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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • classicXcrimeclassicXcrime Posts: 172 Member
    I decided to start a new run through of the Pleasantview neighborhood. I got burnt out from it in my previous run because most of my kids were in college and I got bored with just switching among the different college households. I hope to minimize that by only having Sim State University as my designated college. I pretty much just went and got all of the pre-scripted events out of the way. Right now, Don Lothario and Cassandra Goth are married (I had intended him to leave her at the altar by not doing any interactions prior to marriage, but he decided to stay), Don has had relations with Kaylynn, Dina, and Nina, and Mary-Sue caught Daniel in bed with Kaylynn. I moved in the families in the family bin for both the main hood and Bluewater Village. Now we wait to see how the rest of the families play out.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,383 Member
    edited November 2020
    So my witch. I usually keep an eye on her roomate with mods to make sure she doesn't go biting. But she did. I may have accidentally removed the mod that prevents vampire biting while I was playing another neighbourhood. I look away for one second and BLEH!!!

    "Remember when I bit you moments ago?"

    I'll roll with this, a witch vampire working at a school? I decided to eventually get her on both spectrums of good and bad at last, it's interesting to see how her last page of memories has been going due to the sudden spike of occultism

    I do wonder what it's like to suddenly see your teacher go from being normal to suddenly coming in with a hat, then suddenly going grey, then green and suddenly being grey but glowing blue within a week.

    With both the power to cheat death, a BFF with a resurrection table, some reaper banishment spells, this vampires staying alive and nothing can keep them dead forever I hope, extends to the rest of the apartment, Cornerstone Condiums is home to the strangest set of people around, but those people have connections. They're somewhat the Frankie Fusillis of Belladonna Cove minus the Strangetown Hotel aspect.


    You lied game, I can't put this pen in the apartment. Especially now I had to add a coffin for my unexpected Sim vamprism.

    As for the Clevelands, they've been having a right good time. Constant fighting has put everyones reputation at the absolute minimum, Justin finally got something to cure his Zombism on the only positive thing for him recently. He *HATES* everyone he meets so the punishment has increased.

    Seems however he may have actually brought a new trend of people wanting to fight him (and his family) by barging into his house. And I welcome it. Soon the Clevelands will know karma. None of them are treating anyone with respect, not even the Sims that usually go around fighting in this neighbourhood are that aggressive to randoms. And it'll hit them back.

    Ever seen lifetime aspiration this low before?

    As for what the DeBateus are up to, only some little changes were needed to make them the neighbourhoods equiverlant of Grandmasters. But before then, I needed some maps. I never did like landlords getting stuck on cutting shrubs, so making one fill the whole garden Tara singlehandely destroyed felt like it would keep them occupied.

    3 maps later and I felt I was set to get her on a vacation. We all know what a girl needs, and it's teleporting. (Also she has some serious unsureness on whether she wants someone to cure vamprism or not)

    It was time to get teleporting.
    This angles just that creepy I'll spoiler it. It's genuinely unsettling
    I agree Tara, I agree on how it feelts to know teleporting.

    Best thing about teleporting? She doesn't need to walk down 3 sets of stairs to get to a carpool.

    Back at home the first thing she gets to return to is wolves having a fight while that landlord cheers them on. Very helpful landlord.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,383 Member
    edited November 2020
    I took a break from Belladonna Cove today and started a little neighbourhood family I would ALWAYS have aging on for.. In a recreation of Sunset Valley!...

    The founder of mine was not someone I want dying of aging since I'm super scared of it, so I already took the first way out, befriended (and fell in love with) a Grand Vampire and waited for him to bite me... Except the thing is, I had a risky Woohoo mod I never even remembered (especially since 90% of my Sims are usually LGBT) one pregnant founder vampire later... And the problems started coming

    Raising a baby to a tolder to a child was literally almost death. Only 200 simoleons and the sun killing my founder meant I had to be a little more extreme, toddler cries because he cannot get out of his crib. Then looks like I'll have to look the bedroom so he can't get into "ask for" range and wake up my founder. Surprisingly after 3 days he grew up well even if he was hungry, sad and unable to learn to walk and use the potty on time. Except sheer commitment kept my vampire alive... And a gift of a waterfall from the Grand Vampire.

