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What happened in your first ever Sims family?


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  • kjkjkj123kjkjkj123 Posts: 51 Member
    I played my very first Sims game back in 2007. I don't remember exactly what I did with my sims household, but I do know that they were a recreation of my real family. The funny thing is, I actually remember creating myself and looking in the mirror so I could get it exactly right.
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  • ArmaniArmani Posts: 31 Member
    I deleted them for a better family
  • PluttskuttPluttskutt Posts: 109 Member
    I don't fully remember my 1st sims family. I know it was a female sim who lagged out because she went to sleep once and there was a break in and she didn't wake up. Ever. That's the only thing I remember about her. Sims 1 was wild lmao
  • corrcorrcorrcorrcorrcorr Posts: 4 New Member
    My first ever family died because someone tried to cook. But before I got my own sims game I played it first at a friends house. She let me play with one of her families. There was some action with the famous heart bed and after that the rest was history, I had to have the game :D
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,681 Member
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    I started around the time "Vacation" came out. I had a family of a dad, a mum and a child. Dad and mum both had a job to pay the bills and the kid went to school. But the game was really hard to manage so the kid finally got taken away and poor little Hugo (Yeah, I still remember his name after more that 16 years) went to military school... :'(
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  • wakeuprosiwakeuprosi Posts: 41 Member
    It was in the sims 2. I made a man and a woman, and created 2 kids for them, a teenager and a toddler. It was just some pretty basic family life, I know, pretty boring but that's what I was into and still am
  • simfreakssimfreaks Posts: 36 Member
    I was already creating wallpapers and floors before the game was released. I had created content for SimCity 2k and when I saw the ads for The Sims, I bought it day 1. Opened up SimFreaks on Mar 17, 2000 to share walls and floors. I was hooked before it even came out LOL

    Almost everyone played Bob and Betty Newbie first, as that was the tutorial house. Bob and Betty hated each other and there was only one bed and they wouldn't sleep together, so they were often suffering, starving and in a really bad mood. They eventually had a baby, but there wasn't much room in their house for the crib, and it always seemed to end up in a spot that made access to the bed difficult, so you had to move it. The baby got taken away, because I couldn't get it to stop crying. Until I learned the feed, rock, rock trick LOL I'm pretty sure Bob died because Bella killed him.

    Because next I played the Goths. Bella was a serial killer. I would create these stories about her and she would be at the chopping block, I would pause the game and move her around with the MoveObjects On cheat code. Bob actually came over and died someway, so I moved his body to the living room and I made blood stained carpets. Bella would be standing over him with the knife from the chopping block and then I would screenshot it (before we had any in-game camera) and write my story. She was also notorious for drowning people in the pool. She killed off the Roomies, the Pleasants and the Newbies. :smiley:

    But the most memorable death was a house....The family was just a means to and end. Don't remember who it was. I built this house that I intended to share on the website. So they were going to have to die. After the house was all decked out and looking pretty cool, I decided to kill them off. I turned off automation, so that my sims would stay where I put them, I flipped the fireplace to the outside wall, placed rugs around the patio and put the cheap brown chairs on them. Sat the whole family on chairs and had one light a fire then sit down. As they were all burning to death, the fire traveled through the wall and started burning up the living room, the fireman showed up and was trying to put out the fully-ablaze living room, when the fire traveled to the kitchen and bedroom, each time traveling through the walls. The fireman would put out a fire in the living room, then run and put one tile out in the kitchen, then to the bedrooms always running past fires to put one specific one out. Eventually the whole house was on fire. It took the fireman forever to put the fires out and everything was in ashes. My sims were dead. I was devastated. The only thing that remained was the walls. Then the maid showed up started cleaning up the ashes. It took a very long time to clean up all the floors. I didn't save the house. I reloaded and this time I built a wall out in the yard, put the fireplace on it, placed the rugs and chairs and burned them away from the house.
  • _gracepartonn_gracepartonn Posts: 8 New Member
    I can't really remember much but i briefly remember when i got sims 3 for the first time (i was maybe 10/11) and I had a massive family and I adored the parents, so little 10 year old me was gutted when the dad electrocuted himself on the tv, NIGHTMARE!
  • DumbOllieDumbOllie Posts: 13 New Member
    The first time I played the Sims was at a friend's house. I remember she used to create every family the same, with the same names and same faces so it was really confusing when clones of her sims ringed the doorbell haha. I also remember she loved the brown haired beard man face and he was always called Eduardo. I also remember she had a nice big house with a garden, and one time the gardener stole her microwave! We were two little 6 years old shouting at the screen haha.

