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What happened in your first ever Sims family?


  • haisinhaisin Posts: 433 Member
    I created these two girls, Sari and Laura (not 100% sure about their names). They were roomies and... well I don't think they did anything special. Though Laura did get married to Joonatan, the only member of my second sims family.

    I remember Joonatan had a hamster and the sad hamster painting and his hamster bit him so often ;__; If I remember right the hamster biting him had something to do with that sad hamster painting, but I learnt that much later. He also had problems with Tragic Clown, because he was often lonely (and because he also had that clown painting...). Fortunately at some point he called the clown catchers and they destroyed the clown painting. Yet I have this hazy feeling that I bought the painting back and the clown returned and I was devastated, but I guess I then figured not to buy that painting again.

    Anyhow, I was pleased when Laura and Joonatan got married (I think Laura rejected him once before that because she wasn't feeling good) and they lived happily together. I don't remember what happened to Sari and did the three of them live together, though.
  • hippychik77hippychik77 Posts: 1 New Member
    I played my first game on Sim 1, my daughter had told me that I thought I would enjoy it. I finally got it installed and booted it up, reticulating splines. I had zero clues. When my daughter came home, I was in tears and so was my Sim. I had built only walls with no floors, she was starving, dirty and THAT CLOWN WAS FOLLOWING ME AROUND CRYING!!! I begged my daughter to fix my poor Sim, but her best advice was...Mom, you need to just start over. lol Good times.
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    In my first ever sims family it was in the sims 4. I had two girls they were sisters. I made one of the sisters marry a rich person kill them and get all their money twice. Then I made them get married and have some kids they all looked so ugly I was terrible at making sims. I was fun though. I was So so excited. I lost the save though.
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    Wow that is funny to die on your birthday sorry,
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    My family was terrible
  • GraveDirtGraveDirt Posts: 41 Member
    For me that was the Goths! Mortimer was in the science career and worked while Bella had multiple affairs with Townies in his absence. Bob Newbie had died in their pool and haunted their house at night, while Betty moved on to have a successful life in the Slacker career.
  • DESERTFLOWER1981DESERTFLOWER1981 Posts: 90 Member
    edited March 2019
    I was 19 years old and in my very first apartment. When I wasn't working or studying for college I was addicted to my Sims game. My very first family managed to survive for the most part. There was however at one point a very terrible fire that claimed the lives of 2 members. I loved the very idea of this game and I think I might have been more mean spirited to those early Sims because was a phase.
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  • LeosimsLeosims Posts: 47 Member
    Nothing. In the sims Life stories. When His dad Was abucted. She Was Just taken away By it.
  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,172 Member
    edited March 2019
    Newbie family from Sims 1. Nothing really happened in the Sims 1, I don't think you could die of old age, you just had to keep them alive.

  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited March 2019
    My first family was the Goths in Sims 1 - I even played them when I tested the game for Will Wright. So when I finally had the finished game I picked them again. But Eventually I stopped playing them - started a new game and played the two girl roommates - as I figured early on that playing rich sims right off the bat was not as fun as playing two struggling roommates just trying to make money, climb the career ladder, and visiting all the places that came into their world with new eps. In Sims 1, unless fire got the Sims they never died or aged or anything so they had all the time in the world as long as they learned to cook before they did anything. My sims lived on jello - a LOT - as skilling was super slow and the game was fast paced (time moved way too fast) so it took a while.

    In fact both my girls become stars in Superstar eventually - the next to the last ep before they found true love and married. Neither had kids as I did not like the babies turning into kids that could never grow up, I learned that with the Goths - so they never had any or adopted any. They were too busy for pets as superstar was hard to gain stardom - and took a lot of time.

    The two girls married as I said - one to the Bachelor sim and the other to another Star. They built houses next door to each other and then Makin'Magic came out. As it ends up both of them did die the same exact way - thanks to that adorable little dragon set them and their homes ablaze. First the Blonde friend and her hubby - he tried hard to put it out when the wife was burning, and he called FD but the firemen never showed to help. So I went to the other girls house who I was sure would not repeat the same thing - but who could resist those dragon babies hatching out of their eggs. I was told to take real good care of it - and it wouldn't do that. Not true. Best care in the world does not help if one runs out of dragon treats. Dragon threw a hissy fit and burned mamma first, then turned and burned up daddy who was napping over near the pool. (he never woke up when mamma was burning up so didn't call the fire station. No call, no firemen in Sims 1. Of course as soon as daddy went up in smoke - grim says Game over!

    And that was actually my first full play in the Sims 1.

