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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,916 Member
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    C Gen is nearly on their way to adulthood! Debating whether they'll be the first to go to Uni. I enjoy playing with both of them that Uni might not be such a slug.
    Twins always seem to bring a friend each every day from school.
    Branwen reached her LTW of Mayor :star: Phaedra managed to benefit from the carpool upgrade :smirk:
    Twins Birthday!!!
    Unexpected and made me totally forget that you can vomit from using the Centrifun(roundabout) too much! Since he waited until this precise moment, my narrative will be his sister growing into a teen was too much for him :lol:
    Teen Cyprian - Fortune Asp - and Capucine - Pleasure Asp.
    For their birthday present, they were allowed to call the Matchmaker. Cyprian went to bed instead of finding a date lol but Capucine took advantage and found a soulmate in Townie Chandler! They have been on a few dates and are so cute :mrgreen:
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    Once you've met someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return.
  • OliwkaWidmoOliwkaWidmo Posts: 13 New Member
    I started a slightly legacy challenge inspired game with a female Sim, Anna Maria, whom I sent to university with just 500 simoleons. She lived in a dorm and was a great student. When she was getting her degree, she had 3 people fall in love with her: a mascot, with whom she didn't woohoo, so she had no idea what he looked like under the llama head, with one of her roommates at the dorm, with whom she developed a very strong friendship without me doing anything at all, and then just one flirty interaction was enough to make them fall in love, and with a cheerleader who was her phone friend at first, and then they met up and fooled around at a party.

    She graduated, moved to Riverblossom Hills and built a tiny house for the small amount of money she had. Because she had a degree, she could start her Business career at a relatively high level and was promoted like three days in a row, too. She invited over the mascot guy and they finally woo hooed... And he wasn't ugly! So they moved in together and after a day or two got married. Right before they said "I do" she became visibly pregnant :D
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    Been awhile since I posted what is happening in my hoods. I opened an orphanage run by an elder lady, and an adult lady who has to help with home work and social for the kids etc. I first had to make a parent, move in all the kids with the parent and the elder lady (no kin) then move out the parent. Then the elder couldn't keep up with all the homework help and fun things to do and or socials of the kids. So I had to add an adult to help with all that. But they needed money, lol, so I made the old lady get a part time job because I needed the adult to clean up and help the kids, and to cook lots of meals. lol Thinking of dumping some toddlers into the mix. The kids are actually doing pretty good in school, as they grow up. Once they have enough money they may adopt some kids into the orphanage. But right now it only has four bedrooms so it might be hard to expand that Maxis house to hold more beds.

    Trying not to cheat them any money, but they need more kids if it's going to be a large place for kids. Only four kids right now.

    The dad moved into a home garage and runs a garage (ticket machine) he fixes up junkers and hopes someday to open a car dealership.
    But I think he should donate some of his money to the care of his kids in the orphanage. :D But right now he is barely getting by himself.

    In other news in Collinsport, Barnabas has been cursed and is now a vampire (waited a very long time this time). Quentin is about to be cursed and turned into a werewolf, Jennings is going to dump his little sister, Amy, off at Collinwood because he will become a werewolf, and can no longer care for her. He will have to move in there with Amy then move out and back to his shack. The Collins family will gladly take her in for that $20,000. :D

    Victoria has met Elizabeth Collins Stoddard now, and is about to be asked to move in and be the governess of David. I should do this very soon, because his grades are failing and no time to work with him. I think he has a D right now. And a pile of unfinished homework. Got to remember do that before I play them again. The family has no time at all to help him. Carolyn has decided she wants a job in the paranormal field, she has second site. lol Elizabeth has come out of her shell and has become a politician, and because she is she has decided since her family founded this town, she can move lots around to better looking districts and build more places to go and things to do in Collinsport.

    This is the fifth or sixth time I have rebuilt a world, refurnished it with lots and made it a smaller island full of lots and places and things to do.
    I don't have any other subhoods added anymore helps with loading since it is full of characters over a period of five years of a TV show that is a lot of characters to play and adding more and more of them. They live in the mansion on the hill the rest of the town is down in the capetown near the ocean, and very busy with all the trouble that family brings to this town. I built a school and a continuing education adult school. I send Sims there (mod) to gain skill points rather than have to add all those extra things into small houses. Sims can gain skills on community lots with that mod so it works out well when I feel they should go continue their education and gain a skill and socialize with others. Elizabeth goes to the City Hall and gives speeches with a podium, she doesn't mind she gets $5 every few seconds. lol I added a church where they toast each other, and eat at a buffet if someone has enough money to feed everyone, and they hold speeches there, too. I decided against subhoods this time because it has room enough to add all the type lots we can play without having to go to a shopping district and or downtown. I felt those characters would add too many since I have so many already in the mainhood.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.


  • OliwkaWidmoOliwkaWidmo Posts: 13 New Member
    I'm playing in Pleasantview right now and I was playing as Daniel Pleasant. Mary Sue divorced him a while ago and he had been living in a small house next to Nina Caliente's for a while now. His lifetime want was to have 20 lovers at the same time, so he spent all his time either working, or hitting on women (whom he was mostly meeting online) and woo-hooing them, only to never invite them over again, most of the time. Very nice, sleazy life. He was already an elder and had about 15 lovers when one day he was flirting with a woman by his house, and some other woman, with whom he's been on a date a few days before, was passing by and saw this. She was furious and slapped him, but oh well, he continued his date. Still, he called the angry woman the next day, hoping to make up, because every relationship is precious when you're trying to get to 20 lovers! Eventually she agreed to go on a date with him and fell in love with him again... And then two days later he was woo-hooing with his coworker in a hot tub, and she caught him again. Whoops.

    And then I get a bug: Daniel gets stuck on the hot tub: he's kind of standing on it, instead of sitting in it or standing next to it, and he can't move, he's stuck. At first I was a little 🎃🎃🎃🎃 and thought about leaving without saving, but then I thought: wait, that makes narrative sense! She caught him cheating twice and was so furious she murdered him! Amazing! So I just left him stuck on the hot tub and waited until he starved to death. Serves him right.

    I love this game. Even when there are bugs, they help me with storytelling :smiley:
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