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Morningstar Story - Update 4/9/19

While I have enjoyed my share of reading and have celebrated and played every Sims game on PC and a few platforms. I have played since the first release. I was inspired to write a story after reading so many pieces produced by so many talented Authors. I would say this story follows the basic guidelines for the build Newcrest Challenge found here. I have a blog that I am using to type up my posts. I just began this morning and plan to update the posts here about once a week after I post what I have. That should give us both time to catch up. If you would like to check it out you can find it here. I named the blog "The Many Adventures of Bran's Sims." . I hope you enjoy and stay for the rest of the story.

Morningstar to be acting Mayor in Newcrest


That is the current headliner in the Willow Creek gazette. Who is this Morningstar? That would be me, the 20 something blonde beauty from Willow Creek. The apple of my daddy's eye and the sweet little social butterfly of my mum's dreams. (At least that is what they tell me, there was that phase in High school). My name is Lillie and I have just signed up for a very challenging lifelong adventure, that will last for generations to come.

The beginning of all things...starts with the 1,800 simoleons I have left in my pocket to build this town up. What was I thinking? Can I really do this? Why am I doing this? I think I need a pep talk, a drink, a new identity...

I know that there needs to be something more to offer my generation and future generations. Willow Creek was such a beautiful place to grow up, but it is so beyond over populated now that nothing new can begin there, everyone one is established and there is not room in any of their (blue blood aristocratic) minds for change. Oasis Springs is the Badlands, all of the criminal masterminds go there, it is riddled with crime and crime lords that rule over each neighborhood. Plus the land is drier than a sea sponge out of water. Then there is Windenburg home of the party animals, not a place to raise our new generation of sims, well not my future children at least. Then the city of San Myshuno, bustling and a fun place to be a tourist; Not a fun place to try and grow a family in tight living spaces.

When I saw the headlines for the need for a founder in a brand new town, I jumped on it, after all I am motivated and smart enough do it, Yes...I can do this. I am young, I have just finished community college, I know how to live off the land I have some architect history from my family. I was thinking that sims of my generation needed something promising to move to. I was thinking that something new and safe was needed. I certainly am thinking I need to figure out how this will all work. I know that I want to start with a beautiful and multi-functional park. The heart of our town.

I guess that is it for now, I need to go out and get my camping gear with what money I have left and a few container garden boxes, I might be able to find existing edible plants I can try to grow, I want to be able to leave behind some perfect plant varieties in the park.
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    Fishing, Gardening, and no Bathrooms oh my!

    I discovered that the town has three distinct neighborhoods that I plan to build. While there is a great big plot to build a park it really is not near anything I need to survive on; such as the lake. The lake will prove very useful in catching fish for eating and fertilizing my garden. It is also close to where I plan for lower income homes that my child will build in their lifetime. This will also prove helpful to nearby town folk who do not have a bathroom. Until my child can build up enough homes in the lower income district I have to have a place for these poor people to do their business; there is a really good reason for this sense of urgency for public toilets that I will get to later.


    I did manage to get two container garden boxes, a tent, and a shower. I built a campfire to cook on and keep warm, as these early spring nights have been really cold. However, I did not account for a toilet, while I certainly would have been content to do my business behind a tree, there were no trees on this lot and too many camping townies in the more populated areas, plus I think there is a law against that. So what does one do without a toilet? Yup, you guessed it; they pee all over themselves and create a massive puddle on the ground. Who knew you could make such a huge puddle of pee. Regardless it meant that I had to shower and wash my clothes in the shower and wear said wet clothes around until they dried. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day gathering plants, frogs, fossil's, and catching fish to trade in for some building materials and a gently used toilet.

    I spent the next week really establishing the guidelines for future generation leaders and what they can expect to bring to this lovely community.

    Family to do list:

    1. Build a community park, with access to public bathrooms

    2. Build a lower income neighborhood to get those poor townsfolk out of the elements.

    3. Build a library and author several books to leave behind, try to write all types of genre's. ( maybe create a writing class and offer a 🌺🌺🌺🌺 cafe with computers and maybe an actual cafe to help with needs while on the property, and of course public toilets).

    4. Build a Wellness Center which should include a gym, spa, medical center, and maybe a veterinarian. (I think focusing on Wellness could Ultimately increase the lives of the townsfolk and bring in more job opportunities helping the towns economy grow while offering public toilets).

    5. Build a Fine restaurant with a nice bar. (I think there should be a place to date and unwind. Seeing as none of us can travel away until each generation leader's obligations are complete, also drinking means peeing so public toilets).

    6. Build a Medium income neighborhood. (By this time I imagine that some of the townsfolk including our family will have established enough simoleons to afford bigger homes for their families that can offer better growth opportunities for their children).