    I had to sell it to simply get food on the table, but it's keeping her alive. And this is what matters.

    And for the child. He is Arthur. His story just begins here. And sadly from what happened so far. Possibly much worse.

    As a child it was all going so well, 7 days of good work at school, a money gift from school which could've saved everyone from going hungry and even meeting his father in the rare chance it's possible. His childhood was perfect until he aged.

    He had gotten a job after growing into the teenage years well again, I thought he would need to work part-time until he can get a full time job (with inteen) intelligence sounded like it would work. One promotion later and I made the worst mistake I could've... The ONE time I don't press ignore on a chance card and it gets him fired. If this was BDC I would've just removed the memory and gave him his job back, because whoever does this is going first into the pool with no ladder...

    But in SunSet Valley there was no wealth or fortune to the family name, no threatening friends and only a poor home. Sadly those grandeur dreams of Sim revenge aren't happening.

    So here was poor Arthur, peniless, dealing with one sick Mother... And unemployeed. The criminal career was the best fit, if you can't help Intelligence then go against it, fight the power and destroy the system. Maybe things will look up.

    The founder has one goal. The family needs money to keep everyone happy, safe and alive. So it was time to practice making robots until a Servo could join the family. This Servo could be the exact thing they need to get money into the family household.

    Also in Belladonna Cove I made Justin sad some more. With threatening Tara pictures.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Broke/Roseland Household : Brandi had a baby girl named Stacie, Beau aged up into a teenager and has the Fortune aspiration like his older brother Dustin. Carlos aged into a child and hangs with Beau whenever he can. Beau and Carlos got accepted into private school Brandi wants to have another baby with her Husband Cyd who has gotten two promotions in the criminal career.

    Pleasant Household : Jennifer got a promotion in the business career, John wants to woo hoo with three different sims (gave him the romance aspiration as a secondary aspiration) Lucy wants to fall in love. Mary-Sue has gotten two promotions in the criminal career and is slowly talking to Daniel. Kaylynn is awaiting the arrival of her and Daniel's child. Daniel is starting to realize he messed up his marriage with Mary-Sue and wants to fall back in love with his wife and try to start over before they both pass away.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    @Demery27 Lol I just had them get divorced!
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    @Simtown15 lol I tried divorcing and I honestly felt bad, so I usually keep them together. But this is my first time actually allowing the mistress (Kaylynn) to move in.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    @Demery27 I would feel bad keeping them together! They’re both happier divorced!
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Pleasant Household : While playing chess outside Kaylynn and Mary-Sue became instant friends, soon after she gave birth to two twin girls (She always has twins in my games lol) I named them After her Mom and Her aunt Zelda Mae. Daniel now his two sets of twin girls, Mary-Sue became furious all over again once she realized the extensive damage Daniel had done by having outside children of their Marriage. She retreated to her room and decided to watch television. Kaylynn and Daniel both went to sleep despite their kids hollering, leaving their cousin Lucy to feed and bathe them along with the help of her Dad.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    @Simtown15 Well now that Daniel has two more kids with his mistress I'll let them get Divorced lol but not without adding any drama to it first
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    I played the kim Household, put Robert and Cynthia in their respective careers according to their lifetime wishes, Cynthia has gotten three promotions while Robert has had two. Justin got accepted into private school and is making good grades. A few days later Justin aged up into a teenager and grew up well. Cynthia is pregnant after she rolled a want to have a baby after Justin grew into a teenager.

