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What happen in your game today/most recently?


  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    Freshman Year, First Term

    The girls each have their own room, of course. I included an object related to their hobbies: Annie has a ballet barre, Scarlet has a pottery wheel, and Katie has a games console for her TV.


    As you can tell, the Delacroix dorm is right opposite the girls' dorm! The girls live in "Kalahari Dorms" and the boys live in "Sahara Dorms", both after deserts.


    Playing Mahjong with Jacques. It's a fairly popular object for them to play with autonomously. Not only is it useful for socialising, it's a great way for Katie to maintain her Games hobby.


    Enjoying the pool!


    Enjoying the pool... table, that is!


    When you're trying to do research, it can be a little irritating if a cheerleader is doing the school cheer right in front of you.


    Congratulations, girls!


    Now over to Sahara Dorms...

    Thierry has a garden. Hopefully it'll soon be producing some tasty fruits and veggies!


    I have to say that the SimManipulator is an incredibly useful mod, and the At Home Store is my favourite. You can buy clothing for FREE! I also managed to get a SentryBot. Bye-bye, annoying Evil Cow Mascot!


    I gave Thierry a beard, and changed Scarlet's turn-ons so that she was attracted to bearded gingers. His turn-ons were already "brown hair" and "creative". He was very taken with Scarlet when Jacques invited over the Kalahari Dorms ladies!


    Congratulations, Jacques and Thierry!


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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    The main events that happened in the second semester...

    Katie maxed her enthusiasm for Games!


    Scarlet and Thierry are in love!


    Thierry earned a Gold gardening badge! Normally I cheat to get the gold level, this is the first time a Sim of mine has earned it properly by actually gardening.


    I built Thierry a pond. Now he can get to work on his Fishing badge!


    Scarlet invited over her little sister, Jasmine. Who ended up feeling rather like a third wheel...

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    Simtown15 wrote: »

    @Simtown15 :star:YAY!!! :star: Sims 2 is a fantastic game and it deserves to be recognized just as much as it was in its glory days. :grin:

    Usually I will check the Friday highlights, but I didn't check that one and I'm sad I didn't... :cry: I would've been bouncing for joy to see this thread highlighted. :smiley:

    Sim on everyone! :mrgreen:
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    edited February 2021
    I won’t be adding any further updates until everyone has graduated. Mainly because not much has happened! Everyone still has a GPA of 4.0 and are on track to graduate with top marks.
    Life will be much more interesting once everyone’s graduated and moved back to the main Sedona hood. Jacques and Annie can get married, as can Thierry and Scarlet, and I can create a love interest for Katie.
    I should also create a few more families for the main hood.
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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    Screenshots will come later, but... everyone graduated! Yay!
    Oh and Jacques and Annie got married, too. They’d had the want to get engaged for a long time. They’re currently on honeymoon in Twikkii Island.
    I have yet to build Thierry and Scarlet a proper house, but that’ll come.
    I think I’ll have the adults (as in Rose, Pete, Henri, Mathilde, Hugh and Georgia) become Elders before I get started on the next generation. They all have about six days left as adults, so not long. Hugh and Georgia (Scarlet’s parents) still have five kids at home, and I’m not sure if they’ll all be teenagers before their parents age up. That doesn’t matter.
    I’ve never actually gone beyond Generation 3 with a family before (the original couple’s grandchildren) so perhaps I’ll go with that. Of course, finding space in the hood for everyone will be difficult, perhaps I’ll end up moving some to Downtown or Bluewater Village.
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 2,593 Member
    My BF and I played one of his households in my Pleasantview yesterday and we had so much fun.

  • FumusFumus Posts: 11 New Member
    Hermia literally beat Mercutio on Puck's Party and the score went to Good Time
  • chonk_floofchonk_floof Posts: 36 Member
    My cat lady sold some of her cats to make room for more kittens, but after seeing them go, my heart filled with sadness because I felt like that cat had a connection with my Sim. So I tried to adopt her again so I could see her face, but I didn't have enough room in the household to bring her in. So to drown my emotions, I made my house a cat and dog hangout so I never had to think about the cat again. I will probably try to adopt her again today after I clear a space in my household.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,482 Member
    Hi :mrgreen:

    I keep restarting. I'm so frustrated. I don't know why I lose interest about the 3rd generation. :cry:

    So many restarts. Male, female, YA fe/male... rich, poor, challenges, no challenges, A lot of restrictions. Fun starts... boring children.
    I even played just base game; base game and Uni. I'm a Sims failure. :(

    If I don't play I'll have to do my chores. :scream:
    3rd generation of the Legacy/Uglacy/Earn you Home challenge


    Base game Earn your home/Service Sim challenge. He's wife hunting. Isn't he cute? :heart:

    He made the best faces

    but not the best impressions

    He married her. XD

    Alien baby!

