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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • classicXcrimeclassicXcrime Posts: 174 Member
    After watching Plumbella's extreme sims challenge, I decided to do it in the sims 2. If you don't know of the challenge, you create an 8 person household, two adults, two teens, two children, and two toddlers and you try to make it a week playing only on speed 3. At the end of my 7 sim days I was left with both parents, one teenager, and managed to still have one child. Technically, I would say I only survived with the teen and both parents because all of the children were taken away by the social worker two days into the challenge, but due to a glitch one of the toddlers remained in my care and aged up. My other teen died of starvation. Miraculously, there were no fires which is good for me because I definitely forgot to purchase a fire alarm.
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,648 Member
    edited July 2020
    @Simtown15 Yes, I recreated some of my favorite Sims from TS3 and TS4 in The Sims 2 and vice versa.

    Today was Stella Roth's birthday. She turned into an elder while having the principal of the private school over. Her husband and her eldest son Alessio (originally named Xander) smooth-talked him. They had pork chop for dinner. However, Don-Carlos and Kordula ended up attending private school. They are very proud to be attending the same school as their elder (half-)brother.

    Sim State University
    Shioban Fyres gradauted summa c.u.m laude in economy. She is busy trying to find a new leader for the 3-Var-Sorority.
    TeamFARMING! Please EA, we need a FARMING expansion for TS4!

    List of my TS4 games:
    EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, SE
    GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, RoM
    SPs: LP, CK, SS, RG, KR, B, VG, BN, T, LD, M, TL, NK
    Kits: /
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    edited July 2020
    Marcus's husband, Thomas, was crushed by a satellite and died. Later on, he fell in love again, this time with a single mother named Annie whose ex-boyfriend had cheated on her. They got engaged and moved in together, but then Marcus got a genie lamp. He immediately wished for Thomas to be resurrected, and he was... as a ZOMBIE!

    Marcus and Thomas fell in love again, despite how much Thomas had changed, and they moved in with Thomas's parents. This made Annie mad and she broke up with Marcus. However, Annie's daughter, Diana, gave Marcus the genie lamp as a parting gift. Marcus and Thomas each successfully wished for peace of mind, then the wishes were used up and the genie disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Thomas's mom, Tulip, felt bad for Annie and decided to matchmake her with another single mother, Felicity, whose husband had died of electrocution. She invited both women over for lunch. Felicity developed a crush on Annie, but Annie saw Felicity as just a friend.

    What will happen next? Stay tuned!

    Edit: Re-reading this, I'm realizing that I have a lot of gay/bisexual sims, especially since Thomas AND Felicity both have lesbian parents.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    I accidentally bulldozed a graveyard. Basically, I deleted around 20 graves, and my game is almost certainly corrupted. My last backup is from 5 days ago, but I play for several hours a day so I would lose around 30 hours of playtime in my neighborhood. I’m at a loss for what to do.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,084 Member
    edited July 2020
    Simtown15 wrote: »
    I accidentally bulldozed a graveyard. Basically, I deleted around 20 graves, and my game is almost certainly corrupted. My last backup is from 5 days ago, but I play for several hours a day so I would lose around 30 hours of playtime in my neighborhood. I’m at a loss for what to do.
    Do you have Pescado's "nounlinkondelete" - mod? From here:

    If yes, then your game is as safe as it could be, nothing is ever sure when it comes to corruption and TS2.

    If not, download, unzip and place it to your Downloads - folder. That will prevent the deleted graves from also deleting the linked used data.
    Again if you do not have the mod , it is up to you, either revert to a backup, or continue, corruptet hoods can last a long time, or vanish in a second.

