natural hobby was Sports, although I've since changed it to Nature. The family has a collection of fruit trees and Pete was spending a lot of time maintaining them. I found this old thread online where someone ranked the hobbies, and Sports was one of the bottom ones alongside Science. I found myself agreeing with it. Nature ranked very high, so...


    Soon, it was the twins' birthday! Rose was tired, but she wanted to help her girls celebrate their special day.


    Now that she was a child, Katie was able to experience her preferred hobby, Games.


    Annie enjoyed practising her ballet moves with the barre.


    Rose gave birth to another girl, who she named Tilly.


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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    As well as ballet, Annie enjoyed playing the piano.


    I didn't get any screenshots of Tilly as a toddler... so here's one at her birthday, as she's about to become a child! :D As you can just about see, she wore a dress that matches Rose's.


    The next day, they decided to go on holiday to Three Lakes.


    A nice screenshot of all the girls together!


    They headed over to Three Lakes Plaza, and Katie ordered herself some flapjacks.


    Tilly had a cabin all to herself.


    Rose enjoyed cooking, and decided to grill some hamburgers. Careful around the barbecue in your bikini!


    Through "digging for treasure" back at home, Pete had found a map to a mysterious location called the Hidden Burrow. When they went inside, they were surprised to see a hairy figure! This must be the legendary Bigfoot they'd heard about.


    Pete and Bigfoot got on pretty well. The rest of the family simply enjoyed spending time together.


    Bigfoot hug!


    After befriending Bigfoot, the family visited the Lumber Mill Range. Pete decided to have a go at axe-throwing.


    Tilly tried out log-rolling.


    On Friday morning, it was time to leave.


    That evening... happy birthday, twins!


    Katie got herself a job in the Law career.


    Tilly brought home a friend from school one day... this is Saffron Campbell. I'm going to have to get screenshots of each of the Campbell girls.


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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    I didn’t get a relevant screenshot, but Annie also got a job in the Entertainment career. She reached the top and is now an Overachiever, whilst Katie isn’t quite there yet. Scarlet Campbell is also an Overachiever, she got a job in Business. I’m going to have to create more families with boys/sons... I checked the teenagers’ turn-ons and turn-offs, so potentially there can be some teenage romance in the future.
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  • o0Sazie0oo0Sazie0o Posts: 18 Member
    I can't share screenshots yet or well I think I can't, I don't see an option to share screenshots. Still new on this website but anyway I made first pc characters, Mae and Chul. I'll show screenshots when I'm able to but can't yet.

    Mae is a party girl, loves going out at night. Chul is her husband who also likes nights out partying, but he mostly loves cooking. So far I've been trying to find their dream jobs, sadly he had to get a temporary job since they were low on money. While Mae hasn't found a job yet, she's been partying with new people mostly downtown. So far Chul's temporary job is working out for him, he got a promotion in the first day on military work. Although he still wants that dream job on becoming a master cook but so far no openings in culinary career yet.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    I added the Delacroix family. Parents are Henri and Mathilde, they have twin sons Jacques and Thierry. Both parents are redheads, as I wanted a guaranteed redhead son... one of Annie Marsh’s turn-ons is red hair. The boys are only children currently, so there won’t be any romance yet.
    I’m also tempted to create some occult Sims, just for the fun of it.
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  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    After a few dates, Cyprian proposed to Wren because I am impatient :tongue:
    First time I did not do a wedding party or any prep but they both never rolled to have a party, so I took that for nice and simple. By the home beach as per tradition.
    Capucine raised $10000 and decided as her younger twin got married, it was time to move out!
    I love when sims rush out to say good bye, unfortunately mine did it all inside before Capucine had even gotten to the front door. So it was a lonely walk to the taxi... until Brenda came running out to say good bye! Haha she's such an awesome Townie :heart:
    Currently rebuilding the whole house for Gen C to take over and have Gen D. Also have to work on Capucine's house and get her back together/marry Townie Chandler Chen. Hopefully that all doesn't take too long :lol: But yay for Capucine being the first non-heir to leave and live on her own! Now I have to keep up with timelines :grimace:
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  • xxcrazyskittlesxxxxcrazyskittlesxx Posts: 16 Member
    Today in my sim accidentally cheated on his wife. My female sim looks a lot like another sim on my lot and I was not paying close enough attention and he kissed the other sim and his wife was in the room and now they are broken up and everyone seems to hate my male sim.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Bordelli Household : Lettie grew into an toddler, (trying to catch up so she can be a child) Ned passed away and his wife Tina is devastated, her daughter Nadine comforted her with a hug and so did her son in law. Tina decided she will have a funeral immediately, Cale got a promotion in the law enforcement career. Faith and Herb went out on a date to celebrate their anniversary and to silently remember their friend Ned.