    Started base game again... Pleasantview

    TS2UC... 2nd generation

    A Favorite until I messed up a rule :(

    They 2nd gen went to Uni

    A plain Legacy with my Sims only
    2nd generation


    Then the Farmer Challenge with my created Sims (turned Townies)

    Found a wife

    Had 4 kids - all Adorably funny looking :heart:

    I did make it to 4th generation on an Uglacy Alphabet Apocalypse Copacy (copying the Sims Candi020765 used in her Ugacly XD )
    They're not that similar. :lol:

    I still have my Troll Valley BACC, which I really love but am kinda tired of running businesses. :(
    I even made some fun lots- like my Troll Village Tourist Trap. ;)

    I just love the characters - Trolls, Prince, Knight, ... regulars. :smile:

    But, I keep restarting. What to do, what to do. :cookie: <-eats cookies and ponders the dishes. ;)
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 210 Member
    Goth Household : Cassandra, Don, and Bella all got promotions in their respective careers, Don decided to give into temptation and decided to talk up his coworker, named Rosemarie who he was attracted to. After getting to know her, he decided to roll a want to fall in love with her. He called her up and asked her out on a date and it ended up being a dream date. Alex got demoted at his teen job and lost his scholarship, a few hours before being sent to college, his family ran out to wave good-bye to him.

    Cassandra who hadn't seen Mary-Sue in a while decided, to call up her best friend and invite her over on her day off. The two besties hung out ate hamburgers and caught up on the latest, sim gossip. After a while Cass hugged Mary-Sue and sent her on her way home before it became too late. Cass Decided to watch tv with her sister Hailer and Daughter Donna, before sending them to bed for the next school day.

    After everyone left for the carpool/school Don called over his lover, Rosemarie and the two greeted each other with a kiss. Don chatted with her and led her to his room, the lovers had a woo hoo and fell asleep, Donna and Hailee came home from school and Donna cried at the sight of her father cheating on her Mom, Hailee couldn't believe Her brother-in-law would cheat on her sister. Bella came home and caught Don in the act and beat up Don in front of her daughter and granddaughter.

    Bella made Don take both girls to the park, so she could talk to Cass about her husband's infidelity and how it's affecting Donna. Don took his daughter and her Aunt to the park, toy store, and a nice restaurant to take the heat off of him. When the trio returned Cass was coming home from work. Donna ran to her mom and hugged her and Hailee hugged her older sister.

    Cass made salmon for dinner, The whole family sat down for dinner and chatted with each other, when Don was done he decided, to go do some exercise upstairs to get in shape. Bella chatted with Hailee and Donna and the three decided, to go outside and pull weeds out the yard to make it more presentable. Cass took a shower and went to bed.

    Bella made sure both girls took a shower and went to bed, to prepare for school the next day. She decided to go to the pleasantview gym and work off her anger towards Don. The following morning everyone left for work and school, except Don who called over his mistress once again and the two sat in the family car and made out.

    Hailee and Donna grew up into Teenagers and Bella took both girls on a shopping spree for some new clothes. The trio returned from their shopping spree and hung outside to goof off some with each other. Cass came home with a promotion and celebrated by making some dessert for the family.

    Bella brought home Nathan Gavigan from work and the two chatted and hung out, Bella rolled a want to flirt and decided to hit on Nathan, who accepted her advances the two ended the night with a slow dance, which caused them to have a crush on each other.

  • FumusFumus Posts: 11 New Member
    I'm playing Bluewater Village(as a Mainhood) and some things happened:

    Malcolm Landgraab got Engaged and Married to his employee in the eletronic store, Tammy King. They're Already Expecting a Baby to come.

    Wanda Tinker Had a Baby girl with her husband Stephen, Her name is Abby. Also Melody Haves a Love Interest in one of the Townie Male Teens.

