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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • FumusFumus Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm Playing Europa now(i got burned out of Bluewater Village).

    Theo Tortellini had a kid with Briana Linguine(She's Pregnant at the start of the game with his kid).

    Jared Fusilli and his mom(Katrina Fusilli) catched his wife Donna Fusilli dating with Grace Linguine.

    Marcus Fusilli, Nikita Fusilli and Odette Farfalle had all gone to University.

    I'll post more Later tomorrow
  • MelsieYTMelsieYT Posts: 275 Member
    edited April 3
    OK So I've started playing Sims 2 again for the first time in over a decade (and for the first time with all of the expansions since I only had pets and open for business when I was a teen). I'm SO EXCITED about all the things! The gameplay is amazing and babies are SO CUTE!

    Except... I installed the trips and quads mod... and this happened the FIRST pregnancy.



    I'm doing a modified BAC Challenge so my sims have VERY little as far as stuff. They barely have any money and Abby (the mom) only just opened up the first store in town. (I think she might have to sell baby stuff now). It's a good thing they're the richest sims in my current seven rotations.

    I have twins at 8%, triplets at 4% and quads at 2%. I hope I just got really lucky [read: unlucky] and it's not actually bugged.

    Bonus: The first wedding of Plumbob Falls. The entire neighborhood (excluding one baby) was invited. One guest was in the house eating leftovers so he's not in the screenshots. With another household's baby and these triplets, we went from the 8 original sims to 12 in just 2 pregnancies. (The two redheaded sims are responsible for the other baby in the neighborhood, a boy named Isaiah. These triplets will be fighting for him later LOL)



    Please don't mind me if I start posting here a lot. I'm excited and I need people to gush to about all the things.

  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 152 Member
    So in my game today, The Oldie family's child had a child named kaityln, she is married to Matt Caliante, Nina Caliante's son from Don. Kaitlyn joined her brother, who is a toddler!
    Also i played the burb household and Lucy went to college. At college she met a guy named Scott and got engaged to him.
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  • MelsieYTMelsieYT Posts: 275 Member
    edited April 4
    So these two had a baby in my last rotation (before my other family had their triplets) and she grew up into a toddler. I'm now dreading when the Parsley triplets age up. It'll be nuts! I'm hoping the fact that Madi has 10 in active is the reason why she's so difficult to manage.

    These are Cassidy Flynn-Santos and Hugo Santos, two of the sims I created for my BAC challenge. Their daughter is Madison.

    They finally tied the knot (1.5 rotations is a long time for sims).

    And this is Madi! She's the spitting image of her father and has similar traits too. The only huge difference is her activeness. Both her parents are pretty much in the middle, but she went and got ten points in that trait! Can you tell? LOL

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 774 Member
    @MelsieYT I have the triplets and quads mod too. I always choose what number they’re going to have, I’ve never done random. Perhaps I’ll try it some time...
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,253 Member
    OMGoodness! :cry:

    I've ruined my Pleasantview. Ever since I learned not to move lots with Sims to the Lot bin, I have Never done it. I was so careful... Until yesterday. :weary:

    I was moving Darren Dreamer to his new house but instead of being in the Family Tab, I was in the Lot Tab and moved his whole lot to the bin. Now he's gone and left shredded Sim parts in my files. :tired_face:

    Do I start over? I had so many ideas on how to mess up their lives and then fix them... I was excited about my plans, I had started a good notebook for them. Like a storybook of my Pleasantview.

    Oh, well. Maybe I'll try again in another year. :cookie:

  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,558 Member
    That's awful @Rflong7 :( I have done stuff like that before by mistake and had to start a hood all over. It's so annoying.
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  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    edited April 12
    I'm sorry @Rflong7 I think a lot of us have made those kind of silly mistakes that have tragic consequences in game :disappointed: I know I have!
    Up to how you feel if you want to start over. Took me a couple of months before restarting the Alphabet Challenge again after my first one crashed. Now I'm happy I started all over because I added more rules to keep myself interested and this is the longest Gen I've ever played spanning all the Sims series :mrgreen:
    Speaking of, bit of pic spam coming.