    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    @Ellupelluellu I don’t have that mod. I didn’t think I would need it because I was very careful with graves.
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,648 Member

    Patrizia Capulet reached the top of the teenage dancing career.
    Ida Bjergsen started a part time job as a journalist while her sister Ava reached the top of the gaming part time job. Their father Bjorn retired from his job as a whale protector.
    Sebastiana Villareal fell in love with Tobias Capulet. They are already going steady. They have a lot in common. One thing is both have been adopted by a single father. Aside from that Sebastiana also earned a scholarship for her logic skill. Her uncle Max asked his new girlfriend (fromer NPC) to move in. Silke is indeed wealthy as she has a job at SimCityHospital. Is Max really the right guy for such an educated and independent woman?
    Timo Burb reached the top of the criminal part time job before becoming an adult. His family built a pool in their garden. His siblings Kai and Pauline are busy working on their scholarships. Mum Jennifer earned the golden talent badge for her gardening. Later Kai went of to Sim State University to study Biology. Timo had his first wohoo with Nina Caliente.
    As always there is a lot going on at Nina Caliente's house: Her son Don Juan became a teenager and chose the popularity aspiration. He got a part time job in the military. The next day it was Esteban's birthday. He turned into a toddler. The day after that it was Letitia's birthday who turned into a child. At night Nina gave birth to her daughter Felipa whose father is Timo Burb.

    Lisa Ramirez got a job as a waitress. She is close to becoming an elder and this job will give her some retirement pay while having worked at her husband's furniture shop her whole life won't give her a single Simoleon.
    Christian and Sophia Landgraab will be attending private school from now on. Their parents' first move to bring them into the 'correct' circles of Simlish society.
    TeamFARMING! Please EA, we need a FARMING expansion for TS4!

    List of my TS4 games:
    EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, SE
    GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, RoM
    SPs: LP, CK, SS, RG, KR, B, VG, BN, T, LD, M, TL, NK
    Kits: /
  • Serious_sims_gamer43Serious_sims_gamer43 Posts: 523 Member
    I'm working on the 100 baby challenge and my sim just got pregnant with Mortimer goth. My youngest sim, Edward just aged up into a toddler and I built a new bedroom for my second youngest, Caleb.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    Here's the most recent update already written up. below.
    Here's my BACC update below.
    The community service center in Dodge got another upgrade.
    Here's the blacksmith stations being added to the covered patio at the service center.
    The town work crew started framing the first wall sections of the addition on the building.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    I started a new Save and used Sim Pe to bring back Bella Goth, she and Mortimer got remarried and she has a want for a baby. Cassandra and Don got married a few minutes after her parents and she wants a baby as well, I had both couples try for a baby and both Mother and Daughter will be pregnant at the same time. Before the weddings happened, I sent Mortimer clothes shopping for the entire house and he ran into Don and Dina, Don and Dina decided to kiss after witnessing the betrayal, Mortimer slapped Dina and Beat up Don in front of other customers. When Cassandra got home Mortimer gossiped to Cassandra about beating up Don
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    I made a retirement home for my elder sims to live in, I moved in the Goodies, Herb and Coral oldie and then I made a new elder couple in create a sim along with their adult daughter named Nadine (She runs the retirement home) Dina, Nina, and Darren came as the welcome wagon and helped themselves to the exercise room in the retirement facility. In the pleasant household, Mary-Sue got fired and caught Daniel cheating on her with Kaylynn, I made Angela and Lilith become best friends because it gets annoying when they fight all the time. Mary-Sue and Kaylynn fought and Mary-Sue lost, the ladies fought again and Kaylynn lost the second round, Cassandra who was visiting Fought Kaylynn and Won. Daniel and Kaylynn decided to woohoo with everybody in the house and his daughters became disgusted with him, Daniel tried talking to Cassandra and she shooed him away from her and became disgusted with him as well. Angela and Dustin had their first kiss and Dirk called the house phone wanting to talk to lilith.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    edited August 2020
    Strangetown : I played the curious brothers, Pascal had his alien baby who I named Tycho. Vidcund got abducted by aliens (per the script) Lazlo got promoted. I played the beakers and followed the script somewhat, Circe got her promotion, Loki and Nervous stomped on the roaches, which made nervous go in aspiration failure. After being helped by the therapist, Nervous called his mom Olive after Circe got off the phone with a friend, her and nervous gossiped about Loki, Nervous then decided to move in with his mom. Olive retired from her job, while Ophelia got a job in the education career (part of aspiration). Olive and Ophelia are best friends and Olive is also best friends with her son. I used the empty room that Olive has and fixed it up for Nervous. I also added a tv and a game system in their household.