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  • jaletu2005jaletu2005 Posts: 638 Member
    Will never forget - first ever sim was in Sims 1. Created my sister (don't remember why) and she went to make a first ever meal for herself and burned up! I still feel guilty. But I learned to make them study cooking!
  • brenna29brenna29 Posts: 73 Member
    Ah, yes. I was about 11 or 12 when I first got the sims 4. I made a family with my brother who weren't actually related cause I didn't know how to do that, so it was just 3 random strangers living together. I moved them into a starter home in Oasis Springs, and I guess there wasn't a stove and I didn't understand why my sims couldn't cook, so they just ate a bunch of cereal. I didn't know how to travel or anything, so they just stayed at home. I don't remember what happened to them, but I guess at some point I gave up and actually figured out how to play.
  • SjappielovePaulSjappielovePaul Posts: 4,794 Member
    I don't think I actually remember. My sister and I had to share all the Sims games we got, so I'm not even sure if I got to play for myself in the beginning, she would let me watch though :') guess who was the younger sibling...

    I think I must have started with the Newbies, I remember a lot about them. I also remember I once made a huge house, but it was only a huge square, barely any, if any, rooms in the house. So I stacked everything neatly near the walls and there was this big space in the middle with nothing lol. I also created something in what was it called, bodyshop? I called them curtainSims, I wasn't good at using it so I basically took a nice pattern and made the whole body and head from that same pattern. Basically, I had no clue what I was doing but I pretended that I did haha!

    I do remember the first time installing the Sims 2, we didn't get it upon release. But when we got it, it was magical. I will never forget that game of memory you could play while installing, I believe it had something to do with aging Sims as well, that memory game. My mouth dropped and we probably had the best day ever, my sister still being at the controls of course. We could pick different colours for items, we could create Sims part by part, they aged! There were these things called toddlers and teens and it was awesome.
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  • baranoutabaranouta Posts: 64 Member
    So this was TS2, and everybody kept gathering to talk in the bathroom! One person would use the toilet, then somebody would go to talk to them, and the two of them would just stay there. Then people who needed to use the bathroom couldn't use it and peed themselves, and couldn't up their hygiene need because of course they couldn't bathe when people were still talking in the bathroom. And even if they weren't talking they would just stand around in the bathroom.

    I also couldn't figure out where to find beds in buy mode, so my sims were always exhausted from only sleeping on the couch.

    My simself at the time was a teen, and she would always refuse to do her homework because her fun need was too low when she got home from school. But I didn't know how to increase it.

    Aside from that, I'd made my own family and my friends' families, including my crush's family... so naturally, being like 12, I proceeded to have my simself get together with the sim of my crush, ha.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,923 Member
    I don't even remember! But I was actually pretty good at it when I first started because I watched so many YouTube videos on it leading up to actually getting the game. I believe I was a Tech Guru though... And it was my Simself that looked nothing like myself.
  • Galaxygamer346Galaxygamer346 Posts: 22 Member
    Oh my gosh.... Well, in the 15 mins of play time and my sim decided to cook dinner and of corse the kitchen catches on fire and I forgot to put in the smoke alarm. Needles to say, didn't end too well. Then my other sim, I had him to fix the tv and he got shock and died. One of them was looking through the telascope and aliens took him. lol

    Sims 2:

    The very first sim play... My sim was jumping up and down and waving at me and I was like, "What? What is your problem?" I realized I forgot to put the toilet in. lol He rushed to the bathroom.

    I had my sims male sleeping with few females and they ended up pregnant and the two started to kiss. The wife saw them and you know... lol

    Sims 3: My female teen decided to runaway from home.

    I tried the 100 baby challage and my poor female sim wasn't having any luck. She moves in and I had her meet a guy. The first guy didn't like her. So, I had her liking this other sim guy and they both hit it off. She took the pregnacy tesst and she wasn't expecting. She was very sad sim. I had her go back to sleep and a vampire came along and bit her in the neck. Few days later, she was sad and crying in the shower. I felt so bad for her. Never did post it on youtube. It was like a fail. lol
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,681 Member
    edited July 2019
    The Sims
    I created my favorite sportstar, his wife and their son. It was hard to manage kids in the original version of the game so finally he went to military school and never came back...

    The Sims 2
    I created two single Sims in one household. A male and a female adult and of course they fell in love and had a daughter.

    The Sims 3
    I re-created two Sims I was actually playing in my current TS2 game: Tina Traveller and Geert Greenman. I gave them a house in Sunset Valley. They both got the careers they (or I?) wanted: rockstar and chef. They have two children: Anja and Timo. Timo and his girlfriend Lucy, whom he met at university, are living with them now.