    7. Build the Museum of Fine Art. (This should offer another wealth of income and a visual history of our town for generations to come, maybe offer classes in art for those who are inclined and public toilets for longer visits).

    8. Build a lounge and entertainment center. (Life can be hilarious and maybe this could be a place to have fun laugh a little, maybe a bowling alley).

    9. Build a Nightclub (OK, I know that this contradicts how I feel about Windenburg, but at least it is not a whole party city, just one venue, and another way to meet other people and maybe future love interests, and to be safe add in public toilets).

    10. Build The Morningstar Mansion and the upper class neighborhood. There should be enough room to build an upper class, I figure after 10 generations there just might be enough wealth to build the Morningstar Mansion. From there on the Town should be done and it will be up to our family to decide what to do from there.

    That is the general list of things, I will leave the particulars of what other things should be in the actual documents, because that is just boring stuff.


    I have really learned so much living off the land. I have made a few friends and even managed to get a vendor to help keep the towns spirits up, we also set up some monkey bars for local kids and picnic tables to hang out with friends. The fish really are active here and make the best fertilizer for increasing the quality of my plants.
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    Soulmates are real!

    I have heard and read plenty of stories how in an instant you can meet "the one." That guy or gal that makes your belly flutter around with butterflies. You know; the one you can see your whole future with. I know I found him, or he found me, or we found each other. I just know I want to commit right now, but I must calm down and be a bit logical about things.

    It has been over a month of the same thing day in and day out, but I am getting closer to actually finishing the toilet room. It has been mostly rainy which has freed up some time in my garden to spend with my friends. We met up yesterday as there was a brief halt in rain for the day. When I walked up he was there...new to the town and aspiring to help the town grow. Soon the group conversation melted away and we found ourselves walking away talking excitedly about the possibilities of Newcrest. He was so enthusiastic and encouraging he swept me away.


    We stumbled across a skating ring on the edge of town and spent time in each others company. It was well into the morning when we made it back to my tent. It ached when he said good night but my heart was ignited when he asked if he could come by again with some ideas for Newcrest.


    After he left I couldn't sleep I had to talk it out and try to come back down to the planet from the cloud I was floating on. I looked at the draft to see what was left to finish the toilet room. I worked well into this afternoon to finish it. I could at least invite my friends over and give them a key to the lot so they could have access to the toilet.

    I am completely drained but it was worth it. I hope a special someone comes by soon to visit and go over those plans. I think I have a few new engaging ideas to share with the one, Akira Kibo.


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    Laying Down the Foundation


    Three months after Akira's arrival in Newcrest things have progressed well in the town. He made good on his promise to help out the budding growth by contributing materials he found and saving up money to build up the park. Akira originally moved here from San MyShuno. As a freelance programmer he leads a pretty nomadic life. He was traveling through the other towns when he came to Willow Creek and happened to see the headline announcing me as acting mayor. He knew immediately where he was meant to be, a foundation he could build upon and lay down roots. He tells me often that I am more vibrant and stunning in person than the black and white photo originally depicted me to be. "Lillie, there is a light inside you that shines brighter than a lighthouse welcoming ships home from sea."


    Akira is definitely the romantic type and often surprises me with some sort of whole heartened antics. There is a slight problem with his jealousy, but that stems from a broken heart and part of why he led a nomadic life up until now. We spend a great deal of time and are smitten with each other. I often surprise him with kisses and serenades. We spend our evenings stargazing and he helps review my drafting designs for the town.

    After a really rough week of being sick from the flu I popped the question. I really wanted to begin a family and start work on a house. After scrimping and saving every penny minus the small lot and water usage fees, we were ready to lay down the foundation. Without hesitation he said yes, but seemed rather disappointed. I was confused by the quick, disappointed response he gave me and I asked him if everything was alright.


    Without missing a beat he said well, "I had something planned and have been busy while you were resting and trying to feel better." he continued "You just beat me to the question. I could not imagine spending my life without you, I live to see you smile, I love to come home to your light." hugging me tight he whispered, "I have a surprise for you after our dinner with our friends."

    If I am one thing I am a very patient woman, who completely lost all patience in that one moment. After our evening with our friends he brought me to my favorite view of the lake. There he had planted some beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers surrounding a handmade wedding arch. I was utterly speechless and excited for a lifetime of love with Akira and I would marry him a thousand times over. We eloped under the arch and at the very top he en-scripted, "To the foundation of our love and our commitment to the future of Newcrest, this arch is dedicated to all new beginnings."


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    Time is Ticking on to Baby Number 1


    The heartbreak of trying to get pregnant took us almost 6 months of trying, but we did it. I have been rather busy between trying to get pregnant, working at the diner that opened up on the outskirts of town, building our home for our growing family, and tending the garden. I can never describe in words the ache in my heart when another month would go by without getting pregnant. Akira, my rock let me pour my broken heart out to him every time. When I started working on the diner he would be so tense at the end of the day, worried that I would find a new love. We talked our hearts out to each other, through the hard times. While he still has moments of jealousy, they are getting fewer in occurrence.