    Florence Delarosa and Chester Gieke seem to get along pretty well.

    Denise Jacquet is having a Romantic Relationship with Doug Larson. Gilbert Jacquet(Her son) Have impregnated Trina Dalton and now i have to play with her aswell.

    Nothing Had Happened in the Ramirez and Larson Family outside of Tessa Ramirez entering Private School and Jason's Relationship with Denise.

    I'm Trying to get Chester to be Abducted.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    Jacques and Annie

    Shortly after moving in together, Jacques proposed!


    They decided to book a honeymoon to Twikkii Island.


    The bonus of graduating with a perfect GPA: being able to jump into your chosen career at level 8! He's going to need to seriously improve his Cooking skill, though!


    Annie also got a job, at level 8 in the Dance career.


    Jacques invited over his parents, Henri and Mathilde, so that Annie could get to know them better.


    The wedding party has started!


    *dun dun da dun, dun dun da dun...*


    You may kiss your bride!


    Thierry and Scarlet casually having a pillow fight LMAO :D


    Everyone tucking into cake!


    Checking into the hotel on honeymoon.


    Annie (and later Jacques) learnt the hula dance! Always fun if you're into Music and Dance like these two!


    Enjoying the hot springs.


    Learning the local hot stones massage.


    They went home the following morning. I don't tend to have them stay on vacation for very long.

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  • FumusFumus Posts: 11 New Member
    Chester Gieke got abducted and is now waiting for the alien baby to come.

    Wanda Tinker's baby(Abby) is now a child, and also Wanda is waiting for another baby aswell.

    Gilbert Jacquet Rejected Trina Dalton(Whom i made playable since he impregnated her) Engagement Proposal.

    I dont know if i told this or not but Chester Gieke is in a Romantic relationship with Florence Delarosa.

    Lisa and Checo Ramirez had a baby girl, Berta Ramirez.

    Melody Tinker Graduated from University with Dominic Boyle(whom she's engaged too) Cooper Garth and a Random Townie.
  • zeldababezeldababe Posts: 1 New Member
    well im trying to play my game but this happened
    and idk where to post for help but see the lighting is weird on the lot
    im using goneril capps radiance lighting based off gunmods lighting system and ive had this problem before updating to gcs mod and found help for it but i cant find it now. does any one know how to fix this?
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,090 Member
    I tried to play the game earlier and it wouldn’t even start. I’d click play on the launcher (I don’t have Ultimate Collection, I use the discs) and nothing happened. So annoying. Ah well.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,482 Member
    I tried to play the game earlier and it wouldn’t even start. I’d click play on the launcher (I don’t have Ultimate Collection, I use the discs) and nothing happened. So annoying. Ah well.

    Hi :)
    Did you try - Right click on the Game .exe and choose Run as administrator?

    Have you deleted the Group.cache in the Game files?
  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 300 Member
    last time i played, i married Stella Curious and had her have 2 babies. She is the daughter of Pascal Curious in Strangetown. She and her Husband was also straight out of uni.
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  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,871 Member
    Rebuilding my BellaDonna Cove, I mentioned in the past about the backup neighbourhood, and I like the idea of restarting since it's been a few months.

    However in the process of fixing the jump bug, I realised she moved out and forgot her Spell Lectern... Might be a bit of a problem

    I also got to moving some old residents in, getting them to know eachother and huh. It's like the DeBateau's still have a nice overwhelming presence.

    Other than that, a random tibit I will show is a landlord harassing a poor Simmy townie.

    Maybe I'll do a proper update when my BDC comes together!
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,871 Member
    Well, first week of BDC 3 over and let's just say it's already going to be... Interesting. (Lets hope there isn't a BDC 4)

    But so I should probably recap everything up to last time so I don't confuse myself either.

    Ash here really does not need to do much to already find Jason Cleveland bullying absolutely anything in his way, what a jerk

    Am I going to need to write in that Marissa Cleveland is the only sane Cleveland?

    You know, imagine being a burgular that managed to get beaten up by a super light sleeping teenager at 2am in the morning, at that point I'd just consider myself unemployeed if I was your burglar.

    Oh some late night lot snoopering and she's seen one of the headwitches, they don't look as bad with a mod to remove the super green green... Instead it's green, just not as toxic-y.