    I placed a lot and decided to build a home for the ottomas family Samantha ended up having twin girls Shelia and Shayla, Sharla is passing school along with her Brother David. Dora is helping Tommy learn his toddler skills, before he turns into a child. Peter was put in his respectable career, according to his lifetime wish the family is getting adjusted to their new home.

    College Kids:
    Melody Tinker got put on academic probation for missing her exams, while everyone else in the house passed their exams. she's focused on her studies. Dirk and Lilith were discussing their future plans after graduating college, Angela and Dustin planned a outing for themselves for alone time and to keep down the stress from school. Ginger and Jimmy Phoenix are in a steady relationship and Jimmy can't wait to marry Ginger. Gavin is trying to make the moves on Melody with no success he focuses on exercising hoping she will change her mind.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    @hushfirefly Ahhh, Cyprian and Wren look so happy together.

    Well, I decided to go back to Pleasantview and revisit the Parker family. You know, the one with two sets of triplets... Luckily, there are no toddlers left, so things are a lot easier!! I'll do an update on them later.

    For now, I'm adding some photos of the Campbell family. Saffron is now a teenager, and the twin babies are now toddlers, so I'll take updated screenshots later.
    There are six daughters, two to each bedroom. Scarlet and Saffron share, as do Jasmine and Jade, as do twins Indigo and Iris. Indigo's colour is more blue than indigo, but then indigo dye is blue (it's often used to make jeans for example). I wanted to give the kids colour names relating to the rainbow, and trying to find colour names that also worked as people names wasn't easy! Jasmine flowers are often white, but winter jasmine is yellow.

    Here's Scarlet.


    Here's Saffron.


    Jasmine was fast asleep.


    Here's dad Hugh holding baby Indigo. I thought "Hugh" would be a good name, if you think of the "hue" of a colour :D


    Mum Georgia (I too would need to spend a lot of time asleep if I had six kids). I took inspiration for her name from the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.


    Scarlet again, holding baby Iris.


    When I took the above screenshots, Jade was still a toddler. This is her as a child.


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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    Played some more with the Parkers. Alice, Clara and Hazel are all now teens. Daniel, Joseph and Oliver have all gone to college. Daniel is doing a political science degree, Joseph is doing biology, and Oliver is doing psychology. Daniel wants to be a politician (obviously), and both Joseph and Oliver want to be Captain Heroes (top of law enforcement), so I decided they could do different degrees.

    Before he left, Oliver got himself a girlfriend :)<3 It’s Lakshmi Chandra, daughter of family friend Lydia Chandra and the late Ravi. She and her twin sister Aisha are still teenagers, so I’ll have to play with them a bit and then send them to university.

    In rather unfortunate news, the family cat Ebony ran away :/ and has been gone a few Sim days.

    Carolyn and Martin are just four days away from becoming elders. I’ll get the girls to go off to university before Carolyn and Martin age up. I’ll get the boys to become sophomores first.

    Ahhh, so much to do!
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  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    edited February 4
    @Lucy_Henley All my couples, bar Aderyn and Sterling, are adorable together! Though each new cute couple seems to be my fav haha
    With Capucine heading out on her own, I have decided that the spares in ABC Legacy will move to Downtown and populate that town. Considering that no premade families live there. It also gives me a break when I get tired of the playing the Legacy household :smiley:

    So! Capucine got settled in her house, got back together with Chandler and he moved in. Whilst Chandler has Fears of being rejected by proposals of marriage, neither of them has rolled any Want to Get Engaged or Married. So, I'm following their lead and no marriage for them.
    Capucine kept rolling Wants to do with Relatives, so invited the family around for dinner. I presumed Phaedra was saying to her daughter "We threw away your kid stuff in the renovation" or "Ya gotta have a ba-by!" (props to anyone who gets that reference hehe)
    That baby time would be now :lol:
    I was dreading but curious to see if she would continue the Twin gene.
    Looks like it's broken, at least for Capucine! I don't know about heir Cyprian but we'll see.
    Say hello to Gesina Firefly!
    Bonding with Daddy!
    Always the best faces in Sims 2 :lol:
    Toddler Gesina! This is what I am most excited about. One, having her great grandfather's eye colour :blush: Two, having her grandmother's and great grandfather's skin tone... I think? I looked through my pics but it's a bit hard to determine if it's exactly the same or shade darker. It looks a bit darker and different tone wise but subtle. I know I picked a different CC type skin for Phaedra which she passed to Cap and Cy, so it could be trying to match shades with the CC one the older ones have. I'll have to get Blodwen or Branwen next to her.