    I wanted The Sims so badly I asked my dad to bought them for me. And he did. One day he went for me at school and he had bought me the game. It was the perfect day. Since then, I am a huge Sims fan <3
  • peach1redpeach1red Posts: 242 Member
    I made a house full of little girls, something you could do in The Sims 1, and they were all named after gems! Or at least that's the earliest I can remember.
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  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 655 Member
    The earliest sims I can remember were Jeffrey and Lacey Socialite, who were a business tycoon and a mayor. I forget who was who. They had four kids and a mansion at the top of the hill, but not THE mansion because I didn't like it. One of their kids died at "Christmas" when the fireplace caught the Christmas tree on fire and trapped poor Austin behind it. I remember in another neighborhood I had some science fiction thing going on where Lacey had been cloned seven times by some evil scientist, but why I can't remember. All they did was wander around this top-secret base yelling at me.
  • BritBrockwayBritBrockway Posts: 12 New Member
    I remember my first Sims 2 family. I made myself and the guy who had a crush on me back in Jr High. They lived in the pre-made house called Helluva Hacienda - 3+BR 2BA. At that time, I didn't know any cheats. So I did the whole moving in and moving out trick to get more money that way. They had 3 kids and then next thing I know, they got taken away by CPS. I was sad because I wanted to stop it from happening, but it did anyways. After that, they had about 2 more kids and that's when I found out about the cheats. So I did the cheat to get the tombstone of life and death and found the other 3 children.

    Another Sims 2 family I made was a 2 sim family, a guy named Antonio and a girl named Amy. They were roommates and thought of each other as bffs. I had them move into the Ranch Style house and hired the maid service and I got Ariana Jalowits. I made Antonio spend some time with her and she moved in, they got married, Amy moved out. During their wedding, a guest died and the ghost spooked Ariana, when she was pregnant, and she died. Again as earlier, I didn't know anything about cheats. So Antonio went on to fall in love with a sim my cousin made, but he ran away from the alter when they were about to get married.
  • XHails_HaileyXXHails_HaileyX Posts: 14 New Member
    Sims 1 first family: I made a blonde named Johnny Bravo, which was my current cartoon crush at my ripe age of 6 years old. I built Johnny his "house", which was just 1 room to hold the toilet, the rest of the items sitting outside because I couldn't afford more walls. Made Johnny have an affair with Bella Goth (who was automatically my favorite premade Sim because I thought she was super pretty). Eventually Johnny died from a kitchen fire. I was sad.

    Sims 2 first family: The Malfoys (I was and still am a HP nerd) were an ambitious couple. Narcissa wanted to be rich, and her husband Lucius wanted to be smart. Figured out very early on that looking through the Telescope at night was a slightly bad thing to do, because Lucius got abducted and pregnant. Oops. The alien kid I named Draco, obviously. Don't remember much after that.

    Sims 3 first family: The Malfoys (can you tell I'm a Slytherin yet? lol) changed a lot in this one. I tried to make Lucius exactly like what his traits would be in HP, and I think I spent around 3 hours trying to get him to look just right. I didn't fully know much about Narcissa, though, so she was just a pretty Snob. Lucius was in the Business career, Narcissa stayed at home to raise Draco. Draco grew up to be Mean Spirited and Evil. He became a Criminal. When Supernatural came out I took them from the library and replayed them as Witches, and eventually accidentally killed them by using Fire Blast. They burned with their house. Oops.

    Sims 4 first family: The Lunars (gave the Malfoy family some time off lol). Lucas Lunar and Ashley Lunar. Lucas was in the Entertainment career as a musician, and Ashley was a cook. Managed to keep that family going for 3 generations before I got bored of them and restarted.
  • OtoyoOtoyo Posts: 698 Member
    My first sim family was a sweet hard working red headed woman and her boyfriend. She worked really hard to pay for a nice house for them, and he ended up cheating on her. I was so upset that he did that on his own, I stopped playing their family completely.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,887 Member
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    I was fairly young. I made my irl family in TS3 and put them in a house. They got really upset because they were tired and didn’t have any beds, and I was upset because I couldn’t figure out where to get them beds. Then, I figured that out. And they started being upset because the place was dirty. I had no idea you had to wash sinks and things, so I spent ages trying to figure out where this dirt was.

    I think, ultimately, I built a wall around them and left them in there with nothing to see what would happen when they died.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
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    My first ever Sims family was the Goths. After them I played the two roommates - they were a lot of fun. Eventually each girl married - the white roommate married the Bachelor guy and her roommate married a Sim I made that looked a lot like one of my real life husbands younger brothers. Co incidently I seem to use both of my hubbies younger brothers as models for every Sims games. I just change their first names - lol.

    I did get many sims married in Sims 1 but never any kids as I did not like the babies that poofed into the house then change to kids and never grew up. So the only sims that had kids in the game was those Maxis made with kids. I did play mostly all the Maxis Sims back then and only added my own when a sim didn't have a spouse.

    I did start with my own made Sims when Superstar came out. Had tons of fun with that ep and my three roommates - an expiring singer, an expiring model, and an expiring actor.