    I decided to swap to the Clevelands just out of curiosity... Jason...

    Why did you have to look so smug about not dying today?

    Let's just say Jason is probably even worse than Justin ever was already, he's almost died and he hates teenagers, what a combo.

    Befriending witches to become a witch is fun. But being normal for too long? Not so interesting, so let's kick it up a notch.

    Only thing is, I don't want her to be green.. Or evil but I decided getting to both ends of the allignment spectrum would be cool to do in a lifetime. Plan was, study evil, turn green and then get out of there as fast as she could back into normal toned skin.

    TV blured due to NSFW text but it's kinda fitting how Armond DeBateau just walks in, sees the TV and walks off. Is this not normal Armond?

    The creepy hardhat men came back already, and wow. Ashes sure doesn't like walking into a store of them.

    There's still plenty of other households I need to move in now, just working on recreating them, building them up to a point they can roam freely doing crazy things
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    Really cool this thread got featured :star:
    Upon starting the household, Wren made a trip to the bathroom. Which only meant one thing!
    Cyprian is slowly moving up in the Architect career, now he wears a suit to work :tongue:
    This was my first play of the house since remodeling everything. Which awakened the ghosts. Ghost Aderyn was incredibly annoying by going to each sim and waking them up all night. Even when I would direct them back to sleep. She was doing some sort of round robin with asleep sims :rage:
    Cyprian came home from work just in time!
    The twin curse is broken :naughty: Gen D is born! Baby boy, Darrow Firefly :blush:
    3am feedings in the middle of winter, hooray!
    Grandma Blodwen is the only adult who works at night, so she is the designated babysitter during the day :wink:
    Birthday time!!! So cute ^.^
    Toddler Darrow! Dad's/Grandma Phaedra's eyes. Mum's hair and skin colour.
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  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,871 Member
    Least now with the neutural alignment she looks a little more... Normal again

    Gosh I love this image, there's so much going on at once, the fight, the customer pushing... And Ashes face, that is the definition of horror if I've seen one.

    I think 47 knows I'm trying to befriend him. And quite frankly, that scares me.

    And one of my favourite residents finally returns, the ultimate fiend to your sleep.


    The welcome wagon here to greet a house from my first BDC, the Yakumos, or is this house here to greet a new love thats occured?

    I love how immeditately I can sense some sort of cheating happen within a while.

    Even the creepy hard hat guy is all head over heels.

    So far everyone in the welcome wagons falling for Carlos Contender. Odd.

    Quite a welcome wagon huh. I forgot how much I missed out on without them.

    What is this? A welcome wagon or a house party?

    I'm not surprised these two always show up, where theres chaos, there's a 50/50 chance its a witch, or a DeBateau

    Ever want to watch TV and people decide to make their own soap opera out of your control?
    I can guess I'll have to roll with that now.

    For the past few days the Yakumos been getting calls from Carlos Contender... The child of the house no less.

    Let me point out his biography no less? I'm genuinely concerned. And especially considering going out my way to deal with Carlos Contender.
    At least the Clevelands have morals

    No seriously. Stop. Calling. Stop talking, enough.
    I might throw Carlos into the nearest ladderless pool at this rate.

    Anyway, I swapped back to Ashes for a little and wow her house right now became a witch hangout for a few days. She's definitely gotten to know a few witches and warlocks, I may have accidentally created the most magical experience yet

    Ever want to watch TV and theres two visitors just brawling?

    I can sense fighting in the background. They've been doing nothing but poking eachother and crying for a few minutes.

    Good thing good witches don't let people fight. At least sometimes.

    Even the stray dog hates Justin, wow. Everyone hates Justin. I agree with the dog here, Justin is a bad man.