    Pleasantview : I made a cemetery so when sims pass on they won't haunt my lots, (Won't touch the graves in the Goth household) I played Nina and Dina. Dina has a job in the law career, while Nina is working in the athletic career. I put an alarm in their house, Mortimer came to visit and talked to Nina while Dina invited Don over, when Don came over He kissed Dina and Nina got angry and slapped him. Nina then attacked her sister, causing a fight to break out amongst the two. Dina won the first fight and Nina won the second round, Dina and Don woo-hooed in Nina's bed. After woo-hooing Dina argued with Don causing Don to get mad at her and leaving for the night. Mortimer taunted Dina by shoving her, causing her to cry he decided to tell her he wasn't in love with her and loved Bella instead. Nina and Mortimer gossiped about Dina and afterwards Nina hugged Mortimer telling him good night. Dina had a few drinks and went to sleep. Gordon King tried to rob the girls but the alarm went off and he got beat up by the police and was taken to Jail.
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  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
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    First of all I am sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my native or my everyday language and second point, I use the names in the version I play. So this is different than the Original Version. I started to be definitively back to sims 2 after years of no playing due to bad cc and crashes. I am discovering again the gameplay . I choose Nina and Dina Caliente.
    You can also find their adventure in my simblr.


    Dina : -Hi Sis ! What do you think of getting out to buy new clothes?
    Nina:- I have an other plan in mind.

    Nina : - Come on ! This is easy to catch the ball. Are you just lazy or are you just a born clumsy potato bag?

    Dina: - I am just distracted you had suggested me to play the ball , how unusual. And I just hate sports .- She mumbles.

    Dina : -Now you’ve got what you wanted, it’s time to go to shop for clothes and you will come with me.


    In the boutique, waiting for her sister to try clothes, Nina spends her time looking at the collection. She is so bored she even looks at the male clothing department.

    Then, as nothing pleased Nina, she goes out the clothing store. She walks on the downtown street, the rain starts pouring down. Nightime on Pleasantview streets, bizarre events happen.


    Nina crosses the path of an evil witch. Her heart stopped to beat, she is remaining watchful. Véronique is a jinx, woe to people who Véronique decides to curse. Fortunately the witch had planed nothing but playing with her magic, in fact, she is there to search for her poor familar she losts.


    Véronique:-My precious friend I was so desperate I used magic to found you back. Where have you been? Véronique asked to her black cat, petting it with a benevolance nobody could suspect about a such person.

    Dina stays in the boutique, she is sitting down on a sofa. She did not buy anything tonight. She is the witness of a strange scene between a saleswoman and this elegant gentleman wearing an eyeglass. His is dressed a very old fashioned way. Both have a serious conversation. Dina is not listening to everything said except this :


    Saleswoman : -Sir, I do not deal with you anymore, you are a thief. Give us back the money and the costume you brought Wednesday please?
    Fraudman: -This time my money situation is better, let me prouve you I am honest. I know last time I used base coin, I am very sorry. This won’t happen anymore I promise, I am legal now.
    Saleswoman : -Only if you pay with real banknotes from the Bank of Simcity. Tonight this is a No.

    Fraudman: -Anyways, I stay without touching if you may?