    Dreamer Household : Darleen's business is a rank 4 the twins Xavier and Juliette grew into children,(will age them up to teenagers soon so it can be more teens in my neighborhood) Darren will age up into an elder in a few days, but still wants to work because he's close to accomplishing his lifetime wish.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Played the Ramirez family Tessa got in private school, Checo cheated on Lisa with Kaylynn, Lisa divorced him and kicked him out, a few days after Tessa aged into a teenager. Lisa kept herself busy by going to work and adopting Tessa's friend Marsha Bruenig who just got accepted into private school, Lisa gave Marsha her old room that had the computer and desk in it and made it into a cozy room for her. Tessa and Marsha are bff's and both are excited about going to college. Checo realized he wanted his family back, he became friends with Lisa and took her out on dates until she decided to give him another chance, Checo proposed and Lisa accepted it they had a quick wedding in the backyard with both of the girls as their guests.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Played the lovely pleasant household, Kaylynn and Daniels's Daughters are toddlers now and learning their skills, Lucy and Beau Broke fell in love and want their first kiss (they're so cute together!) I forgot if you leave the Christmas tree, on too long it will catch on fire. Lucy decided to be brave and tried to put the fire out and ended up dying. Along with Mary-Sue who also tried to help put the fire out. Jennifer was devastated, about losing her only child. She had a want to resurrect her daughter and sister in law and succeeded both times, by paying Grim $20,000. Lucy's first want after being resurrected was to get a fire alarm. Kaylynn wants to get engaged to Checo, not knowing he has already remarried his wife.
  • boombamboomboombamboom Posts: 51 Member
    I'm just talking with the snowman that I buy to my house.
  • Denimg8Denimg8 Posts: 85 Member
    My sim took his gf out to dinner at the botany restaurant, and as they got their food, some random NPC stole her plate and begin eating her food at another table. I made her bf have two fights with him. Was annoying lol
  • LairyFightsLairyFights Posts: 9 New Member
    Lightning struck one of the trees outside, starting a fire, had my Sim call emergency services right away... Only it went out on its own, and they fined her for calling when there wasn't an emergency. She was broke too and I was saving up for a TV.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,971 Member
    @LairyFights Aww, your poor simmy. :( That bites!
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 730 Member
    I haven’t played in a while, finally got around to fixing some graphics issues and everything works great now! For some reason I’ve been wanting to play Sims 2 for a bit. I’ve got a brand new custom hood that’s completely empty apart from one family. I’ll set up a few community lots and some other families and then get playing. Starting with a new family is always fun! All I’d remembered about this family was (vaguely) what they looked like, I’d forgotten their names and everything :D:D
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 730 Member
    OK, I lied, I started playing with the family...

    Proper update will come later, but here are the members.

    Meet Rose and Pete Marsh. I finally made a couple that don't look like each other :D Rose does look a lot like Carolyn Parker, but ah well.
    I did add some wall paint to the exterior wall later...


    ... and, born in-game, little Katie and Annie! Katie is the one in blue and Annie is in pink. They've both inherited their dad's blonde hair and green eyes. Annie is pale like her mum, and Katie is between Rose's and Pete's skintones. Both Rose and Pete want more kids, so it'll be interesting to see how the genetics play out in the future.


    I will definitely add more families to the hood, it'd be rather boring with just one family. I have also now installed an "equal genetics" mod, which should be interesting. Blonde and red hair are both recessive genes, so it won't be noticeable until I have, say, a brunette and a redhead.
    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,383 Member
    edited December 2020
    You know when you just want to go buy groceries and have to throw down with your enemies?

    I'm not sure whats the bigger loss here other than the fact he has to see that thing infront of him. Poor hardhat mouth guy
    Nobody deserves to see Justin.

    Call it surprising but he's still alive. I guess I never did do Belladonna Cove a favour dealing with Justin yet

    Just downtown things
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,639 Member
    edited December 2020
    Miranda Capulet got engaged to Gabe O'Mackey.
    Her father Albert Capulet got a promotion in his journalism career, took his last vacation day and retired. While his wife and children were at work/uni/school he felt very lonely at home. However, he adopted an old stray cat and called him "Berry". He is trying to teach him tricks as his new hobby. His wife Gerda aged up and became an elder at the exact same day their daugther Desdemona became an adult. She chose a job in the entertaining branch.
    Hugo Villareal became best friends with Bianca Montague. His brother Max impregnanted his girlfriend Silke (former townie). It will be twins!