    My friend Lane came by when I reached the second trimester and we caught up on life over the past few months. She recently married another guy in the town over and was having a hard time getting pregnant too. I knew her ache, as my heart had recently felt it too. We stargazed and talked about plans with our futures, all of our hopes and dreams. She reassured me after she was done with her medical internship she would move back to town to help provide wellness care for our community. I would love for her to be able to head our wellness center, but I fear that won't happen in our lifetime. I kept that thought to myself, seeing as she is already upset by not being able to conceive. What if she never has kids? I could never place that burden on her or children that could possibly never exist.


    Right around the time I reached my 3rd trimester we completed the main amenities and structure of our home. It would be good enough to bring our baby into though there were still things to be done. I however, cannot work on the house until after our baby is born. Most of our stuff has been used and rummaged. Akira is pretty handy and knows how to get things working again and repairing some things because they are just too old.


    My sweet husband, while he may be handy and really great at many things, is the most impatient fisherman I have ever met. We needed to stock up on fish in the freezer for meals because I wont be up to it for a little while after the baby is born. I am due any time now and while I have loved every minute of this pregnancy I am quite ready to have this baby. I miss being able to breathe.


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    Time Flies When There is More Than One.


    The thing I wasn't expecting the most with a child, was how much I would have to learn about parenting, time management, and reaching the goals not only for myself; but the town of Newcrest. A couple of years have gone by and our first bundle was a boy named Giovanni. He is smart and sweet, he was an absolute angel as a baby and toddler. In the beginning of our parenting adventure it was easy because we had the one. We felt it best to really space them out to ensure that everyone was meeting their goals, most importantly that we were raising Giovanni right.


    We had finally completed our tiny house on the lot, we are not sure we want to keep the whole structure when we finally make it a park. It currently suits the needs of our family. We have thoroughly enjoyed taking our time having more children. I think if we would have had more then one at the time we might not have had enough time to reach our goals for Giovanni.


    When Giovanni turned 5 and was able to go to school we surprised him with the news that we were expecting another baby. Giovanni was thrilled, he really wanted to be a big brother. He has already decided he wants to have a big family. He has the biggest caring heart in the world.

    I think I should have had some idea that this pregnancy would provide a very different outcome. Not having a medical center in town, we just fly by the seat of our pants with our babies and have them right in the comfort of our homes. I guess I just wanted to think that nothing was out of the normal and that it would be one big baby. On the day of delivery I learned just how wrong I was.

    Giovanni became a big brother two times over to his twin sisters Zoey and Noel. This also threw our spacing the kids out through the window. The girls are night and day; one was clingy and the other very independent. I think I spent more time chasing after and having talks with Zoey. Giovanni you could tell him something once and he learned not to do it again. Zoey, makes me want to drink every drink I have been practicing for my Mixology portion of my cooking class. It has been crazy in the house with the two girls.


    They are little cuties though; which gets them out of trouble many times. They love each other so much, you never see one without the other. Noel who is more independent has been a good influence on keeping Zoey's clingy nature in check as they have gotten older. Which gives us hope for the future, that someday Zoey will balance out.

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    A Remarkable Man


    Akira just celebrated his birthday which was a few days before our darling daughters. What can I saw he is a remarkable man. He has been overseeing our future home building process for when the kids get older. While I finished my courses at culinary school which allow me to make gourmet dishes which will help me advance my career, he has helped watch the girls and prepare them for when they start school and helping Giovanni with his extra credit homework and school projects.


    I mean those girls were a handful, but lovely and have settled down a bit. They have great manners and are responsible little girls. I must admit he really has taken the lead here with our children. Now that I am finished with these crazy hours I can focus more on the kids and get that garden perfected before we move to the new house. I only have 3 perfect plants right now and I wanted at least 8 varieties. I think after the kids grow up and move away I will teach a gardening class which will be available at the park.

    You would have never known that he ever had a jealous bone in his body. I think aging has done wonders for him, not mention he finally has a stylish look and is hunkier than I could have ever hoped for.


    We have set up a really comfy area to sit by the campfire, it has a lovely view of the lake and the wedding arch. There have been more people coming into town and it has been an encouraging experience. I love to see groups of people fishing by the lake. We are so close to accomplishing our dreams.

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    Growing up Beautifully


    The girls celebrated their aging up birthday last month and it was such a great accomplishment for Akira and me. They are such beautiful children and each has such a unique personality.

    Zoey decided to cut her hair and the once clingy girl has become pretty outgoing these days and is into sports and is pretty creative and has joined her brothers passion for the arts. Though we are trying encourage her to be better about her school projects as she tends to rush through them producing sloppy work.