    Then Makin Magic came out and my fame claimers were sort of forgotten as I made new Sims for that ep and played them right up until Sims 2 came out. A few times I'd go back to Sims 1 and visit all my households - but honestly Sims 2 was a game changer for me and solved all my issues with generational play - I played that game 12 hours a day most every week-end - not even stopping to eat or much else. Just my 2 dogs and kitty at the time could take me away from that game for feeding and walks... oh and of course hubby. LOL. Lucky for me he is a gamer too and had his own computer room, so was no issues about it.

    Monday - Friday I was busy with real life back then - jobs and keeping my house neat and clean. I made sure on Friday everything was 🎃🎃🎃🎃 and span before I started my week - end of Sims playing. I am one of those infuriating neatnics - so it was a must for me.

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  • thesimmer77thesimmer77 Posts: 33 Member
    I've been playing with the same couple every time I re-installed sims 1 to play it, but may have other families.............that's a big maybe, managing just two with one bathroom is somewhat challenging, have to juggle all their needs.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,474 Member
    First family was the Newbies, got TS1 on day one. Found about it doing research for an economics paper in college, it looked interesting and unlike any other game out there at the time. Been regularly simming ever since; TS1 until 2 came out, TS2 is still my go-to Sims game all these years and however many computers later. Tried 3 when it came out, didn't like it - all the sims looked alike and no more albums attached to the households. Gave it a second chance just before TS4 came out, but still didn't like it for the same original reasons plus the one household per game save problem. TS4 has been hit and miss since it came out, even though I have most of the packs. While it's a huge improvement over 3, the albums are still not attached to households and time still goes on even in households I'm not playing. I play rotationally like a writer writes stories, with full control over the characters, so the TS4 system does not work for me. That and it's much shallower than 2, so my interest isn't held for long.
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,234 Member
    In the Sims 1, I played the Goths for awhile. What's funny is that I didn't know that Bella and Michael Bachloer were brother and sister. So I had them date and get married. Oh the memories.

    In Sims 2, I created my Bally family and I completed a 10 generation legacy with them. My avatar is the generation 5 heir from the Bally Family, Derek. I also completed a 26 alphabet legacy called Phobian Legacy.

    In Sims3, I don't remember but I'm always trying to do a legacy.

    In Sims 4, I'm not playing a lot as I enjoy the Sims3 more than Sims4. But I do love my aliens.
    :) Smile!

  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 607 Member
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    I started with S1 after Hot Date was released thanks to a friend from an AOL chat room. I played the Newbies and Goths. I tried a few of the other premade households (Roomies, Bachelor, and some downloaded from The Sims 1 exchange site). I eventually got the Complete Collection so I would have all the EPs. I wish EA would put it on Origin so I could go back and play it again.

    Moved on to my FAVORITE version which I still play today thanks to Origin...The Sims 2 UC. I have done almost everything in this game except let an Elder Sim die, or play an alien, vampire, werewolf or PlantSim.

    Tried S3 and S4 but never liked them as much as TS2.

    Thanks to the Prima Game Guides, I knew all about Needs so I only ever had 1 Sim die in any of my games. She was a Young Adult college student working out outside on a treadmill and overheated. I have had 1 Young Adult Sim get too cold but was able to exit without saving and bring her back.
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  • millsmollsmillsmolls Posts: 133 Member
    I remember my first time 'playing' the sims; I wasn't old enough and my parents were pretty overprotective then. I remember thinking I was so oh computer-savvy and getting the cracked version, kids don't do that. Everytime my mother came in the room, I'd quickly close the tab down and pretend I'm playing something else aha, or watching YouTube. Good ol' memories, but obviously now my Sims 4 isn't cracked. I got The Sims 4 last Christmas, and you won't believe that I actually screamed the house down, xD.
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  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 180 Member
    SimTresa wrote: »
    Don't remember exactly. Created my simself as a cop who eventually had a relationship with a coworker and married. They either had one kid or none, and she died at her birthday party.

    Oh man, tragic
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  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 180 Member
    I made simself with a few modification.. I gave her brown hair and green eyes. She didn't date anyone though. I let her die from hysterical because... I love torturing my sim..?

    Man I'm such a terrible simmer lol
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  • ZelexPower2PCZelexPower2PC Posts: 24 Member
    I only had get to work. My first Sim family were 3 sisters, the middle child was the mother figure and the inspired to own a restaurant and be a famous chef but I changed her look and make her similar to a rock star and went the entertainer route. But she was the cook for the household so she could still be. The oldest and the tallest was the silly, and athletic went with comedian as a career then was going for astronaut to met aliens. The youngest was the handy and nerdly type but she was very fashionable at times. She didn't have a career but planted a large garden in the back and lived outside and help around the house while the others were at work.
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