    Sim State University
    Alessio Roth is attending university now. He is going for a degree in literature.
    Romeo Montague became best friends with Sanrda Roth and he changed his aspiration to "family". Hermia Capulet has a crush on Peter Langerak.
    TeamFARMING! Please EA, we need a FARMING expansion for TS4!

    List of my TS4 games:
    EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, SE
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,971 Member
    @Sorak4 *Waves* :)
    It's fun returning to the Sims 2 (especially, for me, to play Open For Business. :grin: ) I have so many fond memories playing Sims 2. :blush: It'll always hold a special place in my heart. <3
    Problem is I go back to play and keep expecting to do cheats in it that I can do in Sims 3 and I get all confused. :lol: I have to relearn all the tricks I discovered back in the day. :smirk:

    I have to say I'm forever thankful that I never deleted my Sims 2 mods folder and kept a backup of it on a thumb drive. Cause I'll tell you what, many of those righteous mods and cc I have, you can't find them anymore. I would've been so sad to lose them forever. :cry:

    Happy Simming everyone! :smiley:
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,383 Member
    @emorrill Oh hey! You've found me! Been really crunching back into 2 currently. And I can still see I have way too many similarities between the two games.

    I figured I'd do some more merchanting with Tara before swapping to some of the other homes... And in this neighbourhood. It gets chaotic real fast.
    There's something oddly... Peaceful about seeing one of the biggest problem Sims in the neighbourhood still somehow gain positive loyalty when all he usually does is fight and eat out of the trash can.

    My Heavens is the Clevelands dysfunctional still.
    Not only does Justin want all the wrong people drunk, but his own father wants to drink his son. They spend all day slapping each other still. I've got my eye on Jason too. He goes around all day slapping random ladies when I'm not playing him. Perhaps I'll need to cast inflammo on him or something... Like turn him into a pile of ashes!

    I'm... Not sure that's how you do a handshake random home invader

    Anyway, back to filling my house with custom paintings. The Countess is one painter. And plus any surplus paintings will help out the DeBateau's business.

    I think I really need to get her back into the original outfit again at some point.
    Vampire witches always felt difficult to balance visual wise. Especially after that episode of going green and even more pale than usual. Shame because I also don't want her to lack all the useful spells like warding off the reaper, but still getting the chance to light someone on fire when needed.

    Oh. Someones died on the frontlawn after getting hit by lightning huh? Nothing needs to be fixed or solved? Alright...

    You know. As much as I like being able to have the Cornerstone Condinium lot together this apartment just.... Is waaaay too small.
    Either I need to reorganise a lot, or I need to move out, but that means leaving behind the other 3 BFFs this Witch has. Might notice the chair facing the empty wall... I had to remove it since someone kept waking up the vampire witch... And we all know that's pretty fatal. Even with the ability to resurrect Sims and the wish to cheat death I'm not making an unnessecary risk regardless.

    At least Impromptu visitor Tara always helps keep the dog company when the vampires hibernate.

    They've been fighting all day

    Hobby lots are warzones
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 730 Member
    The Marshes live in a hood called Sedona, which is a desert hood. So, I decided to make it so that the only season is summer. They live on a beachfront property.

    Rose Marsh had always enjoyed dancing as a young Sim, so it was only natural that one of the first things she did upon entering her new house was switch on the stereo.


    Pete, meanwhile, decided to settle down with a cookbook to learn some basic recipes.


    A member of the local gardening club, Tiffany Zarubin, popped by to introduce herself. Pete knew that his garden wasn't really up to scratch just yet, so he just chatted to her instead.


    He then decided that it would be a good idea to get himself a job. He hadn't gone to university, and had never been hugely set on one particular career. He eventually decided to join the local law enforcement squad.


    Although she'd enjoyed her lunch of lunchmeat sandwiches, Rose knew that she should expand her repertoire, and so settled down to enjoy the same cookbook Pete had.