    The Sims 4
    I re-created the Pleasant (and Burb) family from TS2 and gave them a house in Willow Creek. Daniel cheated on Mary-Sue with a lot of women. Lilith got into a relationship with the eldest Broke boy. They have a boy of their own now. Angela met Gavin Richard, got married to him and has two kids with him (boy and girl).
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    GPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, RoM, DHD
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  • octavion4444octavion4444 Posts: 28 Member
    Oh my first family that was in sims 1 but that is so hard to remember because i have created 1000+ familys but i remember my Most sucessful family was a vampire family on ts4 that is a Good family
  • rockergirlleerockergirllee Posts: 107 Member
    edited November 2019
    For me, my first sims game was sims 2 on the ps2. I created 8 sims, simular to characters in a play I wrote.

    They all died. I was horrible at managing sims then. If you were controlled by me then, expect to die of starvation.

    I even thought fears were wishes so one sim had a horrible life before I figured it.

    The first sims pc game I had was sims 3: I made a legacy founder, Zander Lilliac, he had red hair with purple tips and red skin. Can't remember his eye color.

    He married Pauline Wan making his boss his enemy. Then became best friends with his boss and his daughter married her mother in law.

    Some of his decendents were vampires at some point. And married a police officer.

    Sims 4 was next on pc: The first save that I remember was the 100 baby challenge and I remember only one of the first borns names, Pasley. They were identical too. That scared me.

    I eventually got annoyed that one of the sims homework completely disappeared and that left a bad taste for sims 4 in my mouth. I haven't touched it much since. Seriously, I searched that entire lot for their homework.

    Sims 2 pc: I played the tutorial first. I didn't want to kill my sims again. I play rotational on this one. But, the first was a sim I created who was black, had green eyes, and red hair.

    She married Viccud and had a baby boy Crysan and just overall is living a happy life. Though note both sims didn't take the pregnancy well. She was basically on bed rest so Viccud had to do everything. I felt bad for him.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,508 Member
    I barely remember since this was back in 2003. I started with the Goths though. My game was death, destruction, and mayhem for quite a while before I figured it all out lol. And I was 20 lmao. Other than the Goths in S1, none of my sims have died due to lack of diligence or know-how. Usually, they all die as elders, but I've had a few lightning/electrocution and fire deaths since then.
  • simplyzoesimplyzoe Posts: 428 Member
    I created 2 sims and had them court until they were close enough to propose marriage, finally got them in a home for their honeymoon and I was so happy lol. That is, I was happy until he cooked breakfast the next morning, started a fire and died. I was so sad!
    I think after that I got hooked on the Newbie family lol.
  • GraveDirtGraveDirt Posts: 41 Member
    For me that was the Newbies! Bob was a terrible slob who drowned in the Goth family's pool and haunted their house afterwards. The widowed Betty went on into the slacker career and made new friends.
  • PrincessKLPrincessKL Posts: 14 New Member
    I had a father, mother and daughter, and they lived in the small white house at 6 Sim Lane. This was WAY before I knew about the rosebud cheat, so poor daughter had to sleep on the sofa in the living room. The family also couldn't afford a smoke detector, so one night mother was cooking and set the whole place on fire. A true tragedy.
  • DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 117 Member
    Lord, that was 19/20 years ago..and I was only 10/11 at the time lol. I cannot remember what my very first family did - probably not much because I had no clue what I was doing - but I can still remember working through the game, and trying to figure everything out. Creating a Sim I liked, picking furniture I could afford, etc. I put them in one of the pre-created homes, and I distinctly remember putting the cheapest twin bed, along with an end table and a stereo on it in one of the rooms, and that was all that could fit. lol

    I miss it so much, I hate that it's so hard to add it to newer PCs...

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  • CelenaLampreyCelenaLamprey Posts: 7 New Member
    So I mentioned in a different post that while I had the first Sims I never played (thought it was kind of dumb at the time) but both my hubby and sister (she was living with us at the time) played. They each had their own Sims in the same world/neighborhood/game (not sure of the mechanics since I didn't play.) Hubby's Sim was a lot like he is in real life - worked hard, saved his money and had a very nice house with a swimming pool. Sister's Sim was also a lot like her in her real life - lazy, liked to party a lot and so was pretty broke. Well, one day hubby went to play his Sim and come to find out, Sis had her Sim marry hubby's, moved into his lovely house and liked to spend all his money! Hubby was like WTH - so he retaliated, had Sis go swimming, removed the ladder and she drowned (remember when that was such a thing?) Then, to add further insult to injury, he sold her urn! :D >:)
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