    Noel, ever the independent girl has declared she is going into business investments when she grows up. She is very good with numbers and very self-assured. She breezes through her homework now that she has got the handle of her lessons. We often find the girls sitting together on our bed studying after school. Noel is practical and her sister idolizes her, so they get their homework done right away. Hard to believe Zoey is the older sister by 5 minutes.

    We are so close to moving into the new house, I only have one more perfect plant for my garden. It has been busy teaching the kids to fish and spending a lot of time in the garden. I hope that they will teach their children to love and keep up the garden and so on. We spend a lot of time outdoors as the kids just love the outdoors like me. Akira is really good at the grill and hopes to master cooking everything on it. More power to him!
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    The 3 Musketeers


    For a small space in time Giovanni, Zoey, and Noel were all in grade school. They were all inseparable and often you would find them playing in the backyard. They even promised to be the 3 musketeers forever. While I wanted this age to last forever; I knew time would set its course and life would shape how they led there futures. Each of them have such different personalities.


    Speaking of time; I became an adult and my surprise birthday gift was our beautiful finished home. I had completed the hard task of creating 8 perfect plant varieties. I also decided I might revisit my wardrobe and change the style of my hair. I have finally reached the higher levels of my career and have more time off during the week to work on the park with Akira. He has reached a great point where he is satisfied in his position at work and the amount of freelance work he has been getting.


    We finally got the garden class design built and I went down to plant the perfect seeds I had stored away. I am excited about this end of the journey and really the feeling is indescribable. To see the community help build up this beautiful park has been a wonderful community experience. Everyone enjoyed coming up with ideas for the park. It Currently has a wedding venue that uses the arch from our wedding. It has a remembrance area. A quiet place that has a beautiful garden with a little pond. This is where Akira and I will finally be laid to rest. My hope is that we will all be here one day. There is an area for toddlers, I find this will be really useful at helping them burn off their endless energy. There is an animal park, as we we encourage animals here, but I think for now people are hesitant as the nearest vet is two towns over. There is an area for the community to have chess competitions and of course bathrooms and a bigger kid playing area. I brought in a few more vendors to help with our little economy.

    We always make time for our children, but I must admit, Akira really loves being hands-on when it comes to projects. Says it helps to keep his mind sharp. The time just keeps moving and we are helpless to stop it. We are nearing the first teenage years. I have heard stories from friends with teenagers that this can be a tough time for teens with all of the social pressures they face. Akira and I will face it together, hand-in-hand like everything we do.
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    The Best Harvest fest Ever!


    My best friend Lane came by late at night just before the chill of Fall hit our quiet little town. How the years had really changed us. Thought she has not been back for a very long time, she was in desperate need of a place to crash for the night. Absolutely distraught she vented out the frustrations in her heart. She was infertile and would never be able to have biological children of her own. Her husband growing weary of this as he had a strong desire to carry on his family name, began to seek out the comforts of another woman. When she became pregnant with his first child, Lane was kicked out. While he promised to take care of her home costs, he was sorry to have hurt her in the end. She planned to bring a wellness center to the community and town of Newcrest. She asked me if it was crazy. I told her not at all and that I had designed the blueprints for a wellness center a long time ago.


    Our girls have the best internal clock when it comes to the change of the season and decorating according to the events to be held. They were excited to decorate has we had a very beautiful home front. They excitedly asked Akira to help them decorate the front of the house. Anything for you girls, lets go up and get the decorations out of the attic.

    I wish I could have joined them but I had come down with the flu and was feeling very sick. I just can't keep anything down right now.


    What a beautiful home and the memories, the girls really had fun decorating with their dad, each running around a little wildly placing the perfect candle here, the best wreath there and lights on everything that would hold lights. Things were shaping up to be the best harvest fest. Costumes were ordered and the menu had been planned. We have increased the size of the garden to have even more variety and I expect over time these will be perfected if not in my lifetime throughout the generations to come.


    What the little gnomes...These guys are no joke, and while they are cute, they can be downright bad when they don't get what they want. After a few shocks and a broken sink, we finally appeased these little guys. I guess it was worth it because the seed packets they left behind had many varieties of seeds that we just can't locally get here. We did indeed have the best harvest day this family has ever seen.
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    I hope it is just a phase


    Giovanni aged up a while ago, I haven't had a chance to catch up on things as life has thrown us some curve balls. Who new that a well adjusted kid would become a moody and broody teen. He seems angry with us most of the time and feels like he should be able to just grow up. One day though he came up to me and asked for some advice. He had fallen for a vendor Named Nina at the park. He was frustrated because she was much older than him and he was confused about what he should do. "She seemed to like me mom, now she doesn't even respond to my texts." Giovanni stated. I told him, "son while I want nothing but your happiness, you need to leave Nina alone, she will only break your heart, she has commitment issues and doesn't want to be settled down, besides you are too young to be looking for love." Giovanni walked away angry, "you can't tell me not to love who I want, I love her and will be with her, you will see, I can't wait to get away from this family!"