    Nina: -You are finally here, where your shop bags are?
    Dina: -I will buy new attires when I earn money. Sales are soon anyways and the saleswoman told me new clothes will be order. You look gloomy what’s happened?
    Nina: I- I saw Véronique the Jinx.
    Dina: -Oh !
    Nina:-If we got coackroaches in houses. She is her fault.
    Dina:-This is the reason why the floor is filled of these filthy creatures.
    Nina:-What’s up?
    Dina:-There is a gentleman who got “coup de foudre” for me in the boutique. I am not quite interesting in him. I heard he has no money of his own.
    Nina:- Crazy ! How a such man can come up to a Caliente.
    Dina: -I don’t know , perhaps he thinks I am an easy prey because I am the future madame Gothik.

    Nina wakes up in the middle of the night, as if , she barely found sleep or she was just waking up from a nightmare. At this moment, she cannot supposed a guest is coming without a noise.


    The burglar comes into the house, searching for something expensive to freely grab. Nothing is expensive enough in the livingroom for him.
    Am I in the Caliente’s house? He minds,disappointed. How poor are they!
    Hearing the noise downstairs, Nina takes refuge in the kitchen. The burglar follows her, heads towards the kitchen, wih the hope , she leads him in the Treasure.
    With a horror shout Nina realized the house is burgled. Nina shouts loud. Dina wokes up and rush into the livingroom.

    The safety of the famous Gold Diggers sisters is preserved thanks to the anti-burglar alarm installed inside the house. Immediately the Montsympa Police Department is awared of the robbery. A policeman is quickly sent to arrest the intruder. Both fights.

    Dina is quite chocked by the scene.

    In the meantime, Nina is calming down eating a bag of cookie crips, sitting down the kitchen chair.

    Finally, the thief is under arrest and taken to the Montsympa Police Departement. The insurrance pays back some fee to the Caliente’s to thank them for helping the Police to arrest this wanted criminal.


    Nina loves Music , she loves dancing the Smustle .


    She dances to forget what is just happening , tries to burn the calories she’s just nervously ate. She cannot, for the first time in her life enjoying what she likes.


    Nina feels disgusted by the sound. The hate she feels for the burglar, the pain is intense, she breaks, she cries .


    For Dina, she ran to the bathroom, she hid for crying. She is more emotionally fragile than her sister.
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  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    Later …

    Woof Woof !


    Choupette (down) and Anisette (up) are playing in front of the door.

    Intrigued by the barks outside, Nina checks out. Only Choupette stays.
    Anisette,too much apprehensive, escaped. Nina pets Choupette and invites her to stay.

    Choupette chews on the old vinyl box. Nina is not okay with the behaviour of the black fur female dog. She tells her off . Choupette , afraid of the sudden Nina louder voice tone, leaves the house.


    In the evening, Dina prepares herself diner. Despite her three cooking point skills, cooking is not her forte.
    Starving hammers her stomach so much she eats her burn food anyways. Nina looks at her sister poisoning herself. She reacts.
    Nina : - Dina, preparing a gourmet meal is one of the secret for pampering your future wealthy husband, no matter if you marry Vladimir Gothik or an other one. These kind of men always married a woman with at least a special talent. You should take cooking lesson if you want Vladimir happy.
    Give me this tainted plate before I call the ambulance.

    The day after , Nina finally finds a job as a slacker to fullfill her dream. She will start to work at the Golf Club of Simcity as Caddy. This is a job that suits her. She will meet very important people, she will get close to millionaires and get paid for doing absolutely or almost nothing. She starts to work this night at 4.00 am.

    Then, like her sister previously, she let burning her waffles in the oven.

    - I should stop to blame my sister for being a so bad cooker.She minds.

    And as her sister, she is poisoning herself. But compared to Dina, she does not finish her plate.

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  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Dreamer Household : I played the Dreamer household, today and had Darren Resurrect Darleen and remarry her while Dirk was at school. Darleen invited the headmaster over for Dinner and was able to get Dirk in private school. Darleen had her eyes on this small building, in blue water village and decided to buy it for $6,500. She turned it into a store and her business is booming despite her being a new business owner A new family member is on the way for the dreamers.