    Both of them wanted to start a family. So, whilst Tiffany was preoccupied with the ballet barre, they went to the bedroom...


    That evening, Pete successfully made a group meal of spaghetti and meatballs, which was always a crowd-pleaser.


    Ah, the bonus of living on a beachfront property... being able to swim in the sea. The water had been gently warmed by the sun all day, so the experience was quite pleasant.


    The following morning, Rose felt dreadful. She rushed to the bathroom not long after breakfast... perhaps she was pregnant?! She knew it was the least fun part of pregnancy, and hoped that it wouldn't last long.


    Unfortunately, Pete's cooking luck ran out when he decided to cook grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. He watched in horror as flames burst out of the oven! The fire alarm began ringing shrilly, and he was at least relieved to hear the wail of a fire engine siren as he panicked.


    Yep, Rose was pregnant! She began eagerly thinking of potential names, and wondered what they would look like. Would they have her red hair, or Pete's blond locks?


    The next morning, inspired by the previous day's events, Rose decided to learn about fire safety.


    Thursday evening...
    "OOH! PETE! IT HURTS!" Rose groaned.
    "Oh, help, what can I do? Oh man, I don't feel ready to be a father yet!" Like all good husbands, Pete hated seeing his wife in pain, and was thankful that it would be all worth it in the end.


    Both were surprised when Rose gave birth to twins, both girls. They named the first born Katie and the second born Annie. Rose had read a little about twins in her parenting books, and decided to assign each girl a colour, for easy identification purposes.


    The girls slept well that first night, and at 6:30am Rose had some sweet one-on-one time with Katie. Katie was a little bit darker-skinned than Annie, but it wasn't particularly obvious at a glance. She wasn't quite sure, but Rose thought she could detect faint blonde hair on her girls. They'd take after Pete, then. She secretly hoped that she'd have a redheaded child in the future, if only because gingers in general were so rare.


    That evening, Pete brought home female colleague Melissa Fancey, and the three adults had a cosy time chatting in the master bedroom.


    Just as Rose had guessed, both girls turned out to have blonde hair. They quickly fashioned a nursery out of the spare room, and moved the girls' cots out of the master bedroom.

    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,383 Member
    edited January 2
    Ahh, the Clevelands, this place always gets better. Taras had a tendancy to walk in just to lay down Justin and his father.
    She even chills out in the hottub while they're crying after. You absolute legend.

    This store, if they're not fighting, they're cutting hair and harassing customers.

    Fearless as always huh Tara.

    I know you don't like to tell jokes. But even telling jokes to your best friend makes you nervous?

    Hey, nothing like some classic family bonding while someone has a mental-breakdown

    And it stares down everyone

    So. I told the dog to go to sleep. He doesn't go to his dog bed. He doesn't lie with his pack... He just goes to the front of the apartment and takes the floor as a comfortable spot. This Witch thinks it as a particularly amusing situation.
    Oh you.

    "Dear diary, my dog is weird."

    For now I was also focusing on giving the Sim-bin Sims some time to enter the neighbourhood. If they're sitting in the bin doing nothing there's no use for them, so I put them in the town to give them something to do!

    Man, that townies hot.

    And you reminded me this is so mid 2000s with that "leet"-ness.

    Carlos your leg might be stuck.

    So the big thing is, this is actually one of the 2 Belladonna Coves running currently. I started a new one recently as a backup in case this corrupts. The big thing is, it's going to be almost the same, it's getting there though that's interesting me.
    And it's been fun ruining some of the Clevelands days, even on the new save they've made enemies with everyone.
  • o0Sazie0oo0Sazie0o Posts: 18 Member
    Well I have sims 2 pets on gamecube, made my whole real life family on it and well... first thing that happens is my sim sister burns down the house that I worked hours on building. Good thing I saved though before she started the fire, how she started it was cooking food.

    She didn't even react to the fire but everyone else did, she just kept eating without a care in the world.
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