    I don't think I have ever been furious until this moment in my life, I sent him to his room to cool down. Akira came to my rescue and made me laugh at how silly the situation really was. "Honey," he said, "We can only do our best to guide, remember how we were at this age, we seemed to know everything and how it would work." I relented and chuckled, "but babe, she is twice his age, and not someone who should be in his life, I mean look he can hardly figure out his wardrobe!" After a few minutes of belly laughing Akira, said, "look, I will take the kids to the lake to teach them to fish, I will try to find a way to talk to him about things, maybe get him to work out this angry phase he is going through." Isn't he just not the best. Ever my hero and love.


    Akira made good on his promise and took the kids fishing with a chance to play at the bug ship playground at the park. While Giovanni was receptive to listen to most things and finally worked out what was bothering him he told his dad he would be careful when it came to Nina, and that he would spend more time painting his emotions to help him keep them in check.


    At the end of the year we had a great celebration and made many resolutions. Just when we thought we had it made, I found out earlier in the year that the flu was in fact a baby. I was due anytime now and we were nearing Giovanni young adult birthday. I must say that I just was not expecting another baby. I thought we were done. I just hope that we can raise this baby just as well as our older children.
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    Aging Up


    Giovanni aged up and determined to prove to everyone that Nina Caliente was not who they said she was; he pursued her. Everything was going well, they were in a good relationship and everything was going well, until the night they went a little to far. The morning after, she would not respond, and like we taught him, he waited until the evening to call her. No response. My heart broke for him, we knew the outcome, but sometimes people have to learn from their own mistakes. He wandered around the house for months gloomy and crying. he painted through it all. After a while he got a job as a painter and moved on with his life. He also began building the first house in the low income neighborhood.


    Akira, my soulmate, You became an elder today, and in my heart of celebration there is also this sense of foreboding. I know that these are the end years. Our golden years. how I love you with a fire that can never be extinguished. You have grown up so much as a man, a father, and a husband. How lucky I am to have been the one.


    I love and adore all of my children. I tend to think I am a loving and patient mother, but Lindsey is a very challenging toddler. She is very clingy and afraid to try new things, but she is creative and smart as a tack. I think a lot has to do with me being older. I am just tired, I have almost reached the final few tiers of my career. I think I am sad often these days, as I know I will miss a lot of her life. When I take her to the park, she gets so distraught when the other children come to play, she does not want to play with other children and prefers to play with anyone in her immediate family. She adores his sister Noel and follows her everywhere. Noel, loves the attention and has no problem showering he baby sister with love and affection. She has such a nurturing soul and always has.

    Both Noel and Zoey have turned into such beautiful teens. Zoey has decided to go away for a bit when she becomes a young adult, she wants to travel a little and then go to college. Noel has always known what she will do. You will become a business investor and amass a good amount of wealth that she plans to donate towards some of the towns more financially heavy products in the future.
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    A Wonderful Winter


    What a wonderful winter holiday. Akira decided that it was time to retire and spent most of his time helping Giovanni with building the low income housing. They just completed two of the houses in the neighborhood and kept them well under budget to encourage the town to move in. They are currently beginning the foundation for the third house.

    I am so close to reaching the top spot in my culinary career, it has been good to have him home. They have decorated the house and set up the tree. What a wonderful Christmas we will have.


    I spent the day in the kitchen cooking a grand meal for our family tradition. It would not be winter fest without all of the trimmings and favorite dishes we have come to love through the years. Since Lindsey is still a child we opened gifts first thing this morning, it seems everyone was happy with what they got and our oldest children spoiled us rotten this year. They have opted to help upgrade some parts of the house to give us more room to live and maybe get a lovely dining table in here.


    The night progressed well and before we knew it father Winter came bearing gifts for the family. Akira tried to sneak off to have a private chat with father Christmas but Zoey over heard some of the conversation and fled to my arms in tears. Apparently my darling Akira was feeling time creep up on him and was feeling like he had very little of it left to get his affairs in order. He apparently was making a big Christmas wish for next year has he didn't feel he would be here to celebrate. It was all the family could talk about late into the evening.


    Noel arrived late in the evening from business school announcing her engagement to the love her life. She was worried that we would be upset that she fell in love with a women. We both assured her that her happiness was our happiness and wished them well in their future marriage. Akira told Noel how proud he was to read in the paper a few small investments that went in her favor recently. He hoped that they could talk soon about getting some things in order.