    Pleasant Household : I moved the Burb Family in Mary-Sue was happy to give up her bedroom, to her sister in law and her husband while she moved in Lilith's room. Daniel invited Kaylynn over and did romantic interactions in front of his wife with no care in the world. Angela and Lucy became best friends and played with each other, while Lilith won two scholarships for college. Mary-sue is enjoying her new job in the criminal career (her aspiration) the following day while Daniel and Jennifer was at work Mary-Sue and John talked and tickled each other, they decided to take all the girls shopping and spent time with each other as a family before heading back home. When Daniel gets home Mary-Sue wants to kick him out so she can start her life over before it's too late.

    Tinker Household : I put Wanda and Stephen in their respective careers per their aspiration wants. Wanda and Stephen both have a want to have a baby, Melody is doing well in school and wants to attend college. She has made two new friends from her high school. I gave Wanda a makeover and made her buy some new clothes as well for her and Melody. Stephen got fired from his job, from the law career Wanda got a promotion and so did Melody in the criminal career.
  • Ziese52Ziese52 Posts: 2 New Member
    I sent 38 teens to college in round 9 of my Prosperity challenge. This is my blog but I'm a few households behind my game play
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Pleasant Household : I sent Lilith and Angela to college, Mary-Sue got a promotion at her job while Daniel got fired, While Mary-Sue was at work and after the girls Moved to college Daniel asked Kaylynn to move in with him since he's over Mary-Sue. Kaylynn moved in and Daniel gave up his room to his niece while he and Kaylynn moved into Angela's old Room they decided to woohoo and Kaylynn is pregnant with Daniels's child. John and Jennifer still sleep in Mary-Sues and Daniel old room but decided it needed a fresh modern makeover. Lucy's room was decorated to her liking while Mary-Sue decided to Move in Lilith's old room.

    Broke Household : I changed Dustin's career per his aspiration and had him bring up his grades. Beau is a kid and is passing school. Brandi got Married to Cyd Roseland and gave birth to her last son who I decided to name Carlos. Brandi is Pregnant again with her and Cyd's first child I also bulldozed the trailer and built them an actual house that was actually bigger and spacier the boys have their own room and Brandi is happy with finding true love.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 361 Member
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    Ophelia and Johnny Smith had a baby: light skinned, brown eyes and red hair. For the peeps who don't know: Ophelia is dark skinned, Johnny is an alien. They both have green eyes and blonde hair.. so where does this come from haha. Johnny's father has red hair gene and the father of Johnny's mother has brown eyes. So genetics??
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Dreamer Household : Darren got caught cheating by Cassandra when she saw him kissing Darleen she comes every night stealing their paper and kicking over their trash can. Darleen had twins a boy named Xavier and a girl named Juliette, Dirk is preparing for college.

    Kat Household : I decided to play Tara kat's household and add her to my rotational play I gave her a makeover and she got married to Jace forgot his last name they're expecting their first child I built another room for the nursery. Jace works in the business career and has gotten two promotions.

    Pleasantview Retirement Household : I mentioned that I made a retirement home for my elder sims and The Goodies, The Oldies, and The Bordelli's as the residents. The Bordelli's daughter Nadine who runs the center got Married to Cale the two newlyweds went on a vacation and enjoyed themselves after coming from their vacation Herb died and Coral was heartbroken they attended Herbs funeral by going to the cemetery (I built my own cemetery) and having a bite to eat. Coral died a few days after and she was buried next to her husband, Coral and Herb left an inheritance to Nadine and her parents, The Goodies, and Lilith They didn't leave any money to Mary-Sue or to Angela. Nadine and Cale are expecting their first child together.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
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    Here are some pics I've been meaning to upload :)