    Legacy house is finished which means it's time for the D Gen to be born :smiley:
    Every little piece of your life, will mean something to someone.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    edited February 5
    Genetics are so interesting. Whilst they were toddlers and children, twins Jacques and Thierry looked pretty similar. Now that they’re teens, there’s a definite difference!



    As you can tell, this is what appears when they change appearance with the mirror, so they look a little different in game. They both look quite serious, but Jacques has a friendlier-looking face.
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  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Faith and her husband Died sim hours apart, Tina and Nadine both inherited money from each of them, Tina is starting to realize that she's next and will leave behind Nadine and her Granddaughter Lettie. She decides to spend time with them and taking in every moment she also has become friends with Her son-in-law Cale who she trusts to take care of the girls after she's gone. Nina and Dongsool's daughter Nettie grew up into a child, Dongsool decided to pop the question to Nina who accepted they got married on a weekend with a few guests. A few sim weeks later Nina gets to know a male neighbor and they become fast friends by sitting in the hot tub Nina then rolls a want to fall in love with her male friend. Nina then plans a get away with her new lover and the two enjoy a nice getaway.
  • LiverickLiverick Posts: 50 Member
    I really wanted to have a story to tell, but it's been over 10 years since I practically just built this game! xD at that moment to creating a neighborhood
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    The Marsh twins, the Delacroix twins, and Scarlet Campbell have all gone to university. Only the Marsh twins and Scarlet have moved into a dorm. I tend to build my own dorms, and haven’t done one for the Delacroix boys yet. It’ll have room for more than just them, perhaps a room for Tilly Marsh, who Jacques is friends with.
    Annie doesn’t have a job-specific LTW, so she’s doing a Drama degree, and I’ve got a vague plan of having her enter the Dance career as it’d go with her natural hobby. Katie’s LTW is to be a top-level lawyer and she’s doing Psychology. Scarlet also doesn’t have a career-specific LTW, so I thought it only natural for her to do an Art degree and enter the Art career, given that she’s mastered creativity and maxed the Arts and Crafts hobby.

    Henri and Mathilde Delacroix, and Rose and Pete Marsh, are around a week away from becoming Elders. Georgia and Hugh Campbell are a few days younger. I’ll need to add some extra families soon, just for variety. I did actually start a family of PlantSims... I created one Sim in CAS and had them become a PlantSim via a mod, she then spawned a toddler, and the toddler became an adult and spawned twins... but I’m finding them pretty boring, since they have so few needs. They never need to sleep, for example, or eat. I’m definitely a family-oriented player, trying to balance everyone’s needs is a challenge! Not to mention teaching toddlers their skills, having kids and teens do well in school, having the adults earn the skills for promotions (if they’re employed and not a stay-at-home parent)...
    Perhaps I should create a gay/lesbian couple for a change, and have them adopt their kids.
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  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    Anyways, in my game, I started playing Strangetown. I was on the last day of the Curious rotation and Pascal wanted to get his alien daughter into private school, so I invited the headmaster. In preparation, I had Lazlo prepare a turkey, but he stopped for a sponge bath and started a massive fire! Needless to say, the headmaster was not impressed, and then Lazlo and the alien kids burned to death. I’m suicidal and looking for escapism. This did not help.
  • FumusFumus Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm Playing Sedona and Quadington University attached to it and ive been having so much fun with it.
    I love the Premade sims of them. All of the Sedona Guys live alone and have Twin alien babies
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,650 Member

    I have not posted on this thread before but am about to when my game is ready to go and wanted to congratulate you on being mentioned in 12th february 2021 weekly EA thread :)

    Thanks defo have to go to another 3 player that found it for me while I was also trying to to congratulate a 3 player for their mention as well :)
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 800 Member
    The Marsh twins and Scarlet all passed their first exams with flying colours. The Delacroix twins did too. I’ll be playing each dorm one at a time, one semester at a time.
    I forgot to say previously that Annie Marsh and Jacques Delacroix were in a relationship as teens, and they’ve resumed it now at university. Both of them have a want to get engaged to one another. Thierry Delacroix and Scarlet Campbell are also interested in each other romantically. Katie doesn’t have a romantic interest in anyone yet, I’ll create someone in CAS for her once she’s graduated and moved back into the main hood.

    I think I’ll wait till these five have graduated to move anyone else to the university sub-hood, as it’ll get confusing otherwise.

    Jacques’s main hobby is music and dance; it wasn’t when he was born, but I used a mod to change it. Thierry’s hobby is nature, and their dorm has orchard trees and gardening plots (that are being used). He managed to gain a Silver level gardening badge before going to university.

    I have taken many screenshots but haven’t posted them on here, obviously! I should include some in my next post. There are too many to post at once, so I’ll just have to be selective.
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