    Giovanni took the news deeply, he adores his father, but the reality that he only had such a short time with him hit hard. "What have I been doing with my life so far mom?" he said, "ever since Nina I stopped trying, I need to find a love and do my part for our legacy." We all were feeling the sense of urgency to get as much done with the life Akira had left. We had to make the most of everyday moments.
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    A Time for New Things


    Our youngest Lindsey has always been extraordinarily gifted when it comes to sensing things that were about to happen. She just always knew things and one day while she was talking to Akira she mentioned that Giovanni would find his true love. She also talked about learning more of the occult and mystical things in life. She would become an herbologist and learn natural medicine and healing arts. Akira had a way with our children and we are both close with all 4 children, but his bond with them is unlike anything I have seen in my life. They adore their daddy beyond measure. I think in many ways this increases the foreboding ache in my heart knowing soon it will be the end.


    After work Giovanni spent a lot of time getting to know the townsfolk in the park. Before long he found the one, the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She comes from very rich upbringing and can be a bit mean at times. As a whole she is a really wonderful girl who wants to raise a family and be apart of the growth in the community. I think having everything handed to her growing up created a bit of that mean streak. I know my Giovanni can bring out the sweet girl inside.


    Zoey has lingered a bit at home these days, she is on a college break and came bearing some exciting news! We were going to be grandparents. She met a sweet guy in college and they were engaged. She felt embarrassed to be pregnant before marriage and felt like she messed things up. Akira hugged his baby girl and reassured her that all babies are a blessing and they come whether we are ready for them or not. (I think he was referring to Lindsey). We both gave her hugs and congratulated her on the upcoming arrival. She was just going to elope and finish up with her community college degree. Giovanni chirped up and said that they had built a perfect home for her to consider when she was ready. It was a cute 3 bedroom home at a very reasonable price. She said as soon as they got everything squared away with school and found jobs they would take him up on his offer.

    How exciting I am going to be a grandma, a grams, a Mimi, hmm I guess whatever the little darlings would call me.


    It also seems that there will be more than one ceremony, Giovanni just asked Aicha to marry him and he said yes! I might have overhear the whole thing. "Aicha, I know that you come from a very rich family and I really will never be able to give you a life of luxury, but I can give you a life of love and happiness....." before he could continue Aicha excitedly screamed "YES!" Well it would seem her heart was not planted in the material world and has often come to my gardening classes and signed up for volunteering, which makes her uncomfortable sometimes, but she keeps trying. Truly Aicha is trying to outgrow that mean-streak and that makes my heart happy for my Giovanni.
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    Love is in the Air Part 1


    Akira has been extra romantic lately, it seems the sparks in our children's lives has re-sparked the love in our life. Now that we only have one at home we have more time to enjoy each other.

    "You are a timeless beauty my love, you have hardly joined me with age, I still live for your happiness, and love the light that shines in you"

    Be still my heart this man sets me on fire with his words. We made plans for a little visit to a fair and planned to surprise Giovanni and Aicha with tickets to join us.


    First things first, I need a little time to express my love to the love of my life.

    "Akira, you have given me all these years of happiness and I could never have imagined my life with anyone else."

    We spent most of the day enjoying each others company while Giovanni and Aicha finalized the wedding plans. I was slightly disappointed that Giovanni did not want me to cater his wedding, but I understood that he just wanted us to celebrate in his happiness.


    It was time that I took my husbands breath away the way he takes mine. We only had a little while left before Lindsey would come home from school. What a day to remember for the rest of my life. Though it was fun, I think my poor husband almost did not fair very well in the end. He had to take a long nap before the evening wedding ceremony.
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    Love is in The Air Part 2


    Watching Giovanni and Aicha say their vows under the arch we began our love story under brought me to instant tears. What a beautiful life we have had. We have had the best children parents could ask for and our family has come full circle. Zoey came in just before the wedding, she was not going to miss her brothers special moment for anything. It was wonderful having our whole family together and the wedding was a beautiful intimate sharing of vows. Nothing fancy, but they wanted us to enjoy an evening in the park and brought in the vendors to make us food.


    Just when I thought we were ready to get on with the night Akira called me up to the arch. Before our family we renewed our vows of love for each other. I really just spent the rest of the night balling with joy. What a strange mix of emotions. What a legacy and story to leave behind. Back to the place our life began.


    We surprised Giovanni and Aicha with their tickets to the fair and we spent the weekend enjoying each others company when we weren't off enjoying each other alone. What we didn't know is that Giovanni and Aicha had been expecting for quite sometime. Aicha hid her pregnancy very well and sooner than later we would meet their little bundle. What a surprise indeed.


    The last night of the fair they had the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen in my adult life. It was such a happy time to be in love and spending that time with each other. Our world grew that night in many ways. My heart is so full.
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    A Turn of Events


    We were all invited to Noel's house for a movie premier the other day. I could tell that Giovanni was a million miles away in thought. When the premier was over Giovanni shared with the whole family that he just found out that Nina had passed away, While he had moved on with his life it appeared that Nina had not been forthcoming in telling him that she had a daughter with him. Aicha was clearly upset, but I was amazed at her composure and and compassion for her husband.