    Xavier and Juliette Dreamer

    Brandi and Cyd's Wedding Ceremony

    Brandi getting Ready to give birth

    Brandi's son Carlos

    Brandi and Cyd having a loving moment

    The Bordelli's Nadine, Ned, and Tina

    Ned Bordelli enjoying himself

    Nadine and Cale's wedding

    The Boredell's remembering their good friend at his funeral

    Faith and Herbert Goodie and Coral Oldie talking about Herb

    Everyone enjoying food at the repass

    Shot of Nadine before her wedding started

    Wedding of Tara Kat and Jace Macarevich

  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    I took a long break from playing my Alphabet Legacy. Added Pleasantview, played around restyling all the premades. Moved The Oldies back into the hood in case they may have to house their grandchildren or daughter.
    Now I've just been remodeling all the Downtown lots, which is taking me a very long time but it is nice and relaxing :smile: Also built a beach and pool community lot in my Legacy hood, the only other lot on their baron island :lol: Came up with some ideas for the present and future generations so I don't get bored and they have more of their own story.
    Every little piece of your life, will mean something to someone.
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 207 Member
    Bella and Cassandra had their babies, both of them are girls Bella named her and Mortimer's Daughter Hailee. while Cassandra named her Daughter Donna after Don. Mortimer and Don got into a fight Don won the fight, Don then decided to attack Bella and beat her up, Mortimer then attacked Don for attacking his wife and lost against Don again, A few hours later Mortimer Died leaving money to his wife, kids, and Granddaughter. Don went out on the town and saw Dina who he got into an argument with Don then attacked Dina and beat her up and went home to his wife.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,267 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    I've been having problems sticking to any family. :(
    Must have started about 20 new neighborhoods and families but once the babies are born, I'm bored. :cry:

    Then I fell back to my favorite Challenge- The Apocalypse. Still lost interest at the start of generation 2. :sigh: I pondered what to do, besides taking a break because that never works for me. XD

    I've decided to combine some challenges, which I've done before and still fail but, what the hey, I'm kinda crazy. :lol:
    After reading a few TS2 stories, I decided which ones I like the most. It sounded like a good idea at the time and I've made it past the baby stage of generation 2, almost to adults of generation 2. Yay! :cookie:

    The Plan...
    1. The Alphabet Challenge. (Because I can fit a few challenges inside it)
    2. Apocalypse Challenge - which is a handicap of the Legacy, so fits. I'll be only going to the Seasons restrictions. This lets me restart a new challenge inside the Alphabet because at generation 6 (E in the challenge) the family must down size. Fun? I hope.
    3. An Uglacy - cause that's Always fun!
    4. Twist... The Uglacy will be a Copacy. I'll be copying the Original by Candi*random#'s* Not with names but with the Spouses to see what I can get. No fun Zombie Don or Cage, he's too famous and I'm not plagiarizing. Plus, I'm not as good of a writer nor will I be guaranteed to get them.

    So, the Alphabet starting with an Apocalypse with the first 10 generations being a copy of the Uglacy spouses. :)
    5. Generation E will start an OWBC. . . I hope. I'm not there yet. That's 4 generations which will be the end of 10 generations and the Uglacy. Maybe then I'll make it a Prettacy but I'm just wanting to finish the Apocalypse years right now.

    I named my founder Jr. Copacy. I believe Candi used face #2. I gave Jr some elf ears, too. It's not a Perfect Copy, just for fun copy - because I admire her story and originality but don't want to be the exact same thing, If you understand. :cookie:

    Jr. Copacy

    I gave Sandy a makeover before the Apoc started. Cause I can. :lol:
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 2,467 Member
    Very interesting posts. It's fun to see how other people play the game.

    Today I started playing through Riverview families and concentrated on Leod McGreggor.

    I gave him a cat named Lucy which he worships completely haha. He is also gay in my game so I'm thinking who to pair him up with:


    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 73 Member
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    I had 6 boys born in a row in different families. In fact, in current neighbourhood I had only 6 kids born at all. The last born just now. I have one last family that has a chance to bring girl into the future generation (I don't plan having anymore kids for a long while from now). I heard that such thing can happen but in all the years playing that is the first time for me. Really hope that it's just generator and not some mod and I actually have a chance for a girl.
    Edit: now 7 seven boys.
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