    Twins became Elders! I did change their hair colour to grey after. They still look pretty young though.
    Invited Capucine's family over so they could meet Gesina.
    With each new Gen been trying to use objects I've never used. I thought the ants could get loose, but I guess I'm thinking of Sims 1? Interactions are cute hehe
    Siiiiiighhhh... Ghosts are really ticking me off. Poor kid :cry:
    Sweet that Darrow brings Gesina home from school :blush:
    Tea with Grandma Blodwen.
    Elder Phaedra!
    Does anyone else on a beach lot have a Sim that just wants to constantly tan? Because that's all Branwen does and has Wants for.
    Elder Brenda Scott! My first sim I failed to reach the LTW before their Birthday :disappointed:
    Capucine walked by the lot to come in and sniff the flowers in her mother's grave, then left. Okay...
    And this is where Sims 2 really freaked me out for a few secs!!! I went to check on Brenda and saw this. Took me a few camera angles to realise it was Ghost Aderyn swimming in the air, instead of in the ocean. She glitched there eventually lol Was disturbing.
    Branwen, starting fires in the kitchen... again.
    Double Birthdays! Gesina to Teen and Chandler to Elder!
    Best of friends, awww :smile:
    Every little piece of your life, will mean something to someone.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,100 Member
    edited April 14
    Nice to see this thread is still going, I haven't been playing in a while like between my last computer and the newer one I have now so...maybe I'll get to play again if sims 2 wants to work again.

    Edit: Instead of just rambling on, I got it loaded it I'll call it Dorothy, Dorothy seems to like this computer but I went looking for the usual mods people suggest just incase your game wants to get ornery looking forward to sharing my nonsense.....

    Okay it's not all roses I am making sure they have properly loaded even though install took a significant amount less time to complete than I had before I don't want to have to. It seems fine but it took me too long to remember I have to enable my mods to do anything.
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    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,088 Member
    @Rflong7 Super BUMMER! :confounded: I'm sorry to hear that...especially when so much hard work was put into it. :cry: {{{{Hugs}}}}
    Maybe in time you will be able to redo it. <3

    @everyone I very much enjoy popping in here from time to time to read your Sims 2 gameplay and stories. :blush: Keep them coming!
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,100 Member
    mmmkay I am positive I'm messing with fire but before I get too attached thought I'd mess with the mods I got and see what happens.
    This pic is almost unnatural lol, I first saved the girls from themselves and let them be friends, then I turned both Mary sue and Daniel into young adults to return them to the adult stage resetting their time. I also let them graduate and picked different jobs for them. Sooooooo either the batbox and manipulator I got will explode my game undoing my original concern or they wont, though I did check and nothing was deleted in moving things around so maybe fine....anyways not much more than fixing their family.
    And their home, we'll see, but they are happier like this they even have room for another baby I did have an old mod that increased aging times can't remember what it was but not sure if I want to mess with it again or not.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,253 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    Thanks~ @Cinebar @hushfirefly @emorrill :smile:

    I'm enjoying all the Pictures. If anyone is writing up their Sims 2 stories, just link them. I miss reading them. :cookie:
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,100 Member
    Cassie feels a great pain losing Don but apparently, Morty and Alex couldn't contain their excitement and had to dance right then cause they never thought Don was good enough.
    They had the decency to cry for her a little bit before noting she was crazy to be upset over that missing Morty sees him.
    "Look honey we're sorry we don't want you to be in pain but you deserve better."

    "Yeah sissy we love you."

    Cassie wasn't feeling the love and rejected the pair.
    They would never understand.
    Briefly here is Morty as an adult, again playing with fire, but......along with some other things I need to test lets just deal I just wanted to return him to the beginning of elder stage it didn't alter anything.

    I looked up a hair dump and I'm sure everyone who uses cc has it but if not
    I grabbed her previous collections too

    It was more than I thought so I'll have to put them in in groups.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,088 Member
    @RedDestiny92 Why hello there. :blush: Loved your post. :lol:

    Have you ever thought of creating some of the Stardew Valley characters in The Sims 2? :mrgreen: I'd actually kinda love to see that.

    I love Sims 2, it will always hold a special place in my heart, but man I can't go back to it for very long until I'm rushing back to 3. ;) I love reading everyone's gameplay on here though. Brings back great memories. <3
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,100 Member
    @emorrill hello 😀 glad you liked it, I hadnt thought about it I'd probably give them makeovers a bit rather than hunt down all the extra cc on top of the other things i want if I did.
    Well as I say be respectful of your fellow simmers cause there is one for all of us for different reasons. Me personally its been dear for a while even when I couldnt play some things I dont know how to do but I dont mind too much otherwise I like options ha.
    Stay tuned i also have for ts3ing to do mmhmm...
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,100 Member
    I know it's not as interesting without pics but I think I have gotten too many pics since I Just posted, but I didn't have enough time to get downtown for Cassie so she decided to be upset with Darren. I had him go visit her (hack) to make it up to her and they ended up loving the love in her dad's bed, then he went home and I switched to Brandi who was desperate for some affection and got a blind date got Remington who looks quite nice in my cc he wants a family so it was easy for them. Though as it was finally time to have her third child she came on too strong and he wasn't having we'll see.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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