    Nina was much older than Giovanni at the time of their relationship, much older than she had led on. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Brie and shortly after aged up. A few days after Aicha gave birth to their daughter Karly; Giovanni received a phone call from child services.

    "Is this Mr. Giovanni Morningstar?" they asked. "Yes, this is he," my son responded. "Sir we have some very important matters to discuss regarding the late Nina Caliente and your daughter Brie." "I will be down in an hour," Giovanni said as he hung up the phone.

    At the Child services center Giovanni learned that he had a little girl that had biologically identified as his. They were understanding and explained that Nina had exhausted herself to the point of death and as her elderly limbs gave out she drowned at the condo they were living at. They explained that they were surprised Nina had not made it well known that he had a daughter, as she habitually had children with random men and would pursue them for child support, never working more than the bare minimum hours a week to claim benefits. They were now reuniting each child with their biological fathers and wanted to give him time before they brought her to him.


    Aicha went into a fit of tears and ran outside. Akira and Zoey followed to help console her.

    "I just think it is terrible that, that woman would just have a child with a man to get money" I am hardly angry about having a step daughter, but I am heartbroken that he never knew about his daughter. He is such a good man, maybe a bit gloomy at times, but he is a good man.

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    Giovanni Morningstar a Legacy Story


    Dad got us together at my sister Noel's house to discuss with us about our family legacy with mom. While we knew that time was ticking down for him, it seemed to come out of nowhere. We really had done a great job of living in the moment. I could see how tired he had become, he really had slowed down a lot. My sister Zoey took us up on that offer and moved into the 3 bedroom house with her husband and son Ronnie. She was currently expecting their second child any day now. It was great to see everyone together like this. It was certainly sad at the same time.


    Mom and dad walked us through the plans for Newcrest and the legacy that they had begun. I had completed the houses for the low income housing but needed to finish my goals to have a big happy family. Noel and dad had finalized his last will and testament and they wanted to go over the obligations that were set in the finalized documents.


    Then dad got down to the serious conversation, he had only days he assumed left and we needed to decide if mom would move Lindsey and her in with Noel or just move Lindsey in with Noel since they were pretty close. Mom decided that Lindsey should move in with Noel and she would stay and help out with our kids she planned to retire after she became an elder.


    She began a flood of tears because she was not ready to lose the love of her life to age. All the memories and stories and life they shared together. Dad lovingly held her in his arms and reassured her that this was only the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. He would be waiting for her arrival and be reunited again in the afterlife. They spent the rest of the evening and well into the morning looking at the stars together.

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    Be Strong My Love


    The next afternoon the Grim would come and take my dad. Before he went he spoke softly to mom, "Be strong my love, my journey has reached the end." Before she could react he stood up, walked around the couch and collapsed on the ground. They were over at Noel's house visiting and making sure Lindsey was all set. In his will he had asked not to plead his death, but to let him go. He had a full and happy life.


    Death is truly an ominous figure and his arrival was quick and brief. He reaped dad's soul quickly. turned to leave and nodded. The family spent the next few weeks in tears. It seemed the pain of his passing was burning though our own souls and our eyes stung from the tears that fell. During this time my mom had aged into an elder. Since living with us she has taught Aicha so much about gardening. She asked that this tradition be passed down and hoped the the park would in time hold all types of perfect plants.

    We welcomed in our 3rd child Cedric and with all of the chaos and sadness have just really been living in the moment. Raising our kids, going to work and repeating the process. One night my mom came out and gave me a great big hug and thanked me for taking care of her.


    Of course mom, I know it has been hard on you since dad passed away. We knew that the best place for you to be was with your garden. I know you feel him there and I know Lindsey is doing fine with Noel. Speaking of Noel, she just told me that her fiance left and called off the engagement. She seems to be handling it OK, though I know her heart is broken. She said it was high time it ended anyway. They lost that spark long ago and it always felt as though she had to jump through hoops to make her happy.

    When mom is not working in her garden at home, you will find her teaching the younger generations at the park how to master their garden skills. She is also still working only a few nights a week at the restaurant training her replacement for when she retires.
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    The Girls


    Brie and Karly are such inseparable little girls. It seems like the toddler years went by like a flash. We spent so much time developing them in hopes to give them a bright future. They recently had the childhood aging up birthday and we are now living in a world of homework and projects.

    Their birthdays were really a quiet affair, we had been through so much that we just wanted it to be an intimate deal. Though family did send gifts to the girls.