    Hey, finally a vampire again? I suppose since she couldn't ask people to move in, this is the next best option, be the vampire again!
    I can tell Tara just walked down the stairs, saw her friend a little blue and probably thought "Now I've seen everything"

    For a completely unscripted picture there's oddly so much going on, we've got Armond cheering for some reason? Tara looking as creepy as usual, and probably a little more pale than usual and if thats one of the happiest reactions I've seen from the Witchpire.
  • hushfireflyhushfirefly Posts: 1,923 Member
    Potty training is the best!
    While trying to get the milestones done before their birthday, I forget about the cute toddler games :blush:
    No birthday party because I did not pay attention to the age meter :confused: Child Gesina!
    She also came home from her first day of school an A+, which I've never had before.
    Grandma Phaedra dropped around to visit and got along with her grand daughter quite well.
    Capucine reached the top of the Gamer career, just look how happy she is :tongue:
    Potty training is the best!
    Darrow seems to enjoy the Charisma skill building toy the best.
    B gen are always causing fires. Branwen has maxed cooking! That sprinkler introduced in Uni has always been my most loved object.
    Child Darrow! No bday party either because again, I wasn't paying attention. I had so many reminder birthday notices at one time that I forgot his. I made the lot have two houses, one for Gen B and the other Gen C. I thought it would be easier to keep track than the massive two/three story houses but with opening up the beach to them, it's about the same madness trying to find them all :disappointed:
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,750 Member
    For very convoluted reasons I have a zombie running around my current neighborhood. The zombie was a romance sim in life and still has several red hearts with townspeople. Worse (or better, actually): He died before being able to deliver flowers for great dates, so now that he's on his feet again, he shambles from house to house leaving flower bouquets. It's hilarious!

    The tombie also comes visit the local pub (a home business), where he is very well behaved and most of the time plays the piano. The pub owner's mother has already started a romance with him, so death really threw only a very little wrench in this man's love life, lol.

    I'm also feeling more confident with SimPE now, resulting in having androids in my 'hoods now:

    This is Daniel in his real form (normal servo with an android default replacement skin):


    And this is Daniel in his sim-surgeried form, still a servo, but able to wear human clothes. I forgot that servos cannot clean showers, and as a result he ran amok - right into his co-worker/rooommate to whom he is by now engaged (it's the couple in my avatar):


    The icons in my avatar represent my main family: A vampire detective, a human detective and an android ex-detective, now teacher.Sims Blog
  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 135 Member
    A lot happened today. Unfortunately no accompanying screenshots, but hopefully my storytelling can carry this post 😂

    My main Riverblossom Hills couple, Demetria and Isaac finally got married after a long engagement just as their son Lucas aged into a child.

    Isaac then got abducted by aliens (again). Right when he got spat out onto the street for a second time, his newlywed wife pointed and laughed.

    So alien baby #2 it was! In the meantime, our kitten Bonkers (i never change his name) aged into a fully grown and admittedly annoying cat.

    Celeste (alien baby #1) aged into a child and moved out of the nursery and into the other bedroom with her (human) brother, Lucas. Aside from her obviously green skin and massive black eyes, she has fortunately taken more after her human father!

    I can't say the same for new baby Hyacinth, who is the spitting image of the Pollination Technician.

    Celeste and Lucas seem to be getting along much better as children, because (oddly enough) they didn't seem to like each other very much as toddlers.

    Just when little Hyacinth aged into a toddler, turns out Demetria is pregnant! ( I have a mod that makes everything a surprise for me too)

    I'm a little worried about a 4th baby considering that their house is tiny and they never seem to have more than 2k simoleons, but que sera sera 😂

  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,482 Member
    Hi :)

    This topic always makes me happy. I enjoy all the pictures and the stories. I wish more people were writing or sharing their TS2 Legacy/Challenge stores. :cookie:

    I've decided to play Pleasantview again. I always go back to Pleasantview. :lol:

    It'll be a BaCC and keeping the original names the same - no new Sims except married in. (I had to play through each house situation before moving them out).:)
    The Robot Invasion happened... It was sad times for the Simverse. :cry:

    The world was slowly rebuilt

    I started with the Goths. Not one Sim but 2, Mortimer and Alexander (the Cemetery is in the back - he'll own it soon)

    Alexander went to school and Mortimer built up the first business - the City Hall (earned the town 4 Mill) :)

    They moved into one of my favorite old houses I built. (I thought I had a better picture) :heart:

    Next were the Pleasants (who I don't like as much :lol: )

    The Twins were sent to Uni to start their new lives. I'm sure they're happy about sharing a dorm. XD

    It took longer to build but the Pleasants now own the only gas station/quick mart in town. (the roof posts are missing but I did add them)

    It didn't make as much as the City hall could so they still live in their starter home.

    Not every Sim will have a challenge, but I'm playing to mix it up as I go. :cookie:
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