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What happened in your first ever Sims family?



  • haisinhaisin Posts: 14 New Member
    I created these two girls, Sari and Laura (not 100% sure about their names). They were roomies and... well I don't think they did anything special. Though Laura did get married to Joonatan, the only member of my second sims family.

    I remember Joonatan had a hamster and the sad hamster painting and his hamster bit him so often ;__; If I remember right the hamster biting him had something to do with that sad hamster painting, but I learnt that much later. He also had problems with Tragic Clown, because he was often lonely (and because he also had that clown painting...). Fortunately at some point he called the clown catchers and they destroyed the clown painting. Yet I have this hazy feeling that I bought the painting back and the clown returned and I was devastated, but I guess I then figured not to buy that painting again.

    Anyhow, I was pleased when Laura and Joonatan got married (I think Laura rejected him once before that because she wasn't feeling good) and they lived happily together. I don't remember what happened to Sari and did the three of them live together, though.
  • hippychik77hippychik77 Posts: 1 New Member
    I played my first game on Sim 1, my daughter had told me that I thought I would enjoy it. I finally got it installed and booted it up, reticulating splines. I had zero clues. When my daughter came home, I was in tears and so was my Sim. I had built only walls with no floors, she was starving, dirty and THAT CLOWN WAS FOLLOWING ME AROUND CRYING!!! I begged my daughter to fix my poor Sim, but her best advice was...Mom, you need to just start over. lol Good times.
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