    As children it is still hard to find them cross with each other. They have this silent bond that no one here can understand. They promised to be best friends forever, no matter how time and life interfered. They had learned that my siblings and I were once the same and had declared we were the 3 musketeers. They were surprised to hear that because with grandpas passing no one got together often. It made me sad too, but I get it my sister ended up having twin girls after Ronnie and I remember how chaotic twin toddlers can be. Brie is such a sweet girl and often talks about her mom and how she comes to visit as a ghost. Aicha and I made it a rule to only say good things about her mom. We figured when she was older if she wanted to know more about her mom we would tell her.


    I am certainly worried about mom lately, it seems dads death really has changed the happiness and light that always seemed to glow in her. I would not say the light has gone but it certainly has faded. She spends time with me some evenings gazing at the stars and talking about dad and life. She wants to be with him and feels blessed and cursed to have lived a very long full life. Though lately she has been feeling the end come near.
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    Continuing the Legacy Part 1


    We went over to Noel's house to celebrate Lindsey becoming a young Adult. "I know he is still around mom, lifting our spirits. He is waiting for you with open arms." Lindsey was telling mom. It is surreal that she would mention him after all this time. It was hard to believe and accept but we could feel moms light fading away. She was the top chef, all of her children were now grown, and she hardly felt her place on this Earth anymore. I couldn't blame her, I did not want to imagine a life without my wife.


    Later in the week mom decided it was time to retire and get her affairs in order. After all she wanted to make sure we were all set and that Aicha was comfortable taking over the community garden classes. They really have become close and it has been wonderful having her close to the girls. We celebrated her retirement with the kids favorite burger cake.


    Later that afternoon she came and watched me work. I was hopefully going to create the next masterpiece for a collector I knew.

    "I think Brie has everything it takes to lead the next generation, I have read her work already, and she is a natural born author. I know you still have to talk to them about it when they are older, but Karly seems interested in the world outside Newcrest, and lets be honest Cedric is a bit unique, Plum love him, but he is a bit paranoid all of the time," she said. "You know mom, I know your right, she loves the idea of being a famous author someday, she has even mentioned the need for a library here in Newcrest, I honestly think the choice is written in the stars."


    "Akira, if you could see them, how much they have grown in your absence, but the world is getting dimmer and the days are becoming numbered and though I have been blessed with a longer than average life, I feel like my light will leave for good very soon." Lillie paused, "I miss you with every fiber of my being."


    "The garden is loveliest on these beautiful autumn nights, you always loved the holidays and the family traditions." Lillie looked around at how much the garden had grown here and made a note to tell Aicha that maybe all of the community lots she have the same beauty available.
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    Continuing the Legacy Part 2


    That night Lillie heard a rustling in the garden, as she looked out the window, she swore she could see a familiar silhouette in the moonlight. Heart racing, she ran down the hall and threw open the front door arms opened. Spinning in a kiss the love of her life in her arms after long last. "Have I gone my love? I am I finally home?" Lillie asked. "No, my love but I am here because the time is close and our granddaughter Brie found a way to bring our spirits close, giving us the opportunity to peak into the lives we left behind," Akira told her. "She is a bright girl and ahead of her time, I think having seen the face of Death as a toddler must have had a lasting effect on her." Floating off into the night he glanced back and said, "Be with you soon my love."


    Lillie went through her day like usual spending time reading the paper in the morning, watching the girls head off to school. She placed her last will and testament on the counter, as she phoned and talked to each of her girls.

    It was late in the afternoon when the light lifted away, and Lillie's heavy spirit was now light as a feather. "My love? Are you near?" Laying down gently in her garden she took her last breath. Brie jumped off the school bus to her grandmother’s aid but knew in her heart it was too late.


    "My young Brie, she will be at peace, your grandma lived a long and lovely life." death tried to console the poor girl. "I know you may not be fond of me, but we all have a job to do, and mine is to make sure the soul finds its way to the afterlife, I come to them as a friend and I hope you will come to know me as a friend as well."


    Before Death left, he stopped to talk to Giovanni, "I have Brie's book of life, in time I want you to explain to her how important her stories of the legacy will become for future generations."

    Giovanni looked at death through tearful eyes, "What is the book of life?" He asked.

    "The book of life is a story about a sim that when read can bring them back from death." death explained.

    "While I am grateful that Brie has this book, why does she have one?" Giovanni questioned death.

    "Your daughter comes from a long line of story tellers, her mother Nina, while unable to commit to one man, only wrote one book, and instead of writing it for herself, wrote it for Brie." Death continued, "Nina comes from a long line of Gypsies and while non-committal in nature was seeking out a child who would carry down her own family’s bloodline, have you ever noticed the peculiar birthmark on Brie? That is the mark only a truly gifted story teller is born with. Nina's line would have died if she had settled down and married and never bore a child with the birthmark."

    Giovanni pondered these words and in an instant was able to let go of years of regret. as death dissipated, Giovanni felt the heaviness that had been on his shoulders lift.
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